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BA=  Color Box Art Available for an additional $3.00

F.L.= Film is in Foreign Language

Lbx=  Letterboxed or Widescreen format 

Subs=  Film is subtitled

aka= Also Known As  (alternate titles)




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307     2020 Texas Gladiators (82) Joe D'Amato directs this story written by George Eastman. Non-stop action, and a cut above some of the others. Lots of unsavory groups of maniacs, assault, Neo Nazis, and sexy Sabrina Siani add to the fun. Recommended!  BA

Y722  Atomic Scare Films (40's -60's) Now you too can survive nuclear attack!!! See what you need to do when the bombs drop!  Super Neat helpful hints that may just save your life!  Pretty funny stuff, lots of filmed demonstrations. It's a wonderful world. Or, was . 

F660   Bed Sitting Room, The (69) Set in post-nuclear-holocaust England, where a handful of bizarre characters struggle on with their lives in ruins. Rita Tushingham, Dudley Moore, Marty Feldman, Spike Milligan, Peter Cook and others star in this dark, wildly British, comedic downer.  BA

X765 Big Bang, The (84) Animated apocalyptic oddity with multiple breasted mutant women firing bullets from their nipples, decapitating ballerinas, penis shaped rockets and more.... For the whole family!  X-Rated, not porno though, just sleaze on a "Heavy Metal" level.

F559 Bounty Hunter 2002 (94) aka: 2002: The assault of Eden - Spoofy look at futuristic Garden of Eden. Phil Nordell (Bounty Hunter) searches for rare virgins to sell to the highest bidder. (Of course legal 'of age' virgins are just as rare now as they are in the future) The Reverend (Nutjob in real life) (Jeff Conaway) has an unusual appetite for virgins, and wants them, but our hunter has fallen for one of the gals, and wants her for himself. 

Y115 Ciao Maschino (78) aka: Bye Bye Monkey - Apocalyptic fantasy about a lonely guy living somewhere in a future New York slum during a virus wave that caused the death of thousands of people. He finds the corpse of King Kong and takes home a monkey (presumably Kong's orphaned son?). No logic, just madness. Gerard Depardieu, Marcello Mastroianni, James Coco, Gail Lawrence - LBX - BA

X176 Cries of Ecstasy, Blows of Death (72) Wow!  If this isn't the weirdest Apocalyptic flick ever, I don't know what is ! First off, this pre-dates "Mad Max" by 7 years, and obviously pre-dates the whole 80's 'aftermath' genre. So, that being said, this is a "lost" film, because there is no record of this even existing that we can find!  The title does not appear in the beginning, instead the title "Sesso Delirio" appears, as this is dubbed into Italian with no subtitles. But, at the end of the film, there are credits that state the films title as we have listed it!  After the bomb drops, the military devolve into wild killer rapists (hey, who's to say that wouldn't happen?). Meanwhile, people live in these bubble-like worlds (like "Logan's Run") and have lots and lots of sex!  Loads of nudity, Rapist Militaristic Biker Guys with gas masks, strange cult like dudes with robes, bunches of horny people, hilarious kung-fu action and scenes straight outta'... well, nowhere!  With Uschi Digard, Sandra Carey and Michael Abbott - Anyone have any other info on this one??? F.L.

Y626 Dead Man Walking (88) After Leila, his boss's daughter, is kidnapped by psychotic plague victim, Decker (effectively overplayed by genre great Brion James) a rescue is set into motion. Wings Hauser and Jeffrey Combs are only part of the fun this low-budget sludge delivers. BA

C449 End of August at the Hotel Ozone (65) aka: Konec srpna v Hotelu Ozon   Post Nuke flick about a gang of women scavenging the countryside and eventually committing murder. This rare Czech flick (with a completely Czech cast) has English Subs.

X545 Future War (97) Robert Z'Dar. A runaway human slave from Earth's future escapes to present day. Dinosaurs and more figure into the messy plot with bad FX and even worse acting. Must see sci-fi trash of the lowest order!

S144 Hands of Steel (86) aka: Vendetta dal future  aka: Atomic Cyborg   Sergio Stivaletti supplies some gore FX.   Sergio Martino directs.  Janet Agren, George Eastman, John Saxon and Claudio Cassinelli (who died during filming in a helicopter crash and died immediately) star.  Fun apocalyptic thriller about a cyborg programmed to kill a scientist who holds the fate of mankind in his hands.  Janet Agren is still a knockout.  Uncut from Japanese print and LBX!  BA

F829 Malevil (81) aka: Malevil, Countdown der Neutronenbombe   In France, deep in a wine cellar, a group of people hear a blast. They come up and realize the world is blown to bits. Yep, it's time to try and surface in a post-apocalyptic world. Nice dismal backdrops add some clarity to the desperate situation. LBX - Subs

Y10 New Eden (94) Prisoners are dumped on a sand planet dubbed Earth 21-523 where most are immediately killed by the sand and the remainder struggle for existence. Stephen Baldwin and Lisa Bonet star.

4265 Nuclear Run (80) aka: The Chain Reaction - Australian film partially produced by George Miller.  Made by many of the actors and crew that made "Mad Max" this is a sort of prequel to that film. Direction, photography, and car crash races similar as well. Maybe not quite apocalyptic, but this goes with the 'Mad Max" trilogy. Look for a bit from Mel Gibson as a bearded mechanic! BA

Y9 Raiders of the Sun (92) Cirio Santiago directs. Bloodthirsty factions rule the barren earth.....Biological disaster has ruined the planet…

9011 Ravagers, The (78) After the bomb the earth's survivors are divided into two groups, The Flockers and The Ravagers. An adventurer and his "pleasure girl" try to find their way to a rumored safe haven called "Genesis" (of course it is). With a great cast that includes Ernest Borgnine, Art Carney, Richard Harris and Woody Strode! Check out the genre before "Mad Max" up-scaled everything!  BA

Y987 Rebel Storm (89) The year is 2099. The United States is ruled by the Reverend Jimmy Joe the 2nd, in a dictatorship where big guns and wacko religion is used to control the masses. If you have already gone beyond thunder dome with Cherry 2000 and helped the Ice Pirates destroy Jared Syn, then this one is definitely for you. With Zach Galligan, William Katt, John Rhys-Davies...more - BA

Y986 Resistance (92) Aussie made 'grim future' film with collapse of civilization resulting in the poor used like migrant workers and abused by military types. Revolt time is near. Revolution is NOW!  BA

C989 Roller Blade Warriors: Taken By Force (89)  Kathleen Kinmont stars.  Bimbo roller-skating warrior women battle mutants and a green scaly monster in a post-apocalyptic world.  Also with Rory Calhoun!     BA

X449 Sisterhood, The (88) It's 2021, women are helpless slaves to men ! Enter "The Sisterhood", Amazonian women with supernatural abilities who must battle the men to save their race. BA

C866 Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em (88)  Australian.  Bizarre comedy/ drama about the end of the world with the survivors partying in a bomb shelter.  This being a reasonable response to the end of all things as we know them if you ask me!  + Capitaine X (94)  - a cool frenetic short-  militant types try to execute a guy that won't die.  This is told from the POV of the guy they are trying to kill.  Now with Subs! 

X615 Ultimate Warrior, The (75) Yul Brynner, Max Von Sydow, Joanna Miles and William Smith - New York City 2012 A.D. In a devastated world warring factions fight each other for supremacy.  BA

F10 W (83) Not really apocalyptic, but the outfits and battle gear, monster-metal cruisers and attitude is a direct Mad Max - Style that cannot be ignored. Drug Dealing Evil Army battles that look actually painful (that HAD TO HURT!), creepy goons, freak dwarfs.... this Filipino action thriller was always available before, but this is great quality Upgrade, in English.   BA

976 Where Have all the People Gone (74) Haunting little MFTV, quite enjoyable. Close to "Panic in the Year Zero" but in this one you get more of an apocalyptic feel as they wander the roads, encounter wild hungry dogs, and face real death situations. With Peter Graves and Kathleen Quinlan. BA

X643 World Gone Wild (88) Bruce Dern, Catherine Mary Stewart, Michael Pare star - It's 2087. Water is a precious commodity. Evil Cult Renegades (lead by Adam Ant) attack a colony of survivors that guard their supply. Not equipped for defense, they call on warrior Pare, a loner, to help them.

X551 World, the Flesh and the Devil, The (59) Harry Belafonte, Inger Stevens and Mel Ferrer star. Amazing garbage. This is really just a racial triangle "end of the world" flick that was supposed to freak everyone out in 1959. Not much happens, except a whole lot of repressed sexual tension. Inger Stevens obviously playing this as "sexually frustrated to the max" with a  "Somebody make up their mind, please !" attitude. Nice shots of abandoned New York City. No corpses though, everyone has just disappeared......    LBX- BA




C377 Five Days in Milan (73) aka: Le Cinque giornate  Not exactly a western, but a similar period film taking place during the Italian Revolution in 1848 with similarities to "Duck You Sucker"  - Argento took a break from his usual output for this one. In French with no Subs - Pretty Rare



S629 Caltiki the Undying Monster (59) Archaeologists investigating some Mayan ruins run into a blob-like Lovecraftian ancient creature in this Italian made take on "The Blob".  Mario Bava had a lot to do with this flick for photography.  According to the director Riccardo Freda he let Bava direct a lot of this as well.  This is a cool horror classic with some nice death scenes.  LBX - BA

X532 Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs (66) Vincent Price!!!  2 versions!  1 low price! - First the U.S. version in English. Then the Italian version which is LBX and in Italian language, but with English subtitles!  Now, since Mario Bava directed this, we get a colorful Bava opening title sequence, that is completely different than the U.S. version. These are really like 2 different movies, there is a more Euro feel (obviously) to the Italian version, and it also runs longer than the U.S. version. Both countries Box Art included in the 2 disc (or 2 VHS) set for $25 or order either one at regular price (no art).

C845 Four Times That Night (72)  aka: Quante Volte...Quella Notte  One night told from different points of view. What happens when Gianni (Halsey) takes the lovely Tina (Giordano) to his bachelor pad? Is it date assault or does she seduce him? The film is still grand stuff for '60s fans. The shagadelic apartment must be seen to be believed....  Mario Bava directed sex comedy with sexy Daniela Giordano now LBX and with Subs.




Y307 Angel's Revenge (72) aka: Black Bikers From Hell - aka: The Black Angels - Rare biker flick, this one being the import print version, in English language with foreign subs. Also available in the rare out of print U.S. version with the "Black Bikers from Hell" title. BA

F771 Angry Breed, The (68) Nazi bikers attack a woman on the beach and she is rescued by a Viet Nam war hero. She is now his girlfriend even though rich Daddy disapproves. This one delivers the trash goods with a druggie costume party, go-go chicks, an unusual cast and more.  With Melody Patterson, William Windom, Murray McLeod, Lori Martin and more.  BA

X515 Brutal Fury (93) Shy young high-school girls join a secretive vigilante group in this violent and trashy tale. BA

Y413 Crazy Thunder Road (80) Crazy bikers and violent gang wars, Japanese style!  LBX - Subs

P288 Dozen Ways To Die, A (90's)  Biker's menace a family on the road.  Unreleased, rare action thriller! 

S202 Easy Wheels (89) aka: Die Girls Gang  Paul LeMat stars as the leader of the "Born Losers" a gang of good guys with three missions in life : Find the Evil, Destroy the Evil, and find a really great Lite Beer!  The bad guys (girls) is a biker gang of chicks "Woman of the Wolf".  They kidnap babies so they can be raised in the wild by wolves.  With Eileen Davidson.  Sam and Ivan Raimi take up two thirds of the writing credit.  Look for Ted Raimi in a small role as well as Ben Stein.  All of the biker chicks look like models, so you just know it's a spoof. 

C294 Final Alliance, The (90) Great “so bad it's good” bikers versus David Hasselhoff flick with Bo Hopkins as corrupt sheriff and John Saxon as the evil albino leader of the bad-ass bikers. All of the bikers are complete idiots, and there are so many unintentionally funny moments I couldn't name them all if I tried! How far the plane has gone in the parachute ending is one of the funniest, ridiculous moments ever! Saxon and Hopkins ham it up. Hasselhoff, does what he usually does.

Y837 Girls from Thunder Strip, The (66) Really obscure biker flick from the director of "The Mighty Gorga". A vicious gang of murderous bikers go up against a trio of beautiful bootlegging sisters. With Jack Starrett, Jody McCrea, Gary Kent, Lindsay Crosby, Casey Kasem...more

F604 Golden Queen Commandos (82) aka: Hong fen bing tuan    Nice English Language print of this 'Badass Chicks With Guns' Taiwan exploitation action.

Y961 Great Skycopter Rescue, The (78) Greedy capitalist hires brutal bikers to terrorize the locals of a small town so they will leave and he can claim all the new found oil. Local glider builder flies into action! Fun action trash with Russell (professor!) Johnson, his daughter Kim Johnson, Aldo Ray as the sheriff, and Alex Mann as the gang leader. Some nice boob shots add to the fun! BA

X813 How Come Nobody's On Our Side (75)  Adam Roarke, Larry Bishop star - Obscure and off-beat comedy biker flick. This one opens up on a movie set, as a biker movie is filmed. Two of the bikers being used in the scene, quit and take-off on their bikes. They travel around breath-taking west- coast locations, with hippie music on the soundtrack kicking in during non-speaking moments, steal an army tank and drive around, make a trip to Tijuana to score some grass off drug dealers (played by Rob Reiner and Penny Marshall), and have other adventures. 

X792 Jesus Trip, The (71) aka: Under Hot Leather - When the dirty cops discover that their motorcycles are concealing heroin, Waco (Robert Porter) and his gang hide out in a desert convent. They end up kidnapping a nun who falls for Waco and questions her vows.....  BA

F243 Last Riders, The (91) aka: Hermandad de la muerte  When his family is murdered, Johnny (Erik Estrada) gets revenge on his former biker gang, The Slaves, and the police who lied to the gang about Johnny selling them out to the authorities…  Erik Estrada and perpetual bad-ass William Smith star in this late in the game biker flick.  BA

X400 Loners, The (72) Unjustly accused and hounded by society, a half-breed, tormented and full of rage (played by Dean Stockwell !) turns fugitive and gains some equally disenfranchised followers.  Also with Gloria Grahame and Scott Brady (as an obsessed cop.) -  First there was "Bonnie and Clyde", Then there was "Easy Rider" , and now... "The Loners" !!!! BA

C614 Savages from Hell (68) aka: Big Enough and Old Enough   When the leader of a gang catches a farm worker flirting with his old lady (his woman, not his bike), he beats the crap out of him, then kidnaps the farmer's daughter for good measure. Sounds fair.  BA

Y579 Secret of My Success, The (65) Stunning Stella Stevens, Honor Blackman (her next film after being Pussy Galore in Goldfinger) and Shirley Jones play 3 women involved in various foul deeds. Includes murder, a weird mansion, monster-big spiders and black humor British style. Curiously obscure and fairly mind-bending trash.   BA

Y581 Susan Slade (61) A young Connie Stevens stars with Troy Donahue and Dorothy McGuire. Teen-soaper, you know the drill, teen pregnancy, trauma, death , decisions, moral consequences....etc... Back then this was an issue, now, it seems 50% + of babies are born out of wedlock. I mean who cares really (although I must admit, I don't want to pay for them !), it is just a bizarre statistic that only took 50 years to develop.  BA

Y391 V Madonna: Great War (85) aka: V Madonna: daisenso  The aggressive and relentless members of the Yagyu biker gang stop by the school each semester to beat up the kids, steal their lunch money and vandalize their belongings. The kids want to fight back but realize they're too weak and undermanned against the bikers, and so they hire a handful of tough gals to train and defend them "Seven Samurai" style. The plan is a huge success at first, but the battle becomes more vicious and deadlier when it turns out the female leader of the bikers and the head-samurai are old nemeses….  Japanese style!  Subs

F661 Young Cycle Girls, The (78) aka: Cycle Vixens - Finally an Uncut version of this trashy classic. Forget what any reviewer said, EVER, because good chance they are reviewing the CUT VERSION. This female 'Easy Rider' will have you in it's clutches, and the shock ending will throw you through the wall. This is different, and far better, and well worth checking out!   What are you waiting for?  BA




S204 An Alligator Named Daisy (55) Wow!  Ever see a comedy involving an alligator?  Donald Sinden accidently takes over custody of a pet alligator while on a sea cruise. He has to explain to fiancée Diana Dors and new friend Jeannie Carson…  With Stephen Boyd.  BA

F53 Cash on Demand (61) A ruthless crook abducts the wife and child of a bank manager and then masquerades as an insurance company detective while scheming to rob the institution in this crime drama that stars Peter Cushing. A rare Hammer film.   BA

F785 Charlie Bubbles (67) Married man is banging his secretary. Albert Finney, Liza Minnelli and Billie Whitelaw star.

C680 Chase a Crooked Shadow (58) Well regarded British thriller of the 'let's-drive-the-heiress-mad' variety with a 'throw-you-for-a-loop' twist ending. Starring Anne (Mooossess!  Moosess!) Baxter, Herbert Lom and Richard Todd.  BA

S343 Cover Girl Killer (59) A bikini-clad pin-up is found dead by the Serpentine in the same place, pose and get-up as when she appeared on the cover of "Wow!" magazine.  Upgrade!    And as a bonus an episode of the British thriller show "Out of the Unknown" which ran from (65-71) this episode titled "The Man in My Head".   BA

S477 Dracula (68) From the UK TV series “Mystery and Imagination”, Denholm Elliot stars as Count Dracula in this rare British adaptation of Bram Stoker's novel.  Shot in black and white, sinister and somewhat erotic as well with an 18 year old Susan George as Lucy, cool Nosferatu-like fangs, gothic set designs and more.  Like a lost classic horror film rediscovered with recognizable actors.  A recommended addition in the Dracula films.

X275 Flanagan Boy, The (53)  aka: Bad Blonde - Devious blonde seduces a fighter to coerce him to murder her husband. BA

S193 Girl in the News, The (40) Nurse Anne Graham is controversially - but rightly - acquitted of murder after her elderly patient dies in suspicious circumstances. Changing her name she gets a position nursing wheelchair-bound Edward Bentley, little suspecting that his wife and the butler are lovers setting Anne up so that when Bentley is found dead it looks like a repeat of the earlier case…. With Margaret Lockwood.  BA

S190 Glass Tomb, The (55) aka: The Glass Cage  Crowds flock to a carnival sideshow to see 'The Starving Man', a heavyset man who claims he can go 70 days without eating.  However, a couple of murders occur at the carnival, resulting in the police becoming involved.  Hammer film with John Ireland and Honor (Pussy Galore) Blackman.  BA

S179 Hound of the Baskervilles, The (84) Tom (The Golden Voyage of Sinbad) Baker is Holmes in this version of Sir Arthur Conan Doyles tale.  At this point we have many many versions of this great story, even a Russian version, kind of.

X274 House Across the Lake, The (54) aka: Heat Wave - American writer living in England becomes entangled with a sexy blonde and her scheme to murder her husband....  BA 

S374 Jet Storm (59) Richard Attenborough plays a guy that lost his wife in a hit and run accident.  He tracks the guy and follows him on board a plane threatening to blow up everybody as an act of revenge.  BA 


C30-C35 Journey to the Unknown (68-69) Yes, another Hammer Produced series here in all it's glory with dozens of actors. This, another with bizarre tales, many dealing with the supernatural. Just some of the actors involved are Adrienne Corri, Joseph Cotten, Patty Duke, Chad Everett, Michael Gough, Julie Harris, David Hedison, Robert Lansing, Suzannah Leigh, Anthony Higgins, Carol Lynley, Roddy McDowell, Vera Miles, Stefanie Powers, Robert Reed, David Warbeck and Michael Ripper.   Episodes:  1. Eve,   2. Jane Brown's Body,   3. The Indian Spirit Guide,   4. Miss Belle,   5. Paper Dolls,   6. The New People,   7. One on an Island,   8. Matakitas is Coming,   9. Somewhere in a Crowd,  10. The Beckoning One,   11. Poor Butterfly,   12. Stranger in the Family,   13. The Madison Equation,   14. The Killing Bottle,   15. Girl of My Dreams,   16. The Last Visitor,  17. Out of the Unknown and   18. Do Me a Favor and Kill Me.  Great stuff here, nice quality on 6 discs for $50!!!  Or any 2 episodes on DVD-R or VHS regular price.


X276 Last Page, The (52) aka: Man Bait - Married bookstore owner is attracted to his sexy blonde clerk. When finally he gets the nerve to hit on her, he becomes involved in blackmail and murder.  BA

S47 Legend of the Hammer Vampires (07) New documentary covering all the Hammer vampire films with interviews with David Prowse, Caroline Munro, John Forbes-Robertson and more.  This is loaded with cool colorful clips from the Vampire films all the way up to Vampire Circus (quite possibly the best all-out Vampire film ever made!).  A bonus interview with Tudor Gates, (who wrote 'Twins of Evil, The Vampire Lovers, and 'Lust for a Vampire') color posters, lots of interesting talk, a fantastic show here with insight not usually heard.  Narrated by Edward (The Kiss of the Vampire) De Souza.  Recommended! 

S569 Man Who Finally Died, The (63) Decent British thriller about a man who returns from the war and investigates the death of his father.  This one has a Hitchcockian flavor and stars Peter Cushing, Nigel Green, Eric Portman, Stanley Baker and Mai Zetterling.  Slight LBX - BA

C650 Oracle, The (53) aka: The Horse’s Mouth   An Irish "oracle" foretells the next day's track results to a newspaper man, resulting in a national uproar. Comedic British made fantasy. 

S342 Our Day Out (78) A simple British drama full of clever lines and some hysterically funny scenes with the students of the "Progress Class" clashing with the Welsh countryside, and a zoo that don't know what hit it!    There are also some powerful moments amongst the carousing and glee of this "special needs' class… Jean Heywood and Alun Armstrong

S191 Paid to Kill (54) aka: Five Days  Business-deal black mail plot in this Hammer flick with Dane Clark.

C690 Passport to China (61) aka: Visa to Canton   Rare Hammer film directed by Michael Carreras and starring Richard Basehart.  A pilot slips his plane into Red China to rescue an American girl trapped there, who has a surprise in store for him.   BA

F860 Psychopath, The (66) Four men who were involved in the investigation of a German millionaire at the end of WW II are found murdered with tiny dolls left next to their corpses… Finally a really decent quality print of this Amicus horror thriller. An effective creepy tale directed by Freddie Francis and starring Patrick Wymark. Solid Plot and direction, Francis at his peak. Serial Killer Horror with a twist. We know many have been waiting for a good copy of this sucker!  LBX - Upgrade!  BA

F59 Reluctant Widow, The (50) Guy (Mr. Sardonicus) Rolfe stars in this costumer complete with a palatial manor, a clue hidden in a clock, murder, sword fighting and more..... BA

F63 Return of the Saint (78)  Who can resist another two episodes from the short-lived series with Ian Ogilvy?  "The Nightmare Man" and "One Black September".  Great stuff and with BA available as well which details the contents contained within.

X676 Risk, The (60)  aka: Suspect   Peter Cushing, Donald Pleasence and Thorley Walters star. Government team researching cures for the plague find their results put on the official "Secrets" list......

C662 Sapphire (59) In 1950s London racial hostility to Commonweath immigrants is openly paraded. A pregnant girl, initially assumed to be white, is murdered. As two detectives start to investigate, and discover her racial origins were much more mixed, public prejudices and those of the officers themselves are exposed.... Rare British murder/crime/thriller with Nigel Patrick, Michael Craig and Yvonne Mitchell.  BA

S488 School For Unclaimed Girls (70) aka: The Smashing Bird I Used to Know  British exploitation with parts W.I.P., lesbians, horror elements, jailbait etc.  Fair amount of nudity too!  From director Robert (Corruption) Hartford-Davis made right after that Peter Cushing film, so luckily his head was still somewhat in the gutter.  Great quality too!  BA

C644 Secret of My Success, The (65) Shirley Jones, Stella Stevens and Honor Blackman star in this bizarre British entry, now better quality. “How three beautiful girls love for fun - and murder for profit.” This is the one with the giant spiders in a stately mansion as one of the plotlines. LBX -     BA

F697 She Played With Fire (57) aka: Fortune Is a Woman   Arson, blackmail and murder with Arlene Dahl, Dennis Price, Jack Hawkins, Patrick Holt and Christopher (pre-Curse of Frankenstein by 1 more film) Lee. LBX

C656 Steel Key, The (53) An adventurer investigates the theft of a formula for hardened steel, assisted by his girlfriend. With Terence Morgan and Joan Rice.

S448 Stop Me Before I Kill (60) aka: The Full Treatment  Val Guest wrote and directed this twist filled shock -suspense with Claude Daphin, Ronald (Taste of Fear, Mr.  Sardonicus) Lewis and Diane Cilento.  BA

S462 Study in Scarlet, A + The Bascombe Valley Mystery (65) Two episodes running just under an hour each and starring the great Peter Cushing as Sherlock Holmes!  Cushing was in a number of these in 65, and only a handful survive.  Great stuff! 

X503 Svengali (54) Donald Wolfit in the title role. Campy and unintentionally hilarious.  BA

C677 Sword of Sherwood Forest (60) The popular T.V. series hit the big screen courtesy of Hammer in 1960. Richard Greene is Robin Hood. Peter Cushing is the Sheriff of Nottingham. Also with Oliver Reed in one of his first roles. A rarely seen Hammer flick. LBX  BA

F802 Time Without Pity (57) A man is falsely accused of killing his girlfriend and sentenced to death. His almost estranged selfish alcoholic father tries to find the real killer before his son is put to death. With Michael Redgrave, and Peter Cushing in a supporting role.

S192 Tread Softly Stranger (58) aka: Nel tuo corpo l'inferno  Diana Dors, Andrew Keir, Terence Morgan and more in this crime/drama.  BA

Y424 Weekend With Lulu (61) Fred, Tim and Deirdre plan a fun weekend break on the coast. What they didn't make allowances for was the company of Deirdre's mother who insists on coming along as her daughter's chaperone.,,, Shirley Eaton - British comedy from Hammer Studios! Great quality. Fairly hilarious.  BA

F784 White Chapel (09) Set in 2008 and against the hugely atmospheric backdrop of White Chapel, London, a modern police force are fighting an old adversary. A series of bloody, tragic, and impossible crimes would suggest someone is carrying out copycat Jack the Ripper styled murders. Could they possibly solve it... this time?  2 tapes or 2 discs get you all 3 parts making this complete. $20




X548 Gow the Killer (28) Explorer Edward Salisbury takes an expedition across the Pacific ocean to such exotic locales as Fiji, Samoa, Papua, New Guinea and the Hebrides Islands, and records the lives of the various natives they encounter. A look into an alien savage world !!! - BA





Y619 21 Days Together (38) After Larry Darrent (Laurence Olivier) accidentally kills his lover's blackmailing husband, someone else is arrested for the crime. When he is found guilty, Larry and Wanda (Vivien Leigh) have just three weeks together before he must give himself up or let an innocent man go to the gallows....

F629 27th Day, The (57) Five individuals, from five nations, including the 'Superpowers' , USA, USSR, China, suddenly find themselves on an alien spacecraft.... Great classic sci-fi worth catching if you've never seen it......    BA

S250 Air Hostess (33) WWI flyers who stick together through the founding of aviation as a major means of transportation. One member of the group dies during the war and leaves behind a little daughter, Kitty. The group bands together to be a kind of "group dad" to the girl (Evelyn Knapp), going to the extreme of keeping her from dating anybody, though…. Evalyn Knapp, Thelma Todd and others star.

F409 Air Mail (32) The mail must get through!   Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds. Some Crashes and plenty of action in this early John Ford directed aircraft stunt film with Gloria Stuart and Ralph Bellamy.   BA

C241 Aladdin and his Lamp (52) A poor young man finds a lamp with a genie trapped inside. The genie promises to grant the man three wishes if he frees him from the lamp.... Monogram Micro-Budgeted classic. Johnny Sands, Patricia Medina and Richard Erdman star

S22 Alibi For Murder (36) aka: Two Minute Alibi   Murder Mystery with William Gargan, Marguerite Churchill, Gene Morgan, John Gallaudet, Romaine Callende and look for Dwight Frye in a small role as McBride!  BA

Y618 An American Tragedy (31) Later remade as "A Place in the Sun" with Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift. This version stars Phillips Holmes and Sylvia Sidney.

C227 Anna Lucasta (49) A prostitute is thrown out of her house by her alcoholic father, and her scheming brother-in-law tries to marry her off and make some money in the process. This is a black novel made with an all-white cast! (Later remade with Eartha Kitt and Sammy Davis Jr.) Stars Paulette Goddard, Broderick Crawford, Will Geer and Whit Bissell...more...

Y431 Appointment in Honduras (53) aka: Jungle Fury  On a tramp steamer off Central America are Mr. and Mrs. Sheppard, five prisoners en route to a Nicaraguan prison, and Corbett, an American carrying money for a Honduran counter-revolution. Denied permission to land in Honduras, Corbett releases the prisoners and with their aid hijacks the ship. They land, taking the wealthy Sheppards as hostages, and start the arduous trip upriver to Corbett's rendezvous... Glenn Ford, Ann Sheridan and Jack Elam star in this jungle adventure.  BA

Y64 Appointment with Venus (51) aka: Island Rescue   At the outbreak of WWII the British realize they can't prevent the invasion of the Channel Islands. However, it seems that a prize cow “Venus” is on the islands and the Nazis mustn't get hold of her....  David Niven and Glynis Johns star in this true WW2 story. Look for Anton Diffring as a German officer.

Y437 As If It Were Raining (63) aka: Tela de araña   Down on his luck writer Eddie Ross (Eddie Constantine) comes to the aid of a young woman seemingly being accosted on the street. His heroism nets Eddie a job with an odd underground figure known only as Martinez....

C693 Atomic Kid, The (54) Mickey Rooney is a uranium inspector eating a peanut butter sandwich in the desert where atomic testing is taking place and becomes radioactive because of it. Wow. Bizarre cold war comedy sci-fi that also stars Whit Bissell and Robert Strauss.  BA

S226 Back From the Dead (57) A newly married young woman is possessed by the spirit of her husband's deceased first wife.  The possession turns her into a scheming killer who will stop at nothing to get what she wants.  With Peggy Castle, Arthur Franz and Marsha Hunt.  Upgrade!  BA

Y577 Backfire (50) Gordon MacRae and Virginia Mayo star. Returning vets drawn into cesspool of postwar Los Angeles.  BA

C246 Bait (54) "Fate and Irony" were a major theme in many Hugo Haas directed exploitation classics. This one has a beautiful blonde (Cleo Moore) leading a man down the road of ruin. Evil Bitch! With Hugo Haas and John Agar!   BA

Y578 Barefoot Mailman, The (51) Swamp con man tries to swindle locals. Robert Cummings stars.  BA

C55 Battle of the V-1 (58) aka: Missiles from Hell  Michael Rennie, Patricia Medina and Christopher Lee!  Great British war flick. Lee and Rennie both outstanding! Directed by Vernon Sewell   BA

F705 Because They're Young (60) New high school teacher tries to help his troubled students and falls in love with the principle's secretary. With Dick Clark, Tuesday Weld, James Darren and Doug McClure.  BA

S258 Behind Green Lights (46) Police lieutenant Sam Carson investigates a political murder after the victim is dumped at the door of police headquarters… Carole Landis and John Ireland star. 

S268 Behind Prison Gates (39) Norman Craig (Brian Donlevy),  an undercover operative in the State Attorney's office, poses as "Red" Murray, a dead bank robber and goes to the state prison as a convict. He is after information that will lead to the recovery of the stolen loot hidden by a pair of convicted cop-killers…  Julie Bishop stars  BA

C829 Behind That Curtain (29)  Eve Mannering (Lois Moran) realizes too late that her abusive husband is a philanderer and murderer and seeks protection with her true love, explorer John Beetham....  Warner Baxter stars in this early talkie that also features Boris Karloff  in a small role. 

X881 Below the Sea (33) Fay Wray stars in this one and there is a giant octopus attack proving Kong was not the only beast she faced in 1933. Essential viewing and quite interesting dialogues for it's time as well. A must for classic lovers!

F67 Beyond the Time Barrier (60) Air Force test pilot gets more than he bargained for when his high speed plane carries him into the future. There he sees the ravages of an upcoming plague, to which he must return... Starring Robert Clarke, Darlene Tompkins and Vladimir Sokoloff       BA

X484 Big Bluff, The (57) aka: Le Grand Bluff    Eddie Constantine - Con artist caper suspense  BA

C849 Big Business Girl (31)  College graduate Claire McIntyre plans to conquer the business world, while her dropout boyfriend Johnny takes his swing band to Paris. Eventually, Claire catches the eye (in more ways than one) of ad executive Robert Clayton. Between her ability and her legs, she soon rises in the hierarchy....  Another Pre-Code offering this time with leggy Loretta Young

Y576 Big Caper, The (56) Rory Calhoun and Mary Costa star. Rory Calhoun shines in this Film Noir type.  BA

Y39 Big Wheel, The (49) Billy Coy is a garage mechanic who eventually works his way into becoming a racecar driver, just like his late father was.... Mickey Rooney, Thomas Mitchell, Mary Hatcher, Michael O'Shea and Spring Byington

X664 Bird of Paradise (32) A man tries to save a young Polynesian girl (he has fallen in love with on an island) from her fate to be sacrificed to the volcano God. Pre-Code Hollywood, with some surprisingly almost nude scenes, and a gay character. With Dolores del Rio, Joel McCrea and Lon Chaney Jr.   BA

F624 Bishop Murder Case, The (30) Detective Philo Vance is called in to investigate the murder of Joseph Cochrane Robin, wealthy man found dead with an arrow through his heart, and a chess-bishop and a note in 'Mother Goose' rhyme next to his body. Before Vance can get started, another murder occurs. Then a series of murders....  Basil Rathbone is Philo Vance giving an early glimpse into how he would handle be Sherlock some years later.

X564 Black Diamonds (40) Richard Arlen - Coal mine crime story  + The Three Musketeers (50) the first T.V. adaptation of the story, starring Robert Clarke!

S501 Black Doll, The (38) Nicholas Rood, dishonest mine owner, finds a black voodoo doll on his desk.  Time for a little payback!  BA

X521 Black Legion (37) When a hard-working machinist loses a promotion to a Polish-born worker, he is seduced into joining the secretive Black Legion, which intimidates foreigners through violence....  Humphrey Bogart   BA

9023 Black Raven, The (43) A group of strangers are brought together in an old, dark house. Now they must contend with two murders and 50,000 in stolen money. With George Zucco and Glenn Strange  BA

P210 Blackmail (29)  Shopkeeper's daughter tries to hide her involvement in a murder from her Scotland Yard boyfriend.  Alfred Hitchcock directs  BA

C248 Blast of Silence (65) Raw and pessimistic film about a hit man and other gangster bozo types. Big Ralph really gets his in a big way. Downbeat fun.  Allen Baron, Molly McCarthy, Larry Tucker, Peter Clume and Danny Mechan  BA

Y570 Blazing Forest, The (52) Kelly Hansen (John Payne), the tough boss of a timber crew clearing property owned by Jessie Crain (Agnes Moorehead) and her niece, Sharon Wilks (Susan Morrow), is, unknown to anybody else, working to pay back money stolen by his brother, Joe Roberts, who has a changed name, and no love for his brother. Just as the debt is about paid-off, Joe is killed in a truck accident, which starts a blazing forest fire....  Richard Arlen  BA

C221 Blonde Bait (56) Great little slice of trash exploitation classic type junk with Hugo Haas wife Beverly Michaels  BA

Y44 Blonde Comet (41) A female European racecar driver decides to come to America to try her luck winning on this side of the Atlantic, finding herself a rival and a love interest in another driver.  BA

S444 Blood of the Man Devil (65) aka: House of the Black Death - John Carradine and Lon Chaney Jr.  play dueling warlocks and there are stories interwoven into that premise.  Don't let anyone stop you, this is classic schlock, with Chaney and Carradine overacting badly as if they knew what drivel they were being involved in, a far cry from both actors younger years.  Maybe not so great, but fun at least!  We also have this under the title "House of the Black Death", but this may be a better print. 

S7 Bombay Mail (34) In India, a police inspector investigates a murder that took place on a train between Calcutta and Bombay….  Rare Murder Mystery with Edmund Lowe and Onslow Stevens.

C686 Born Reckless (58) Maimie Van Doren performs musical numbers aplenty in this Rodeo flick. She's the Wickedest Event on the Big-Time Big-Thrill Rodeo circuit!   Watch those Bronc Busters try to Tame (Ride) Maimie!   Who will be the lucky man?  Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!   BA

Y131 Born to Be Bad (50) aka: Christabel Caine   Christabel (Joan Fontaine) fools everyone with her sweet exterior including her cousin Donna (Joan Leslie) and Donna's wealthy fiancée Curtis. The only one who sees through her facade is Nick, a rugged writer who loves her anyway....  BA

Y40 Born to Be Wild (38) Two truck driving friends, hired to haul a load of dynamite to a dam, are faced with treacherous roads and hired thugs trying to stop them.  BA

C270 Boss, The (56) Crooked politics, payoffs, rub outs, double-crosses, brawls and more in this gangster film with John Payne based on a true story.  BA

Y818 Boy, a Girl, and a Bike, A (49) Honor (Pussy Galore) Blackman, Diana Dors, John McCallum and Patrick Holt star. U.K. lensed film about cyclists in a North country mill town and the adventures they get into. 

S277 Brasher Doubloon, The (47) Marlowe (George Montgomery) is hired to recover a rare coin. His investigations reveal several murders and unearth secrets of a wealthy Pasadena household…. BA

S340 Brighton Strangler, The (45) After suffering a head injury during the Blitz, an actor comes to believe himself to be the Brighton Strangler, the murderer he was playing onstage…. John Loder stars.  Upgrade!  BA   

F414 Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back (34) Ronald Colman, the screen's first "talkie" Bulldog Drummond, reprises his role in this sequel in which bodies keep disappearing as Drummond summons the authorities. Loretta Young is the beautiful woman in distress and Warner Oland, in a pre-Charlie Chan role, is the villain on the loose....  (see if you can spot an un-credited Lucille Ball in a bit part)   BA

F31 Buried Alive (39) A prison trustee rescues a despondent executioner from a bar-room brawl, and is blamed for the fight by a tabloid reporter who actually started it, and loses parole, becomes embittered, and gets blamed for murder of guard. ... Beverly Roberts stars in this dark prison thriller.

Y41 Burn 'Em Up Barnes (34) Part One and Part Two - 2 discs or two tapes, same low price - A female bus line owner and her race car driving boyfriend/partner try to stop the purchase of her land wanted by some greedy oilmen.  BA

C616 Burning Court, The (62) aka: La Chambre ardent  A group of people visit a strange old man (who is a practitioner of the black arts) in an ancient, cursed castle. Soon, people start getting knocked off (of course). Atmosphere delivers the creepies in this obscure gem.

F704 By Whose Hand (32) A forgotten murder mystery thriller with Ben Lyon, Barbara Weeks and a great performance from Dwight Frye as Chick Lewis. The working title was "Murder Express" as most of this takes place on a train.

F709 Call Her Savage (32) Sexy Texas gal (Clara Bow) storms her way through life, brawling and boozing until her luck runs out. Will she see the error of her ways?  Or is it too late?  This the first Hollywood movie to actually contain a "GAY" bar. In one scene you can see Clara's nipples through her clothes. This PRE-CODE Hollywood stuff is pretty cool.  BA

F550 Call of the Jungle (44)  Tana (Ann Corio), beautiful white girl resident of Ta'Pu, is determined to clear Harley (John Davidson), who is suspected of stealing the sacred jewels and of the murder of Dozan (Phil Van Zandt), thus preventing the natives from mass rebellion against the whites.... James Bush and Claudia Dell. Directed by Phil Rosen  BA

X488 Call of the South Seas (44) Janet Martin and Allen Lane star.  BA

F627 Calling Philo Vance (40) Philo is in Vienna working for the US Government to see if Archer Coe is selling aircraft designs to foreign powers. He grabs the plans with Archer's signature, but is captured by police before he can escape.... Mystery. Starring James Stephenson, Margot Stevenson, Henry O'Neill and Edward Brophy. Directed by William Clemens  BA

F755 Captain Caution (40) When her father dies, a young woman helps a young man take command of a ship to fight the British during the war of 1812. Victor Mature, Leo Carrillo, Bruce (King Kong) Cabot and Alan Ladd as a bearded mutinous prisoner named Newton. Classic!  BA

Y842 Captain China (50) Captain China (John Payne) has a knuckle-busting brawl with Red Lynch (Lon Chaney Jr.), there's a killer typhoon, high seas action, mutinous crew, female interest (Gail Russell), more! Finally restored and complete! Robert Armstrong and Ellen Corby also star!  BA

Y530 Captain Scarface (53) A man desperate to leave South America books a passage on a freighter, and learns that the captain has made plans to force a scientist to participate in a mission of destruction. With Barton MacLane, Virginia Grey and Leif Erickson  BA

Y534 Cargo to Capetown (50) Broderick Crawford and John Ireland star in this B-Movie 50's potboiler  BA

Y784 Carry on Teacher (59) Kenneth Conner - Pupils run amok at a Maudin street school in an attempt to hold on to their headmaster.  BA

F623 Casino Murder Case, The (35) When a man is poisoned at a casino but survives, Philo Vance follows a trail that leads to the victim's own family.... Paul Lukas

C626 Catacombs (65) aka: Woman Who Would Not Die - Slick, forgotten British horror film deserves another look! Directed by Gordon Hessler, the tale involves a guy that murders his wife and buries her in a tool shed. Soon a haunting begins, or is it something else? With Gary Merrill and Jane Merrow  BA

P211 Champagne (28)  Alfred Hitchcock directs.  Wall Street rich man sets out to teach spoiled daughter a lesson.  BA

P209 Chaney Vase, The (55)  + Sorcerer's Apprentice, The (55)  Two Alfred Hitchcock presents tales the first starring Darrin McGavin, and the second starring Brandon De Wilde + Alfred Hitchcock goes to the movies - Almost an hour of trailers from Hitchcock films! 

F30 City of Missing Girls (41) A number of young girls turns up dead or missing, and the one connection they have is that they were all students at a drama school. The town District Attorney suspects that the school is a front for a prostitution racket...  Mystery. Starring H.B. Warner, Astrid Allwyn, John Archer  BA

C671 Confess Dr. Corda (58) aka: Gestehen Sie, Dr. Corda!   A doctor goes to meet a beautiful girl at a park bench near a wooded area. When he arrives, he finds her battered body lying next to a stream! He then finds himself to be the prime suspect... Hardy Kruger stars in this rare German film with English Subs!  

F720 Crack Up (36) Incredible campy and almost seemingly, deliberately absurd forgotten gem. Peter Lorre in a tour-de-force performance as Colonel Gimpy, head of a spy organization trying to get the plans for a new airplane. Also with Brian Donlevy, J. Carrol Naish and many others. This could be maybe a sort of proto-type for Ed Wood's clumsy incompetent visions. BA


Y360 Crime Doctor, The (43) Warner Baxter - First in the series  BA

Y359 Crime Doctor's Courage (45) Warner Baxter, Lupita (Spanish "Dracula") Tovar + The Crime Doctor's Warning (45) Warner Baxter

Y356 Crime Doctor's Gamble (47) + Crime Doctor's Diary (49) Warner Baxter - The first film on this double feature is directed by William Castle  BA

Y358 Crime Doctor's Manhunt (46) Warner Baxter + Just Before Dawn (46) Warner Baxter and Martin Kosleck

Y357 Crime Doctor's Strangest Case (43) Warner Baxter, Lloyd Bridges + Shadows in the Night (44) Warner Baxter, George Zucco and Nina Foch


F403 Crime of Dr. Hallet (38) Doctors in jungle work on cure for deadly disease in this partial sci-fi mystery potboiler with Ralph (The Wolfman) Bellamy.  BA

F408 Crimson Canary, The (45) aka: Hear That Trumpet Talk   Members of a jazz band are suspects when a beautiful nightclub singer is murdered. With Noah Beery Jr. and classic jazz musicians doing their stuff.

F45 Crooked Circle, The (32) The Sphinx Club is a group of amateur detectives who are the bitter rivals of The Crooked Circle, a collection of hooded villains. With Zasu Pitts  BA

C678 Cry of the Hunted (53) Surprisingly violent crime-thriller. Cop (Barry Sullivan) chases an escaped convict (Vittorio Gassman) deep into the Louisiana swamps. Great stereo-type characters include a prison warden who only cares about golf, a bigoted Southern sheriff, a virtuous wife and a bayou-trash-hellcat. Also with Polly Bergen and William Conrad.  BA

F566 Cry Tough (59) Puerto Rican ex-con tries to go straight, but is tempted back to his old life by his former gang. In the heart of New York City there is a steaming jungle of tenements inhabited by America's newest wave of immigrants.. the Puerto Ricans. Surrounded by the great city, they are isolated within it. They call their little world the Barrio.... the Spanish word for district . This is the story of one of it's sons. Played by John Saxon. Also with Linda Cristal.  BA

X485 Dames Don't Care (54) aka:  Lemmy Caution G-Man  Eddie Constantine plays Lemmy Caution, a hard-drinking lascivious and violent special agent

Y42 Danger on Wheels (40) After causing the accidental death of his girlfriend's brother, a race driver hopes to redeem himself by proving the viability of a new type of motor developed by his girlfriend's father.

S129 Dangerous Crossing (54) A young bride begins her honeymoon on a luxury liner and her husband disappears in this suspense filled nail-biter.  Jeanne Crain and Michael Rennie star.  BA

S270 Dangerously Yours (37) A detective poses as a jewel thief and joins a bunch of other crooks sailing from Europe to New York in search a famous gem. He falls in love with one of the crooks…. Cesar Romero, Phylis Brooks and Jane Darwell  BA

C584 Dante's Inferno (24) Yet another version!  Dante's visions of the fictional place "Hell" and the afterlife are vividly depicted in this stunning silent classic. Original hand-tinted version to give the illusion of color. Parts of this were used by Ken Russell in his film "Altered States".  Includes another version as a bonus!  Quality only fair.   BA

Y558 Dark Horse, The (46) Phillip Terry and Ann Savage star

C226 Dark Streets of Cairo (40) An unsung classic with George Zucco (at his most diabolical) in an Egyptian setting (very Mummy-esque) that although is virtually mummy-free, nevertheless delivers the atmosphere and mood. Great find for Zucco fans. Doomed to Death by an Ancient Curse!  They dared to solve secrets sealed a thousand years!  Beware the Seven Jewels of the Seventh Pharaoh!

C622 Daughter of Darkness (48) Obscure British horror ripe with religious imagery and a fascinating story.  Emmie is a femme-fatale, living in a conservative society. Sex is linked to fertility and reproduction, she however represents the destructive opposite, sexuality, desire, and lust!  Emmie is disturbed, and the characters she encounters are so repugnant, that you want her to win, at whatever cost. Great little psycho-drama!   Anne Crawford, Maxwell Reed, Siobhan McKenna, George Thorpe, Barry Morse, Liam Redmond and Honor Blackman

C220 Daughter of Shanghai (37) In an unidentified airplane flying over the ocean in which six aliens are huddled, alien-smugglers Frank Barden (J. Carrol Naish) and Andrew Sleete (Buster Crabbe as Larry Crabbe) are trying to evade a government pursuit plane.  They dump the screaming "evidence" into the sea. Escaping pursuit, they later approach wealthy merchant Quan Lin (Ching Wah Lee)and demand he take some aliens off of their hands.  Another Forgotten film!  Great cast too with Anna May Wong, J. Carrol Naish, Buster Crabbe, Charles Bickford and a very young Anthony Quinn!   Crime/Drama  BA

C233 Daughter of the Dragon (31) Anna May Wong plays a young and beautiful Chinese aristocrat. Her neighbor, the diabolical Dr. Fu Manchu, (played by pre-Charlie Chan Warner Oland) is also (unbeknownst to her) her father. When she finds out, which side will she choose, good or evil?  BA

F35 Daughter of the Tong (39) Evelyn Brent is known as The Illustrious One, an Asian femme fatale type.

C611 Dead One, The (61) aka: Blood of the Zombie - A voodoo priestess sends out zombies to bring back live victims for her sacrificial rituals in this politically incorrect classic horror that was shot in color.  BA

C830 Dead Talk Back, The (57)  Rare horror potboiler with Scott Douglas and a radio device that can speak with the dead...

S14 Death Flies East (35) aka: Mistaken Identity   Murder Mystery on an airliner in 1935!  Interesting to see the insides of the plane from that decade.  With Conrad Nagel and Florence Rice. 

F700 Delinquents, The (57) A frustrated young man (Tom (Billy Jack) Laughlin!), separated from his girlfriend gets involved with a kicks seeking juvenile gang. This film depicts how adults of the time really felt about the J.D. problem, and the opening announcer preaches of the current situation as it was in 1957. Real cops are used. Billy Jack, I mean Scotty (Laughlin's character), gets beat up, forced into a drunk, and they also try to frame him. Great stuff!  BA

C217 Destiny (44) Cool little film noir/supernatural hybrid from director Reginald Le Borg. Surprising twists and turns with gangster man eventually schooled by blind psychic. Too much of a plot to get into here, but comes highly recommended!  BA

Y43 Devil on Wheels, The (47) A young man discovers the hard way the risks involved with reckless driving and speeding, when he causes an accident that kills his friend and injures his mother.

S19 Devil Pays Off, The (41) Chris Waring (William Wright) is a government investigator trying to gather the necessary evidence to convict a shipping magnate, DeBrock (J. Edward Bromberg), of selling his ships to the United States but is suspected of holding up and preventing their delivery because of bribes from foreign powers…. Well made espionage thriller with J. Edward Bromberg the unjustly blacklisted star. 

Y726 Devil With Hitler, The (42) Before America knew the full extent of Hitler's horrors, they poked fun at him in politically incorrect comedies like this one. Our story begins in hell. Bobby Watson, (a Hitler look-alike) played Hitler, on film, in various projects, over a 20 year span, 10 times!  Of course the Nazi's are depicted as illiterate bumbling dolts instead of the sinister scary force they actually were. Check it out! Runs under an hour.

C453 Devil's Hairpin, The (57) Cornel Wilde, Jean Wallace, Mary Astor, Paul Fix, Larry Pennell and Arthur Franz star. Race car action sequences make this obscure and forgotten classic a winner.  BA

X882 Dirigible (31) Air travel pre-Hindenburg, awesome visuals of this mode of air travel, lots of action and also Fay Wray as lead heroine!  BA

Y841-C290 Door to Door Maniac (61) aka: Five Minutes to Live - Johnny Cash plays a disturbed killer criminal!  Vic Tayback as his partner in crime. Also with Ron Howard. Nail biting suspense in this crime thriller! Name a better Johnny Cash movie... I'm waiting... There isn't a better one! Hah! Loaded with bonus trailers too!  BA

F405 Double Door (34) In a spooky New York city mansion, a wealthy but mean old woman threatens to return her sister to the home's secret torture chamber when the sister objects to her destructive meddling in her 'disliked' relatives affairs. Psychological manipulation and domination pushes the limits in the Pre-Code thriller.   BA

S269 Double Exposure (44) A kooky newspaper editor accidentally hires a woman, much to his dismay!  Action comedy about gender roles in the 40’s….  Chester Morris, Nancy Kelly, Phillip Terry, Jane Farrar, and Richard Gaines star  BA

S10 Dr.  Broadway (42) New York City physician, Dr. Timothy Kane, knows Broadway, the Great White Way and all of its characters thoroughly, as does his receptionist, Connie Madigan. A man Kane had sent to prison is now dying, and asks Kane to locate a daughter and give her his fortune….. Macdonald Carey and J.  Carroll Naish star in this fine B film of the classic era. 

F622 Dragon Murder Case, The (34) Detective Philo Vance is called in on a police case in which socialite Montague has mysteriously drowned in a backyard pool at a party held at the mansion of his fiancée Bernice Stamm and her wealthy brother Rudolph. Things take an eerie turn when Vance learns from insane, elderly Mrs. Stamm that the naturally-formed pool was called the 'dragon pool' by the original inhabitants of the land and that it harbors a killer dragon.... This is Warren William's first turn as detective Philo Vance.... Lyle Talbot stars  BA 

F46 Drums of Africa (41) aka: Jungle Man  African safari searches for the City of the Dead and find many perils along the way. With Buster Crabbe!   Starring Frankie Avalon, Mariette Hartley, Lloyd Bochner, and Torin Thatcher.  Directed by James B. Clark  BA 

C467 Dual Alibi (47) aka: Zirkus Barney  Another British circus flick! This time twin tassaultze artists fall out over a winning lottery ticket and a bad girl. With Herbert Lom!

C209 Eagle with Two Heads, The (48) aka: L’ Aigle à deux têtes   Political intrigue and psychological drama run parallel. The queen is in seclusion, veiling her face for the ten years since her husband's assassination, longing to join him in death....  Kings and Queens and guillotines costumer from director Jean Cocteau starring Jean Marais - Subs

C225 East End Chant (34) aka: Limehouse Blues - Fresh from Chinatown in New York, Harry Young has taken over the illegal import business in the seamy Limehouse district of London, where he cold-bloodedly disposes of rivals and runs a smoky nightclub. He falls for a low-class, white pickpocket, diminishing his pride in the Chinese half of his heritage and sparking the jealousy of the nightclub's moody star performer....  Fast-paced, moody mix of crime and infatuation in a seedy London district. Cool atmosphere with Anna May Wong, George Raft and Kent Taylor!

F732 East of Java (35) Survivors of a shipwreck find refuge on a tropical island.... but so do the ship's cargo of lion's and tigers! Charles Bickford stars and was actually mauled in real life during filming and almost died! Sadly they had to put the lion responsible down. That's showbiz... I guess. Racial stereotypes add to the fun.  BA

P212 Easy Virtue (26)  aka: Könnyed erkölcsök   Alfred Hitchcock directs.  A woman is caught in an affair with an artist by her boorish hubby.

C244 Edge of Hell (56) aka: Tender Hearts   A skid row bum and his dog as they try to make enough money to get by and the interactions they have with the people they meet…. Classic exploitation filmmaker Hugo Haas directs.  Starring Hugo Haas, Francesca De Scaffa, June Shelley, Jeffrey Stone and Ken Carlton  BA

C468 Eight Witnesses (54) Eight blind people witness (?) a murder taking a place right in front of them. They then must try to help the inspector locate the killer. With Dennis Price and Peggy Ann Garner.

F574 El Destino Se Disculpa (45) aka: The Destiny Begs Pardon  Based on the novel El fantasma (The Ghost)  Incredibly rare Spanish classic.

F787 End of the World, The (31) aka: La Fin du monde   Astronomer Martial Novalic discovers that a comet is on a collision course with planet Earth.  With the end of the world well and truly nigh, Novalic tries to galvanize action that may save mankind from extinction.  Meanwhile, his saintly brother, Jean, prays for a miracle.  With civilization on the brink of collapse, the governments of the world resort to increasingly brutal methods to maintain social order. Too late. Whilst some pray in desperation, others sate their animal appetites in one final orgy. It’s The End…  An early French made Sci-Fi.   Some early FX are admittedly laughable, but hey, it's 1931 so I give them a pass. Subs

F731 Escape From Hong Kong (42) aka: Adventure in Sumatra  Three American vaudeville entertainers become involved with spies in Hong Kong, just before Pearl Harbor. The tagline for this film as follows: JAPS TAKE COVER... when 3 American sharpshooters play rat-a-tat-tat on their skulls!   BA

C99 Everything's Ducky (61) Two sailors (Buddy Hackett and Mickey Rooney) sneak a talking duck on board their ship. Trouble ensues. Also with Jackie Cooper! Pretty Hilarious - LBX  BA

X268 Face Behind the Mask, The (41) + The Island of Doomed Men (40) A Peter Lorre Double Feature!!!!  One his best!  He plays an immigrant full of innocence and hope that is horribly disfigured in a fire, and turns to a life of crime. And if the ending note he leaves behind in the desert doesn't move you, you must already be dead!  Next, a 'monkey hating' Lorre owns a penal island, and he humiliates his prisoners and his wife!  Wow, how'd he con her into marriage?  And man, that scene with the monkey!  Ya' gotta' see it!  BA

F33 Face in the Fog, A (36) A mysterious killer known as The Fiend uses an unusual bullet as his trademark for his murders.... 

Y588 Face of Fire (59) Cameron Mitchell and James Whitmore star. A local handyman saves a child from a fire, but instead of making him a hero, the burns he received in the rescue, cause the small minded townspeople to shun his existence. Extremely well made and tragic, almost Frankensteinian tale. BA

S16 Fair Warning (37) aka: Mr. Jericho   In California's Death Valley a chemistry whiz-kid (Bill Burrud) helps a sheriff (J. Edward Bromberg) track the man who murdered a wealthy mine owner who had been staying at a fancy winter resort…. John Payne stars in this Murder Mystery.  BA

P213 Farmer's Wife, The (28)  Widowed farmer seeks new bride while the one he really needs is his housekeeper.  Hitchcock

C828 Female (33)  Ruth Chatterton raises the bar for 1933 audiences with her slutty turn as a manager of an auto factory, that seduces men.

Y569 Fiddlers Three (44) aka: While Nero Fiddled   A pair of Jolly Jack Tars on shore leave take a Wren (lady sailor) to Stonehenge and get caught in a time warp that sends them back to ancient Rome.

F699 Firebird, The (34) A playboy that uses women is murdered. Whodunit? A cut-above some of the other films of that year dealing with similar subject matter. With Lionel Atwill and Ricardo Cortez (amongst many others).

C691 Fireman Save My Child (54) Originally a vehicle for Abbott and Costello (they bailed) we get Buddy Hackett and Hugh O'Brien instead. Also with Spike Jones and his City Slickers (remember them ?). Look for Bud and Lou in some long-shots. Rare as hell.  BA

X780 Five Came Back (39) 12 people crash in cannibal jungles. Only 5 can return....Lucille Ball, John Carradine  BA

F68 Flame Barrier, The (58) aka: Beyond the Flame Barrier  Carol Dahlmann enlists the Hollister brothers to help locate her missing husband. The husband was tracking a fallen satellite through the jungle... A very popular title  BA

Y436 Flame of Stamboul (51) A gang of thieves in Istanbul, led by a mastermind criminal known as "The Voice", are planning to steal defense plans important to the protection of the Suez Canal during a peace conference to be held there. Larry Wilson, an American intelligence agent, is sent to the scene of the plot.... Richard Denning and George Zucco star   BA

F402 Fly-By-Night (42) aka: Secrets of G32   Some surprises elevate this 'falsely-accused-man-on-the-lam' plot with Richard Carlson Nancy Kelly and Martin Kosleck.

A127 Flying Devils (33) Against the backdrop of a barnstorming air circus, this story revolves around the travails, both in the air and on the ground, of flyboys Bud (Eric Linden), Ace (Bruce Cabot), Speed (Ralph Bellamy), and female pilot Ann (Arline Judge). This film was one of a handful of films directed by legendary press agent Russell Birdwell….  Early aviation thriller   BA 

Y625 Fool Killer, The (65) 12-year-old George Mellish (Edward Albert),  tired of beatings for both real and fancied misdeeds at the hands of his foster parents, runs away from home by hopping a freight train and lands somewhere east of the Mississippi River.... Decent, haunting, fantasy thriller with Anthony Perkins and Henry Hull. Great stuff not to be missed!  BA

S262 Gambler's Choice (44) A cop and his buddy fall in love with the same girl and end up in trouble with the law…. crime/drama   Lyle Talbot, Chester Morris, Nancy Kelly, Russell Hayden and Lee Patrick star  BA

X520 Gambling Lady (34) Lady Lee, gambler's daughter, plies her trade while pondering the proposal of a social-register suitor.... Barbara Stanwyck  BA

F626 Garden Murder Case, The (36)  Someone has shot and killed Lowe Hammle and everyone at his 22 room apartment is a suspect. The reasons are as varied as the number of people there...  BA

C464 Get Outta Town (60) aka: The Day Kelly Came Home   When gangsters killed his kid brother, Kelly turned the city upside down! With Doug Wilson and Jeanne Baird

Y214 Ghost Goes West, The (35) A ghost won't leave his 200 year old Scottish castle. Not even when a man buys it and has it shipped and rebuilt in Florida! BA

X263 Ghost Train, The (41) Stranded overnight at a lonely rural train station, a mismatched group of travelers learn of a local superstition about a phantom train, said to travel these tracks in the dead of night.  BA

S13 Gift of Gab (34) Blowhard Philip Gabney becomes a smash radio announcer, until he is canned from the station for a fake broadcast and tries to resume his on air status by attempting a dangerous stunt…. Everything but the kitchen sink in this one with cameos from Karloff, Lugosi and many other under contract players. 

S275 Girl From Scotland Yard (37) Reports of unexplained explosions of military craft emerge in England, and Linda Beech (Karen Morley) is assigned by Scotland Yard to work undercover to find the man responsible for the attacks… Robert Baldwin and Jon Hall in this one too.

S125 Girl in 313 (40) Police agent (Florence Rice) enters to gang of jewel thieves and, on the way to finding who the evildoers are, falls in love with a thief (Kent Taylor- who later went on to star in many a Philippine horror film) along with Lionel Atwill. 

C242 Girl on the Bridge, The (51) An elderly watchmaker stops a pretty blonde from throwing herself off a bridge. They eventually marry and things go well until a man from her unsavory past shows up with blackmail on his mind. A great little exploitation styled classic from director Hugo Haas with Beverly Michaels and Hugo himself!

S138 Girl Who Dared (44) Mystery thriller.  Tagline: OUT OF THE FOGS OF FEAR!  STORMS OF TERROR!  ...came this amazing person...to thrill you!  With Lorna Gray, Veda Ann Borg and Peter Cookson. 

C218 Girls in the Night (53) aka: Life After Dark   A family's efforts to move out of a slum area into a better neighborhood is hampered when their son is accused of the murder of a local blind beggar... This is the second film Jack Arnold directed, prior to his golden sci-fi era. A morbid and rugged look at life in the tenements of New York. Tagline: "The Shock Story of the Big City's Delinquent Daughters!"  BA

C216 Girls of the Road (40) A story of the great depression era about women hobos, tramps, job-seekers, fugitives and runaways, hitch-hiking to somewhere, or fleeing something or somebody. With Helen (Son of Kong) Mack, Ann Dvorak and Lola Lane  BA

S124 Golden Dawn (30) What can you say when something this jawdroppingly awful falls in your lap?  Enjoy it of course!  Noah Beery in blackface sings a song about his whip and how it makes him the “boss man” (this bit makes the whole film worth it!), lots of white actors made to look black etc.  Set in colonial Africa, politically incorrect outrageousness that must be seen to be believed! 

X491 Good Luck, Charlie (62) aka: Bonne chance, Charlie   Eddie Constantine - More Crime

S139 Gorilla Man, The  (43) John Loder, Ruth Ford and Marian Hall star in this action adventure war spy thriller.  BA

F722 Gracie Allen Murder Case, The (39) Goofy mystery with Gracie Allen (George Burns bowed out of this one) and look for a young Richard Denning.  BA

S260 Great Gambini, The (37) Grant Naylor has been in love with Ann Randall for years, but she is determined to marry Stephen Danby, who Grant and her father believe is a scoundrel. At the Transatlantic Club, Grant threatens to kill Danby if he mistreats Ann during their marriage. During the magic show, the "Great Gambini," a magician and clairvoyant, predicts that Ann and Danby's wedding will never take place. The next morning Danby's butler, Lamb, finds Danby dead in his apartment…. Rare supernatural type film with Akim Tamiroff, Marion Marsh, Reginald Denny and William Demarest.   BA

X214 Great Impersonation, The (35) Edmund Lowe plays a duel role as a man that has a doppelganger. Shot the same year as "Bride of Frankenstein" on many of the same sets, and with Valerie (Elizabeth Frankenstein) Hobson, as well as a small role for an un-credited Dwight Frye.  BA

Y596 Great St-Louis Bank Robbery, The (59) Three career criminals (Crahan Denton, David Clarke and James Dukas) and young turk Steve McQueen are brought together for a bank heist. They don't trust each other, which proves fatal when the heist goes bad. Based on a true story and filmed in semi-documentary style.  BA

Y531 Green Buddha, The (55) International crook Wolf Frees, and his partner, Percy Herbert, steal the "Green Buddha" a priceless eastern-art object... This leads to much adventure and intrigue in it's recovery... With Wayne Morris  BA

F48 Green Eyes (34) The owner of a large mansion in the country throws a costume party for some of his friends. However, the party turns sour when he is found stabbed to death in a closet. The police and a guest try to discover who committed the murder.  Charles Starrett

504 Green Hell (39) aka: Inferno verde   James Whale directed this jungle thriller with Vincent Price and George Sanders. Pretty decent flick, although Vincent Price himself repeatedly put it down as one of his all time worst films.

Y535 Gun Runners, The (58) A charter boat skipper gets entangled in gunrunning scheme to get money to pay off debts. Sort of a sea-going film noir with bad girl, smarmy villain, and the "innocent" drawn into wrong side of law by circumstances.... From an Ernest Hemingway novel. Audie Murphy, Eddie Albert and Jack Elam star.

C827 Hands of Orlac (24)  aka: Orlacs Hände  Amazing Conrad Veidt stars in this silent classic

S9 High Command, The  (36) A general of the old school, who believes strongly in his own honor and sense of duty, must come to terms with a crime he committed years earlier, during the confusion of World War I…. Lionel Atwill and James Mason star in this war drama, Atwill turning in one of his best performances ever.  BA

Y45 High Gear (33) When a racecar driver loses his nerve to race, he takes up a taxi driver job to make a living.

Y552 High Jump (58) British Crime action with Richard with partial writing credits to Brian Clemens

Y620 Hold Back the Night (56) A Marine officer tells his squad the story behind a bottle of liquor that he always keeps with him but never drinks from.... John Payne, Chuck Conners and Peter Graves star in this war drama  BA

S274 Hold the Press (33)  When newspaper reporter Tim Collins (Tim McCoy),  of the "Post", is slugged while investigating the shooting of a big-time gambler, he sets out to get his man with such determination that he ends up in jail. There, he discovers a "parole racket" which involves a crooked politician, and he faces death to get the story for his paper….  Shirley Grey also stars

X568 House By the River (50) Fritz Lang directed murder mystery with Louis Hayward. Dark and gloomy.  BA

S453 House Nobody Wanted, The (53) + The Lottery (69) Two shorts on one tape or disc! The second one is from Shirley Jackson' short story.  Similar themes were used in "Dragonslayer" and "The Wicker Man" so you know you are in for a treat!  (“The Lottery” has some glitches) 

P292 House of Danger (34)  To protect a young woman's life, a man pretends to be her injured friend so he can investigate a murder and capture the killers.... Onslow Stevens in a forgotten old dark house style creeper

F407 House of Horrors (46) aka: Joan Medford Is Missing    aka: The Sinister Shadow   An unsuccessful sculptor with a nasty disposition (Martin Kosleck) saves a killer known as 'The Creeper' (Rondo Hatton) from drowning. Seeing an opportunity for revenge, he tricks 'The Creeper' into killing his critics. Well known horror thriller.  BA

Y575 Hunt, The (66) aka:  La Caza  Cool Spanish Film that dares to show us the dark side of humanity!  This film reminds us how close we all are to savagery. Our thin veneer of humanity can so easily be removed. Watch it for a feral insight into our own souls (if souls actually exist that is...). In Spanish with English Subs - BA

C441 I Aim at the Stars (60) aka: Wernher von Braun  Forgotten, rare Bio-Pic of German rocket scientist Werner Von Braun, who worked with the Nazi's and later switched sides to work on American space vehicles. With Curt Jurgens, Herbert Lom and Victoria Shaw  BA

F37 I Killed That Man (41) Authorities must figure out which inmate killed a convict that was all set to fry in the electric chair.   Stars Ricardo Cortez, Joan Woodbury, Pat Gleason, George Pembroke, Iris Adrian, and Jack Mulhall   BA

C222 Illegal Entry (49) A former pilot goes undercover to help break up a smuggling ring... Howard Duff - From director Frederick de Cordova  BA

F600 Illicit (31) Pre-Code. A young couple live together out of wedlock. They were born too early, as this is frowned upon in society.  Barbara Stanwyck

C669 Inside Detroit (56) See the struggle inside the UAW and all the treachery, racketeers moving in on unions and more.... But most of all, see a rare film actually filmed in Detroit back when the city was flourishing as the Motor City Capital it once was. With Dennis O'Keefe, Mark Damon and Joe Turkel.  BA

F721 Inside Job (46) Married ex-convicts trying to go straight get jobs at a department store. A gangster that knows about their past threatens to expose it unless they help him to rob the store. From a story written by Tod Browning. A remake of his 1920 film "Outside the Law".  BA

F38 Invisible Killer, The (41) An eager female reporter and a homicide detective team up to catch a killer.

S6 Island in the Sky (38) aka: William A. Wellman's Island in the Sky   A boy is sent to death row for the murder of his father but the D.A.'s wife (Gloria Stuart) believes he's innocent so she sets out to solve the case….  Murder Mystery.

C831 Island of Lost Men (39)  Anthony Quinn, and Broderick Crawford star in this altered remake of 1933's 'White Women'.  Anna May Wong plays Kim Ling, a dutiful daughter determined to reclaim the good name of her father, a Chinese general. To prove his innocence, she travels to the jungle work farm of Gregory Prin (J. Carrol Naish), who has the evidence she needs...  Amazing seeing these guys all so young, and Anna May is always a sweet treat.  BA

C620 Island of Lost Women (58) + Mesa of Lost Women (53) Double Feature!  First, a plane crash lands on an island inhabited by a nuclear scientist (who is paranoid and quite mad) and his 3 nubile daughters. Wow, which one will it be, Venus, Mercuria or Urana?  Next, a mad scientist is creating giant spiders and dwarves in his lab on Zarpa Mesa in Mexico. This is one incredible double feature!  Create your own with any of our classics!   BA

F143-X651 Isle of Forgotten Sins (43) aka: Monsoon - Edgar G. Ulmer presents this South Seas Treasure Adventure with John Carradine, Gale Sondergaard, Veda Ann Borg, Sidney Toler and more.....

C447 It Happened in Broad Daylight (58) aka: Es geschah am hellichten tag  Story of a perverted child murderer and the man who hunts him is still intense and disturbing. In German so F.L.  BA

P214 Jamaica Inn (39)  Ship wreckers use the local inn as their base of operations while an investigator gets closer to their game.  Charles Laughton hams it up.  Dark and gloomy locales.  Also with Maureen O'Hara.  Hitchcock   BA

C219 Japanese War Bride (52) aka: East Is East   Korean war veteran returns home to rural Salinas California with his new Japanese wife. Once there, she is not accepted by anyone, anywhere. The racism is so strong the man finds himself disassociated from his family and friends. Cameron Mitchell  BA

Y622 Jennifer (53) Ida Lupino - A woman attains a job as caretaker of an old mansion and discovers murder. Unsung gem, chilling and creepy.

S276 Jet Over the Atlantic (59) FBI man Stafford (George Raft) is extraditing convicted killer Brett Murphy (Guy Madison) from Spain to the U.S.  At the last minute, Murphy's fiancée, entertainer Jean Gurney (Virginia Mayo), finds he's been taken and slips on the plane. Unknown to them, a suicidal passenger has a fire and gas bomb in his luggage. As time ticks away, minor dramas are played out on board. Then the pilots succumb to the fumes, and the only available substitute is Murphy…. BA

Y130 J'Irai Cracher Sur Vos Tomb (59) aka: I Spit on Your Grave  Here's an odd one. A film told about the racist South, made in France!  Joe Grant, a light-skinned African American, heads to a small Southern town to investigate the lynching death of his brother. Tagline : Black Man...Don't Let the Sun set on You in This Town... Wow.... Pretty controversial when it came out way back when.... F.L. - BA

Y617 Jungle Captive (44) aka: Wild Jungle Captive    Once again Paula ape woman (Vicky Lane) is brought back to life, this time by a mad doctor (Otto Kruger) and his disfigured assistant (Rondo Hatton)... part of the Jungle Woman trilogy  BA

Y527 Jungle Flight (47) Kelly Jordan (Robert Lowery) and Andy Melton (Robert Kent) are former AAF fliers operating a cargo service over the South American mountain ranges ...

C212 Jungle Princess, The  (36) You savage, untamed she-devil!...I adore you! Just one of the many lines in this classic Dorothy Lamour jungle opus. Ray Milland plays the great white hunter that uttered that last line! Don't miss the climatic raid on the native village by over-sized monkeys!  They seem to be trashing an elaborate model of the village. Must be seen! Also with Akim Tamiroff.  BA

F141-X565 Jungle Siren (42) Jungle woman (Anne Corio) helps a man (Buster Crabbe) fight Nazi's who are trying to start an uprising.   BA

P215 Juno and the Paycock (30) aka: The Shame of Mary Boyle  Chaos amongst tenement dwellers.  Hitchcock  BA

C456 Just For You (64) aka: Disk-O-Tek Holiday   Rock 'n Roll flick with Peter and Gordon, The Chiffons, The Mersey Beats, The Warriors (with Jon Anderson of "Yes" fame) and many many more...... Casey Paxton, a hopeful rock star is trying to break into the business!  BA

Y435 Keep Talking Baby (61) aka: Cause toujours, mon lapin  Eddie Constantine stars

F625 Kennel Murder Case, The (33) William Powell stars in his fourth and final outing as the dilettante private detective, Philo Vance, in one of the best whodunit films of the golden age of murder mysteries.... BA

C452 Key Man, The (57) aka: Life at Stake  Radio broadcasters get mixed up with a gang of criminals. Lee Patterson and Colin Gordon star

C470 Key Witness (60) L.A. businessman is witness to a murder, and must protect his family from the killer's gang!  Jeffrey Hunter (witness) and Dennis Hopper (over-the-top thug). Obscure!  BA

F36 Killers of the Sea (36) Check out the action above and below the sea as Captain Caswell battles for the protection of the game fish and their environment. BA

C224 King of Chinatown (39) Violence and death stalk the Chinese of a big American city, but one man , Dr. Chang Ling, and his daughter, Dr. Mary Ling, defy the racketeers who are responsible, and, against, terrific odds, attempt to bring peace to their oppressed neighbors. Anna May Wong, Anthony Quinn, Akim Tamiroff, J. Carroll Naish and Sidney Toler amongst many others star.  BA

S264 Ladies Love Danger (35) aka: Secret Lives  aka: Les femmes aiment le danger  Actress Rita Witherspoon (Mona Barrie) is held prisoner for a night after entering a rich bachelor’s apartment.  He suspects her of a murder that has just been committed in the apartment next to his.  She slips out at dawn, after two more murders have happened.  Gilbert Roland also stars

S122 Lady and the Bandit, The (51) aka: Dick Turpins Ride   Based on the life of 18th century English bandit Dick Turpin (played by Louis Hayward).  Also stars Patricia Medina.  Look for Frank Reicher as Count Eckhardt and Jock Mahoney as a Tavern Troublemaker.  BA

X533 Lady and the Monster, The (44) A millionaire’s brain is preserved after his death, and telepathically begins to take control of those around him. With bonus trailers BA

X666 Lady Refuses, The (31) A wealthy London nobleman hires a pretty but poor young hooker to distract his playboy son from marrying, but soon falls for the girl himself, as well as his son. More Pre-Code stuff.

C163 Lady Vampire, The (59) aka: Vampire Man - Obscure first modern Japanese vampire horror film! Interesting cultural variation - LBX - Subs

P216 Lady Vanishes, The (38)  Kindly old lady, Miss Froy (May Whitty) seemingly disappears from a fast-moving train bound for England. But when her young friend Iris (Margaret Lockwood) investigates, she finds no one appears to believe her and she has a spiraling mystery to solve. Of course, Iris has music scholar Gilbert (Michael Redgrave) eager to help her out....   Hitchcock  BA

Y430 Lancer Spy (37) An Englishman impersonates an imprisoned German officer and "returns" to Germany to become a national hero...  George Sanders and Peter Lorre  BA

C658 Last Mile, The (59) Mickey Rooney gives a tour-de-force performance as John 'Killer' Mears in this Death-Row flick that also stars Clifford David and Michael Constantine (in his film debut!). Check it out!   BA

S502 Last Warning (29) aka: Die letzte Warnung   A producer decides to reopen a theatre, that had been closed five years previously when one of the actors was murdered during a performance.  This film was directed by Paul Leni and he died of blood poisoning later that year.  This film was a huge influence on James Whale, and you can see many touches in his horror films of the early thirties.  Silent with a score and tints.  BA

F139 Law of the Jungle (42) Nazi's hunt down archeologist and his safari in the jungle. Low-budget and UN-PC with under appreciated black classic comic Mantan Moreland providing comedy relief. Perfect.  BA

S271 Let 'Em Have It (35)   aka: Legion of Valor   aka: Washington Correspondent    We follow the training and adventures of a team of young federal anti-gangster agents, Mal Stevens, Van Rensseler, and Tex Logan…  Stars Bruce Cabot

F50 Lion Man, The (36) Evil Sheik and his marauders attack a desert expedition, leaving a young boy survivor. He is raised by a shaman and becomes an avenger. With Jon Hall and Kathleen Burke. Based on a story by Edgar Rice Burroughs

F581 Little Shop of Horrors, The (60) Notoriously cheap film about a nebbish working in a city florist shop who unknowingly cultivates an intelligent plant that demands human meat for sustenance... COLORIZED VERSION.   BA

C223 Little Tokyo U.S.A. (42) Forgotten Racist Propaganda film against Japanese Americans, that was FOR the Japanese internment camps in it's story depiction. Fairly shocking (slightly unintentionally funny) with the negative depiction of Japanese and the notion that even American born Japanese were not to be trusted. Even taking this in perspective of the time, it shows how screwy paranoid people can get when they are unable to process information with any objection (the red scare and McCarthyism just around the corner) and how, ultimately, the power of information to the people of any country is something that should be regulated to avoid the power holders from manipulating those who have no bullshit detectors built in to their psyches. (But who would regulate the regulators?)  Hopefully moving ahead, humans will evolve before someone pushes the wrong button.  BA

P182 Live Fast, Die Young (58)  aka: Seeds of Violence   Sin steeped story of the "Beat Generation" of the day!  Two teen sisters leave their no-good father for a lurid life on the road!!  With Mary Murphy, Mike Conners and Troy Donahue (in one of his first significant roles).  Rare J.D.  for you!   Dig It Man!  BA

C477 Living Dead, The (33) aka: The Scotland Yard Mystery   A mad scientist (is there any other kind in these films?) has developed a formula that enables faked death with a zombie-like trance. Ahead of it's time rarity, pretty tough to find too.  BA

P217 Lodger A Story of the London Fog, The (26)  aka: The Case of Jonathan Drew   A landlady suspects her new lodger is the madman killing women in London... Hitchcock's first thriller  

S341 Lon Chaney Jr: Son of a 1000 Faces (various)  Documentary on Lon Chaney Jr.

X567 Lon Chaney Sr. Double Feature!!!!  Victory (19) directed by Maurice Tourneur + The Wicked Darling (19)  directed by Tod Browning. Both of these are dark tales, both showing off Chaney's inimitable acting skills and make-up tricks.

S20 London Blackout Murders (42) aka: Secret Motive   A man helps the authorities uncover a ring of murderous Nazi spies in wartime London…. Cool 'Nazi Spies in Wartime London' story written by Curt (The Wolfman) Siodmak.  BA

F404 London By Night (37) Decent old thriller set in London where an umbrella -wielding murderer is on the loose. Atmosphere supplied by lots of fog, dark London streets, Big Ben, the eerie Thames river and more. Great forgotten horror with George Zucco  BA

Y728 M (51) American version of the 1931 German thriller about the hunt for a child killer ably directed by Joseph Losey. Look for Raymond Burr in a supporting role. Not as great as the Peter Lorre version, but still quite good.  BA

C268 Macario (60) aka: Morte in vacanza   When God, the Devil and Death request poor peasant Macario share his turkey with them, he shares only with Death. Death in turn, gives him a bottle of water that will heal any illness. Soon he is wealthy, but the Inquisitor's are on the way! Classic and spooky film from Mexico - Subs

C850 Madame Satan (30)  Kay Johnson stars in this early talkie with a cheating husband and a vengeful wife, lots of which takes place on a Zeppelin and despite bad comments about this film now by illiterate bloggers who cannot take things into historical perspective it remains effectively weird in a retro-classic way.  BA 

S114 Magician, The (26) aka: Sydänverta  A magician/alchemist, seeking to create life, discovers that he must have the blood of a virgin to complete his experiments.  He sends out his dwarf assistant to locate the right girl, maybe a bit easier to do back in the day than now huh? This was supposedly inspired in part by the mere existence of Aleister Crowley, a very controversial figure at the time.  Finally restored and uncut in nice quality, a welcome addition to the lost horrors.  The visit to Hell sequence is incredible.

X492 Man and Child (56) aka: L’ Homme et l'enfant   Eddie Constantine - More Crime

Y538 Man from Cairo (53) aka: Dramma nella Kasbah   George Raft  BA

S130-Y536 Man in the Mirror (36) aka: Como tú quisieras ser  A mild mannered mousy man is astounded when his reflection comes to life and begins to do all the things he always wanted to do, but never had the stones to do.  The film includes special effects of Horton as two characters side by side in several scenes… With Edward Everett Horton and Genevieve Tobin .  BA

C442 Man in the Moon (61) British satirical space race comedy. Government recruits a man, unaffected by cold, heat, speed etc...to be an astronaut. Another rare British fantasy film! With Kenneth Moore, Shirley Anne Field and Michael Hordern. BA

S252 Man in the Trunk, The (42) The ghost of a murdered man returns to Earth to help young couple find his killer.  Lynne Roberts and George Holmes star. 

C214-X215 Man Who Cried Wolf, The (37) A man continually confesses to murders he did not commit, hoping that when he confesses to the murder he actually plans to do, he will be in the clear, as they will have labeled him a crackpot at that point. Lewis Stone

P218 Man Who Knew Too Much, The (34)  A man and his wife receive a clue to an imminent assassination attempt, only to learn that their daughter has been kidnapped to keep them quiet.... Peter Lorre secret agent thriller from Alfred Hitchcock.  BA

F411 Man Who Lived Twice, The (36) aka: El hombre que vivió dos veces  A disfigured criminal has plastic surgery to change his identity, but loses his memory during the surgery. Horror elements combine with action and suspense. Fits in nicely with similar films of that period like "Black Friday". With Ralph Bellamy.

C237 Man Who Reclaimed His Head, The (35) Claude Rains and Lionel Atwill star. A pacifist writer, betrayed by his publisher, discovers that his ideas have been used to promote WW1 which sends him off the deep end.   BA

S255 Man Who returned to Life, The (42) The law had declared him legally dead!   Should he return from the grave to save a man's life but break a woman's heart? John Howard, Lucile Fairbanks, Ruth Ford, Marcella Martin and Roger Clark  BA

F65 Man Without a Body, The (57) A wealthy business man discovers he has a brain tumor and seeks medical help. The business man finds a scientist experimenting with transplanting monkey heads on different monkey bodies. The business man decides to steal the head of Nostradamus from the prophet's crypt... !   BA

P219 Manxman, The (26)  A fisherman and a rising young lawyer, who grew up as brothers, fall in love with the same girl.... Hitchcock directs this bizarre love triangle drama adventure.  Silent  BA

Y533 Marksman, The (53) Wayne Morris and Elena (House of Frankenstein) Verdugo. Mike Martin becomes a United States deputy marshal in early-day Texas because of his almost unbelievable marksmanship.... 

S12 Meet the Wild Cat (40) Ralph Bellamy stars in this super hard-to-find Mystery.

S249 Midnight at Madame Tussauds (36) aka: Midnight at the Wax Museum - Forgotten British classic chiller!     Explorer Sir Clive bets that he can spend the night alone in Madame Tussauds Chamber of Horrors....  Actually filmed there too!  

S272 Midnight Mystery (30) Wealthy young bachelor Gregory Sloane (Hugh Trevor) is host at a house party given at his island castle off the Maine coast on a stormy night…. the night ends with murder and confession...  Early mystery talkie old-dark-house thriller.  

F32 Midnight Phantom (35) A newly hired police chief vows to clean up a notoriously corrupt police department. When he is murdered, investigators find that there is no shortage of suspects, most of them being fellow cops.... With Reginald Denny  BA

F40 Midnight Warning, The (32) After a young couple and the woman's brother check into a hotel, the brother turns up missing which leads to a shocking discovery.

Y128 Millerson Case, The (47) From the Crime Doctor series with Warner Baxter

S11 Mine With the Iron Door, The (36) Having acquired the controlling interest in the Eureka Discovery Corporation for five-hundred dollars, and selling half of it to a detective for two-hundred dollars, Bob Harvey sets off with his new partner to find the buried treasure of San Capello---with very strange consequences….  Adventure Mystery with treasure search and more starring Richard Arlen.  BA

C236 Miracle Man, The  (31) Three big city gangsters have a headquarters in a Chinese tavern owned by Nikko (Boris Karloff). The gangsters perform fake miracles. Karloff falls for a mobster's woman and almost gets killed....more... a classic that deserves another look.  BA

F788 Mockery (27) There is hunger in Siberia during the Russian Civil War. Dim-witted peasant Sergeis (Lon Chaney) is searching corpses for food when he meets a mysterious woman looking for the city of Novokursk. He sets out to help her, not knowing her secret identity and the trouble it will lead to. Another classic Chaney!

C472 Monkey's Paw (48) Interesting British version of a short story. Title item grants three wishes, one being bringing a dead man back to life. Twilight Zone has done this story, and there are many other versions as well. 

X651-F143 Monsoon (43) aka: Isle of Forgotten Sins - Owner of a seedy dive and brothel on a South Seas island meets two treasure hunters looking for a sunken ship with a $3-million cargo of gold. With John Carradine, Gale Sondergaard, Veda Ann Borg and Sidney Toler

Y433 Moon over Burma (40) The managers of a teak lumber camp in Burma compete for the affections of a beautiful American entertainer who gets stranded in Rangoon.... Dorothy Lamour - Jungle adventure

X388 Moonlight Murder (36) aka: Mord ohne Waffe  Obscure classic mystery chiller with Chester Morris and J. Carrol Naish

F702 Mountain Justice (37) Stalwart Appalachian woman finds romance as she struggles to better herself and her people amid prejudice and familial abuse. With Josephine (Son of Frankenstein) Hutchinson and Margaret (Wicked Witch) Hamilton.   BA

S265 Mr.  Dynamite (41) A ball player takes his girlfriend to a carnival, only to discover a ring of saboteurs.  J.  Carroll Naish, Lloyd Nolan and Robert Armstrong star.  BA

Y86 Mr. Wu (27) Lon Chaney stars in dual roles in this rare classic with some great Chaney make-up - Silent of course  BA

F42 Murder at Midnight (31) Wealthy Mr. Kennedy shoots his secretary, Channing, during a parlor game, but it turns out the gun was loaded with real bullets... Old Mansion whodunit with Alice White.

F138 Murder By Invitation (41) A rich old woman is taken to court by her heirs as they feel she is squandering their inheritance. She invites them all over for a night in her large creepy house. They start dying... Tagline: The House of a Thousand Shadows!

C213 Murder By the Clock (31) Forgotten Horrors!  An elderly woman installs a horn in her crypt in case she is buried alive. Also in this dark tale is a drug that reanimates the dead, a brute with the strength and mind of a beast and a sinister woman who seduces men to commit murders for her own gain. Great stuff!  BA

S273 Murder in the Fleet (35) Seamen hunt down a deadly saboteur… Robert Taylor, Ted Healy (of 3 stooges fame) and more.  BA

X390 Murder in the Private Car (34) Rare mystery thriller! Look for Ray (Crash) Corrigan as a gorilla (of course), and Walter Brennan in a small role as well  BA

S17 Mutiny of the Seas (40) aka: Outside the Three Mile Limit - Government Agent Conway, posing as a crew member of a ship, is investigating the flood of counterfeit money that seemingly is originating for a gambling ship, moored off-shore beyond the three-mile limit and operated by gangster Dave Reeves. Together, Conway and his fellow G-Man, Melvin Pierce, set out to make a case against Reeves and his associates….. TAGLINE: “Strong-Arm Guy of a Gambling Ship...  Where the Stakes are Life and Death.”  With Jack Holt, Harry Carey, Dick Purcell and more star. 

C211 Mysterious Dr. Fu Manchu, The (29) During the Boxer Rebellion in China during the early 20th century, in which a Chinese secret society attacked all westerners and anyone who associated with them, Dr. Fu Manchu's wife and child are killed by foreigners. Enraged, he vows to take his revenge on the British army officers he holds responsible for the killings.... Early talkie with a pre-Charlie Chan Warner Oland as evil Fu Manchu. Also with Noble (King Kong) Johnson and other notable actors that would go on to more memorable things. This is quite cool for 1929!  BA

F412 Mystery of Edwin Drood, The (35) A madman strangles his rivals for a beautiful girl. Claude Rains  BA

F147 Mystery of the Leaping Fish (16) First Cocaine movie ever runs about 20 minutes so make sure you choose another movie to make it a classic double feature. From a story by Tod Browning and starring Douglas Fairbanks as Coke Ennyday and Bessie Love as The Little Fish Blower. Blatant and happy drug use tells us that maybe the good old days were not as innocent as some think they were....

S126 Mystery Sea Raider (40) aka: Raid på Atlanten  An engaged couple are rescued by a suave captain who commissions the man's boat and uses it as a raider. But the girl manages to send flares which are picked up and the ship is raided in turn and prisoners saved…. With Onslow Stevens, Carole Landis and Henry Wilcoxon.  BA

Y563 Nana (34) Anna Sten, Lionel Atwill, Mae Clark and Phillips Holmes. Look for Lucille Ball in an un-credited bit part as a chorus girl.

X723 Navy Secrets (39) A Navy officer is assigned to break up a spy ring within the service itself.... Fay Wray, 30's screamer queen, stars in this low budget Monogram quickie.  BA

S266 Night Hawk, The (38) aka: Hell Bent for Headlines  Gangster Charlie McCormick despairs as his young brother Bobby lays near death and vows to break the quarantine of the ocean liner Pacific Queen in order to retrieve the iron lung Bobby needs… Another obscurity.  Robert Armstrong stars and look for a small role for the immortal Dwight Frye.

C228 Night in Paradise (46) Technicolor fantasy about a temptatious queen who would rather romance than reign! With Merle Oberon, Thomas Gomez, Turhan Bey , Gale Sondergaard as Kings and Queens, High Priests, Scribes....   BA

C418 Night of Magic, A (44) Classic musical fantasy

F406 Nightmare (42) An ex-gambler helps a beautiful widow, and becomes mixed up with a murder, secret agents, and saboteurs. With Brian Donlevy.  BA

C666 Nightmare (56) A musician (Kevin McCarthy right on the heels of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" playing flawlessly another stressed out and terrified victim role) dreams he has committed a murder. Cop Edward G. Robinson is on his case. Really cool footage of New Orleans where some of this was shot. Also with Connie Russell. Some Horror elements.  BA

C234 Nine Girls (44) aka: This Little Hand   A group sorority vacation in the mountains turns deadly when the girl most hated by all ends up murdered. One of the other girl's turns sleuth to try to find the killer. It all takes place in a snowbound lodge.  BA 

P220 Number Seventeen (32)  aka: Number 17   A gang of thieves gather at a safe house following a robbery, but a detective is on their trail....  Hitchcock takes a stab at an old dark house styled mystery.

S48 Old Mother Riley's Ghosts (41) A charwoman comes upon a plot to steal the invention of a man who lives in a haunted house…. Old castle, ghostly apparitions and British slapstick humor.  This is the only film in which Arthur Lucan appears as a man. He briefly appears as a crook who then disguises himself as Old Mother Riley.

S40 Old Mother Riley's Jungle Treasure (51) aka: Jungle Treasure   Here's a cool British Comedy with our team running into a ghost pirate (Captain Morgan played by Sebastian Cabot) who is searching for buried treasure!  Look for the immortal Michael Ripper in a small role as Jake!

X500 On the Isle of Samoa (50) Jon Hall and Susan Cabot star. Pilot steals an airplane and crashes on an uncharted Samoan island.

C245 One Girl’s Confession (53) Mary Adams (the well-contoured Cleo Moore) works in a tawdry waterfront restaurant where the owner not only maltreats her, he also cheated her father out of a fortune years ago.... another Hugo Haas directed exploitation/classic.  BA

F751 One Sunday Afternoon (33) Rare dramatic film with Gary Cooper, Fay Wray and Frances Fuller. Later remade with Cagney.  BA

X659 One That Got Away, The (57) WW2 escape from the Nazi's flick with Hardy Kruger directed by Roy Ward Baker. Look for Michael Ripper as the corporal who frisks Franz (Kruger) LBX   BA

S259 One Way Ticket (35) aka: A Man and a Woman  Jerry, the son of a bank depositor who was cheated out of his savings, is sent to prison after he robs the bank of the exact sum his father lost…. Peggy Conklin and Lloyd Nolan star. 

C360 One Wish Too Many (56) A young boy, bullied by his peers, gets a chance for revenge when he finds a magic marble that grants him any wish he wants! One day he wishes for a giant steam-roller, and it begins to trash London!  This 'Rare' fantasy film runs just under an hour.

X499 Operation Amsterdam (59) During WW II, British commandos visit occupied Holland to help the Dutch underground keep a fortune in diamonds out of Nazi hands...  Peter Finch, Eva Bartok   BA

F136 Orson Welle's Ghost Story (51) aka: Return to Glennascaul - This short little ghost story feels just like that, a story someone might tell during a long drive or over a campfire. The details are obscure enough to make you wonder and the reaction of Orson Welles to the story told him here is priceless to witness. A short little film that manages to tell a haunting story in a small amount of time. Followed by some classic trailers. BA


Y72 Out of the Unknown : Volume 1 (65-71) This British horror and science fiction type show ran from 1965 to 1971 and used many popular writers of the era in it's story adaptations - Here we present 10 discs or tapes of this rare show. Most episodes are no longer in existence. These may be the entire run of what is still available anywhere!  Volume 1 includes the episodes: Stranger in the Family + The Dead Past

Y73 Out of the Unknown : Volume 2 (65-71) Thirteen to Centaurus + The Last Lonely Man

Y74 Out of the Unknown : Volume 3 (65-71) To Lay a Ghost + This Body is Mine

Y75 Out of the Unknown : Volume 4 (65-71) Deathday + Welcome Home

Y76 Out of the Unknown : Volume 5 (65-71) The Man in My Head + The Machine Stops

Y77 Out of the Unknown : Volume 6 (65-71) The Midas Plague + Come Buttercup, Come Daisy

Y78 Out of the Unknown : Volume 7 (65-71) The Counterfeit Man + Some Lapse of Time

Y79 Out of the Unknown : Volume 8 (65-71) Sucker Bait + No Place Like Earth

Y80 Out of the Unknown : Volume 9 (65-71) The Little Black Bag + Time in Advance

Y81 Out of the Unknown : Volume 10 (65-71) Lamda One + Lots of extras from the series: The Clips Tape, Caves of Steel Clips, About The Little Black Bag, The Little Black Bag Full Footage, The Little Black Bag - BBC Edit, Sunday Past Times Liar!, Clips, Out of This World : Little Lost Robot with your host Boris Karloff..... from Isaac Asimov story - Get all 10 volumes for $75 or separate at regular prices.


S253 Parole Racket (37) Police lieutenant Tony Roberts complains to newspaper editor Jameson that the newspaper is glorifying a gang of extortionists who are terrorizing local businesses…. Paul Kelly

C655 Party Crashers, The (58) Mark Damon is Twig, leader of a rude gang that gets their kicks by crashing 'square' teen parties around town. He meets sexy young Barbara (Connie Stevens) and entices her to come along for the fun. With Bobby Driscoll and Frances Farmer, both in their final actual movie. And also Denver Pyle and Onslow Stevens.  BA

P289 Passenger To Bali, A (50)  From Studio One, this tale stars Colin Keith-Johnson and E.G.  Marshall.  Then, Hollywood Half Hour with Vincent Price and Joan Leslie: In this episode, a woman accepts a job with everybody's favorite madman Vincent Price (great!)!  + The Public Defender Charles Bronson as a prize fighter in trouble with the law.  All on one DVD-R or VHS for same low price of $12.  Not available with double-feature pricing.

Y532 Passport to Treason (56) aka: Simplicius spia internazionale  Rod Cameron and Lois (Moneypenny from the Bond films) Maxwell star.

X486 Pattern for Plunder (63) aka: The Bay of St. Michel -  Keenan Wynn stars in this tale about 3 WW2 vets who search for a lost Nazi treasure.    BA

X482 Payroll (61) Michael Craig - Crooks plan a robbery of wages, things go wrong - Shaky in opening credits  BA

F43 Phantom Express, The (32) A senior engineer is fired after his train derails. He says another train was about to collide....... BA

P255 Phantom of 42nd Street (45)  A theatre critic (Dave O'Brien) teams up with a cop (Jack Mulhall) to investigate the murder of a Broadway actor.... with Dave (Reefer Madness)  O'Brien and Kay (Perils of Nyoka)  Aldridge (in her last film).  BA

S445 Phantom of Crestwood, The (32) Jenny Wren (Karen Morley) coerces banker Priam Andes (H.B. Warner) to have a dinner party at his shorefront estate Crestwood, and instructs him to invite three other men, each of whom she plans to extort money from…. Set in an old mansion on a dark stormy night.  A classic of it's type!  BA

F782 Phantom of Paris, The (31) From a story by Gaston (Phantom of the Opera) Leroux this John Gilbert talkie (the best one he ever did!) delivers the atmospheric goods.

F400 Phantom Speaks, The (45) Richard Arlen stars in this rare horror chiller. The spirit of an executed murderer enters the body of a physician and forces him to murder.  BA

F39 Phantom, The (31) Escaped convict dubs himself 'The Phantom' and proceeds to terrorize the local community.

C243 Pickup (51) Director/ Actor Hugo Haas and his wife actress Beverly Michaels strike again! This low-budget tabloid-lurid story has high camp value as Michaels plays a gold-digger, and Haas her victim. She takes a lover and plots his murder to get at his savings. Great stuff!  BA

S263 Pier 13 (40) Policeman Danny Dolan (Lloyd Nolan) begins walking a new beat at New York's Pier 13…  He meets a waitress (Lynn Bari) and begins to suspect that her sister is involved with the very thieves he is trailing…..  BA

C668 Portrait of a Mobster (61) This flick tells the tale of the rise and fall of Dutch Schultz, (played brilliantly by Vic Morrow) a 1920's gangster. Also with the object of his affections played by Leslie Parrish. BA

S279 Postman Didn't Ring, The (42)  A government mail sack, missing for fifty years, is now being delivered. Stamp collector Julie Martin follows postal inspector Brennon on his delivery tour, hoping to find some rare stamps for her philatelist customers…  Some of the long lost mail brings joy, some sadness...

C646 Purple Gang, The (59) The story of the infamous "Purple Gang", a ring of bootleggers, hijackers and killers in 1920's Detroit. Robert Blake is "Honeyboy" the leader of the gang, a sociopathic killer and psychopathic egomaniac and he turns in quite the chilling perf ranging from evil and menacing to sympathetic. Barry Sullivan and Joe Turkel also star.  LBX BA

S344 Radio Rarities Exclusive (various) Two radio shows (that aired in England) for interested Classic Horror Fans!   There are two on this DVD-R and they are audio only!   First: Peter Lorre VS Peter Lorre: Towards the end of his career, Peter Lorre was at the center of a strange legal case.  With an actor channeling his best Lorre.  This story explores what may have been going on at that time with Lorre.  Next: Vincent Price and the Horror of the English Blood Beast: A light-hearted look behind the scenes of the making of the classic British film 'Witchfinder General' and the issues and disagreements Vincent Price had with Michael Reeves.

C273 Rage in Heaven (41) aka: La Proie du Mort  Robert Montgomery (Night Must Fall) once again plays a mad killer! The bastard even kills a kitten!  With George Sanders (playing a nice guy for once) and Ingrid Bergman  BA

X724 Reach for the Sky (56) Kenneth Moore, Michael Ripper, Anton Diffring and Michael Gough star. The true story of airman Douglas Bader who overcame the loss of both legs in a 1931 flying incident.   BA

X522 Redemption (30) John Gilbert in his first talking role in a moody and quite dark and gloomy story.

Y421 Restless Years, The (58) John Saxon and Sandra Dee star. Will Henderson is the new boy at the high school. He befriends outcast Melinda Grant and the wicked gossip flies spewed forth by pious bigoted zealots. Small town reality. Mayberry was a fairy tale.  BA

F578 Return of Dr. Mabuse, The (61) aka: Im Stahlnetz des Dr. Mabuse   Commissioner Lohmann is already planning his holidays. An unexpected phone call calls him back to work. A member of Interpol was murdered....  Crime thriller with Lex Barker directed by Harald Reinl 

C132 Return of the Apeman (44) + Voodoo Man (44) Wow! A Carradine, Lugosi Double Feature. Throw in George Zucco for good measure! Two of the most obscure films in pretty decent shape here, bunched together for your viewing pleasure!  All Hail!

F140 Revenge of the Zombies (43) aka: The Corpse Vanished   Creepy Swamp setting in Louisiana for a mansion, a mad doctor (John Carradine), his zombi-fied wife (Veda Ann Borg) and also look for Mantan Moreland in a meaty role. For a low-budget Monogram quickie, this one delivers the atmosphere in spades and also has a grim quicksand ending.

P221 Rich and Strange (32)  Inheritance leads to misfortune on a cruise... Alfred Hitchcock directs

P222 Ring, The (27)  A fighter is in danger of losing his marriage due to the advances of a champion fighter on his wife.  Hitchcock   BA

F757 Riot in Juvenile Prison (59) The Explosive Story of a Co-Ed Prison! Boy and girl inmates under one roof! Edward L. Cahn directed quite a few horror classics from this era, here he tackles the J.D. scene.  BA

C458 River Beat (54) A British film about a gang of diamond smugglers who use a woman (Phyllis Kirk) as an unsuspecting mule in their operations. With John Bentley.

F615 Rock, Pretty Baby (57) John Saxon, Sal Mineo, Fay Wray, Shelley Fabares (as 'Twinkie') and more!   Watch as John Saxon pretends he is playing the guitar as Rod McKuen sings (his first movie). See Sal Mineo actually play the drums. See the only movie ever made with Fay (King Kong) Wray as John Saxon's mom (a June Cleaver type). Pretty obscure J.D. flick.   BA

Y836 Rocket Man, The (54) Really obscure sci-fi with John Agar, Charles Coburn, Anne Francis and Beverly Garland. Wacky complications ensue when a boy finds a ray gun that compels anyone caught in it's beam to tell the truth. Like a long Twilight Zone episode. Great stuff!  BA

Y377 Room 43 (58) aka: Passport to Shame - Herbert Lom, Diana Dors, Eddie Constantine - Cab Driver Constantine falls for French girl mixed up with white slave ring, and tries to liberate her. Look for an early appearance from Michael Caine in an un-credited bit part!   BA

F703 Running Wild (55) aka: The Girl in the Cage  Great little J.D. 'car-thief ring' flick with the awesome Maime Van Doren and a very young John Saxon in a small role. Mamie has a cute blonde ponytail and does a sweet flashy jitterbug/rock dancing bit. Also with Keenan Wynn and William Campbell.  BA

P223 Sabotage (36)  aka: The Woman Alone  A local cinema operator works with a group of saboteurs, hiding his secret life from others in this Alfred Hitchcock directed thriller.  BA

F706 Saint's Double Trouble (40) Classic mystery with George Sanders at his wry best as The Saint.  with Bela Lugosi!   BA

F51 Savage Girl, The (32) A great white hunter (Walter Byron) is hired by an alcoholic millionaire (Harry Myers) to lead an African safari, but instead of bagging an animal, they end up entangled with an exotic white "goddess" (Rochelle Hudson) who has been raised by natives.... BA

C131 Screaming Mimi (58) aka: La Statua che Urla  Exotic dancer Virginia Wilson (Anita Ekberg) sees a man get shot moments after he tries to knife her in the shower (before Psycho!). Then, well, you'll have to check it out!  LBX -   BA

S41 Sea Beast, The (26) Early silent version of Moby Dick.  The scenes of the giant whale attacking the ship were created on a California lake using a miniature ship and a giant rubber whale puppet operated by midgets.  During filming at one point the prop sank and divers had to rescue the midgets.  Cool as hell FX.  With John Barrymore as Captain Ahab (he later reprised his role in the 1930 sound remake, which we also carry so check it out if you like 'Big Fish That Kill' tales).  BA

S278 Sea Devils (37) aka: Coast Patrol  aka:  Rough, Ready and Handsome   A feud between Coast Guardsmen heats up when one falls for the other’s daughter…. Ida Lupino stars in this lively action picture.  Also with Preston Foster. 

S128 Sealed Lips (41) aka: Beyond the Law  An investigation proves that a criminal has blackmailed his exact double into providing an alibi, and then into going to jail for him….  With Anne Nagel, the tragic actress.

P224 Secret Agent, The (36) After three British agents are assigned to assassinate a mysterious German spy during World War I, two of them become ambivalent when their duty to the mission conflicts with their consciences...  Spy Action in WW2 with John Gielgud and Peter Lorre directed by Alfred Hitchcock   BA

F707 Secret Life of Walter Mitty, The (47) Walter Mitty, a daydreaming pulp-fiction writer with an overprotective mother, likes to imagine he is a hero who experiences fantastic adventures. Danny Kaye, Virginia Mayo and Boris Karloff star in this filmed in color fantasy.  BA

S15 Secret of the Chateau (34) A woman with a shady past (Claire Dodd) who has connections to a big time crook (Jack La Rue). She wants to leave her criminal past and La Rue behind her. Still, she finds herself at a remote château, where crooks and police have gathered to get their hands on a valuable bible….   Murder Mystery   BA 

X687 Seven Sinners (36) aka: Dark Cargo -  Edmund Lowe and Constance Cummings star in this dark mystery thriller.

F708 Seventh Commandment, The (60) Bizarre religious themed crime/drama from the director of "The Monster of Piedras Blancas". I don't think I have ever seen a film quite like this. A criminal guy and his woman get in a car wreck. He wanders off with amnesia and is taken in by a religious guy that converts him. Later he goes back to his town of origin as a preacher, (still unaware of his past) and runs into his ex-convict-gal who is shacking up with a crook. She wants revenge. You'll hope she gets it.

F44 Shadow of Silk Lennox, The (35) Nightclub owner is leader of a criminal gang. With Lon Chaney Jr.!  

S21 Shadow, The (37) aka: The Circus Shadow   Murder Mystery with Rita Hayworth and Charles Quigley. 

X481 Shakedown, The (59) Hazel Court and Donald Pleasence star. Decent British gangster stuff with loads of window dressing...(women !)   BA

S121-S149 Sherlock Holmes (32) Moriarty is sentenced to death, Sherlock Homes (Clive Brook) prepares to retire to the country and marry his girl.  Yea, right, good luck with that.  Reginald Owen is Watson.  BA

C667 Shield For Murder (54) Vicious dirty cop (Edmond O'Brien) kills a drug runner and robs his corpse of the loot, then proceeds to set up people to blame as he plans a future with his wench (Marla English from She-Creature and Voodoo Woman). Also stars John Agar!   William Schallert, Claude Akins and Carolyn Jones turn up in smaller roles.  BA

F34 Shot in the Dark, A (35) Death at a college campus may be suicide.... or murder!  

S261 Shot in the Dark, A (41) aka: No Hard Feelings  A reporter and a police detective sort through the clues in a night-club owner's murder….  William Lundigan, Ricardo Cortez, Nan Wynn and Regis Toomey 

S251 Show Them No Mercy! (35) aka: Snatched!    Taking refuge from a rainstorm in a deserted farmhouse, young married couple Joe and Loretta Martin (Edward Norris and Rochelle Hudson) soon discover to their horror that the house is being used as a hideout for a gang of kidnappers…. Cesar Romero and Bruce (King Kong) Cabot also star.  BA

P225 Skin Game, The (31)  An old traditional family and a modern family battle over land in a small English village and almost destroy each other....  Hitchcock

F137 Sky Patrol (39) Tailspin Tommy Tomkins and Skeeter Milligan are training new recruits for the Sky Patrol! From the 30's comic strip! You remember that don't you? With John Trent, Jason Robards Sr., Jackie Coogan and more!   BA

A215 Slaughter of the Vampires (62) aka: La strage dei vampire  aka: Curse of the Blood Ghouls  Newly weds Luise and Wolfgang take over a magnificent castle and immediately Luise senses a disturbing atmosphere...Ornate sets, voluptuous ingénues with inviting dark eyes and heaving bosoms, high-collared, sissy -vested Don Juan types, fast paced violent shocks....  This Italian made vampire film has it all and comes highly recommended!  Upgrade!  BA

S18 South to Karanga (40) Native uprising at an African Copper Mine with Charles Bickford. 

F69 Space Children, The (58) A glowing brain-like creature arrives on a beach near a rocket test site via a teleportation beam. The alien communicates telepathically with the children of scientists. The kids start doing the alien's bidding as the adults try to find out what's happening to their unruly offspring.  A very popular title, now     BA

Y48 Speed to Spare (48) A stunt driver takes a job helping at his friend's trucking firm, causing some friction with another driver. +  T-Bird Gang (59) J.D. youth gone wild stuff from the fifties. Double Feature !

S8 Spider, The (31) The great Chartrand (Edmund Lowe) can make people disappear and his assistant dazzles the crowd with his psychic abilities. A woman and her uncle come to the show looking for their long lost relative; in fact, the assistant is the woman's brother, but his amnesia has kept him from finding her. Suddenly during the performance, the lights go out and a shot is fired. The woman's uncle has been murdered, and it is up to Chartrand to find the killer among the audience….

S231 Spook Busters (46) Bowery Boys horror/comedy in the same vein as 'Ghosts on the Loose' and 'Spooks Gone Wild' + on the same bill!  The little seen "Bowery Boys Meet the Monsters" (54) which pits the boys against a mad scientist, Ellen Corby, a gorilla, a robot and a vampire!  Probably the best Bowery Boys of all!  Double Feature! 

S131 Spy Ring, The (38) The friend of an inventor is detailed to round up the gang who nearly killed him to get his aircraft gunning invention for a foreign power….  Spy movie with some polo thrown in for good measure.  With Jane Wyman and William Hall.  Look for Glenn Strange in a bit part.  BA

C443 Spy with a Cold Nose (66) British spy spoof has agents planting a "bug" in a bulldog named "Disraeli", a gift to the Russian Ambassador. With Laurence Harvey, Lionel Jeffries, Eric Portman, Bernard Lee and Daliah Lavi.  BA

Y561 Stolen Heaven (31) Nancy Carroll and Phillips Holmes - Fairly sleazy for 1931  BA

Y537 Stolen Identity (53) Turhan Bey produced this thriller. A jealous concert pianist (Francis Lederer), murders his wife's lover, then frames a taxi driver for the crime.

Y580 Storm at Daybreak (33) Kay Francis and Phillips, Sarajevo June 28, 1914. Dushan, the Serbian mayor of a Hungarian town, has come to see the parade of Archduke Ferdinand. While there he runs into Geza, an old friend in the Hungarian Army and invites him to come to his house and visit him and his new wife….   BA

S136 Storm, The (38) aka: La radio nella tempest  A passenger ship shockingly runs into a typhoon.  With Charles Bickford, Barton Maclane and Preston Foster.  BA

F410 Strange People (33) Rare mystery thriller with horror elements and loads of atmosphere.

F41 Strangers of the Evening (32) aka: The Hidden Corpse  Why is the missing corpse now alive?  Strange happenings at a morgue. With Zasu Pitts  BA

X483 Sundown (41) Bruce Cabot, George Sanders and Gene Tierney star. Englishmen battle Nazi's in Africa. Don't blink, you'll miss Rory Calhoun, Dorothy Dandridge (Kipsang's bride) and Woody Strode (tribal policeman), and even Italian director Riccardo Freda as a pilot!   BA

F62 Surrealism and Science (various) A series of short films from Politician, Mathematician French surrealist Jean Painleve. The Sea Horse's film is particularly fascinating. Subs

C469 Suspended Alibi (56) A man is suspected of murder via circumstantial evidence. He must find the real killer! With Patrick Holt, Honor Blackman and Andrew Kier

X490 Swamp Woman (41) Jack Larue and Ann Dorio star. Three people flee through the swamps, only a few steps ahead of a police lieutenants blood-hounds. 

F144 Swing Hostess (44) Bottom of the budget barrel, yet manages to deliver some cool set designs and inventive devices. A very interesting musical comedy shot during wartime. Martha Tilton.

C274 Tarawa Beachhead (58) A marine sergeant witnesses a captain kill one of their men at Guadalcanal to cover his own incompetence. With Kerwin Matthews, Julie Adams and Ray Danton

C176 Taste For Woman, A (64) aka: Aimez-vous les femmes?  Kinky, dark, French made, comedy with a screenplay by Roman Polanski! Cannibal Cult in black hoods. In French language with Sophie Daumier. Obscure stuff ! F.L.

Y49 Ten Laps to Go (36) + The Wild Ride (60) First a racecar driving action drama, followed by a J.D. wild youth flick. Double Feature!   BA

C215 Testament of Dr. Cordelier, The (61) aka: Le Testament du Docteur Cordelier  aka: Experiment in Evil   Another version of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic Jekyll and Hyde tale directed by Jean Renoir - Subs

F601 They Call It Sin (32) Often told story of a young country girl heading to the Big Apple in search of her big break and "Mr. Right." Young is a chorus line girl romantically involved with her married producer (Calhern) while faithful admirer Brent waits nearby... More Pre-Code Hollywood, considered trash and exploitation when released, pretty tame now, but fun!   BA

F173 Thing That Couldn't Die, The (58) aka: The Water Witch   A psychically gifted young woman discovers a centuries-old crate. Inside is the severed head of Gideon Drew, who was put to death several centuries before for Satanism. Gideon's head wants to be reunited with his body so he can continue his black arts fun. This creepy and surreal classic had kids shaking in their socks when it aired on late night Shock Shows in the 60's.  BA 

F698 Thirteenth Chair, The (29) aka: The 13th Chair   Early talkie from director Tod Browning! A group of people hire a medium to try and sort out a murder. Sure it's old, but if you appreciate early films, and know the limitations with sound, you will appreciate Browning's clever camera work. Not only that but you get a pre-Dracula Bela Lugosi as Inspector Delzante!  BA

F49 Thirteenth Guest, The (32) Who is the heir to the fortune in this old dark house thriller?  With Ginger Rogers

P226 Thirty Nine Steps, The (35)  A man in London tries to help a counterespionage agent. But when the agent is killed and he stands accused, he must go on the run to both save himself and also stop a spy ring trying to steal top secret information....   Hitchcock   BA

Y528 Three Bad Sisters (56) Sudsy trash 50's style delivers the goods. Marla English is the nympho sister, Kathleen Hughs, the Psychotic. The sisters taunt each other, we get a catfight, and soapy embarrassing behavior litters the screen with reckless abandon!  BA

Y779 Thunder Rock (42) Cool British film with Michael Redgrave that deals with WW2 and a haunted lighthouse. A great story to tell here, if you like meaningful classics with fantasy elements this is for you. Also with James Mason

F47 Ticket of Leave Man, The (37) A man is accused of a series of murders that were actually committed by a crazed killer called "The Tiger." He must prove his innocence and catch the murderer. ...More Tod Slaughter crime/horror.

C229 Tiger Woman, The (45) A private eye is sucked into a world of dirty dealings involving a nightclub owner, his wife etc...With Adele Mara and Richard Fraser  BA

Y529 Time Table (56) As a train speeds through the Arizona night, a man posing as a physician holds up the baggage-car crew and escapes with a 500,000 payroll.... Mark Stevens directs and stars. Look for an early role for Jack Klugman!  BA

C252 Torchy Runs for Mayor (39) + Torchy Blane Plays with Dynamite (39) Tough cookie Torchy (Glenda Farrell), a hard-boiled, fast-talking hotshot news reporter in a double feature. Popular in the 30's...Look for Jane Wyman in one of these, + many more

Y778 Trauma (62) Emmaline, who, as a teenager, discovered the drowned body of her aunt (Lynn Bari), returns to the family mansion as a married woman. Eventually, she falls for the caretaker's nephew, and remembers who the real killer was.... 'Psycho' inspired killer/mystery flick drenched in creepy atmosphere. A well made and solid thriller.  BA

C444 Triple Deception (56) aka: House of Secrets - British and French governments ask a sailor to impersonate his dead double, a member of a counterfeit ring. Michael Craig, Julie Arnal and Anton Diffring star.  BA

F64 Twonky, The (53) Tweedy college professor discovers his new TV set is animate, apparently possessed by something from the future, and militantly intent on regulating his daily life.  Comedy/sci-fi  Now available either as just the film, or the film hosted by Svengali!   BA

C239 Typhoon (40) aka: The Big Haircut  aka: South of Somoa  Two men searching for black pearls are marooned on an island when their crew mutinies. There they run into a beautiful girl who had been washed up on the island in her childhood. They must fight angry natives and a typhoon in order to survive.... Amazing FX highlight this, another fantasy type Technicolor tale with Dorothy Lamour. Also on board is Robert Preston, Frank Reicher and J. Carroll Naish. Oscar nominated for Best Special Effects   BA

Y568 Undertow (30) Mary Nolan and Johnny Mack Brown star. Coast guardsman has an affair with a lighthouse keeper's wife.

F70 Unearthly Stranger (63) Earth scientist marries woman and decides she's from another planet. Not a nineties style gender drama; seems she's part of an invading alien force, but really does love her earth man... A very popular title now     BA

F413 Unknown Guest (43) Residents get suspicious when a sinister character takes over the local hunting lodge right after the two old-timers that own it disappear. Things are not as they seem, but that doesn't stop the idiot locals from gossip and lynch mob proceedings.....  BA

Y526 Untouched (54) aka: Sombra Verde - Ricardo Montalban stars in this rare title from Mexico - In English

S503 Valley of the Zombies (46) Ian Keith stars in what is more a vampire story of a never-aging man who needs blood to stay young.  A moody, well-done low budget picture.  Keith was one of many considered for the role of Dracula in the classic 1931 film.  Here you see him as a caped shadowy figure in need of blood, to give you a hint of what might have been.  No Lugosi, but pretty darn sinister.  BA

S430 Vampire and the Ballerina, The (60) aka: L'amante del vampire  aka: The Vampire's Lover   A troupe of beautiful young dancers find themselves stranded in a sinister, spooky old castle, not knowing that it is home to a group of vampires..  Italy's first proper vampire film from genius Renato Polselli!  Now finally the Italian version with English Subs!   Now see it as it should be seen!  BA

S443 Vampire's Ghost, The (45) In a small African port, a tawdry bar is run by an old man named Webb Fallon (John Abbott). Fallon is actually a vampire, but he is becoming weary of his "life" of the past few hundred years…. Peggy Stewart also stars.   BA

Y562 Victoria the Great (37) British made costumer with Anna Neagle and Anton Walbrook  BA

S267 Voltaire (33) The famed French writer becomes the conscience of his country during the French Revolution… Set in Paris 1762 with George Arliss as 'Voltaire'. 

C466 Walk Like a Dragon (60) In 19th century San Francisco, a cowboy sets a Chinese slave girl free and incurs racial intolerance from her people. With Jack (Book 'em Dano!) Lord.  BA

X493 We're in the Legion Now (36) Reginald Denny - Two petty gangsters trying to elude their enemies join the French Foreign Legion

S256 What Price Vengeance? (37) aka: Vengeance  A cop hesitates in using his gun to stop a robbery, & the robbers get away. He is forced to quit the police force, and he turns to a life of crime…  Lyle Talbot

S254 When G-Men Step In (38) aka: You Can’t Win  Having paid for the education and legal training of his younger brother, Bruce, with the idea that he would become a lawyer and join his business, Frederick Garth, a racketeer posing as an honest businessman, is dismayed when he learns that Bruce has become a G-Man instead…. Stars Don Terry, Julie Bishop (Jacqueline Wells), Robert Paige, Gene Morgan and Paul Fix  BA

F786 Where East is East (29) Tiger Haynes (Lon Chaney) is an animal trapper in China that lives with his beautiful daughter Toyo played by Lupe Velez. His treacherous vamp ex-wife makes trouble when Toyo is engaged to be wed. Tod Browning Directs Lon Chaney once again! + on the same disc Kevin Brownlow on Lon Chaney a short feature + Conquest of the Pole (12) aka: La conquête du pole   A great George Melies short film with cool FX. Not available with the Double Feature Special as this one is already loaded.   BA

C851 White Cargo (42)  Frank Morgan (he WAS "The Wizard of Oz")  Richard Carlson and Hedy (vavoom) Lamarr star.  Mix in Lolita with Mandingo, substitute whites for blacks, put a whip in Hedy's able hands....ready to go!  This film was also extremely controversial, as it dealt with racial issues that were quite sensitive at the time...   Hedy Lamarr looks delectable.   BA

S55 White Spider, The (63) aka: Die weisse Spinne   Good German made mystery thriller in the Edgar Wallace vein about a woman caught in the web of mystery left in wake of her husbands suspicious death…. Karin Dor and Horst Frank star in this thriller from director Harold Reinl. 

P291 White Zombie (32)  A young man turns to a witch doctor to lure the woman he loves away from her fiancé, but instead turns her into a zombie slave.... Colorized Edition of the Lugosi Zombie classic.  Still stands up for those not needing constant action and gore, and saving room for atmosphere and horror star pioneer's like Lugosi.   BA

Y594 Who Killed Doc Robbin? (48) A group of people find themselves trapped in a creepy mansion, complete with secret passageways, a mad doctor and a murderous gorilla....  Color Version   BA

Y525 Wife of Monte Cristo (46) Swashbuckler with John Loder and Martin Kosleck - Directed by Edgar G. Ulmer  BA

Y595 Wild Guitar (62) A swinging youth cycles into Hollywood and, improbably, becomes an instant teen idol.... Arch Hall Jr.  and Ray Dennis Steckler   BA

C605 Wilson (44) A chronicle of the political career of US president Woodrow Wilson. Vincent Price has a nice supporting role in this. BA

F401 Witching Hour, The (34) Gambling, Hypnotism, Murder, a cat's eye ring, ghostly apparitions, telepathy and more in this early supernatural thriller.

Y623 Wolf Call (39) aka: Under Northern Lights  A frivolous playboy finds action and adventure at a Uranium mine in the rugged North Country which changes his spoiled life.

Y361 Woman in White, The (48) A young painter stumbles upon an assortment of odd characters at an English estate....  Agnes Moorehead, Gig Young and Sydney Greenstreet  BA

Y132 Woman on the Beach, The (47) aka: Desirable Woman   Joan Bennett stars in this haunting film loaded with dark atmospheres  BA

S257 You May Be Next! (36) aka: Calling All G-Men  aka: Panic on the Air   When Neil Bennett, chief engineer for the American Broadcasting Corp., accidentally throws a switch and jams the police radio signal, a group of bank robbers led by Beau Gardner are able to escape….  Ann Sothern, Lloyd Nolan and Douglas Dumbrille 

P227 Young and Innocent (37)  aka: The Girl was Young  Man on the run after being accused of murder.  Hitchcock

X566 Zamba (49) Jon Hall and a very young Beau Bridges stars!  Story of a boy raised by gorillas. Where have I heard that before? Lots of monkey business with Ray "Crash" Corrigan in his classic monkey suit.    BA





S420 Adventures of Pinocchio (72) Don't be quick to write this one off! This is the Uncut version and comes on two discs or three tapes.  Many adventures and many bizarre characters tell the story, and it's not nearly as juvenile as you would think.  On a fairly large budget this is a pretty dark take, and stars many people like Gina Lollabrigida, Lionel Stander, Mario Adorf, Nino Manfredi and others.  Slightly LBX, in Italian language with English Subs - Two DVD-R - $14 or Three VHS - $30 - BA

X178 Adventures of Ulysses, The (68) aka: L Odissea - Mario Bava participated in direction and Special Effects on this one. Starts abruptly with no opening title. Pretty obscure film-length version of this very well made Ulysses tale. The Cyclops sequence is a stand-out, and after seeing pictures of this beast-man for over 35 years and not seeing the movie, finally we have it ! This film version to my knowledge has never been released in the states. And in her first role ever is the young, beautiful and enchanting Barbara Bach. There are some glitches in the master print of this rare film, but it's still a good watch.  

P252 After Life World 2 (90's)  A bus goes over a ravine.  Many die, some are caught in between life and death.  They float up into a weird heavenly place where cool fantasy like landscapes spread out the backgrounds.  A pilgrimage of sorts to a huge palace presided over by guys carrying scepters and wearing white robes is next, followed by the appearance of a giant floating guy with a gold crown (bet you didn't know God was Japanese).  But wait!  Some of the people on the bus are not dead, and they are in limbo!  Luckily the central guy has his pooch with him.....  because he is heading for a dark place....  Reminded me of "What Dreams May Come" F.L.  no Subs

Y117 Aladdin and His Lamp (52) A poor young man finds a lamp with a genie trapped inside. The genie promises to grant the man three wishes if he frees him from the lamp....  Monogram cheapie with Johnny Sands, Patricia Medina and Richard Erdman. Classic Genie tale....

X647 Alfred the Great (69) David Hemmings is Alfred, a reluctant Christian, who fights against the Danes (led by Michael York). Decent battles, too bad the Christians win.....but that is a matter of preference. Huge production values elevate this one.  Full screen print  BA

Y94 Alfred the Great (69) Michael York, David Hemmings and Ian McKellen star - LBX print    BA

Y816 Aliens from Spaceship Earth (77) Bizarre docu that tries to convince us that all great men of the past were actually aliens. Typical example of an LSD nation and the drug culture head trippiness of the 70's. So far out it almost makes the bible seem real, almost, but not quite.

F753 Aloma of the South Seas (41) A young South Seas native boy is sent to the U.S. for his education, returns to his island as a man (Jon Hall) and hooks up with Dorothy Lamour (of course) and battles a volcano.  BA

C431 Amazons (84) Paul Michael Glaser directed this woman warrior gem with a young Madeleine Stowe, Tamara Dobson, Stella Stevens, William Schallert, Jack Scalia....The Amazons plot to rule the world, their plan? Kill top politicians. BA

X804 Amazons and Supermen (75) Avidio Assonitis directs - Nick Jordon and Mark Hannibal star!  Three men with super-powers battle evil amazons intent on destroying the inhabitants of a nearby village. Great Soundtrack!  LBX and in English too!  BA

C235 Androcles and the Lion (52) aka: Androkles und der Löwe   Androcles is a Christian who follows that religion's teachings even as they apply to the treatment of animals. Seeing a lion in pain, he removes a huge thorn from the beast's paw, creating a friend for life. Androcles and a number of other Christians are eventually arrested and condemned to death in the arena. They are to die by being eaten by lions.... Alan Young, Victor Mature, Jean Simmons and Elsa Lanchester star in this hard to find fantasy film.  BA

C617 Angel on the Amazon (48) aka: Drums Along the Amazon - An expedition exploring the Amazon jungle comes across a jungle goddess who lives among the animals fearlessly. She has also maintained her youth after a trauma earlier when she was introduced to the terrors of the jungle (she saw a tiger or something, that did it!). A great jungle thriller!  BA

S198 Angelique and the King (66) aka: Angélique et le roy  Great color and photography in this one!  Satanists figure somewhere in this period costume flick made in France.  With Michèle (Black Sabbath 'The Telephone' story) Mercier as Angelique!  BA

F480 Angry River, The (70) aka: Gui nu chuan   Angela Mao fantasy kung-fu classic. With Subs.     Look for an un-credited very young Jackie Chan in a small role.  BA

S600 Aphrodite, Goddess of Love (58) aka: Afrodite, dea dell'amore  It's 67 AD.  Emperor Nero rules Corinth.  Demetrius (Anthony Steffan) converts to Christianity.  A plague afflicts Corinth and Nero blames the Christians and orders them all burned alive.  With luscious Isabelle Corey.  Better than the sentimental pretentious super-crap-Christian propaganda of such Hollywood manure like 'Demetrius and the Gladiators'.  Super-colorful beautiful widescreen version with English Subs. 

S536 Aquanauts, The (79) aka: Akvanavty  In the near future there is a technology that allows people (aquanauts) to stay very deep underwater without aqualungs or any other device.  While doing their work on the deep underwater station those aquanauts discover a strange mystery : it seems as if one of the aquanaut's girlfriend who recently died in a car crash has turned into a big manta fish!  That manta writes words on the stations port-holes and tries to draw attention many other ways.  The aquanauts are baffled and try to solve the mystery....  In Russian with English Subs - BA

S232 Aquarians, The (70) aka: Fare på dypt vann   A scientist and his team of underwater explorers search for the culprit who has stolen the world's supply of nerve gas and hidden it somewhere in the ocean.  Story from Ivan Tors.  Underwater photography Ricou Browning.  Starring Ricardo Montalban, Jose Ferrer, Leslie Nielsen and more.  Finally available again! 

F110 Arena (90) Forget about Wrestle mania ... get ready for Monster mania! When a human fighter takes on a bloodthirsty alien for the galactic championship, it's the grudge match of the millennium! Set far in the future, on a distant space station..... BA

S557 Atlas in the Land of the Cyclops (61) aka: Maciste nella terra dei ciclopi  Bad-ass Mitchell Gordon is Atlas in this excellent sword and sandal flick now widescreen!   Cool Cyclops, awesome sets, sweet lookin' ladies and spectacular color.  With sexy Chelo Alonso.  BA

Y560 Attack of the Moors (63) aka: Les Prisonniers de la tour   Mario Costa directed action adventure. In German language with no Subs. Rik Battaglia and Chelo Alonso star.  BA

S630 Avenger of the Seven Seas (61) aka: Il giustiziere dei mari  With Richard Harrison and Michele Mercier.  It's 1790 and British Naval Commander Redway is driven by greed for money and will stop at nothing to get it!   His second in command questions his allegiance when Redway kills his father and takes his brother prisoner.  Battles, cool sea worthy vessels, bloodthirsty cannibals and wall to wall action!   Nice, colorful Widescreen version, and in English too!  

S327 Ballad of Smokey the Bear, The  + Smokey the Bear (66)  After a few pleasant musical numbers, Smokey and Delilah corner the mysterious beast in an old shack, then force the creature to emerge. The monster turns out to be an escaped circus gorilla, wearing a shackle on one arm and smoking a cigar ... the source of the fires. At the end of the story, Smokey realizes that his mission in life is to prevent forest fires. (But what happens to Delilah?)  BA

S339 Bantu the Zebra Boy (55) When the Bomba series ended, Johnny Sheffield and his father, Reginald, produced a pilot for a TV series to be titled Bantu, the Zebra Boy.  The entire show was shot out of doors at various locations in and around Los Angeles. The swings, and closing shot of Bantu and his zebra, Zulu, going up the hill, were shot at Malibu...

Y302 Barbarian Master (82) aka: Das Schwert Des Barbaren  aka: Sangraal, la Spada di Fuoco - After a swordsman's wife is killed by the followers of an evil Goddess, he vows vengeance upon the cult, and journeys to the Ark of the Templars to get a magic crossbow that will aid him in his conquest. Barbarism, Breasts and Battle Action!  English language full screen print   BA

X319 Barbarian Master (82) aka: Das Schwert Des Barbaren  aka: Sangraal, la Spada di Fuoco - After a swordsman's wife is killed by the followers of an evil Goddess, he vows vengeance upon the cult, and journeys to the Ark of the Templars to get a magic crossbow that will aid him in his conquest. Barbarism, Breasts and Battle Action!  This is a very nice German language LBX version. We also stock this in English language but not in LBX (see above #Y302) - BA

Y980 Betsy Lee's Ghost Town Jamboree (70's) Hill-Billy Country Western kiddie entertainment that is so God Awful, we can't find anyone even remotely associated with it actually owning up to it!  Check IMDB nadda, nothin',  in short ...zip. Ruth Buzzi stars. Hard to describe, just leaves me speechless. I do know, this smells something awful!  If WMD's are ever found, it may just be a cache of old VHS tapes containing episodes of this show. "We Found them!  We Found them!"  And I for one, will believe.  4 horrible episodes on 1 VHS or DVD-R.   BA

C651 Beyond Mombasa (56) An American travels to East Africa to investigate the death of his brother in this adventure film with Cornel Wilde, Donna Reed and a pre-Hammer Christopher Lee!     BA

Y427 Beyond the Blue Horizon (42) Dorothy Lamour, Richard Denning (as Jackra the Magnificent !)  and Patricia Morison star (among many others). Cool Tarzan-type film shot in color and loaded with wild animals and a some cool mad elephant footage.  BA

Y702 Big Bad Wolf, The (66) Once upon a time theatres were bustling with family friendly adaptations of Grimm's Fairy tales. Since all of the characters are essentially forest animals (actors in costume) the dubbing for this one comes off fine. 

Y988 Bill and Coo (48) An all animal motion picture!  Yes, actual birds, kittens and puppies are the actors in this story about the residents of Chirpendale who are terrorized by a mean old crow!  This cinematic curiosity set a record for the world's smallest film set!  BA

C654 Black Knight, The (56) aka: Le Serment du Chevalier Noir   Riding, Jousting, Sword-Fighting, Castles....everything a costumer should be!   With Alan Ladd, Patricia Medina, Patrick (Dr. Who) Troughton, Andre Morell and a pre-Dr. Frankenstein Peter Cushing. Colorful classic British film.   BA

X262-P198 Blackie the Pirate (71) aka: Il Corsaro Nero - The ship that transports the gold from South America to Spain is always followed by pirates. The cargo is very valuable this year and many pirates have plans to enter the ship. Blackie the Pirate (Terence Hill) is one of them. Montbar and DeLussac, two other pirates, are also after the gold. What they don't know is that the ship was loaded with sand - and the real gold is hidden somewhere else....  One of the better swashbucklers!   Bud Spencer, sexy ladies and the high seas!  What's not to like?   LBX  in English  BA


S324 Bomba and the Elephant Stampede (51) Ivory hunters, Bob Warren and Joe Collins, set up headquarters in Nagala's village where a missionary, Miss Banks, is providing basic education for the tribe, aided by her helper Lola. Unknown to their hosts, the two hunters have illegally killed an elephant, and their guide, Mark Philips, when he attempted to arrest them… Johnny Sheffield is Bomba.

S336 Bomba and the Golden Idol (54) Ali Ben Mamoud hires unscrupulous hunter Joe Hawkins to retrieve the Golden Idol of Watusi, which he claims was stolen from him by Bomba, the Jungle Boy. It turns out that the villainous Arab chieftain had wrested it from a native chief through torture, and Bomba, finding the dying man, promised to get it back and use it to help his people… Johnny Sheffield is Bomba.  BA

S322 Bomba and the Hidden City (50) As a witness to a murder, Bomba is hunted by Emir Hassan and his men. To complicate matters, a poor Arab villager named Raschid is trying to improve his lot in life by consenting to having his foster daughter, Zidah, join Hassan's household… Johnny Sheffield is Bomba.  BA

S337 Bomba and the Killer Leopard (54) Film star Linda Winters is pursuing her husband, an accountant who has embezzled a great deal of money from his employers. She wants him to come back with her, promising to make good the money that was stolen. But Fred Winters has other plans. He has no intention of returning either to the States or to his wife. Instead, he has made a deal with a disreputable guide named Pulham to guide him to a man named Saunders, who has a reputation for selling diamonds under the table… Johnny Sheffield is Bomba  BA

S323 Bomba and the Lion Hunters (51) Forbes and his daughter Jean are joining up with Forbes' partner, Martin, to trap lions. Bomba thwarts their efforts by releasing the caged animals, and sending the lions in the district away. Nor will the natives help Martin trap the jungle boy… Johnny Sheffield is Bomba.  BA

S338 Bomba, Lord of the Jungle (55) In the final entry of the Bomba series, hunter Jeff Woods has been ordered to exterminate a herd of rogue elephants. Convinced that there is only one rogue, Bomba prevents the hunter from carrying out his instructions. Since the animals seem to be on Bomba's land, the Commissioner's representative is reluctant to give Woods permission to trespass, but when the elephants stage another stampede, Woods is given blanket approval to slaughter the herd… Johnny Sheffield is Bomba.  BA


P253 Boorin (94)  episodes 1-5 - Flying pig with cape, goofy theme song, high school girls, 5 episodes.  As weird as anime gets?  Maybe!!  F.L. 

X989 Border Patrol (99) Cool sci-fi from Australia. The "Border Patrol' in question has no jurisdiction or geographic borders. It's mission is to patrol the border between the living world and the netherworld.

Y590 Borrowers, The (73) An 8 year old boy discovers a family of tiny people, only a few inches tall, living beneath the floorboards of a Victorian Country home - Eddie Albert - BA

S213 Boy and the Pirates, The (60) aka: Jimmy und die Piraten  A young boy is magically transported back in time to a pirate ship on the high seas.  Joe Turkel, Susan Gordon, Charles Herbert and more star.  This was Bert I.  Gordon's first color film.  Brilliant colorful photography.  LBX  BA

P234 Branch in the Universe (74)  aka: Отроки во вселенной   With planet Alpha land sent signals of distress an expedition is sent to investigate.  Command of adolescents not older than 14.  Bizarre Russian Sci-Fi!  F.L.  - BA

Y116 Captain America (90) Tough to find version with Matt Salinger in the title role and also starring Darrin McGavin, Ned Beatty and Ronny Cox.

C606 Captain Fabian (51) aka: Adventures of Captain Fabian   Errol Flynn as a rough sea captain, Vincent Price properly slimy as a spineless dandy, Agnes Moorehead, Howard Vernon, Reggie Nalder... what's not to love? BA

S466 Carthage in Flames (60) aka: Cartagine in fiamme   A graphic portrayal of the destruction of ancient Carthage in a blood and guts battle for domination of the known world...  Several thousand extras fight it out!  Wait until you see the awesome sea battle in the first half, (those are real ships mate!).  Super sharp colors, and Wide screen!  Pop some corn and settle in for a Matinee of old school, bloody,  high adventure!  BA

C272 Charge of the Lancers (54) A gypsy girl (Paulette Goddard) shields an escaped soldier during the Crimean war. Color BA

Y195 City Beneath the Sea (53) aka: La Cite sous La Mer  Octopus, sunken treasure, voodoo, superstitious natives, funny fake underwater shots, it's all here!  With Robert Ryan and Anthony Quinn  BA

Y95 Cleopatra Wong (78) aka: They Call Her Cleopatra Wong   Marrie Lee - Singapore's top police woman joins her Filipino counterpart to topple a counterfeiting operation.   BA

F930 Clones of Bruce Lee, The (77) Incredibly entertaining sci-fi-fu thriller with Bruce Le (not the real Bruce dummy!) battling his robotic clones (none of who actually even look like Le) and trying to save the world.  This Cult Classic now comes at your face Letterboxed and Uncut and still dubbed into English!  BA

S407 Colossus and the Amazon Queen (60) aka: La regina delle Amazzoni    Yet another incredible Upgrade! This film has the finest bunch of women ever seen in any peplum! With Rod Taylor, Ed Fury, Daniella Roca, and many more! Warriors are captured by a race of Amazons who have turned all their men gay because though sexy as hell, these women are a bit macho! These lucky bastards are up to the task at hand! Obviously, there is a lot more to it, but that is a big part of it! Beautiful Widescreen!

C653 Congo Crossing (56)  Colorful action and adventure in this rough-and-ready tale, better than the overrated 'The African Queen'. This one stars Peter Lorre, Virginia Mayo and Michael Pate.  BA

S637 Conquest of Myocene (63) aka: Hercules versus Moloch - Gordon Scott plays Hercules and he takes on Demeter, Queen of Micenas (Rosalba Neri) and her mutant of a son, Moloch.  This is really cool and in a great beautiful ultra-widescreen upgrade, in English language with foreign Subs.  I think somebody put this out, but this print beats that!   BA

F714 Conquest of the Normans (62) aka: I normanni  aka: Attack of the Normans  Follows the peplum scenes of sea battles, court intrigues (including usurped thrones), treason, torture, romantic jealousy and more! Cameron Mitchell plays the bad guy this time out. Many of the battle scenes were lifted from Mario Bava's Erik the Conqueror shot the previous year.

Y614 Corsairs, The (70) aka: Los corsarios  After the death of her father, the viceroy of a small Caribean island, the beautiful young Isabella (Annabella Incontrera) is in a big danger...  Dean Reed (American Rebel himself) stars in this pirate sword action adventure

Y120 Crash! Che Botte (74) aka: The Three Fantastic Supermen in the Orient - Robert Malcom - This time they travel to Hong Kong and involve themselves with crime and action sequences aplenty. If you blink you'll miss a pre-stardom Jackie Chan scene as he is a stuntman in this briefly. This one is also in English!  BA

Y374 D.C. Superheroes (various) Hawkman, The Flash, The Atom and Teen Titans - Rare Cartoons

C280 Daimajin: Monster of Terror (66) aka: Majin the Hideous Idol   A giant stone statue comes to life to protect the residents of a small town against the degradations of an evil warlord... Now in Japanese LBX with Subs (or full frame English language print  SPECIFY) BA

X628 Danger!  Death Ray! (66) aka: Il raggio infernale  aka: Le Rayon Infernal  Gordon Scott - Secret Agent Bart (Scott) Fargo chases the kidnapper of the inventor of a death ray!   This film made almost over 40 years ago was one of Gordon Scott’s last films, as he only made one more after this before fading into obscurity. A real shame that.

F992 Das Inferno (07) aka: Raging Inferno - Those 'Towering Inferno' type flicks are still being made! A seemingly unstoppable fire menaces a radio tower that has a restaurant and observation deck at the top.  Disaster Movie from Germany LBX and with Subs!

Y591 Davey and Goliath (60-77) 4 Disc Set - Over 25 adventures, close to 8 hours! It would be too easy to make jabs at this show, so I won't. Fact is, I enjoyed it when I was a kid. Any stop-motion was okay with me. There are tons of cool miniatures and sets, it's entertaining, and even funny (especially with the religion references). Also included is the Mad T.V. spoof-mini "Davey and the Son of Goliath" DVD-R only - All 4 volumes $25

Y815 David and Goliath (78) From the film series "The Greatest Heroes of the Bible' comes this fairly decent adaptation of the fairy tale. Ted (Lurch) Cassidy is Goliath (in a great perf) and Roger Kern as David. Also with Hugh O'Brien, Jeff Corey and Daniel J. Travanti. 

S56 Day of the Triffids, The (62) Incredible Widescreen version!  Killer plants stalk mankind after a meteor shower blinds most of the population.  We also have this in a full frame print that is also quite nice, but as always I recommend the Widescreen version.  BA

Y557 Destructors, The (68) Foreign agents are after a substance called "Laser Rubies" that can power a killer laser beam. Of course government agents are dispatched to intervene and we get another comic book Bond styled spy flick!  With Richard Egan, John Ericson and Patricia Owens  BA

F828 Detroit Metal City (08) This one is basically a parody of Japanese pop culture. Watch Soichi try to reconcile his 'true' wannabe pop star self  with his newly acquired and undesired status as a Death-Metal-God! He spends his gig nights dressed as a demon singing songs about assault and murder.  (The film respectably mocks heavy metal in a comical way)  His true passion, however is mushy pop-love song  crap.  This is very loud and colorful with bombastic crunchy metal Japanese style.  LBX Subs

X325 Diamond Queen, The (53) Queen of a Jungle Dynasty but Slave of Love!  Costumer with Fernando Lamas, Gilbert Roland and  Arlene Dahl as Maya, Queen of Nepal.   BA

X461 Digby, the Biggest Dog in the World (73) Sheep dog laps up a saucer full of "Project X" (an experimental growth serum) and turns into a colossal canine!  Big as a house, with a bark loud enough to start an avalanche!  British made howler must be seen!  BA

F762 Docteur Justice (75) After portraying Diabolik, a villain from a comic strip in the sixties, John Phillip Law (R.I.P.) is cast as the title guy, from another comic strip, this time a good guy. LBX and in French language with No Subs so F.L.

Y264-Y325 Dragon Ring, The (94) aka: Desideria e l'anello del drago   Epic Lamberto Bava fantasy flick with massive sets and FX!  Franco Nero plays a cruel king whose daughter, Desideria, (Anna Falchi, of Dellamorte Dellamore) falls in love with a rebel leader. His other daughter (a wolf-child he found in the forest) plots to kill Desideria so she can take over the throne ands rule the land. Watch out for the monster dragon near the film's climax. Other fantasy creatures throughout the film. Over 3 hours, same low price on one DVD-R , but counts as 2 selections (tapes) on VHS. Overall quality good to very good– a few glitches  Subs  DVD-R $12 or 2 VHS $20

Y692 Dreamer of Oz (90) John Ritter stars a L. Frank Baum, the author of "The Wizard of Oz". Also with Annette O'Toole. With Make-Up and Oz Characters created by Craig Reardon and a teleplay by Richard Matheson. Directed by Jack (Lost) Bender.

C238 Drums of Africa (63) Low-budget Hatari rip-off with Frankie Avalon, Mariette Hartley, Lloyd Bochner, Torin Thatcher and Michael Pate. LBX  BA

X495 Duel in the Jungle (54) Dana Andrews - American investigator is sent to Rhodesia to investigate the mysterious death of a diamond broker who drowned when he drove off the coast.... Also with Jeanne Crain  BA

Y915 Earthquake 7.9 (80) aka: Jishin retto   A large earthquake hits Tokyo, which was predicted by a seismologist but was ignored.... (of course)   Japanese made disaster film now LBX and dubbed into English too!

Y559 El Dorado (87) Story of the expedition down the Orinoco river in 1560, undertaken by Spanish soldiers with the aim of finding the famed land of El Dorado, where gold is supposedly plentiful...  Remake of "Aguirre the Wrath of God" complete with location shooting on the Amazon river.

C446 Elephant Gun (59) aka: Nor the Moon by Night - African Adventure! Two brother game reserve wardens, encounter rogue elephants and ivory poachers, while introducing one of their future bride's to the perils of the jungle. With Patrick McGoohan, Michael Craig and Belinda Lee.

S471 Eve (68) aka: The Face of Eve - Celeste (The Velvet Vampire, Beast of Blood) stars as 'Eve' a sexy jungle woman in a leather bikini that is discovered by treasure hunter Mike Yates (Robert Walker Jr.) who is searching for Incan treasure in the Amazon jungle.  Includes the obligatory treacherous and hostile natives, and excellent scenery!  Also starring Herbert Lom, Maria Rohm and Christopher Lee, so how can you lose?  Recommended!  BA

Y504 Fantastic Argoman, The (67) Caped Argoman has a cool 'Jetsons' style decor, making his pad almost as cool as Diabolik's! In this he locks horns with super villain Jenabel "queen of the world", a hot red-headed supermodel type babe with a mod kind of swinging 60's wardrobe and miles of eyeliner. Man, you'll love this Bondramatic colorful comic book trip from director Sergio Grieco, and watch it again and again!

P240 Fantastic Journey (77)  Complete series on 2 discs!  A scientific expedition in the Atlantic ocean becomes lost in the Bermuda Triangle and washes up on an uncharted island.  They meet up with travelers from other times, planets and dimensions, who have also been trapped, and together they 'slide' through portals from one dimension to the next hoping to find one that leads home.  Cool sci-fi show that preceded many similar plot devices in Stargate and Sliders.  Roddy McDowell, Jared Martin, Scott Brady and Ike Eisenmann star with guest stars.   $25 DVD-R /  $35 on VHS

F596 Fist of Thunder (95) aka: Jushin Liger: Fist of Thunder   A Japanese wrestling movie!   They wear wacky masks like 'El Santo' and hop into the ring for smack-downs. There is also a story here, but I don't speak Japanese.... Still lots of fun!   LBX - F.L.

Y903 Flashman (67) Super Hero Hilarity as our costumed wonder battles crime in this French/Italian made film dubbed into English (which leads to many a funny moment!) You'll love it when he throws the net on the bad guy (who then blows himself up!). The costume looks like something a kid would have worn around the neighborhood back in the 60's. What were they thinking? He looks about as dangerous as Gomer Pyle!

S398 Fool's Fire (92) A brilliant take on Edgar Allen Poe with Michael J.  Anderson (Carnivale) as Hopfrog.  Bizarre and heartfelt with puppetry and pathos.  Some glitches in the master (quality only fair), but well worth a look!   

C419 Forbidden Jungle (49) A hunter is hired to take an expedition deep into the African jungle to search for a white boy (now wild)  lost in a plane crash years before, and who has been rumored to be living among the wild animals... BA

Y904 Fury of the Headhunters, The (60) aka: Maciste against the Headhunters  aka: Maciste contro i cacciatori di teste  Maciste and his people flee their volcano-ravaged island. They end up caught in between two warring tribes....  Kirk Morris

Y845 Gamera vs. Barugon (66) aka: Daikaijû kettô: Gamera tai Barugon   Gamera's first color film has him pitted against Barugon in a monster smack-down to end all smack downs (well, not really, there were still many Gamera adventures to come!). Also loaded with Gamera trailers!  LBX with English Subs - BA

Y843-C254 Gamera vs. Gyaos (67) aka: Daikaijû kûchûsen: Gamera tai Gyaosu  Gamera battles a giant man-eating super vampire monster. At one point Gamera bites off Gyaos's foot and it floats ashore and scares people (the foot). Finally a plan is devised to expose Gyaos to the sun, which will kill him (vampire rule). Loads of zany and cool FX! This time (finally), an uncut LBX print of this classic, in Japanese language, with English Subs and lots of bonus trailers! - BA

Y846 Gamera vs. Jiger (70) aka: Gamera tai Daimaju Jaiga  This is the one where the kids take the mini-sub into Gamera and find the offspring of Jiger inside (which is why Gamera is down) "Fantastic Voyage" style. Now uncut LBX and with English Subs + bonus Gamera trailers. What an improvement!  BA

Y844 Gamera vs. Viras (68) aka: Gamera tai uchu kaijû Bairasu   Gamera battles more wicked monsters (sent by aliens) to save the earth. This time, in Japanese language and LBX. You have never seen a Gamera film until you see it Wide and Uncut. + Bonus Gamera Trailers! Great stuff! BA

F440 Gaping Abyss (08) aka: Der Abgrund - Cool German Sci-Fi disaster film with nudity and action amidst the FX. Subs and LBX

C253 Genocide: War of the Insects (68) aka: Konchu daisenso  All the insects on Earth become wild and attack humans, causing Armageddon.... Japanese sci-fi!  Great Fun!  BA

Y172 Genoveffa di Brabante (64) aka:  Revenge of the Crusader  Wounded in a skirmish with bandits, Count Sigfrido di Treviri (Alberto Lupo) is taken to a nearby castle of the Duke of Brabant where he is tended by his daughter Genoveffa (María José Alfonso) and the two gradually fall in love. Shortly after their marriage and return to Treveri, the Count fulfills his vow to go on crusade, where he and his men are eventually captured.... Stephen Forsyth stars - Incredible battle scenes highlight this one - LBX - F.L.  BA

S520 Ghost Stories of the Wanderer at Honjo (57) aka: Kaidan Honsho nanafushigi   Welcome to the eerie world of Edo at night, where strange creatures lurk amongst the shadows.  Immerse yourself in the delightfully creepy prose and spectacularly spooky illustrations that bring to life a “Tanuki” with a sense of humor, a floating lantern that tempts you into the dark woods, a river haunted by a dead woman's ghost, and four other terrifying Edo ghouls and ghostly places.  Based on the "Seven Circles of Honjo" stories.  In Japanese with English Subs! 

Y129 Glory of Khan, The (80) aka: 681-Velichieto na hana   Incredible Bulgarian action film with over 50,000 extras for the battle scenes ! In 651 when the great Khan Kubrat ruled and his son Asparuh becomes the new Khan after Kubrat dies, it's Asparuh's turn to guide his people to freedom and find a new peaceful land to live on. Probably the best film from Bulgaria, ever. LBX - F.L.- BA

F867 Gods of Bali (51) aka: Bali, Eiland der Goden  Cool documentary focusing on how the gods and demons figure in Bali life, temple deities, legend re-stagings, dances, trances and more. A culture so far out from 1951 America it'll blow your mind. + Legong: Dance of the Virgins (35) In Bali, a young woman jumps to her death after being spurned by a young man, due to the plotting of her sister. Shot in two-strip Technicolor. You will not see clearer footage of Bali from 1935. Musical soundtrack with title narration. No Dialogue.

F611 Godzilla Versus the Smog Monster (71) aka: Gojira tai Hedorâ   Environmental Godzilla stomper complete with hippie-song psychedelic opening, Uncut, LBX and in English. BA

F58 Gold of the Amazon Women (79) An adventurer searches for the fabled Golden Cities of El Dorado and allies himself with a tribe of Amazon women against a murderous villain who is also after the treasure.... Clunky and Goofy Scantily Clad Amazon Women fun with Bo Svenson, Anita Ekberg, Donald Pleasence and a bunch of lovely but lethal women.  BA

X778 Golden Arrow, The (62) aka: La Freccia d'oro   Egyptian thief (Tab Hunter) discovers that he is the son of a sultan... Rosanna Podesta stars - Fantastical big budget fantasy - LBX  BA

Y306 Golden Claws of the Cat Girl (68) aka: La louve solitaire  French made rip-off of "Danger Diabolik". Sexy redhead cat burglar in tight costume is used by corrupt government officials to steal some important papers for them. Of course they are also setting her up. Groovy rock music, go-go dancers, and Euro-Spy action and intrigue! 

X816 Golden Horns (72) aka: Zolotye roga  Another Russian fantasy/fairy tale complete with goblins, witches and bizarre colorful FX - LBX -Subs   BA

P235 Golden Key, The (39)  aka: Zolotoy klyuchik   Great Russian fantasy version of the first part of Pinocchio with a new plot thereafter. It is based on the book by Alexi Tolstoi "The Golden Key", or "The Adventures of Buratino"   The FX are actually quite good for 1939!   F.L. - BA

S434 Goliath Against the Giants (61) aka: Goliath contro i gigantic  I knew some of these would surface in immaculate quality eventually! Here is a great colorful Widescreen version of this classic with a storm at sea, sea monsters, Amazons, lions, a gorilla, weird torture devices, gladiators, cavemen, assassins and of course, Giants! With Gloria Milland, Fernando Rey and Brad Harris as Goliath.  If you have a large TV you'll feel like you are at the theatre back in the day, seeing this classic as it was meant to be seen for the first time. 

C416 Goliath and the Barbarians (59) aka: Il Terrore dei barbari  When barbarians invade his village and kill his father, a local man wages a one-man war against them.... Steve Reeves and Bruce Cabot star   English!   BA

Y632 Goliath and the Sins of Babylon (63) aka: De Terugkeer der Titan  Mark Forest - Goliath battles for the freedom of the Babylonian people.  Import LBX version  BA

Y977 Goofy Ass 2 Pack: Super Grand Prix (80's Speed Racer type toon), King Solomon's Mines (80's) toon version + M.U.S.H. (cartoon character M.A.S.H rip-off) + Marlo Thomas and Friends in "Free to Be You and Me" (74)  Silver Spooner Marlo hosts with a huge guest list!  SEE! Football hero (and later O.J. pastor) Rosey Grier sing "It's Okay to Cry", SEE! Dustin Hoffman telling "How I Crossed the Street by Myself For the First Time"  SEE!  Michael Jackson and Roberta Flack sing "When We Grow Up"!  Also with Kris Kristofferson, Alan Alda, Mel Brooks and many more. This 2 VHS or 2 DVD-R set will certainly melt your brain, or entertain your kids. And it's only $22  BA

X161 Gungala, the Virgin of the Jungle (67) Explorers rob a sacred diamond from the leopard men. Enter sexy Kitty Swan as Gungala the jungle woman. Nudity, horny slave traders, and obligatory savages add to the mix of this obscure jungle action. BA

Y422 Gypsy Wildcat (44) aka: Alma zíngara   Maria Montez, Jon Hall, Nigel Bruce and Gale Sondergaard star - A wicked Baron oppresses Gypsies but is fascinated by the beautiful Carla, who loves a stranger on a white horse. Technicolor

C179 Half Human (58) aka: Half Human: The Story of the Abominable Snowman  aka: Jujin Yuki Otoko    Japanese villagers worship a monster and his son who live in an island cave. Some circus people hear about them, go to the island to capture the monster and wind up shooting its son. Then the trouble starts..... Japanese version of this is a lot more intense (and even violent) than the U.S. cut and paste version.  In Japanese F.L.

F177 Have Rocket, Will Travel (59) The Three Stooges in their first full length feature film that features a talking unicorn, a futuristic car, a fire-breathing tarantula, and three evil Venusian Stooge look-a-likes who follow the boys back to earth. BA

C232 Her Jungle Love (38) Awesome jungle island fantasy with Dorothy Lamour, Ray Milland, and J. Carroll Naish. Savage tribesmen, underground temple complete with a crocodile lair, disastrous earthquakes.... lots more!  Great stuff, and tough to find.  BA

9036 Hercules and the Black Pirates (64) aka: Sansone contro il corsaro nero  Brave and noble Samson (Alan Steel) fights pirates as a soldier in the royal army. He wants to marry lovely fair maiden Rosita (Rosalba Neri), but her haughty governor father disapproves. Meanwhile, the cunning and duplicitous Rodrigo Sanchez joins forces with the wicked the Black Pirate to thwart Samson.... Top notch combination swashbuckler/peplum with some cool scenes - Quality only Fair though  BA

F595 Herdsmen of the Sun, The (89) aka: Wodaabe - Die Hirten der Sonne. Nomaden am Südrand der Sahara   Little seen Warner Herzog film, (which he also narrates) about the Wodaabe tribe, particularly their mating rituals, in which the tribesmen dress up like drag queens to attract their female mates. Details also of their customs, which are just as primitive as they were long ago. English Subs for when the natives talk. 

Y976 Here Comes Santa Claus (84) The best movie about Santa ever made. Wacky politically incorrect madness that would never fly today. French made (dubbed into English). You'll be laughing and amused in the first 5 minutes. Pretty goddamn funny, trust me. BA

Y279 Hero of Babylon, The (64) aka: Goliath, King of Slaves  aka: L’ Eroe di Babilonia    When an evil ruler makes a habit of whipping, and then sacrificing young virgins to the Goddess Ishtar, "Muscle-Man Supreme" Gordon Scott makes it his business. But an evil Queen (Moira Orfei) wants Gordon to herself. What's a hero to do?  LBX - Subs  BA

F932 Himalayan, The (75) aka: Mi zong sheng shou  Chen Sing (SHAOLIN MONK, THE MAGNIFICENT) is an ambitious man who brutally murders anyone in his way…  Finally a very good print in English and Letterboxed!  Violent bloody action and kung-fu-fighting galore!  Angela Mao, Chen Sing, and Tan Tao Liang star! 

9038 Holy Flame of the Martial World (83) aka: Wu lin sheng huo jin   Flying remote controlled swords, a woman who shoots explosive rays from her finger, a corpse mummy that talks, skeletons and more. Tight and set-bound... A must-see!

F568 Hong Kong Confidential (58) Secret Agent Casey Reed (Gene Barry) is assigned to locate a missing Arab prince kidnapped by Communists who hope to force ...... long convoluted plot. Rare spy -sleeper with Allison Hayes and Michael Pate.  BA

Y985 Humanoid Defender (85) aka: J.O.E. and the Colonel -  Scientists create "the perfect (but rebellious) soldier" in a lab experiment by recombining his molecules. He is then sent on missions. A rival group tries to reprogram him to kill. This results in him being targeted for termination, and he finds himself on the run.... BA

Y734 Humanoid Woman (81) aka: Cherez ternii k zvyozdam  A female creature created in space tries to live on earth and has special (sometimes dangerous) powers. Russian film dubbed into English! This is not the MST3K version!

F776 Inferno (98) Solar flares make L.A. really hot and all hell breaks loose in this disaster flick with James Remar.

F739 Inhabited Island 2: The Battle (09) aka: Obitaemyy Ostrov: Shvatka  The story continues in this 37 million dollar Russian Sci-Fi sequel. Epic FX spectacle - LBX - Subs

F738 Inhabited Island, The (08) aka: Obitaemyy ostrov  aka: Обитаемый остров   Great Newer Russian Sci-Fi! Young explorer Kammerer crash-lands on Sarakshs, a world enveloped by nebula gasses where people have never seen the stars. The Unknown Fathers, a group of powerful oligarchs, brainwash the population to hate other nations. Kammerer, aloof in his superiority, sets out to free the people of Sarakshs of oppression and authority. There is a lot more to this visually stunning film. LBX - Subs

S548 Iron Men (06) Documentary on the Peplum films of the 60's!  Chronicling sword and sandal and the rise of the muscleman movies!  The directors, the various actresses....here!  Lots of vintage cool clips with many of the greats.  This is an essential documentary for fans of the genre and runs just under an hour.  + Hercules and the Princess of Troy (65) Gordon Scott battles a sea monster to save Troy!  Also with Gordon Mitchell.  BA

Y207 Island of the Lost (67) aka: Dangerous Island   An anthropological expedition in the South Pacific discovers an island inhabited by prehistoric, mutant versions of modern animals and come upon a native boy who was left on the island as a survival test by his tribe.... Where else will you see killer ostriches in a movie?  Ricou (played all scenes from all 3 creature from the black lagoon flicks as the gill-man in the water) Browning directs and writing credits from water-logged Ivan Tors.

C261 It's About Time (66-67) Once upon a time there was a sci-fi show. It ran for almost 2 seasons for a total of 26 episodes. Sherwood Schwartz created this, and many Gilligan's Island props are used. In the opening episode they even steal the dinosaur from Willis O'Brien's 'Beast of Hollow Mountain " ! Richard Donner even directed the first episode, although I don't see it on his resume, his name is on this! Astronauts go back in time and encounter a clan of cavemen. Imogene Coco and Joe E. Ross play two of the cave folk. Later in the series, the astronauts return to present day and bring the cave people back with them!  Pretty rare stuff!  DVD-R only. 7 Discs, 26   episodes - $30 Postage Paid

C998 Janperson Fights For Justice (93)  Power Ranger type guys, Robocop guys, big haired villains.....FL.

C462 J-Men Forever (79) Comedy dialogue added to 'Fighting Devil Dogs" and other old serials, cut together with newer scenes. D.J. from outer space plans to conquer the earth with rock music. The heroes fight back with Lawrence Welk music!

S496 Julius Cesar and the Pirates (62) aka: Giulio Cesare contro i pirate  Caesar is captured by pirates and held for ransom.  Gordon Mitchell plays the pirate leader Hamer (a real badass), and sexy Abbe Lane plays his woman who becomes more and more attracted to Caesar (she's one honey I tell you).  Great colorful peplum, upgraded and in brilliant color.  Lots of great set designs and extras.  LBX and in English language too!  BA

F628 Jungle Manhunt (51) Football player Bob Miller, played by an actual football player, is lost in the jungle. Who else to find him but Jungle Jim?   Decent JJ entry with our hero Johnny Weismuller.  BA

P184 Kamon Rider Amazon (74)  aka: Kamen Raidâ Amazon   Wildman Daisuke Yamamoto, raised in the Amazon Jungle, transforms into the Masked Rider-like reptilian mutant Amazon, and travels to Japan to fight the evil Gedon Empire, which completely slaughtered his jungle's inhabitants.... Dark, gloomy and violent for a T.V. show!  4 Episodes!  Monsters!  F.L.

S527 Kapax of the Amazon (81) Cool rare adventure film with plenty of nudity.  Kapax is a member of the Amazonian Yagua tribe.  He finds a plane crash survivor that is an anthropologist that lost her husband in the crash.  He nurses her back to health and they fall in love.  She must first become part of the tribe before they are to be bonded.  Based on the true story of anthropologist Linda Smaely.  Crocodiles, Snakes and other jungle fun figure in to the authentic locales.  LBX and with English Subs!

C990 Kapitan Nemo (75)  aka: Captayn Nemo  aka: Капитан Немо  Russian fantasy film variation on the Jules Verne tale.   2 disc or 2 VHS set  $20     F.L.


F605 Kikaida: Android of Justice (72) aka: Jinzô ningen Kikaidâ   A transforming super-android, on the run from an evil organization, fights its rampaging robot monsters and helps his creator's daughter & son find their lost father. Japanese Show with Robot/Android Monsters, Aliens, and Ultra-Man styled Battle Dudes. Episodes 1-5  Subs! 

F606 Kikaida: Android of Justice Volume 2 (72) Japanese Show with Robot/Android Monsters, Aliens, and Ultra-Man styled Battle Dudes. Episodes 6-9  Subs! 

F607 Kikaida: Android of Justice Volume 3 (72) Japanese Show with Robot/Android Monsters, Aliens, and Ultra-Man styled Battle Dudes. Episodes 10-14 Subs!  


C661 Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die (66) aka: Se tutte le donne del mondo  Outlandish Spy-Fi tongue in cheek action with ingenious gadgets in James Bond style, violence, suspense, polished villainy and flippant espionage. Let's not forget the death-traps and the essential bevy of strikingly sexy sirens either!   Mike Conners stars. BA

Y270 Knights of the Quest (02) Sword action, "Knights Templar" fantasy adventure, from director Pupi Avati! 5 men band together to travel to Thebes and find the Sacred Holy Shroud of Jesus (ha ha!). Witchcraft, bloody swordfights and cool battle sequences rule the day in this one. Starring Edward Furlong and F. Murray Abraham, LBX and in Italian language with English Subs, and at almost 2 and half hours, don't pass up this one! 

X415 Knights of the Teutonic Order (60) aka: Krzyzacy   A 2 Hour and 45 minute epic!  Considered as one of the greatest and most popular Polish films of all time, this spectacular historical war film (set in the 14th Century Middle Ages) delivers magnificent scope on a large scale of battling knights and mesmerizing landscapes!  Focus on the events leading up to the battle of Grunwald which took place in 1410 between the Kingdom of Poland, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and their allies on one side and the Knights of the Teutonic Order on the other. It was the decisive engagement of the Polish-Lithuanian-Teutonic war (1409-11) and the greatest battle of medieval Europe. Great Stuff!  LBX with English Subs  BA


F851 Komissar X: Kill Me Gently (67) aka: Kommissar X - Drei grüne Hunde  Incredible Tony Kendall and Brad Harris James Bond clone now LBX and in English! Also with doe-eyed Christa Linder. Trash those full frame prints now! Some nice cleavage here as well, I might add. Great Stuff!

F852 Komissar X: Three Golden Serpents (69) - aka: Kommissar X - Drei goldene Schlangen   Incredible LBX in English version of this classic James Bond type flick with Tony Kendall and Brad Harris (yet again). Trash your Full Frame prints, this one is a keeper.


F178 Kook's Tour (70) The Three Stooges last film! After nearly 50 years of eye-poking and face-slapping, the Stooges decide to retire and tour the world with their dog. Wild and sad at the same time. Moe Howard was only in one more movie "Dr. Death Seeker of Souls". The other two guys were done after this. Although Joe DeRita outlived all the Stooges living up to 1993.

Y565 Korg 70,000 B.C. (74) Here's a feature length chunk of this rare short lived show about a family of Neanderthals living in Central Europe's Prehistoric times. With Eileen (Pazuzu's face in the Exorcist!) Dietz.

X193 Kubla Khan (65) aka: La Fabuleuse aventure de Marco Polo  aka: Marco the Magnificent   Orson Welles plays the role of Akerman, a Venetian savant, in this all-star production of Marco Polo's adventures. Young Marco travels to China to help young Kubla Khan fight against rebels, headed by his own son, with a new invention: gunpowder. Omar Shariff, Horst Bucholtz, Elsa Martinelli, Akim Tamiroff and Anthony Quinn as Kubla Khan. BA

S587 Kytice (00) aka: Wild Flowers - 7 bizarre fantasy tales woven together by folklore, mood, color, and imagination.  A Czech collection visually astounding and loaded with wonder.  Take a trip and return to fantasy.  LBX- Subs - BA

C993 L' Odissea (68)  aka: The Adventures of Ulysses   Mario Bava and Carlo Rambaldi worked on special effects.  This is 'The Adventures of Ulysses' full version in Italian language.  Irene Papas, Catherine Bach and a huge cast.  2 discs or 2 VHS $22

Y458 La Freres Corses (62) aka: Lions of Corsica  aka: The Corsican Brothers  aka: I fratelli Corsi   - Geoffray Horne and Gerard Barray star. The Dumas story about Siamese twins separated at birth but have a strong psychic link. - LBX - F.L. - BA

X510 Last Days of Man on Earth (74) aka: The Final Programme - Robert Fuest directed this offbeat "druggie styled" sci-fi classic that stars Jon Finch, Julie Edge and Patrick Magee. The Future is Cancelled!  BA

S553 Last Days of Pompeii, The (59) aka: Gli ultimi giorni di Pompei  Set in the shadows of Mount Vesuvius just before it's famous eruption.  Steve Reeves stars!  This is an awesome spectacle tale and now available in a beautiful wide screen print!  As it was meant to be seen!  Steve Reeves was injured during filming.  BA

C613 Last Dinosaur, The (77) aka: Kyokutei tankensen Pora-Bora  Finally the uncut Japanese version (in English language) of this "so bad, it's good" dinosaur monster movie with Richard Boone as a big game hunter trying to bag a Tyrannosaur! Also with Joan (Frogs) Van Ark. LBX - (Also available in the cut U.S. version if anyone wants that version to compare them) - BA

C759 Last of the Buccaneers (50) Paul Henreid star as pirate Jean Lafitte. This details his adventures after he helped save New Orleans after a British invasion during the war of 1812.  BA

F435 Last Roman, The (68) aka: Kampf um Rom I   Sword and sandal stepped up a notch with nudity and violence. You get Honor Blackman topless, which is worth the price of admission alone!   Also stars Orson Welles, Michael Dunn, Laurence Harvey, Sylva Koscina...more...  BA

F455 Laughing Man, The (66) aka: Der lachende Mann - Bekenntnisse eines Mörders  East German docu on Congo Mercenaries with a smiling guy telling you what happened in graphic detail. Subs

Y723 Legend of Loch Ness (76) Documentary from an era of people that mostly thought Nessie actually existed....  I want to believe.... I want to believe...

Y124 Les Aventures extraordinaires de Robin des Bois (76) aka: Storia di arcieri, pugni e occhi neri   Alan Steel stars in this rare Robin Hood flick.  LBX - F.L.- BA

Y126 Les Nuits de Lucrece Borgia (59) aka: The Nights of Lucretia Borgia   Set during the early 16th century, historical drama about the evil exploits of Cesare Borgia and his sister Lucretia.... Swashbuckler with Belinda Lee from director Sergio Grieco - LBX - F.L.- BA

S626 Living Skeleton, The (68) aka: Kyuketsu dokuro sen  On a ship, a scar faced pirate and his thugs gun down a bunch of men and some attractive women.  Soon watery revenge is visited upon the killers.  A fog surrounds a coastal town.  A haunted ship of the dead is coming.  A local priest carries a ghostly secret and a beautiful woman strikes terror in the hearts of men!   Clearly at least in part an inspiration for John Carpenter's "The Fog".  Now, UNCUT and LBX with English Subs!   BA

Y983 Locke the Superman (84) aka: Chôjin Locke   Decent early Anime with a cool detailed dark sci-fi tale to tell. And if you wonder just who 'Locke' is, I'll tell you!  He is the only man who can challenge the most deadly force in the universe!  So there!  BA

F456 London Nobody Knows, The (67) James Mason is your host to early 60's London. An historical journey and quite informative. Watch and listen as Mason walks the streets where Jack the Ripper claimed his victims and more....

Y97 Lorca and the Outlaws (85) aka: Starship - Resistance movement is hunted by a bounty hunter and his killer robots. Bizarre Australian Sci-Fi, pretty obscure nowadays.....

Y462 Lost Gold of the Incas, The (78) aka: Das Verschollene Inka-Gold   German production from the Jack London story - F.L. - BA

F573 Lost in Oz (02) Unaired pilot to a fresh take on 'The Wizard of Oz'. A twenty-something woman leads a revolt against the mythical other world. With Melissa (30 Days of Night) George. Hey, this was pretty good!  

C992 Lost World of Sinbad (63)  aka: The Great Bandit  aka: Dai tozoku - Sukezaemon, a pirate, is shipwrecked in a strange corner of the world. With his companion, a wizard named Sennin, Sukezaemon becomes entangled in a plot by the evil premier to succeed the dying King Raksha....  Toshiro Mifune - Uncut, LBX and Subs comes this incredible Japanese fantasy.  BA

S227 Love Slaves of the Amazon (57) A party of explorers in the Amazon jungle are captured by a tribe of women, and learn that they are to be used as the tribe's "love slaves".  It could be worse!  Directed by Curt Siodmak and in color.  BA

Y645 Maciste in Hell (62) aka: The Witches Curse - Maciste travels to Hell to find a witch and make her undo a curse she put on the surface world.... Import LBX version  BA

F866 Mad Masters, The (55) aka: Les maîtres fous   Simple premise of this film is to follow the effects of colonialism on indigenous Africans via specific rituals developed as a reaction to the colonial system. Forced to work hard labor by day, the natives literally go ape-shit with bizarre cathartic rituals of self torture, crazed dancing, etc as a coping mechanism to prepare them to be civilized and work for the system the next day.  Forced evolution has its drawbacks.  + Kliou (36) aka: The Tiger   A Young man hunts a killer tiger that has been terrorizing his village in Indo-China (Now Vietnam) 

F526 Magic Christmas Tree, The (64) The enchanting story of a magic tree that made a prisoner of Santa Claus and opened the heart of a boy to the “true meaning of Christmas”. (Whatever the hell that is) Anyway.... you get a witch, 3 wishes, and bad acting + GREAT nostalgia for these crap kiddie flicks once you get started on 'em.  BA

Y975 Magic Star Traveler (85) Wow!  Join Jerry Lane and his Puppets!  Meet Solar the Space Captain and his friends Luster, Moonshine and Imagination as they go back in time to when the earth was formed, and then how early man evolved into the present. Then join them as they explore the mysteries of the giraffe and The Camel Walk Mystery. Finally 2 more episodes, one on Puffins and then That funny bird the Stork! 6 wacky and informative episodes on 2 VHS or 2 DVD-R for a measly $20  BA

Y978 Magnos the Robot (70's) aka: Ga-Keen  Aliens and Robots collide in this epic science fiction 70's cartoon - BA

Y103 Mask of the Avenger (51) John Derek stars as Capt. Renatu Dimorna, the son of an Italian aristocrat, who vows revenge after his father is murdered during the European political upheaval of 1848... Zorro-like swashbuckling adventure also with Anthony Quinn

Y637 Masked Man against the Pirates (64) aka: L’ Uomo mascherato contro i pirate   Pirates capture a Spanish ship in 1659.  After having landed on an island they try to sell the surviving crew.... With George Hilton and Tony Kendall

9039-X774 Massacre in the Black Forest (67) Cameron Mitchell stars - In the first half of the first century A.D., the Teutonic tribes, led by Arminius The Terrible, rebel against the cruel and conquering Roman Empire. Barbarian tribes versus Roman Legions! - BA

X801 Massarati and the Brain (82) Peter (Ralphie from "A Christmas Story") Billingsley and Christopher Lee star ! Obscure goofy fantasy!  A secret agent searches for a sunken treasure of rare coins. He battles a Nazi (also after said treasure) and is aided by a 10 year old genius who builds electronic weapons for him.

Y398 Mau-Mau (55) Newsman Chet Huntley narrates this documentary showing the rise of the African resistance movement known as the "Mau Mau" against British rule in East Africa in the early 1950's. As it turns out, it plays like an exploitation mondo-styled flick with many primitives and their daily practices, including running around naked as is customary.   BA

S535 Mediator, The (90) aka: Posrednik  Amazing Russian sci-fi film, you'll see!  In a forest, not far from a provincial Soviet town, falls a black sphere of alien origin.  A force possesses the minds of those who come into contact with it.  A large radio telescope outside of town is it's target, a means of signaling for a mass invasion of Earth.  Low paced and creepy, existential and extraterrestrial.  Spine shivering weirdness.  This is very different from any sci-fi film you may have seen so be warned.  Just immerse yourself into the strange tale and have a few bong hits or a six pack and prepare for an assault on the mind!  In Russian with English Subs. 

F712 Mercenaries, The (61) aka: I masnadieri  aka: Rome 1585   Another obscure costume battle flick with Daniela Rocca, Antonio Cifariello and Debra Paget. D: Mario Bonnard. 

Y979 Merlin's Magic Cave (80's) Many Magical Tales including The Magic Pony, Thumbelina and The Three Wishes - Animated - BA

F529 Mexico 2000 (83) When this Mexi-Sci-Fi flick starts, it looks like sets from the 'Flash Gordon' movie from 1980. Here we have an assortment of wacky people which includes:  A Mexican guy in afro and black face, a guy in white robe with feather like ear-wings, Buck Rogers-styled outfits for the ladies, singing...etc... Crazy Comedy......F.L.

Y383 Mighty Crusaders, The (58) aka: La Gerusalemme Liberta - SEE: The Dance of the 7 Orgies!  SEE: The Dual to the Death with 100-pound battle axes!  SEE: The Mighty Battle between Heathens and Knights!   SEE: More!!!   Francisco Rabal, Sylva Koscina, Gianna Maria Canale, Rik Battaglia and Philippe Hersent  BA

X451 Mighty Jungle, The (64) A South American expedition is in search of fortune thought to be hidden in an Lost Aztec city. While trudging through the jungles the Main character in the story becomes detached from the group. He develops a fever and in a desperate attempt to cool his fever, he gorges himself on some jungle fruit.... Marshall Thompson, David DaLie, Rosenda Monteros, Tony Gutierrez and the voice of Lou Krugman  BA

S346 Million Eyes of Sumuru, The (67) Frankie Avalon and George Nader (that guy from 'Robot Monster') are  couple of wise-cracking, swingin' secret agents....  Shirley Eaton is Sumuru!   Also with Klaus Kinski, Krista Nell, Maria Rohm and other fine beauties.  slight LBX BA

Y604 Mines of Kilimanjaro, The (86) Christopher Connelly and Gordon Mitchell star. A fun filled Indiana Jones type adventure. Taking place in the 1930's with Nazi's, Chinese gangsters and murderous, ever hostile tribesmen. BA

Y847 Miracles Still Happen (74) aka: L’ Miracoli accadono ancora   aka: The Story of Juliane Koepcke   Susan (The Land that Time Forgot) Penhaligon stars as a 17 year old girl, the sole survivor of a plane crash in Amazon. This really happened! Harrowing and extremely well made. You'll cringe at what she must endure as she fights nature to survive!  Recommended!  Fantastic print!

S307 Missing Link (88) Amazing prehistoric tale with incredible Rick Baker ape man makeup.  A million years ago in Africa, the last ape man is on the run from the humans, who killed the rest of his clan.  File under "Quest for Fire" types.  Recommended!  

F616 Moon Rainbow (84) aka: Lunnaya raduga  aka: Лунная радуга   Based on a novel by Sergei Pavlov, the time is the 21st century, and the space security organization has a dangerous situation on its hands -- it seems four individuals from outer space have the ability to change form and to affect radio transmissions and magnetic fields. Their powers could threaten governments ...Bizarre Futuristic Russian Science Fiction, (with some animation) and in English language. 

P236 Moscow to Cassiopeia (73)  aka: Москва-Кассиопея   This adventure tells a story of a group of young astronauts freeing civilization of one of the planets in constellation Kassiopeya from the empire of artificial intelligence - robots....   neat FX - F.L.- BA

Y818 Mysterious Island of Beautiful Women (79) aka: Island of Sister Theresa   1954 war time, a plane full of nuns and girl orphans crashes on the title island. Only the children survive. Flash forward 25 years. A plane of men of course land on the island. Throw in some head hunters and let the fun begin!   Who would pass up a chance to land here?  With Deborah Shelton as Bambi and Jayne Kennedy as Chocolate!  Also with Clint Walker, Rosalind Chao, Steven Keats...more.

C413 Norman Swordsman, The (72) aka: Ivanhoe, the Norman Swordsman  aka: La Spada normanna  Following the death of Henry I in 12th-century England, the throne is usurped by Stephen Cunningham who claims to possess the legendary "Sword of Normandy.".... Mark Damon is Ivanhoe in this swashbuckler costumer!  Now available in English language!

Y555 Oedipus the King (67) Christopher Plummer Lilli Palmer, Richard Johnson, Donald Sutherland and Orson Welles star, amongst many others. The classic (Greek) tale tells how a noble youth accidentally marries his own mother, kills his own father (deliberately), and ends up paying a terrible price invoking the Gods. BA

Y982 Ox Tales: Funny Farm Madness (various) Full length cartoon fun with animals as the main players

Y425 Pharaoh's Woman, The (60) aka: Donna dei faraoni  Linda Cristal and John Drew Barrymore star - One of the few and more successful attempts to portray life in ancient Egypt. Buxom wenches, rival Pharaohs, convincing props and costumes with the royal barge on the Nile...more.  BA

F877 Pinocchio in Outer Space (64) In this animated film from Belgium, Pinocchio must prove himself as a real boy when he takes off to Mars with Murtle in the capture of Astro, a flying killer space whale. Pretty cool sci-fi fantasy!  BA

9040 Pirates of the Coast (60) aka: I pirati della costa   A 15th-century Spanish naval commander becomes a pirate in order to bring justice to a tyrannical governor....Lex Barker - Colorful and exciting Italian made (but in English language) swashbuckler - Quality only Fair 

F710 Princess of the Nile (54) 1249 A.D. : Shalimar, an Egyptian Princess, strives to rid her country of Bedouin Conquerors. With Debra Paget, Michael Ansara, Jeffrey Hunter, Jack Elam and Michael Rennie.  BA

Y554 Prisoner of the Volga (60) aka: I battellieri del Volga   Alexey (John Derek) is a soldier in the Czar's army whose fiancée is assaultd by a general. In retaliation, Alexey attacks the general and is sentenced to prison in Siberia. Thanks to the heroics of his bride-to-be he escapes, but she is killed in helping him. Alexey ends up with some boatman plying their trade on the Volga, and he bides his time as he plots to bring justice to the general.... Elsa Martinelli also stars in this period action.   BA

Y564 Queen for Caesar, A (62) aka: Una Regina per Cesare   Story of the power struggle between Egyptian Queen Cleopatra and her brother Ptolemy, and how a common soldier risks his life to serve her. Gordon Scott plays Julius Caesar. Also with Akim Tamiroff and Pascale Petit as Cleopatra.

F711 Queen of Babylon (54) aka: Sémiramis, esclave et reine  aka: Cortigiana di Babilonia   Rhonda Fleming and Ricardo Montalban. Breasty Babe Babylonians make you wish you were there.  BA

X497 Queen of the Seas (61) aka: Le Avventure di Mary Read  aka: Mary la Rousse femme Pirate   A woman pirate becomes a member of the aristocracy when she marries the man she first met in prison, and who is later commissioned to arrest her.... Lisa Gastoni - From director Umberto Lenzi!   BA

F842 Ragewar (84) aka: The Dungeonmaster - This is the first version with the title Ragewar. The opening sequence has the lead character in a dream where he chases a woman to a room where she is naked, they start to make it, until alien monsters come in and drag her away … Then opening credits and guy wakes up.  This opening sequence is not seen in the CUT version known as “Dragonmaster”  Cool swords and sorcery + WASP doing music from their debut. 

Y638 Red Sheik, The (62) aka: Lo Sceicco rosso  A Spanish Nobleman impersonates an architect seeking employment with a wealthy desert tyrant. Rosalba Neri

S405 Reptilicus (61) A portion of the tail of a prehistoric reptile is discovered in Denmark. It regenerates into the entire reptile... .  Finally the original uncut version with English Subs! There is more skin on display in this somewhat racy Danish version, with young couples prancing around in their bathing suits.  The Danish version dilutes the scary early moments in favor of goofy comedic shenanigans.  But later on it turns into a somewhat violent and bloody for it's time monster-fest!  Also includes the flying Reptilicus scenes cut from the U.S.  prints.  BA

C282 Return of Daimajin (68) aka: Daimajin gyakushu  An evil warlord invades a peaceful lakeside village during one of their annual festivals. In the course of burning down buildings...  Now in Japanese LBX with Subs  (also available in full frame English language print– SPECIFY)  BA 

X563 Revenge of Ivanhoe, The (65) aka: Rivincita di Ivanhoe  Rick Van Nutter stars as a knight who fights to free the land from a feudal tyrant - and win back the Lady Rowena, who has been imprisoned by him...  Clyde Rogers also stars, from director Tanio Boccia

Y900 Revenge of the Barbarians (84) aka: When the Raven Flies  aka: Hrafninn flýgur   - Ireland: Vikings pillage the land, seeking silver and slaves, slaying all in their path. A Viking takes pity on a young boy in a Christian village, sparing his life. Iceland: Twenty years later. The boy is now a man, hell-bent on Bloody Christian Revenge! (Don't worry, this is not a Christian movie, far from it!) One by one he stalks them, using their superstitions and brutish natures against them. A real dark Viking classic made in Iceland and Sweden. All Hail! 

F960 Riders to the Stars (54) Another story from Curt Siodmak! In an attempt to discover the composition of meteors, three astronauts are sent out into space with three specially designed rockets.  Directed by and starring Richard Carlson and also with Martha Hyer!   In Color!   BA

F938 Roaming Hero, A (72) aka: Black Belt    Uncut action-packed print of this Kung-Fu classic released to theatres in 1972 under the "Black Belt" title playing in inner-city grind houses and drive-ins for years.  Stabbings, Swordfights, Beatings, old-school-fu, and a kick-ass chick!  Ma Cheung, O Yau Man and Chiang Ming   LBX and in English too!

C414 Robin Hood and the Pirates (61) aka: Robin Hood e i pirate  On his way to (or from) the Crusades, Robin Hood is shipwrecked but saved by pirates who plan to return him home in order to ransom him to his father...  Lex Barker - Now available in English language! 

4559 Robin Hood and the Sorcerer (83) Robin (Michael Praed) Hood must battle an evil sorcerer who plans to sacrifice Marion to his Gods. If you have not seen these British Robin Hood films,  now is your chance. A touch of the feelings you would get when watching a nice Hammer film production - BA

Y434 Robinson Crusoe and the Tiger (70) Hugo Stiglitz stars in this Rene Cardona Jr. directed adventure. Great photography - Beautiful picture - Subs  BA

X326-L951 Rome 1585 (61) aka: The Mercenaries   aka: I Masnadieri   - Stars the ill-fated actors Antonio Cifariello (plane crash victim in 1968) and Daniela Rocca (mental illness). It was directed and co-written by Italian cinema legend Mario Bonnard and is one of only two Italian films featuring American actress Debra Paget.   Action Packed costumer  BA

F449 Royal Hunt of the Sun (69) The Spanish explorer Pizarro captures the Inca god-chief Atahualpa and promises to free him upon the delivery of a hoard of gold. With Robert Shaw, Christopher Plumber, Nigel Davenport and many more. Colorful action. LBX  BA

F790 Rrrrr!! (04) In 35,000 B.C. the Dirty Hairs are in a feud with the Clean Hairs for 600 years (Dirty Hairs are after the Clean Hairs super secret : Shampoo!). This is the "Stan Age" as everyone is named Stan, they have not figured out alternate names yet.  Even the worms, roosters and horses have tusks in the Cro-Magnon man world!  Subs

Y556 Ruy Blas (47) Love , intrigue and revenge in the 17th-century court of Charles II of Spain charts the plight of the title character (Jean Marais), a nobleman-turned-bandit. Based on novel by Victor Hugo and scripted by Jean Cocteau. Subs

S524 Samoa, Queen of the Jungle (68) aka: Samoa, regina della giungla   Now a perfect quality print of this jungle girl flick starring the stunning Edwige Fenech!  Clint Lomas (Roger Browne) is hired by a Hong Kong business outfit to lead an expedition into the African jungle, to search for a legendary diamond mine.  Clint falls for white bikini wearing queen (who wouldn't?) Edwige who speaks Italian fluently and returns his affections.  Impressive and colorful LBX, great stuff and with English Subtitles too!  

S624 Samson (61) aka: Samson contre Hercule  While traveling through the kingdom of Sulom, Samson (Brad Harris) is arrested and finds that the Queen no longer reigns and that a power-mad warlord and his army of mercenaries now controls the kingdom.  Samson teams up with some of his one-time adversaries to battle the usurper and restore the rightful queen to power.  Widescreen incredible print in English!   BA

Y642 Samson and the Mighty Challenge (64) aka: Ercole, Sansone, Maciste e Ursus gli invincibili   Alan Steel - Four muscular heroes fight the evil ruler of an oppressed people. A mixture of Ancient Greek mythology and Israeli mythology. Good campy fun.

S446 Samson and the Sea Beast (63) aka: Sansone contro i pirate   Kirk Morris and Margaret Lee star.  Samson and his men go after vicious pirates that are plundering and killing their way across the seas.  

C674 Sands of the Kalahari (65)  A small plane is downed by a swarm of locusts in the middle of the desert in South Africa. Brilliant tale of survival ensues. Better than the similar Jimmy Stewart film. With Susannah York, Stuart Whitman, Nigel Davenport and more.....LBX  BA

P237 Sannikov Land, The (73)  aka: Земля Санникова   Soviet action adventure film about the fictional Sannikov Land (phantom island in the Arctic Ocean) - F.L.- BA

F527 Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny (72) Santa gets his sleigh stuck in the sand in Florida a few days before Christmas Eve..... Man, what a great companion film to 'The Magic Christmas Tree', you have to see this kiddie trash, it's really bad and good all at once.  BA

C247 Sayonara Jupiter (84) aka: Sayônara, Jûpetâ   A black hole, Jupiter, and a desperate scheme to save mankind!  Great FX, LBX and in English  BA

S447 Secret Agent, Super Dragon (66) aka: New York chiama Superdrago   Ray Danton, Margaret Lee and Marisa Mell star.  A series of murders in Michigan lead a Secret Agent to Amsterdam, where he uncovers a plot to imperil the world with some potent new drug.  

Y974 Secret of the Golden Eagle, The (91) Michael (The Hills Have Eyes) Berryman stars as an explorer whose discovery of a mysterious statue cursed him with premature aging. You will be amazed watching Berryman do a mellow fantasy film like this one! GO PLUTO!  BA

C675 Secret of the Incas (54) Watch out Indiana Jones!  Charlton Heston's portrayal of adventurer Harry Steel shows many similarities to the current film icon. Maybe that is why this never came out these past few decades?  Fantastic colorful adventure yarn, filmed in glorious Peru and also starring Michael Pate and Yma Sumac. Some say the natives are depicted poorly, and that this is racist. Whiners. I didn't think so, you decide.  BA

Y204 Seven Magnificent Gladiators, The (83) aka: I Sette magnifici gladiatori   A bandit leader endowed with supernatural powers by his sorceress mother makes yearly raids on a peasant village...  Lou Ferrigno, Sybil Danning and Brad Harris star

Y914 Seven Tasks of Ali Baba, The (62) aka: Le Sette fatiche di Alì Babà  A wizard summons Ali Baba to transport a sacred crown to a nearby country. An evil ruler has taken over the land and the crown is needed to free the people of his influence.

X608 Shadow of the Eagle (50) Richard Greene stars - Count Orlof, one of Catherine of Russia's many overnight favorites, travels to Venice on her behalf to abduct Elizabeth Tarakanova who has been laying claim to the throne from Crimea. Once there, he finds the local charms of the Princess hard to resist.....

F145 Shogun Assassins, The (79) aka: Los Asesinos Del Shogun  aka: Sanada Yukimura no bouryaku  - Story of a proud samurai named Lone Wolf who served his Shogun master well as the Official Decapitator, until the fateful day when the aging Shogun turned against him. Extremely violent, with record-breaking body counts…. First class battle action dominates this samurai flick. In English. BA

C991 Sid and Marty Kroft's 70's Acid Trip  (70’s) Features one episode each of the following: Bigfoot and Wildboy, Dr.  Shrinker, Far Out Space Nuts, The Lost Saucer, Wonderbug, Magic Mondo and Pryor's Place (with Richard Pryor).  Amazing mind-melting stoned madness!  

S189 Siege of the Saxons (63) aka: Das Schwert des Königs  King Arthur, threatened by the Saxons, escorted by his champion, Edmund, and accompanied by his daughter, Katherine, is waylaid by an outlaw (Robert) on his way to Edmund's castle. Events prove Robert to be the King's champion and Edmund the King's murderer. Robert and Katherine escape into the forest and find Merlin. They arrive in Camelot in time to….. Nathan (7th Voyage of Sinbad) Juran directs this 'knights and swordplay' costumer that lifts some footage from others due to budget restraints.  Awesome colors in this version.  With Janette Scott.  BA

C695 Sign of the Gladiator (59) aka: Nel segno di Roma  Zenobia, Queen of Palmira (Anita Ekberg) revolts against Rome and defeats the Roman troops. But she makes a big mistake when she falls in love with an enemy officer Marco Valeria. Worth it for the scenes of Ekberg riding a horse in a mini-skirt, wearing low-cut dresses and dancing exotically. Anita Ekberg was Miss Sweden of 1950, so you'll see what I mean. LBX - Subs  BA

F715 Silent One, The (84) This is the story of a South Seas island village. The villagers find a baby that had been set adrift. The villagers are warned of the dangers of keeping the child. The young boy is ridiculed by some of the villagers because he cannot talk, but he can communicate with the sea turtles. In fact, he may just be a sea turtle, or something like that. Colorful island setting scenery from New Zealand. + The Making of "The Silent One".

P180 Silver Kamen Giant (71)  aka: Shirubâ kamen  After scientist Professor Kasuga is killed by fiendish aliens for plans to a super rocket ship, his children trek across Japan, protected by the second-oldest brother, Koji, who transforms into the super-cyborg, Silver Mask.  4 episodes.  F.L.

S526 Sky Calls, The (59) aka: Nebo zovyot  Two countries race to have the first space landing on Mars.  Roger Corman bought this, re-edited it, added monsters and called it 'Battle Beyond the Sun'.  This is the original Russian version.  The FX are quite impressive, and at a much higher standard than many American productions of that time.  Now don't go calling me a friggin commie!  The FX are cool, that's all I'm sayin'.  English Subs too!  BA

C890 Snake Girl and the Silver Haired Witch (68)  aka: Hebi musume to hakuhatsuma   An early horror fantasy adaption of Kazuo Umezu's manga stories... Obscure Japanese Fantasy film LBX, no Subs so F.L.

Y701 Snow White (55) aka: Schneewittchen und die sieben Zwerge   English dubbed German film of the classic Grimm's tale. Nice set designs and photography highlight this version which features bearded children as the 7 dwarfs....

X706 Solar Force: Lunar Cop (94) A cop from the moon is sent to the earth, now possessed by motor-cycle riding 'Mad Max' styled inhabitants. He must stop a serum from being released that is believed to be destructive to earth. But are the people who have sent him corrupt as well? With Michael Pare and Billy Drago.

Y459 Son of Capitane Blood, The (62) aka: Il Figlio del capitano Blood  Sean Flynn (son of Errol Flynn) stars in this, his first of 9 films he was in, portraying the son of his father's famous character. Colorful swashbuckler. Sean was murdered in Cambodia with lethal injection after contracting Malaria, by his captors, just after his 30th birthday. F.L. - BA

C676 Son of Robin Hood (58) David Hedison (straight off the set of 'The Fly') stars in this one. Robin Hood is dead. It is up to what is left of the merry men and the progeny of Robin Hood to stop the evil nobleman that wants to rule England. With June (Flesh and the Fiends) Laverick as Robin Hood's daughter.  BA

S468 Son of Samson (60) aka: Maciste nella valle dei re  Mark Forest (Maciste) travels to Egypt, where he leads a revolt against an evil Queen (Chelo (Queen of the Tartars) Alonso).   Another stand-out for the genre, and now sharp colors and LBX making for a fantastic film experience!  BA

C647 Southern Star, The (69) Action adventure based on a Jules Verne story about the ups and downs of jewel thieves in the wilds of Africa. With Ursula Andress, George Segal and Orson Welles.  BA

P255 Space Angel (62)  Three exciting (!?)  adventures!   Wow, this is some cool stuff made up with that still image type story telling with human lips superimposed on the characters.  With a fantastic Wally Wood-esque look (no one probably knows what I mean, but he was a hell of an artist in the fantasy scene back in the day).  A brilliant time capsule and recommended for hard-core sci-fi fans.  BA

P241 Space Giants (67)  That's right!  Finally the whole series on 7 discs!  Monsters!  Battles!  Get all 7 discs now for a paltry $30  (DVD-R only)

Y725 Space Master X-7 (58) A space probe returns to Earth covered with a strange fungus. The fungus is accidentally tinged with human blood and is transformed into an ever-growing pile of space rust, dubbed "Blood Rust"....  Look for Moe Howard as a cab driver!!  BA

X691 Space Rage (85) Sci-Fi set 200 years from now on a prison planet. Michael Pare is Grange, a violent criminal sent to do time. He escapes with other inmates and goes on a killing rampage. It is up to the Colonel (Richard Farnsworth) to capture or kill them.

F565 Spaceflight IC-1   An Adventure in Space (65) The Year: 2015   Destination: Deep Space   Mission: To Build a New Civilization!   A spaceship crewman plots a mutiny against the stern leader taking a group of people to settle on a new planet. Plays like a longer 'Twilight Zone' episode.  BA

Y439 Struggle on the Nile (59) aka: Seraa fil Nil   Naïve young Muhasab is asked to accompany his more dependable friend, Mujahed, on a voyage up the Nile to Cairo. Once there, they will sell their boat, the "Bride of the Nile," in order to buy a barge that will make their village elders more competitive in business and trade. But a ruthless business rival is determined to see that the men never reach Cairo..... Omar Sharif - Rare Egyptian made action

Y423 Sudan (45) Young, lovely Naila becomes queen of the ancient Egyptian kingdom of Khemis when her father is killed in a slave revolt...  More Maria Montez and Jon Hall!  Also with Turhan Bey, George Zucco and look for Tor Johnson in a small role as a slaver. Color

F582 Sukeban Deka Festival 1987 (87) Astounding Japanese festival that relies on young Japanese Girls to sing and dance.

Y720 Super Batman versus Matzinga (80's) Korean children's film featuring an Asian version of Batman that battles werewolves and aliens!  Mixed into all the action is animation which takes over the story from time to time. A small crackle on the audio - F.L.

F995 Super Typhoon (08) aka: Chao qiang tai feng   Disaster from China! Big Budget action! Watch what happens when a typhoon hits and destroys, taking thousands of human victims in it's wake.  With the current state of the art FX nowadays, this is done now more effectively than ever before.  LBX - Subs

Y375 Super Xuxa Versus Satan (88) aka: Super Xuxa Contra o Baixo Astral   Songs and fantasy combine!  Xuxa battles Satan over the right to spray paint rainbows on barren concrete walls in Brazil!   Baixo, an evil spirit who lives in the sewers, has a mission to bring unhappiness to the world. Crazy wacky creature characters, goofy puppet beasties, and use of song make this an acid trip for all ages (with no hallucinatory effects!) . Subs

F939 Supergirl of Kung Fu (75) aka: Les Super-girls du karaté   Fantastic Kung-Fu with Judy Lee (Chia Ling)!  English Subs and also includes the English dubbed trailer. 

C994 Superman the Musical (75)   aka: It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Superman!  T.V.  adaptation of the campy 1960's Broadway musical about the Man of Steel, his friends, his enemies, and his self-image problems.  Loretta Switt, Gary Owens, Lesley Ann Warren and many more. 

X815 Sword and the Dragon, The (56) aka: Ilya Muromets - Finally!!!  A nice LBX print, uncut with Subs of this Epic Russian Fantasy! You'll want to trash your old crappy pan and scan print after you see the magnificent landscapes and vision that was originally intended. Monster dragon fantasy boasts massive battles, thousands of extras, and plenty of fantasy themed FX. LBX with Subs too!  (we also offer this in a pan and scan English version– SPECIFY)   BA

S123 Sword of El Cid, The (62) aka: La spada del Cid  The daughters of the Cid are avenged on their cruel husbands by the rightful heir to the throne, who marries one and regains the throne of Catalonia….  Why not another battle/costumer?  Fantastic quality, lots of horses and scenic beauty, battles, nuns, nice women etc.  With Sandro (Goliath and the Dragon) Moretti.   LBX

S631 Sword of the Conqueror (61) aka: Rosmunda e Alboino  Alboino (Jack Palance) wants to marry the daughter of a neighboring king (Eleonora Rossi Drago), but she loves another.  Of course her lover (Guy Madison) is almost killed under the order of Alboino, but he recovers, and returns on a revolt to reclaim his woman.  Incredible colorful Widescreen version!   BA

F437 Swords of Death (71) aka: Shinken shobu   Exploits of legendary warrior Musashi Miyamoto which lead to his confrontation with a rival – the owner of a secret weapon he craves – Film was never “finished” due to death of the director Tomu Uchida   Rare Japanese Martial Arts Action LBX and with Subs!  

3833 Swords of Wayland, The (85) Robin of Sherwood movie series from the U.K. - This full length film has Robin and his men facing off against a cult of devil worshippers. They are clad in red and black robes, and are trying to summon Lucifer into our realm with their occult rituals. They are led by the evil Morgwyn of Ravenscar - With Michael Praed as Robin - Directed by Robert Young, the same guy that directed Hammer's "Vampire Circus" ! - BA

P238 Tale of the Star Boy (83)  aka: Сказка о звездном мальчике   We Are Star Children!  Coming Out Nowhere and to Nowhere Return!  (I know no one got that)   A cold boy emerges from a fallen star.  Bizarre Russian fantasy!  -  F.L.  - BA

C471 Tarzan and King Kong (65) All Hindi Cast! One of several Tarzan "Epics" made in India in the 50's and 60's, complete with musical interludes.  Stars Randhawa as Tarzan....  Rare stuff, you won't EVER see this at Blockbuster (or any T.V. channel for that matter). No English so F.L.

F562 Tarzan in Manhattan (89) Tarzan (Joe Lara) goes to New York to rescue the chimp Cheetah, who has been captured by an evil animal experimenter. Also with Jan Michael Vincent and Tony Curtis.

P284 Tarzan the Apeman (32)  A trader and his daughter set off in search of the fabled graveyard of the elephants in deepest Africa, only to encounter a wild man raised by apes.... Johnny Weissmuller, Neil Hamilton and Maureen O'Sullivan  Color version of the classic, adds a little zip to an already action packed 30s pulp classic.  E.R.B.  lives on forever!  BA

X775 Tarzan: Mountains of the Moon (67) Full length film version culled from the T.V. show in which Ron Ely plays Tarzan. These were high production value mini-epics, filmed in beautiful areas of Mexico. look for William (Blacula) Marshall in a small role as Likui!

X487 Tarzan: Mystery of the Jungle (72) aka: Green Inferno   aka: Tarzán y el misterio de la selva   - Richard Yestaran - Man in underground luxury cavern, sends "agents" to eliminate surrounding native tribes - From  director Miguel Iglesias

S205 Tarzana, the Wild Girl (69) aka: Tarzana, sesso selvaggio   Jungle girl fun with Femi Benussi as Tarzana, wearing very little throughout the film!  A Kenyan tribe has adopted her as their queen.  Enter Sir Donavon searching for his long lost daughter......  Now LBX  BA

S5 Temple of a 1000 Lights (65) aka: La Montagna Di Luce - Richard Harrison stars as a master thief who attempts to steal a priceless jewel from the head of a sacred statue.  Wall-to wall action and intrigue with exotic locales, cool costumes, UNPC behaviors etc.  Directed by Umberto Lenzi and slightly LBX too!  BA

S465 Thief of Baghdad (61) aka: Il ladro di Bagdad  An Arabian Nights fantasy about a thief in love with a Sultan's daughter who has been poisoned. He seeks out the magical blue rose which is the antidote….  Steve Reeves is fantastic in this, one of his best!  A fantasy classic with spectacular deeds of strength, trees that strangle, a flying horse, invisibility cloaks and more...!   Sexy women are also part of the scenery (and they are sure to please) with Giorgia Moll, Edy Vessel and Daniele Vargas.  How's that?  Now LBX!  BA

C664 Thief of Damascus (52) A young man gathers a group of friends and adventurers to help battle an evil sultan... Colorful fantasy classic with Paul Henreid. The best news is Elena Verdugo and Lon Chaney Jr. star together in a film, first and only time since 'Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman'. "Open Sessame!!!!"  BA

C415 Three Giants of the Roman Empire (71) aka: Il Ritorno del gladiatore più forte del mondo  Brad Harris stars in this late sword and sandal, now upgraded and in English Language!

X848 Three Supermen against the Godfather (79) aka: 3 Supermen Contro Il Padrino - Nick Jordan, Sal Borgese and George Arking star - More time-machine madness with drugs and mafia theme thrown in the mix - LBX in Italian language with no Subs - F.L.

X357 Three Supermen of the West (73) aka: ...e così divennero i 3 supermen del West  George Martin - More wacky super hero madness with George Martin! This one has a time machine, a ripped off monster scene from a Gamera movie, the three supermen traveling through time and witnessing lots of stock footage, and more!  They eventually land in the old west (just like Back to the Future 3!). Hilarious scenarios as the 3 supermen (in tights and little black capes) are thrown into a western setting. In Italian - LBX

C861 Thunderborn (89)  Unreleased Frank (East End Hustle)  Vitale fantasy film that might be filmed partially in Rhode Island.  A Lighthouse keeper must pass the torch to a little African American boy.  Science Fiction confusion.  Maybe you can tell me what this is about?  Do they float away?

F448 Ticket to Outer Space, A (06) Hysterical French Sci-Fi Spoof with loads of gags and funny moments. LBX and with Subs

Y984 Timefighters in the Land of Fantasy (84) The fantastic escapades of the Time Travelers, Jett, Starr, Professor Von Spock, Tonk the Robot and Squawky the Parrot. They travel into fairy tale land and meet Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk, Red Riding Hood....more - Full Length -  BA

9044 TimeStalkers (87) Scott (William Devane) a history professor, becomes involved with two time travelers from the year 2586 after making a discovery in an old photograph. Klaus Kinski is a time traveling western styled gunslinger...

C997-F821 Tom and Lola (90)  aka: Tom et Lola   With damaged at birth immune systems, Tom and Lola must live in plastic bubbles.  They dream of running free.  Beautiful surreal arty French-made film.  This is pretty much a tear-jerker, with lots of nudity.  LBX - Subs

C423 Treasure Island (90) Great version of the tale with Oliver Reed (Captain Billy Bones) and Christopher Lee (Blind Pew) in meaty roles (kind of like a Hammer reunion!). Also stars Charlton Heston as Long John Silver, Julian Glover, Pete Postlethwaite, and Christian (Batman) Bale as young Jim Hawkins (wonder if he had any on-set tantrums?). BA

X767 Treasure Island in Outer Space (87) Outer Space replaces the high seas in this epic sci-fi from director Antonio Margheriti with Ernest Borgnine. This is the film version, over 2 hours!

F915 Treasure of the Aztecs (65) aka: Pyramid of the Sun God - Adventure from West Germany from director Robert Siodmak and starring Lex Barker. 

Y502 Treasure of the Four Crowns, The (83) A group of adventurers are gathered together to retrieve some mystical gems which are in the possession of a deadly cult. Ferdinando Baldi's adventure never received a proper release, just a lousy pan and scan video. This is the original uncut and Widescreen version. I am not sure of there is any different footage, but seeing it wide for the first time it certainly seems like a different movie altogether. No 3D, sorry, but check this "Raiders of the Lost Ark rip-off" out anyway!

C445 Trilogy (69) aka: Truman Capote's.... - 3 tales from Capote, one of them deals with a woman stalked by an imaginary malevolent child. There is also "A Christmas Memory" based on Capote's childhood in Alabama. This really made an impression on people as a mandatory Christmas classic, but that is up to the individual viewer to decide. All in all 3 tales from a great writer, well done! Truman Capote, Martin Balsam, Maureen Stapleton, many more....  (quality less than good)

S433 Trip to the Moon, A (59) An Egyptian Sci-Fi possibly based in part on 'Abbott and Costello Go to Mars' .  Crazy hysterical FX, miserable deformed nuclear war survivors living in a cave on the moon, a wacky robot and more! With Ismail Yasseen, a guy that practically made a career out of imitating A&C classics in an Egyptian style.  This one has English Subs!   BA

F254 Tripods, The (84-85) The Complete Series on 5 Discs! British Sci-Fi thriller about the takeover of earth by alien Tripods.  The conquerors start to control the human minds, but not until they reach the age of 16.  All 5 discs, cases and art only $30

Y173 Tyrant of Castile (63) aka: Sfida al re di Castiglia   Mark Damon - Once again, epic, very cool battle scenes - LBX - F.L.

S400 Ulysses vs the Son of Hercules (61) aka: Ulisse contro Ercole  Incredible widescreen print!  So much more to see and brilliant colors!  By bursting the single eye of the Cyclops,  Polypheme, wife of Poseidon, Ulysses' attracts the attention of the the other Gods of Olympus.  The Gods are not to happy with him, and they command Hercules to bring him home to Sicily where he will be punished.  Mario Caiano directs. 

9045 Underwater City, The (62) Julie Adams - An engineer, a psychologist and several other disparate types take part in an experiment to see if people can live for extended periods of time in a city built under the ocean. Unfortunately they built it on a fault-line... Some glitches  BA

S576 Ursus, the Terror of Kirghiz (64) aka: Hercules, Prisoner of Evil - An evil sorceress turns men into werewolf-like fighters to fight Ursus.  Great sets designs and colorful costumes, beautiful women, muscled men and plenty of action!   Directed by Antonio Margheriti and Ruggero Deodato!   Ignore what people say about this one.  This is the original Italian language version, beautiful widescreen upgrade with English Subs, not the dubbed pan and scan version!   LBX - Subs - BA

S312 Valentine Magic on Love Island (80) Incredibly bad MFTV that manages to entertain despite itself.  Adrienne Barbeau, Dominique (Murdered at age 23) Dunne, Lisa Hartman and many more.  What the hell is this? A cross between "Love Boat" and "Fantasy Island".  

X496 Virgin of Bali, The (72) aka:  La vergine di Bali  George Ardisson stars - Mondo Indonesia rites mixed into a story of a London banker who has retreated to live on the island off Bali, where he becomes involved with a smuggler, blackmail, and cheap soft-core thrills.

Y153 War Gods of Babylon (62) aka: Le Sette folgori di Assur    Noble, wise King Sardanapolo and his more soft and naive younger brother Prince Sammash get into a bitter feud over the affections of sweet and alluring innocent peasant girl Mirra. Meanwhile, the treacherous and ruthlessly ambitious General Arbace plots against both siblings…. Cool Sword and sandal with Howard Duff . Some epic scenes.

C188 Warlords of Atlantis (78) aka: Warlords of the Deep   Monsters, the lost city of Atlantis, fight scenes, more monsters, Doug McClure! The best of the lot of films McClure was part of in the Burroughs vein. Fun Fact: There are some idiots on the internet that think the monsters are Harryhausen, you fools, open your eyes or read a book!  Even it the FX are not the greatest, the movie is a 10 on the 'fun fantasy film' meter!  Awesome color box art available - LBX -    BA

P281 Warriors, The (55)  aka: The Dark Avenger - Swashbucklin' fun flaming with the barbaric cruelties and infamous conquests of the dark age of terror!  Errol Flynn, Patrick Holt, Peter Finch...Yvonne Furneaux (she was in Hammer's "The Mummy")  look also for a bit part from Christopher Lee (the friggin" Mummy" himself!)  BA

C618 White Huntress (54) aka: Golden Ivory - British settlers travel to Masai country in Kenya. In the meantime, two brothers are on a safari/search for an old elephant graveyard. They meet up with the settlers (who hire them to lead) and take the most dangerous route imaginable for much wilderness peril and action 50's schlock-style! Do not miss this one! Sorry, Tarzan does not make an appearance, busy with Jane in tree house.  BA

S180 White Knight (06) aka: Tirante el Blanco - Tirant is the best knight of Aragon kingdom and must go to Constantinople to help the emperor to fights against the Turks.  There he will fall in love with a princess and fight in the war.  Epic scope wide screen, with great costumes and attention to detail making quite the lavish production.  In English too! 

Y548 White Orchid, The (54) aka: Creatures of the Jungle - Archaeological expedition in Mexico uncovers a lost civilization - Peggy Castle and William Lundigan star. Directed by Reginald Le Borg

S538 White Reindeer, The (52) aka: Valkoinen peura  Excellent, moody horror fantasy from Finland!  A new bride visits the local shaman to get help with her love life, but instead gets turned into a white deer vampire.  Blending the vampire and werewolf mythology, adding elements from pre-Christian folklore we get a nice scary campfire tale horror yarn.  Set in desolate, godforsaken Finnish countryside and striking visuals (the burial ground ridden with scattered bones is memorably creepy).  Spellbinding and award winning!  In Finnish with English Subs. 

Y426 White Savage (43) aka: Princesse des îles   Maria Montez, Jon Hall, Turhan Bey and Sabu star!  A shark hunter falls in love with the beautiful ruler of a tropical island. The Pagan Love... Savage Excitements... Dangers Untamed... of a Forbidden Island Paradise!  In Color  BA

9046 Willis O'Brien Spectacular (1915-1931)   Short Films by Willis O'Brien made between 1915 and 1931 (stop-motion fans take note !) + the long version of 'The Lost World' 1925 on the same disc!!!! (or tape)

F450 Witch Hunt (94) In a twisted 1950's where everyone practices magic, a private detective investigates a murder case without it. Lovecraftian. With Dennis Hopper, Penelope Ann Miller, Julian Sands and many more. BA

C26-C29 Wizards and Warriors (83) 4 Disc complete set of the 8 hour mini-series. The legendary Kingdom of Camarand is ruled by good King Baaldorf and Queen Lattinia. Their daughter Ariel (Julia Duffy), is engaged to Prince Erik Greystone (played by a pre-drugged out mess Jeff Conaway), who becomes Camarand's Champion against a neighboring kingdom ruled by evil Prince Dirk Blackpool. Erik was always helped by his servant Marko, the strongest man in the kingdom and often hindered by his ne'er-do-well playboy brother, Justin. A variety of wizards and witches, both good and evil, also play a part in the conflict. Spoofy sword and sorcery T.V. stuff with gaudy outfits and tongue in cheek acting obviously inspired by Conan and even possibly Tolkien. Some impressive battle scenes were lifted from "Excalibur". Never released. Episode titles are: The Unicorn of Death, The Kidnap, The Rescue, Night of Terror, Skies of Death, Caverns of Chaos, Dungeons of Death and Vulkar's Revenge. 4 Disc set or 4 VHS - $30  (available on DVD-R only)  

C255 World's Worst Cartoons Ever! (various dates) You get: Rocket Robin Hood, Mighty Master Titan, Super President, Johnny Cypher, Rocket Robin Hood 2, Big World of Little Adam, Bucky and Pepito, Captain Fathom, Rocket Robin Hood 3, Spunky and Tadpole, King Kong and the Green-Eyed Monster... Hey, you decide if they are the worst ever!

C281 Wrath of Daimajin (67) aka: Daimajin ikaru  Giant statue exacts revenge upon those who conquer its worshippers...  Now in Japanese LBX with Subs

F620 Young Gu and the Golden Bat (92) aka: Young-guwa hwanggeum bakjwi   Korean version/sequel to Golden Bat in Korean. Aliens from Andromeda and the wicked scientist, Dr. Zero, take the locals of Korea so they can be used in experiments. Young Gu turns into 'Golden Bat' (legendary crime-fighter, and savior of the human race) to stop them. Skeletor looking guy with scepter, apocalyptic dressed guys with whips, monster-men, sword battles.....more!!!  Awesome!    F.L.

Y981 Young Robin Hood: The King of the Outlaws (91) animated television series exploring Robin Hood's swashbuckling teenage years while revealing the origins of his mission and how he meets his lifelong companions Little John and Friar Tuck…  full length adventures - BA

Y630 Zorro and the Court of England (69) aka: Zorro alla corte d'Inghilterra   With Spiros Focas as Zorro!  F.L.





S554 Blue Hand, The (67) aka: Die blaue Hand  Finally an uncut version of the film known over here as 'Creature with the Blue Hand' in the 70's.  This finally is the uncut version of the original film!  A crazy twin brother, a devilishly sinister medieval glove with retractable spikes, secret passageways, a mad doctor, and enough suspense to make horror fans happy!  Brooding atmosphere throughout and starring Klaus Kinski!  Do not mix this one up with all the bastardized versions floating out there.  This is the real deal!  LBX and with English Subs!  BA

S645 College Girl Murders, The (67) aka: Der Mönch mit der Peitsche   Police are trying to track down a hooded serial killer who murders his victims with a combination poison gas/acid double whammy!   Cool jazzy soundtrack blends well with the era.  BA

Y321 Crimson Circle, The (60) aka: Der Rote Kries   + Fellowship of the Frog (59)  Edgar Wallace Double Feature on DVD-R - Both Great quality!  - BA

Y319 Dead Eyes of London (60) aka: Die toten Augen von London  Tor Johnson look-alike creeps around in the dark streets, blinding victims for a crazed doctor. Great Quality!  BA

Y313 Der Hexer (64) + The Black Abbott (64) Yes, another Edgar Wallace Double Feature!  DVD-R only  Klaus Kinksi - Both LBX and in great quality. BA

Y323 Devil's Daffodil, The (61) aka: Das Geheimnis der gelben Narzissen   + The Strange Countess (61) The first one, has Christopher Lee and Klaus Kinski, and is in German language with no Subs - Next In English language with Klaus Kinski. Both great quality!    DVD-R only BA

S451 Gorilla of Soho (68) aka: Der Gorilla von Soho  aka: Gorilla Gang   Scotland Yard goes after a gang that drowns its victims for their insurance money….  Decent entry into the Wallace stable with some trashy nudity and violence thrown in for good measure!  

S148 Hand of Power, The (68) aka: Im Banne des Unheimlichen  A serial killer that calls himself 'The Laughing Corpse' dresses up in a skeleton costume and kills his victims with a poison- filled scorpion-shaped ring. 

S147 Horror of Blackwood Castle (67) aka: The Hound of Blackwood Castle  aka: Der Hund von Blackwood Castle   - Similarities to 'Hound of the Baskervilles' in this E.W.  thriller.  LBX with foggy Gothic flavors and brilliant colors. 

S176 Hunchback of Soho (64) aka: Der Bucklige von Soho  A woman is kidnapped and her identity is stolen by criminals attempting to collect her inheritance….  Sweet opening sequence strangling.  Kids find the dead bird (chick).  Decent a great Edgar Wallace entry.  BA

Y311 Indian Scarf, The (63) aka: Das indische Tuch  + Room 13 (64) aka: Zimmer 13  Two Edgar Wallace thrillers on one disc!  DVD-R only  First, a scarf strangler claims victims in an eerie castle. With Klaus Kinski. Next, Room 13 is where a serial killer murders prostitutes. With Karin Dor. Both LBX and in great quality. - BA

Y315 Inn on the Riverople, The (62)  aka: Das Gasthaus an der Themse  + The Squeaker (63) aka: Der Zinker  Double Feature!  First, a spear gun killer in a wet suit, uses the sewers to get around secretly, popping out to kill his victims. With Klaus Kinski. Then, a serial killer uses blow-darts dipped in snake venom to kill! Klaus Kinski plays a snake kissing zoo worker ! Both LBX, in great quality. DVD-R only BA

Y317 Secret of the Red Orchid (62) aka: Das Rätsel der roten Orchidee   Christopher Lee and Klaus Kinski star + The Door With the Seven Locks (62) aka: Die Tür mit den 7 Schlössern  Klaus Kinski stars - Double Feature - Both Great quality - DVD-R only   BA

Y331 Terrible People, The (60) aka: Die Bande des Schreckens  + The Green Archer (61) aka: Der grüne Bogenschütze   Double Feature on DVD-R only, VHS separate. BA




S326 3 Musketeers and their Sexual Adventures, The (71) aka: Die Sexabenteuer der drei Musketiere  Their life is more one of debauchery than it is about heroic deeds.  Ingrid Steeger  BA

C812 Adventure in Denmark (73)  aka: Chun man Dan Mai  Denmark is full of promiscuous women!  Welcome all Horny Men!  You will wish you were there in ‘73 with a bachelor pad and a year or so free time.  LBX - F.L.

Y285 Adventures of a Private Eye (77) More sexploitation British style!  Private Eyes, a corpse or two, and lots of nudity! Suzy Kendall, Diana Dors, and Liz Frazer star - BA

Y284 Adventures of a Taxi Driver (77) Ordinary cabbie Joe, scores at every opportunity. His mom (Diana Dors) is a slob, his brother a thief, fiancé, a bitch. He saves a woman from suicide. She turns out to be a nympho, so he gets a lot of payback there. Moving in with a friend (who has a stripping and horny Judy Geeson for a girlfriend) he indulges in more sex. Also with Linda Hayden's sexy sister Jane. BA

C143 Alicia (77)  Nympho Alicia abandons her happy home (with a hard-working husband and two children) for a life of thrilling sex and depravity. Her husband keeps paying the bills and meets a new, cuter girl to use up his spare time. Alicia in the meantime gets deeper and deeper into the world of the depraved!  Pretty explicit soft sex scenes.  F.L.

C153 All Men are Apes (65) A beauty must contend with a city of leering disrespectful sex-crazed male chauvinist pigs! With Harry the Ape, bad songs, a she-man (in a shocking scene!), and more mid-sixties era sleaze shenanigans.

C862 Alley Tramp (68)  aka: Pleasure Me, Master - A teenage girl sets out on a sexual odyssey of having affairs with various men including her mother's boyfriend.  From schlock king director Herschel Gordon Lewis comes this grade Z type stag flick for your viewing entertainment!  BA

C822 Alpenglühn im Dirndlrock  (74)  Brainless fun with lots of female nudity!  A small Bavarian village needs more citizens to qualify for a status that will help them financially.  Time to chase the cuties down and get them all pregnant!  Sexist and politically incorrect fun!  LBX - F.L.  BA

C987 Amore Mio Non Farmi Male (74)  Valentina Cortese and Gabriella Giorgelli star in this light coming-of-age sex comedy.  Some nudity, not too sleazy.  LBX and in Italian Language

Y281 Amorous Milkman, The (70) More British sex comedy fun as a milkman scores on his deliveries, hot woman after hot woman. Amongst his conquests are Diana Dors and Julie Ege. Throw in some swinging London club scenes with goofy music (and even goofier dancing) and ample nudity and we have another enjoyable sleaze-fest from the U.K. !   BA

C865 Ann and Eve (70)  aka: Ann och Eve - de erotiska   An erotic drama about a youthful bride-to-be who takes a Holiday to Yugoslavia with a cynical and evil murderess lesbian film critic.  This leads to debauchery, degradation with a dwarf, a dinner with naked entertainers and other highlights.  BA

S170 Any Time, Any Play (89) aka: Dove vuoi quando vuoi   Ruth Collins stars in this Joe D'Amato directed.  When her ex-lover takes a job at her club as a dealer, a beautiful but bitter casino singer (Ruth Collins) avenges herself by conspicuously bedding everything in pants, including their Mafioso boss. But when the two reunite, the double crossed Mobsters demand payback….  Things go wrong..... very wrong….

X375 Appassionata (74) Two teenage friends conspire to find out how much their youthful sensuality can disrupt one of their households... headed by a dentist and his mentally unstable wife. Fairly trashy with incredible women starring, Gabrielle Ferzetti, Ornella Muti, Eleonora Giorgi, Ninetto Davoli and Valentina Cortese - In Italian with no subtitles, but you know the plot, we just told you. LBX

S165 Below the Belt (71) aka: Boys and Sex - Die Nackten und die Perversen   A boxer's manager pays a prostitute to make his boxer's nights hot, and endless. Not so strange, considering all the dirty deals the manager has with the local mafia. The strong champion has to contend with the sexy girl, before he gets to the ring with the title contender. But there are other interests at play, and more girls to play….. A penetrating look into the sordid world of bruises and broads.  Uschi Digard stars and that's a good thing (two good things!).

S43-C451 Best House in London (69) In Victorian London, the British government attempts a solution to the problem of prostitution by establishing the world's most famous brothel.  David Hemmings, Joanna Pettet, George Sanders, Dany Robin and many more.  Look for Veronica Carlson as Lilly the Whore, an un-credited Thorley Walters and John Cleese and many more.  BA

S589 Best of Lezploitation!   (various) entertaining lesbian scene explosion from various trash films from the 60's and 70's.  Naked erotic scene after naked erotic scene.  No XXX, but damn this is hot as hell stuff for those enjoying sexy women getting off on each other.  W.I.P.  stuff, whippings, topless gropings, near hardcore erotic moments of course....  Rollins, Franco and other directors masterworks featured.  Nuns, Femme Fatales, Debutantes and Euro-Babes Galore.....

X808 Black and Blonde Pussycats, The (69) Two powerful men fighting over a castle decide to resolve the matter by betting which will bed one of the two daughters of the local laundry -women. Edwige Fenech provides lots of nudity, even sword fighting naked !!! In German language so F.L.  BA

X183 Black Aphrodite (78) Hot and Horny Ajita Wilson and Annik (Werewolf Woman) Borel ignite the screen with erotic scenes of wanton lust!  A research team comes to a paradise island and is confronted by a sculptural, tough woman (Wilson). Violence escalates from hand to hand conflicts, to gunfights. Lots of nice scenery, including of course the ladies in near-hardcore sex scenes. BA

Y828 Black Klansman, The (66) A light skinned black man's daughter is killed by a KKK church bombing!  He goes under cover as a Klansman to get his  revenge!  At the height of the Civil Rights movement comes this conversation piece. Great stuff and required viewing for all!  BA

X776 Blue Island (82) Sabrina Siani and Fabio Meyer star - After an aerial tragedy, a handsome couple ends up on an island. Battling the elements everything seems fine until a creepy man shows up. Paradise suddenly is a very dark place.

S550 Blue Jeans (75) aka: Teenager lieben heiß   Gloria Guida plays a teenage streetwalker nicknamed 'Blue Jeans' because of the short-shorts she sports.  You may faint during the opening credits that play her theme song as the camera follows her ass as she struts her stuff.  When picked up by the law for a prostitution charge she claims to be the illegitimate daughter of a wealthy local artist.  In Italian with English Subs.  BA

F793 Boogie Nights in Suburbia (99) Bizarre documentary about a couple guys trying to get porn actors for a production by placing ads in the paper, and getting potential couplings together.

S391 Bottoms Up!   (74) aka: Auf der Alm, da gibt's koa Sünd'  Not to be confused with the other movie of the same title.  This one is a German sex comedy set in a quaint mountain village in the Bavarian alps.  Amazing women and with very nice bottoms, and I might add, true to the title, they spend a lot of time "up!"!   In English.

F240 Brand of Shame (68) aka: Nude Django   Nice exploitation styled western with whippings and nudity! A schoolteacher arrives in town with a map to a gold mine.  The lesbian dance-hall owner schemes to steal the map…..  The bullwhip scene is pretty long, and convincing.  BA

C843 Brick Dollhouse, The (67)  Min Lee, an attractive fashion model, is found murdered in her house which she shares with five other models.  During interrogation, Danielle, Carmen, Sharon, Linda and Sandy give their own version of events and the debauched orgies they hold on a daily basis in their home.  BA

C864 Brigitta (67)  On a night out innocent Brigitta, seduced and drugged turns into a wanton, drunken, horny, drug addict whore!  What price she pays for her new lifestyle, you will see, and it's not pretty, or is it? With Elke Cole 

C858 Bummer!  (73)  aka: The Sadist  The manager of a rock band fires the drunken bassist, who flips out and goes on a assault and murder spree.  Weed, Turn-tables, flowered shirts etc.  in this groovy hippie flick.  Connie Strickland and Carol Speed star amongst others.  BA

9047 C.B Hustlers (78) Uschi Digard is a hooker, turning tricks with her friends. Of course there are always pesky cops trying to spoil the fun - BA

C916 Calmos (76)  aka: Femmes fatales  A scathing look at male/female relations with brave intentions and comic bravura with plenty of sexy women.  In French, LBX, No Subs  BA

X539 Can You Keep It Up for a Week? (74) Popular British Sex Comedy with a bevy of beauties and plenty of nudity ! Valerie (Blood from the Mummies Tomb) Leon... many many more.   BA

Y162 Capriccio (87) aka: Love and Passion   After the renewed flings with their former lovers prove to be disastrously unlike the romantic memories, an unfaithful couple returns to each other.... Tinto Brass directs yet another beautifully shot erotic drama set on the island of Capri - F.L.

S164 Carry On Emmanuelle (78) aka: Jugando a Emmanuelle  Emmanuelle has a limp time with hubby so seduces V.I.P.'s.  Suzanne Daniels is Emmanuelle. 

X185 Catherine Chérie (82) Berta Carre, Ajita Wilson and Dagmar Altman star. Carre plays Catherine, a sexual predator who seduces men, and women to get what she wants. Plenty of nudity and exotic locale scenery. LBX - BA

C842 Chained Girls (65)  Female Deviation In Normal Sexual Behavior Greatly...  Exceeds the Male!  Among teenage girls, 40% Have Lesbian Desires...  AND EXPERIENCE!  And this is 1965.  I would guess the number now would be closer to 90%.....  Sex-a-mentary!  BA

C758 Checkerboard (59) aka: Les Tripes au soleil  French made (but in English) film dealing in racist southern-style U.S. dealings in redneck town. Bizarre. LBX

C823 Cindy and Donna (70)  Fifteen year old Cindy and 17 year old Donna undergo a sexual awakening in this erotic classic!  Debbie Osborne and Nancy Ison star.  Remember of course, all involved are 18 or older.  Plenty of nudity.  BA 

X777 Cindy's Love Games (79) Cindy Leadbetter stars in this sex comedy from director Aldo Grimaldi - After catching her fiancé in the act, Cindy goes on a sex spree to get revenge.

C811 Class of '74 (72)  aka: Gabriella  aka: Gabriella, The Girls Most Likely To  - Pat Woodell, Sandra Currie, Marki Bey and Gary (How To Make a Monster)  Clark star in this trashy drive-in flick.  BA

C885 College Dormitory (84)  aka: Fantasy Dormitory  aka: Dortoir des grandes  - French made sensual eroticism with young girls (all 18 or older)  in sexy (mostly girl on girl) situations.  In English too!  LBX

F826 Coming of Sin: Violation of a Bitch (77) aka: Sex Maniac  aka: La visita del vicio  A superstitious, illiterate young gypsy servant girl comes to live with a solitary female artist at her country chateau...  Great Euro-trash from director Jose Ramon Larraz. In English too! 

C713 Commuter Husbands (73) aka: Sex Games   Companion film to the previous year's "Suburban Wives" (in this update as well!) comes this Derek Ford directed  sex comedy shot in style not unlike "The Wife Swappers" another Derek Ford film.

Y286 Confessions from the David Galaxy Affair (79) aka: Star Sex   Mary Millington plays a beautiful heiress that has had many men, but never an orgasm. Enter David Galaxy (literally) to the rescue. Includes such tasteless sex comedy as breaking wind during sex. Also with Diana Dors (of course!) BA

S622 Confessions of a Driving Instructor (76) Goddamn if Robin Askwith wasn't one of the luckiest SOB's on the planet in the 70's....  In this admittedly lowbrow (but fun) sex comedy he manages to get his gears greased by a number of nubile babes.  "Shall we try the 69 together ?" says one guy before opening a bottle of wine.  Benny Hill styled speeded up shagging, lots of nudity, working class racism, even a bit of homophobia.  This UNPC stuff is soo much funnier than much of the carefully orchestrated trashy comedy of today.  Not that this isn't trashy.  This is in the gutter too I promise!   Just in a very Monty Python British way.  Great stuff!   BA

Y603 Confessions of a Window Cleaner (74) Timmy (Robin Askwith) finds to his delight that many women prefer additional services other than his window washing skills.  Naked college girls, Val Guest directed and also starring Linda Hayden!  How else would you want it explained?  BA

C860 Dandelion (74)  aka: Pusteblume   aka: Hard to Remember   Rutger Hauer plays a drunken womanizing lout in this trashy classic.  With Dagmar Lassander.  You won't believe the long sadistic sex scene!  A great companion to "Turkish Delight" -

F556 Delinquent Daughters (44) A town is shocked when a high school girl commits suicide. A reporter and a cop team up to investigate and find out exactly what is going on among the youth of the town.... 

S134 Desirable Teacher (81) aka: Pierino contro tutti  Goofy dwarfish Pierino (Alvaro Vitali) dresses like a school boy, goes to school, and drives his teachers nuts!  Lots of comic moments with gorgeous women including a young Stefania Stella. 

C840 Diary of a Swinger (67)  This hard-edged sexploitation flick from the Ameros follows Jeannie (Joanna Cunningham) as she sinks down into the underbelly of the sexual revolution, flirting with the edge of madness as she delves into lesbianism and sadism...  BA

S333 Die Blonde Sex Sklavin (71) aka: The Young Seducers 3 aka: The Lustful Turk - A beautiful blonde European girl (Ingrid Steeger) is kidnapped and sold into sexual slavery in Africa.  LBX and with English Subs!  

X828 Die Blonde Sex Sklavin (71) aka: The Young Seducers 3 aka: Der Lusterne Turke - Ingrid Steeger stars in this colorful comedy complete with harems and sexual situations - In German so F.L.  (** see above for LBX Subs version)

C815 Dirty Duck (74)  X-Rated Animated comedy. Dirty Duck meets Willard, a mild mannered insurance adjuster and teaches him to make it with the ladies.... Madder Than Daffy, Dumber Than Donald, More Existential Than Howard!   BA

S547 Diva L'Aventura Futura (89) Sexploitation directed by Ilona (Cicciolina) Staller!  A group of sexy women publish a magazine called "Diva Futura" and parade around in bizarre clothes.  This magazine promotes unrestrained sex, pleasure and happiness.  They find themselves persecuted by the owner of a condom factory and his thugs.  With Moana Pozzi (oh my), Baby Pozzi (Moana' sister!) and many more.  LBX - In Italian with no Subs

C176 Dorthea's Revenge (74) aka: Dorotheas Rache  This begins with the characters talking directly to the camera. We learn that Dorthea has just made love to a Martian. She even has a smoking meteorite to prove it. We follow her on her sexual quest in which she is abused by a series of weirdoes. Jesus Christ himself even pops up to give her some good advice!  Bizarre sexploiter, and pretty rare too! F.L. 

Y71 Emmanuelle and Joanna (78) aka: Il Mondo porno di due sorelle   An unhappy housewife desperately seeks to free herself from the brutal sexual excesses forced upon her by her husband...   F.L. uncut version with sexy Sherry Buchanan

P208 Erotic Zen (91)  A sex-mad couple discover that they are demons, and must have even more sex to regain human form.  One of the rarer Category 3 flicks, loaded with fantasy, a bit of horror, nudity, comedy and sex.  LBX - Subs - BA

F7 Extreme Catfighting (97) No holds barred, extreme battle women in reality combat!   These are not Martial Arts experts or world class fighters. No, they are sexy women with little or no fighting ability. Watch them beat the hell out of each other!!!   BA

C539 Female Sumo Wrestlers () A bizarre and trashy soft Japanese exploitation film about a team of wanna-be female sumo wrestlers who encounter a leather clad woman who inspires them to kick ass! Lots of T&A in this psychotronic flick! File with "Big Breast Hunter" LBX - F.L.

X389 First Time, The (69) aka: They Don't Wear Pajamas at Rosie's   Coming of age comedy with really nice photography of Niagara Falls. 3 young boys on a pilgrimage to find a whore house find a young Jacqueline Bisset instead. They think she is a whore, and she has no idea what they expect from her. Will she give in or are they un-screwed? Really funny and goofy, you won't believe how hilarious the dialogue is at times.

Y972 Flicks (81) released (87) Spoof of Saturday afternoon matinee's, including coming attractions and a cartoon. With Pamela Sue Martin, Martin Mull, Joan Hackett, Richard Belzer and many more. Cool creature FX. File with 'Amazon Women on the Moon' - BA

C821 Fly Me (73)  Stewardesses Battle Kung Fu Killers!  Wonderful 70's sleaze trash!  Look for a bit part from the infamous Dick Miller!  Nudity!  BA

X779 Fox, The (67) aka: Le Renard  The happy, isolated farm life of feminine Jill Banford and masculine Ellen March is disrupted by the intrusion of the manly former resident, Paul. As Ellen struggles to determine if she loves Paul or Jill, the long-term relationship of the women is shattered, resulting in tragedy.... Sandy Dennis, Keir Dullea and Anne Heywood   Haunting Lesbian Classic LBX  BA

S230 Foxy Boxing (86) Ultra-sexy girls get in the boxing ring and beat each other up!  They all look like athletic porn starlets.  They really hit each other, and Traci Lords shows up in a bikini as a number holding round girl (she is dressed, but she has to be see cause she is underage and otherwise we could not offer this).  It's Catfights with big red boxing gloves!  The last fight the gloves come off and two bimbos go at it gloveless and topless!  Traci even takes a few swings from outside the ring!  Next up on the same disc...  sexy girl photo shoots and one of the segments features a very popular (and now very dead) superstar bimbo. 

C969 French Pussycat (72)  aka: Loves of a French Pussycat  aka: Das Mädchen mit der heißen Masche   Sex column lecher has affairs with numerous women.  Suzzane, one of his ex-lovers, offers to bet that no woman can get Rolf to propose marriage.  Hollywood tried a PG13 rip-off of this a couple years ago with Kate Hudson.  This however has better girls and smokes that crap.  BA

C100 Friendly Favors (80) aka: Swedish Gas Pump Girls  aka: Sechs Schwedinnen von der Tankstelle   aka: High Test Girls  - Brigitte Lahaie - Near Hard-Core romp with plenty of beautiful Swedish girls who run a gas station. There is one scene where a young blonde is so overcome with lust for a male on T.V., that she literally humps the television. One of the hottest soft titles we offer.  BA

C604 Frigid Wife (50) aka: A Modern Marriage - Head-shrinker tries to help woman who is depressed and suicidal because she can't seem to get into relations with her hubby. Hilarious public service announcement type propaganda that misses the mark now, there are very few prudes anymore. Most young women can't wait to rip off their shirts, unless of course,  they have the body of a hippo..... well... even them! Run!  BA

X373 Fruit is Ripe 3, The (99) aka: Mat to sing suk si chi mat to sin chi   Third in a series. An angel comes to earth (appearing naked in a men's shower!) to teach a man love. Plenty of nudity, sexy sex, lots of nice boobs and mushy music. Trashy fun! LBX - Subs

S146 Gabriella, Gabriella (72) aka: Make Love, Not War  aka: Class of '74  Uninhibited girls, Fiery Carla (Marki Bey), saucy Maggie (luscious redhead Sondra Currie), and brassy Heather (spicy blonde Pat Woodell) teach repressed Gabriella (Barbara Mills) how to get her sex groove on!  Fun Exploitation soft- skin-flick.   BA

C807 Gimmie an "F" (84)  aka: T & A Academy 2   And we all know what "F" stands for!  Fog!   Hello it really means.... whisper.....  Oh....  uh....  embarrassed....  Okay....Tits Jiggle and Asses Wiggle!  Hey, I get it now!  Can a squad of misfit cheerleaders win a cheerleader competition?  BA

C615 Girl on a Chain Gang (65) Three young people are framed, arrested, and thrown in prison by corrupt Southern officials. This film will probably piss off any Southerners that think this type of thing never happened in the South (Mississippi Burning, anyone?). Me, I still watch the speed limit with diligence whenever I cross the Macon County line. assault, bad acting, and overall incompetent filmmaking makes this one a blast!  BA

Y92 Golden Gate Payoff  (70) Soft-core. Hooker tires of paying off her lazy boyfriend's gambling debts

Y971 Gorp (80) R rated goofy summer camp hi-jinks film that is better than "Meatballs". Dennis Quaid, Fran Drescher and Rossana Arquette (in one of her first movie roles) star. Midnight Panty Raids, Showing Porno movies on parent's day, and wild gambling parties are only some of the escapades on display here. BA

C645 Hallucination Generation (66) Join the Beatniks...Sickniks...and the Acidheads!   Share in their ecstasies, agonies and bizarre sensualities. You will be hurled into their debauched dreams and frenzied drug addled fantasies.... or maybe at the very least, you will get a kick out of this not-so-early drug culture trip flick from the psychedelic 60's (although this is not a colorful film, rather drab and musty). Quality a bit below standard on this one. Starring George Montgomery and Danny Stone.  BA

X642 Hardbodies (84) Three middle-aged daddies hire a young guy by the beach to help them get laid.....Classic TnA !

C619 Hell Kitten (60) aka: The Prime Time - A bored young girl looking for excitement gets involved with nude modeling, drugs and a rock band...  Did you know Karen Black made her film debut in a Herschel Gordon Lewis movie? You do now, and here it is! (Although admittedly, the role is not that large). A lot of fun!  BA

F717 High Finance Woman (89) Tara Buckman stars in this Joe D'Amato soft-core sleaze. What every man needs! In English too!

F477 Hit Man (72) Great black-gangster film, that follows the "Get Carter" plot. Gangster Tyrone Tackett (Bernie Casie) moves back to L.A. to find out who killed his brother. Moving into the dark underworld and adult movie biz seeking revenge, it gets pretty bloody and violent. Black street talk, funky music, outrageous pimpin' outfits, hot mamas, nudity, and much more!   With Pam Grier and Lisa Moore.  BA

C403 Hollywood Harlots in Heat (various) A great compilation of Nicolodeon machine loops from the 1930's through the 1950's of well endowed honey's doing striptease and strutting their stuff! No idea how many people over the past decades enjoyed the contributions these daring uninhibited bimbos supplied for our sexually ailing nation, but I for one thank the 'Gods' that for the common good of all, they did indeed strip down to their bare essentials delivering the masses from prude preposterous snobbery and paving the way to the mighty sexual revolution of the 60's!  

S523 Horny as a Mule (74) Another one in a series of sex comedies from the 70's.  Similar to Schoolgirl, Housewife and numerous other Report films, it tells the story of romantic and sexual adventures of happy and cheerful (and quite horny) young girls, housewives, their boyfriends and lovers.  A ton of full frontal nudity.  The opening scene with the horny blonde in the office is an eye-opener, I guarantee it!  In German only! 

F752 Hot Spur (68) aka: L’eperon Brulant  A deranged stable hand kidnaps the wife of a ranch owner to avenge the assault of his sister. Trashy little western, with ample nudity and assault. Now in English (although foreign Subs run on the bottom of the screen).   BA

C714 Hot Spur (68) aka: The Naked Spur  The action takes place in 1869 when the only thing cheaper than life, is a woman. A deranged stable hand kidnaps the wife of a ranch owner to avenge the assault of his sister. Obscure western with assault and nudity. Import version not in English sorry. F.L.  BA

P283 Hot Times (74)  aka: A Hard Day For Archie   aka: My Erotic Fantasies  - American Graffiti ....But with Sex!  Fun spoof of "Archie" comics with all the characters like Bette, Mughead, Reggy and more.  BA

S118 How to Seduce Women Through Hypnosis () Can't get laid ? Try these tried and proven techniques.  Maybe you'll get lucky! 

S483 How to Succeed With Sex (70) Bert (Mr.  Big) I.  Gordon sex comedy about a guy who is having trouble scoring with his girlfriend, so he reads a book to get some pointers.  Liking things big, Gordon used many large breasted babes, and there is ample nudity supplied by some of the hottest babes he could find!  This was rated X in 1970.  Your mouth will be watering....  BA

S38 I Am Frigid...  Why? (73) aka: Je suis frigide... pourquoi?  Politically incorrect sex trash sequel to "I Am a Nymphomaniac" with Sandra (The Shiver of the Vampires) Julien.  LBX

S392 I Like the Girls That Do (73) aka: Liebesjagd durch 7 Betten  To get an inheritance from his uncle, a man must make love to 7 women in 7days.  The catch, he is a virgin!   Can he get it up for a week?

C454 I Passed For White (60) Great exploitation shocker from 1960! This was heavy stuff 50 years ago, obviously no big deal today! Son of rich white family (James Franciscus!) marries the girl of his dreams, not knowing she is part black (uh-oh). He freaks when she hands him a black baby nine months later! A classic for it's time, check it out! Look for Vampira in an un-credited appearance!  BA

X160 Ingrid the Streetwalker (73) aka: Ingrid sulla strada   Janet Agren stars as a woman who goes to Rome to become a whore!  Unfortunate for her she gets involved with all the wrong people and this could lead to a grim finale. But I won't tell you if it does, or not.  In Italian language with no subtitles. Picture is grainy, and there are some glitches, but this is a very rare title and easy to watch and follow.

S393 Inn of 1000 Sins (75) aka: Ein echter Hausfrauenfreund  Albert has the enviable job of being employed by a plush hotel to cater to the female visitors.  Lots of nice full female nudity.

X374 Insect of Love (80) aka: O Inseto do Amor   Brazilian Sex comedy directed by Fauzi Mansur - Horny and Hilarious animated opening credits - A seaside resort is the setting for many sexual antics, taboos and the breaking of are explored. Demented Priest chasing a goat at the end. F.L.

F874 Is There Sex After Death? (71) A topless string quartet, a pornographic opera, life inside a nudist camp, and a marvelous bit with a pornographic filmmaker. A constant barrage of laughs. The International Sex Bowl scene in the final act is a classic.

C440 It’s Not the Size That Counts  (74)  aka: Percy’s Progress  Percy, the man with the world's first penis transplant, discovers that there is a chemical in the city's water that makes men impotent.... Comedy with Leigh Lawson, Elke Sommer, Denholm Elliott, Judy Geeson, Harry H. Corbett and Vincent Price!!  BA 

X943 Jabberwalk (77) aka: This is America - Documentary about bizarre practices in the good ol' U.S. of A. See a young Arnold at Gold's Gym, the confounding obsession people have with the Indianapolis 500, sexual practices, and psycho Christians all in a weird smorgasbord for your groovy 70's viewing confusion. 

S178 Joy and the Pharaohs (93) aka: Joy et Joan chez les pharaons  Cool and sleazy costumer trash from France LBX and in friggin' English language too.  Screw 'Ben Hur', this one has boobs and debauchery instead of sentimental hogwash.  No chariot race, but you choose.  Chariot race or boobs.  I thought so!   

Y288 Julia (78) Not the Sylvia Kristel film of the same name. This was released here soft core. Here is the uncut XXX version (In Swedish Language) - A Sexy Swedish blonde bombshell Pilska Duma stars as Julia, a young newlywed, that wears out her husband, and anyone else that is lucky enough to be in her path. F.L., no matter, this is a sex film.

C777 Jungle Burger (76) aka: Tarzoon, la honte de la jungle   aka: Shame of the Jungle   Voice of John Belushi, Bill Murray and others accommodate this failed raunchy comedy also known as "Shame of the Jungle".  Penis cartoon creatures, hit and miss humor and wacky animation!  Would be a great double feature with "Fritz the Cat" or any Bakshi.   BA

Y840 Kitten With a Whip (65) Jody (Ann Margret) is a juvenile that escapes from reform school by stabbing a matron and attempting to burn down the building. After that, she tries to seduce a politician (John Forsythe), who wants nothing to do with her (at first). She returns with some punks and takes him hostage. Margret is an over the top wild child in this her best ever!  Also with Richard Anderson  BA

C640 Knight Fever (86)  Dancing male strippers do their thing, scene after scene, stopping for some light girl fondling in-between Chip and Dale type routines.  The girls are in no danger of getting any real action though, I think all of these guys are most likely gay (Not that there is anything wrong with that).  If you like to watch guys gyrate and wiggle in teeny weeny briefs, this is for you!  

Y452 Kokain: Tod in St. Pauli (86) Colorful and trashy German crime/ drug thriller with lots of nudity, strippers, pushers and junkies. F.L. - BA

Y275 La Cagna (72) aka: Love to Eternity   Catherine Denevue stars in perverse tale, providing ample nudity in her prime!  She plays a spoiled rich woman that ends up on a deserted island inhabited by a man and his dog. When she causes the dog's death, what is a man to do?  Why he puts a collar on her and treats her like his new canine pet of course. See her fetch the stick and act like the bitch he wants her to be. Letterboxed and with English Subs!  Directed by Marco Ferreri.

X518 La Dama Regresa (96) Isabel Sarli stars as an aged star, that arrives by boat to a city that seems to idolize her. What follows is a series of flamboyant activities and festivities in her honor. Nudity, sleaze, decadence and insanity. A real oddity this one. F.L.

Y133 La Liceale (75) aka: The Teasers  aka: Under-graduate Girls   Loredana is a schoolgirl who takes advantage of her fellow students and teachers by using her innocent schoolgirl beauty...  Gloria Guida   BA

C546 Ladies Doctor (77) aka: Il Ginecologo della mutual   Joe D'Amato directed raunchy nudie comedy with Fulci regular Daniella Doria!  In English too!

S379 Lady Chatterley's Lover (81) Sylvia Kristel and Shane Briant star!   After a crippling injury leaves her husband impotent, Lady Chatterly is torn between her love for her husband and her physical desires. With her husband's consent, she seeks out other means of fulfilling her needs….  BA  

Y838 Lady Cocoa (75) aka: Pop Goes the Weasel   Foxy Lady Cocoa is out to take down her mobster boyfriend... Lola Falana, Joe Green and Millie Perkins star in this blaxploiter  BA

C863 Lady Godiva Meets Tom Jones (69)  aka: Lady Godiva Rides   Marsha Jordan and Liz Renay star in this fun trash.  When an English Lord finds his wife, Lady Godiva, in bed with her lover Tom Jones, they have to leave the country and move to the U.S.A.

X187 Lady Medic, The (76) aka: La Dottoressa del distretto militare   Sex comedy with Edwige Fenech that also stars Alvaro Vitali as a horny patient afflicted with flatulence  Fenech is a nurse to a bunch of losers at a Catholic military hospital. Lots of politically incorrect sexual innuendo including some scenes that...well...can't be explained. You'll have to see it for yourself ! - BA

P242 Language of Love, The (69)  aka: Kärlekens språk   A modern (for 1969)  advanced film about sexual education and behavior based on the clinical research made by famous Swedish and American doctors.  Bizarre film, with graphic sex-instruction and analysis....  This film gave the censors something to do back in the day.  Pretty explicit stiff...er stuff, so be warned, not your usual soft-core.  

8244 Laura (76) aka: Confessions of a Frustrated Housewife aka: My Father's Wife  aka: La moglie di mio padre   - Carroll Baker seeks sex from a younger man, her husband, from a younger woman. Will this work out their problems or will it end in tragedy? Plenty of Nudity! Also with sexy Jenny Tamburi, Gabriella Giorgelli and Femi Benussi.

X750 Le Dolci Zie (75) Italian Sexploiter from director Mario Imperoli - Female masturbation, abundant nudity, lots of lifted skirts, colorful photography, stripping, loads of voluptuous sexy broads.....3 horny women in their late 30's compete for the attentions of a budding young stud, who has his eyes set on all females, and the potential pleasures each can bring.... Throw in religion and a séance for good measure.... F.L.

Y18 Les Aventures Galantes de Zorro (72) aka: Red Hot Zorro   Sex farce with Zorro as an excuse for the busty hi-jinks....LBX  F.L.  BA

S582 Let's Screw Buddies (72) aka: Laß jucken, Kumpel 2: Das Bullenkloster  - The horny men of the Ruhr Valley lust for the local Frauleins.  All of the men are coal miners, and all of the women are willing!   The women are natural and deliciously mufftastic!   Plenty to feast your eyes on and plenty of FFN too!   F.L.  - BA

S581 Let's Screw Buddies (72) aka: Laß jucken, Kumpel!  - Trashy sex comedy from Germany with attempted assault, loads of nudity, soft-core sex and nice looking long haired German women.  Huge commercial success at the time over in Germany.  LBX - F.L.  - BA

F687 Libertine, The (68) aka: La Matriarca - A sexy widow finds out her late husband had a secret apartment where he cheated on her. Now she decides to use the same apartment to explore her own sexuality. With Catherine (Diary of a Cloistered Nun) Spaak. LBX - F.L.

Y241 Like a Dog in Heat (77) aka: Come Una Cagna in Calore   aka: A Butterfly in the Night  Isabel Sarli (one of the sexiest Euro-Babes ever!) plays a horny babe that has the hots for men and money. This lust and deception will surely bring her ruin. But what do we care?  She's naked a lot! That's all that really matters..... In Italian language with no Subs BA

C706-2442 L'Insatiable Samantha (75) aka: La Sanguisuga conduce la danza  aka: BloodSucker Leads the Dance   Femi Benussi, Giacomo Rossi Stuart and Krista Nell star in this rare sleaze -  available in a LBX French language print or English language LBX print– specify 

X987 Loaded Guns (75) aka: Colpo in canna   An air hostess gets involved in Naples, against her will, in the in-fighting amongst rival gangs.... Ursula Andress undressed and more in this incredibly colorful sexploiter!  Also with Woody Strode - LBX 

P299 Looking Good With Laura Gemser (80's)  Laura Gemser workout tape that delivers the erotic goods!  Dubbed by an American in a narrative format, with sexy 80's chicks “working out” to...  sensual effect.  Unintentionally hilarious!!!!   Laura is one of the best screen bimbos of all time.  See how she stayed in shape!  

Y287 Love Box, The (72) British sexploiter involves the kinky goings on behind the scenes of a skin magazine, and it's sleazy ad section that couples use to meet for erotic encounters. Bored housewives that lust for young stud, a virgin that wants to be broken in by an older woman, and a couple seeking to swap. More amazing and trashy fun!  BA

F743 Love is a Splendid Illusion (69) aka: Kiss and Don't Tell   Passion, Jealousy, Romance  and Love in this colorful UK production. With Lisa (Captain Kronos and The Mutations) Collings

X474 Love Letters (83) aka: Passion Play   A story of love and obsession. A young radio personality who, after her mother dies, discovers she had been having a love affair for 15 years...  Jamie Lee Curtis, very explicit and horny sex scenes - BA

Y282 Love Pill, The (75) Fun sex comedy about a small village full of horny women that never get pregnant. When scientists discover that a local sugar candy is the cause, they manufacture the stuff and release it in London. Soon, horny women are pouncing on men everywhere!   BA

C820 Love-In 72 (71)  aka: Love-In 1973  A man must decide whether to flee the U.S.  draft and go to Canada, or go fight in Viet Nam.  With Sandra (Last House on the Left)  Cassel, Spalding Gray and Philip Baker Hall (in his second movie!)  Hippie sex and drama thought-provoking 70's styled! 

C98 Love-Ins, The (67) It's the 60's, and every "love child" is in search of a guru to lead them to enlightenment. Richard Todd, Mark Goddard, James MacArthur, Susan Oliver, Carol Boothe...more! Drop In! Turn On! Tune Out! A doctor advocates LSD and is ostracized by a conservative society, however, the young hippie types make him a hero, and there are many fringe benefits with the Love Generation. Psychedelic Fun!  BA

S479 Loving Feeling (68) aka: She Loved with Her Boots On  British Sex film from Norman (Satan's Slaves) Warren.  Set in 'swinging London' centering on the antics of a DJ overrun by rampant miniskirted fans.  Soon these saucy teenyboppers drive a wedge between him and his wife, and he embarks on a series of bed hopping escapades with umpteen curvaceous beauties.  Plenty of skin.  Incredible. 

F961 Lustful Barbarian, The (71) aka: The Long Swift Sword of Siegfried aka: Maidenquest - Siegfried has a long sword and he knows how to use it!  Wanton women, rampant nudity galore (including a young and nubile Sybil Danning) and medieval life exactly like you wished it would be if you had lived it.  BA

S334 M3-D!  The Movie (76) aka: Hard Candy - Shot in 3-D and you can tell, but don't look to see this in 3-D sorry.  This is the 2-D version!   A Rod Serling clone introduces the antics of this sex comedy loaded with giggles, gags and groaners.  Loads of recognizable performers show up here to participate.  Lots of sex and naked bodies!  

F811 Man For Emanuelle, A (69) aka: Lo, Emmanuelle  The first Emanuelle film has Erika Blanc as the titular promiscuous lady of sex with strangers. She of course gets nude displaying one of the nicest bodies in Italian cinema. From director Caesar Canaveri. LBX - F.L.

X152 Master of Love (72) aka: Racconti proibiti... di niente vestiti  Great Italian sex comedy take-off on the "Decameron" series - Loaded with sexy women and loads of nudity for your viewing pleasure. Janet Agren is a knock-out, Tina Aumont, Karin Schubert and Barbara Bouchet (who crawls on the ground while being whipped) add to the erotic delights. Plenty of blasphemy too with topless nuns and such. Praise God!  Hey, it's in English too!

F60 Matinee Hookers (70) aka: Matinee Wives   Barbara Mills - Classic sexploiter!   Fun for the whole family.... well maybe not.... fun for everyone reading this!   That's better! 

F825 Me Siento Extrana (77) Sex comedy from Spain that includes naked get-togethers and lesbians. Sounds like a party to me. F.L.

Y291 Milky Life, The (92) aka: Andy Harding's Great Lactations (Just Kidding !) - Mickey Rooney plays a rich industrialist that wants to be a baby again. He starts wearing diapers, speaks only baby talk, and hires a big boobied woman (Mariane Sagebrecht) to wet nurse him. Wow, I am guessing all American Cultural Hero Rooney would prefer no one saw this one!  With English Subs 

C709 Miss Nude America (76) aka: The Contest  A "Fellini-esque" journey into the heart of the insatiable - American dream: a slice of American candor, pathos and humor. Oh, and lots of tits and ass too!  BA

S318 Mister Mari's Girls (67) A rich philanthropist uses his wealth to solve young women's “problems”…  Nudity, drug abuse, abortion, lesbians, hell, you could do worse!  

F750 Mom and Dad (45) aka: A Family Story  Because a high school girl's parents refuse to discuss sex education (called 'personal hygiene' in the film) with her, she gets pregnant by her boyfriend, who conveniently dies. Her parents are blamed for her predicament, and the local sex education teacher uses this opportunity to promote a film showing the dangers (and results) of VD and the birth of a baby. The most notorious and successful Exploitation/Sex Hygiene film ever made!  BA

F803 Monique (69) Monique (Sibylla Kay) is a vivacious French au pair girl who not only looks after the children, but sexually satisfies the parents.

F245 Monique, My Love (69) aka: She's Monique My Love   The roommate of a model and sexploitation actress reads her writings to a group of sensual women.  Lesbians. 

S167 Moonshine Mountain (64) aka: White Trash on Moonshine Mountain  Charles Glore (Chuck Scott) is a country western singer who goes back home to the hills of Carolina where he gets caught up in a feud between some homeboy moonshiners and "the Revenoores”… White trash hillbilly fun.  You know this may be closer to realism than fiction....  like Hee Haw on crack.  H.G.L.  directs.  BA

Y411 Morton Downey Trash T.V. (87-89)  Episodes from one of the first T.V. trash shock hosts on this disc: 1. Sexual Deviants”  (with Jerry Butler), 2.  Prostitution, 3.  Strippers  4.  Outtakes from Strippers Show and Heavy Metal.  Loud mouthed and obnoxious.

S196 My Father's Wife (76) aka: La moglie di mio padre  When a man is impotent the doctor prescribes a dose of infidelity.  He is cured.  But his wife (Carroll Baker) decides two can play that game and if you read the title you know who she has sex with!  LBX and in English too! 

C809 Naked and Lustful (74)  aka: Carnal Revenge   aka: Carnalità  - Erna Schurer stars as a woman determined to screw a man to death, revenge for the culprit ruining her father's financial status.  A very lucky man.  Also with Femi Benussi.  In English too! 

S380 Naked Ape, The (73) Bizarre sex film with a message using clever animation and social counter culture 70's idealism mixed with nudity based on a book that was pro-sex, pro-tenderness, and pro -humanism encouraging mankind to not embrace their he-man brute side but to engage their kinder gentler side or something like that.  Whew!   Main selling point for this caveman (namely, me!) is Victoria Principal naked.  Apparently this message may have taken hold a little as the country has more straight sissy-men than ever in our history currently!   Also starring Johnny Crawford  of "The Rifleman" fame.  BA

C817 Naked Bunyip, The (70)  In Australia, a young man has a sex survey job.  He investigates homosexuality, transvestites, hookers, strippers, any 'other than the norm' sexual practice he can find.  He meets celebrities, sexperts, and apposing moralists.  Sexy Comedy Documentary starring Graeme Blundell, Barry Humphries, Gordon Rumph and Russell Morris.

F820 Nama-natsu (05) A man obsesses over a schoolgirl and stalks her. LBX - Subs

S200 New York's Finest (87) aka: New York Cats  A cross dresser helps three whores find rich husbands.  With Jennifer Delora, Veronica Hart, Ruth Collins and Heidi Paine. 

X404 Night Games (80) Roger Vadim directed this erotic story of a woman (Cindy Pickett) that can't get no satisfaction from her hubby, so creates a sexual fantasy life for herself. Weird - BA

C808 No Man's Island (69)  aka: Island of the Swedes  aka; L’ Isola delle svedesi - Man goes after his lover, who has flown the coop to an island and become a lesbian.  Once there he struggles to regain his woman, when her new girlfriend apposes him.  Who will win the prize? Joe D'Amato photographed Euro-Sleaze fun!  Directed by Silvio Amadio.  Starring Catherine Diamant and Ewa Green.

X925 Office Girls (71) aka: Erotik im Beruf - Was jeder Personalchef gern verschweigt  German Sex Classic boasts a bevy of beauties that display ample nudity

X184-F309 Oldest Profession, The (67) aka: Le Plus Vieux Metier du Monde   Raquel Welch, Michele Mercier, Marilu Tolo, Elsa Martinelli and many more. The story of prostitution, from Prehistoric times (this segment resembles One Million Years B.C. or When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth type settings, without the monsters) to the Roman era, French Revolution, and up to the early 20's, then to the 60's. Each segment features drop-dead gorgeous women using their charms to get their way. Erotic Comedy - BA   UNCUT version!!

C550 Orgies at Teenagers Island () Campy Brazilian sex comedy with some hot busty chicks who are eating bananas laced with aphrodisiacs! Of course you can imagine the rest as young adult teams compete and have sex etc... F.L.

X167 Paradise Blue (80) aka: Paradiso Blu  Anna Bergman (Ingrid Bergman's grand-daughter !) stars ! A young couple is stranded on an island in this "Blue Lagoon" knock-off. This time though you get exploitation elements! Joe D'Amato directs, and we get Lucie (Porno Holocaust) Hernandez and a bunch of natives to liven things up. In Italian language only.

C818 Parisienne and the Prudes, The (64)  aka: The Bashful Bikini - Ostensibly an examination of McCarthyism, the plot is about a married couple from New York City who escape the blistering heat by visiting a New Jersey nudist colony.  When the husband's boss finds out, he tries to entrap them.

S171 Party Favors + Squeeze Play (92) Becky Le'Beau bares all in this double feature.  Also Victoria King and others strut their stuff for your viewing pleasure.  Lots of boobs.  Bimbos in bikinis playing catch with a beach ball.  Naked "Look at me!" posing.  A great 2 hours for all feminists to see, to crush their idealistic illusions about themselves....  Just Kidding there....  or am I?

F872 Pepper: Secret Agent (73) aka: Checkmate aka: Pepper Secret Agent OOX -  Really Rare trashy spy-sexploitation with secret-agent undercover action. A dildo-phone alerts our blonde bimbo when trouble is afoot, and she is busy screwing some lucky guy. Lots of Bond-ish stuff , and enough sex and nudity to keep you alert. The last print had some problems in the last act, here is the upgrade. Sorry about that!

Y404 Pinball Summer (80) aka: Pickup Summer - It's a summer of fun for two teenaged boys who spend their time chasing two sisters, annoying a biker gang, and basically getting into typical sophomoric hijinks whenever they can... Canadian made  BA

C717 Playbirds, The (78) aka: The Playbird Murders - Mary Millington stars  in this tale about two private detectives that are drawn into the world of porn while investigating the murders of centerfolds.

S335 Playmates, The (74) Shot in 3-D but this is the 2-D version.  A sex researcher (Becky Sharpe) making a docu about swingers can't find sex or love in her own life.  With Rene Bond, Sandy Dempsey and many others.   BA

C154 Pleasure Palace (73) aka: Corrupted - Love develops between a young woman employee and a customer at a very unusual photo shop. The store in question invites men in to take pictures of naked women. When the store owner tries to use his photo shop to blackmail the young lovers, their united front thwarts him.... Rare Canadian made sleaze drama - F.L.

S187 Pleasure Palace (75) Phillipe and Esther live a good life.  He encourages open marriage and it backfires when he becomes jealous.  LBX- Subs

C455 Private Lives of Adam and Eve, The (59) If you were Catholic 50 years ago, you were told to avoid this exploitation fantasy! People trapped in a storm all have the same dream of the fairy tale "The Garden of Eden". Mickey Rooney is "The Devil", Martin Milner is Adam and Mamie Van Doren is Eve!  Also look for a 17 year old Tuesday Weld, Paul Anka and many more!

F772 Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You (70) A simple story about a man and a woman, a woman and a woman.... Trashy and incoherent but very colorful and entertaining in a debauched way. Look quickly for an un-credited Janet Agren. With Ian McShane.  BA

S183 Quest of the Sex: Rumble in the Woman's Empire (03) (I will let this foreign guy’s review describe this one!  It’s just too funny to not use!) “West, her students Suen and Chu have to pass through Women's Empire and visit the King, Kam. Kam's sister Ann knew if suck the horny water from West would become powerful. Ann told West try to assault her and put them in the jail. Kam offer to set them free, but West have to marry her. West agrees about that, in fact they want to escape in the mess. When they escape, Ann kidnaps West and sucks her horny water. It makes Ann become powerful, West has sex with Suen, Suen becomes powerful and fights with Ann….” Sleazy soft sex from Japan with lots of geisha styled girls taking it all off and having sex with each other and/or the goofy horny guys around.  Brilliant colors and with English Subs too!  

Y98 Rate it X (86) Anti-male statement made by two pissed off feminists depicting almost every male as despicable garbage as they interview perverts and men that are more than happy to reveal their sexual state of mind. The contempt for males is evident. The film, an interesting statement of hate by women that are bewildered by testosterone.  

Y801 Red Light Girls, The (74) aka: Prostituzione - Rino Di Silvestro directed this sleazy fun. Krista Nell, Maria Fiore...more  BA

F244 Return of the Secret Society (68) aka: Babette - Join Babette as she narrates her lesbian encounters.  Lots of awkward softcore groping.   With some trashy trailers thrown in for good measure.

C473 Room of Words, The (90) aka: La Stanza della parole  Sometimes misconceived as a Joe D'Amato film, this soft core cheapie from Italy is an inspired alteration of "Henry and June" with Martine Brochard in the Anais Nin role, and a bit part by the ever gorgeous Laura Gemser. In English too with okay picture quality.

F72 Run Home Slow (65) After their criminal father is lynched , the Hagens find a treasure but wander, starving in the desert. The hate filled leader Nell (Mercedes McCambridge at her most outrageous) says "Son of a Bitch! , Jackass, Damn Fool and Hellnation!". Lynda Gaye Scott is the giggling idiot bride (with hair like a "mess of yellow worms crawling out of her skull").Cousin Rip is played by Gary Kent. Also the cartoonish idiot hunchback Kirby who has to kill the mule for dinner!   The biggest thing about this forgotten trash is Frank Zappa did the music!   Hear an early version of one of his best known songs "Duke of Prunes" and much more!   BA

C712 Run Virgin Run (70) aka: Die Jungfrauen von Bumshausen  West German sex comedy with lovely ladies galore. The opening sequence features many topless women! Lots of nudity!  BA

X251 Sandstone (76) A documentary about the open sexuality retreat called "Sandstone" in California. Maybe not so much Exploitative, but very interesting. This sexual retreat center closed without much fanfare in the early 80's. A bit of an experiment, couples gathered here to live in harmony. Clothing was optional, and  many people walk around in their birthday suits. The rules apply that sex is optional between any consenting adults at the center. There is tons of nudity, and some sexual situations, but it's all real, so we get lots of drama as people explain why this lifestyle works for them. One guy wants to split, but his wife is scoring so much she doesn't want to leave, and won't talk to him!  A different world before A.I.D.S., H.I.V. and 9/11.

Y785 Screwballs (83) Horny teenage boys are on a quest to see the prettiest, most virgin girl in school's boobs. It will be revenge because she is a real bitch!   Another film you won't see made anytime soon.  BA

C142 Secret French Prostitution Report (69) aka: Dossier Prostitution  aka: Girls For Pleasure - Lots of nudity in this French made expose on the world's oldest profession. Crispy clear and nice location shooting enhance the view as well. Very nice sleaze! LBX - In French language so F.L.

F686 Seduction (73) aka: La Seduzione - A man reunites with his ex-lover (Lisa Gastoni) but can't resist the temptation from her 15 year old daughter's advances either. Double lucky for him.... until his lover finds out. With Jenny Tamburi and Maurice Ronet. LBX - F.L.

X800 Seduction of Angela, The (86) aka: Dolce pelle di Angela   Andrea Bainchi directed this sexploiter!  Naive, orphaned Maiden Angela, all grown up, leaves her small town for 19th century London and gets a job in a brothel...

C826 Seed of Innocence (80)  aka: Teen Mothers - Teenagers fall in love, have a child, and escape from their families in an attempt to make a life for themselves in New York City.  Tim Wead, T.K.  Carter, Mary Cannon and Vincent Schiavelli (playing a guy pretty much like his "Cuckoo's Nest" role)  star.  Also look for William Sanderson as a knife swinging scumbag that tries to rob a diner!

Y239 Seven Dangerous Females (78) aka: Sette ragazze di classe   Hot Janet Agren and Naduiska are just part of a group of sexy dames who have decided to use sex to bribe and embarrass as many men as they can until they get rich. Funny and obscure Sexploiter - the women are amazing.... LBX - BA

S440 Sex at the Olympics (72) aka: The Shining Coeds - I don't want to get drool on the keyboard talking about the women in this.  Which is entirely possible.  Christina Lindberg, Ingrid Steeger and Ulrike (Veil of Blood) Butz are just some of the beauties involved here.  Beautiful young women having the sexual time(s) of their lives in this highly erotic softcore film.  Great stuff! In German and LBX so F.L.  - BA

C559 Sex O'clock U.S.A. (76) Rare French made mondo-type about sex American style, takes a look at the making of porn flicks, live homosexual stage shows, tours of sex shops, fetishes, and even a tour through a dildo factory.  - In French language, sorry no Subs

Y99 Sex: The Annabel Chong Story (99) The "251 men in 10 hours gang banged chick" and her story. Disturbing, sordid, creepy... you name it.....

S172 Sexpot (88) aka: Naczynie rozkoszy  A woman marries wealthy men, then arranges for them to have accidental deaths.  What a frackun' bitch!  She is Sexy though.  Maybe it's worth it.  Ruth Collins stars and look for a small role from Troy Donahue. 

S543 She'll Follow You Anywhere (71) aka: Passion Potion  Scent designers Mike Carter (Kenneth Cope) and Alan Simpson (Keith Barron) stumble upon a fragrance that's an aphrodisiac to ladies.  After drenching themselves in the love potion, Mike and Alan become sex magnets for every woman in sight!  Wait until their wives find out! 

Y418 Shotgun Wedding (63) Mudcat Landing: Population: 47 - Obscure trash tale about child brides in the Ozarks played straight. With William Schallert as the Minister. Ed Wood wrote this. Unfortunate though, a wicked static buzz on the audio. Picture is good.

X186 Sin (70) aka: The Beloved  aka: Restless  - Raquel Welch again!  When a man returns to a Greek island, he searches out his lost (Raquel) love, who is now married to his best friend!  She is unsatisfied in her relationship and soon is making it with her old flame like a wild bitch in heat. Moral consequences unfold with knife and axe!  Raquel doesn't reveal all, but almost, and she's never looked better, even if she wished this film was off her resume. BA

X963 Sixpack Annie (75) Lindsay (H.O.T.S.) Bloom is the sexy titular title broad with huge nice assets and this pop-top princess is on the make for a Sugar Daddy so she can save the family restaurant. Lowbrow joke after lowbrow joke country bumpkin hijinks of the lowest order!  Great Redneck cinema!  BA

C97 Skidoo (68) aka: It Takes Two to Skidoo  Jackie Gleason, Frankie Avalon, Frank Gorshin, John Phillip Law, Peter Lawford, George Raft, Burgess Meredith, Mickey Rooney, Groucho Marx, Slim Pickens, Richard Kiel, Harry Nilsson....more. One of the trippiest flicks to come out of the 60's! With some great colorful hippie culture versus Conservative Asshole types. Jackie Gleason's acid trip will have you in stitches! Groucho smokes a joint with a roach clip in a hippie sailboat!  BA

X311 Slave to Desire (84) aka: L’ Esclave du désir, innocente et pervertie  Fantastic French Sexploitation film directed by Jean-Luc Brunet  BA 

F952 Slaves of Love (69) After getting shipwrecked on a small island full of Amazon-type women, two guys realize their new life is being the sex toys of these women, and that maybe things could have been worse.  Beatings, shootings and softcore sex.  BA

C705 Sock It To Me Baby (68) A bored couple separately seduces young girls, when the husband becomes obsessed with and begins to pamper a young neighbor, with disastrous results.

Y251 Soft Beds, Hard Battles (74) aka: Undercovers Hero   Peter Sellers plays six roles (including Hitler) in this WW2 based sex comedy set in a whorehouse. The type of humor includes death by flatulence.

S449 Story of Life, The (48) aka: The Story of Reproduction   When a seemingly innocent cute couple visits the doctor, they find out she is knocked up by somebody else, and he has V.D.!  Crazy graphic clinical sexual and birth footage follows in this, one of the most notorious Exploitation titles ever!  With Wanda (Voodoo Man) McKay!

F919 Streetwalkin’ (85) aka: City Streets  aka: Cookie  Yesterday she was in High School....  But tonight she is a Times Square Hooker! Cookie (Melissa Leo) and her young brother flee from home and find the city far worse as she begins working for a ruthless pimp played by Dale Midkiff.   BA

C240 Stripper, The (63) aka: Woman of Summer   Lila Green (Joanne Woodward) is an insecure and aging showgirl for Madame Olga's stage shows. When her boyfriend, Rick (Robert Webber), runs off with the shows money, Madame Olga (Gypsy Rose Lee) and Ronny let Lila go. Lila goes to stay with her old neighbors, Helen Bard and her teenage son, Kenny. Lila decides to go out and get a regular job and try and live a normal life. All seem well until, Lila and Kenny stop fighting their attraction for one another.... Also stars Carol Lynley and Michael J. Pollard  BA

C702 Suburban Wives (71) Seven stories of marital infidelity, told from the woman's point of view. British sexploitation from director Derek Ford.

X191 Summer Sins (80) German sex comedy about female agent assassins that screw and shoot their victims (the victims being male agents). We get stilettos, leather bikinis, nudity (so ever important !) and lots of sexy girls! Can't go wrong here. In German language, easy to follow - BA

X830 Sunny-Boy and Sugar Baby (79) aka: She's 19 and Ready! -  Ekkehardt Belle and Sabine Wollin - Sexploiter in German. A young woman, just turning 19, is ready for anything, including fulfilling her sex fantasies. Over seas disco band "Ghenhis Khan" performs. Nudity and bad music ! F.L.

C265 Swamp Country (66) In a small southern swamp town, a local girl is found murdered. A young California man passing through town is blamed...  Swamp country, moonshine and murder classic. You'll feel like you are there!

C264 Swamp Girl (71) A little blonde girl is left by her parent's in the swamps and is rescued by a black man she calls her 'Pa" With Simone Griffeth  BA

S625 Swedish Lessons in Love (73) aka: Teenager Report  aka: Die ganz jungen Mädchen  - Four tales of sex for you!   An old art teacher that seduces his teen students!   Margaret has the hots for a fellow student and will lay him at any costs!   A teenage stud reveals his secret to seducing women!   More!   Nudity sleaze sex trash from the 'School Girl' realm of fun sexploitation!   In English too!   BA

S221 Sweet Ecstasy (62) aka: Douce violence  aka: Violent Ecstasy   Doom laden view of the wanton lifestyle featuring young and incredibly sexy Bardot clone Elke Sommer.  Cool locales and jazzy soundtrack add to the atmosphere.  LBX and in English.  BA

Y15 Sweet Georgia (72) aka: Le ranch des passions  Marsha Jordon as a nympho that will have sex with anyone except her fat lumpy husband. Her horniness gets her in major trouble though and things get brutal at the end. This Soft core Redneck Sexploiter is worth the time. They sure don't make 'em like this anymore.

Y164 Sweet Hot Lisa (80) aka: Dolce Calda Lisa - Near hardcore sexploiter with Claudia Rocchi and directed by Adriano Cesari - F.L.

Y443 Swinger, The (66) An authoress (Ann-Margret) writes a steaming sex-novel and proceeds to live out her heroine's adventures.... Ann Margaret and Anthony Franciosa  BA

9056 Switch or How to Alter Your Ego, The (74) A shy, withdrawn female scientist invents a formula that turns her into a horny, oversexed nymphomaniac!  Joe W. Sarno the man usually responsible for erotic horror films turns on the camp with hot Rebecca Brooke and Jennifer Welles (who both starred together in "Confessions of a Young American Housewife"!)  The over-the-top exaggerated sex scenes must be seen! Close to hard-core, but not quite. This one's pretty obscure, get it, now! BA

S174 Takin' It Off (85) Kitten Natividad strips and shakes her huge boobies and there is this sloshing sound as if some sound guy is swishing milk in a balloon offstage.  Ashley St.  Jon is 'Sin'.  You bet she is.  You will know just from the last descriptive lines if this sweet garbage is for you.  I'm in!  Oscar worthy material here, for sure!   BA

F557 Teenage Crime Wave (55) Delinquents engage in armed robbery, hostage taking,  jailbreaks and more..... LBX  BA

C981 Teenage Hitchhikers (75)  Chris (Confessions of a Young American Housewife)  Jordan, Sandra (Last House on the Left)  Cassel.  Tagline: Ride Us!  For the Time of Your Life!  Hey, I'm not gonna' argue.  Anybody have a time machine I can maybe borrow for a month?  BA

F780 Teenage Intimacies, The (73) aka: Intimate Teenagers  aka: Schlüsselloch-Report   - "Big" Sally Stroke, Cherry Pye and Jacques Killy star in this sex romp through the lives of teen vixens.. Lotsa' nudity and sex in this German Sleaze classic. In English too!   BA

C93 Teenage Tramp (73) aka: Adventures of a Teenage Tramp  Important stuff here, hippie chick slut trash exploitation from the 70's. Cool photography, hip 70's clothes, halter tops, drama, hippie bongos and jam sessions, dope smoking.... sex and nudity. Hey! Let's go back!  BA

C716 Telephone Book, The (71) After getting a call from the world's greatest obscene phone caller, a woman (Sarah Kennedy) goes on a quest to find him for she is now in love with him (he's that good !).

C681 Three the Hard Way (74) A white racist plot to taint the water supply with a deadly toxin fatal only to black people is challenged by Jimmy (Jim Brown), Jagger (Fred Williamson) and Mister Keyes (Jim Kelly). Also with Sheila Frazier, Alex Rocco, Corbin Bernson (in his very first credited role) and look for Roberta Collins (R.I.P.) in a small part as well!   BA

S616 Tight Fit (79) aka: Amanti miei  Cindy finds her fiancé Sergio in bed with a teenage hitchhiker he picked up.  She leaves and goes out to have sex with as many people as she can to get revenge.  Hot sex scenes with Cindy Leadbetter.  Uncut-Ultra-Hot version. 

C719 Together (71) aka: Sensual Paradise   Sean S. Cunningham directed this one, and he used the profits to finance "The Last House on the Left". That alone makes this naked commune hippie nudie an essential puzzle piece to splat-art history. Not only that, but Marilyn Chambers is in this, and after the Mitchell Brothers saw this film they called her up and hired here to do "Behind the Green Door" which quite effectively launched her career!  What you get here is basically the Love generation before it fizzled out, this is not in English though sorry. Import version. F.L.

X475 Together? (79) aka: I Love You, I Love You Not  aka: Amo non amo    In a resort town near Rome, Louise (Jacqueline Bisset) attempts to cope with her divorce, a new career, and John (Maximilian Schell), a boyfriend who is not much of an improvement on the husband she left behind. She has a demanding son, a demanding career, a demanding lover, and makes some impossible demands on herself....  Jacqueline Bissett stars - BA

C708 Tonight for Sure (61) aka: Wide Open Spaces  An unlikely pair meet up at a strip-joint and plot to blow it sky high. This early trash flick was directed by Francis Ford Coppola! Jack Hill also helped out on this one. Lots of strippers!

F816 Too Soon To Love (60) aka: Teenage Lovers   Teen love sex-scare film. There is one great sequence inside an abortion clinic, which was shot to look like a horror film and actually manages to be just as creepy as the majority of horror films out in that period. Jack Nicholson has a small role as a hot-rodder.  BA

C813 Train Station Pickups (79)  aka: Die Schulmädchen vom Treffpunkt Zoo  Various teenagers hang around the train station scoring drugs and selling their bodies.  It has a gritty realistic feeling, half hazard dealing with drug abuse, but not to be taken seriously.  Combining "Porky's" styled locker room humor and prostitution.  Sleazy and fun trash now upgraded, uncut, in English and LBX.  BA

C859 Turkish Delight (73)  aka: Turks fruit   Rutger Hauer is Eric, a chronic woman-chaser and sculptor, whose wife is dying of a brain tumor.  Fairly explicit soft sex scenes combined with violent daydreams of killing, violence and blood.  From Director Paul (Starship Troopers)  Verhoeven.  A Dutch Masterpiece, "Love Story" on steroids!  Full male and female nudity.   LBX - Subs  BA

X768 Under-Graduate Girls (75) aka: The Teasers - Loredana is a schoolgirl who takes advantage of her fellow students and teachers by using her innocent schoolgirl beauty. Nice looking women, Gloria Guida, Ilona Staller (Cicciolina), more... LBX and in English!   BA

F817 Unwed Mother (58) Another sex scare film!  A young, sweet girl from the country (Norma Moore) moves to L.A. with her mother and meets a young man (Robert Vaughn) who she thinks is just perfect. That is until she gets pregnant and he's on his way to jail…. Hilarious!  BA

C806 Valet Girls (87)  A young girl that aspires to a singing career gets herself and her best friend a job as valet parking girls at a Malibu party in order to meet people who can help them achieve their dreams.  Idealistic Feminist drivel...ahhh yes...  but somewhat amusing and colorful all the same.

S28 Virgin in the Family, A (75) aka: Eine Jung Frau in Blue Jeans - But not for long!  Gianna Dei, Femi Benussi and others star in this Italian made trashy classic.   In German LBX with no Subs so F.L.  -   BA

F718 Vow of Chastity (76) aka: Voto di castità   A grotesque dark sex comedy written by George (Anthropophagous) Eastman and directed by Joe D'Amato! A young man is afraid of sex, and his family keeps trying to get him laid!  F.L.

Y857 Weekend with the Babysitter (71) aka: Weekend Babysitter   A middle aged guy falls for the sexy young babysitter. Sex, Drugs, Nudity, Booze, Lesbians.... Man, I am so there! Tom Laughlin, (Billy Jack himself!) directs this somewhat serious but always fun time capsule.  BA

C711 What's Up Superdoc? (78) Another British sex comedy!  Lots of Sexy Brit Birds as is the usual for this type. Look for Mary Millington in a cameo....

C814 White Slavers (72)  aka: The Girl Traders  aka: Die Mädchenhändler  - Sleaze ball guys kidnap and traffic beautiful women.  Classic sexploiter made in Switzerland.  LBX and in English too!  Many luscious beauties featured, may encourage you to take up slaving yourself! 

C140 Wife Swapping: French Style (71) aka: La Débauche ou les amours buissonières -  Alice Arno, Michel Lemoine - French language skin flick on a big budget with lots of nudity and sexual situations. Surprising,  Very Graphic Near - Hardcore sex, lots of colorful location shooting, fantastic mod styles and the girls are drop-dead gorgeous too with Denyse Roland and Ursule Pauly from Jean Rollins "The Nude Vampire". Alice Arno has a small role, but as a bonus, there is a hot as hell bonus lesbian scene with her (that was cut) after the main feature. Great stuff!  F.L. 

S511 Wild Life, The (84) Nice and sleazy fun with (drug casualty) Chris Penn (It's Casual!), Eric Stoltz, Lea Thompson, Randy Quaid and more in a hilarious party/sex comedy that features a in your face bouncing strip tease by mammoth hooter queen Kitten Natividad (other strippers bare all as well), and lots of incredibly UNPC behavior.  Don't you miss the 80's? With a really cool guitar driven soundtrack by Eddie Van Halen mixed in with rock songs of the time how can you not become immersed back into the era?  BA

Y839 Working Girls, The (74) aka: Elvira Naked - Not sure who retitled this trashy slice of cheesecake, but hey Cassandra Peterson does indeed ditch the duds and lets loose that famous set of hooters. Hell, that alone is worth the price of admission!  BA

X220 Young Graduates, The (71) Patricia Wymer, Steven Stewart, Bruno Kirby and Dennis Christopher star. Fantastic Sex Comedy from a much simpler time when the country wasn't so friggin' uptight, and girls were individually sexy, not looking like carbon cutouts  BA

S332 Young Seducers 2 (72) aka: Blutjunge Verführerinnen 2  More sexual madcap action with Ingrid Steeger and many others who get involved in funny sex scenes in eye-popping style!   LBX and in English language!  

S331 Young Seducers, The (71) aka: Blutjunge Verführerinnen  The budding sexual urges of young women get them in trouble.  Lots of nudity!   Ingrid Steeger, is one of the many naked babes in this one.  In English!   Slight LBX




C408 19 Women and a Man (??) Brazilian trash flick about a bus load of women that are kidnapped by thugs. One of them is a nun!  Fun garbage...F.L.

Y244 7000 Days Together (94) aka: Sieta mil dias juntos  aka: Long Life Together  A mortician (who works with a necrophiliac friend that offers some priceless dialogue situations) falls for a young woman and plans the murder of his frigid and quite mad wife (using his morgue talents to dispose of the body). Things go well until his wife (who is also a witch) manages to gain the ultimate revenge.....Trashy and very dark comedy.... LBX - Subs

S243 A Little Less Living: The Inglorious Zombie Bastards (08) Shot in English comes this, yet another in the 'zombie comedy' vein.  Some truly laugh out loud moments, gore and zombie encounters, and redneck dope smoking militant types battling the zombies as well.  LBX and with foreign Subs but the dialog is in English language.

C972 A Scream in the Streets (73)  Two cops track down a serial killer rapist in this bottom of the barrel low-budget classic.  +  Evolution of Snuff (78)  Wes Craven, Roman Polanski and others discuss film in this German made (but in English)  documentary (also listed elsewhere in catalog as a single offering). BA

F875 Absolute Punishment: The Ultimate Death Experience Part 2 (98) Another Extreme Death tape! Let the nightmares begin!

F830 Achtung! The Desert Tigers (77) aka: Kaput lager - gli ultimi giorni delle SS  Nudity, Whippings, Castration and more in this fun Ilsa type Nazi sleaze. This is no masterpiece, but entertaining sludge all the same. With Richard Harrison, Gordon Mitchell and Lea (Rabid Dogs) Landers. In English too!

F585 Act of Aggression (75) aka: L'agression  Road rage makes a guy yell at some bikers. They track him down and assault and murder his wife, and cause the death of his daughter as well. Later he hooks up with Catherine Denevue. The police are incompetent. He needs revenge. All of this over a bit of name calling!   Shows how some people are quick with violence over simple words. In English, and when they speak French, English Subs appear. Cool flick. LBX 

C837 Act of Revenge (89)  aka: La Puritana - Helmet Berger, Gabriele Tinti, Margit Newton.  F.L.

F657 Adult Animation Shorts (various)  Crazzeeee SHORTS from God Knows where, including claymation, tripped out madness......some 70's.... Lots more!!

Y296 Adulteress, The (73) Pre- 3X Large Tyne Daly, and Eric (Young and the Restless Victor dude) Braedan Star. They have an affair on a farm behind her older husband's back (this old farmer has no lead in his pencil). Incredibly bad trashy fun, especially the sex scene atop a horse (incredible balance on display here!). Well, of course we are headed towards "Postman Always Rings Twice" territory. Fun garbage. BA

S529 Adventure (09) A woman embarks on a series of graphic erotic sexual encounters and becomes involved with a student of psychoanalysis who offers to put her under hypnosis to see what makes her tick.  Another idiosyncratic philosophical meditation on the enigmas of female sexuality.  Pretentious smut for highbrows, a dirty old man's fantasies come to life or a profound and daring exploration of societies sexual taboos?  Look, me thinks it's been over thought.  Well made sleaze with naked sexy women!  Next!  In French with English Subs

X197 African Thrills (78) aka: Jungle Erotic - Brigitte Deslages and Aude Lecocq star - Together they adventure in the jungle. They have a car that goes over water as well as land. When it breaks down in the wild they have various adventures. The blonde lead likes to run around naked in the jungle a lot! In one erotic scene, a curious chimp seems to want in on the action. Lots of wildlife footage, a large snake attack, natives, nudity and sleaze, and all shot on location too!  BA 

F621 Alapaap (84) aka: Clouds - Filipino Horror - A film-maker and his friends are haunted by the ghost of a girl who was assaultd and killed. Plenty of sex, some violence including assault, supernatural occurrences bizarre Filipino jam-band (in the first part) and more.... F.L.

Y440 Alcove, The (84) aka: L'alcova  aka: La Retape  An English soldier (Cliver) returns home from the Zulu war with the daughter of a tribal king (Laura Gemser) as his slave (a gift that he was given for "saving" the kings life)....  Laura Gemser, Al Cliver and Lilli Carati - Twisted art-house erotica from Joe D'Amato  BA

X692 Alien 2: On the Earth (80) aka: Alien 2 - Sulla terra  Low-budget Italian made film about a space module that returns to earth with aliens instead of astronauts. Provides some gory moments for those involved.

S638 Alien from the Deep (89) aka: Alien degli abissi  Two young environmentalists venture to an island resort to battle against a chemical plant company that dumps its barrels of radioactive waste straight into an active volcano…. Fun monster movie with cool creature FX from director Antonio Marghereti. Charles Napier is Colonel Kovacks. A great print direct from Import disc. In English too!  BA

X358 Alive or Die (06) Extremely gory and creepy abortion horrors. In one scene a woman is arranging almost full term fetus corpses into a garbage bag so they will fit, and dragging it across the floor (it's too heavy!). But something even more horrible is going on in this clinic. The female doctor is quite vicious, and quite mad, and if you get stuck on her gurney, being pregnant is the least of your troubles! She also has a secret room where she keeps dead babies in jars. Not for the faint-hearted. I declare this the FIRST "Psycho-Killer Abortion Doctor" movie ever!  F.L.

S437 All About Anna (05) aka: When Johan Came Knocking   Lars Von Trier was behind the scenes of this Danish XXX film that features Redemption Spokesperson Eileen Daly (also from 'Razorblade Smile') in XXX scenes!  Also of course Gry Bay as Anna, who moves to the big city and has sex with various partners.  In English too!   BA

C963 All Cheerleaders Die (99)  Campy Gory Unreleased splatter in the "Scream" school of thought.  It has become a sought after cult film. 

Y328 All the Devil's Angels (78) aka: The Psychiatrist   British/American Satanic Horror and Sex film!  In an insane asylum, a number of horny female patients think they are possessed by the devil!  Creepy elements and sleaze combine for one hell of a good time!

X835 Amazon Revenge: Revenge for my Sister (05) Here's some odd stuff. Naked lesbians battle, clad in warrior attire, but mainly butt naked, with swords and knives, usually culminating in one of the woman stabbing the other. Blood, tons of nudity, and, since this is not in English, there are English Subtitles. Also with a trailer for the similarly themed 'The Amazon Arena'. 

X836 Amazon Rituals (0?) Looks like 3 Similar styled short films this time out!  First 'Titanium: Quest for a Queen'  then 'Joanne Jones and the Map of the Amazons', finally 'Queen of the Amazons'. No high-brow treatments here but cheap soft-core trash with plenty of nudity. Unlike 'Amazon Revenge' this bunch has no Subtitles, but are they even needed?  Lots of fun ! F.L.

C10-C381 Amazoness in White (97) aka: Hakui no amazonesu  Hot and Sexy Kung Fu Nurses are after an evil old guy that has invented pills that make people explode!  One Super Cool scene has a guy forced to swallow a handful of these pills and we get to see his head and face explode. This is achieved with awesome old-school bladder FX.  Another has a guy's tongue expand to 3 times normal as he gags in agony. Brutal violence and Nudity help fill the bill. - LBX - F.L.

X674 Ambulance, The (05) aka: Ambulancen   Two brothers rob a bank to have enough money to get their cancer-ridden mother to a private clinic in Germany, where she could possibly be saved.  They attempt to escape in an ambulance which endangers the lives of the two hostages (a nurse and a patient) they take.  Denmark lensed action thriller/ drama ...

S120 American Nightmare (83) A Canadian Giallo?  I think so!  Musician Eric Blake (Lawrence Day), is trying to find his runaway sister who has disappeared into the sleazy world of drugs and whores in Toronto.  In the meantime, a slasher is on the loose hunting hookers.  BA

4204 Amoklauf (94) Before Uwe Boll became the Hollywood horror director he is today, he made this grim serial killer flick. Unsettling and gory this is the story of a lonely man that watches porn and Faces of Death type videos and masturbates. Finally he goes bonkers and murders his pretty neighbor. He's gone insane and begins his reign of slaughter. Very dark and disturbing, and there is XXX in this so be warned. + Les Corps De Chasse (82)   See description of this sick and twisted film in XXX section.

F641 Anaconda Frightened (08) Hungry Hopping Vampire-guy must be neutralized. The only thing that can stop him is an anaconda!   LBX - F.L.  BA 

F586 Analbolyzer (99) A married man at the gym falls for a gal that has a boyfriend that likes to drug women and make them murderers. This is an Italian made horror/thriller with ample nudity. LBX and with English Subs too!  

C588 Ancient Chinese Whorehouse (94) aka: Qing lou shi er fang  A young woman is sold into prostitution to pay off their debts. The young lady just can't relax and give in, so her new handlers throw her into a tub of eels!  Things get crazier..... LBX - Subs

C208 Angel and the Woman, The (77) aka: L’ Ange et la femme  Bizarre Kafka-esque dark fantasy film about the resurrection of a murdered woman by an angel. Striking bleak, stark and sparse  winter-countryside photography all shot in black and white. With Carol Laure - Subs

Y104 Angel Mine (78) A young and affluent couple become fatally entangled in their own wish-fulfillment world....  Derek Ward and Jennifer Redford

C608 Annihilators, The (85) aka: Action Force   Satisfying "Death Wish" vigilante-type. Ex-soldier calls in his Nam buddies to exterminate street scum that seem to have taken over a fellow soldier's town. They enlist the aid of the citizenry, train them to fight, and start wiping out the bad guys. Grab a beer and cheer on the deaths!  With Christopher Stone, Gerrit Graham, Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs, Paul Koslo and more. BA

F690 Aoom (70) aka: La muñeca asesina   Another rare fantastic film from director Gonzalo Suarez. With Lex Barker, Teresa Gimpera, Craig Hill and Fernando Rey. F.L.  (Part 2 is El Genio Tranquilo see below)

C919 Arcane Sorcerer, The (96)  aka:  L’ Arcano incantatore   Pupi Avati directs.  A seminary student, is convicted by the Papal State of seducing a young girl (no his name is not Roman!).  He is forced to flee and takes refuge with an excommunicated Priest.  The Priest however, is into the Black Arts, and he drags our student into horror he never knew existed.  Now with SUBS

X837 Archer Part 2, The (90's) Alex is a go-go dancer who murders a customer and faces death at the hands of his brother… Tina Krause - Low-budget gore/horror

Y283 Atomica (98) In Spanish with English Subs - Porn star Foxy Roxy seeks new drug "Blue Ice" that promises 6 hours of atomic powered orgasmic sex. Drugs, gangster behavior, action and sex.... The opening credits are like a Russ Meyer movie. The women throughout the film are all horny and gorgeous. LBX - Subs

S558 Atomik Circus (04) aka: The Return of James Battle   A stuntman is imprisoned for accidental destruction of his fiancée's father's bar. He escapes and goes looking for her and finds obstacles. For a start, starfish-like creatures decapitate drunk revelers and face-sucking aliens abound. Incredible gore-sci-fi-wasteland-comedy-musical featuring aforementioned deluxe decapitations, nifty alien FX and a gore-soaked climax. With hot as hell French actress Vanessa Paradis (she sings in a band and plays guitar) and Benoit (Man Bites Dog) Poelvoorde. LBX - BA

X840 Atrocity Exhibition, The (00) Effectively captures the J.G. Ballard novel. Forces the viewer to re-think the art of film. Merging themes of sex, celebrity, architecture, and modern consumer society. This film may just blow your mind.

Y511 Attack of the CockFace Killer (02) “A heartwarming tale of a special young man and his sexual frustrations”  gore/comedy with a bit of hard x stuff.....

Y652 Autopsia 2 (02) Brazilian Autopsy footage. The opening has a dead guy getting his head peeled like an orange. Then his brain is removed. Of course this is just the beginning. Man, this is gross stuff. Another perfect reason you should be cremated. When you are dead, it may not matter, but dead or not, being carved up like a Thanksgiving turkey seems a little too abusive to me! Not to mention the opportunistic necrophiles in the profession out there who do God knows what behind closed doors..... F.L.

C380 Azami the Punisher (98) Azami spends her days as a tattoo artist who's in charge of her own parlor, but she also has another side. She is the punisher of evils that have gone beyond the usual laws of society…. A friend was murdered and chopped up in a snuff film. There is hell to pay!  She gets a huge tattoo on her back and starts kicking ass!  Rough Japanese thriller  In Japanese but easy to follow.  A former Miss Japan, Naoko Kamishirato, tattooed and nude in provocative scenes in her first starring role...F.L.

Y179 Bad Brains (06) David and his fiancé Alice aren't two simple serial killers. They are looking for something inside the bodies of their victims, which forms the mystery of the story. They will continue to kill until they find what they are looking for. Things get weirder when they meet a guy that knows things about their past, and has no fear of them... Some crazy stuff here for sure... LBX - F.L.

P190 Bad Timing: A Terrifying Love Story (80) aka: Bad Timing: A Sensual Obsession   A young American woman is brought to a hospital (in Vienna) after overdosing on pills, apparently in a suicide attempt. A police detective suspects foul play on the part of her lover, an American psychology professor. As doctors try to save her life, the detective interrogates the professor, and through flashbacks we see the events leading up to the woman's overdose... Psychology of sexual obsession artistically exposed.  With Art Garfunkel, Theresa Russell and Harvey Keitel - Uncut U.K.  print.  LBX - BA

S29 Balsamus (70) aka: Blood Relations  aka: Balsamus l'uomo di Satana   - Rare Pupi Avati directed horror (this being the second film of his career).  Grotesque Bordello of Nightmares! LBX - F.L.

X952 Ban the Sadist Videos (05) Excellent in-depth analysis of the "Video Nasty" scandal of the early 80's in Great Britain. With interviews from many of the directors that were in hot water during that era, like Ruggero Deodato, and many more. Essential. +  Fear, Panic and Censorship (00) Rare documentary about Video Nasties, film and video and internet censorship in the U.K.

X953 Ban the Sadist Videos Part Two (06) An investigation of U.K. video censorship after the video recording act was introduced.

S95 Banquete Das Taras (82) A caped man sacrifices women to his vampiric ancestor-father in a decaying mansion, with the help of a hunchback.  They drain the blood from naked women and drink from a goblet of gore.  Afterwards the women's bodies are transformed into white statues to be put in the garden.  Bizarre Brazilian Vampire film with lots of nudity and satanic situations.  F.L.

C463 Barry McKenzie Holds His Own (74) Australian outback "Booze and Broads" outrageousness! Vampire Count Plasma (Donald Pleasance) kidnaps McKenzie's Aunt, because he thinks she is the Queen of England ! He plans on siphoning out her blood and selling it! McKenzie has a cross made from Beer cans to do battle with! Numerous sight gags are either sexist, racist, or both! Cans of Fosters are opened with regularity!  A must see Aussie classic!  BA

P246 Beast in Space (80)  aka: La Bestia nello spazio   XXX version LBX and now with Subs of this "La Bete" type sci-fi variation with Sirpa Lane

S534 Beau Pere (81) When a woman is killed in a car crash, she leaves a husband, and a 14 year old daughter from a previous marriage behind.  As the stepfather and the beautiful young nymphet share their grief under the same roof the girl displays a maturity unfitting a 14 year old, taking on the responsibilities her mother took care of.  They grapple with the issues and the taboo of potential disaster.  The guy that plays the father (Patrick Dewarre) blew his brains out with a rifle a couple years after this came out.  Perfect quality in French with English Subs.  BA

8990 Bedroom, The (92) aka: Uwakizuma: Chijokuzeme  In an underground Tokyo club called "The Bedroom', the female clientele are drugged into a trance-like state, and are subjected to different styles of bizarre fetishistic sex by the male customers. - BA

Y228 Belt, The (89) James Russo and Eleonora Brigliadori as a couple with obsessive sexual compulsions. She buys him a belt so he can beat her before sex. Pretty soon, it's the only way he can get it up. - BA

X821 Bestialita (77) Euro-Trash written by George Eastman!  A degenerate girl gets it with a dog and older guys.... Pretty sick and offensive, but what would you expect from 'The Grim Anthropophagous' himself?  LBX and in Italian so F.L.

C591 Beyond Love and Evil (71) aka: Desade 76 - aka: The Philosophy of the Bedroom  aka: Philosophie dans le boudoir  - A young man chases a woman into a mansion of perversion only to find she loves a lifestyle of debauchery! This is one TWISTED film here as you get orgies with snakes and animals moving around, women abused in dungeons, inter-racial sex (no big deal, but shocking when this was filmed), women being hunted down in the woods by dogs, people dressed up in bizarre outfits, a mad rapist and a woman pleasuring herself with a squid and live fish and other perverse images. Shock Cinema magazine has proclaimed this film as "The Citizen Kane of sex films" and for good reason! Soft core perversion at the highest level of depravity!

Y508 Birds 2: Land's End, The (94) Birds go berserk and eat eyeballs out of their victims. Love that chewy goodness!  Tippi Hedren - BA

S592 Birthday, The (04) What the hell?  Corey Feldman and Jack Taylor in a bizarre horror flick!  Corey is a guy very much in love with his girlfriend. He attends her father's birthday party and discovers a sect preparing  for the birth of the god it worships. Real oddity here with Lovecraftian flavors and touches of Lynch. Offbeat, colorful and well done Spanish flick shot in English and maybe one of the coolest things this Corey has ever been involved in. BA

C882 Bitter Harvest (93)  Patsy Kensit and Jennifer Rubin star in this country-erotic-thriller.  Oh, a couple Baldwin's too. 

Y696 Bittersweet Life, A (05) aka: Dalkomhan insaeng   Another breathtaking gangster/revenge movie from South Korea. Mind-numbingly violent fun LBX and with Subs

C592 Bizarre (87) aka: Profumo  A wealthy woman and her lover turn the tables on her perverse abusive husband whose sex games have gotten way out of hand! Their plan is seduction, deceit and murder!  With Florence Guerin.

S519 Black Emmanuelle (75) aka: Emanuel Siyah Intikam  aka: Emanuelle Nera  Special XXX version in English!!!!  People are trying to sell cut VHS releases of this film on Amazon (as I write this) for $150.00 a pop!  Hey, whatever....  Let's clear this up once and for all!  Laura Gemser does not (did not) do hardcore!  This however does not stop her co-stars from baring all in full-bang extreme close-up!  Emmanuelle, a photo journalist, travels to Africa and has many erotic experiences.  Toss all other copies, this is the only one you will ever need!  BA

X196 Black Love (74) aka: L’ Homme qui voulait violer le monde  Jose Benzaref directs - Student Revolutionaries and their horny groupies! One of the black Revolutionaries goes bonkers and kills white Revolutionaries, and then robs their pockets!  As he strangles one guy, his mind flashes to KKK rallies, race riots and cross burnings!  Will he continue this killing spree, or ...what ? - Hey, there's group sex, lesbianism and plenty of nudity too! - BA

S36 Black Master, The (74) aka: Sexy Voodoo Erotica   Finally a nice print but still no Subs.  An odd mixture of various exploitation films, with supernatural voodoo magic, a lot of topless Karin Schubert, lots of interracial sex, an exotic holiday resort etc.  Reminds one of the Caribbean films of Joe D'Amato.  From director Osvaldo Civirani.  Hardcore version.  F.L.

C897 Black Rituals of Satanic Sex Cults (various)  Extreme and sick XXX compilation of loops with Satanic Orgies, Anus Worship, sexual possession by Satan and more!  Short titles include: Witch Sabbath, Lucifer's Lust and Cult of Sadists.  A horned and horny good time is had by all!  XXX

S25 Blastfighter (84) aka: L'exécuteur  Some say this is Lamberto Bava's best film.  What we have here is a bit of 'First Blood' mixed with 'Deliverance' with Michael (After the Fall of New York) Sopkiw as our hero.  He lives in a cabin in the woods and eventually has to deal with loads and loads of harassing redneck types.  George (Anthropophagous himself!) Eastman is the leader of the rednecks.  The violence is so over-the-top you will be cheering by the time the credits roll! Bava even recruited Billy Redden (the banjo playing kid from 'Deliverance') for a cameo! This is the Uncut LBX version, so pop open a cold one and enjoy!  BA

X476 Blind Fear (89) A blind employee (Shelly Hack) at a New England lodge (closed for the season) must fight to stay undetected by a gang of killers who have arrived after a robbery to use the place as a hide-out. - BA

S561 Blood Cake (71) aka: Cake of Blood  aka: Pastel de sangre  - Terror throughout history is profiled in this Spanish made anthology. With four stories!  The first: ‘Tarot’ in which a wandering knight is haunted by the corpse of a beautiful woman he found in a tomb. Next 'Victor Frankenstein', in which Victor sends his creation on a mission of death. Next 'Terror Amongst Christians' : In the dark times of Emperor Nero... Creepy and surreal atmosphere and vampires!  Last we have 'The Dance'. Romy (Vengeance of the Zombies) stars in this one. Abducted and bound by a weird henchman of some rich guy she is subjected to psychological tortures. This rare film comes ultra-letterboxed and with English Subs. BA

S119 Blood Ceremony (73) aka: Ceremonia Sangrienta - aka: Legend of Blood Castle - The Countess discovers that the blood of a maid can temporarily restore her youth.  I could write a page on this one, but there is no space.  Trust me, it's great!  This is a Spanish Horror classic, and one of the best ever made.  This would be a great double bill with 'Murder Mansion" for a night of scary Gothic Horror.  There, you have my recommendation for a great evening of terror!  Now finally LBX, in English language (with foreign subs at the bottom of the screen) BA

C21 Blood Reincarnation (74) aka: Yinyang jie  Cool Trilogy of Horror tales from Hong Kong. First story involves a woman who has a demonic baby that goes for the throat (It's Alive!). Next, a couple suffers a curse after causing an old man's death. Last, an executed man returns from the dead to point out his killer. Plenty bloody and gory for it's time. In Chinese with English Subs

S510 Blood Rose, The (70) aka: La rose écorchée   Sex and Horror!  Another entry in the 'mad scientist must restore destroyed wife's face' genre!  This time we get dwarfs who capture and imprison the girls for surgery and doom.  Medieval castle setting, exquisite and delectable women and more in this great French made horror Uncut and dubbed in English too!   BA

S605 Bloodstained Butterfly, The (74) aka: Una farfalla con le ali insanguinate  Nice uncut Widescreen upgrade and in English!  Helmet Berger, Evelyn Stewart (who does a rare nude scene thank-you very much!), Carole Andre (also nice without clothing) .... A psychopath is knocking off young women in the park. They arrest a suspect, but the murders continue... Excellent 4 star Giallo here check it out!  BA

C503 Bloodthirsty Fairy and other Bizarre Shorts, The (Various) A naked fairy woman castrates men and saves her bounty to put in jars! This short is actually the fourth tale in this European entry of strange tales. No English except on short 3 which has English Subs

Y731 Bloody Angels (98) aka: 1732 Høtten  Norwegian made killer thriller about a police inspector investigating the assault and murder of a girl with Down's Syndrome. The townsfolk are uncooperative and secretive and even hostile which makes this investigation difficult. With English Subs and LBX

S636 Bloody Friday (72) aka: Blutiger Freitag   Brutal crime film with brisk pace and plenty of gratuitous violence. Crime leader, foul mouth, ill-tempered, bad-ass redhead and bearded Raimund Harmstorf gives a tour de force perf.  (In real life he hung himself in 1998 after being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.) The female lead looks like a young Alicia Silverstone.  (She died young in real life at only 25 years of age). This turns out pretty much like a German/Italian version of "Dog Gay Afternoon" except without the gay (although there is a hot lesbian). This is much better than that American film though, more action and violence here. One highlight scene has a cop jumping on a grenade and blowing out his guts (he is still alive, bloody and screaming).  Great quality upgrade with English Subs!  BA

F655 Blue Island (82) aka: Due gocce d'acqua salata  Sabrina Siani (look her up, she is in tons of great stuff!)  stars in this very colorful film. After an aerial tragedy, a handsome couple, is marooned on a tropical island paradise. They are forced to fight against the violent nature and inhospitable environment, conducting a life rich in charm, eroticism and adventure. An intruder appears, and things get crazy. Erotic Italian entry, and in English too!  

Y403 Bohachi: Clan of the Forgotten Eight (73) aka: Porno jidaigeki: Bohachi bushido  Tetsuro Tanba plays a nihilistic ronin who faces down the "Clan of the Forgotten Eight", who got their name because they lost all their basic emotions like conscience, gratitude, loyalty, shame etc. With his sword Onibouchou (literally: Ogre's Kitchen Knife!) Tanba's character hacks into their ranks in ways that has limbs and severed heads fly everywhere and the blood flows in rivers! On his way, he only stops to take every woman he meets, forcefully if need be!   Another "Joys of Torture" type entry, for your viewing pleasure.   LBX - Subs

F891 Boogens, The (81) Creepy monsters in a mine stalk human prey.  This cult classic has always been available.  Now see it Widescreen, the way it was meant to be seen! In his 'Twilight Zone Magazine" review , Stephen King called "The Boogens" ...  "A wildly energetic monster movie!" With Rebecca (Silent Scream) Balding.  BA

F793 Boogie Nights in Suburbia (99) Bizarre documentary about a couple guys trying to get porn actors for a production by placing ads in the paper, and getting potential couplings together.

Y242 Born Under a Bad Sign (75) Cute runaway gets involved with a criminal woman who talks her into posing in sexy nude photo shoots. Eventually they wind up in jail where a sadistic lesbian wardress gives them a taste of the lash to get her sexual kicks. Later they escape and become armed robbers. As you can guess, things can't turn out good. 

S201 Boy Who Cried Werewolf, The (73) aka: El niño que lloraba al Hombre Lobo  Nathan Juran directs Kerwin Matthews for the last time.  Matthews is a werewolf, in yet another variation on the make-up design of a werewolf.  He looks a bit like a Yorkie.  The hippie/religious cult is still a hoot.  LBX   BA

X378 Brain, The (88) Dr. Blake (David Gale from "Reanimator) runs a T.V. show called "Independent Thinkers", which is sort of a Scientology-like self-help/religion program. But with the help of an alien organism he calls "The Brain" (a large round brain-beast with fangs!) he is brainwashing viewers and controlling their minds!  Can he be stopped?  Cult Classic - BA

X346 Bread and Circus (03) In a Kingdom, a man is born as a child to Mother Earth. He's checked for normality, confirmed normal, and is let into the system. The man gets old, and becomes no use to the system. So, he is brought out to be executed. The man gets flashbacks and , understands what his life has been. It's essentially about a Fascist regime that needs overthrowing. This is packed full of gore and twisted situations like cannibalism, and a great shotgun to the head scene that reminded me of the one in the beginning of Peter Jackson's "Bad Taste". Symbolism and Social Criticism mixed with splatter and fart jokes, mixed with references to "A Clockwork Orange", Jackie Chan, dark humor and more. In English language, with English Subs as well (don't ask me, that's how it arrived) 

Y736 Broken Mirrors (84) Obscure horror from the Netherlands. Day to day grim life of hookers in a brothel while also a tale about a serial killer that delights in watching his female victims slowly waste away. Two worlds of dread combine to stimulate debate. In English too!

Y473 Brucia Ragazzo, Brucia (69) aka: A Woman on Fire   aka: Burn Boy, Boy - Clara, the sexually frustrated wife of a businessman goes on vacation with her husband, daughter and best friend. While there, she gets it on with the local young lifeguard/stud experiencing sex like never before, not seeing him for what he truly is. Things go wrong here for all involved.... From director Fernando Di Leo the same man who brought us the equally demented and entertaining: "To Be Twenty" and "Holiday Massacre" and many more - LBX - F.L.

Y802 Bug Eater 2: Cock Roach Eating Girl  ()  Bizarre digital censoring , disgusting bug play.....this is pretty disgusting... one way to clear a room.... F.L.

X819 Bugs (90's) Giant bugs eat human flesh!  A huge cockroach comes out of one victim's mouth, another has his face eaten off!  LBX - F.L.

C276 Buhawi Jack (98) Action and violence dominate this Filipino fantasy film. F.L.

C86 Byleth (72) aka: il demone dell' incesto  A boy is possessed by Byleth, a demon of incest, and lusts madly for his sister. Meanwhile women are being brutally murdered by a killer with a 3-point blade. Blood ceremonies, Nudity, Colorful Gothic locales, Sexy Babes, it's all here in a wonderful uncut great quality Euro-Trash Horror finally with Subs. Mark Damon stars. Don't even think about missing this one!  BA

X996 Calling all Police Cars (75) aka: ....A Tutte Le Auto Della Polizia  aka: The Maniac Responsible  - A teenage girl from a wealthy family mysteriously disappears. After her body is found at the bottom of a lake the police begin an intense investigation that leads to a teenage prostitution ring and several more bloody murders, but the actual killer may be someone much closer to the home…. Decent Giallo from director Mario Caiano!  With Sexy Luciana Paluzzi.   great quality and with Subs!  LBX - Subs

C157 Cancer Rising (75) aka: The Year of the Cancer  aka: Het Jaar van de kreeft  - Rare Rutger Hauer drama with colorful photography - based on Hugo Claus book   F.L.

X506 Carmilla (90) Meg Tilly is the vampire Carmilla in this version of the often filmed classic tale from author Sheridan Le Fanu - Also with Roddy McDowall and Shelley Duvall - Approx. 1 hour - BA

X393 Carpenter, The (89) A carpenter, (Wings Hauser) who was executed in the electric chair, comes back to finish his dream house, now inhabited by a young married couple. Gory uncut version - BA 

X349 Castle of Desade (82) aka: O Castelo Das De Sade - More rare Brazilian Horror - Some English + F.L. and LBX

C399 Castle of Sadistic Taints (??) Cool Brazilian soft core sex/horror film has travelers in a deserted old castle being possessed by the evil spirits that dwell there causing the people to commit vile sexual acts. Weird stuff here, lots of nudity and soft core sex, and even a brief scene with a nude female midget! F.L.

C892 Castration Cure, The (07)  Graphic and revealing 2007 British documentary about child molesters in prison opting to be castrated so they can return to society.  With graphic footage that will have you cringing.  Sobering account that features interviews with prisoners, guards and victims. 

S162 Chambermaid's Dream (71) aka: Frustration - A quintessential low-budget and sleazy Euro trash classic from director Jose Benazeraf!  Tortured by incestuous fantasies, a sexually repressed woman makes love to her brother's wife and then kills...  who? I can't give up the game totally can I? Stylish and weird kind of "Repulsion" type with Janine (Franco regular) Reynaud and also with Michael Lemoine.  Also with Pamela Stanford. 

F495 Channel 666 (various) Clips range from XXX to Gore Scenes, to outrageous pop culture......Eye-popping madness. An Adult Party Tape. Recently checked this out– beyond offensive doesn’t eve describe  how vile this mix-disc gets!!  This is basically along the lines of Crazy Dave Discs and Retard-o-tron discs.

C8 Checkist, The (92) This extremely creepy and downbeat Russian film deals with the Bolshevik Revolution of 1910, where people who refused to accept the new Communist rules were brutally executed by firing squads. Lots of people stripped naked and shot to death graphically. The guy in charge goes all apeshit and runs naked in front of his own firing squad! Lots of full frontal nudity male and female. Uncut in Russian Language with English Subs.

F487-C586 Chop Chop Lady, The (94) aka: The Elsa Santos Castillo Story - A woman cheats on her husband. Her lover goes crazy because she wants to go back to her husband. He knocks her out, ties her up, kills her, and chops her up. Limbs and body parts fly as he uses a meat-cleaver. Uncut in Tagalog with some spoken English here and there so mostly F.L.

X355 Cinderella (06) Creepy, mother daughter relationship, women's obsession with beauty and plastic surgery, death, dark secrets and more in this new twisted horror from Korea. LBX - Subs

X540 Cleaner (95) Drug fueled killer (who looks kind of like a cross between Billy Idol and Sting) goes on a murderous rampage, snorting his stuff as he goes. Lots of bloody violence. At one point he strips naked when he kills, and gets soaked in blood. Pretty crazy German Splatter - F.L. - BA

S494 Clearing, The (91) aka: Fiofaniya, risuyushchaya smert  In Middle-Age Russia, 11th Century, a Christian preacher arrives.  He threatens the locals who participate in Pagan festivals with the flames of hell!  The opening sequence involves a traditional witch burning!   The village is almost torn apart by the struggle between traditional 'heathen' cultists and the newly introduced church.  Later the dismembered corpse of a village girl is found, nude and assaultd.  The villagers think it is a werewolf, the priest thinks it is the result of heathen practices.  Only the 'healer' of the village senses the truth and ends up the scapegoat of both parties...  In English language too!

X847-X728 Colic (06) Creepy Thai horror about a couple who conceives before marriage and has a baby that cries and cries. The little bastard is still crying 6 months later. Is this Punishment?  Karma?  Devine Judgment?  Throw in some mysterious and unexplained events to the mix... LBX -Subs

F833 Come Cani Arrabbiati (76) aka: Like Wild Dogs   Rare Italian crime thriller with bloody shootings from director Mario Imperioli. Some glitches– super rare . F.L.

C20 Con El Odio En La Piel (Of Hatred Under the Skin) (85) Another bloody revenge flick from Mexico! Evil Texas sheriff murders Mexicans until they turn the tables on the dirty S.O.B. (and his henchmen) killing them in imaginative brutal ways. They burn one guy's face off, impale another guy with a hook through mouth, beat another dirty cop to death... payback is hell! Ultra-violent, no punches pulled! Recommended! F.L.

X494 Counterfeit Killer, The (68) aka: Crackshot   A secret service agent goes undercover as hitman into a counterfeit ring… Jack Lord and Shirley Knight star in this crime/drama  - Quincy Jones score.  BA


F493 Crazy Dave Disc #1: Totally Radical Pause Tape, The () Metal is played while images of gore, XXX, obscene perversities, and pop culture images are flashed. Your host, a creepy guy with a pig mask. Metal jamming, XXX atrocities more...... Sure to offend, I cringed myself a few times....

F494 Crazy Dave Disc #2 ()  Pig-Masked man is back in his mighty whites, introducing more... Horror Clips, Nasty XXX, GORE, Wacky Celebrities, some gross funny editing that although perverted and nasty will make you laugh your head off....more


C139 Crazy Killer (91) aka: Massacres - A small time hustler turns into a sadistic killer that makes snuff films and messes with the Korean mafia. Nudity, acid torture and more general unpleasantness. The villain, played by Charley Boorman, is John Boorman's son. This is a French film dubbed into English and LBX.

Y305 Crazy Love (88) aka: L'amour est un chien de l'enfer   aka: Love Is a Dog from Hell   Based on a Charles Bukowski novel. In 1955 Harry discovers the joys of women. By 1962 he has a horrible case of acne and becomes a recluse. By 1976 he rediscovers lady flesh, but now, it must be DEAD FLESH. Told in three acts, bizarre, creepy and unforgettable. And oh yes, there is necrophilia. Subs!  BA

C833 Cross of the Devil (75)  aka: La Cruz del Diablo  Hammer vet John Gilling directs from a story partly by Paul Naschy!  Some call this a missing "Blind Dead" film, but Amando De Ossorio had nothing to do with it!  A British novelist travels to Spain to visit his sister.  However, when he arrives he discovers that she has been murdered by a gang of devil-worshipping bandits that run a cult called "The Devil's Cross".  Ghosts, Skulls, Crusaders and 'Blind Dead' type zombie guys all in settings drenched in Spanish flavored Gothic atmosphere.     LBX - Subs

F916 Crossover (80) aka: Mr. Patman   James Coburn in one of his darkest roles.  He plays a male nurse working in a mental hospital and he considers the patients his friends.  Meanwhile he is haunted by his past.  Eventually he makes decisions that lead to a very dark conclusion. 

X173 Cry of Sex (77) aka: Llmada Del Sexo - George Hilton, Andrea Guzon and Claudia Gravy star - A man marries a sex-crazed murderous!  Is she trying to set him up so she can run off with her lesbian lover?  Seems he has a tortured past, as his mother caught him and his sister having sex when they were younger, which has led to a sexual dysfunction later on. Wait!  His sister is in his dreams, or is she real? Lots of sexy gals and nudity. In Spanish - F.L.

Y751 Cut Throats, The (69) In Germany (but filmed in America) misfit American soldiers plan to get Nazi treasure and are met with willing and unwilling women along the way. The Nazi chicks put on a show for our Dirty (but not quite Dozen) clan and fun is had by all!  Lots of Nazi decor on display with Swastika bedspreads and tapestries, Hitler bust etc... The only thing we can't figure out is the western opening!  Uschi Digard's mammoth display of Teutonic talent is worth the price of admission alone. Quite well made actually, soft core sex, and violent bloody death.

X364A Cut Up (94) Police photographer Carl Roman (Hollins) left his position as a homicide detective after accidentally killing a young girl during a police raid....  From the man who brought us "Zombie VS Mardi Gras"!  Serial Killer is on the loose in New Orleans!

S539 Dante 01 (08) New (kind of) film from Marc Caro the man who brought you 'Delicatessen' and 'The City of Lost Children'.  Bizarre high-tech sci-fi set upon a space station that holds prisoners that have volunteered to live under experimentation rather than face death penalties.  A new scientist arrives with a weird bald guy that the prisoners come to think may be a God of some kind....Soon he reveals creepy alien powers....High Tension, Suspense, Extreme violence and claustrophobia make for an intense ride in this one!  In French with English Subs - BA

Y234 Dark Bar (88) Barbara De Rossi and Richard Hatch star in this Italian made (but in English) Giallo type thriller. Drug dealers are killing women, and cop (Hatch) is trying to stop the slaughter. Some effectively staged kill sequences are the highlights of this one. BA

F171 Dark Rider (91) Fun B movie trash about a sheriff in a small Nevadan town who goes up against a gang that is dumping toxic waste in said town. Can't go wrong here! BA

P263 Dark Side of Porn 1 () 2 More Cool Documentaries from the ground-breaking U.K. cable show!  First: Debbie Does Dallas Uncovered!  The saddest documentary I think I have seen this year.  First off, no one really knows what happened to Bambi Woods, she's probably dead, but no one knows for sure.  Secondly, we get interviews with Robert Kerman, who after about 150 porno's and some great starring roles (Cannibal Holocaust, Make Them Die Slowly)  was literally black listed by an evil agent and is now living in a small apartment, in a sad looking environment.  He talks about how he regrets doing porno.  Next: Death of a Porn Star: The sad tale of Lola Ferrari, the most enhanced porno actress ever.  With boobs at a world record of 54G, she had the biggest hooters ever.  She decided to end it all at age 37.  With clips and interviews we find out how and why.  A great double shot of The Dark Side of Porn

P259 Dark Side of Porn 2  () 2 More Cool Documentaries from the ground-breaking U.K.  cable show!  First: Hunting Emanuelle - Ever wonder what happened to Sylvia Kristel?  Wonder no more!  She is not rich, and lives humbly.  Plenty of recent footage of her in Amsterdam, + interviews.  The subject of course, the phenomena that was Emanuelle, it's impact and social relevance, and the backlash it received from prudes, and her career.  Great stuff!  +  Amateur Porn: Explicit documentary on the seedy side of low budget porno (shows how lost I am, I though ALL porn was low-budget!)  Get it now! 

P258 Dark Side of Porn 3  ()  2 More Cool Documentaries from the ground-breaking U.K.  cable show!  First: Porn Shutdown ; When Aids comes a calling in San Fernando Valley (after a guy brings it back from Brazil with him)  Sharon Mitchell shuts it down and does testing to porn stars.  Also includes, women who love to be smacked, strangled and humiliated during sex (with clips of just such fetish action).   Then "Diary of a Porn Virgin"- 2 British women with good jobs, chuck it all to be porno girls, and find it is emotionally difficult after laying it all out there for the world to see.  Spread and bed takes it toll on body obsession and mental health particularly for one of the women. 


X478 Dark Side, The (87) Tony Galati - Cab driver gets mixed up with a porno star running from a 'snuff' ring - BA

S409 Dark Tale (91) aka: Favola crudele  After starring in "Door Into Silence" for Lucio Fulci, John Savage, starred in this Italian made thriller for director/writer Roberto Leoni and made by Joe D'Amato's production company.  In this one, he plays a guy named Roy, that escapes from prison while be transferred by sea, dragging the policeman he is handcuffed to along with him.  They wind up on an island inhabited only by a little girl, her horny older sister Beatrice, and the even hornier nanny Martina.  When bad things start to happen, Roy has his suspicions.....  A creepy, menacing and grim coming of age tale, I won't tell you what happens, but this is a good one!  LBX with colorful locales, and in English. 

Y853 Dark, The (94) aka: El cementerio  Cool, ghoul-like, hungry, giant rat monster lives beneath the graveyard in a labyrinth of tunnels. Neve Campbell has a part, this being her first movie! Brion James stars with Stephen McHattie. Obscure and still not out on DVD anywhere!

S442 Darkness Surrounds Roberta (07) Sex-charged and Ultra-Violent New-Styled Giallo concerning a politician's wife who is a cheating slut and is kidnapped and blackmailed by a masked madman.  He ensnares her in his evil doings which involve murdering beautiful career women in the city of Florence, Italy.  Incredible Color Palate, Great Giallo score, Gore by Timo Rose, Tons of nudity and sex (asphyxiation fetish and rough sex).  Yasmin Pucci and Eileen Daly are some of the babes providing the eye candy! If you are missing the cool Giallo films of yesteryear, you will love this updated take! In English language and LBX.  BA

X264 Darkwoods (03) aka: Villmark - Five people go along on a trip with two leaders into the wilderness. 2 of the guys pull the corpse of a woman out of a nearby lake. Now they are all stalked by something (or someone) in the woods. First off, comparisons to Blair Witch are inevitable, but this film offers so much more. Competent film-making for one, and the creepy Norwegian woods is the stuff of nightmares. Suspense is maintained throughout, and there are few scenes to make you jump outta' your seat. Check it out!  LBX - Subs

S117 Dead Boyz Can't Fly (88) Buzz shows his artwork to Norman at the employment agency.  Norman laughs in his face and Buzz goes apeshit.  He returns to the office building with Goose and Jo Jo, his crazy friends.  They begin to terrorize people with only a grizzled Viet Nam war vet and a suicidal lawyer on hand to stop them.  Brutal and unrelenting low-budget classic that reminds you of a renegade "Last House on the Left" or 'Fight For Your Life' type.  One of a kind film, you won't be disappointed. 

F555 Dead End City (88) 'Colors' Meets 'Deathwish'.... There is no Escape From Dead End City!   Street Gangs fight to control the inner cities when The government tries 'Urban Renewal'. Trigger Happy Violent Fun!   Robert Z'Dar and many more star.

F111 Deadly Dreams (88) Orphaned at age 10 when his parents were brutally murdered, every night Alex dreams the same dream: cornered by a man in a wolf's mask, a knife is brought to Alex's throat, and then... he wakes. But waking moments confirm his worst fears, and soon Alex is trapped in a tangle of suspicions, lies and fear. Reality fades into terror as he is left alone to fight the relentless force that haunts his Deadly Dreams. BA

F658 Deadly Inheritance (68) aka: L' assassino ha le mani Pulite  aka: Homicides par vocation  - Here is a pretty rare Giallo with inventive death sequences and perverted underlying subplots. Great soundtrack, Gore, Femi Benussi (Bloody Pit of Horrors and others), great quality, LBX, in English, what are you waiting for? 

F119 Deadly Sunday (82) A family on holiday stops at a roadside diner and gets taken hostage along with the other patrons. What Deadly Fate awaits this group? Will they escape, or fight back? BA

X171 Deadly Triangle, The (73) aka: El Juego del Adulterio   Erika Blanc stars as a woman that is screwing around on her husband. He knows, and locks her up in a small chamber under the cellar floor in his huge house, leaving her to die. He gets a rather large shock when he checks on her body a week or so later. Of course her lover has another lover (a hot blonde, prettier than Blanc !) and his goal is the husband's money. Plays like an old EC comic, except throw in a few more plot twists and triple-cross surprises. 

S42 Deafula (75) aka: Young Deafula  A theology student finds himself turning into a vampire and hunting other students for blood.  The first ever horror movie made for Deaf people (and the only one I know of) as they sign the dialogue, and there is also English spoken so you, the non-sign reader (like me) can tell just what the hell they are saying! A bizarre and really well made little horror flick, unique as hell.  Upgrade!

F635 Death Kiss, The (74) aka: He Murdered His Wife   aka: The assault Killer  aka: Eglima sto Kavouri - Greek thriller in the tradition of "The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave". Sex and Nudity with the plot twists......

8992 Death Machine (95) Brad Dourif - After being fired a mad genius sics his creation, a robotic killing machine, on the corporation. Plenty of gory mayhem and take note, this is not the "cut to ribbons" U.S. version, but the UNCUT international version with more action and gore. Not only do you get the full version of the film, but also "Making of Death Machine" extras -BA

F483 Death of a Jackal (84) A series of gory killings occur at an abandoned boat, by a man with a sword inside his cane and his vicious Doberman dogs trained to attack and kill. Plenty of bloody stabbings, dog attacks, shootings and more fun making a decent body count. This Mexi-Slasher is worth a look!   Uncut in Spanish with No Subs - BA

S475 Death on a Sunday Afternoon (86) An architect and his wife live in an isolated, luxury transparent mansion with their daughter.  Enter a strange couple, they have a daughter too.  The man has one arm and is hired as a gardener.  His spouse will be the nanny and their offspring is a half-wit.  There are more sinister reasons this couple has arrived on this particular doorstep.  Tension builds and then blackmail, murder, child abuse and finally, horror reigns supreme!  Incessant rainfall adds to the isolation and suspense.  A decent under-rated gem.  LBX - Subs

C354 Death Press 2  (90’s) Real-life Death-umentary that shows gruesome close-ups of dismembered body parts, accidents, suicides etc...In Japanese only, quality varies.

C355 Death Press 4  (90’s) More Death-umentary stuff for the gore hound in you! Quality varies, quite rare stuff.... F.L.

X188 Death Rite (76) aka: Les Magiciens   Franco Nero and Stefania Sandrelli star as a couple that run across two old men while on holiday. One of the old guys is homicidal, so things take a nasty turn. BA

C871 Death Shock (81)  Rare British Sex/Horror.  Six friends find themselves stranded when their car breaks down and they take refuge in a mansion.  They run into black magic, and lots of sex, damn near hard-core!  Lesbians and devil-worship are always good themes, don't you think? (runs just under an hour)  + Evilio (92)  A gripping and violent short with a gruesome ending (hell the whole thing is gruesome!), in Spanish and very easy to follow.  + Tea Break  ()  the scariest, goriest short ever made!

S214 Death Smiles at Murder (73) aka: La morte ha sorriso all'assassino  aka: Death Smiles on a Murderer   A man discovers an ancient Incan formula for raising the dead, and uses it for a series of revenge murders.  Don't be fooled by the American release of this picture!  This uncut import disc offers perfect color quality, LBX and uncut.  Directed by Joe D'Amato and starring Klaus Kinski.

C836 Death Steps in the Dark (77)  aka: Passi di morte perduti nel buio   An Italian reporter is traveling on the Istanbul/Athens train.  Caught up in nasty razor killings and sexist dialogue, and intrigue, the hunt for the killer is a priority.  The story takes place in the Greek capitol, Athens.  LBX -    With Robert Webber

C887 Death Walks At Midnight (72) aka: La Morte accarezza a mezzanotte  Valentina, a beautiful fashion model, takes an experimental drug as part of a scientific experiment...  From director Luciano Ercoli , LBX and in English comes this classic Giallo that features a spike- gloved killer mashing people with reckless abandon! 

S644 Death Warmed Up (84) aka: Death Warmed Over  Hah, the great New Zealand horror classic!  A young man is hypnotized by a scientist to kill his parent's (he shotguns the hell out of them) and he winds up in a mental institution, only to escape later for revenge. The crazed scientist has an island lab where he loves to turn men into homicidal killing machines. Lots of splatter and horror elements make this one wild ride!  Now direct from Import disc. "I'll get you, I'll get you all!". BA

S604 Degree of Murder, A (67) aka: Mord und Totschlag   Here's Volker (The Tin Drum) Schlondorff's second film starring Anita Pallenberg as a hippie drifter who accidentally kills her boyfriend and then persuades a stranger to help her dispose of his corpse. She is about to run off to Greece, but the dump site isn't doing too well.... Very sixties and with a great score by the oh so late Brian Jones of "The Rolling Stones". LBX - BA

F465 Deliver Us From Evil (75) aka: Joey - This is one weird flick with a mostly black cast. Crime in the streets, and rough living for one Chris Townes (Renny Roker). Repressed and controversial UN -PC. Schoolyard chaos in an all-black school, wheelchair kid, harassed teacher... Blaxploitation Lives On!   This may not be very Extreme, but very obscure. BA

S89 Demon Fighter (83) aka: Wu ye lan hua  Tough to find bloody kung-fu-swordfight-fantasy with plenty of blood-spurting death.  A winner for sure! 

Y729 Demon Pond (79) aka: Yashagaike  A mysterious pond is inhabited by mythic creatures. Quality only fair.  Subs

Y258 Demon, The (63) aka: Le Démon dans le chair   Old and rare Italian horror film. Daliah (The Whip and the Body) Lavi stars as a woman supposedly possessed by a demon. She tries to ensnare men with potions and witchcraft. Her father whips her (she'll get used to it !) but things just get worse. Fairly explicit considering how old it is. Lavi is delectable (as usual). LBX - In Spanish, no Subs

C915 Demoni (00)  Italian Horror-type porn in Italian language with bonus Brigitte Lahaie trailers - F.L.

Y122 Detonation! Violation Games () From director Teruo Ishii - LBX

S427 Devil in Miss Jonas, The (74)  aka: Der Teufel in Miss Jonas  A very cool German remake of 'The Devil in Miss Jones' .  This one is in German language only, and has damn near but not quite XXX scenes and of course loads of the requisite nudity.  With Herbert (Mark of the Devil, many more) Fux as Satan, and Christa (Island Women) Free as Miss Jonas who is certain to raise your...  temperature!  BA

C880 Devil is Hungry (93)  aka: Luka's Child - Sexy bimbos, auditioning for parts in a horror film, are kidnapped by skull-masked maniacs and kept in cages.  Looks like real devil worshippers are behind this production, and now, they may be doomed to die for their art. 

C970 Devil, The (72)  aka: Diabel  A young Polish Noble becomes a killer embroiled in a life of cruelty, human suffering and depravity in 1793.  This classic from director Andre Zulawski (Possession)  was banned for awhile in many countries, enraging the church and establishments.  Savage and uncompromising scenes will disturb most viewers, but hey...shit happens...  this is the cruelest world that ever could have been imagined.  LBX - Subs 

F563 Devil's Garden, The (73) Bizarre rituals of Forbidden Fantasy on the Island of the Possessed!   Sleazy Occult Horror with lots of skin and starring Sandy Carey, (forgotten and neglected) an actress in over a dozen flicks we have on offer. Exotic Colorful Locales.

S633 Devil's of Loudin (7?) Here is an opera performance of Aldous Huxley's "The Devil's of Loudin" aka: 'The Devils". We all know the great Oliver Reed film. The hunchbacked Sister Jeanne, the torture, cool sets, attentive detailed sets and props, all included in this version even using real fire for the execution of Urbain Grandier. I don't go much for Opera, but this is a pretty twisted show and as damn close to Grand Guignol theatre as you may ever see!  Great quality and English Subs.

S435 Devil's Wedding Night, The (73) aka: Il plenilunio delle vergini   Now in a nice widescreen version comes this classic sleaze filled vampire classic! Lots of nudity from babes Rosalba Neri and Esmeralda Barros.  Mark Damon plays twins, one of whom is vampirized by Neri in her quest for a magical ring.  Neri is a Blood Countess that also bathes in the blood of her victims.  BA

Y255 Diabolical Sisters (86) Two women use men to climb the social ladder. They team up with a gangster and open a whorehouse. He uses them to kill off his enemies, and they get rid of the bodies by dumping them in acid. They wear gas masks and have sex while the bodies melt. Of course there are many other sex scenes with various people as well... From France and shot on video - F.L.

C258 Diary of an Erotic Murderess (75) aka: La Encadenada - A beautiful young woman sets hers sights on an aging millionaire. She seduces him and moves into his mansion with him. She soon tires of him though, and after she is through with him she goes after the son. Marisa Mell, Richard Conte and Anthony Steffan star. LBX, in English!

X310 Dinner with a Vampire (88) aka: A cena col il Vampire  Directed by Lamberto Bava. The story begins when a camera crew unearths a thousand year old vampire from Mesopotamia. Years after his rise from the grave, the vampire becomes a famous horror movie director and holds auditions for his up and coming film. Four young hopefuls are chosen and invited to spend the night at the vampire's house. At dinner the vampire reveals his true nature to his guest and the real reason why they are there, to kill him before dawn as he is bored with his existence. BA

C150 Dinosaur from the Deep (93) From the genius behind "Ogroff" comes this poorly executed thriller with monster FX rivaling Ed Wood! Yes, there are monsters, yes, the monsters eat people and yes he they get plenty of screen time. Whether or not that is a good thing depends upon your taste in bad cinema. How can anyone resist a dinosaur movie they have never seen ?  There also are baby monsters in a cave that get to eat people. The monster's pursuit of his human prey in the woods scenes are priceless schlock cinema! This is a French film (probably why you have never heard of it!) F.L.   

F809 Dirty Fingers (73) aka: Smutsiga fingrar  A young woman dies of a drug overdose. Her brother and friend are after who solid her the dope. Suspense, drugs, murder, sex, nudity, torture, car chases and more with blatant bad guy stereotypes and hilariously staged fist-fights.  English language version

C876 Disgusting Shorts (Various)  Take my word for it.  These shorts are all nothing Short of Disgusting!  Some XXX too so be warned! 

F931 Diva in the Netherworld (80) aka: Utahime makai o yuku  Rare Japanese Horror Fantasy flick with sexy-looking female superheroes fighting evil forces in a dark castle.  Both men and women turn into vampires and werewolves, body parts are served at the table, heads gorily roll, and more!  F.L.

C494 Dogman () Crazy and sleazy Japanese film that has a masked crusader lurking around protecting a schoolgirl who is constantly being harassed (and molested) by a female schoolgirl gang ! They beat her, tie her to a tree, pull her panties off, burn her pubic hair, and slap her around until Dogman appears! He beats up some street kids who also want a piece of the girl, and he himself gets kicked around a few times. Lots of nudity, lesbian stuff, humiliation and sleaze in this wacko shot on video gem. F.L.

X716 Don't Scream It's Only a Movie (89) aka: Killdrome - Vincent Price hosts this documentary tracing the history of horror films from the silent period, to the 80's splatter era. See the master narrate segments like : 'Naked Fear' and 'Terror Torture' !  Surprisingly gory scenes are featured, and it's bizarre that Price, who frowned on lots of the new stuff, actually agreed to do this documentary. + Vincent Price hosts "If These Walls Could Speak...the Tales They Would Tell”. - This is the tale of the San Juan Capistrano mission in California....

F836 Double By Half (72) aka: Le Ultime Ore di una Vergine - Sydne Rome stars. This movie is the first feature film by director Gianfranco Piccioli . It explores the efforts of Enrico (Massimo Farinelli), a good looking lad, to figure out what to do after being expelled from the university he attended. Among the themes explored are abortion, young love and begging. 

F654 Double, The (71) aka: La controfigura  A Moroccan locale is the setting for this rare and sexy/trashy Giallo with Jean Sorel. Colorful, LBX and in English too!   

C621 Dracula's Castle (69) aka: Blood of Dracula's Castle - Count Dracula and his wife capture beautiful young women and chain them in their dungeon, to be used when they need to satisfy their thirst for blood.... This version a bit different however, extra werewolf footage was shot for this titled release, (although the original title sequence is restored). Al Adamson directs, the great John Carradine does his best with some of the worst material he was ever handed a script for. I must say though, this is still great stuff!  BA

S112 Dragon Hunt (90) Militia group lead by crazy-white-trash-redneck-thug Jake (who has a bronze hand!), want to take over the world.  First, they must kill twin kick-boxers who want to stop them.  The twins are captured and hunted (like 'The Most Dangerous Game') on an island.  Lots of violent action and gore in this one so check it out! 

C643 Drakulya: The Vampire Play (....)  Here you have a Drac play....based on Stoker.  Well done, except for that asshole that keeps coughing in the background.

C639 Dream Crimes (90's)  Erotic thriller Japanese style.  LBX and with Subs

C478 Dream of Garuda, The (94) aka: Karura no yume  Bizarre Japanese pink film about a rapist who is released from prison and gets right back on track by stalking his former victim. He is so obsessed with her that he attacks several other women that he mistakes for her! Eventually, the two meet up and he actually saves her from her scumbag pimp! This was filmed in the "Soaplands" area in some of Japan's famous bathhouses. LBX - Subs!

C421 Dream Stalker (98) Obscure Horror about the ultimate dangerous boyfriend, so obsessed with his love that he rises from the dead to claim her.....BA

F167 Drifter, The (88) A Fatal Attraction type with a gender twist. With Miles O'Keefe, Timothy Bottoms and Kim Delaney.

C557 Drive for Life + Real Autopsy Footage ()Two gory real-to-life death trips on one tape. First you get footage of some extreme and gross car wrecks in Brazil. Horrifying close-up smashed faces and mutilated bodies will make you keep your pedal at the speed limit!  Next gory and extreme autopsy footage - F.L.

X218 Dudes (87) Penelope Spheeris directed this one that stars John Cryer, Daniel Roebuck, Catherine Mary Stewart and Flea. Two punks from the big city traveling across the country in a Volkswagen bug decide to take revenge on a group of rednecks for killing their friend. .

P298 Dwarf, The (73)  aka: The Sinful Dwarf  aka: Dværgen  - creepy, leering, evil dwarf named Olaf who uses wind-up toy poodles as bait to capture beautiful young girls so he can tie them up in his attic, abuse them and sell their pretty bodies into slavery.  This little known sickie is as outrageously sleazy and depraved as they get.... This is not the version coming out soon, but the original rarely seen vile XXX version.  Hard to believe that a film as sordid and sick as this, could be even MORE sordid and sick!  Blessed be the depraved!  In English!  BA

F998 Dwelling, The (93) When Andy moves into 'The Dwelling' his life looks perfect.  He makes friends with sexy neighbor Pam (Michelle Bauer).  Something evil this way comes however and Andy and Pam are thrown into a frenzy of Satanic Depravity.  With Burt (Robin!) Ward as landlord Crasmire.  BA

F179 Dying: The Last Seconds of Life 2 (88) Stock footage and decay horror and death mixed with clips from gore films. BA

C15 E Tanta Paura (76) aka: Too Much Fear - Killer murders those associated with a certain villa. One woman has her skull split open, another is set on fire in graphic detail. LBX

F467 El Calabozo (02) Occult Horror film from Mexico has a possessed doctor, a strange midget creature with a whip, bloody deaths, surreal satanic rituals, sexy women, an evil rock band and more... F.L.

F691 El Genio Tranquilo (06) aka: Calm Disposition, The - The ghost of actor Ristel (Lex Barker) which had been transformed into a stone appears again and travels back to the places of Aoom.  Gonzalo Suarez returns to form with another bizarre entry.  This is Part 2 of Aoom (Part 1 also available) F.L.

F564 Element of Crime, The (84) Lars Von Triers directed about a cop in a futuristic Europe investigating a serial killer suspect using controversial methods written by his now disgraced former mentor. LBX

C401 Eleven Days Eleven Nights (86) Joe D'Amato directed sleaze fest rip-off of 9 1/2 Weeks has a hot babe seducing a man about to marry. Lots of soft core sex and nudity and ....dare I say it?  Romance!  In English too!

C352 Elsa Fräulein SS (77) aka: Love Train of the SS  aka: Fraulein Devil  To improve the morale of the German officers, a train with beautiful girls is arranged to entertain them when on leave. ...

S31 Embrujada (69) aka: Mulher Pecado  A woman is desperate to get pregnant but her husband is impotent.  She goes to work as a hooker, and even goes to a local witch! But the real problem is an evil entity called Pombero, who has fallen in love with her and is murdering every man that crosses her path.  With sexy Isabel Sarli.  F.L.

X177 Emma, Sex Psycho (76) aka: Emma Puertas Oscuras - Suzzana East stars in this rare horror directed by Jose (Vampyres) Ramon Larraz!  She's an unhinged killer, and those who keep her company meet their doom. Some regular Larraz styles and atmosphere.  F.L.

S563 Emmanuelle 6 (88) aka: Emmanuelle - Amazone des Dschungels   Here is the rare XXX version of this film co-scripted by Jean Rollin!  With hot as hell Nathalie Uher.  Journey with Emmanuelle and the world's most exquisite models on a cruise ship and then deep into the Amazon jungle to the heart of paradise. The XXX stuff is inserted into the film from another source however... Still, eye-opening nudity galore!  BA

C402 Emmanuelle In Egypt (76) aka: Velluto nero  aka: Black Emmanuelle, White Emmanuelle   aka: Smooth Velvet, Raw Silk   (There are numerous re-titlings for this series......)  Here we get this titled cut of what is also known as 4 other titles. Laura is the star, and really, the only reason to get this location filled trash-fest.  

C907 Emocoes Sexual De Um Jegue (86)  aka: Sexual Emotions of a Donkey - Aids stricken pervert goes on a rampage.  He slaughters a gay guy with a chainsaw in one ultra-gory scene.  A bearded drag queen has a scene with a donkey in a barn, and you will lose your meal if you see this!  Talk about a "Pony Show"....  OH MY GOD!  Room clearing madness.  You have been warned!  F.L.

S280 End of Man (71) aka: Finis Hominis - Jose Mojica Marins (Coffin Joe) casts himself as a messiah-like man who emerges from the sea. One of his strangest films, bordering on the surreal. What is society to make of this strange phenomena?  Subs! 

C901 Enemy Territory (87)  An insurance salesman inadvertently gets trapped after dark in an apartment building that is being invaded by a street gang called 'The Vampires'.  Who Ya' Gonna Call?  Why Ray Parker Jr.  of course– he stars!!  Also with Jan Michael Vincent (where did you go man?)  as a badass wheelchair bound Viet Nam vet and Tony Todd as the maniac gang leader!  Runs like a classic 70's Drive-In flick.  Great stuff!   BA

S96 Enigma Para Demonios (74) This one involves a mysterious stable hand and his involvement with a coven of devil worshippers.  Satanic rituals, human sacrifice and nudity.  Nice locales add a creepy Gothic feel using much of the old architecture where it was filmed.  F.L.

F587 Era Dos Mortos (07) Gory and violent Brazilian Zombie Horror for your enjoyment!   This one LBX but no Subs. Don't need them though, what you need to do.... is SURVIVE!   Oh yes, people are bitten, people are eaten and people are pursued. Shot in a fast frenetic style like 28 Days Later. This a short film.  F.L.

F924 Eroticise (83)  Kitten Natividad and other hot chicks show you the most entertaining workout video ever!  Want to get your woman in shape?  Buy her this video, put it in your player, and hit play! She'll love to watch busty chicks working out in the nude with you!  + Linnea Quigley's Horror Workout (90) Sexy Quigley doing workout scenes with some of her sexy friends.  Even a dance/workout routine with zombies that smokes Jackson's 'Thriller'.  There are also other sexy gals, a story mixed in with a killer and gore, a hot shower scene, clips from some of Quigley's Horror Movies and more!  All this on one tape or disc! 

S140 Escape from the Insane Asylum (86) A family of sadistic psychopaths seeks out victims for it's gruesome brain operations.

C6 Estigma (80) A young man discovers he has powers and sets off to kill his enemies. He makes one guy fall from a building, and unleashes his psychopathic rage on his relatives (and fiancé) with an axe. What a guy!  Directed by Joe (Vampyres) Larraz - F.L.

S486 Etruscan Mask, The (07) aka: La maschera etrusca  In the unique city of Siena, Italy, five foreign university students stumble across an ancient Etruscan mask and a series of unexplainable events, which lead them to believe they must destroy said mask.  However one of the students has already succumbed to it's powers and in doing so has released an ancient demon.  Dark atmospheres and photography using ancient sites and locales add texture to the proceedings.  LBX and with English Subs! 

F839 Evil Dead: The Musical (??) A musical dead-icated to "Ash" and the gang! It begins with them driving to the cabin. If you like "Evil Dead" and don't mind musical/camp/comedy, then this is for you!

C353 Evil Sabbath (88) Psychiatrist falls for a woman (in a mental hospital) who was a virgin witch in a previous life. For centuries she has waited for the right man to deflower her. As he falls under her spell of lust and evil, he succumbs to her, and who could resist ? Beatrice Dalle stars in this one directed by Marco Bellocchio

X946 Evolution of Snuff (78) aka: Confessions of a Blue Movie Star - Fake documentation of the making of a "snuff" film. Inter-cut with Roman Polanski and others talking about this taboo and forbidden type of film.

X641 Executions (96) Objective documentary on the death penalty and state sponsored killings decrying the cruelty of the system, but gleefully showing the deaths. Graphic and cruel.... but hey... some people deserve to die, let's face it.

Y278 Executor, The (84) aka: L‘ Exécutrice   Brigitte Lahaie tries the action genre as she plays a tough cop bitch battling the baddies in Paris. Snuff films, porno rings, white slavers...watch out!  Lahaie will kick your ass (instead of bending over like she usually does!)  Plenty of boob shots add spice to the violent proceedings. LBX, now in English Language and with BA available if you so desire.

S634 Exitus Interruptus (06) Very cool Andreas Bethmann directed lesbian horror film. At one point a hot woman is servicing another woman in a bathroom stall when a knife comes through piercing the women that is getting pleasured. What a climax!  Our killer kidnaps another gal and takes her to his creepy and remote lair to keep as a pet. Her female lover is worried. Meanwhile her assailant keeps dressed up corpse's of dead family member's in the house. He strips her down and whips her with his dead brother as the witness. Finally her lover arrives to help and in no time is also topless and bound by our resident maniac and his trusty blade.....Tons of nudity and forced sexual situations including some grisly gory deaths...LBX - Subs - BA  

S639 Eyeball (75) aka: Gatti rossi in un labirinto di vetro  A killer in red cape and hood is killing off tourists on a tour bus by gouging out thier eyeballs…  Great Umberto Lezi directed Giallo with sleazy lesbian scenes, jingling music, gorgeous girls, and gory killings. We have always offered this, but now your print comes LBX and in English language direct from Import disc. BA

X947 Eyes of Crystal (04) aka: Occhi di cristallo  While hunting a cultured, intelligent and vicious psychopath, Inspector Almadi comes face to face with the physical and moral decay of his city as well as the ghosts of his own past. Violent and dark horror with C.S.I. elements thrown in for good measure. LBX - Subs

Y230-X859 Eyes without a Face (94) aka: Gli Occhi Dentro   Ultra-Gory Giallo with killer using metal prongs to squeeze out the eyeballs of his victims. Will the police catch up with him or will he continue his bloody vision quest?  His first victim (in the first 5 minutes!) has her eyeball pulled out while she is still alive and then a broken bottle shoved into her face. With Monica Sellars - Bruno Mattei directs - BA

X267 Face of Another (66) aka: Tanin no kao  A businessman facially scarred in a laboratory fire receives psychotherapy, and obtains an amazingly lifelike mask from the doctor. This mask changes his personality, and we also see a related story of a woman that is scarred and has incestuous relations with her brother before casting herself into the sea. - Japanese film with English Subs

X166 Face of the Spy (79) aka: Faccia Di Spia  aka: C.I.A. Secret Story    - This Italian made film was meant as an expose on the CIA. What you get is an exercise in endurance as we witness first-hand C.I.A. techniques of extreme torture and cruelty. A steel rod is stuck up one guy's weenie, and then heated up with a match, a woman is beaten and then assaultd while tied to a pole, decapitations, beatings, eels shoved up a woman's backsides, a guy gets his hands hacked off, then they tear out an eyeball. Maybe it's all bullshit, and just pure exploitation. Maybe not. In Italian language, with some English

F583 Faces of Gore (99) Aftermath gore footage of 'real' death narrated by Dr. Vincent Van Gore

F584 Faces of Gore 2 (00) More splattery shockumentary footage with your host, Dr. Vincent Van Gore.

X343 Fair Game (86) Sadistic kangaroo hunters in the outback terrorize a woman that has more willpower and wits about her than all 3 of them put together, proving herself to be quite a formidable foe. Great example of Aussie action madness with similarities to "Razorback" and others filmed in the great outback.

C383 Fairy in a Cage (77) aka: Women in a Cage  aka: Ori no naka no yosei  - WW2 type captures and tortures beautiful women. Beatings, Nudity, Degradation. Optical censoring... LBX - F.L.

X192 Fashion Crimes (89) aka: La morte è di moda  Miles O'Keefe and Anthony Franciosa star in this Giallo shot during the Italio-Fashion-Giallo craze of that era. After witnessing a murder, a woman seeks help from a hypno-therapist to help her remember the details of the crime. The killer, knowing she saw him, has other plans. Franciosa plays a detective on the case. BA

C870 Fata/Morgana (65)  aka: Left-Handed Fate - Gim (who is a model) during one day in her life, when the city where up to now she has lived, is being abandoned by its inhabitants, compelled by a collective fear. The threat that hangs on the city is summed up in the prophecy of a stranger: that Gim will be murdered that same day. Frightened, she tries to approach to people that have stayed in the city...  Teresa Gimpera (the star of many popular Euro-Horror films)  in her debut!  Bizarre mystery/horror from Spanish director Vicente Aranda, the guy who brought us "The Blood-Spattered Bride'!  This is his debut directorial effort.  LBX - Subs

C962 Fatal Addiction (89)  Bundy's last interview.  Peer into the mind of a sick-necrophilia-killer-rapist-pedophile, if you dare.  The guy's a creep.  No excuse's accepted for his behavior.  He should have suffered more in the end, but at least they finally iced the S.O.B.

F845-F991 Fatso (08) aka: Knullegutt  A sexually obsessed cartoon artist in an Oslo apartment. Lots of Nudity! Sexual Situations! Everything he sees reminds him of sex, and we get colorful fantasy images and crazy animated cartoons to go with his sexual hysteria. He has a weird dildo toy that is for his own pleasure, a flesh light, with lips. He eats, watches porno, draws comics, fantasizes, more porno......Things get out of hand when he is around some babes, which leads to moments of humiliation. This guy looks like a young and fat Charles Martin Smith. LBX - Subs .

C90 Fear Has A 1,000 Eyes (70) aka: Sensuous Sorceress  aka: Skräcken har 1000 ögon  - Sven (a Priest) and his wife Anna live in a lonely part of Northern Sweden. A friend (not so much), Hedvig has sworn herself to Satan by carving a bloody cross onto her body (that oughta' do it...I think?). Erotic Necromancy, Satanic Sorcery and Hot Lust leads her to the Priest's bed where she sits astride him in a night of wicked passion. Anna finds herself ensnared in a web of debauchery. Fright, Hatred and Evil highlight this splendid slice of Euro - Trash - Pie. Tasty....Indeed. F.L.

S591 Fear Hotel (77) aka: Pensione Paura  aka: La violación de la señorita Julia  aka: Hotel of Fear  - Finally a nice LBX print of this with English Subs. This is the film director Francesco Barilli made after "Perfume of the Woman in Black". Leonora Fanni stars as Rosa, a timid and frigid young girl who helps run the family hotel while her father serves in WW2. Her mother has a secret lover and the hotel is populated by creepy weirdoes. When her mother turns up murdered, Rosa is unprotected and surrounded by unscrupulous characters. She goes insane, and the guests collectively plot to involve her in a twisted orgy.... Great colors and a cool twisted atmosphere. LBX - Subs - BA

S423 Fears of the Dark (07) aka: Peur(s) du noir  French made animated Horror anthology with different black and white techniques telling scary stories.  First: A teenage boy meets the wrong girl.  Second: A small community where people disappear and are never seen again.  Third: A Japanese girl suffers from terrible nightmares.  Fourth: A man gets no rest at a not-so-abandoned house.  Tales held together by a man with a satanic smile and four devil dogs from hell.  English Subs!  BA

S394 Female Carnivore (70) aka: Die Weibchen  A woman checks into a health spa clinic secretly inhabited by a cannibalistic and very sexy feminists who recreationally murder and eat men. A nurse dismembers and grinds up a body, table saw mayhem, bra burning, hot homicidal hippie chicks, psychedelia and much much more!  Now, finally with English Subs!  BA

Y428 Female Leopard (85) A young man loves to pick up and assault girls. One day after seducing his younger sister, he introduces her to his hobby of bloodlust. She really gets turned on.....where will this lead them?  Really twisted. LBX - Subs

S627 Fidelity (00) aka: La fidélité  Isabelle Adjani was one of director Andzej Zulawski's hottest assets in "Possession" (81). Well here he is directing Marcie Marceau and I don't know why but it almost seems like the same chick here and there a little. Oh, the film!  Principles and fidelity. Sophie gets banged, and loves it!   Um, her husband not too thrilled though. If you like Sophie, you will love this!  Subs - BA

C188 Fiend, The (72) aka: Beware My Brethren - British horror with Ann Todd, Suzannah Leigh and Patrick Magee. Led by a sinister minister, a religious controlling sect called the Brethren has taken control of widow Birdy Wemys, sending her unstable son, Kenny, into a spiraling descent into madness and murder. No woman is safe when Kenny's religious mania overpowers him and leads to a rampage of carnage and chaos!  BA

4295 Fifth Dimension of Sex (84) aka: Explosao Do Sexo - Jose Mojica (Coffin Joe) Marins directs this (his first) twisted XXX psycho thriller. Two men become murdering crazed rapists. When a girl escapes their grasp, the local wildlife is on hand to do them in! Lots of XXX sex mixed in with the depravity. F.L.

X507 Fifth Floor, The (78) College disco dancer (Patti D'Arbanville) is wrongly committed to a psycho ward in a creepy asylum. When she's not busy being tortured, electro-shocked or molested, she manages to teach dance moves to the other crazies. Bo Hopkins displays his sinister side. Julie Adams, Robert England and Sharon Farrell also stars - BA

X264 Films to Keep You Awake at Night : Cuente De Navidad  (05) Another great tale from the series from Spain. This one features all child actors (just about) in a "Goonies" styled tale of dread, childhood fear, and outright horror!  Set in the early 80's, a group of teenagers find a wounded woman in the woods (dressed as Santa!) trapped in a hole (about 10 or 12 feet deep), and they begin to abuse her. When they find out she is a robbery suspect, they step it up a notch, because they want the money!  Eventually she escapes from her hole, but since they think at this point she had died, they now think she is a zombie, come back for revenge. Crazy shit here, too bad we don't get this type of programming in the states. Directed by Francisco (Romasanta) Plaza - LBX - NOW with subs!

S219 First 7th Night, The (09) aka: Tau chut  Gordon Lam plays a taxi driver that is offered a nice sum of cash to drive a mysterious man to an abandoned village.  As they draw nearer their destination the past is revealed.  Nice tension and suspense builds....  LBX and with English Subs.

Y310 First Time at Elba (75) aka: The First Time on the Grass  aka: Love Under the Elms  aka: La prima volta sull'erba  - A father and son (Claudio Cassinelli and Mark Lester) meet a mother and daughter (Anne Heywood and Monica Guerritore) and become involved sexually which becomes community scandal. Oliver!  Shame on you!  BA

S464 Flesh of Your Flesh (83) aka: Carne de tu carne  Bizarre Columbian film involving kidnapping, incest, murder and ...vampires!  This one mixes genre's and ideas that range from political terrorism (hmmm) and even brings in the bourgeois class as co-conspirators in the dictatorship (oh my).  Throw in the bloodsuckers and this one seems to strike close to home!  In Spanish with English Subs! 

Y185 Flowers with Petals of Steel (73) aka: Il Fiore dai petali d'acciaio  aka: The Flower with the Deadly Sting   Gianni Garko plays an amoral, social-climbing surgeon who has had his wealthy wife committed to a mental institution. After he accidentally kills his mistress (Paola Senatore) in a bizarre accident involving the titular "flower with petals of steel" (actually a sculpture), he manages to dispose of the body, but finds himself being pursued by the woman's sister, who is also his vengeful former (Carrol Baker), and a dogged police inspector. Then he begins to be blackmailed by a strange voice on the phone….  Giallo    LBX with Subs!   BA

C563 Forbidden France (80's) Seedy life on the wild side in France mondo-type flick. Prostitutes, Sex Clubs, fake snuff-type footage and much more.... LBX - F.L.

Y695 Forbidden Siren (06) aka: Sairen  A writer moves to a remote island with his daughter and young son. After settling into their new home, a neighbor arrives to welcome them and give them a breakdown of the local rules; most important: do not go outside when the island's siren starts wailing.... Cool and creepy Japanese horror  LBX - Subs

F120 Force of Darkness (85) Spree killer in San Francisco with multiple personality disorder turns out to be possessed by a demonic force that controls his personality and drives him to kill! Demonic forces from Alcatraz prison are responsible! Rare Horror! BA

X477 Forever (92) Sean Young and Steve Railsback star. A director of rock videos moves into a house where silent movie stars 'ghosts' come alive whenever their movies are played......BA

F157 Forgotten Warrior, The (86) aka: The Forgotten Soldier   Incredibly bad Filipino action film alert!  You won't know whether to laugh or cry. Recommended!

X195 Fourth Victim, The (74) aka: La Última señora Anderson  aka: Death at the Deep End of the Swimming Pool   Eugenio Martin directed Giallo with Carroll Baker - A man is suspected of killing several wives. Baker is his new wife, and may be next!  BA

S619 Frankenstein 2000 (91) aka: Return From Death  aka: Ritorno dalla morte  - After a woman is beaten and assaultd by thugs, the dirty cops pin the dirty deed on her homeless friend since she is in a coma and can't clear him. The cops then  arrange for our falsely accused fall guy to be killed in prison (a popular practice law enforcement still engages in today). I might add, this woman also has constant nightmares of her young son getting decapitated so we get various scenes of the little tyke running with his ball or whatever and then "WHOP" his little head is flying, or rolling.... So, while in a coma, our ever resourceful gal in a "Patrick"-esque move resurrects her innocent friend and sends him on a quest for revenge. And boy does he have his work cut out for him!  Dirty cops, rapists, and a few bonus kills, like when he squeezes the forensic guy's head until his eyeballs pop out!  (Guy's gotta' practice). Joe D'Amato's last real horror film before he went into hardcore for the remainder of his career.  

X938 Frankenstein Italian Style (75) aka: Casanova Frankenstein - Rarest of the Frankenstein spoofs, directed by Armando Crispino - Mix "Young Frankenstein" with Italian sex comedies of the day and you get this entertaining farce. Mad Scientist creates "Frankenstein" creature that is better "endowed" than his ancestor, and uses his female assistants to prove that point. F.L. - BA

Y678 Freak Orlando (81) Bizarre German made art/freak oddity! Real freaks of nature, armless women, dwarf people, + fake looking freaks like a two-headed woman, and others. Throw in some insanity and violence, leather men, heads ripped off and put in cages, transvestites and singing numbers and you get one of the strangest films ever made!  F.L.

Y138 French Sex Murders, The (72) aka: Casa d'appuntamento   The murder of a prostitute in a Paris brothel (run by early 60's sex symbol Anita Ekberg) is blamed on a jealous client, but the lead detective suspects otherwise.   When  the murders continue after the suspect's ironic-if-he-were-actually-guilty demise, his suspicions are confirmed.  Rosalba Neri, Anita Ekberg, Barbara Bouchet, Howard Vernon, Gordon Mitchell....more  - Giallo LBX in English   BA

S246 Frisian Terror (09) A blonde bimbo begins your journey as she introduces the tale.  We go from 1349, to WW2, and into the present where what looks like archeologist types find an evil skull relic from the past.  A guy with the skull picks up a male hitchhiker and takes him home and ties him up.  The guy endures bloody beatings and escapes.  When his captor finds him, he pisses on him and makes him return for more abuse.  It must be the excavated skull chunk that has him possessed some way.  Things get crazier with more people and evil involved.  Gory, crazy film with bloody violence, a chained woman in leather, puke, and rampant deviant behaviors.  LBX - Subs  BA

C878 Fucked Up Cartoon Party 2 (various)  32 count 'em, 32 tasteless and depraved cartoons for everybody to enjoy!  There is something here to offend everyone!  With Diaper Dyke, Big Dick Gorilla Fucker....  and many many more!  (Video Screams assumes no responsibility if you find yourself incapable of speech after viewing these cartoons)

S492 Full Moon (93) aka : Pleniluni - A large white werewolf is terrorizing a small village, bloodily slaying it's victims.  This violent horror film from Uruguay now available in upgraded quality and with English subtitles too!  Don't miss this one! 

X155 Funny Frankenstein (81) Mario Bianchi (under the pseudonym Alan W. Cools)  directed this off-the-wall horror sex comedy! Dr. Frankenstein's ancestor is about, hiding in his inherited secret castle, doing all things Frankensteinian! He still has time to pursue the local girls for sex (and why not !?!) Dracula is also on hand. Lots of near hard-core sex. I guess the monster must be the guy with the two foot schlong. Obscure and friggin' weird as hell.  Stars Laura Levi and Mark Shanon   F.L.

X308 Fury (79) aka: Woman from the Torrid Land   aka: La Mujer de la tierra caliente   - Laura Gemser, Stuart Whitman, Gabriele Tinti - A man and a woman (Whitman and Gemser), both with checkered pasts, hitch a ride together. While on the trip both begin to converse about their most recent relationship. Through flashbacks the two describe how their relationships became unraveled and why they are in their current situations. Very Obscure Gemser flick, she's very fetching, as usual.

S521 Game of Seduction (90) Andrea Bianchi directs this bizarre erotic fantasy that stars the drop dead sexy (and she did) Moana Pozzi.  This one is about a family living in an ancient castle with loads of atmosphere and surrealism.  Great locales, plenty of nudity and soft core sex.  In Italian language with no Subs. 

S564 Garden of Delights (67) aka: Il giardino delle delizie  Arty and dark Italian made relationship flick with Maurice Ronet and Evelyn Stewart. Nice score from Ennio Morricone. LBX and with Subs - BA

X849 Garden of Love (03) Olaf Ittenbach strikes again! Squashed skulls, severed limbs, gory mutilations, holes punched through faces, heads shot off, bodies ripped in half..... The Verlaine family is massacred in their sleep and there is only one survivor (Rebecca), who is in a coma. Years later, fully awake, she starts to see her dead family on some type of ghostly transmission on her T.V., coaxing her to return to the family farm where they were all killed. Later Rebecca uses a power drill in quite an inventive way!  Another scene has the zombified Verlaine family ripping a team of policeman to shreds!  Extreme Gore!  In English too!

S500 Garden, The (77) aka: Ha-Gan  An old man tends his garden under the threat of urbanization.  In wanders a beautiful tourist (Melanie Griffith) dazed and naked after a sexual assault.  He mistakes her for an angel.  This film is in Yiddish and filmed in Israel.  The scenery is impressive, as well as the scenery displayed here by a 19 year old Miss Griffith.  You see, she is butt-naked for a large part of the movie, hanging out in the garden eating apples (like 'Eve' I suppose).  Whatever the intention of this Jewish flick, I miss their point completely.  All I see is Melanie naked.  Not a bad thing.  F.L. 

S436 German Chainsaw Massacre (91) aka: Das deutsche Kettensägen Massaker  A family of butchers decides to slaughter all the East Germans that are invading their territories, and chop them up for cheap meat.  Sleazy and trashy at times, a violent bloodbath of a film, with plenty of gore and even political satire.  Slightly LBX and now with English Subs 

C957 Germicide (76)  aka: Blondy  aka: Vortex  - Rod Taylor plays a United Nations bio-warfare disarmament expert who's lonely wife (Bibi Andersson) has a steamy affair while she's away in France. But soon she finds out the hard way that her lover is not quite the charming and stable guy she thought he was, and starts to fear him and wonder about his true motives.  Now available in English Language.  Explicit sex scenes are the best part, this was marketed as an 'Andromeda Strain" type film– more of a sci-fi thriller.  Hard to classify...  pretty much Euro-Trash here.  BA

Y309 Girl from Trieste, The (80) aka: La Ragazza di Trieste   A rich artist (Ben Gazzara) falls for a disturbed and suicidal young Nympho mental patient (the drop dead gorgeous Ornella Muti showing her considerable assets !). Head games. Despite all of her drawbacks, he can't help his obsession with the girl. I did tell you that she is Ornella Muti, didn't I?  Also with Mimsy Farmer (who gets it on with Ben as well, with nice nudity). Maybe a bit of a trashy soap opera, but Muti is mesmerizing. BA

X663 Girl in a Swing (88) Meg Tilly - A London art broker goes to Copenhagen where he requires the services of a secretary that speaks Danish, English and German. He falls deeply for Meg Tilly's character, not knowing the troubles she leaves behind will haunt them.  Some pretty explicit and horny sex scenes with Tilly who bares all for your viewing pleasure!  Pretty creepy flick really, it may just stay with you long after the credits roll.

Y348 Girls of Silicone Valley (91) Amidst some incredible sex scenes, you get a really gross actual breast implant surgery sequence, which may just leave you a bit confused on how you feel... I mean, here everything is going up fine and then...

C889-C3 Glass Ceiling, The (71)  aka: El Techo de cristal  Martha; a lonely housewife who has been left alone in her apartment as her husband is away on one of his frequent business trips. Her upstairs neighbor is a woman named Julie, and she finds herself in a similar situation as her husband too is away a lot, and he happens to be away this time as well. Our lonely housewife soon begins to hear footsteps upstairs and after overhearing a few things, some true...some not quite true, she jumps to the conclusion that the upstairs neighbor has, in fact, killed her husband.... Spanish horror thriller from director Eloy De La Iglesia (Cannibal Man)  starring Carmen Sevilla, Emma Cohen and Patty Shepard.  Rural life, paranoia and terror, Hitchcockian touches and in English too!  The 3 beautiful female leads you will find in other Spanish Horror films, Naschy etc..... In English too!

S429 Goat's Horn, The (72) aka: Kozijat rog  The Setting: 18th century Bulgaria.  Four thugs pull a home invasion at the shepherd Karaivan's house, raping and killing his wife in full view of his daughter, Maria.  Karaivan burns the house down, retreats high in the hills and raises her as a boy, training her to fight, with plans of eventual vengeance.  Nine years pass and they begin to locate and kill the thugs.  They leave a goat horn as a symbol of their revenge.  Eventually Maria falls in love and wants to do normal woman stuff, but her father is against it, and the results are truly tragic.  Very violent and also with nudity.  English Subs too!

S163 Godson, The (71) aka: Blutjunge Mädchen - Hemmungslos  A Generation of Passion and Lust explode onto the screen!  Look for an un-credited Uschi Digard and the author Harlan Ellison (with his wife!) Lots of nudity and sexual couplings. 

Y683 Goorkund (95) Pakistani horror about a sleazy undertaker that has sex with the corpses of females he is supposed to be burying in the graveyard!  Throw in a very bizarre grave-dance with ghouls and the undertaker as they play Michael Jackson's "Thriller" in the background!  Man, this is crazy! F.L.

Y719 Gore Invasion (04) aka: Goreinvasión  Argentinean made low-budget gore/comedy/action made to offend with some truly demented and twisted scenarios. You have been warned, right?  F.L.

C911 Gore Whore (94)  Madman Dr.  Whitman reanimates a dead whore, who then escapes.  She needs human blood, and has the formula that enables her to reanimate the dead (which she does!).  Plenty of nudity and sleaze in this low-budget gem. 

C599 Grand Guignol (86) Actually a drama concerning the ins and outs of a live Guignol theatre revival troupe. Not so much about the plays but about the people. Fair quality at best - In French language with English Subs

S550 Grimm’s Fairy Tales for Adults  (69)  aka: Grimms Märchen von lüsternen Pärchen  The characters from the classic Grimm's Fairy Tales (Mother Goose, etc.) engaged in activities the Grimm Brothers probably wouldn't approve of….  This film must be one of the earliest examples of combining classical Fairy Tales with (soft) pornography. Several of the classic fairy tales of the Brother's Grimm (Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella, and a few others) have been mixed together to create a very unusual picture… The film is 'adult' on many levels - obviously, there is a fair amount of sex and nudity; the humor is rather dark, ironic and cynical; and we also get to see a Cinderella version in which the step-sisters do cut their toes off.  Now in English!   This is the shorter English language version.  It is also available in German language UNCUT version (ref #3988).  SPECIFY!!     BA

C950 Guard Post, The (08)  aka: G.P.506 - War/Army Horror hybrid from South Korea.  Similar to "The Bunker" or R.  Point.  Mysterious, thought provoking and intense story-telling with appropriate amounts of violence.  LBX and with Subs

Y293 Guardami (00) aka: Watch Me - Mainstream Italian film based on the Porno- Superstar Moanna Pozzi! (She died in 1994 of liver cancer). This film is loaded with sex and nudity (but played serious!).  Elisabetta Cavallotti gives an Oscar worthy performance as her character juggles between making hardcore sex films and performing at live sex shows to make ends meet. She realizes essentially that she is nothing more than a slab of meat, for the lusting people in her life that use her up. The director frequently filming reminds of Joe D'Amato!  This film is in Italian language only with no Subs. XXX also, so be advised. LBX and in perfect quality - BA  F.L.

C137 Gun For Jennifer, A