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FL= Film is in Foreign Language

Lbx=  Letterboxed or Widescreen format 

Subs=  Film is subtitled

aka= Also Known As  (alternate titles)


G97 Atomic: Living in Dread and Promise (15) Experimental documentary that looks at the Hiroshima nuclear bomb and the legacy left behind. Marking the 70th anniversary. Images of nuclear explosions, Japanese who were affected, protesters, as well as some later material considering the positive aspects of the nuclear industry.

G876 City Limits (84) aka: I cavalieri del futuro Rival biker gangs feud in Post-Plague-Ridden America in this treasure of a film. The bad guys (led by 'Carver', played by Robby Benson!!) use comic books to make their decisions, like a bible. I could write pages on this atrocity. Bad suits, bad hair, cool sets.... But the cast is incredible. Kim Cattrall gets topless, Rae Dawn Chong, James Earl Jones, even Kane Hodder! Don't miss this one. BA

G34 Countdown to Looking Glass (84) There was 'Threads', 'The Day After', 'By Dawn's Early Light' and others.... This sobering account of nuclear war threat and eventually coming into play may haunt you for days afterward. With the clowns that are currently running this planet, it is a scary situation when you think about it. This is well made and has quite an apocalyptic ending on a dread-filled note of doom. With Scott Genn, Michael Glenn, Helen Shaver and more.

M994 Letters from a Dead Man (86) aka: Pisma myortvogo cheloveka The world post apocalypse is a light scenery of total destruction. The surviving humans vegetate in wet cellars under the nuclear winter. The main character is a scientist who lives in a makeshift shelter under a museum, among saved relics from all eras of history, along with some of his surviving colleagues. They grapple with what has happened. The focus is more on the moral and philosophic side of nuclear war. Interesting Russian made film made during the height of the cold war. Downbeat and grim. With English subtitles. BA

B652 Loft (85) aka: Loft - Die neue Saat der Gewalt In an apocalyptic future world, a young upper class couple is lured to view some surrealist paintings, presented by a group of young anarchists. The anarchists do this, luring pretentious rich people, so they can trap them in their loft flat and torture them. One of the killers plainly states "You attended our exhibition, but not one of you paid any attention to our pictures. We are our pictures, and they strike back when they are insulted.”. Luckily for us this gets bloody and violent, very downbeat. 'Loft' is a depressing, ugly and anarchistic shocker with extremely violent set-pieces which actually caused censorship problems in Germany when released. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

B494 Psy (89) aka: Stray Dogs - A rag-tag group consisting of an alcoholic teacher, an immoral sports shooter, a hunter, a criminal, guided by a party representative, and a driver, take an old bus towards a lost village in the desert near a large dried up lake. They were sent to clean up the scourge of wild feral dogs that are feeding on survivors! They barely fight off an attack by the dogs, and then cleanup a ship with a cargo of ice, now melted to water, which was the dog's lair. The bus is stolen.... Conflict, gore, suicide, quicksand, creepy atmosphere and more. The thing about this Russian made apocalypse film is, it looks really bleak and desperate, so they have no problem putting this story across believably. With English Subtitles.

G572 She-Rat, The (97) aka: Die Rättin Story of the downfall of mankind and the rise of rats as told BY a rat... Artistic and surreal tale. Directed by Martin Buchhorn based on the novel by Günter Grass. Matthias Habich stars. LBX and with English subtitles.

G248 Ultra Warrior (90) aka: Welcome to Oblivion After the nuclear holocaust, one man, 'Ultra Warrior' (Dack Rambo) rises from the ashes (or is sent by the higher ups) to determine the radioactive levels, and finds himself in a war between the mutants and the slave-drivers. An amazing science fiction cut and paste. You will see scenes from many familiar films, used to piece this entertaining mess together. Unintentional comedy that reaches new heights of hilarity. Dack Rambo, sadly, proved not to be an 'Ultra Warrior' in real life. This was his last movie. Killed by AIDS in 1994. BA


R674 Super Force Five (0?) Cosplay action. Stigmatized Disqualified Heroine. Super sexy heroine, monster characters and fogged sex. Seems what the villains desire is complete sexual molestation of their victim. That seems like the only thing that they want! F.L.



B302 Blonde in Black Leather (75) aka: Qui comincia l'avventura Two sexy, stunning and racy women (Monica Vitti and Claudia Cardinale) go on a wild motorcycling adventure. Silly movie with beautiful locations and even more beautiful women. Vitti and Cardinale have never been sexier. LBX English dubbed. BA



G901 20 Questions Murder Mystery, The (50) Anonymous clues related to a series of murders is delivered to BBC Radio's 20 Questions show. Can the reporters break the code before more murders occur? The killer is working his way through a group of related players with a hateful grudge. Finding the 'why' is the mystery. This killer has a motive! Revenge! Robert Beatty, Rona Anderson, Clifford Evans and more.

G398 Action of the Tiger (57) aka: La frontera del terror Carson (Van Johnson) is an American contraband runner approached by Tracy (Martine Carole), a French woman who wants him to help her brother escape from Albania where he is being held prisoner. Watch for the scene where Mike (played by a young Sean Connery!) chases our heroine around the boat, obviously trying to get her if you know what I mean, while Carson looks on indifferently. Also with Herbert Lom, Anthony Dawson and Yvonne Craig! Martine Carole had a heart attack and died ten years after this came out at only aged 47. Directed by Terence Young. LBX BA

B720 Adventures of Tartu, The (43) aka: Le avventure di Tartù A first rate British war spy thriller with Tartu (Robert Donat) whose mission it is to destroy a German run chemical/poison gas factory in Czechoslovakia. He teams up with Freedom Fighters... They try to sabotage the factory resulting in the loss of many lives. Nazis all over the place here! Also with Valerie Hobson who most will remember as Colin Clive’s (Dr. Frankenstein) squeeze in the sequel to the original Whale classic. BA

G817 After Dark (33) Here's an odd little film that runs under an hour. It is another British 'Old Dark House' type. A man is robbed of some jewels on a train and tracks them to a creepy house which may or may not have a ghost that is trying to scare him away. Certainly belongs in the 'Forgotten Horrors' genre. A creaky relic from the past. With Horace Hodges.

R934 Albert R.N. (53) aka: Break to Freedom In 1944, at a P.O.W. camp in Germany, the allied prisoners use a dummy prop named Albert to fool the guards and escape. Anton Diffring (who played a better 'nasty' Nazi?), Anthony Steel and more star in this British classic.

G464 Angry Silence, The (60) aka: La tortura del silenzio A young factory worker (Richard Attenborough) stands up against others fellow workers/union members when they want to strike. Depicting an age in Britain's Industrial relations that were in a mess pre-Thatcher. Violent (although much implied and not shown) but effective. Exceptional with a good cast that includes Oliver Reed, Bernard (M) Lee, Michael Craig and drug casualty Pier Angeli who was a fifties and sixties star and former girlfriend of Kirk Douglas and James Dean. As her dreams of superstardom faded she starred in the 1971 film 'Octaman" when she was 39 years old, with Kerwin Matthews. Not sure if that was the final nail in her coffin, but she did overdose and die the same year. LBX BA

G487 Arthur! Arthur! (69) The inventor of sure-fire failures (played by Donald Pleasence) leads such an abysmal life that he creates a secret identity.... that of a dashing debonair womanizer! From married henpecked husband to a swinging London horn dog! The scene with Donald in bed with Shelley Winters is priceless! Also featured in this dark comedy? Terry Thomas! Entertaining turn for Pleasence fans.

G632 Assassin for Hire (51) Pretending to be a rare stamp dealer, a man (Sydney Tafler) supports his devoted wife and her musically talented young brother, by being a hit man. A detective (Ronald Howard) sets a trap to catch our well meaning but deadly killer.

G795 Avalanche (69) The English children are on holiday in the Tyrolean alps and are having the time of their lives until one of them breaks a leg. What follows is a series of people friendly avalanches that devastate miniature sets with gusto and perceived lethal menace. I was just hoping for some violent mayhem, but alas. Nice cold snowy locations and neato special effects typical of the 60's, weird light music, horrible English dubbing and nary a scoundrel or ill-willed vagabond in sight. Filmed in Switzerland.

G790 Avenging Hand, The (36) A Chicago gangster visits London and is amused and surprised by the rampant crime. When he learns some thugs have murdered an innocent match-seller in their attempts to locate a mysterious package it piques his curiosity enough so that he becomes a detective sleuth of a sort. With Noah Beery, father of Noah Beery Jr. of course.

G502 Bandit of Zhobe, The (59) aka: Kasim, furia dell'India The British colonial army versus the Thugee Cult in this exotic adventure film directed by Hammer director John Gilling. Certainly interesting and entertaining and maybe a bit similar to Hammer's 'The Brigand of Kandahar'. Victor Mature sleepwalks through his role, but luckily we have Anthony Newley and Anne Aubrey as well. BA

G803 Bedelia (46) Tagline: The author of 'Laura' now brings to the screen THE WICKEDEST WOMAN WHO E VER LOVED! Bedelia (Margaret Lockwood) is a recently remarried widow on honeymoon in Monte Carlo. A painter inquires her about her past, and is waiting for her with truth, danger and crime when she returns to England with her new husband. The problematic dissection of a treacherous mysterious lady with dark secrets in her past. A 'serial rich-husband' killer also known as a 'Black Widow'. BA

R610 Big Blockade, The (42) aka: Die Blockade Wartime propaganda piece reporting on the success of the economic blockade of Germany in the early years of the war, told from the perspective of the British. An excellent window to the thought processes of the time. Excellent because with time, we get benefit of historical reference, and we know what we are getting. Michael Rennie, Michael Redgrave, Robert Morely, John Mills and Leslie Banks star.

G917 Big Frame, The (52) aka: The Lost Hours - An American pilot (Mark Stevens) is in London at a reunion of a WW2 unit he was a part of. He gets into a fight with one of his buddies. The next day he wakes in a strange hotel room with blood on his clothes. He finds later that his friend who he was in a fight with, has been murdered, and he is the prime suspect. He can't remember a thing. This is 'the lost hours', part of the 'Big Frame'. LBX BA

G58 Blue Lamp, The (50) aka: Die blaue Lampe aka: I giovani uccidono The daily routine of two London policemen is interrupted by a killer. Excellent glimpse of a 1950 London. The cast is lead by Jack Warden, also including Dirk Bogarde, Jimmy Hanley, Robert Flemyng, Bernard (M) Lee and more. Excellent period piece loaded with atmosphere.

G508 Bombay Waterfront (52) aka: Paul Temple Returns The Temples investigate a series of gruesome murders attributed to a mysterious figure known as 'The Marquis'. Eventually the common thread to the murders is discovered to be a secret papyrus recently excavated in Egypt by the character played by Christopher Lee (who later would be excavated and uncovered himself as 'The Mummy'!), which contains the antidote for all narcotic drugs and could seriously damage the world drug cartels if it comes to light. John Bentley, Arthur Hill, and of course Christopher Lee in an early role.

R618 Boys, The (62) The Boys in question are four working class teenagers charged with the murder of an elderly night watchman during a robbery. In England 1962, a teenager could be hung for murder, so the stakes are high for the little bastards. Nice look at London immediately pre-Beatles. The boys go to the witness stand, one by one, and tell their story from their individual (and differing) points of view. Fairly gripping. Richard Todd and Robert Morley star.

B435 Brain Machine, The (55) aka: La droga maledetta A murderer is brought into a insane asylum for testing, using an electro-encephalograph, a remarkable invention that detects abnormalities in the brain. Also in the hospital, an amnesiac is questioned under the influence of a drug and reveals his life is in danger....Bizarre obscure British thriller. The theme tune is the same as 'Quatermass and the Pit'. Director Ken Hughes went on to direct 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' and the Burt Reynolds film 'Shark'. BA

M988 Break in the Circle (55) aka: Spionagenetz Hamburg An adventurer is hired by a German millionaire to help a Polish scientist to the West. Here we have another obscure Hammer film directed by Val Guest. Forrest Tucker and Eva Bartok star. Jimmy Sangster and Michael Carreras also worked on this. BA

G226 Broken Horseshoe, The (53) aka: Huumausaineliiga A doctor (Robert Beatty) finds himself implicated in the murder of one of his patients (Elizabeth Sellars). BA

R729 Brotherly Love (70) aka: Country Dance aka: Jogo na Escuridão In an upper-class British household, a crazy alcoholic has an incestuous relationship with his sister, who is also a drinker herself. The film tip-toes around the subject matter, but the astute viewer will have no problem spotting what the hell is really happening here (ahem... see the title if confused). A tragic dark comedy. Peter O'Toole and Sussanah York star, along with Michael Craig, Harry Andrews, Cyril Cusack and many more.

R666 Carringford School Mystery, The (58) Adventures of five children who set out to vindicate a school friend wrongly accused of theft from the local museum. Complete 8 parts (. Crisis in the Classroom. 2. Evening of Danger. 3. Gunplay. 4. Kidnapped. 5. Ordeal Under Water. 6. Danger Under Ground. 7. Peril at Sea. 8. Fatal. )

G67 Cat and Mouse (58) aka: The Desperate Men - A GI deserter (played by Lee Patterson as a psychotic) frames a girl (Ann Sears) for killing a blackmailer, and holds her captive while seeking gems.

G91 Challenge, The (38) aka: Kampen om Bjerget Dramatization of the first climbing of the Matterhorn in 1865, with scenic mountain footage. Things get competitive. Great when the four men fall to their doom (yes, you can tell they are dummies). With Robert Douglas, Joan Gardner, Mary Clare and more. Quality less than usual on this title.

G470 Challenge, The (60) aka: It Takes a Thief aka: Un compte à régler aka: Sie pfiff - und die Kerle kuschten Billy (Jayne Mansfield) and Kristy (Carl Mohner) lead a gang of armed robbers, who steal from armored cars and banks. Billy's lover Jim (Anthony Quayle) gets busted, but not before he hides the loot. Jim gets out and his followed by the cops, and harassed by his crooked colleagues, all after the loot. Kristy goes so far as to kidnap Jim's son, threatening to kill him if he doesn't give up the green. Mansfield's delivery of dialogue killed the movie in 1960, but today, is one of the reasons to see this, it works now. Hilariously good or bad, for better or worse. Great London locations and atmosphere. BA

G86 Cherry Picker, The (74) American V.I.P. James Burn the Second finds his son James Burn the Third leading a giant 'sleep-in' at Windsor castle. He hires Nancy (Lulu) to get him out of the castle, and into work. She succeeds.... for a while anyway. Seems James Jr. believes in 'Desire not Fire' and 'Sex not Slavery' and soon opts out. From there on it is a challenge to get him back to work and the marriage bed, instead of chasing every skirt in town and being an entitled loser. Lots of woman here with Priscilla Morgan and more. Also starring Fiona Curzon, Terry Thomas and Wilfrid Hyde-White.

G59 Corridor of Mirrors (48) aka: Il mistero degli specchi aka: La extraña cita A man falls for a beautiful woman, and then realizes he may have also been in love with her in a previous life. Twisting time traveling obsessive love that borders on madness and eventually ends in Madame Tussaud's wax museum. The first movie with Christopher Lee.

R624 Danger Within (59) aka: Breakout aka: Verrat im Camp 127 In an Italian P.O.W. camp during WW2, a group of British soldiers finds their escape thwarted by a traitor in their midst. Excellent cast includes Richard Todd, Dennis Price, Bernard Lee, Michael Wilding and Richard Attenborough. Look for Michael Caine in a small part. BA

G931 Deadly Game, The (82) A play filmed in the U.K. to a packed crowd with many seasoned players. Retired lawyers amuse themselves by prosecuting , defending and judging a hapless traveler (George Segal) for crimes unbeknownst to him in a deserted mansion. This what they do in their retirement, play a deadly game with people who fall into their deadly trap. Trevor Howard, Robert Morley, Lesley Dunlop and more star. Watch when the play ends and the cast receives a standing ovation happily before the curtain goes down.

G800 Devil's Agent, The (62) aka: Im Namen des Teufels This one is an effort by West Germany, the U.K. and also Ireland. In East Germany, a wine merchant (Peter Van Eyck) innocently gets roped into carrying commie secrets for Christopher Lee's character across the European border during the Cold War. Macdonald Carey as the American spy chief knows this and extorts Eyck into working as a double agent. Sent to Hungary, the Hungarians take his passport and want to use him as well. Triple agent now if you are counting. Eyck is in a web! Also with Marianne Koch and Billie Whitelaw. Reportedly Peter Cushing was involved as well but his scenes were deleted before the release. This is the uncut 97 minute version. Noticed some glitches in the opening credits.

G828 Dr. Morelle: The Case of the Missing Heiress (49) Greedy wheelchair-bound Samuel Kimber (Philip Leaver) wants to bump off his stepdaughter, Cynthia (Jean Lodge) to swipe her inheritance. She has other plans. But, she goes missing. Her friend, who is Dr. Morelle's secretary, investigates the old dark house she lived in. Dr. Morelle (played by the so-called British Vincent Price Valentine Dyall) assumes many identities in his pursuit of the truth, like Sherlock Holmes would do. This obscure Hammer production was directed by Godfrey Grayson who also directed the 1950 Jack the Ripper film 'Room to Let'. He of distinct voice Valentine would go on to some notable horrors and lend his voice to many things British, including more Hammer.

G339 Drake of England (35) aka: Drake the Pirate Imposing Canadian-born stage actor and playwright Matherson Lang was one of the twentieth century's great Shakespearean players, and became Britain's foremost screen actor during the 1920s; in Drake of England, one of his final films, he takes the title role in Arthur Woods' portrayal of the life and times of the flamboyant piratical adventurer who founded Britain's sea fortunes. From clandestine romance at the court of Elizabeth I to conquests in the newly discovered lands of South America and spectacular victory over the Armada, Drake of England offers a panoramic overview of Drake's... Frances Drake, Donald Wolfit and an uncredited Torin Thatcher star.

G60 Final Appointment (54) aka: The Last Appointment Decent little crime thriller directed by Terence Fisher. A reporter and his girlfriend (who is also a reporter), investigate threats aimed at a retired army officer and stumble upon information that links them to a series of murders and a court-martial that happened a decade before during the war.

G481 Fire Raisers, The (34) aka: Gli incendiari Jim Bronton (Leslie Banks) is an insurance investigator, but he is unhappy with his work and gets involved with a gang of arsonists. His unscrupulous behavior leads to the deaths of others and he feels remorse and regret. Now what? Also with Ann Grey. Michael Powell directs (his career crashed later with his great but too controversial for it's time, 'Peeping Tom').

G815 Flaw, The (55) A low-life race car driver marries a woman for her money and plots to murder her. But the lawyer sees through his facade and himself is in love with the woman and plans to stop him. Reasonably well plotted and entertaining thriller directed by Terence Fisher. With John Bentley, Donald Houston and Rona Anderson.

G482 Flood Tide (34) aka: Above all Things Romance between a lock keeper's son and a bargee's daughter. A cool look at the inland water ways of nearly 90 years ago in England, including Waterloo Bridge in demolishment stage. BA

G856 Frightened City, The (61) aka: Scotland Yard sezioni omicidi A pre-James Bond Sean Connery plays a small time thief who is recruited by a gangster to oversee his money collecting. The real criminal mastermind of the story is played by Herbert Lom. With the amazing Yvonne Romain (who Connery takes a shine to) and also starring Patrick Holt. The Shadows took the opening scene to #3 on the U.K. charts. Yvonne Romain was straight off the set of 'Curse of the Werewolf'. Herbert Lom's next film was 'Mysterious Island', as Captain Nemo. BA

B491 Ghoul, The (75) aka: The Thing in the Attic Peter Cushing stars as a former Priest who harbors a dark secret. In the attic of the palatial mansion, he keeps his demented ghoul cannibal son! He went mad after being in India with his father (Pete doing the missionary work) where he acquired this foul malady. Cushing fears that his son will escape and begin to feed on the guests at his rural English estate, there during a cross-country race. Peter Cushing is excellent in this. Veronica Carlson is the eye candy. Also with John Hurt. Alternate version that runs 90 minutes, a full 6 minutes longer than the U.S. release! BA

G798 Glass Mountain, The (49) aka: La montaña de cristal An Italian/U.K. production. A British Air Force pilot in WW2 (Michael Denison) who is also a composer is shot down in Italy and rescued by an Italian girl (Valentina Cortese). He returns home to his wife (Dulcie Gray) but as he composes he realizes he is in love with the Italian girl. It was she who introduced him to the legend of the 'Glass Mountain' and this is the opera he now writes. He loves her, he loves his wife, and only tragedy will give him his answer to this dilemma. Nice location shooting in Venice and the Italian Dolomites, with an opera score by Nino Rota who would compose the music for 'The Godfather' films and Fellini projects. BA

R739 Glory at Sea (52) aka: Gift Horse aka: Il cacciatorpediniere maledetto The British Captain of an old 'Destroyer' ship in 1940, struggles not only with the Nazis, but his crew as well, who are slightly disgruntled in this massive bucket of bolts. Trevor Howard, Richard Attenborough, Sonny Tufts and more star. Before America joined the war effort, we gave up old ships in exchange for leases on naval bases the British had in the Western Hemisphere. BA

R583 Good Die Young, The (54) aka: Les bons meurent jeunes Three good men: a broken boxer, a man trying to win back his mother-dominated wife, and an airport pilot with a cheating actress wife are corrupted by suave gentleman Miles Ravenscourt (Laurence Harvey), who talks them into a heist. Amazing cast with Gloria Grahame, Joan Collins, Richard Basehart, John Ireland, Stanley Baker, Robert Morely and more. Cool and gritty British crime film. LBX BA

G793 Grasshopper Island (71) aka: Die Grashüpferinsel Filmed in Corsica! Unthreatening lazy day adventures in an improbable world where no one seems to mind that three children have run away to live on an island. The boys have a blast with no adult supervision. This is the type of wacky stuff that the U.K. played for their kids while here in America we were gobbling up the 'Banana Splits' with 'Danger Island'.

G140 Home to Danger (51) A drug dealer tries to kill his partner's daughter when she inherits an old country house. Stanley Baker and Guy Rolfe star. Terence Fisher directs. BA

G823 How to Murder a Rich Uncle (57) aka: Comment tuer un oncle à héritage Sir Henry (Nigel Patrick who also directs) is excited to hear his rich Uncle is coming to visit his impoverished family who live on a grand estate but are in dire financial trouble. Hilarious black comedy in the same vein as 'The Lady Killers', even also starring Katie Johnson of 'The Lady Killers' in her last film. Look for Michael Caine in an early very funny role. Charles Coburn and Anthony Newley also star. BA

G801 Jigsaw (62) aka: El rostro sin nombre Obscure British thriller with a screenplay by Val Guest who also directs. Two detectives investigate when a woman is found murdered in a house along the coast from Brighton. See if you can spot the killer before Jack Warner's character does. It's a shocker. Plus a nice little twist in the end. Also with Ronald Lewis of 'Mr. Sardonicus' and Hammer's 'Scream of Fear' and also starring Michael Goodliffe who starred in 6 films with Christopher Lee. Both Lewis and Goodliffe would commit suicide, Lewis with drugs in 1982 at age 53, and Goodliffe jumping to his death from high up in 1976 at the age of 51. LBX

R728 Johnny in the Clouds (45) aka: Way to the Stars Life on a British bomber base and the surrounding towns, from the opening days of the Battle of Britain, to the arrival of the Americans as they join the bomber offensive. Excellent war drama with action and human strife. Michael Redgrave, John Mills, Renee Asherson and more star. BA

G484 Lifetaker, The (75) aka: Reflexos do Passado A deceived husband engages in a series of deadly games with his wife and her lover in this dark sexually charged erotic thriller with downbeat conclusions. With Terence Morgan, Peter Duncan and Lea Brodie. BA

G459 Light Up the Sky! (60) aka: Skywatch aka: Derfor sejrede England Comedy drama set in WW2 (too soon?) about a British Army Flashlight Squad. This odd bunch of bumbling misfits still manage to get the job done. Director Lewis Gilbert directed the James Bond film 'You Only Live Twice' which was released in 1967. The debut of British actress actress Sheila Hancock. With funny man Benny Hill and also Tommy Steele and Ian Carmichael. BA

G916 Man in the Iron Mask, The (77) Richard Chamberlain in the duel role in this version. Of course we all know the story from the Alexandre Dumas novel about Louis the 14th of France and his attempts to keep his identical brother Philippe, imprisoned away from sight out of the public eye, and Philippe's rescue by the aging musketeers led by D'Artagnan (Louis Jordan). Splendid British production with Patrick McGoohan, Jenny Agutter, Ian Holm, Ralph Richardson and many more. Would you like some Grey Poupon with that? BA

G483 Man in the Mirror, The (36) aka: Como tú quisieras ser A mild-mannered, somewhat mousey man, is stunned when his mirror reflection comes to life and begins to do all the wild and crazy things that he always wanted to do but never dared. Including making love to his wife and outwitting his business partner. Outstanding. With Edward Everett Horton and Genevieve Tobin. BA

G524 Mandy (52) aka: Crash of Silence aka: Mandy la piccola sordomuta Mandy Garland was born deaf and remained so. Her parent's think she can learn to talk and enroll her with a special teacher. Phyllis Calvert plays the mother and is aided by an excellent cast. They show how deaf children need patience and understanding. A real tear-jerker. Also with Jack Hawkins. BA

M782 Master Spy (63) aka: X 21 spionaggio atomico A Russian scientist escapes from a Communist prison to go to work for the British. The British suspect he is a 'plant' sent to spy for the Russians to monitor nuclear secrets. But it is more complex than that. He is actually a British spy, posing as a Russian defector, posing as a possible informer.... With Stephen Murray and June Thorburn. Thorburn was in some Hammer films and even a Harryhausen film. Her life was cut short when five months pregnant she died in a plane crash at age 36 in 1967. LBX

G826 Miss Morison's Ghosts (81) Two educated English ladies take a vacation to France in 1901 to check out historical landmarks. In the palace of Versailles they find themselves separated from the other tourists and enter a time warp, where they observe Marie Antoinette and others... These ladies claimed it to be true in real life. The two ladies presented their story to various psychic societies, damaging their academic credentials. Interesting paranormal type with some creepy moments. With Hannah Gordon and Wendy Hiller.

G451 Mosley (98) An account of the scandalous life of the infamous British fascist Oswald Mosely (Jonathan Cake), concentrating on the period between the end of WW1 and his imprisonment at the beginning of WW2. He was a high profile politician in Parliament before he became a radical socialist. This historical document has some nice attention to period detail and runs over 3 hours.

G458 Mystery Junction (51) Larry Gordon (Sydney Tafler), a well known crime writer. is on a train journey when a scream is heard. Upon investigation, they find the guard has been mugged and murdered. With a snowbound train station, lots of characters, and a rousing shootout in the second half.

B734 One of Our Aircraft is Missing (42) A group of wise-cracking RAF crewmen take off on a routine bombing flight. The plane is shot down and the crew manage to parachute to safety. Now that they are lost in enemy territory, they must depend on the resources of others to get them to safety. Eric Portman and more star. From Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger.

R578 Passenger to London (37) A British agent, carrying important papers, is knifed to death on a passenger train. Luckily the agent anticipated his attackers, and had concealed the papers in the luggage of a female passenger before he was murdered. Frank Drayton (John Warwick) must locate the papers, and find the killer.

G904 Piccadilly Third Stop (60) A playboy (Terence Morgan) tries to recruit a gang for a safecracking job. One of the recruits is an American (John Crawford) who is desperate for cash to feed his greedy wife's (Mai Zetterling) expensive tastes. Double crosses and plot twists as the crooked bunch pull off the heist and fight amongst themselves. Who dies first? Also with Yoko Tani and Dennis Price. BA

G526 Please Turn Over (59) aka: Die liebestolle Familie When the teenaged daughter of a suburban family in a conservative neighborhood writes a steamy novel based on neighbors and people of her small town, the whole place is flipped on it's head. More a gentle farce then a sordid sleaze, this still delivers some good comic moments. Any fans of the 'Carry On' series will be delighted. With Lionel Jeffries and many more. LBX BA

G476 Portrait from Life (49) aka: Lost Daughter A British Army Officer, fascinated by the portrait of a woman, travels to Germany to find her in the camps of the people displaced from the war. The painting is beautiful, and she is sought after and finally located. She has amnesia, and her locked knowledge holds info on evil Nazi's that need to be brought to justice. Incredible cast includes Guy Rolfe (worlds away from his 'Puppetmaster' film's role as Toulon), Herbert Lom, Patrick Holt, Mai Zetterling, Thora Hird, Ernest Thesiger, and even Anthony Steel in one of his first films. Excellent. BA

G949 Power of the Witch (69) Here we have an obscure British documentary on Satanism and Witchcraft as the whole scene was exploding. Scholarly types analyze, Satanic crimes are discussed and reported, devilish locations are explored and WAY too much seriousness is considered on the subject. Expect Anton LaVey and others deeply involved in the occult.

G932 Prescription for Murder (58) aka: Rx for Murder His Patient's Loved Him To Their Murdered Day! An American doctor (Rick Jason) arrives at a quiet English seaside resort to investigate the activities of it's leading medical doctor, Henry Dysert (Marius Goring). It seems his patients don't seem to be around for long. Meanwhile Dr. Dysert has lined up his next victim Kitty Mortlock (Lisa Gastoni!). He must be stopped! LBX BA

B445 Psyche 59 (64) aka: Los ojos del amor Blind Allison (Patricia Neal) lives with her husband Neal (Curd Jergens) and finds her life disturbed by the arrival of her younger sexier and sultry sister Robin (Samantha Eggar). It seems there are secrets within the psyche's of the sister's in this Freudian frolic with risqué twists and improper revelations leading to a psychological showdown. Hysterical Blindness? Visually appealing and well shot with the haunting knowing that Neal's real life was much more disturbing and similar in some ways, realistically and metaphorically. Twisted Fun. LBX BA

B850 Quatermass and the Pit (58) When a mysterious capsule is found on a building site, a team of scientists investigate.... Inside, are the remains of alien insect-like creatures, and at this site, strange occurrences have been recorded for centuries. This is pretty long (2 Discs!) and reportedly scared the piss out of viewers back in the day. This was a cerebral trip. It was a DIFFERENT fear back then. Cabalistic markings, disturbing sounds, ghosts and demons you couldn't see, but KNEW were there, and the biggest fright of all- the dead Martian as it rustled and slipped through that web of decaying strands that had held it in place all those centuries. Brilliant version here with Andre Morell, Michael Ripper and many more. 2 discs or 2 VHS count as 2 selections.

G792 Richard's Things (70) Kate's (Liv Ullman) husband has died. She finds out he had a secret lover and goes to confront her. What was supposed to be an unpleasant exchange turns into something else entirely as they bond in mutual pain, envy, jealousy.... eventually they come together in an emotional and physical relationship of sorts. LBX

R852 River Beat (54) aka: Die Jagd begann im Hafen A London Police Inspector (John Bentley) is patrolling the river looking for smugglers, when he meets and becomes involved with a woman who is working as a ship's radio operator (Phyllis Kirk), and, who is unwittingly being used to smuggle diamonds. Cool finale chase ends in the mud at low tide on the Thames.

G807 Rogue's Yarn (57) When an adulterous husband murders his wife so he can be with his mistress he thinks he is in the clear. That is until a detective with a brain like Columbo starts to tear his alibi to shreds. With Nicole Maurey and Derek Bond. Directed by Vernon Sewell who would go on to direct 'The Blood Beast Terror', 'The Crimson Cult' and his last film 'Burke and Hare'.

R912 Sea Shall Not Have Them, The (54) aka: Havet skall inte få dem During WW2, a British fighter plane gets shot down over the ocean. Now stuck on a raft they wonder if they'll starve, drown, hit a mine, get captured, or just die of thirst. Fun 'peril at sea' type. Classic British cast Michael Redgrave, Dirk Bogarde, Anthony Steel, Michael Ripper, Nigel Patrick and more. BA

R682 Secret of My Success, The (65) aka: In den Fängen der schwarzen Spinne How three beautiful girls love for fun... and murder for profit. Don't miss the sequence with the giant spiders! Stella Stevens, Shirley Jones, and Honor Blackman are the three deadly dames. Finally a nice Widescreen LBX BA

R612 Seven Days to Noon (50) aka: Ultimatum An English scientist runs away from a research center with an atomic bomb... In a letter to the British Prime Minister he threatens to blow England to hell if all research is not halted. Nail biter Oscar winner with Andre Morell, Barry Jones, Olive Sloane and more. BA

G813 Seventh Survivor, The (42) Lifeboat survivors from a torpedoed neutral ship pick up a seventh survivor. He is the Captain of the U-Boat responsible for sinking their ship. He guides them to a lighthouse from which he plans his escape. But amongst the survivors we have a British spy, our U-Boat Captain who is waiting for the Nazi's to pick him up, and also the lighthouse crew.... There is a murder. He has the gun, now someone else has the gun. A nail biter on a budget. A lighthouse mystery.

G409 Smallest Show on Earth, The (57) aka: Big Time Operators A young couple (Virginia McKenna and Bill Travers) inherits an old failed movie theatre that is heavily in debt. It's referred to as 'The Flea Pit' and has three eccentric employees. Fixing up the place is the agenda. Pretty good if you want wholesome. Remember a few years later Travers and McKenna hung with Elsa (and later Mij) who can forget? Also with Peter Sellers. BA

G71 Smokescreen (64) aka: L'accident d'auto Peter Vaughnn plays an insurance investigator on the case of a man who died while his car was on fire and went over a cliff. He's teamed up with a youthful John (Plague of the Zombies) Carson as his assistant, and must get the goods on the dead man's wife (played by the sexy and glamorous Yvonne (Curse of the Werewolf) Romain). Brighton locations give an edge, familiar British faces everywhere, and a surprising 'reveal' in the climax reminds one of similar Hammer films of the time. LBX

M917 Some May Live (67) aka: In Saigon, Some May Live A serious spy thriller from the 60's. During the Viet Nam war, U.S. decoder Kate Meredith (Martha Hyer) is plagued with guilt when her correspondent husband (Peter Cushing) coerces her to pass information to him and the Viet Cong. Joseph Cotton plays an army colonel trying to figure out who is the spy. So an espionage film dealing with the subject of spying in Saigon during Viet Nam, and starring Peter Cushing? One of a kind. Pete's next film was 'Frankenstein Created Woman'.

G434 Spaceways (53) aka: Viaggio nell'interspazio Closely guarded British scientists test rockets, and each others fidelities in this odd mix of cold war paranoia, murder mystery, and a bit of anti-Communist propaganda thrown in for good measure. What we end up with is a carefully orchestrated science fiction film directed by Terence Fisher for Hammer that may seem dated but remains compelling. With Howard Duff and Eva Bartok. BA

B860 Spitfire (42) aka: The First of the Few Persistent German Militarism motivates an aircraft designer/patriot to develop a new bird that deals in death, fire and destruction. It's the Spitfire Fighter Plane! With David Niven and Leslie Howard as the aircraft designer R.J. Mitchell. Ironically, Leslie Howard died the very next year in 1943 when the KLM plane he was in was shot down by German fighters over the Bay of Biscay. BA

B516 Station Six Sahara (63) aka: Avamposto sahara At an isolated oil pumping station deep in the African desert, the workers are looking for more. Excitement comes unexpectedly with the arrival of a couple, Jimmy and Catherine (Carroll Baker) are brought in. While Jimmy recovers in bed, Catherine fans the flames of lust amongst the horny, sweaty males, flirtatiously, arousing passions and simmering resentments in the men. Also with Peter van Eyck, Denholm Elliott and more. Directed by Seth Holt. Screenplay co written by Brian Clemens. BA

G811 Steel Bayonet, The (57) aka: Le commando sacrifié British soldiers, sure to be outnumbered, are tasked to hold an old Foreign Legion fort in the desert, and use it as an artillery spotting/observation post to spot the approaching German tank squad. Decent and obscure Hammer production with Leo Genn, Kieron Moore and Hammer's regular Michael Ripper. Directed by Hammer man Michael Carreras. Look for a brief appearance of Michael Caine as a German soldier in an uncredited role. LBX BA

R591 Strip Tease Murder (61) Stripper Rita (Ann Lynn) is trying to blackmail her former lover, the wealthy Carlos, threatening to reveal his dope trade to the fuzz. Some neat killer gadgetry and nice strip-tease spots in this oddball British crime thriller. With Ann Lynn and some other British lovelies.

B861 Submarine Alert (43) A radio engineer (Richard Arlen) and another engineer unwittingly are recruited by Nazi saboteurs. Even though betrayed F.B.I. he still does the right thing and begins to turn the tables on those pesky scheming Nazis. Well-paced tight wartime thriller. Look for Dwight Frye and Edward Van Sloane in bit parts. BA

G416 Tawny Pipit (44) The village of Lipsbury Lea suddenly springs to life when some rare Tawny Pipit's are nesting in one of the local fields. As outside forces threaten to destroy the site, villagers band together, rallying in Mother Nature's corner. Some want to steal the eggs, some want to steamroll those hills, others... Lots of eccentric characters and interesting and beautiful photography. Extremely enjoyable and not nearly as propaganda-ish as it sounds. With Bernard Miles, Niall MacGinnis and more.

G457 Teckman Mystery, The (54) aka: Der Fall Teckmann Roland Culver plays a determined police inspector and Michael Medwin plays the elusive Martin Teckman, who it turns out, did not die when his test pilot plane crashed.... Teckman is on the run! Intriguing espionage yarn that also stars Margaret Leighton.

R613 They Drive By Night (39) A convict, just out of prison, is implicated in a murder and goes on the run, hitching rides with truck drivers. Rambles along nicely until the character played by skeleton man Ernest Thesiger (best known as Doctor Pretorious in 1935's Bride of Frankenstein) shows up. That's right, he's the killer in an amazing performance! A real must see for fans of dark gloomy British horror and suspense.

G913 They Met in the Dark (43) aka: Spionagering M A pretty girl who is working for the Nazi's tricks a Royal Navy Commander (James Mason) into revealing some military secrets and he is caught and court-martialed. He is now bent on tracking her and her cohorts to atone. A little like Hitchcock's 'The Thirty Nine Steps'. Also with Joyce Howard and Patricia Medina. BA

G910 They Were Sisters (45) aka: Elles étaient soeurs Three sisters marry three men with wildly different lifestyles and outcomes. One sister is married, but childless. Another promiscuously plays through the years in an unhappy marriage, while the third is domineered with mental cruelties by her creep husband (James Mason). BA

G802 Third Clue, The (34) In an old dark house, a man is assaulted in his study. With his dying breath, he tells his brother of two clues to finding hidden Eastern Indian jewels that were part of a precious idol. He wants his brother to give the jewels to his son... but a third clue must be discovered. But there are more people in this damn old dark house than you can keep track of and everybody is after the treasure....with murder not ruled out to gain it.

R651 Tiger Bay (59) A twelve year old tomboy (Hayley Mills) witnesses the murder of a woman by her Polish merchant marine boyfriend (Horst Buchholz), but she loves him and bonds with him and helps him cover up his crime. The woman was going to leave him, she pulls a gun, he gets it away from her and bang! She's dead. Oops. John Mills (Haley Mills papa) is the guy on the case. Also with Anthony Dawson. Neat locations. BA

R906 Touch of Larceny, A (59) aka: Hochverrat mit Hindernissen British Commander Max Easton (James Mason) takes his defection to the Soviets in order to sue the slandering newspapers for the money he needs to woo a fancy American woman (Vera Miles). Also with George Sanders as a rich nasty, snobby villain (surprise surprise) and Robert Flemyng. BA

G453 Traitors, The (62) A tale of spies in London exchanging government information in a cat and mouse chase between secret agents and the security men. Sparky dialogue and humor winding into a taut suspenseful ride. With Patrick Allen and Jacqueline Ellis. BA

R736 Trent's Last Case (52) aka: Ritorna il terzo uomo An armchair detective (Michael Wilding) tries to determine whether a case is murder or suicide. Just when he thinks he has solved it, complications arise. Orson Welles and Margaret Lockwood also star. BA

G467 Trunk Crime (39) aka: Design For Murder - Bullied, burglarized and beaten, put upon and mentally unstable Bentley (Manning Whiley) has had quite enough! He kidnaps the ringleader of his tormentors and plans to bury him alive, paralyzed, sealed in a trunk, disposed of in a muddy swamp. Shades of Poe's 'Premature Burial' are mixed with several ideas which could have influenced Hitchcock's 'Rope'. Look for a 26 year old Thorley Walters as Huey Frazer. This British obscurity runs under an hour.

R565 Twist of Fate (54) aka: Beautiful Stranger aka: La bella desconocida Ginger Rogers plays an actress named 'Johnny' Victor living with Louis (Stanley Baker) on the Riveria. She becomes involved with Pierre (Jacques Bergerac), and begins to realize he is a dangerous criminal. Throw in slimy con man Emil, who is a friend of Louis, and all sorts of problems ensue . Vincent Price's future wife Coral Browne is Helen. Also with Lisa Gastoni, Stanley Baker and Herbert Lom. BA

R918 Uneasy Terms (48) aka: Bigamie...? Cool British take on film noir with Michael Rennie and Moira Lister. Rennie is a Private Eye who is drawn into a family where 3 sisters are trying to 'adjust' their dead father's will. He finds out the poor bastard was alive when the sister's first contacted him.... Then the twists and turns begin.....

R672 Wall of Death (51) aka: There is Another Sun The story of a prize-fighter and a motorcycle daredevil competing for the affections of the beautiful carnival girl Lilian (Susan Shaw) in this British film. With Laurence Harvey and Maxwell Reed. Susan Shaw died of alcoholism at age 49 in 1978.

R621 What a Carve Up! (61) aka: No Place Like Homicide Ernie's Uncle Gabriel has just died but to claim his inheritance he must spend the night in his ancestral home with the rest of his relatives. Pretty cool British comedy horror hybrid with a decent cast that includes Michael Gough ( as a butler!), Shirley Eaton, Kenneth Conner, Dennis Price, Donald Pleasence and more. LBX BA

G920 Why Would Anyone Want to Kill a Nice Girl Like You? (69) aka: Taste of Excitement Sort of a cross between a Hammer thriller like 'Taste of Fear' and a spy movie typical of the era. When a young woman (Eva Renzi) is on holiday in France, she becomes the victim of attacks after becoming involved with a local man. It seems she is unwittingly carrying around evidence of an international crime network. The network is after this evidence as well as Scotland Yard. Eva Renzi is incredible here. Her next film was Argento's 'Bird with the Crystal Plumage'. This and the next would be her best films. LBX BA

G466 Window in London, A (40) aka: Lady in Distress From a train window, a crane driver (Michael Redgrave) thinks he sees a woman being strangled. What follows is an unusual and effective story involving a magician, his assistant wife, and a subtle interplay of illusion and murder. Good London backgrounds and locations.

G791 Young Jacobites, The (60) Two children on holiday on The Isle of Skye in Scotland, find themselves transported back in time to aid Bonnie Prince Charlie escape from Scotland to France. Over 2 hours. With Francesca Annis and Jeremy Bulloch.



{Choose any two CLASSIC titles to create your custom double feature for $14.00 on VHS OR DVD-R! }

G618 Aggie Appleby: Maker of Men (33) When Aggie's (Wynne Gibson) boyfriend 'Red' (William Gargan) is sent to jail, she meets a mild mannered man who she tries to turn into a tough guy. With some Pre-Code stuff here and there that would be stifled in later films. Also with Zasu Pitts.

B694 An Invisible Man Travels Through the City (33) aka: Ein Unsichtbarer geht durch die Stadt A mysterious customer leaves behind a suitcase in a taxi. Taxi driver Harry finds it holds a device that can make one invisible. His friend Fritz uses it to rob banks. Who wouldn't? Actually made and released just months before James Whale's film, this is more lighter fare on science fiction, and the myriad possibilities of invisibility with action and stunts. With English subtitles. BA

G633 Ann Carver's Profession (33) aka: La profession d'Ann Carver Fay Wray plays a lawyer that suspects her husband of cheating on her with another woman where he works named Carole (played by Claire Dodd). When Carole gets drunk and accidentally chokes to death, Ann (Wray) decides to defend her husband who is accused of murdering Carole. BA

G400 Another Face (35) aka: La máscara de carne o el asesino incapturable On the run from the New York police on a murder charge, gangster Broken Nose Dawson (Brian Donlevy) undergoes plastic surgery to change his appearance. Then, thinking he is a hot-shot, he heads to Hollywood to be a star, finds out he cannot act worth a damn, and eventually is exposed. With Molly Lamont, Alan Hale, Wallace Ford and more.

R873 Are You With It? (48) aka: Luna Park Milton Haskins (Donald O'Conner) ends up running a carnival with his girlfriend (Olga San Juan) after an adding mistake screws up his job at an insurance company. Still, his skills with numbers make him a natural for the carnival circuit. Song and dance man O'Conner later made a hit with a talking ass in the still funny 'Francis' films. Here he does a few routines, and even talks math with dance.

R919 Arizona Legion (39) aka: Arizonas hemliga polis This region of Arizona is lawless. Even when the criminals are captured, they are rarely convicted because everybody is afraid of them. Who are These Masked Riders? They Raid the Range... until a hard-nosed rider with a gun full of lead and a heart full of fight closes in! George O'Brien, Laraine Gray, Glenn Strange and more star. BA

G774 Arizona Round-Up (42) Tom Keene and his sidekick are government men who get involved in a range war. Incognito on the ranch as workers, they help the good guys... Keene has eyes for the rancher's daughter (like David Byron) so he has some ulterior motives that strengthen his resolve. Tom Keene was in dozens of these westerns. His last film however was working for Ed Wood in 'Plan 9 From Outer Space'. in 1959.

G812 Avalanche (46) An income tax evader takes off to hide at a ski resort high in the mountains, pursued by two determined Treasury Agents (one played by Bruce Cabot). Once they arrive, a plethora of characters mix up who's who and what's what with a handful of mysterious murders. See what happens when you don't pay your taxes? Also with Veda Ann Borg, Roscoe Karns, Helen Mowry and more. BA

B724 Battle of Blood Island (60) Two American G.I.'s, at odds with each other, find themselves the only survivors on an isolated island. The rest of the men were wiped out by the Japanese. Now they must survive, and dodge the Japanese. But when the Japanese find out the war is lost, the Japanese kill themselves! They get a little too cozy these two guys if you ask me. Why doesn't the healthy guy signal the passing ship for a rescue? You will see similarities to even recent movies here. BA

B415 Bellman, The (45) aka: Sortilèges aka: Das Geheimnis der Berghütte A very dark and spellbinding tale of jealousy and murder set in a little village isolated in the French Alps. Atmosphere and wintry landscapes add a haunting tone. A dead body in the snow raising a hand, a black horse, galloping with no rider, as if it were demanding justice for it's murdered master.... the film is simply a feast for the eyes. A very dark drama that borders on horror with the visuals leaning into the darkness. In French and with English subtitles.

B907 Between Eleven and Midnight (49) aka: Entre onze heures et minuit This murder mystery is built almost entirely around the impersonation of an underworld murder victim by a police inspector who is the dead man's look alike. He must constantly rely on his wits as he deals with criminals who knew the victim, extracting information from them covertly so he isn't 'made'. Recommended for all noir, crime and mystery fans, with shadows and darkness worthy of the finest the genre has to offer. This French made film comes with English subtitles.

G280 Bewitched (45) aka: Demone bianco A young woman (Phyllis Thaxter) has two distinct personalities, one of whom is evil and constantly gets her in trouble. She argues with herself as the evil side tries to gain dominance. She stabs one guy to death, and goes on trial for murder as her psychologist argues schizophrenia. She needs an exorcist. This is a pretty creepy little film that seems to have fallen through the cracks and been forgotten. Worth a look for fans of classic horror. BA

B854 Big Lift, The (50) aka: La città assediata aka: Le pont aérien A true life adaptation of an historical event, The Berlin Airlift, made on location in Berlin and starring Montgomery Clift. This was basically an era that was the beginning of the Cold War. Here the story unfolds in semi-documentary style with Berlin, this being so close to post WW2, literally still a pile of rubble. Ends up being a very realistic slice of life depiction of what it must have been like to be there in 1950. Also with Paul Douglas. BA

G395 Blind Spot (47) aka: Per tutta la vita A mystery writer accused of murdering his publisher sets out to discover the identity of the real killer. With Chester Morris.

B717 Bombs over Burma (43) aka: Jornada negra A Chinese girl (Anna May Wong) risks her life on an espionage mission against the Japanese in WW2. Also with Noel Madison. Anna May Wong drunk herself to death, dying of cirrhosis, which gave her a heart attack at age 55 in 1961. Anna May succeeded in Hollywood in a time where racism was pretty intense in Hollywood. She was the first Chinese-American movie star. BA

R579 Bombs over Monte Carlo (31) aka: Bomben auf Monte Carlo Bizarre German musical comedy type with blatant international immorality (blackmail with naval power) that would never have made it's way onto the screen in America. Early on, an officer sits on a cannon for fishing, the most obvious phallic symbol for 1931 in film I would think. Peter Lorre (straight off the set of 'M'), Hans Albers, and Anna Sten star in this pre-Nazi German madness. BA

R915 Border G-Man (38) aka: Texasin salainen poliisi Government agent Jim Galloway (George O'Brien) is sent undercover to investigate a shady businessman for violations of the Neutrality Act, a law that forbids the exporting of troops and war material to foreign countries. BA

B322 Bulldog Drummond Comes Back (37) aka: Le triomphe de Bulldog Drummond Bulldog (John Howard) springs into action once more when his fiancé is kidnapped! He finds himself in a death trap set by villain J. Caroll Naish (in another dastardly turn!). Also with John Barrymore! BA

B319 Bulldog Drummond Escapes (37) aka: La fuga di Bulldog Drummond A long way from 'Frogs', Ray Milland as Captain Drummond becomes a prisoner when trying to protect an heiress from espionage. Also with Heather Angel and Reginald Denny. Solid.

B320 Bulldog Drummond in Africa (38) aka: Bulldog Drummond in Afrika John Howard as Bulldog this time out. He has to delay his wedding to rescue a kidnapped friend who faces being fed to the lions the villain has in his courtyard! With a young Anthony Quinn as one of the bad guys. Also Heather Angel and J. Carrol Naish and Reginald Denny.

B323 Bulldog Drummond's Peril (38) This time Bulldog (John Howard) hunts a killer who has killed the guy who was guarding his wedding gifts! There is a diamond made by a guy that has created a gizmo that actually makes diamonds! Bulldog spins into sci-fi territory here somewhat. This was the last Bulldog film for John Barrymore as reportedly his drinking had become out of hand according to producers.

B321 Bulldog Drummond's Secret Police (39) aka: La squadra speciale di Bulldog Drummond Once again the wedding is off, this time Professor Downie is killed because he has valuable info about where a fortune is hidden. Right on the Rockingham estate where the wedding is to take place! The hunt is on not only for the killer, but also the treasure! A surprisingly bloodthirsty edition with the baddie killing 3 including an unnamed bobby pointblank, which doesn't seem to bring a rise out of the cast at all! Catacomb dungeon sets put this one close to horror territory, and makes me feel right at home. John Howard

B827 Burlesque in Harlem (49) aka: Rock 'n' Roll Burlesque Wonder what a burlesque show would be like in the 1940's in Harlem? Wonder no more! Slick exotic showgirls, bawdy blues singers, voluptuous showgirls in minimal attire and more in this one that was considered 'adult entertainment' back in the day. Legendary comic Dewey 'Pigmeat' Markham does a clever, fast-talking sketch about a sex clinic.

G620 Burn 'Em Up O'Connor (39) aka: O Mistério do Autódromo A dim-witted mechanic suspects that the identical accidents that keep befalling the drivers ... are not accidents, but intentional. Crazy driving and intentional hilarity deliver one wild ride from 1939 with some pretty bizarre plot ideas. Racing blindfolded? Wow. With Dennis O'Keefe, Cecilia Parker and more. BA

R562 Captured in China Town (35) Tarzan, the great dog star, leads the police in their fearless attacks against organized crime. In this case a feud in Chinatown between two gangs breaks out into a tong war! Tarzan steals the show (not to mention a treat or two). Despite seeming campy, maintains a dark atmosphere throughout. This was the third (and last) Tarzan the police dog movies.

B530 Carnival of Sinners (43) aka: La main du diable aka: The Devil's Hand - A failed painter makes a deal with the devil with the purchase of a cursed hand. Now all of his dreams have come true. He is a success, has the woman he always wanted but... He must get rid of the hand or the devil will claim his soul. But as we all know, that old devil don't play fair now. Great cinematography, very well done, in particular the carnival scene in the end. With English subtitles. BA

G775 Cheyenne Kid, The (33) aka: El centauro de Cheyenne In pursuit of a thieving gambler, Tom Larkin (Tom Keene), gets his horse shot out from under him. Meeting an outlaw on a horse, he takes it from him after a fight. He rides into town and is mistaken for the outlaw and hired to kill a man. But the man he is supposed to kill is the father of the girl the money was supposed to go to but was stolen by the gambler. Another western quickie. BA

G531 Child of Manhattan (33) aka: Taxi Girls Paul (Jone Boles) is extremely wealthy because his grandfather bought land that eventually became Midtown Manhattan. He knocks up Madelaine (Nancy Carroll), a cute dance hall girl. When the baby dies, Madelaine is despondent, and feeling unloved flees to Mexico and runs into an old suitor who now owns a silver mine. Paul comes after her. Geez, pretty lucky dame to hit the jackpot twice! Look for Betty Grable as Lucy. BA

G525 Clairvoyant, The (35) aka: L'uomo che vide il futuro A fake music-hall clairvoyant (Claude Raines) meets a woman (Fay Wray), and suddenly his predictions seem to come true. Excellent almost spooky, dark little thriller with a sort of surprise downbeat ending. Memorable little classic here, both Raines and Wray are outstanding in this. BA

R846 Colonel March Investigates (55) aka: Colonel March of Scotland Yard A feature length compilation of 3 short episodes of a Boris Karloff show entitled 'Colonel March of Scotland Yard'. Even though this is not horror, Karloff still manages to shine through with his performance.

B722 Corregidor (43) aka: Hjältar från Corregidor Shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor, a doctor and his staff treat the sick in a Philippine hospital as American and Filipino troops battle back against the ferocious Japanese. Otto Kruger and Elissa Landi. BA

R572 Cottage on Dartmoor, A (29) aka: Escape from Dartmoor Flashback story of an escape from the lonely, high-security Dartmoor prison. A jealous barber's assistant is enraged by the attentions that his manicurist girlfriend pays to a customer. He flashes his razor and slits the guy's throat and ends up in Dartmoor. Silent classic.

G928 Cover Up (49) aka: L'indésirable monsieur Donovan An insurance investigator suspects foul play when a small town will not cooperate in the investigation of an alleged suicide. Some even turn hostile, leading him to believe all is not as it seems. Let the case solving begin! William Bendix, Dennis O'Keefe, Barbara Britton, Virginia Christine and more. BA

G486 Crime Without Passion (34) aka: Crimen sin pasión When a prominent lawyer shoots his unfaithful girlfriend during a quarrel, he proceeds to the next step. Establishing an alibi. With Claude Raines and Margo (in her debut). BA

G392 Crosby Case, The (34) Well, first he drugged them, then he proceeded to... what? Oh... THE CROSBY CASE! Former Lovers get together to clear themselves when the police suspect them of murder. Swiftly paced murder mystery with a surprise ending. With Onslow Stevens and Edward Von Sloane.

B721 Dawn Express, The (42) aka: L'espresso dell'alba Of course we need another cheap PRC wartime propaganda film! The film begins with a couple of workers from a chemical plant being kidnapped by Nazi spies. Then after being pumped for information, they are killed and their bodies dumped. Later the Germans send a sexy Fraulein to seduce a rich playboy to get him to talk... Michael Whalen, Anne Nagel and more star.

B348 Detour (45) Chance events trap hitchhiker Al Roberts (Tom Neal) in an ever tightening net of film noir trouble. He is picked up by a man (who inexplicably dies) then, dumps the guy's body, picks up Vera (a totally amoral woman, played by Ann Savage) and then things really spiral out of control. A nail-biter from director Edgar G. Ulmer. BA

B324 Dick Tracy (45) aka: Splitface Police detective Dick Tracy (Morgan Conway) must catch a killer known as 'Splitface' (Mike Mazurki, a go-to thug type character actor of the day!). Anne Jeffreys and Jane Greer also star. Entertaining! BA

B325 Dick Tracy vs. Cueball (46) Expensive diamonds are stolen, but before he can fence them the thief is strangled by Cueball (Dick Wessel). Loaded with offbeat characters and atmosphere. Like the neighborhood dive called 'The Dripping Dagger' replete with a gleaming graphic of blood falling from a wicked looking fake blade/stabber. Exactly the kind of place you'd want to grab a cold one? Also with Anne Jeffreys who reportedly has no memory of being in any Dick Tracy films because they knocked them off so fast in those days. BA

R706 Drift Fence (36) aka: Texas Desperadoes An easterner inherits a ranch (with conditions) and finds himself at odds with a cattle rustler. Fast-paced oater with Buster Crabbe, Tom Keene and Leif Erickson. BA

B727 Drums in the Deep South (51) aka: A sud rullano i tamburi Two old friends find themselves on the opposite side of the Civil War in a desperate battle atop an impregnable mountain. Exciting and fairly accurate and from the production designer behind 'Gone with the Wind'. He directed this one. Although the ending liberal propaganda about us becoming a unified and indivisible nation is utter garbage. The reconstruction and the general attitudes towards the south following the war contradict that assertion completely. The battles here amazing, and this is well worth a look. Barbara Payton is in her prime in her brief career, and also we get James Craig, Guy Madison and many more! BA

B828 Duke is Tops, The (38) aka: The Bronze Venus A theatrical producer puts aside his own success to boost the career of a very talented singer (Lena Horne). Another pretty cool all black cast picture. Lena Horne was only 21 years of age in this. BA

B674 F.P. 1 Doesn't Answer (32) aka: F.P.1 antwortet nicht A huge floating platform in the Atlantic ocean makes extreme long distance flights possible. This is a big-budget techno thriller with drama was state-of-the-art for 1932, with a swell lickety-split plotline in which industrial sabotage, sexual politics and the psychology of heroism are artfully entwined. Have to love the special effects in this one! Co-written by Curt Siodmak, and also one of the players is Peter Lorre. BA

R594 False Faces, The (19) During WW1, a professional thief is assigned to steal a cylinder with important information behind German lines and bring it to Allied headquarters. But German agents are out to stop him. The Germans are depicted as monsters, us as heroes, the British barely mentioned. Lon Chaney and Mary Anderson star.

G636 Fifth Avenue Girl (39) aka: La ragazza della quinta strada An unsatisfied and ridiculously rich industrialist feels neglected by his wife, so he hires a poor but snappy woman (Ginger Rogers) to pose as his mistress, or is she just straightening out his life?. A depression era comedy of sorts dealing with the haves and the have nots. BA

G511 Frail Women (32) Lilian (Mary Newcomb) has an illegitimate war-baby adopted by a wealthy spinster. This is the equivalent of a Pre-Code film except British in style. Interesting and downbeat.

R623 From this Day Forward (46) Incidents of a marriage are recalled in flashback. Post-war, the Depression and other hardships making life a challenge. Joan Fontaine, Harry Morgan, doomed Bobby Driscoll who was in 'Song of the South' the same year, even Ellen Corby is in this. BA

R907 Gallant Journey (46) aka: Ultimo orizzonte Glenn Ford plays John Montgomery, a professional acrobat in the late 1800's who had an act concerning gliding his own glider. He also almost flew a plane before the Wright Brothers. Eventually he was killed in 1911 trying to fly an early aircraft. Janet Blair (later of ;Burn Witch Burn') plays the woman who stood by his side.

R569 Ghost Camera, The (33) When a photograph is taken at the scene of a murder, the camera is tossed out of a castle window to destroy the evidence and lands in the back of a moving car belonging to a chemist, who becomes an amateur sleuth after he develops the film. Ida Lupino (in her 3rd film at age 15) and John Mills star.

R896 Girl From Rio (39) aka: La muchacha del río A famous singer from Rio De Janeiro (Movita) travels to New York to help clear her brother, who has been charged with arson and murder. Movita was a hot little tamale, and was married to Marlon Brandon for two brief years (60-62), and was mother to 2 of his children. She died at almost age 99 in 2015. BA

G404 Girls of the Road (40) aka: Muchachas errantes A story of the great depression era about women hobos, tramps, job-seekers, fugitives and runaways running... dodging cops, lustful men and pursuing husbands. One is a killer. Social commentary type mixed with tough talkin' dames and more. Ann Dvorak, Helen Mack, Lola Lane and Ann Doran star. BA

G53 Girls on the Loose (58) aka: Le gang des filles aka: As Discípulas do Mal A group of wayward women pull off a daring heist and bury the loot. The girls fight and bicker over their shares. 50's bad girls done right! Night Club numbers, chit-chat, drunk routines and a catfight to the death. Mara Corday stars. Paul Henreid directs. BA

R571 Golden Boy (39) aka: L'esclave aux mains d'or A long time ago, New York was inhabited by hustlers, paid off cops, and gangsters. Boxing was king. Barbara Stanwyck is her usual ‘hard-as-nails’ character. William Holden playing a boxer at 21 years of age, this movie made him a star. A bit heavy handed at times. Also with Lee J. Cobb. BA

B421 Golem, The (36) aka: Le golem aka: The Legend of Prague The Golem, a large creature created with clay by a rabbi, comes to life to protect the Jews of Prague from persecution. This version has some advantages over the 1920 version. The Golem itself is less clay or stone, and more of a robotic, steel beast. The message is 'Revolt is the Right of a Slave'. Or something. Fairly excellent if you are into 30's horror and fantasy films. In French language and with English subtitles. BA

B352 Great Guy (36) aka: Pluck of the Irish The adventures of an investigator (James Cagney) for the Bureau of Weights and Measures. With Mae West and look for Dwight Frye in a minor role. BA

R720 Grissly's Millions (45) An eccentric wealthy man is murdered, and the police set out to locate the killer as greedy relatives arrive to his gloomy mansion, hungry for inheritance. Tidy little thriller with 'old-dark-house' style horror elements and a cool climax. Paul Kelly, Virginia Grey and more star. BA

G619 Harrigan's Kid (43) aka: El chico de la pista It's Boys Town, but at a race track setting. A headstrong and cocky horse jockey is accused of cheating and is almost thrown out of horse racing altogether, but then his boss sells his contract to another owner because he has a score to settle. Sappy and weird horse racing flick. Someone dies in the end, But I won't say who. With Bobby Readick, J. Carrol Naish and more. BA

R722 Having a Wonderful Crime (45) aka: Um Crime Maravilhoso A lawyer and two newlyweds get mixed up in a mock mystery at a resort. Pat O'Brien, George Murphy, Carole Landis (super-sexy in this), George Zucco and Gloria (Dracula's Daughter) Holden star. BA

B338 He Walked by Night (48) aka: El demonio de la noche This film-noir piece, told in semi-documentary style, follows police on the hunt for a resourceful criminal (Richard Basehart) who shoots and kills a cop. Fascinating. Whit Bissell, Scott Brady, Jane Adams, Jack Webb and more star. BA

G68 Hole in the Wall, The (29) Early part-talkie using many Tod Browning type themes. A gang of crooks and phony mediums, a plot to corrupt an innocent girl in order to get revenge on her parent and more. The 'hole in the wall' of the title is the crook's hide-out: it's a peephole with a periscope, which the phony medium uses to spy on her victim's, to learn about them so she can lie to them later like she has this 'inside spiritual information'. Edward G. Robinson and Claudette Colbert. Pretty good for 1929! BA

G402 Hot Pepper (33) aka: Pimenta e Mais Pimenta Lupe Felez is the smokin' Mexican 'Hot Pepper' of the title, and makes a lot of references to her irresistible sexuality. Edmund Lowe and Victor McLaglen star, and have great comic timing. Hot Pepper.... I mean Lupe, stows away on board the ship.... Sexy Pre-Code with lots of pretty girls in their underwear or less. Lots of jokes like the old routine. Guy 1, "Ever ride a jack-ass?" Guy 2, "No." Guy 1, "Well get onto yourself!". Lupe Felez, pregnant with child, killed herself with Seconal overdose at age 36 in 1944. BA

G625 Hot Tip (35) A girl's boyfriend (Russell Gleason) tries to help her and her family save their diner by betting on a horse. He ruins the bet and loses his money. Luckily the girl's father (played by James Gleason, in real life the other guy's father) has more horse sense... Also with Zasu Pitts. Russell Gleason fell out of a hotel window to his doom on Dec. 26th of 1945 at the age of 38..

G56 Hound Dog Man (59) aka: Bohemio del camino Singin' and dancin', a rollicking barn dance sequence, romantic entanglements and more in this good old boy rock 'n roll type done to emulate Elvis but missing the mark (although not completely). Some of the songs are painful, but I think personally, so were some of the songs Elvis did in the movies. Cool cast with Fabian (the ultimate Elvis clone in his debut at age 16), Carol Lynley, Stuart Whitman, Claude Akins, L. Q. Jones and many more! BA

R584 I am Suzanne! (33) A classic 'puppet' movie! Handsome young Tony is a puppet-master that becomes so attracted to Suzanne (Lillian Harvey).that he makes a puppet of her likeness. Suzanne is an orphan who dances for coins in the streets, and is dominated by a Svengali like man who calls himself 'The Baron'. Visually impressive puppet routines, color tints, and more in this enchanting film with fantasy elements. The nightmare sequence in 'Puppet-Land' alone is worth the price! Leslie Banks and Gene Raymond also star.

B852 Identity Unknown (45) Surviving a bombing that killed his three friends, a soldier wakes up with amnesia, and since all of his buddies were burned to a crisp, no one knows which man he is! He goes AWOL on a quest to seek out the families of the dead guys to try to find out who he is. Things were pretty complicated back then without the technologies we now take for granted. With Richard Arlen, Cheryl Walker and Bobby Driscoll. BA

B441 If I Should Die Before I Wake (52) aka: Si Muero antes de despertar aka: El vampiro acecha The struggle against evil still exists today. The innocence of children can still defeat the evil. The carousel of old tales still spins round and round. When a young girl is abducted, her school friend, a young boy named Luis, has nightmares. Luis figures it out, the creepy man by the park, but no one will listen to him. Luis is going into the lair of the evil man, to hopefully rescue one of the girls, before it is too late. From Argentina with English Subs

B337 Impact (49) aka: Ho ritrovato la vita A man is set to be murdered by his wife and her lover. But things backfire when it is his wife's lover who dies in the accident. But everyone thinks he is dead (the husband), so he takes off in hiding, watching from afar as his wife is charged with conspiracy. Nice to see San Francisco in the 1940's. Brian Donlevy and Helen Walker star. Helen Walker had a run of very bad luck (some brought upon herself) and died at age 47 of cancer in 1968. BA

R825 Inside Information (39) aka: Politiskolens Elev A rookie cop and his girlfriend's uncle, a police captain, disagree on the methods that should be used to catch criminals. With Dick Foran, Harry Carey and Mary Carlisle. Lots of familiar faces in this one.

B327 International Crime (38) aka: L'accusatore segreto A strange little offshoot of 'The Shadow' films and again with Rod La Rocque as Lamont Cranston. This time he is a crusading crime journalist who writes a daily column called 'The Shadow'. A curiosity. Also with Astrid Allwyn. BA

G934 It Happened in Flatbush (42) A has been baseball player (Lloyd Nolan) returns to Brooklyn to manage his old team and finds himself at odds with the new owner (hot young Carole Landis). Loads of players here. Look for Rondo Hatton as a Baseball Game Spectator. This was before his brief horror tenure in which he will always be remembered. In reality it was only two years he was a horror guy. In 1944 we were introduced to him as 'The Creeper' in the Sherlock Holmes classic ' The Pearl of Death'. And after a few more notable horrors (four more to be exact) he succumbed to a heart attack at age 51. Exposed to poison gas in France during WW1, he developed Acromegaly not long after. His image endures to this day. And I just wrote a paragraph about a guy that is briefly seen in this movie. BA

G349 Jesse James Under the Black Flag (21) Shows James joining of the Quantrill's Raiders, a guerilla force that hunted and slaughtered Union sympathizers during the Civil War.... So what's the selling point? Jesse James is played by the actual son of the real Jesse James! It's Jesse James Jr.! He was 7 when he heard the actual shot, somewhere else in the house, fired by the coward Robert Ford, that took his father's life. His sister, Jesse James actual daughter also appears here.

B344 Jigsaw (49) aka: L'ange de la haine New York Assistant District Attorney Howard Malloy (Franchot Tone) investigates a series of murders and uncovers an extremist group. In the nightclub sequence you can spot Henry Fonda, Marlene Dietrich, John Garfield, Burgess Meredith and more. BA

R835 Juggernaut (36) aka: The Demon Doctor An evil doctor (Boris Karloff) and the greedy wife of a rich man plot to poison him so they can get their hands on his money. BA + The Lady Confesses (45) aka: Ladies of the Night An estranged wife shows up after a nearly 7 year disappearance to prevent her husband from marrying his new love, and someone kills her. With Mary Beth Hughes and Hugh Beaumont. BA

B347 Kansas City Confidential (52) aka: The Secret Four An ex-con (John Payne) trying to go straight is framed for a million dollar armored car robbery and must travel to Mexico to find the true culprits. The story moves from one hazardous situation to the next, with little relief. Cool cast includes Coleen Gray, Preston Foster, Neville Brand, Lee Van Cleef and more. BA

B853 Lady from Chungking, The (42) aka: La signora da Chung King A young woman (Anna Mae Wong) leads a band of partisans against the invading and occupying Japanese in WW2. Anna Mae dolls herself up at one point and cuddles up to a Japanese commander, getting information from him by leading him on, then dispatching the swine! BA

B726 Last Chance, The (45) aka: La dernière chance aka: Die letzte Chance Italian villagers help refugee Jews and Allied prisoners of war, escape from the Nazi's. Of course, they all help each other as they flee to Switzerland. Set in 1943, this war film was made in Zurich and released less than 3 weeks after WW2 ended. An amazing film, happening almost in real time somewhere in the region it was filmed. With a cast of unknowns. With English subtitles where needed, and real bombed out locations. BA

R705 Law Commands, The (37) Night riders are terrorizing homesteaders, and the town doctor (Tom Keene) tries to keep the locals from forming a vigilante group. BA

B509 Leathernose (52) aka: Nez de cuir A soldier and nobleman, disfigured from the Napoleon wars, (he's lost his nose), now wears a mask and has become a Casanova of sorts, seducing women. The mask exudes an air of mystery to women and they love it! But Leathernose is still self-conscious of his lack of a nose. Surreal atmosphere with hunters in woods and Gothic settings and a French Jean Cocteau influence all over the place. It's like Phantom of the Opera meets Casanova meets Jane Eyre. With English subtitles. BA

B813 Li'l Abner (40) aka: Trouble Chaser Andy Capp's comic strip comes to life! Set in the rural southern community of Dogpatch U.S.A. where Daisy (Martha O'Driscoll) Mae's pursuit of Li'l Abner (Jeff York) is priority number one! Face it, this is a classic 'hillbilly' movie with stereotypes and make-up to make some of the actors look more like the strip characters. Everybody acts like an idiot, sometimes with hilarious result. BA

R655 Lost Squadron, The (32) aka: L'ultima squadriglia In hard times after WW1, three ex-fighter pilots manage to land jobs as Hollywood stunt fliers working for a dictatorial director. Richard Dix, Robert Armstrong (as an alcoholic pilot that takes too many risks), Mary Astor, Erich Von Stroheim and more star. BA

G820 Lucrezia Borgia (35) aka: Lucrèce Borgia aka: Cesare e Lucrezia Borgia At the end of the 15th century, Rome is ruthlessly ruled by the power mad and sex hungry Cesare Borgia, the eldest son of Pope Alexander VI. Here he attempts to unify the country to obtain even more power! To achieve this, he needs his sister Lucrezia who is presently married to a Count, but would better serve Cesare if she was married to Alphonse of Aragon. In 1935, this was banned in England, Germany and Italy. The reason is the rather graphic for the time scene of an occurrence, which took place on October 1st, 1501, on this date Cesare treated his guests to the services of 50 prostitutes. Also confrontations are seen to draw blood, and exploited women are stripped of their clothes. With English subtitles. BA

G55 Lure of the Swamp (57) aka: Le secret des eaux mortes aka: Sumpf des Unheils Simon Lute (William Marshall) ekes out a modest living renting out his boat for swamp excursions. He gets mixed up with bank robbers who hide their loot in the swamps. A greedy blonde gun moll (Joan Vohs) ends up with the loot in the finale and hunts Simon, eventually running into a quicksand bog. If you dig swamp thrillers.... this one is for you! BA

G827 M (51) aka: M = mördaren Solid remake of the 1931 Peter Lorre thriller. Here an Americanization of the tale where both the underworld and the police are on the hunt for a killer of small children. David Wayne is convincing as the disturbed child killer, and delivers the required final speech well. Raymond Burr, Jim Backus, Howard Da Silva and more star.

R724 Man at Large (41) aka: Hombre en fuga A reporter and an F.B.I. agent try to catch an escaped Nazi. George Reeves, Elisha Cook Jr., Marjorie Weaver and more star. BA

B339 Man on the Eiffel Tower, The (49) aka: L'uomo della torre Eiffel Charles Laughton as the legendary Paris detective Inspector Maigret will need his analytical powers to track down an elusive killer! Franchot Tone is the psychopathic villain. Also with Burgess Meredith. BA

B856 Marines are Coming, The (34) aka: Sposiamoci stanotte William Haines last film has him as 'Wild Bill' bad boy of the Marine Corps in this action war drama. Some war action on a tropical isle and comical moments. This would be William Haines last film. He was fired for being gay and became an interior decorator instead. No kidding.

G367 Mark of the Whistler, The (44) aka: Das Zeichen des Whistler A drifter claims the money in an old bank account. Soon, he finds himself a target of two men who turn out to be the son's of the man's old partner. Richard Dix returns and William Castle once again directs. BA

G788 Michael Strogoff (26) aka: Der Kurier des Zaren In 1860's Russia a young officer is sent on a mission to try and save his country from invaders. This film was a pretty big deal back in 1926, with state of the art tints and color sequences, epic action packed elaborate battles with scores of extras etc. Unfortunately this print has some problems, but overall looks pretty decent for most of the pictures running time. From the classic Jules Verne story. Silent with a musical score and English subtitles.

B351 Midnight Manhunt (45) In a cheap-hotel room in New York city, Jelke (George Zucco), shoots a gangster and takes something from him, and flees. Mysterious atmosphere, plot twists and good supporting cast make this clever thriller a winner, Leo Gorcey, Ann Savage, William Gargan and more star.

B857 Minesweeper (43) aka: Barreminas A former naval officer (Richard Arlen) who deserted years earlier, takes a new interest back into the Navy when Pearl Harbor is attacked. He joins under another name and takes the dangerous job of minesweeper, a job where you look for Japanese mines in the harbor. Also with Jean Parker, Russell Hayden and if you watch closely, Robert Mitchum and Dub Taylor show up in small roles. BA

G301 Moon Over Harlem (39) Edgar Ulmer directs an all-black cast in this crime drama with a love triangle between a man, a woman, and her daughter. This unique portrayal of Harlem in 1939 was shot in 4 days with a paltry sum of $8,000 for the budget.

G695 Most Dangerous Game, The (32) aka: Les chasses du comte Zaroff COLOR! The Mad Count Zaroff (Leslie Banks) is a hunter of humans. He arranges for ships to wreck on the shores of his isolated island so he can hunt them like animals. He keeps a trophy room of heads. Fay Wray, Robert Armstrong and Noble Johnson (all in 'King Kong' the same year) star. Now in a sharp colorized version. Pretty cool. BA

B328 Mr. Moto's Last Warning (39) aka: El último mensaje del Sr. Moto Peter Lorre is Mr. Moto. Evil ventriloquist Fabian the Great (Ricardo Cortez) and his cohort Eric Norvel (George Sanders) are plotting to sink the French fleet that is due to dock in an Egyptian port. BA

B330 Mr. Wong, Detective (38) aka: Um Crime Misterioso This time Boris Karloff is Mr. Wong! He is called in to solve the case of the vengeful inventor who has been accused of killing the businessmen who duped him. A shard of glass by the corpses is the only clue. A nice climax and of course Karloff, raises this above your standard fare. BA

B346 Murder at Midnight (31) aka: The Monster Kills During a parlor game in an old dark house, a man shoots a woman. But instead of blanks, real bullets are in the gun and the woman dies. Did the butler do it? More corpses start piling up.

B333 Murder at the Baskervilles (37) aka: Silver Blaze Sherlock Holmes (Arthur Wontner) finds himself in a murder mystery when he goes to visit his old friend Sir Henry Baskerville. These Holmes films were closer to the novels in the characterizations.

B345 Murder with Pictures (36) Suspected crime boss Nate Girard (Onslow Stevens) beats a murder rap, and newspaper photographer Kent Murdock (Lew Ayres) is on the story. Snappy banter and strong performances throughout. Gangsters, reporters, damsels in distress....

B329 Mysterious Mr. Wong, The (34) Mr. Wong (Bela Lugosi) appears to be a mild mannered Chinatown merchant. But by night he ruthlessly seeks the 12 coins of Confucius that will give him control of an entire Chinese Province, and he will have killed anyone who stands in his way! BA

R619 Night of Terror (33) aka: Noche de terror The heirs to a family fortune are required to attend a séance at the spooky old family mansion. However, throughout the night, members of the family start getting knocked off one by one. It's like 'The Cat and the Canary' meets 'The Old Dark House'. Obscure Bela Lugosi Horror! BA

G509 None Shall Escape (44) aka: Nessuno sfuggirà The career of a Nazi (Alexander Knox) is shown in flashbacks during his trial as a war criminal. He assaults a young girl, who commits suicide, he denounces his own brother to the Gestapo, whose family dies in the aftermath, he shoots his nephew down in cold blood etc. He's one despicable SOB. This was filmed while the war was still ongoing. Also with Marsha Hunt (who amazingly turns 99 years old this month of October 2016). BA

G639 One Crowded Night (40) aka: It's Later Than You Think Crucial events in the lives of various people occur on the same night, at the same place. You will see many plot devices that have been reused many times since here. Gale Storm and many more star. BA

R723 One Wild Night (38) aka: Uma Noite de Loucuras After withdrawing large sums of cash from the same bank, 4 men disappear. A crime student son of the police chief and a newspaper reporter try to uncover a probable extortion ring. Lyle Talbot, Sidney Toler, William Demarest and more star. BA

R581 Outside the Law (30) Crook 'Fingers' is planning a half-million-dollar bank robbery in gang boss Cobra Collins (Edward G. Robinson) territory. Fingers moll Connie (Mary Nolan) tries to bluff Cobra into thinking the hit won't be taking place for another week... Tod Browning directs, and this is a remake of a film he made 10 years earlier with Lon Chaney. Edward G. as a gangster pre-'Little Caesar', this almost a practice run for his mobster portrayals. He nails it.

G268 Page of Madness, A (26) aka: Kurutta ippêjiaka: The Forgotten Pages A man take a job at an asylum in a plan to free his imprisoned wife. An extremely bizarre experience with inmates rioting, a murder of a doctor and surreal crazed imagery that reflects the madness of the characters. This is a silent film with no dialogue. This nightmarish Japanese encounter with madness is incredibly complex, and technically brilliant for 1926, plus the earliest Japanese film we have.

R916 Painted Desert (38) aka: Contrabando de guerra Mine disputes! Desperate men at Death Grips For Spoils That Mean Wealth For the Victors! Perilous cliffs, mine explosions, shoot-outs and more! George O'Brien and Laraine Gray BA

B826 Paradise in Harlem (39) A black guy playing in a minstrel show dreams of being a 'serious' actor in Shakespeare. He is on the road in the south when he is called back and gets his chance. But mobsters are after him.... All told between blues and swing numbers, with a great snapshot of Harlem in the 1930's. All-black cast in this technically excellent film, basically made on peanuts. BA

G905 Powder Town (42) aka: La città della polvere An absent minded research scientist (Victor McLagen) takes a job at a munitions factory. Developing a formula that transmits the impact of explosives over greater distances, he is distracted by gold-digging females and spies. With June Havoc, Edmond O'Brien, Dorothy Lovett and many more. BA

G455 Professional Soldier (35) aka: Soldado Profissional Mercenary Donovan (Victor McLaglen) is hired to kidnap King Peter to save him from a corrupt kingdom that plots against him with revolution in mind. Freddie Bartholomew and Gloria Stuart also star. Look for Rita Hayworth in an uncredited role as a Gypsy dancer. BA

G520 Red Salute (35) aka: Accadde una volta The rebellious and spoiled college brat daughter (Barbara Stanwyck) of an army general, gets involved with a Communist agitator, mainly to annoy her father, who prefers Jeff (Robert Young) a young All American soldier. Stanwyck and Young end up together when Jeff goes AWOL and must put politics aside for a time... In several ways a bit like the much later 'The Way We Were' with it's politics and differences of opinion.

R678 Repeat Performance (47) aka: El destino se repite Sheila (Joan Leslie) kills her no-good cheating husband (Louis Hayward) in the beginning of the film. She escapes to a New Years party. She wishes she had not killed him and finds herself back a year to have another go and alter her future mistakes. Some paths can be walked twice, but the outcome is difficult to change. Cool fantasy. Richard Basehart in his debut here. BA

G638 Richest Girl in the World, The (34) aka: La femme la plus riche du monde Dorothy Hunter (Miriam Hopkins) is an heiress of untold wealth and knows she will never find a man that will love her for herself, and not for her money. She switches places with her secretary Sylvie (Fay Wray). This manipulation of men may just backfire..... BA

G936 Riot in Juvenile Prison (59) aka: Rebelión en la carcel juvenil The film opens with prisoners grabbing guns and escaping, cops on their trail. Two are killed. A psychiatrist is brought in to help the inmates. Interesting angle as he decides what these boys need (some of them are rapists) is females! So they bring in a busload of female prisoners. Hey this prison seems okay! All of the inmates are white and look like they are in their early 20's. This looks like high school! This set-up can only go wrong and more revolts are inevitable. It's like dangling candy in front of a baby, and then not giving them any. Riot. Jerome Thor, Dorothy Provine, Ann Doran and more star. BA

R679 Riverside Murder, The (35) A gentleman is shot dead in his study. The police are trying to solve the crime. A detective weaves his way through danger and an intricate set of clues to catch the killer. Watch for the scene where a murder is committed by shooting through a mail slot in the door! Suspenseful and with a satisfying climax.

B342 Second Woman, The (50) aka: Twelve Miles Out Robert Young plays a guy that has lost his wife in an automobile accident a year previous, and since has been plagued with bad luck and problems, like someone is out to get him. A woman (Betsy Drake) becomes involved with him to help. But things get worse, and when an attempt is made on her life, things take an even more deadly turn. Nice thriller mystery practically unheard of today!

B326 Shadow Strikes, The (37) aka: L'ombre qui frappe Scourge of the Underworld - Lamont Cranston (Rod La Rocque) assumes his secret identity as 'The Shadow' to break up an attempted robbery at an attorney's office. BA

G938 She Asked For It (37) Married Dwight and Penelope are spendthrifts who can't hold on to money, and are dependant on support from Dwight's rich Uncle. Conrad, Dwight's cousin resents this arrangement. When the Uncle is killed in a hit and run, Conrad inherits all, and cuts off Dwight and Penelope. Dwight writes mystery novels and becomes a private detective.... Much more in this convoluted plot. William Gargan, Orien Heyward and Vivienne Osborne. BA

G499 Shibukawa Bangorô(22) An unusual silent film with short sequences detailing the adventures of various samurai warriors. In one episode, which has to be seen to be believed, a group of them encounter a strange villain who transforms himself into a giant spider and then he spins a web and entraps them! No Subtitles, and of course it's 1922 and this is a very early film from Japan.

B331 Sign of Four, The :Sherlock Holmes Greatest Case (32) aka: Il segno dei quattro Holmes (Arthur Wontner) and Watson must go deep into the underworld to rescue a kidnapped woman. Meanwhile a killer on the hunt for a missing treasure is on the loose.... Pretty good and some say better than Basil Rathbone. BA

G608 Sitting Pretty (48) aka: Bonne à tout faire Mr. Belvedere (played here by Clifton Webb), is an older gentleman baby-sitter hired by a couple that needs some alone time (played by Robert Young and Maureen O'Hara). Webb steals the show in this comedy. This was the beginning of the Belvedere character. BA

R848 Slime People, The (63) aka: Los ojos escamosos A small group of survivors is all that is left after an invasion by an army of subterranean monsters. In the deserted metropolis that was once L.A. - they battle for their lives. With Susan Hart. LBX!! BA

G117 So Red the Rose (35) aka: Die Farm am Mississippi aka: Paz na Guerra Weird Civil War romance with Margaret Sullivan as a Southern Aristocrat. A forerunner of 'Gone With the Wind' with several similarities such as a Southern family before, during and after the Civil War. How little people today consider what the Civil War did to our country at the time. Never since has America's ground been drenched in so much blood, assault, evil and gore. BA

R611 Spanish Cape Mystery, The (35) aka: Mistério da Capa Espanhola Detective Ellery Queen's (Donald Cook) vacation is interrupted when murder strikes next door to his ocean cabin. Fine suspenseful early British crime/mystery film that also stars Jack LaRue.

R721 Spy Hunt (50) aka: Le collier de la panthère Roger Quain (Howard Duff) is in the process of transporting two black panthers from Milan to a Paris zoo. A sexy western (Marta Toren) agent enlists his aid to hide some micro-film in the collar of one of the panthers. When the train derails however and the panthers escape, enemy agents descend upon the scene and the hunt is on. BA

G302 Stage Door Canteen (43) aka: La taverna delle stelle A young soldier on leave in New York visits the famed Stage Door Canteen where famous stars entertain the troops. Just some of the many stars who appear? Ray Bolger, Helen Hayes, Tallulah Bankhead, Katherine Hepburn, Paul Muni, George Raft, Johnny Weissmuller and too many to mention here. Uplifting American morale booster as we fought in WW2. BA

G610 Step by Step (46) Johnny (Lawrence Tierney) with his feisty little mutt, and Evelyn (Anne Jeffreys), a chance acquaintance, run afoul of Nazi spies in California. Smack down fisticuffs and comedy elements with Tierney (who usually plays tough guys) going against type here. Bazooka the dog is excellent. Look for Robert Clarke as the doctor (uncredited). BA

R725 Straight From the Shoulder (36) aka: Johnny Gets His Gun Curt and Gail witness a gangland murder and robbery. Curt uses his talent as an artist to draw portraits for the police of the robbers, Baldy, Trim and Trigger Benson. Trigger Benson is arrested, but when Curt arrives at the courthouse to testify, Baldy and Trim shoot him, hoping to eliminate the witness..... Ralph Bellamy, Paul Fix, Onslow Stevens and more star.

G271 Strange Illusion (45) aka: Stimme aus dem Jenseits Dark and creepy film noir with horrific touches as Jimmy Lydon (as Paul Cartwright) has serious doubts about his widowed mother's romance with a slick con man (played by Warren William). Directed by Edgar Ulmer. BA

G270 Strange Woman, The (46) aka: Le démon de la chair In 1820's New England, beautiful but poor and manipulative Jenny (Hedy Lamarr), marries a rich old man, but also seduces his son and his company foreman. These types of roles were created for Lamarr. Also with George Sanders, Alan Napier and Louis Hayward. She had the nickname, 'The Most Beautiful Woman in Films'. BA

G797 Strangers of the Evening (32) aka: Who Killed Frank Daniels aka: Case of the Missing Corpse An investigator is trying to figure out why bodies keep disappearing from the morgue. What a culture shock the way Americans talked and acted back in 1932! Amusing, dark and creaky, with snappy sometime confounding dialogues and sort of a convoluted plot as well. Frequent newspaper inserts substitute for the narrative. A bit stagy and dated comedy thriller that deserves a look. Zasu Pitts is just one of the participants here. BA

R675 Street Angel (28) aka: Der Engel der Straße A woman on the run from the law finds her past catching up to her, just as she is on the verge of true happiness. Moody and atmospheric. Under the smoking menace of Vesuvius... careless and sordid Naples. With Janet Gaynor. BA

G806 Student of Prague, The (35) aka: Der Student von Prag Yes we have previously listed the silent version, but we had to see this other version that is pretty faithful to the story also. A poor student loves an aristocratic woman who is betrothed to a Baron. So he makes the deal with the devil unleashing his evil doppelganger. This is the third version of the tale written by Henrik Galeen, no stranger to the horror genre. With English subtitles.

B355 Study in Scarlet, A (33) aka: Sherlock Holmes: A Study in Scarlet Reginald Owen is Sherlock Holmes this time out. In London, a secret society, led by a corrupt lawyer, collects the assets of any deceased members and divides them up amongst the group. Problem is, people from the secret society keep on dying, and somebody in the society is responsible. BA

R593 Stupefiantes (32) aka: Estupefacientes aka: Der weiße Dämon aka: Dope aka: The White Demon When an up and coming singer's career is jeopardized by morphine addiction, her brother takes on the ruthless drug dealers who are intent on keeping her hooked. Peter Lorre plays the drug-trafficker in this classic gangster German film... The same plot still plays out in films today. With English subtitles.

G95 Supernatural (33) aka: Anjo e Demónio A serial black widow murderess returns to life in the body of a young woman (Carole Lombard) to exact revenge on a former lover, a phony spiritualist who betrayed her. This is actually quite spooky and adult for such an old film. BA

B858 Three Came Home (50) aka: Captives à Bornéo A woman (Claudette Colbert) and her family are captured by the Japanese in Borneo during WW2 and placed in a brutal internment camp. Separated from her husband she endures trials and tribulations, although these are of a more relaxed type than the actual events were probably in real life. Being so close to the actual time of events that had literally just ended a mere 4 years before filming began..... This one features a more reasonable Japanese Commander of the camp. Maybe there were some like this? Still, this isn't no tiptoe through the tulips. BA

G315 Thunder in the Night (35) aka: Momentos de Amargura A classic crime -melodrama mystery whodunit that takes place in Budapest. Quite the complex plot blending murder and intrigue in an upper-class snobby household on a dark stormy night. Edmund Lowe, Karen Morley and more.

G527 Thunderbolt (29) aka: La rafle Early talkie about a criminal known as 'Thunderbolt' (George Bancroft) who is facing execution, and a man (Richard Arlen) he wants to kill in the next cell, before his date with death. The reason? The man has taken Thunderbolt's girl (sexy Fay Wray as the gangster's moll!)). Of course a lengthy pre-story before this point plays out. Excellent Pre-Code gangster stuff with impressive nightclub acts in an African American bar. BA

B349 Too Late For Tears (49) aka: Der blonde Tiger aka: Killer Bait Through a fluke circumstance, a ruthless woman (Lizbeth Scott) stumbles across a suitcase filled with $60,000, and she is determined to hang onto it, even if she has to kill! Watch as she melts down in evil obsession and greed with dire results. Dan Duryea and Arthur Kennedy also star. BA

B340 Topper Returns (41) aka: La dernière enquête de Mr. Topper Topper (Roland Young) encounters a sarcastic ghost (Joan Blondell) who insists our intrepid hero help find her murderer. An interesting early horror send-up. With Carole Landis, Billie Burke and George Zucco. BA

B855 Torch, The (50) aka: Rebellen der schwarzen Berge When a Mexican Bandit and his banditos take over a small Mexican town, the people are forced to take sides. He is like a Mexican version of Robin Hood, bringing the rich men to account, and falling for Maria (Paulette Goddard) the daughter of one of the wealthiest men in the town. Also with Gilbert Roland. BA

B847 Tower of the Seven Hunchbacks (44) aka: La torre de los siete jorobados Literally the only horror film from Spain in the 1940's. In the old Madrid of the late 19th century, a spectral ghost reveals to young Basilio not only the revelation of the existence of, but the location as well, of the Tower of the Seven Hunchbacks. An underworld where the deformed are trafficking in archeological artifacts. The niece of the ghost is there, kidnapped and hypnotized. It is up to Basilio to reveal the killer of the 'ghost' and rescue his niece in this weird place. Unforgettable set designs with terrifying delights of horror. With English subtitles. BA

B332 Triumph of Sherlock Holmes, The (35) aka: El valle del miedo Holmes is drawn into a case when his arch rival Moriarty is involved in arranging a murder. Based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Holmes tale 'The Valley of Fear'. The scenes in America come off quite well, and the use of a local committee of thugs and the Pinkerton Detective Agency are pretty relevant for the time. Many prefer Arthur Wontner to Basil Rathbone as Holmes. Well, here he is again! BA

R715 Two-Man Submarine (44) aka: Submarino de Algibeira The task is to get to an island behind Japanese enemy lines, to obtain the secret ingredient to an anti-toxin drug. Flag -waving fun with ex-boxer (and wife-killer) Tom Neal, Ann Savage, J. Carroll Naish (in a very busy year for him!) and more. BA

G939 Walk a Crooked Mile (48) aka: Achtung! Atomspione! Somebody has killed an FBI agent who is investigating a Southern Californian atomic plant that is having a hard time controlling leaks of top secret plans. Louis Hayward as Philip 'Scotty' Grayson, another FBI agent, now on the case to crack this murderous spy ring. Also with Raymond Burr, Onslow Stevens, Dennis O'Keefe and more. LBX

G822 Wandering Jew, The (33) Conrad Veidt is Matathias, the Jew who urged the Roman authorities to crucify Jesus and release Barabbas. As a punishment he is condemned by God to wander the Earth for many centuries, enduring numerous trials and tribulations on several continents. There is a Middle Ages segment, and even the Spanish Inquisition where he is burned as a heretic. Cool little fantasy film with Veidt again in fine form here. Veidt's 'Man Who Laughed' was Bob Kane's inspiration for 'The Joker'. This film made in England, was then promptly banned in England.

G637 Wedding March, The (28) aka: A Marcha Nupcial A young and impoverished aristocrat (Erich Von Stroheim) falls in love with an inn-keeper's daughter (a young Fay Wray). But he is supposed to marry money as is his families tradition. Stroheim also directs. Reportedly he hired real prostitutes and used real champagne for the brothel scene. Excellent morality tale set in pre-war Vienna. Music but silent of course. BA

R894 Where Trails End (42) Valley ranchers need help defending themselves from bad guys trying to drive them from their home. Enter U.S. Marshall Tom Kenyon (Tom Keene) who is closing in on their hide-out. BA

G366 Whistler, The (44) aka: Nessuno sa il proprio destino A depressed man hires an assassin to kill him when he least expects it, but when his life takes an upward turn, he finds he now wishes to live. Richard Dix and Gloria Stewart star, with J. Carrol Naish as the Killer. Naish was in a ton of movies in 1944, including the hunchback 'Daniel' in 'House of Frankenstein' and 'The Monster Maker', 'Jungle Woman' and more. William Castle directs his 5th film. BA

B341 White Road, The (52) aka: The Green Glove aka: The Gauntlet aka: El guantelete verde An ex-soldier (Glenn Ford) and his new girlfriend comb France for a valuable relic.... which others are willing to kill for. Filmed entirely in France and Monaco with some exciting action sequences in interesting locales. BA

G69 White Tiger (23) aka: El tigre blanco Three crooks pull off a brilliant crime. In hiding, they begin to get paranoid of one another. With a mechanical chess player that will challenge any human! Or is it really a human inside the automaton? Excellent and imaginative film directed by Tod Browning. With Wallace Beery and Priscilla Dean, quite the silent film star. BA

G448 Wild Money (37) A big-city newspaper gives its penny-pinching bookkeeper a whopping expense account to cover a story he scooped while on vacation... Comedy with Edward Everett Horton BA

G794 Winter Carnival (39) aka: La reginetta delle nevi Here's a film about the Dartmouth Winter Carnival filmed in 1939 on the Dartmouth Campus. The script was written by F. Scott Fitzgerald who was drunk the whole time the movie was being filmed, and he was fired from the set. Women were not allowed in the college itself until 1972, but they were allowed to visit and pretty the place up, run for beauty contests (Snow Queen) and the like. Ah the good old days (not that I was around back then). Ann Sheridan, Robert Armstrong, Joan Leslie and Richard Carlson star amongst many more. BA

B334 Woman in Green, The (45) aka: Sherlock Holmes y la mujer de verde Holmes (Basil Rathbone) investigates the murders of several women, each with a finger severed off. Scotland Yard suspects a madman, but the real reason is far more sinister. BA

G510 Women of all Nations (31) aka: Mulheres de Todas as Nações Marines Flagg and Quirt fought together in WW1 and Panama. After some time in New York they go to Sweden and compete for the love of a woman. Bela Lugosi is a Prince with a harem. Also with Humphrey Bogart, Edmund Lowe, Victor McLaglen, Greta Nissen, El Brendel and more. BA

G394 World for Ransom (54) aka: Singapore intrigo internazionale This film recalls 'The Third Man' because it's also a film about a friend of the protagonist who may be villainous and the woman torn between her husband and her friend. Set in Singapore, a group of people plot to kidnap a nuclear scientist who is one of only three people in the world who knows how to detonate the H-Bomb. Lots of people get killed in the action of the finale. With Dan Duryea, Patric Knowles, Gene Lockhart, Nigel Bruce (in his last film, heart attack at age 58) and look for Strother Martin as a Corporal. BA

B658 World Will Shake, The (39) aka: Le monde tremblera A young doctor has invented a machine. It can tell you the day and minute of when you will die. Some want to know, some do not. This is a timeless science fiction film from France that everyone can relate to. How about me? How many years? Months? Hours? Minutes? Would you want to know? There are those who want to use the machine for profit. Erich Von Stroheim, Claude Dauphin and more star. With English subtitles.

G626 You Can't Buy Luck (37) aka: Borrowed Time A wealthy and superstitious race horse owner (Onslow Stevens of 'House of Dracula') of humble beginnings, believes through philanthropy he will improve his luck on the race track. Later he meets a nice girl (Helen Mack) and finds himself accused of murder. Can Mack's character clear him? Helen Mack's most notable film being 'Son of Kong'. BA



G114 Adventurer of Tortuga (65) aka: L'avventuriero della Tortuga aka: Cold Steel for Tortuga In the new world, a badass pirate leader (Rik Battaglia) and a corrupt governor (Guy Madison) compete for the affections of a beautiful Indian heiress. She falls for the governor and together they set out to topple the governor. You'll be rooting for the pirates! Excellent Widescreen and Sharp color English dubbed. BA

M922 Agon: Atomic Dragon (68) Giant monster destroys everything in it's path, smashing buildings and leaving destruction all over. Mutated by Atomic bombs, and grown to an enormous size by feasting on radioactive waste, Agon means business! Now see the awesome monster Agon with English subtitles for the first time!

B622 Alexander the Great (68) William Shatner as Alexander the Great? I am so there! And Adam West stars as well. Both actors taking time off from their other jobs as Captain Kirk and Batman. Really pretty cool as far as these MFTV flicks go. Much better than the Oliver Stone debacle. Because that one sucked bad. This at least is somewhat entertaining. Joseph Cotton, John Cassavetes and more. Adam West later stated this as the worst pilot ever. Really, it's okay.

M902 Attack of the Normans (62) aka: I normanni After decades of violent raids, the Normans have finally agreed to make peace with the English and have begun to settle on English soil. However the cruel Duke of Saxony (Cameron Mitchell) wants to overthrow the British king.... Treachery, war, usurped thrones torture, ambush and deceit explode from the screen! Cameron Mitchell made his best films when working for the Italians. This is a beautiful Widescreen print. BA

R649 Black Archer, The (59) aka: L'arciere neroA mysterious archer who dresses in black is out for revenge against the bandits who killed his father. As usual, there is a conspiracy behind the killing, that will hit close to home. Pretty cool costumer/swashbuckler from director Piero Pierotti who directed many sci-fi and sword and sandal films. Sharp colorful clear! English dubbed and no Subs. BA

R588 Black Arrow, The (48) aka: The Black Arrow Strikes Young noblemen Richard Shelton (Louis Heyward) returns from the War of the Roses to find his father murdered, a family friend (now a fugitive) blamed, and his evil Uncle the man behind it all. Nice swashbuckling' costumer that also stars Janet Blair and more. From a Robert Lewis Stevenson story. BA

G317 Black Corsair, The (76) aka: Il corsaro nero aka: The Black Pirate The swashbuckler/pirate film genre was passé by 1976. That is what makes this throwback so special.. Kabur Bedi is a sympathetic leading man, and certainly looks the part, while Mel Ferrer is a great villain. Some cool nightmare dream sequences as well as authentic looking period setting. Kabur Bedi still enjoys a prolific career as of this writing. Carole Andre, Sonja Jeannine and Dagmar Lassander also star. LBX and English dubbed with foreign subtitles on the bottom of the screen. BA

B473 Black Tulip, The (64) aka: La tulipe noire In 1789, when the Revolution went on, a bandit named 'Black Tulip' (Alain Delon) held the surroundings of village Roussillon in fear.... sort of. He is a 'Zorro' type character (but more rich than his American counterpart) in this swashbuckler. Certainly exciting and well worth a watch! Dawn Addams, Verna Lisi, Akim Tamiroff and more star. This is a new English Dubbed LBX version with foreign subtitles. BA

B794 Captain Blood (60) aka: Le capitan Not sure if I have ever seen a Widescreen as wide and narrow as this one, so be warned. Killer swashbuckler with plenty of swordplay, crashing, luxurious sets and beautiful dames, castles, strongholds, treachery, mayhem and excellent outdoor action. Louis the 8th as a teenager, with everybody trying to prevent him from gaining the throne. Comic relief, stunts and vibrant color. With English subtitles. BA

B891 Captain Falcon (58) aka: Capitan Fuoco aka: Robin Hood the Rebel A Baron is cruel to his subjects and a neighbor to the Count across the river. The servants of the Baron cross to the lands of the Count to escape his abuses. The Baron hatches a plot to assassinate the Earl. A poacher (Lex Barker) comes to hunt in the territory of the Count. The Count is fine with it. Now known as 'Captain Falcon', the poacher aids those who wish to escape living under the rule of the evil Baron. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

B418 Caroline and the Rebels (55) aka: Le fils de Caroline chérie A young Bridgitte Bardot plays the sister of the handsome French officer Juan. Close in an inappropriate manner for siblings, their attraction for one another tortures their souls, and sends them in a series of comic misadventures that brings them even closer. A swashbuckling heritage reveals itself..... Could he be adopted? Bardot is stunning at 21. LBX English dubbed with Greek Subtitles. BA

R574 Casbah (48) Tony Martin (as Pepe LeMoko) plays a suave, fascinating, womanizer jewel thief who is wanted by the police, but protected and hidden by the 'Casbah'. His gal Inez (the ravishing Yvonne DeCarlo) competes with new hot girl Marta Toren (as Gaby). Also with Peter Lorre and Virginia Gregg. Toren, called 'The Next Ingrid Bergman' died of a cerebral hemorrhage at age 31 in Sweden in 1957. (Gregg was the voice of “Mother” in 'Psycho' 1 through 3.) BA

B486 Comic, The (85) In a future police state, a stand-up comic murders a competitor for a job, then gets mixed up with a stripper. The most typical clichés, horrible acting, bad sets, astounding special effects, a howler all the way! This movie is so badly made, yet so astonishingly entertaining and funny, you'll question your own sanity if you make it to the end! Yes, we love 'Robot Monster' too! BA

B487 Computer King (88) Marcin is a gifted child, a computer genius. The Computer King, an enigmatic dweller in the netherworld, who exercises his powers reigning over the deceased scientists and talented artists, has therefore set his sights upon him. Marcin must be careful as they try to suck him up into their world of servitude. A bizarre techno shocker armed to the teeth with blood-thirsty biting Commodores, evil transsexual minions and a surveillance raven. Sterile and senile men discuss philosophy and then act like utter imbeciles. This Polish made film has English subtitles.

M905 Count Ugolino (49) aka: Il conte Ugolino aka: The Iron Swordsman Amazing work from director Riccardo Freda! Taken from Dante, this 13th century story recounts the events leading up to the imprisonment and death of Count Ugolino. His children killed by starvation become the food of Ugolino and madness ensues. While the horror aspects are more suggested, you still get the grim pessimistic picture. Freda's attention to detail and excellent photography make this a classic you won't soon forget. In Italian language and with English subtitles.

B437 Death Eye of Ceylon (63) aka: Das Todesauge von Ceylon aka: Tempête sur Ceylan aka: Scarlet Eye A professor and his daughter undertake an expedition to Ceylon to look for a statue of Buddha that holds a priceless ruby in it's forehead. They must locate the hidden temple that was destroyed after an earthquake. Decent locales and effective use of Widescreen photography make this colorful jungle-like adventure worthwhile. Lex Barker, Ann Smyrner and more star. In German language and with English subtitles. BA

G824 East of Kilimanjaro (57) aka: La grande caccia aka: Al este de Kilimanjaro A free-lance photographer (Marshall Thompson) woos a doctor (Gaby Andre) trying to stop a cattle epidemic by finding the carrier of the fatal disease in Tanganyika... Now LBX! BA

R726 Fair Wind to Java (53) aka: Der Rebell von Java Set at the end of the 19th century in the Dutch East Indies. The adventurous captain of an American merchant ship is looking for a sunken Dutch vessel which contains precious diamonds. But he's not the only one. Plus, there's the pesky volcano called Krakatoa that is about to blow it's top! A mini-epic with fine performances from all and quite the spectacle in the climax. Color. Fred MacMurray, Vera Ralston, Victor McLaglen, Paul Fix, Keye Luke and many more star. BA

G759 Fire Monsters against the Son of Hercules (62) aka: Colossus of the Stone Age aka: Maciste contro i mostri aka: Maciste contra los monstruos Wandering muscle man Maxxus (Reg Lewis) runs across two warring tribes. One that worships the Sun, the other the Moon. He rescues the leader of the Sun worshippers from a sea monster. Later the Moon worshippers attack and take the Sun worshippers’ women captive. Maxuus has an incentive– hot cave girl Moah played by Margaret Lee! This is a pretty cool prehistoric outing with monsters and somewhat civilized tribal savages. A lake monster, a multi-headed hydra and a big funny looking lizard and epic looking caveman battles. Pretty funny, but still very entertaining! Reg Lewis had one leading role in his career, and this is it! He makes for a pretty awkward hero, walking around like he is on the muscle beach all the time. He was Mr. Universe in 1957. Margaret Lee... Va Va Voom! New Widescreen print and English language dubbed. This title is available under other titles in previous catalogs. BA

G177 For Love and Gold (66) aka: L'Armata Brancaleone A group of misfits, led by an incompetent knight named Brancaleone (Vittorio Gassman) are on a quest across the medieval Italian countryside. Stylish and episodic, Maybe even a part inspiration for 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail'. In the first seven minutes a village is attacked, a guy bites a chicken's head off, a gory arm severing, an impaling, and other gore and battle footage with more blood than almost any sword and sandal film. Simply amazing locations taking full advantage of still standing structures and small remote villages. Full on jousting, elaborate costumes, plenty of battles with axes, swords etc., cultish Christians and more. At about the 82 minute mark, Barbara Steele (as Teodora) shows up, and starts whipping Brancaleone with a Cat o' Nine Tails, then he whips her and you see her bare boob! Onward men! A hilarious bear attack, a horrifying mass impaling set-up that luckily, fails and more. Don Quixote eat your heart out! Also with Catherine Spaak. LBX and in Italian language only. BA

G138 Gappa (67) aka: Monster from a Prehistoric Planet aka: El monstruo que amenaza el mundo aka: Daikyojû Gappa An expedition in the South Pacific lands on a tropical island where the natives worship the mysterious deity Gappa. An earthquake opens the ground revealing a baby bird-like reptile monster. They take it to a zoo in Japan. Mama and Papa monster fly out and proceed to destroy Tokyo, looking for junior. Kind of like the Japanese 'Gorgo'. Now finally in a Nice Widescreen print and with original trailer. BA

G107 Giants of Rome (64) aka: I giganti di Roma An elite group of soldiers led by Claudius (Richard Harrison) are hand-picked by Julius Caesar to embark on a dangerous mission. Sprawling battles and landscapes, a truly epic presentation, now in an amazing Widescreen print in nice sharp color! BA

G223 Girl on the Broomstick, The (72) aka: Dívka na kosteti A beginner witch is trying out her first spells in this bizarre Czech fantasy/comedy film. A few of the scenes include teachers turned into rabbits and put in a hutch, the pupils who get donkey ears and their teacher with walrus tusks, the boy who loses his head and tries to replace it with a clay bust of Napoleon and more. Some have called this an ancestor to the Harry Potter series. Very colorful entertaining. LBX and with English Subtitles.

G113 Gladiator of Rome (62) aka: Il gladiatore di Roma aka: Le gladiateur de Rome A warrior (Gordon Scott) protecting a slave girl (who is really a princess), ends up as a fighter in the Roman Arena. Gordon Scott is bare-chested from first scene to the last crucifixion scene, in which he is mounted on wood in between two females also up for death. But here comes the rebels! The battle plays out, while the crucified trio watch on.... Fairly epic peplum. Great color Widescreen 100 minute Uncut version too. BA

R629 Gladiators Seven (62) aka: I sette gladiatori Framed for the escape of 5 gladiators from the arena, the son of one of Sparta's leading citizens is sentenced to the arena to be a gladiator himself and forced to fight for his life in the Roman Coliseum. Years later he manages to escape and upon his return to Sparta, he finds that his father has been murdered (even though it was ruled as suicide) and the woman he loves is set to marry the evil king who has usurped the throne. He rounds up some of his fellow gladiators and sets out to stop this injustice. Nice huge sets, hundreds of extras, battles and extreme violence. With Richard Harrison and Loredana Nusciak. Amazing Widescreen and English dubbed BA

G776 Goke, Bodysnatchers from Hell (68) aka: Kyuketsuki Gokemidoro The aliens force the plane down. Then, the survivors, now in a remote mountainous area, are attacked by blue creepy crawly blob-like alien creatures from the space ship, that take over the human body, using it as a host, making the human (now alien) violent. Not your typical Japanese fare, this is an all out monsterific science fiction thriller with a downbeat ending. Who is infected? Now this sharp Widescreen print is dubbed into English and contains no subtitles. BA

R817 Golden Bat, The (66) aka: Ôgon batto aka: Ogon Bat aka: Il ritorno di Diavolik A teenage boy discovers that the planet Icarus is on a collision course with Earth by gazing through his telescope. He is kidnapped and put on a special task force to finish the Super-Destruction Beam Cannon to destroy Icarus. To a strange island they find the ruins of Atlantis but are then attacked by a weird drill-bit squid-shaped ship commanded by an evil being named Razu who has engineered the collision with Icarus. Enter the sleeping 'The Golden Bat' a super-hero skull faced flying guy that comes to their aid. Incredible Japanese made sci-fi fantasy now Widescreen and with English subtitles. BA

B810 Gordon, the Black Pirate (61) aka: Rage of the Buccaneers aka: Gordon, il pirata nero Escaped slave turned pirate Gordon (Ricardo Montalban in fine swashbuckling form here), has made it his quest to waylay as many slave ships as possible, liberating the cargo to freedom. Along the way he encounters a slave trading ring, falls in love with a governor's daughter (Giulia Rubini), and faces his arch enemy (Vincent Price!). Mario Costa directs. Vincent, actor for hire, making this after 'Pit and the Pendulum" and before 'Tales of Terror' and having a good time. Although this is in Italian language and with English subtitles. Amazing Widescreen Pirate Movie! We also have an English version that is not as nice- but you get Price and Montalban’s voices!! BA

G694 Head of a Tyrant (59) aka: Giuditta e Oloferne A hot young woman named Judith (Isabelle Corey) plans to seduce, then murder and cut off the head, of a brutal conqueror who has taken over her city. He falls in love with her and trusts her.... will her plan come to the desired conclusion? Succeeds with the shocking climax that delivers on the promise of the title. Or does it? Super colorful Widescreen . BA

M993 Hercules against the Mongols (63) aka: Maciste contro i MongoliThough Genghis Khan eventually sought peace with the West, his death in 1227 AD puts into power his three war-like sons: Sayan, Susdal, and Kin Khan. These sons quickly overrun the city of Tuleda and take prisoner Princess Bianca, though young Prince Alessio escapes. Hercules comes to the rescue of Bianca, winning her freedom in a tournament in exchange for becoming a slave himself.... Mark Forest stars. Beautiful Widescreen English dub. BA

B835 Hercules against the Sons of the Sun (64) aka: Ercole contro i figli del sole Hercules (Mark Forest) is rescued by Prince Maytha (Giuliano Gemma) and his warriors. The King of the Incas is all set to sacrifice Princess Yamara to the Sun God. Hercules must help to train and upgrade the weaponry of the Incas so as to overthrow the usurper, and rescue the Princess before she is toast. But how does Hercules end up in South America? Shipwreck that's how. He is the only survivor. One killer battle sequence in the last 20 minutes. Now in French language with English subtitles and in a Beautiful Widescreen. BA

M965 Hero of Rome (64) aka: Il colosso di Roma With the fate of Rome in the balance, can an act of valor prevail in this story of justice and tyranny? Gordon Scott stars in this spectacular sword and sandal, now exactly as it should be seen in a beautiful Widescreen English dubbed version. BA

B368 Hu-Man (75) An actor is placed in dangerous situations and his fear will be broadcast to the television audience. The audience’s response will determine whether or not he will be sent to the future, or back to the past, via a time dome, a human energy response collector. The 70's pumped out some of the most existential science fiction films of all time. Stamp's character does indeed travel time and locales, and he looks about as bewildered as I was watching it! A hypnotizing mind trip. LBX in French language and with English subtitles.

B803 Hundred Horsemen, The (64) aka: I cento cavalieriDon Fernando (Mark Damon) is the son of El Cid (no pressure). He must rally the peasants and townspeople to do battle with invading Saracen Arab invaders out to occupy their territory. Torture scenes, battles, hot women, sweeping landscapes.... This one has it all. Better than 'Lawrence of Arabia'! Also with Antonella Lualdi! LBX and with English subtitles.

R876 Huns, The (60) aka: Queen of the Tartars aka: La regina dei tartariWith her village utterly destroyed by rampaging Huns, a young girl named Tanya (Chelo Alonso) is taken by the leader of the tribe, Igor (Folco Lulli) and essentially raised as his daughter. But rather than being just any ordinary woman Tanya wants to be a warrior and because of this she is trained in archery and allowed to ride with the rest of the warriors. Unfortunately, not all of the men approve and her most vocal critics are Igor's son, Timur (Mario Petri) and the chief of a rival clan, Malok (Jacques Sernas).... Amazing New Widescreen English Dubbed! BA

G700 In the Shadow of Eagles (66) aka: All'ombra delle aquile Rebel barbarian warriors pose a grave threat to the Roman Empire. Tribune Marcus Ventidus (Cameron Mitchell) is sent to halt the uprising with some of the Roman army at his side. Excellent locations and plenty of action make this one a winner. A companion to 'Massacre in Black Forest' which came out the next year with some of the same participants. Also with Beba Loncar. Excellent Widescreen and English language dubbed.

B360 Invasion 1700 (62) aka: Col ferro e col fuoco aka: Daggers of Blood International cast period piece set in the 18th century. A Polish military officer is in love with a Slavic Princess (Elena Zareschi). This does not sit well with her lover, who cuts a path of destruction and death across the countryside, building a following in his wake. The showdown finds the villain dangling his Princess prize as bait while our hero and his thousands advance. With Gordon Mitchell, Akim Tamiroff, Pierre Brice, Jeanne Crain, John Drew Barrymore and more. Nice LBX and with English dubbing, and sometimes Italian language and English subtitles appear. BA

B802 Invincible Brothers Maciste, The (64) aka: Gli invincibili fratelli MacisteTwo meat-headed muscle bound men (you can tell just by their outfits and dialogue just how smart they are). An evil queen commands a hidden secret kingdom behind a waterfall, protected by leopard skinned warriors. She has a screen she watches intruders on. Sword and sorcery sci-fi? The elder Maciste fights his way in and is overcome in a cell with a descending spiked ceiling. He is put on a large wheel in a slave quarry, and whipped regularly along with other slaves. The younger Maciste is about to figure out beyond the waterfall is where the action is at! Tridents are cool weapons as well as a giant sledgehammer! Very colorful this one, with wild costumes and some really cool water boarding, a perfect device that should be utilized today! Oh and... For God's Sakes put a Shirt on Man! LBX and English language dubbed. BA

G309 Jack Frost (64) aka: Morozko aka: Frosty - A fairy tale about a conceited young man and a young woman with a tyrannical stepmother, who must overcome magical trials in order to be together. A very cool Russian fantasy shot in bright colors with some pretty magical looking sequences. Includes a green wicked witch and her pet owl, with a cauldron and broom etc. This is the Russian language version with English subtitles. BA

B379 Kindar the Invulnerable (65) aka: Kindar, l'invulnerabile An evil desert bandit kidnaps the son of a sultan and raises him as his own. It turns out Kindar (played as an adult by muscleman Mark Forest) is unstoppable and all powerful. Later, he falls in love with a hot woman named Kiri (Rosalba Neri). Still later he finds out she is his brother's fiancé, and the village he is next to raid belongs to his 'real' father. Kindar has 'Superman; like powers, swords, spears, rocks, nothing can stop him. Mark Forest, after starring in 11 of these Italian made 'sword and sandal' films, retired to study Opera, and went on to teach Opera in California. This was the last film he was in. Nice English dubbed and LBX. BA

B806 Kingdom of the Silver Lion (65) aka: Fury of the Sabers aka: Im Reiche des silbernen Löwen aka: Guntar il temerario Kara Ben Namsi (Lex Barker) and comrades, set out to rescue and free a young relative of the guardian of the treasure of a Christian sect. The most spectacular scenes are the fight on the salt lake, hanging from ropes on a mountaintop... Excellent visually. This is the third and final Lex Barker Namsi film. Lex Barker was in many great adventure films of the 40's (Tarzan) 50's and 60's. But the reaper claimed him at age 54 when he had a fatal heart attack while walking down a New York city street to meet his fiancé in May of 1973. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

R874 Knights of Terror (63) aka: Il terrore dei mantelli rossi aka: Les cavaliers de la terreur The mysterious Red Knights spread terror and death along the countryside... A soldier of fortune is hired to find and destroy the nights, but ulterior motives are in play... Tony Russel and Scilla Gabel star BA

B423 Knights of the Quest, The (01) aka: Quest for the Shroud aka: I cavalieri che fecero l'impresa Pupi Avati's Epic Sword and Sorcery (lite) type was quite a monumental achievement for the director. Medieval times, knights, gore, exorcism, adventure, and starring a sword wielding Edward Furlong! Huh? With a dark and violent finale that comes out of left field (literally!). Widescreen English Dubbed and runs about 2 hours and 22 minutes. . BA

B894 Le Golem (67) Family stories, scams, jealousies and revenge as the threat of the Golem, this monster created by a rabbi and waking up every thirty-three years , hovers over the city. In 1966, here designed Caligari-esque sets for the new version of the Le Golem, a bold experiment in the fantastic. In French and with English subtitles.

B380 Legions of Cleopatra (59) aka: Le legioni di Cleopatra aka: Legions of the NileLinda Cristal as Cleopatra is so sexy you will forgive the historical inaccuracies. Tavern brawls, dancing bimbos (including Cristal), battles, romance, light comedy, drama. Shut off all logic and enjoy the colorful action! Some of the cast were also used in 'The Warrior and the Slave Girl' including the dwarf. Amazing LBX English dub Uncut Widescreen print with 10 extra minutes of footage then other prints! BA

B895 Likeness (74) A struggling artist stumbles upon a terrifyingly lifelike portrait in an art shop and buys it. The painting has mystical powers and offers him a choice.... Either struggle to make his own way in the world on the basis of his own failing talents... or to accept the assistance of the magic painting and gain riches and fame. He chooses the latter of course! But will he come to regret his choices as he sacrifices his integrity? This creepy Czech masterpiece comes with English subtitles.

B556-R636 Lion of St. Mark, The (63) aka: Il leone di San Marco aka: The Marauder It's 1620 in Venice. Pirates are terrorizing the Adriatic Coast regularly and cannot be stopped. Our hero Manrico Venier (played by Gordon Scott) sets out to defeat them. A rousing and fast-moving pirate adventure. With Gianna Maria Canale, Rik Battaglia and more. Simply amazing and super colorful Widescreen that will knock your socks off. English dubbed BA

B606 Littlest Angel, The (69) Johnny Whitaker is a dead little shepherd boy, just arriving in heaven after foolishly chasing a bird off a cliff. He badly lip synchs songs as he goes along, annoying the hell out of the viewer. In the afterlife he meets the angels, one a goofy tall guy played by Herman Munster himself, Fred Gwynne as Patience, the Guardian Angel. Where the hell was he when the stupid little bastard chased the bird off the cliff? He even gets his own musical number. As does Tony Randall. Mystifyingly awful, with everyone as angels, floating around, singing crappy songs. Cab Calloway, Connie Stevens, E.G. Marshall and more. I'll just bet some of these thespians fired their agents after this atrocity. Sort of creepy and weird, but not meant to be. I want to look away, but I cannot. Keep telling yourself. It's only a movie. It's only a movie.

B809 Maciste, Strongest Man in the World (62) aka: Colossus of the Arena aka: Maciste, il gladiatore più forte del mondo Posing as a gladiator in Rome's 4th century, Maciste (Mark Forest) finds out about a plot that would put the beautiful Queen in prison. He now must thwart the plans of the traitorous and sinister Duke. Following a thrilling opening sequence in the arena, the story lays on the camp amidst the action with whiny midgets, monkeys, and effeminate black men in drag! This version is LBX and in Italian language with English subtitles. BA

B424 Maciste: Avenger of the Mayans (65) aka: Maciste il vendicatore dei Maya Obscure sword and sandal that steals scenes from other films to make a whole. Cramming together a few films to make one film, and adding new footage is something we are used to in other genre's, but here we end up with 5 tribes of angry warriors and we get a cave-dwelling giant tossed in the mix. In case you get bored by the water dragon that is. Kirk Morris stars. Not to be missed by sword and sandal fans. Nice LBX print with English subtitles.

B836 Magnificent Adventurer, The (63) aka: Il magnifico avventuriero aka: The Burning of Rome Riccardo Freda directs this exciting action-packed Euro-Adventure. Our hero is Benvenuto Cellini (Brett Halsey). Of course Benvenuto comes off as an unrepentant ladies' man, with jilted suitors ready to die for him, and whose charm affects tavern wenches and noblewomen equally. Sharp colorful locations here. Claudia Mori and more star. LBX and English dubbed. BA

B899 Mighty Crusaders, The (58) aka: La Gerusalemme liberate LBX and 12 minutes longer than some other versions, some scenes in Italian language only. See: The Dance of the Seven Orgies! See: The Duel to the Death with 100 Pound Battle Axes! See: The Seduction of Renaldo the White Knight by the Dark Daughter of Damascus! See: The Mammoth Battle between Heathens and Knights for the Holy Sepulcher! See: Assault Towers and Battering Rams Breach the Walls of the Holy City! 98 minutes. BA

B744 Milady and the Three Musketeers (52) aka: The Executioner of Lille aka: Il boia di Lilla - La vita avventurosa di Milady Taken from the point of view of cold-blooded Milady Anne (Yvette Lebon) who escapes her life of despair in the convent by enslaving every man she comes across, including the executioner's younger brother, who hangs himself in a cell when she abandons him for a man with power. The Executioner is the only man who can resist her charms. There is more of course, as she meddles her way through the cast with an evil bent. Will her fate be righteous? Don't look for any historical detail here. For instance, the English Army is depicted as a bunch of kilt-wearing Scots! With Rosanno Brazzi. In Italian language and with English subtitles.

M912 Operation Ganymed (77) Five astronauts return to Earth after more than four years of a disastrous mission to Ganymed where 21 of their party perished. When Earth does not answer their calls, they land in an ocean and finally reach a rocky coastline that looks like a deserted planet. Figured the Earth finally has done it (nuclear war the sons of bitches!) they fall into despair, murder and cannibalism. A very cool Russian science fiction film now with mostly English (but a few parts foreign language because this version is over 20 minutes longer than the English release and runs almost 2 hours!). An excellent view of serious sci-fi as America releases the incredibly silly (but entertaining) 'Star Wars' at the same time. BA

G356 Paris Does Not Exist (69) aka: Paris n'existe pas An artist attending a party smokes some dope and develops the ability to see into the future and the past. He returns to his apartment where he sees the vision of a woman who had lived there 30 years ago. His psychedelic hallucinations increase with time. Starring Richard Leduc and Danièle Gaubert with Serge Gainsbourg (who also did the). LBX and with English subtitles.

G709 Phantom Planet, The (61) aka: Il pianeta fantasma Colorized! An astronaut is shrunk down on a planet, by the atmosphere that his ship was drawn to. The alien people force him to chose a bride, one of the choices is Coleen Gray so this is no dire fate. Enter the monster of the picture 'The Solorite' played by Richard Kiel! Also with Dean Fredericks, Francis X. Bushman, Anthony Dexter, Dolores Faith and look for Angelique Pettyjohn at only 18 years old, uncredited. as a juror. In Color. BA

B843 Pia of Ptolomey (58) aka: La parole est à l'épée Skullduggery, Romance and Treachery during the Italian Renaissance. After her father dies in battle, young Pia of Ptolomey agrees to wed his mortal enemy, the Mayor of Sienna, to hopefully bring peace to the region... But this bargain was made in the heat of hell rather than passion, and is a knife to the heart of the young artist who love Pia. A low budget swashbuckler with sinister back lot foggy bogs which actually lend a surreal feel as the bodies begin to pile up for various reasons. Horse-faced Bella Darvi, movie mogul Darryl Zanuck's one-time mistress, plays a noblewoman who's more scary than sexy in her medieval garb, and seeing her slurped down by quicksand is worth the price of admission alone! But all too brief. BA

B820 Pirate's Captive, The (59) aka: La scimitarra del saraceno aka: The Pirate and the Slave Girl A Spanish nobleman is captured by ruthless pirates led by the vicious Saracen pirate Drakut (Lex Barker in a role reversal role playing the bad guy for a change!). In the hold of the ship is a bevy of slave babes.... He must escape, free the women, but this plot is far more complex than that. Spectacular sea battle finale in this one. Colorful action packed adventure with Chelo Alonso. Massimo Serato, Graziella Granata and more. BA

B697 Pirates of Blood Island (72) aka: La rebelión de los bucaneros A pirate who has gone to England and gained amnesty for he and his fellow buccaneers, promising to put aside their lives of vice and plunder, to reform into current colonial ways, is a hero. What follows is a tale of deceit and treachery as he now faces ruin due to traitors who plot to overthrow him and seize the island, whose waters contain valuable pearls. Adventure, toy ship sequences. and a splendid ocean dual make this a successful attempt at period swashbuckling that most pirate fans will enjoy. Dubbed into English language and also with some Greek subtitles.


B745 Pirates of Tortuga (65) aka: Cold Steel for Tortuga aka: I pirati di Tortuga In the New World, a rugged pirate leader and a corrupt governor compete for the affections of a beautiful Indian heiress. The pirate wins, and together with his babe and her booty, set out to conquer the governor. This film belongs to Rik Battaglia (who is third billed here) as dashing pirate Pedro Valverde, who steals every scene he's in, with his piratical band of vagabond companions. Leading lady Ingeborg Schoner, in her only such appearance, stuns. Guy Madison in one of the worst wig choices, and also with Nadia Gray and Mino Doro. Grab a flagon of ale and board! (Although much of the plot takes place on dry land). LBX and with English subtitles. BA

B821 Pirates of Tortuga (65) aka: Cold Steel for Tortuga aka: I pirati di Tortuga SEE ABOVE for subtitled version– This is an English language dubbed version that is also a nice Widescreen. No subtitles. BA


B533 Pirates: Blood Brothers (99) aka: Caraibi Directed by Lamberto Bava. Two brothers have fallen in love with the same woman, who was nearly killed by one of them in an accident. They part in anger but meet later in life when one is a famous pirate, the other, a soldier with the task of hunting him down! Nice pirate outing, a real throwback to those pirate movie days. With Mario Adorf, Anna Falchi (sex on the grave chick from 'Dellamorte Dellamore') and more.

B902 Pluton B.R.B. Nero (08) aka: Plutón B.R.B. Nero Black and unfathomable as the human soul. These are the voyages of the starship Pluto B.R.B. Nero ..... in the year 2530. Planet Earth is fading fast... nothing is left of the ozone layer. Madness everywhere. But luckily the world leader Macauly Culkin the 3rd has sent this ship into space to search for a new planet us earthlings can fuck up. Manned by humans, some outdated androids, and alien subordinates, they begin their mission. One of the guys is just a gnarly head with a tiny little body. If you dig cool effects and comedy mixed with your science fiction than this is for you! From Spain and almost 4 hours long! In Spanish and with English subtitles. BA

B819 Pontius Pilate (62) aka: Ponzio PilatoThis is told from the perspective of the much maligned title character (played here by Jean Marais), the man who unwillingly washed his hands, and sealed the fate of the Christ. Plays like another sword and sandal film, except with a more somber tone. John Drew Barrymore plays a dual role as both Judas, and Jesus! How's that for some yin and yang casting? Or is that yin and yin? Paul Muller, Basil Rathbone, Leticia Roman and more star in this awesome spectacle. At the time there were loads of these. ‘King of Kings’ had just come out the previous year so the bar was high. There was Jesus this and Jesus that. Jesus Jesus Jesus.... But this is short on Jesus, and more on all the other characters of the strange tale. LBX and English dubbed. BA

B495 Queen of Angels (99) aka: Królowa Aniolów How difficult it is to love in the modern world. The action takes place in two synchronously run and bilaterally complimentary locations 'here and now' -young, physically devastated doctor Jakob kidnaps his girlfriend Maria to fulfill a kind of self-psychodrama; past (150 years ago) a 20 year old teacher named Maria falls obsessively in love with new Priest Jacob. One truly bizarre and surreal Polish fantasy that manages to entertain without pretension. LBX and with English subtitles.

G247 Quest for the Lost City (90) aka: The Final Sacrifice Troy is looking for the men who killed his father, and finds a map that is supposed to lead to a lost world. Then fleeing the cult who murdered his father, the teen is then aided in his quest to find the fabled lost city of Ziox, ruled by the evil Satoris and his unholy body-builder warriors. This is the uncut version of the very popular film immortalized by MST. Amazing. BA

B559 Rainbow Man, The (49) aka: Nijiotoko Japan's first science fiction film? Possibly. Yuri is the main suspect in a murder/arson case. Friends begin to start an investigation to clear her. This leads to a creepy family that consists of a deranged painter, a cat lady, and man researching spectral lights. People begin dying while yelling 'Rainbow! Rainbow! Rainbow!' They are in over their head, literally! In a unique bit of surprise, when a murder occurs, a rainbow appears in a color sequence (this being a black and white film). The mystery will unfold... who is The Rainbow Man? Now with English subtitles for the first time! With some bonus Japanese trailers.

B785 Rampage of Evil (62) aka: Il capitano di ferro Maria Petri gets a rare lead role as villainous Captain Hans, a soldier of fortune. He looks ridiculous. Wearing a shiny winged black leather waistcoat and thigh high (fetish?) boots, looking like he is ready to go clubbing. With Gerad Landry as the hero Brunello, sporting his own leatherwear, Paul Muller as an ambitious Count and Wandissa Guida as the pretty Countess who falls for Brunello's obvious (!?!) charms. English language dubbed with foreign subtitles.

B447 Red Sheik, The (62) aka: Lo sceicco rosso aka: Zorro contre le sultan A Spanish nobleman impersonates an architect seeking employment with a wealthy desert tyrant. Meanwhile the mysterious Red Sheik, who was supposedly killed years ago, commences daring raids on behalf of the oppressed peasants. Luciana Gilli and Rosalba Neri supply the eye-candy. English language dubbed with Greek subtitles. Slightly LBX.

G605 Return to Treasure Island (54) aka: Ritorno all'isola del tesoro English actress Dawn Addams as Jamesina Hawkins, finds herself on an island with a marooned and shirtless Tab Hunter (don't get your hopes up Dawn) and together they search for the treasure as she is a direct descendant of Jim Hawkins and has a map. But when bad guys catch her and deliver a whipping to get the Intel she refuses and must escape their grimy clutches. Filmed in color, this was typical of the 'B' movies of the era. Dawn Addams would go on to be in at least a few Hammer films (including 'The Vampire Lovers') and also the Amicus production 'Vault of Horror'. She was taken by cancer at age 54 in 1985. BA

G115 Revak the Rebel (60) aka: The Barbarians aka: Revak - Sklave von Karthago Revak (Jack Palance) is an Iberian Prince from Penda, a small island where the Carthagian fleet ransacked and enslaved the surviving native men, including him. Revak becomes an elephant driver in Carthage city, and has his pick of hot women, but his one desire is REVENGE! Scorning love he begins his rampage, making common cause with Romans, to defeat Carthage. Unintentional hilarity, hot women (who also have an awkward but sexy dance sequence), lavish sets and more. Nice Color, and in Full Frame.

G108 Revolt of the Praetorians (64) aka: La rivolta dei pretoriani aka: Gli invincibili guerrieri A cruel paranoid madman Roman Emperor (Piero Lulli) and his equally evil and wicked wife (Moira Orfei) are challenged by a mysterious champion (Richard Harrison) who, unhappy with this dictator of terror, has the support of the people. Wild colors and costumes, action aplenty and more! Also with Giuliano Gemma. Amazing Widescreen BA

G298 Riders to the Stars (54) aka: Chasse aux Etoiles In an attempt to discover the composition of meteors, three astronauts are sent into space in three specially designed rockets. Their mission? To capture a meteor and return to Earth with it. Cool science fiction with Richard Carlson (whose next film would be 'Creature from the Black Lagoon'), Martha Hyer, Dawn Addams and more. Directed by Richard Carlson and written by Curt Siodmak. Color BA

B808 Robin Hood and the Pirates (60) aka: Robin Hood e i pirati On his way to (or from) the Crusades, Robin Hood (Lex Barker) is shipwrecked, and captured by pirates. When they learn who he is, they want to collect a ransom from his father. But they team to defeat the usurper Lord Brooks. With adventurous feats, castles and beachfront Sherwood forest territory. Well, they did have to get a pirate plot in there, geography be damned. Also with the sexy Jocelyn Lane. This LBX and English dubbed print looks great! BA

G799 Sampo (59) aka: The Day the Earth Froze This is the amazing Widescreen with bright colors version of 'The Day the Earth Froze' which was released here dubbed into English, full framed and only 67 minutes long. This version is 86 minutes long and has English subtitles. It seems like a different movie altogether with this version. Based on Finnish mythology. this film traces the exploits of Lemminkainen as he romances the sweet Annikki and battles the evil witch Louhi. Louhi kidnaps Annikki to compel her father to build for her a 'Sampo', a magical device that creates salt, grain and gold. When Lemminhainen (geez would hate to have that long name!) fails to secure the Sampo, Louhi plunges the world into frozen darkness by stealing the sun. Colorful and Cool Fantasy. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

G181 Samson (61) aka: Sansone Brad Harris is 'Samson' and Alan Steel is 'Millstone' so you get two musclemen for the price of one! With the standard 'rightful ruler overthrown by wicked usurper' plot and our heroes in a mission to set things right. Fights, tests of strength and more! This new Widescreen English dubbed print looks great! BA

G183 Samson and the Mighty Challenge (64) aka: Ercole, Sansone, Maciste e Ursus gli invincibiliaka: Samson and the Mighty Challenge Four muscled heroes fight the evil ruler of an oppressed people. A multi-cultural peplum that mixes Greek mythology with Israeli mythology. In one scene Hercules and Maciste are fighting when they are interrupted by some soldiers who they beat up. Then they continue their original fight! Samson and Ursus are also along for this extravaganza! This Sharp Widescreen English dubbed print looks like it was filmed yesterday. BA

B807 Sandokan Returns (77) aka: La tigre è ancora viva: Sandokan alla riscossa!Kabir Bedi returns as Sandokan! Pretty Jamilah goes on a quest to find Sandokan, the tiger of Malaysia, to return to India to fight! Of course when Kabir gets going with his swords and knives, natives drop like flies. Huge scale action with hundreds of extras. Philippe Leroy and Adolfo Celi also star. With English subtitles. BA

R573 Savage Mutiny (53) aka: Retter von Tulonga aka: I Ribelli Dell’ Isola Jungle Jim (Johnny Weissmuller) tries to relocate African natives so that the atom bomb can be tested on their island. Enemy agents interfere. The people of the fifties were okay with this plot? Oh what the hell, move them out. Maybe we can find some plantation work for them back home. Keep in mind the so-called 'African natives' look like Hispanics and talk like Indians. Hilarious. Weissmuller always entertaining though. Also with Angela Stevens. BA

B469 Secret of Wilhelm Storitz, The (67) aka: Le théâtre de la jeunesse: Le secret de Wilhelm Storitz The story was first published in 1910, five years after the death of the author, Jules Verne. Storitz is a Russian chemist living in Southern Hungary. When denied the hand of the woman he loves, he drops an invisibility potion in her drink. She still won't marry him. She marries another guy while still invisible. Meanwhile the powers that be are trying to figure out how to charge Stotitz with a crime. Invisibility without consent? More..... In French language and with English subtitles.

G87 Shangri-La (60) Wow! Based on a Broadway musical telling the known tale straightforwardly. Richard Basehart stars, and his singing? Oh boy. Also with Claude Rains and more. This obscure MFTV film is of lesser quality than usual.

R580 Ship of Condemned Women, The (53) aka: La nave delle donne maledette Colorful 18th century set cross between a women in prison flick and a classic swashbuckler. May Britt is Consuelo, a sweet young innocent beauty accused of murder and sentenced to a penal colony. Thrown into a ship's cargo hold with a bunch of other female convicts (led by exotic belly dancer Kerima). Luckily a young lawyer that has fallen in love with Consuelo has stowed away to be near her. The women break out and start fighting with the men, but their hits and blows soon turn to kisses and hugs! The men pull guns and the women say 'Come and be with Us!" There is an amazing camera shot that goes over the cleavage of the women. The men drop their weapons and join the women, taking over the ship. But still, all is lost.... Amazing print with English subtitles. BA

B903 Shoot, The (64) aka: The Yellow One The Schut (Rik Battaglia) is undisputedly the current King of the Bandits, as he controls the land disguised as a rich merchant named Nirwan, under the protection of the corrupt police force. The Schut takes some prominent and wealthy people hostage, including the beautiful Tschita (Marie Versini). Kara Ben Nemsi (Lex Barker) is searching the mountains for the hiding place of the notorious Schut, who thinks he's obviously the 'Shit'! Kara Ben Nemsi is determined to free the prisoners, but must face the assassins and rogues in wait, the henchmen of his enemy. Solid super-action picturesque eye-popping landscapes adventure filmed in Yugoslavia and directed by Robert Siodmak. LBX and uncut English dubbing and some scenes in German only, but not many. BA

B561 Siege of Syracuse, The (60) aka: L'assedio di Siracusa aka: Archimedes - der Löwe von Syrakus The history of the Roman siege in the Greek city of Syracuse which occurred during the second Punic War between 212 and 214 B.C. reportedly. The Romans were preparing their invasion while Archimede invents what looks like a satellite dish, that reflects the sun's rays, producing a light-beam so powerful, it is capable of frying the entire Roman fleet. This is not your typical sword and sandal but a huge ambitious production that must be seen, with epic battles, big fires, lots of death and destruction etc. Rossano Brazzi is Archimede. His woman, played by Tina Louise, a few years before getting stranded on that desert isle. Also with Enrico Maria Salerno and Sylva Koscina. George Pal's 'Atlantis the Lost Continent' came out the next year and was influenced by this regarding that death ray. This version is LBX, in Italian language and with English subtitles. (One hour and 51 minutes long!)

B822 Sins of Pompeii (50) aka: Gli ultimi giorni di Pompeiaka: Les derniers jours de Pompei Another Pompeii variation, this the least seen of all versions! It's 79 A.D., just some weeks before the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.... This is a very interesting variation of the tale, complete with elaborate sets, chariots, costumes etc. and the destruction of Pompeii when Vesuvius blows... Not bad at all. One quick scene shows lava closing on a guy, his hands in the shot, smoking already before the lava reaches them. I found that interesting. Can't beat the 1935 version, but this is still worth a look, and less preachy. With English subtitles. BA

B429 Skies Above (65) aka: The Sky Overhead aka: Le ciel sur la tête The crew of an aircraft carrier discovers they are being pursued by a U.F.O. that turns out to be a probe from outer space. They have a message: Stop fighting etc etc.. See the Earth is on the brink of a nuclear war, and outer space has taken notice. Will we listen? Minimal effects and realistic mumbo jumbo may have you scanning the skies for our friends. Are they listening now? Or is that just the N.S.A. ? Or is it both? Ties in perfectly with this new age of paranoia caused by our unbalanced, morally bankrupt, corrupt officials who run the country like it's their own personal outhouse. LBX and with English subtitles.

G274 Snow Queen, The (66) aka: Snezhnaya koroleva English dubbed Russian made classic fairy tale adaptation of the Hans Christian Andersen tale. Excellent special effects and very colorful. The way it is filmed and the set designs really make it seem like you have stepped into a fairy tale from long ago. LBX

B796 Son of Cleopatra (64) aka: Il figlio di Cleopatra aka: El hijo de César y Cleopatra aka: La batalla de Roma Mark Damon plays the leader of a desert tribe in 1st Century B.C. Egypt. Angered by the corrupt rule of the Roman governor, he leads a revolt, even though he has fallen for the daughter of said governor. At one point Damon's character is given a lashing by bareback riding horse men wielding whips. Another thing that sets this apart from others is the impressive desert tableaux of armies marching across desert scenery. Sharp colors, stunning, elaborate sets. LBX and English language dubbed. BA

G335 Suleiman the Conqueror (61) aka: Solimano il conquistatore Historical telling of Turkish Sultan Suleiman's attempts to conquer Vienna. The advance of his army was checked on Yugoslav territory. Plenty of action and battles in this obscurity. With Edmund Perdom and Giorgia Moll. Yugoslavia/Italy co-production. English language dubbed version. BA

B898 Swashbuckler (71) aka: Les mariés de l'an deux Jean-Paul Belmondo plays a young husband of a vivacious, two-timing, and socially ambitious young woman. After he slays one of her aristocratic lovers, he flees to the New World. There he makes a fortune, and he is on the verge of marrying a rich heiress. But then he is accused of bigamy. Returning to France he finds himself interested in possibly rekindling his relationship with his wife. Much of the film was shot in the unspoiled Romanian countryside where we see Reign of Terror Rising, kangaroo courts, drowned corpses in rivers, royalists being carted off to the guillotine and more. An expensive looking, super colorful period production, a swell re-creation of a historical time. In French language and with English subtitles. LBX

B616 Sword of Lancelot (63) aka: Lancelot, der verwegene Ritter Cornel Wilde directed and starts in this period action classic as the fabled Lancelot, the bravest knight of King Arthur's Round table during the time of Camelot! With some excellent and graphic violent action battle sequences comes this British costume adventure, similar to a Hammer Production and reasonably faithful to Arthurian legends of old. Adrienne Corri stars, Jean Wallace as Guinevere. Cornel Wilde made his masterpiece 'The Naked Prey' just two years later. BA

M950 Terror of Rome against the Son of Hercules, The (64) aka: Maciste, gladiatore di Sparta Mark Forest stars as Rome's top gladiator Maciste (alt. name 'Hercules' for U.S. audiences). He must face many battles to free the Christians so they are not slaughtered in the arena. Of course he has fallen for a hot blonde (who is a Christian), and he is not doing this because he has converted either. He wants the blonde, period. The battle with the gorilla is a hoot! Marilu Tolo is Olympia. Now in an amazing English dubbed beautiful widescreen version.

G310 Test Pilot Pirxa (77) aka: Pilot Pirx's Inquest This movie is about 'finite nonlinears', robots that closely resemble human beings, but are even more perfect than humans. A mixed crew of androids and humans is sent into outer space, to prove they can do as good a job as a human. The clash with the rest of the crew is the dilemma they all face when the androids make moves that threaten the humans on board. This is a very cool Polish/Russian production. With English subtitles.

B753 Three Sergeants of Bengal (64) aka: I tre sergenti del Bengala aka: Die drei Sergeanten von Bengali Three British soldiers stationed in Malaysia are sent to Fort Madras to help the commandment fight off a sneaky bandit who is causing trouble across the countryside. Once in the thick of the jungle, they argue and fight, are attacked by elephants, get caught in a downpour, captured by headhunters... And all that is in the first half hour! Later we see an underground cave system with jail cells, battles, explosions, a fort siege and an all out battle at the end where many meet their fate. Richard Harrison, Aldo Sambrell, Wandisa Guida and more star. LBX and English dubbed. From director Umberto Lenzi. BA

B572 Tiger Love (77) aka: Ren hu lian aka: Todesschrei der Tigerkralle A couple on the run is attacked by the henchmen of the woman's father. They kill the man and she, pregnant, jumps from a cliff. Left for dead she is taken in by a tiger, (after she accidentally urinates on the great cat) which becomes her guardian. Living with the tiger, and raising her son, the boy soon grows into manhood, then heads back to the village to see what the hell happened in the first place. And before the film ends it spins off into supernatural horror. English dubbed.

G180 Tiger of the Seven Seas (62) aka: La tigre dei sette mariaka: La tigresa de los 7 mares Tigre is the burned out skipper of a pirate ship and leaves the command of his ship up to a competition among men. His daughter Consuelo (Gianna Maria Canale of many a sword and sandal) wins command. Her father is murdered and she escapes with the ship. She is the 'Tiger of the Seven Seas'. Also with muscleman Anthony Steel. Amazing new Widescreen English dubbed version. BA

R869 Toto vs. Maciste (62) aka: Totò contro MacisteSword and Sandal director Fernando Cerchio switches gears and makes a comedy with all the bells and whistles (and set designs) of the regular sword and sandal films of the era. With Samson Burke as a bumbling muscular Maciste, styro-foam rocks, chains, and a hilarious showdown with Toto in the court of the Pharaohs. A colorful laugh riot in Italian language only and with no subtitles. LBX BA

B451 Trojan Horse, The (61) aka: La guerra di Troia A retelling of the events leading to the use of the Trojan Horse to infiltrate and take down Rome. Steve Reeves stars. This being quite the spectacle, enhanced by this new beautiful Widescreen English dubbed version. BA

B801 Two Nights with Cleopatra (54) aka: Due notti con Cleopatra Sophia Loren is 20 years old in this. Maybe it should be called “Two Minutes with Cleopatra”? “Two Seconds”? Well she plays a dual role here as both the sultry Queen of the Nile with a 'man a night' appetite, and also a beautiful slave girl who is pursued by a bodyguard that thinks she is the real monarch. Loren is pretty amazing in this. Slutty acting and strong as Cleopatra, vulnerable and sensuous as the slave, A seductive spectacle of Historic Proportions. Historic Proportions. Yea, I can see that in Loren. For Sure. It's a comedy peplum! With English subtitles. BA

B922 Ursus and the Tartar Princess (61) aka: Tartar Invasion aka: Ursus e la ragazza tartara aka: La fille des Tartares Ursus (Joe Robinson) and his buddies, come to help villagers in the Polish countryside who are under attack by Tartar hordes from the East, who are hell-bent on spreading fear, chaos and disaster. This may be from the so bad it's good school of Italian sword and sandal films. Also with Ettore Manni as Prince Stephan and Yoko Tanni. Ettore Manni was in loads of these and many other Euro-films, over one hundred films in all. Sadly his personal life went horribly wrong when he blew his balls off on July 22nd 1979 in Rome. Some say he committed suicide. If so, shooting yourself in the groin seems such a bad choice if you ask me. LBX! BA

G178 Vengeance of Ursus, The (61) aka: La vendetta di Ursus aka: The Mighty Warrior Ursus (Samson Burke in his debut) is a farmer with a past he no longer speaks of. When the local princess is attacked on the road to her wedding, Ursus, with his brother, head off to rescue her. Evil King Zagro is determined to kill the king and marry the princess and thereby take over multiple kingdoms. Of course there are many situations here in this well done peplum. Ursus has a tug of war with elephants and more. Samson Burke, a Canadian bodybuilder was also Hercules in 'The Three Stooges Meet Hercules', among others. The only guy to play Hercules for laughs, beside Arnold Swarzenegger. Ironically they found themselves together in Samson Burke's last film 1976's 'Stay Hungry'. Widescreen with Sharp colors comes this English dubbed version. BA

B472 Whale God, The (62) aka: Kujira Gami A fishing village is terrorized by a giant beastly whale, and the fishermen are determined to kill it! It's like a Japanese 'Moby Dick' (sort of). Everyone has a plan to kill the beast. But a wise local hermit says to slay the whale, one must ride it no matter how long it takes. Spectacular! One of the special effects guys would later work on some Godzilla movies in the 70's. In Japanese Language and with English subtitles. LBX BA

G805 Whom the Gods Wish to Destroy Part 2 (67) aka: Revenge of Kriemhild aka: Die Nibelungen: Kriemhilds Rache Amazing Widescreen Super Sharp color print of the second part of this great peplum! This is the sequel to Siegfried story. This sequel relies on the action adventure template with revenge being sought over the death of Siegfried. Simply an amazing world is created here with spectacular sequences not to be missed with hundreds of participants. This is not light tongue in cheek sword and sandal fare, but a more serious violent tone, with a truly bleak downbeat ending. Karin Dor, Herbert Lom and others star, as well as Terence Hill. One badass production with some of the coolest sets and staged sequences immaculately photographed. Kriemhild refuses to surrender in the climax, proudly defiant meeting her fate. LBX and with English subtitles.

R637 Women of Devil's Island (62) aka: Le prigioniere dell'isola del diavolo   Female prisoner's are shipped to a penal colony on the notorious Devil's Island. Brutal treatment is the norm, until a new warden arrives with reform on his mind. Riots, fights, escapes, swordplay, villainy, crocodiles, spectacular jungle locations, buxom bound maidens and more await in this nice spectacular Widescreen print. Guy Madison, Michelle Mercier and many more star. English dubbed, no Subs. BA

B452 Year 01, The (73) aka: L'an 01 The film narrates a Utopian abandonment, a wish movie of idealistic film-makers. Murderers are sympathized with and not charged, criminals are not punished, and why not, it's not their fault. Perhaps close to the society many think America should be like in their minds. But there is a group trying to bring back the old order. They are secretly filmed and become the nation's most popular comedy show. Wanting law and order, jobs and capitalism has become evil in this future. Truly bizarre one of a kind, and sadly, close to current wish-list truth. In Italian language and LBX.

R676 Zodiac Fighters 2: War of the Zodiacs (8?) Monsters, assorted creature characters, herds of charging squid monsters (like a bunch of 'Sigmund and the Sea monster' 'Gimmie Gimmie Octopus' types), zany Pufnstuf-like insanity. This print has some glitches. Listed only because it is so crazy to behold and impossibly rare! F.L.

B517 Zu: Warriors from the Magic Mountain (83) aka: Shu Shan - Xin Shu shan jian ke Chinese soldiers in an ancient Civil War get caught up in a fantastical quest to save the universe. Optical effects with humans and demons flying across the screen at dizzying speeds, people frozen alive, women flying around with swirling cloth in their wake, men fly around chained to boulders, eyebrows used to contain evil... more. The object is to stop the Blood Demon, a being of pure evil. An assault of the senses. LBX and with English subtitles.




G563 Curse of the Yellow Snake (63) aka: Der Fluch der gelben Schlange aka: La maledizione del serpente giallo A fanatical Chinese cult bent on taking over the world uses an idol called 'The Golden Reptile' that they believe can give them the power to achieve their goal. Foggy dark atmosphere and one hell of an adventure yarn here from Wallace. LBX BA

R714 Death Drums along the River (63) aka: Sanders aka: Tamburi sul grande fiume A British Colonel policeman in Africa (Richard Todd) investigates a murder in a hospital up the river. Amazing color and LBX and what a hilarious crocodile attack. With Marianne Koch and Vivi Bach. BA

G370 Dr. Mabuse versus Scotland Yard (63) aka: Scotland Yard jagt Dr. Mabuse The spirit of the evil Dr. Mabuse takes over the body of a famous professor. The professor/Dr. Mabuse then starts a new crime wave terrorizing the city. Peter Van Eyck, Klaus Kinski and more. + bonus trailers.

B422 Hound of Blackwood Castle, The (68) aka: Der Hund von Blackwood Castle aka: The Horror of Blackwood Castle aka: Giallo Cobra Scotland Yard must discover who is behind the monstrous dog that is murdering people around Blackwood Castle. A Black Dog with Snake-Like venomous teeth bites to kill! But there has to be something human and sinister behind this scenario.... One of the better color Edgar Wallace films with rich colors and grandiose locations, and of course the cool dog. LBX BA

G103 Man Who Changed His Name, The (34) A con man tries to get some land cheap by providing a dodgy survey, ignoring the fact that silver is on the land, but he of course knows the true value. The can man is also having an affair with the wife of the guy he is conning. More twists and turns bring a past unsolved murder mystery into the plot....

B350 Mystery Liner (34) aka: The Ghost of John Holling Police try to solve the murder on board an ocean liner. The story starts with a liner preparing a test for using a remote control to pilot the ship. But things get complicated when the captain is murdered. Whodunit?

G816 Nobody Home (38) aka: Return of the Frog - Although the 'Frog Gang' was thought to be out of business a sudden rash of crimes shows the mark, literally, of their return. Chases, fights, smartass lines and a genuine mystery. Can you guess the identity of the Frog? Plus trailers to 'Dead Eyes of London' and 'The Mad Executioners'.

G814 Queen of Crime (38) aka: Kate Plus Ten Kate is not only the secretary to Lord Flamborough, she is also the leader of a criminal gang that commits crimes that baffle the police. An inspector is on to her. Cat and mouse with a band of thieves. With Genevieve Tobin and Jack Hulbert.



M957 Another Day, Another Man (66) A new couple moves into an expensive new apartment after the husband's pay raise. He gets sick, can't make the rent, and his wife meets with a pimp and becomes a whore to make the much needed dough to keep their lives afloat. With yummy Barbara Kemp!

M956 Bad Girls Go to Hell (65) aka: Ich will dich ohne... After hubby Ted goes to work, Ellen is taking the trash out when the janitor grabs her, forces her into his apartment and tries to assault her. Later he tries again and she kills him and goes on the run. In New York she encounters a series of perverts and freaks. Alcoholism, Fetishism, Lesbians and more. Grade Z trash! (Which means 'great stuff' here!)

G7 Bibi (74) aka: Girl Meets Girl aka: Vild på sex aka: Confessions of a Sex Kitten Sexy at Sixteen Bibi (played by Sexy at 18 actress Marie Forsa) comes to her Aunt Toni's (Nadia Henkowa of 'Veil of Blood'). Lip-stick lesbian loving fun with pretty girls, crotch-grabbing, seduction, coyness, seduction, vibrators, breasts galore and pretty intense moaning and groaning. Great soft-core from sleaze-master Joseph Sarno. BA

B890 Brazen Women of Balsac, The (69) aka: The Brazen Women aka: Komm liebe Maid und mache...aka: Alle dame del castello piace molto fare quello... It is the age of the ribald period Italian sex comedies. How can one go wrong with a 20 year old Edwige Fenech, Wine and the erotic writings of Balsac! A Count and a Countess have guests for a feast. Couples mingle, mix and match, going off to rooms alone to fool around in the spirit of Balsac. A cheater, a cuckold, a saucy maid etc.. Finally a better print than the last! Edwige Fenech, Angelica Ott and many more. BA

B504 Butcher, The (98) aka: Il Macellaio - A high class wife who runs an art gallery (Alba Parietti) is told by her doctor she should start to eat meat because her iron is low. As she gets her daily meat from the butcher, a sexual tension builds between the two. Soon, getting her daily meat will have a new meaning. Alba Parietti is a sensuous knock-out in this. Smoking Hot! LBX and with English subtitles.

B638 Catherine Chérie (82) aka: Catherine, gemidos del placer Young sexually liberated Catherine lives with her older boyfriend (who writes erotic novels) in a seaside villa. She gets some extra leg on the side with the sexy maid, lighting her boyfriend's creativity. Ajita Wilson has a sizable supporting role in this, an and is graphically shown giving a blowjob. Wow, maybe this should be in XXX? Well, this is mostly softcore. Colorful sleaze shot in the Grand Canary islands. Now in an uncut 96 minute version! That's right, 14 extra minutes than previous print! Nice. LBX and English Dubbed. BA

R864 Charlie and the Hooker (77) aka: Mi primer pecadoPoor Charlie. He attends a Catholic school but has fallen for a young prostitute (Beatriz Galbo) who practices her version of 'religion' in and around the area. Finally she has his attention and they become friends. He lusts for her and she humiliates him by taking a lover/client right in front of him. Crushed he leaves. Later feeling guilty she offers herself to Charlie... F.L. BA

B527 Clattering Chastity Belts (74) aka: Die Stoßburg aka: El castillo de mete y saca Archibald goes on a crusade of debauchery, leaving his wife, daughter and mistress chastity belt bound. But a crafty Italian ex-convict knows the secrets of unlocking their desires. Sex, nudity, a little gore (sword through the head) and more. German made with fairly high production values with full costumes castle like settings and easy to read English subtitles.

B640 College Girl on Vacation (80) aka: La liceale al mare con l'amica di papà An unhappily married man in his forties, is constantly on the make for young women. One of them, dresses up as a nun and follows him as he vacations with his family on the coast. To make things even more complicated two kidnappers show up looking to kidnap his adolescent daughter. Marisa Mell and Sabrina Siani star, and if you are familiar with these two ladies and their body (bodies) of work, you know this is great! Dubbed into English and with Dutch subtitles. BA

M989 Come Now, My Dear Little Bird (68) aka:Komm nur, mein liebstes Vögelein And now for something completely different! What seems like it would be just another German sex comedy actually delves deep into German history and even has a doctor like guide as we explore sex and sexuality. Even a perverse trip through Nazi Germany is included. Some very interesting facts and footage here, as well as loads of nudity and sexual situations. With English subtitles.

B838 Confessions of a Lesbo Honey (75) aka: Meli to kormi tis The tender, sensual story of two lesbians. Greek sex Queen Tina Spathi is Elli who lusts for Marina, the daughter of her boss. When the man dies, Marina loses everything and is courted by a man. But Marina also wants Elli.... and you know a Greek tragedy is in the works. Tina Spathi is at the highest point of her short career, incredibly hot. From director Ilias Mylonakos. English language dubbed soft-core sex.


B911 Dirty Love (88) aka: Dancing is my Life Director Joe D'Amato directs hot starlet Valentine Demy once again. This time Valentine is a trying to get in on the dance scene of the New York city night life, and she engages in sexual encounters with various men. It looks like a loose rip-off of the popular dance film of the time, 'Dirty Dancing' out the same year. But resembles the plot in no way. There is sex, and there is dancing, but that's it. Valentine is striking as usual. (And Valentine gets naked of course!)

M967 Dirty Love 2: The Love Games (89) aka: Casa di piacere aka: Intrigue aka: Die Villa der Unersättlichen Brothel queen Eva (gorgeous Valentine Demy) inherits a villa from a wealthy client and alone and bored picks up young men to have sex with. Valentine is dynamite, a powder keg of uninhibited sex. By 1998 Valentine would go to porn, and we have some of her super hot movies. Also in this near hardcore, but strictly soft-core outing, Luciana Cirenei of 'All Ladies Do It' and more. Excellent quality English dubbed version. 93 minutes, 5 minutes longer than other versions. BA


B738 Discreet Charm of Sin, The (87) aka: Il fascino sottile del peccato Sexy Carlotta (Claudia Cavalcanti), the teenage daughter of Arianna (Alexandra Delli Colli) is having an affair with Enrico, the fiancé of her Aunt. Bored, she sets her sights on her stepfather, who is already a philanderer behind her mother's back. Carlotta's younger step-brother Gustavo is a closet gay who lust's for Mario. Arianna decides to offer her body and make a man out of him. Gustavo finds himself in a bizarre ménage a trois when Mario gets him to convince Arianna to bed.... Sort of like a super sleazy Joe D'Amato flick from director Nina Grassia. F.L. only, but with so many sexy women on display, who cares? Plenty of nudity of course.... LBX

G647 Do It! (03) aka: Fallo! Six sexy stories from the master Tinto Brass based on the eroticism of a new generation of smash foxes and their sexuality. The tales involve couples spicing up their sex lives in various ways. The butt fetish is ever present, the sex beyond plain soft-core, and the sexy shenanigans are non-stop! Do It! English Dubbed and LBX - BA

B691 Don't Play with Tigers (82) aka: Ricchi, ricchissimi... praticamente in mutande Another example of Italian made seventies sex comedies peeks it way out in the early eighties with a great cast! It's a three part anthology film . In the first, a man and his family move into a rickety beach house, but a group of nudists decide to camp there... Next: An unhappily married tub of a man falls for a sexy German gambling lady, but will he score before his fat wife and the German ladies violent husband find out? Third: The bankrupt owner of a business tries to meet the demands of a sheik to get a contract..... LBX and English language dubbed. BA

B759 Dressage (86) aka: Dressage: La dolce punizione At a decadent 1930's party, two very sexy and utterly shameless young women, Nathalie (Veronique Catansaro) and Eiliane (Cornelia Wilms) make a bet with a rich and handsome young Baron to corrupt two innocent teenagers in order to ruin their families' reputations. The prize on offer is marriage to the wealthy Baron....Soft porn art exploitation. English dubbed BA

G1 Educating Julie (84) Timid college student Julie (Gail Ward), is assigned to write an article of 'nudity', and, along with her boyfriend, heads out to visit nudist colonies in England, the south of France and Florida to interview naked enthusiasts. Kind of documentary meets romantic comedy with loads of nudity. Julie will lose her inhibitions and become a nudist herself by movie's end. Nice.

M954 Electronic Lover (66) A peeping tom named 'The Master' sends his helper out to stick cameras in the windows of sexy women, and watches the images on his home computer. When he is not watching naked women, he is fondling himself in front of a mirror, and fantasizes about being with women sexually. Sloppy sex film that features loads of female nudity and even glimpses of the hippie guy's beans and franks. Computer sex. What a great idea!

R756 Erotic Adventures of Hansel and Gretel, The (70) aka: Hänsel und Gretel verliefen sich im Wald aka: The Naked Wytche Adult version of Hansel and Gretel follows the tale quite closely except with lots of naughty parts. Finally an English dubbed version. A West German/Canadian production. BA

G340 Erotic Adventures of the Three Musketeers, The (92) aka: Les aventures érotiques des trois mousquetaires Huge production for a porno, this is the soft-core version. Elaborate costumes and comedy with seasoned porno performers like Nina Hartley, Deidre Holland, Britt Morgan and many more. They all have to actually 'act' and this comes off quite well for what it is.

M949 Erotic Adventures of Zorro, The (72) aka: The Sexcapades of Don Diego Now look at Zorro as he really was! A horny bastard! Sight gags and jokes aplenty as our hero poses as a limp-wristed pansy by day, but at night, becomes the greatest (ahem) swordsmen in Madrid, making it safe for justice, truth and hot naked women! Finally a fabulous uncut print! BA

G896 Erotic Diary of an Office Lady (77) aka: OL kanno nikki: Ah! Watashi no naka deAsima is 24 years old and lives with her father. Her father tries to arrange a marriage with the son of a friend, but horny Asima is interested in pursuing sex with her married boss and maybe a sidewalk vendor, why not? Asima is a liberated woman with sexual opportunities aplenty. Some of the sex scenes are more violent than sensual. LBX and with English subtitles.

B363 Erotic Dreams of Cleopatra, The (85) aka: Sogni erotici di Cleopatra From Italian sleaze director Rino Di Silvestro (his last). Erotic and nasty little Roman outing, as we would expect! Sexy Marcella Petrelli is Cleopatra. You get Rita Silva (herself a Eurotrash regular) and let's not forget Jacques Stany as Julius Caesar! Amazing quality English dubbed LBX print! BA

B389 Erotomania (74) aka: L'erotomane A powerful oil tycoon with a sexual neurosis cannot have sex with his beautiful young wife (Janet Agren) or his luscious college student mistress (Silvia Dionisio). One wonders why he would need a mistress in the first place if he has Janet Agren at home! His problem has other side effects, ear twitching erotic fantasies that cause him to just about assault his maid on the roof of his villa, while dozens of teenage girls and some nuns look on, or attack his virginal secretary while she's taking 'dicktation' (well). He even slips at a board meeting with a series of verbal sexual slips. Finally he gives in and wants his wife and mistress to experiment with other people for sex, which leads to a hilarious swapping scene. One sexy sex comedy! In English and with Greek subs.

G909 Erotomaniac Daimyo, The (72) aka: Tokugawa sekkusu kinshi-rei: shikijô daimyôaka: Tokugawa Sex Ban: Lustful Lord Daughter of Tokugawa is married off to the lord of a neighboring clan. This man has no idea how to satisfy a woman, and she is pretty prudish as well. He takes a mistress to brush up on his sexual prowess. Tokugawa has his mistress imprisoned and beaten. Out of bitterness and revenge, the lord puts a ban on sex! How this goes down is the craziness of this sordid little tale. LBX and with English subtitles.

B893 Eskimo Nell (75) aka: The Sexy Saga of Naughty Nell and Big Dick Benny wants Dennis to direct 'Eskimo Nell' based on the infamous dirty Victorian poem. They get various backers with various demands on plotlines. They end up having to make four radically different versions. At the finale the wrong canister gets sent to a Royal Charity screening, and her Majesty the Queen is screened the 'sex' version!! This notorious British sex comedy is loaded with gags and nudity and outrageousness. The director Martin Campbell later directed the Zorro films and a few James Bond films. BA

G305 Female Teacher: Dirty Afternoon (81) aka: Onna kyôshi: Yogoreta hôkago An oversexed high school teacher tries to sort out the problems of one of her students who's been caught having sex with older men. It turns out that the teacher was assaultd years earlier and this really turns her on. Graphic sex and nudity. LBX and with English subtitles.

M908 Freddie of the Jungle (81) aka: Gorilas a todo ritmo A woman reporter (Victoria Vera who would be in Alice Cooper's 'Monster Dog' a few years later) hires a guide and dives into the jungles to try to locate a missing showbiz man. Jungle Tarzan comedy sleaze with just enough T&A! Also finally uncut with extra scenes cut from other prints. A quite excellent and forgotten comedy filmed in Florida. Beautiful Letterboxed Print!

M963 Frigid Fantasies (81) aka: La frígida y la viciosa A couple in crisis brings a beautiful woman into the relationship. Both have sex with her and it looks like she is a sex slave later as she is chained to their bed. Good girl. With Andrea Guzon and Sara Mora. The English language version has some blaring colors, but is very rare and English dubbed 83 minutes long. The second disc is an excellent quality Spanish language version that runs 88 minutes long. Very sexy stuff here. Two disc set– counts as one selection!

B540 Furrow of the Peach (75) aka: Il Solco di Pesca The title refers to Gloria Guida's (the star in this) ass! Read that title again and you will understand! A former priest, overindulged sexually by the easy availability of various women, can no longer get it up. Impotent from too much sex! He misses the priesthood, and the shame which made sex so much more enjoyable. Sinning. Oh the wonder! Now his new fetish is photographing woman's asses. He gets involved with a sexy married woman (Martine Brochard) but is more interested in her virginal maid's delicious looking ass (Guida). A sex comedy about Lust! LBX and with English subtitles. BA

B603 Ghetto Freaks (70) aka: Wages of Sin Taking place in the cold and hard winter in the slums of Cleveland, Ohio, this hippieploitation follows a group, led by Guru Sonny, in the rough streets of this large northern industrial city. The cops get them in the opening scene (for unlawful assembly!) and in no time they are out of jail, getting high and having sex, plotting their next move against the establishment (the Man!). Can these ghetto freaks be stopped? This ain't no glorious hippie manifesto, but a darker dog-eat-dog world of long hairs. Parties, bad rock music, strange wild hippie dancing... What a time capsule for Cleveland!

M964 Girls After Midnight (78) aka: Mädchen nach MitternachtThe imaginations of the sexy young women at a Swiss finishing school are filled with naughty, nasty thoughts, and erotic fantasies. Naturally they will share their young hot bodies with many male lovers in damn-near hard-core sex scenes galore! An we wouldn't have it any other way! Stunning women include Brigitte Meyer, Monika Kalin, Esther Studer, Ingrid Kehr, all four of these hot broads straight off the set of Jess Franco's 'Love Camp'! English dubbed and LBX.

B779 Girls of Don Juan (73) aka: Line Up and Lay Down aka: Prenez la queue comme tout le mondeA used car salesman has a way with the ladies, much to the envy of his friends. Juggling many mouth-wateringly hot girls in a madcap paced sex comedy. Plenty of sex and nudity in lengthy scenes! Hilariously dubbed, Anne Libert, Malissa Longo and many more star. LBX and English language dubbed.

G781 Harlis (72) aka: The Sensuous Three When a Man Loves a Woman that Loves a Woman! While out on the town in Berlin, a man visiting a cabaret falls for Harlis (Mascha Rabben), one of the stars in a troupe of lesbian strippers. Harlis reciprocates his affections, to the dismay of the man's ex-fiancé and his brother, who plan sabotage in his relationship with Harlis. Obscure German made period piece with nudity, ménage a trois and more. Dubbed into English and with foreign subs. + Bonus trailers - A preview of Sadist Erotica. preview of Scirocco, preview of Fantom Killer, Creature with the Blue Hand, Slaughter on the Khyber Pass and more! BA

R751 Hay Country Swingers (71) aka: Sabena aka: Beichte einer Liebestollen Tasty and hilarious West German soft-sex comedy with beautiful country girls in sexual ecstasy in a rural area complete with farms and horny hillbilly types. The tavern is run as a tavern should be run. America's boring bars could learn a thing or two here. We need uniformed buxom St. Paulie Girl types in short skirts serving beers in bars all over America! Don't we? Plenty of nudity. Karin Gotz and more star. English dubbed. BA

B617 High School Big Shot (60) aka: Date Bait A nasty neato slice of exploitation J.D. trash from the past. Straight 'A' student Marvin, gets bullied but still almost wins the hand of one sexy girl he tutors. But she is a greedy bitch and wants money and furs. His father is a boozer who hangs himself. Our hapless helpless hero plans a heist with some help. Drugs and gangsters and disaster ensues. Of course the girl he is trying to please only wants wealth, and has no plans to actually please Marvin, in any way. BA

B648 Hitch Hooker (72) aka: Dany la ravageuse aka: La ragazza dell'autostrada In French language only with no subtitles comes this little sleaze fest about some sexy model hitching around and screwing everybody in sight. Yea, okay she gets bullwhipped and assaultd at some point, but what would a French sex comedy be without those elements? With Sandra Julien of 'Shiver of the Vampires'. What an era! BA

G650 Hookers, The (67) In a faux-documentary style we see the stories of three women and their individual plunges into the sordid world of prostitution. The first episode called 'Callie Sue' is about a black woman. She has a flashback being assaultd on the farm by two white boys who call her 'dark meat'. Apparently this puts her on the road to ruin as she becomes a whore. Next up Julie gets bamboozled into turning a trick with the promise of breaking into show business. And another story of a day hooker narrated by her husband. A side plot features Jacque Lynn Colton as maid. She would go on to a fairly decent mainstream acting career, this was her debut.

B906 Hot Afternoon (89) aka: 11 Days 11 Nights 3 aka: Pomeriggio caldo Allen, a reporter, is sent to investigate a murder in New Orleans, taking his horny wife Connie (Valentine Demy) along. Connie can't control her libido and is almost immediately drawn to an affair, flaunting her lover in Allen's face, and falling under a voodoo sex spell. Demy is hotter than hell here. Joe D'Amato continues his voodoo sex film obsession in this soft-core. Valentine Demy, a pretty big porn star in Italy, her hardcore career started some time after this film, entertains after this film with a hard-core sex scene from one of her porn films. So if you think the soft-core is just a tease, just wait until after the film! Nice sharp print and English!

B649 Hot Dogs in Ibiza (79) aka: On est venu là pour s'éclater aka: Viemos para Gozar An island of fun, sun, and stunning bodies! A man, bored with Paris, takes off for sunny Ibiza. Once there, he is intoxicated by the amazingly sexy bronzed and topless bodies of various Euro-stars. He manages to score in a series of sexcapades in this tale featuring so many beauties you'll be drooling at the screen. In German language and with English subtitles and LBX. BA

R805 Hot Pants Holiday (71) aka: Tropic Heat A frustrated New York housewife has an island affair with a black guy while on vacation. She's got Hot Pants. That's why it is a 'Hot Pants Holiday'! See the Love Potion Voodoo Dance! Nudity, sex and a exotic locales.

B761 Hot Sex in Bangkok (76) aka: Heißer Sex in Bangkok aka: Banging in Bangkok Here we see the sexual adventures of a group of German men in the brothels of Bangkok (which indeed they do) with the hottest of the hookers in the area. If they are not sitting around talking about scoring, they are out scoring. What a vacation! Dubbed into English. BA

G38 Hot T-Shirts (80) aka: Blucinli Kizlar In order to prevent the closing of the bar, wet T-Shirt contests are arranged. Look for some porn stars like Randy West and Kelly Nichols, and also Debralee Scott as a town girl dancer. Obscure sex comedy from Chuck Vincent. BA

B391 Husband Report (71) aka: Ehemänner-Report aka: Freedom for Love Yet another of the 'Report' styled German sex comedies. The episodes are tied together with a reporter asking questions of people on the street, and running into marriage problems of his own. You get wife swapping, going to prostitutes, teacher/student relationship, cheating husbands and more. You also get a young Sybil Danning (she's 19 in this) and Ingrid Steeger has a small part as a prostitute. In German language and with English subtitles. LBX

B743 I See Naked (69) aka: Vedo nudo aka: Une poule, un train... et quelques monstres Seven Sexy Swinging Sixties Sketches! To much information to write all seven plotlines.... The title refers to the last sketch: A fashion editor starts to see naked women everywhere he goes. I have heard of worse afflictions! Of course this one is just an excuse to show as many sexy nude women as possible! One of the stories is an obligatory transvestite segment. Hilarious! Sylva Koscina, Daniela Giordano and more star. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

G600 Josie's Castle (71) aka: Teenage Divorce George Takei (Sulu from 'Star Trek') in a sexploitation film? Yep! Sexy Josie dumps her boring and abusive husband, and together with some other single people, rents a 'condemned' castle, on the cheap, to turn it into the ultimate hippie pad. Doping, group sex and more. Josie gets jealous when she suspects her boyfriend is slipping the salami with Ken (Takei's character). They get busted. This sex comedy is surely of it's era! Weird times, but things are even weirder nowadays.

G245 Kandyland (87) A stripper named Harlowe Devine (Sandahl Bergman) has fallen into the lonely world of drugs and prostitution. The she meets Joni (playboy playmate Kim Evenson). Joni is a fresh faced newcomer, and Harlowe shows her the ropes and the tricks of the trade. But the more Joni knows, the farther she travels on the same road as Harlowe Devine, which is the road to doom and despair. Lots of 80's music and plenty of nudity. BA

B917 Labyrinth of Love, The (93) aka: Il labirinto dei sensi aka: 11 Days 11 Nights Part 6 Valerie, a maid of French descent (Monica Seller), comes to work for a family in Saigon of the 1930s/40s. One by one, she seduces the members of the family: the dame de la maison, the widower, young gay sonny with his friend from university, and grandpa... Directed by Joe D’Amato

G279 Lady Emanuelle (89) aka: Tradita a morteHot Malu stars as Emanuelle in this soft-core outing. She has encounters with various lucky men, and women! The lesbian sex scene with chop-sticks is an eye opener. Of course, she is on the search for 'real' love. This is a LBX print and with English subtitles.

M953 Layout, The (69) Like a sexually charged soap opera. Pam, operates a design firm with her business partner, Wendy. Together in a posh apartment building they share an opulent lifestyle. Trouble begins when the horny Wendy has a fling with their contractor, Rob. Meanwhile Rob's wife plots to seduce Pam. Pam's cousin and roommate arrive, becoming amorous participants in a smoking hot lesbian orgy involving all the girls. Thankfully they have a gadget equipped vibrator.

G334 Libertine, The (68) aka: Una viuda desenfrenada After a widowed woman (Catherine Spaak) discovers her husband had been sleeping around and had a secret apartment, she uses the same apartment to explore her own sexuality with various men. She had never really responded to him, now she can be a slut. Women are smacked, hit and spanked in this misogyny passed off as eroticism. See, this is what they really want! Or used to really want in the sixties. At least part of the time she does. Or something. LBX and English dubbed sexual revolution era stuff. BA

G360 Lime (01) Fifteen year old Tanya (played by lovely Rita Kvist), has problems with her family, her friends, and adjusting to a new place. She also plays drums in a rock band and has various adventures. The film portrays what it is like to be a young girl, with the problems a young girl faces as she transitions into womanhood. LBX and with English subtitles.

B764 Love Lessons (71) aka: The Reluctant Virgin aka: No... sono vergine!! Young Roberto worries his father. Roberto shows no interest in girls. So he hires a sultry young woman to teach him the art of love. Roberto catches on quick and soon is having no trouble scoring. Plenty of nudity in this Eurotrash. Excellent locations filmed in Rome, Italy. Dubbed into English. BA

B918 Love Me Baby Love Me (70) aka: Una storia d'amore aka: Los pecados inconfesables de una señora bien A wife who's husband is always away on business is propositioned by a playboy whose business it is to lure women into his bed and then provide their husband's lawyer's with incriminating photographs. Anna Mofffo is the star. Lots of nudity in this one. BA

M952 Love Merchant, The (66) Biker group provides lovely ladies for high paying millionaire Kendall Harvey the 3rd. Now he has his sights on a smokin' hot married woman named Peggy (Patricia McNair). When Peggy's husband's career is down, Peggy makes the deal to spend 48 hours with Kendall in return for a career upgrade for her husband. Leather and bikers, go-go girls, nudity and sleaze. And Joe was just getting started! Kind of like 'Indecent Proposal' low-budget early Joe Sarno style. Joanna Mills, Patti Paget, Peggy Stefans and more.

B765 Love, Lust and Ecstasy (81) aka: Erotiki ekstasi Ari cannot satisfy his wife Sara (Ajita Wilson). He crashes his speed boat and ends up in a rehabilitation facility. Sara starts having sex with an artist who has been commissioned to paint her portrait. Teresa, Sara's other lover, is jealous. Ari meanwhile, hires a private investigator as he suspects Sara is whoring around on him. The investigator, infatuated with Sara, may just abandon his morals and give in to Sara's temptations But Teresa has other ideas.... If you dig Ajita, naked, in numerous sex scenes, then here it is! Beautifully filmed Greek production and dubbed into English.

G33 Madame Bovary (69) aka: Die nackte Bovary aka: I peccati di Madame Bovary Smutty adulteress Emma Bovary (Edwige Fenech) is bored by her country doctor husband and gives in to the affections of several rich suitors as well as living beyond her husband's means. Fenech is intoxicating. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

M935 Marianne Bouquet (72) aka: Les désaxées Marianne, the beautiful wife of Michael (the creepy French actor/director Michel Lemoine), loves her husband very much. Michael loves Marianne, but he loves other women as well, constantly sleeping around with beauties. He drags his wife into the gutter with him literally with sex sex sex and gets tragic results for his efforts. Apparently communal adultery is not for everyone. This Euro-trash here in an English language dubbed XXX version, so keep that in mind. Considerable attention paid to the fashions of the era. Janine Reynaud, Martine Azencot and more star.

G322 Mugsy's Girls (84) aka: Delta Pi A sorority house mother enters her girls in a mud-wrestling contest. Amongst the antics in this 'Animal House' genre type: a rabbit getting high, a man taping a cucumber to his leg to make it look like he is hung, and parties of debauchery! Laura Branigan stars, but she doesn't sing 'Gloria' (thankfully). Also with Ruth Gordon, Eddie Deezen, James Wilder and more. Laura Branigan died of a brain aneurysm in her sleep in 2004 at age 52. BA

B900 My Lovers (79) aka: Amanti miei aka: Barbara's Escapades aka: Engel sind nackt am schönsten When she finds her lover in bed with another woman, Barbara (Cindy Leadbetter) she discovers he has been cheating all along. Barbara decides to leave for a day and have as many sexual encounters as she can, one a threesome! Now with English subtitles and LBX! BA

B612 Naked Youth (61) aka: Wild Youth Well, first off, there is no nudity, so ignore the exploitation title. But this is still a J.D. exploitation film. Three young criminals escape from juvenile prison and head south of the border. They run into a hardened dope peddling killer played by Robert Hutton, along with his strung out girlfriend Carol Ohmart. Hutton robbed and killed a drug mule back in Mexico, and ripped off the drugs... BA

G43 Naughty: A Report on Pornography and Erotica (71) A look at sex and pornography down through the ages. From the liberal ancient Greeks, to the hypocritical Victorians, and on to modern times. Smut, past and present in swinging London in the early 70's.

G935 Néa (76) aka: The Young Emmanuelle Trying to cash in on the name of Emmanuelle, what you get here is a tale about a 16 year old girl trying to write an erotic novel (played by 20 year old Ann Zacharias). She has been exposed to sex, even watching her mother have sex with another woman. She also begins a sordid relationship with her 40 year old publisher. When she discovers he is involved with other lovers.... she gets awfully pissed off, and plots her revenge. Plenty of nudity from females and males in this sexy Lolita type outing. With English subtitles. BA

B443 Nerone (77) Yet another spoof of Nero's reign, this one on the sleazy and bawdy side! Loads of gratuitous nudity and hilarious situations. Permeating typically with total disregard to the past, wantonly guilty Italian directors castigate ancient Rome. Lots of nice eye candy here. In Italian language and with English subtitles. LBX

R808 Night They Robbed Big Bertha's, The (75) aka: I nyhta tis listeias tis Big Bertha Hilarious hijinks at Bertha's whorehouse as some hicks decide to rob the place. Like 'Duke's of Hazard' with tits. A little banjo music, lots of political incorrectness, and odd-ball behavior from most of the cast makes this one a good-old-fashioned drive-in exploitation classic. Look for Mary Mendum (Rebecca Brooke) as Veronica. BA

B558 Nights and Loves of Don Juan, The (71) aka: Le calde notti di Don GiovanniItalian costume sex comedy inspired by the character from 'Don Juan Tenorio' played with gusto by Robert Hoffman. Through the course of his journeys and adventures he goes from being a swashbuckling Zorro-type to a Lawrence of Arabia type. And of course bedding some of the hottest of the hot actress's of the time. Barbara Bouchet, Lucretia Love, Edwige Fenech, Annabella Incontrera and more star. English dubbed and LBX BA

B740 Nurse at the Military Madhouse, The (79) aka: L'infermiera nella corsia dei militari A singer' showgirl named Grazia (Nadia Cassini = perfection) poses as a nurse to recover some stolen paintings, which for some reason, are hidden in a military insane asylum. The doctor's wife is frigid, so naturally he wants a piece of Grazia's ass. Sexual hijinks, aphrodisiacs, plenty of extremely hot women including future porn starlet Karin Schubert and more. English language dubbed and LBX. BA

B767 Oriental Vixen (74) aka: Die Sex-Spelunke von Bangkok Amazing sexual shenanigans filmed entirely in Bangkok. More men out for fun out on the town, Includes lots of sex on an airplane. Only the hottest of the hot women here. LBX and dubbed into English. A perfect snapshot of Bangkok as you get cultural activities and colorful locations sandwiched between the sex scenes. BA

G342 Party Favors (87) Dr. Honeywell, a crusader against sin, gets the local strip club closed down, putting Trixie, Allison, Bobby and Fern out of business. They decide to start a pizza delivery business. When Trixie loses her top during a delivery, the customers love it! Eureka! A new business is born! Penelope's Party Favors! Hilarious and Sexy comedy that follows 'Takin' It All Off' from the same year. With porn star Candie Evans, Gail Harris, Jill Johnson and many more.

G9 Playtime (94) aka: E ora... divertiamoci Loads of soft-sex scenarios involving incredibly sexy women (Jennifer Burton and Monique Parent) their husbands and lots of playtime! Much female masturbation, sex and voyeurism in this super-hot outing! Damn close to hard-core at times.

G5 Pleasure Party, The (75) aka: Une partie de plaisir A husband and wife decide to have affairs to spice things up with their sex lives. As we all know these things rarely work out (See 'Swinger's Massacre'). Things go wrong. Very wrong! LBX and with English subtitles. BA

M976 Popcorn and Ice Cream (78) aka: Popcorn und Himbeereis While exploring sex, two hot German babes lose money in a mattress when the mattress is sold. Follow the money! They will bed many in search of the hidden loot. Funny German sex comedy with really cool footage of Germany, and some delicious German women with lots of nudity. Olivia Pascal, Gesa Thoma, Bea Fiedler and more. Rare English dub.

B601 Prison Girls (72) Out on furlough, six sexy women have sexual experiences. One is gang-assaultd by bikers in a tasteless and comically played scene, another goes back to her pimp, while one overcomes her frigidity. Two join in a threesome and the last goes back to her crooked lover, shortly before the cops show up. Lots of skin on display. The talent includes Uschi Digard, Tracy Handfuss and more. BA

G651 Prostitutes Protective Society (66) Low budget no budget hookers and gangsters soft roughie that manages to pack enough sex and violence in just over an hour to be worth a look. When a Madame and her girls run into some gangsters who want a cut of the profits, they refuse, and then hookers start to die. The women take the fight to the thugs! Pretty brutal death for some of the whores, and I think the lead bad guy may just get 'Bobbit-ed' if you get my drift. Snip Snip.... BA

G323 Pulsebeat (85) aka: Pulsaciones Remember the time aerobics classes attempted to replace single's bars? Me neither. Well, I do actually. Or do I? Anyway, body obsessed people pumping, flexing, wiggling and posing, to the awful sounds of synth pop and a miniscule plot about the gym owner trying to stay afloat as he battles the sabotage plots of a nasty competitor. Leg-warmers, headbands, gratuitous nudity and sex seduction on gym equipment plus more. If you have a nostalgia for this time and the look of the eighties... this is for you! Just please clean off the machine when you are through. BA

M943 Scandalous Gilda (85) When a wealthy socialite (Monica Guerritore as Gilda) catches her husband in bed with a younger woman, she leaves him, and embarks on a road trip of erotic discovery. She begins a torrid affair with a cartoonist. He woos her with an animated pornographic sequence. Gilda likes saliva... she spits on her husband, spit is a lubricant, and she's also called a whore a lot by her new lover. She proves him right when she flags down a horny trucker and does him right in front of her lover. Perverse Euro trash of the highest order. Beautiful Widescreen F.L. print or full frame English dubbed (not as nice quality) print– SPECIFY.

M977 Scandalous Life of a Prostitute (74) aka: Intimidades de una cualquiera Large breasted Isabel Sarli is Maria. Just a poor country girl, tired of her boss sexually harassing her, she takes off for the big city Buenos Aires to start a new life. She ends up with a new life all right. She becomes a whore. And why not? She's certainly built for it. It would be a crime not to share her assets. Sure we get the sex and nudity, but there is also lots of cool location photography both in the city and the countryside as well. And as Sarli tries to support her mother and keep her alive there is also a violent struggle brewing which results in a climactic brutal showdown in the end. In Spanish only, no English.

B449 Scandinavian Erotica (78) aka: Sexy Night Report n. 2 aka: Le notti porno nel mondo nº 2 Entertaining sexy talk type with Ajita Wilson as a stewardess, Marina Hedman as a reporter, Amanda Lera as herself and plenty of friends in nightclubs around the world. This is the English Language version too. Directed by Joe D'Amato. BA

B536 Scent of Passion (91) aka: La Strana Voglia Malu stars as a homeless woman who enters the life of a theatre director who is immediately smitten. But his girlfriend Celeste is jealous and also wants Malu for herself. Their scene sets the screen on fire. Celeste tells Malu ' I bet he didn't give you enough pleasure as I can give you in private'. Game on! Plenty of sex and nudity. English dubbed.

M944 Scirocco (87) aka: Sahara Heat aka: Amantide - Scirocco Lea (Feona Gelin), visits her boyfriend somewhere in Morocco, boffing every sweaty male she encounters along the way. She not only has sex with a man on horseback, she gets felt up by numerous men on a bus. Lea is so horny she simply cannot get enough. The African locations add to the heat of the encounters. Soft-core classic, English dubbed.

B876 Seduction by the Sea (63) aka: Verführung am Meer A young German man (Peter Van Eyck) flees from an unhappy marriage to live on an island in the Adriatic Sea off the Yugoslavian coast. His mother attempts to hire a young girl to lure him back to Germany. Set against the lonely and dark stormy images, this mood is enhanced for the better by the looks of the young woman his mother has sent. Elke Sommer, sexy and attractively self-conscious, using these attributes to lift him out of his funk. Elke Sommers NUDE scenes here! In German language and with English subtitles.

B877 Sex and the Office Girl (72) aka: ...und keine Stellung war ihr fremd Here's an obscure sex film from Canada. This film was seized by the Montreal police department, which considered it to be obscene, on February 15th 1973. Can You Imagine?... There wasn't a secretarial position they couldn't fill! The trials and tribulations and sex lives of women office workers in a world filled with sexist pigs. Quality not as good as usual, but this title is pretty obscure.

B370 Sex Olympics (72) aka: Praised Be What Hardens You aka: Gelobt sei, was hart macht In ancient Greece, the competitions are on! These with a penchant for a sexual slant. Some of this is quite hysterical, like when men with boners race, and one wins by, well, the boner is out in front you know, so, by a head (without being too crude)! This mixes a bit of East Germany versus West Germany as well, making this a one of a kind sexual satire that is quite unique. In German and with English subtitles.

B684 Sex Shop, The (72) aka: Quello che già conosci del sesso e non prendi più sul serio When a bookshop owner in Paris suffers a personal crisis, he converts his bookshop into a sex shop and becomes a sexually obsessive pervert, Will his wife join him in the new swinging lifestyle he seeks? This sex comedy mostly revolves around both his and her initiation into the new sexual freedom of the times. How this slightly fat, balding guy attracts such beautiful women, you will just have to suspend your disbelief! English dubbed.

B450 Sexual Inclinations of a Nudist (82) Adriana and Doris live in the company of Victoria, who happens to be a transgender. In this case, boobs and a pecker. They sell erotic cassettes manufactured of themselves, pleasuring themselves and each other. Carlos goes to the store to recoup his runaway wife Adriana, but once there, falls in love with Victoria. Is he in for a surprise! Loads of nudity and soft-core sex. In Spanish language only. LBX

B879 Some Like it Sexy (69) aka: Diario intimo di un garzone di macelleria Nice LBX print of this British sexploitation that features the 'Twins of Evil' Mary and Madeleine Collinson naked in an inappropriate incest encounter (you won't hear me complaining!). A man drives around and manages to get laid a lot, seemingly irresistible to women. He scores with a variety of delicious birds, of all ages, nationalities, colors and shapes. Trippy hippie chicks, socialites, a soul singer.... easy pickin's the lot. Lucky bastard! The twins were Playboy Playmate of the month in October 1970!! That's what I call a two for one special! Madeleine died in 2014 at age 62 in Malta. BA

M955 Spy Who Came, The (69) Vice cop Harry will hump any woman with two legs, much to the detriment of his fiancé, Mary. His latest conquest has gotten him into big trouble with an Arab, who has videotaped Harry's sexcapades. Harry gets involved in espionage (sexpionage?) with a white slave sex ring to try to get out of his mess. Director Ron Wertheim went on to direct a few memorable pornos like 'Through the Looking Glass' and 'Memories Within Miss Aggie'.

M979 Streetwalker (76) aka: La Marge Joe Dallesandro is Sigimon Pons, a well off hard-working man with a beautiful wife, live-in help, nice house etc. Together with his wife they pledge their loyalty. But when his boss sends him to Paris as part of his job, his dark side emerges as he goes out into the seedier areas and meets the doe-eyed Sylvia Kristel, a prostitute. This Walerian Borowczyk directed film features a stunning soundtrack. The first sex scene with Dallesandro and Kristel, 10CC's 'I'm Not in Love' plays as they have sex, later a stunning blowjob sequence set to Pink Floyd and still later a climax that plays Elton John's 'Funeral for a Friend'. Surreal. Now finally this erotic and tragic classic LBX, with English subtitles.

B789 Tales of Canterbury (73) aka: Canterbury n° 2 - Nuove storie d'amore del '300 Sexy storytelling on a rainy night at the Inn with a screenplay by Joe D'Amato! English Dubbed and LBX BA

B790 Taming of a Scoundrel, The (80) aka: Il bisbetico domato A grouchy farmer, known for being kind to his workers, but driving everyone else away, is in for a surprise when a drop dead fox appears at his stoop (Ornella Muti).The farmer (played by Adriano Celentano) is a real sexist pig, and rude to the sexy Lisa (Muti). But she sees something in him that nobody else does, and sets out to make him her very own. He could have worse problems! Ornella Muti provides nudity, and there is quite a bit of footsie playing that adds to the sexual tension. Maybe not so much exploitation, but half and half with romance and a man being a man. Remember, guys treating women like dirt, and women loving it, is normal human behavior, always has been, part of courtship, but now it seems vice versa in more cases than the past. Watch 'Red Sun' and the way Charles Bronson treats Ursulla Andress, this was accepted movie fare, and Bronson was considered macho for his behavior (he had his reasons). LBX and with English subtitles. BA

G18 Taxi Girl (77) aka: La toubib se recycle Marcella (Edwige Fenech) inherits a Taxi Company in Italy! In each fare she gets involved in sex, crime, or other antics as trouble follows her all over Rome. A Fab Cab Comedy! LBX and with English Subtitles.

B791 Teenage Playmates (74) aka: Schulmädchen-Report 7. Teil - Doch das Herz muß dabei sein A bevy of sexy hot teenage schoolgirls (all played by of age women of course) work at a brothel servicing high paying clients. After they get arrested they discuss how they came to be prostitutes in the first place. Helga (Christina Lindberg) gets guys to do her homework for sex, an ice cream man gets sex for ice cream, sexy hitchhiking Monika, lures men to a barn so she can rob them, brainy Karla convinces her father's business partner to deflower her....more. One excellent German made trash film with loads of nudity and sex. Uncut 88 minute version for the first time! English language dubbed and with Greek subtitles. BA

G507 Teenage Seductress (75) aka: For the Love of Terry A sexy grown schizoid daughter (Sondra Currie, older sister of 'Runaways' singer Cherie) is after her father who abandoned her when she was a child. Seduction and revenge is her game plan. Have sex with him, then tell him who she is. Not too cool. Not very exploitative either really, but there is some naked Currie with boob shots. Sordid little tale here. By the way our so-called 'Teenage Seductress' Sondra, is 28 years old here, and doesn't look a day younger. BA

G2 Tenant Next Door, The (78) aka: L'insegnante viene a casa aka: Die Hauslehrerin Piano teacher (Edwige Fenech) gets tired of playing mistress to the mayor, so she moves much closer to him. In her new residence in the Luxury Hotel, she is pursued by many horny men. As usual, Fenech 'naked' is the main appeal of this time capsule sex comedy. English dubbed and LBX.

G714 Thigh Spy (67) Bartholomew (a struggling young artist) owes money to Mr. X... He cannot pay, so in lieu of payment, Bartholomew is told that he can repay Mr. X by killing Arnold (a counterspy). He fails at the job, and after trying again to no success, he ends up in bed with his girlfriend (Truska), Arnold and another agent (Chrissy)!!! An interesting turn of events!! ???

B701 Three Days of Love (91) aka: Tre Giorni D'amore Petra Scharbach plays a nymphomaniac who is giving a man three days of love. The man is one lucky son-of-a-bitch! What a way to go.... In Italian language only with no subtitles.

B748 Tiffany (85) aka: Tiffany, i agriogata tou erota First the trailer for the film and then the film begins. Excellent made in Greece soft-core dubbed into English language. Jenny arrives on assignment from her magazine and in no time is having sex with Nikos. Nikos has a girlfriend named Tiffany who is not pleased. Until she is introduced to Jenny. Then everybody is pleased! And then some. Plenty of beautiful locations, women, and sex. Sometimes close to hardcore.

B749 Touching My Whistle is Irritating Me (82) An incredibly funny sex film in Spanish language only. These sex stories were made to entertain as described to a horny shrink. Here is one from the film... A well endowed man (nicknamed 'The Elephant Man') keeps sending his female lovers away in an ambulance. He seeks out a black woman (get it?) and finds one. She decides to fellate him, but not being Linda Lovelace, she chokes, literally, the ambulance is called once again. Will he find a woman who can handle him? Super hot women throughout and sex of course.... politically incorrect sleaze. LBX and in Spanish language only.

G227 Vacation Temptations (72) aka: Pin-Up Playmates aka: Blutjunge Masseusenaka: La grande vadrouille du sexe All Your Fantasies in the Flesh! Episodic German Sex Comedy with a common theme. Brothels masquerading as massage parlors. Sex and nudity in sharp colors and English dubbed. LBX BA

B750 Valentina (89) Valentina is a 13 episode Italian made erotic thriller television series based on the Valentina comics that follows a Milanese photographer, Valentina (stunning former gymnast Demetra Hampton) and her investigations. The very first storyline involving a doll, came from a very popular story arc from the comic called 'Baba Yaga' which was also a movie from 1973. Horror erotica with gypsies, witches and more. Imagine a more adult themed show with nudity and sexual situations from a woman's point of view, with a horror, even sci-fi bent. English dubbed. All 13 episodes on one DVD-R! No VHS.

B498 Very Young Masseuses (72) aka: Pin-Up Playmates aka: Blutjunge Masseusen  The episodic structure is employed in this German sexploitation film chock full of gratuitous nudity and sex, men ogling amorous women, sex toys, and more. Rena Bergen, Elke Boltenhagen and more familiar breasts... er... I mean faces. Faces, yes of course I do. Sharp color, LBX and English dubbed too! BA

B607 Vibrations (68) Barbara is a struggling writer that moves into a new apartment building. In the next flat, on the other side of the wall is her horny sister who is part of a sex cult of sorts, with various sexual partners. Barbara listens lustily through the wall, and pleasures herself. Eventually she will join the sex cult, and fulfill her sexual fantasies. Or will she? This Joe Sarno directed film will remind you of some of his other films’ themes. Loads of nudity– Super Hot!!.

B646 Voluptuous Vixens (72) aka: Mädchen mit offenen Lippen aka: L'albergo dei piaceri proibiti At the girl's school, the young teacher requests the young women to prepare a topic on sexuality, and to feel free to contact him for help if they have any problems with their work. Thus begins a series of sexual experiments involving the horny, nubile young students, and of course, the teacher sees action as well. This English dubbed German sex comedy features some pretty hot women, I am sure you will agree! BA

M919 We're No Virgins (74) After the fifth world war, in a remote castle, a group of sexy women need sex! The men seem to have died out. But one lucky bastard shows up and is taken by force by the girls.... Exhausted? Who will be the representatives of the new stronger sex? Rare sexy French film dubbed into English.

B560 What Really Happened to Miss Jonas? (74) aka: Was geschah wirklich mit Miss Jonas Christa Free, who would just a few years later be cast in the German copycat production 'The Devil in Miss Jonas' stars! Was Miss Jonas a porn star possessed by Satan? A private eye working for a rich businessman investigates, We will see the true story (ahem) of the photo model Christa, who would have fit in nicely in any Russ Meyer film, who worked as a model and a call girl before getting the gig. Also with Marianne Dupont. Soft-core with plenty of sex and nudity. LBX and with English subtitles.

B885 What the Swedish Butler Saw (75) aka: The Groove Room aka: A Man with a Maid aka: Champagnegalopp Jack, Victorian aristocrat, buys a former insane asylum and converts it into his own personal 'love nest' with plans to seduce and bed the lovely, young minister's daughter named Alice. Tutored by the Madame of a local Bordello, he sets his plan in motion, with plenty of tools of seduction at his disposal. His butler and maid get turned on and are going at it when he finally gets Alice where he wants her. But really, Jack didn't need all of this nonsense, Alice gives Jack more than he bargained for revealing the hot blooded woman beneath the conservative exterior! Sue Longhurst as Alice was one of the schoolgirls in Hammer's 'Lust for a Vampire'. Diana Dors as the Madame. LBX BA

G16 Wild Man (89) aka: Kovanaama Ex-Commando Eric Wilde teams up with a news reporter to stop a psychotic drug-dealer. Porn director (and 'Last House on the Left' actor) Fred Lincoln directs. So what you get is a porn film trapped in an action film with no actual porn, but plenty of gratuitous nudity and situations with the hot Michelle Bauer and Ginger Lynn. Don't miss the scene with Lynn and Bauer working out in a gym. As far as bad sexy action flicks go, you can't go wrong here!




B773    Ace of Hearts (75) aka: Juego sucio en Panamá  Who wouldn't love this trash thriller? A  horny detective (Chris Robinson) seeks an answer to his questions from seedy characters, but everyone seems to be dying before he can get the truth. One of the bad guys has two strong bodyguards. Outside chases and fights and then, still another bad guy is a gay guy (bad gay?) protected by aggressive transvestites. Will the mystery be solved? This Spanish made thriller was directed by the guy who directed Paul Naschy's 'Assignment Terror'. Also with Teresa Gimpera and (wait for it) Mickey Rooney as a cigar chompin' slimeball! Also with Pilar Velazquez.  BA

B774 All of Them Witches (96) aka: Sobrenatural   After seeing her best friend murdered, a woman, now traumatized, her husband advises she stay home to recover, and to protect her from the dangers of the city. There she finds a witch bag that holds a strange powder. Eventually she visits a witch who warns her of the powers of the voodoo. She finds herself sucked into the world of the supernatural. Very effective Mexican made horror in the tradition of Val Lewton with some intense scares and suspense, with a shocking conclusion.. Beware the voodoo zombie! A very strong, intelligent visual style. With English subtitles.

M923 Angel of the Night (74) aka: O Anjo da Noite  Here's a cool horror thriller from Brazil with similarities to 'When a Stranger Calls" (which was made in America in 1979). A student girl goes to an isolated mansion to baby-sit two children while their parents are gone for the weekend. Then some terrifying phone calls begin that appear to originate from inside the mansion. Trippy, doomy and downbeat. Stars Selma Egrei, Eliezer Gomes, Lilian Lemmertz and Pedro Coelho  Rare suspense horror film that runs in black and white. With English subtitles.

B312 Animalada (01) When a rancher meets 'Franny', a sheep on his farm, a love is born, and baa...aa...ad things start to happen. When people begin to interfere with this unnatural love affair, people begin to die horribly, their bodies ground up and used as food for 'Franny'. Jaw dropping, gory and dark, sick and funny as well. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

R625 Arrival of Joachim Stiller, The (76) aka: De komst van Joachim Stiller  A bizarre mystery unfolds when a strange man appears to a couple, affecting their lives in strange ways. Full frontal nudity and  some bursts of bloody violence blend together in this puzzle picture. Bizarre, beautiful, trance-like and haunting. From Belgium and directed by Belgium director Harry Kumel, who also directed the equally bizarre 'Malpertuis' and 'Daughters of Darkness'. This is a deep thinker and runs over 2 and a half hours. LBX and with English subtitles.

B766 Atrocious Tales of Sex and Death (79) aka: Giallo Napoletano  aka: Días de amor y venganza  Strange comedy/giallo type hybrid that almost defies description.  Raphael (Marcello Mastroianni), a restaurant mandolin player with a limp, accepts a job to serenade under the apartment window of a Maestro, by a mysterious blonde. As he plays, a man is pushed to his death from the balcony, When he tries to solve the murder he goes to who hired him only to see him come sailing out the window to his doom. Raphael finds himself up to his neck in murder, gangsters and blackmail. And, he becomes involved with the Maestro's daughter (Ornella Muti, 30 years younger than he is!). Also with Michael Piccoli and Capucine as Suor Angela. Capucine, a French beauty from many good films, was a manic depressive. She leaped to her doom from her 8th story apartment in Switzerland in 1990 at age 62. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

G940 Autopsy: A German Woman and a Chinese Woman (    ) Oh. The first dissection is on a German woman. Then a young Chinese woman is torn apart in the name of science as well. But wait, there is more! That's right, a third, I repeat, a third autopsy is here on the same disc! That's like three autopsies for the price of one. But seriously folks, only the strongest need apply. This post-mortem exam stuff is some of the sickest stuff out there. German language..., Chinese language... no subtitles.

B633 Baby Doll (88) A single mother moves with her new baby from Belgium to a house in the countryside of Denmark, previously lived in by her late grandmother. Mentally unstable, she plummets into uncertainty and madness, unable to distinguish reality from dreams. As her increasingly fragile world shatters, all hell breaks loose in her mind.... And why is she dressing an old baby doll in between taking care of her baby? A dark little ghostly tale of isolation and madness ending in doomy downbeat darkness. This Danish film has English subtitles.

B501 Babylon (92) aka: Babylon - Im Bett mit dem Teufel  A gross-out Cronenbergian nightmare German horror. Lothar sells appliances that are supposed to help against tumors... yea right! As he scams people and picks up women he meets a nurse and is after addresses of patients to potentially rip-off. The meat of the story however, is that he is a carrier of a nasty sexual disease. His sperm eats through every condom, and leaves his sex partners with some nasty bodily malfunctions that are ultimately fatal. Influenced by David Cronenberg's films from the 70's and 80's, it's almost like there is a 'new flesh' theme here. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

R786 Being, The (82) aka: El ser  aka: Ectoplásma   Once again we are plunged into the world of death and the supernatural in this horror. A woman is widowed and her house shows signs of a ghostly presence. Doctor Oliver, an expert in these matters is called to the scene. Don't miss the melting head that then explodes and more! Sequel to 'Voyage to the Beyond' also in this section filmed by the same director (who also plays Dr. Oliver). In Spanish language only and with no subtitles.  BA

R806 Beverly Hills Bodysnatchers (89) aka: Flotte Jungs auf Zombiejagd  A doctor and a mortician have teamed up to do re-animation experiments on corpses using gangster money. Strange characters, corpse abuse and a backfired plan in this comedy/horror hybrid that stars Vic Tayback in one of his last roles, Frank Gorshin and more.  BA

R787 Beyond the Realms of Death (86) aka: Más allá de la muerte  This time out we get a Nazi guy conducting sinister experiments that involve capturing the soul at the moment of death. And there is plenty of death in this including impalings and shootings. Third and final in the series that started with 'Voyage into the Beyond' all in this section.  Spanish language only with no subtitles. LBX  BA

M903 Birds in Peru (68) aka: Les oiseaux vont mourir au Pérou  aka: Gli uccelli vanno a morire in Perù   A nymphomaniac (played by doomed, mentally unstable beautiful actress Jean Seberg) on vacation has sex with numerous men beachside while her husband and his chauffeur cruise the coast looking for her. They are fed up, and plan to kill her. This movie shocked the crap out of everybody when it came out, and was certified 'X' in the U.S. and banned many other places. To make matters worse this film was misunderstood and badly panned, Seberg getting most of the blame for it's failure. Now you decide! (First few seconds of the opening credits missing). In Italian language and with English subtitles. Jean Seberg killed herself by overdose in the back of a car in a Paris suburb in  August 1979. Her rotting corpse was discovered 11 days later when the smell became too foul to ignore. She was into some shady dealings, and many think she was murdered. Her ex-husband blew his brains out in 1980.

B818 Bitter Chamber (92) aka: The Room Next Door  aka: La stanza accanto  It's 1940.... A man returns to his small Iowa town after living in Chicago for some time. He left the city after a triple murder had occurred, and he had to testify against the killer, who ended up in the electric chair. Thing is, he is not sure what he remembers, and the locals think the executed man was innocent. He's got to figure this shit out before he goes mad. Excellent and haunting dark atmosphere as melancholy consumes our main protagonist. With Mark Benninghoffen and Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni.  English dubbed and with foreign subtitles.  Giallo from director Pupi Avati!

B522 Black for Remembrance (95) aka: Noir comme le souvenir  A psychological detective story with Jane Birkin and Sabine Azema. An outdoor party for rich people. Evening. A guy in clown garb kidnaps a little girl. Later her body is found. What follows is an investigation into her murder, with twists and turns aplenty. LBX and with English subtitles.

B635 Black Jack: The Visitor in the Eye (77) aka: Hitomi no naka no houmonsha   A cute young tennis student named Komori gets a ball to the eye. Not that kind of a ball. A tennis ball. She is taken to the hospital. They say she may never regain use of the eye. She sees the strange doctor named 'Black Jack' at his secluded house location and for a 'substantial reward' her sight is restored after he operates. But now she begins to see a mysterious man that is invisible to everyone else around her...... In Japanese language and with English subtitles.

B373 Black Light (92) An obscure Swedish teen slasher! Mikaela is a smart and independent girl in high school, but carries a darkness. She is in love with her teacher... but someone seems to be stalking her! The teens all look like adults, there is a haunting score, and the whole thing is very well acted. Some people think this is a partial template for Wes Craven's 'Scream'. See what you think. In Swedish and with English subtitles. LBX

B570 Black Magic Wars (82) aka: The Ninja Wars  aka: Iga ninpôchô  Another off the rails gem! The dubbing is great. The story, hilarious! What's better than a man versus black magic plot involving a spider tea kettle filled with an aphrodisiac? The gratuitous use of splatter and decapitated bodies is so wild you'll laugh along with the insane evil ninja spirit! Let's not forget the ninja's vomiting great streams of acid, the nudity, the blubbery naked concubine getting it on with the scarred devil monk..... More!  BA

M958 Black Snail, The (88) aka: L'escargot noir  In the peaceful beautiful small town of Chinon, three women are murdered, the killer, leaving a black snail shell on each of the bodies. The mystery deepens with odd characters and dark secrets leading the investigators in circles. One woman has a blue bag thrown over her head and is suffocated. He strangles another woman as she is driving. Strangulation seems to be his preferred method of murder. Jean Poiret stars. In French language and with English subtitles.

B834 Black Spider, The (83) aka: Die schwarze Spinne  Desperate drug addicts in need of a fix, break into a chemical plant to get what they need, and then take shelter in a farmhouse. One woman trips out, hallucinating the story of the black spider, the tale we now see. Set in a valley in Switzerland during the Middle Ages, a farmer's wife makes a pact with the devil. If the devil ensures they survive the excessive toll of a tyrannical knight, she will gift a baby to Satan. The devil lives up to his end. But later when she gives birth to the child she has it baptized immediately, and the devil cannot collect. In revenge, the devil sends a black spider into the village to spread pestilence and death! In German language and with English subtitles. LBX BA

B665 Blood Spattered Bride, The (72) aka: La novia ensangrentada  What more could anyone possibly need to know about this classic and bloody violent lesbian vampire film? How about that this alternate version comes in Spanish language and with English subtitles, instead of the English dubbed version which we also have if you specify that is what you want? 88 minutes for anyone that wants to know. And also LBX, unlike the DVD release that was full frame. A great horror film, maybe that is all you need. Recommended!   BA

B416 Bloody Flesh (83) aka: Carne de tu carne  Takes place in 1956 under a militant dictatorship. An uncontrollable crisis takes place as people are exterminated and buildings blown to bits, releasing a supernatural force. Innocent people are now turning into zombies or vampires, roaming the bleak Spanish countryside accompanied by spooky music. Gothic and Baroque chiller reminds one of the works of Jean Rollins. Dedicated to Roman Polanski and Roger Corman! With English subtitles.

B354 Blutschrei der Verdammten (13) German made (low budget) medieval zombie horror with Renaissance  Fair costumes, chained bimbos, nudity and gore. The authentic locations elevate the proceedings making the low budget unnoticeable. Nice chomping sound effects, cool battle weaponry, nice full busted women, plenty of spraying blood during killings. LBX and in German language and with no subtitles.  F.L.

B777 Body in the Woods, A (96) Local boar hunters find the body of a woman, mutilated, in the woods. A sexy Police Lieutenant (Rossy de Palma) is on the case. Since our dead victim was popular with the locals and knew many, there are plenty of suspects to choose from. Her investigation will reveal (to us, the viewers), the ugly side of the community.... racism, cruelty, brutality. But just when you think you know what is going on, you have no idea what's next. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

B866 Borderline (08) An emotional cripple of a woman named Kiki (Isabelle Blais) screws her way through her madness and drinks alcohol like a proper drunk. Her mother was mental, and she was raised by her grandmother. Now at 30 her only outlets are sex, booze and ... sex and booze. We all have problems. we all have to deal, but this wild woman is drunk and horny and entering into borderline psychosis disorder. Plenty of nudity... LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

B524 Brute, The (77) Julian Glover plays a cross-dressing wife-beating monster of a man, the 'Brute' of the title. Glamour model Diane Shepherd (Sarah Douglas!) is the wife, enduring many a beating (hell she gets the crap beat out of her in the first 5 minutes!). Relentlessly cold and violent with Douglas as we have never seen her before. This British film was rated R and in the same vein as something like 'The Burning Bed' except more violent and with nudity as well. LBX

B503 Burn Boy, Burn (69) aka: Brucia ragazzo, brucio   Clara, the sexually frustrated and rich snotty wife of a businessman goes on vacation with her husband, daughter, and best friend. She starts to have sex with a very young and unsophisticated life guard, and falls under the spell of his psychosexual games, sex being something her husband was never good at. This is not going to end well. LBX and with English subtitles.

G283 Call 18 She Devils (92) A wizard in hell sends male and female demons (dressed like punk rockers) to Earth to wreak havoc and steal souls. OTT madness with plenty of sex and nudity, crazy special effects, gunplay and explosions and more. LBX and with English subtitles.

B398 Candy Tangerine Man, The (75) Sunset Boulevard is where badass pimp criminal 'The Baron' does business. He's a mack daddy by night. But a regular working dude by day. Witty dialogues and one-liners while seedy and slimy worthless lumps of white trash come to unpleasant ends. As racist as racist gets, from both sides! A mean-streets edge seeps into this fantastically hip blaxploitation from the golden era. Now, even with the pre-credits sequence missing from most other prints!   BA

G243 Cardiac Arrest (80) aka: Mord på bestilling  The 'Missing Heart Murders' are plaguing San Francisco. Dead bodies turning up at numerous locations, with their hearts cut out. More a police chase mystery thriller than horror, although the Harvesting angle is pretty horrific. Max Gail, Fred Ward and others try to keep a straight face.  BA

B752 Carnal Revenge (74) aka: Carnalità  aka: With Carnal Intent  aka: Naked and Lustful  An unscrupulous businessman has many women while his wife is ill and bedridden. Femi Benussi is just one conquest. When his wife dies he marries the sexy Roberta (Erna Schurer). But she has plans of revenge. You see, her father was ruined by our shady male lead. Now she plans to screw him to death by demanding sex constantly. Lots of sex and nudity in this one. LBX and English language dubbed.  BA

B310 Centipede Horror (82) aka: Wu gong zhou  A crazed evil wizard uses his powers to take revenge on beautiful women by making them barf up live centipedes, which then attack!  Brutally graphic and repulsive insanity follows. This one is dark, disgusting, bleak, and stays with you long after the credits roll. They used real centipedes that are really poisonous, and they literally pour out of all kinds of orifices. Nice. LBX and with English subtitles.

B374 Charly, Days of Blood (90) aka: Charly, días de sangre  A shy guy, traumatized by the death of his older brother, embarks upon a weekend with his friends where things begin to occur. Terrible things. After a disemboweled cat is found hanging from a tree near their rural chateau... Bloody axe killings follow. Violence and nudity in this gory horror film from Argentina. With English subtitles. 

G144 Chinese Room, The (68) aka: El cuarto chino  Owner of a bank is troubled by the shady way he and his father acquired such wealth and power. He is plagued by surreal nightmares which create an eerie psychedelic atmosphere. His maid is in love with him. She tries to kill herself. A doctor visits to check up on her, and to flirt with the banker's wife. The 'Chinese Room' of the title is a room the banker's brother owns, a place to meditate and do drugs, sip green tea, burn incense.... A room where one of these characters meets their demise. Albert Zugsmith directs this bizarre oddity.  With English subtitles.

B714 Classroom of Terror (76) aka: Bôryoku kyôshitsu  aka: The Violent Classroom  Yusaku Matsuda plays an ex-boxer who killed an opponent during a fight. He is brought into a school to deal with a gang of disruptive students led by Hiroshi Tachi.  In Japanese language and LBX . No subtitles. With Trailer   BA

M904 Corps Perdus (89) An artist expert is called upon to identify a mysterious painting, hopefully to declare it the lost work of a famous artist. The painting will tear into his mind and set him on the path of despair, insanity and murder. Reminds one of Pupi Avati's 'The House with the Laughing Windows'. In Portuguese language and with English subtitles.

G273 Crime of a Beast (01) aka: Jung gik keung gaan sau sing yau waak   A man who had a terrible childhood begins to assault and kill women. Maintains a fairly high level of sleaze throughout the running time. LBX and with English subtitles. 

G740 Crime Scenes (00) aka: Spuren Von Blut   Kind of like a French 'Silence of the Lambs' as two French policemen search for a serial killer. He leaves headless and handless bodies behind. They examine the bodies to try to get to know the killer better. The killer is just doing all of this to confuse the police. He enjoys killing! Especially pregnant women. Muddy building sites, decay, dirt, chill lakes.... nice atmosphere. Dark and grim... LBX and in French language only with no subtitles.

G490 Crimes of the Black Cat, The (72) aka: 7 Shawls of Yellow Silk  aka: Sette scialli di seta gialla  A blind pianist tries to figure out who is responsible for a string of murders in which a black cat's claws, dipped in poison, may be the murder weapon. As more murders occur, plot twists and red herrings add to the mystery. Gorgeous fashion models (many to be sacrificed) peppered with bloody violence. A nice addition to the already established giallo with touches from director Sergio Pastore. Anthony Steffan, Sylva Koscina and more star. Now LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

G819 Crocodile (79) aka: Fangs  aka: Chorakhe  From the slimy depths of the ocean... nature explodes with a savage fury! A giant killer crocodile is on a rampage gulping down the residents who reside by the rivers. Two men have had enough after their families have been eaten by the monster. They decide to hunt the beast down. This one is full of Crocodile mayhem and is quite entertaining. With so much insanity and Jaws influence, people being eaten, this one delivers. The best Thai Croc flick ever, dubbed into English language and now LBX. With foreign subs you hardly notice.  BA

G686 Crocodile Fury (88) Chinese made killer crocodile flick with plenty of people making it into the chomping jaws of the title creature. Throw in some nudity and a sprinkle of Kung Fu, and we get a cultural killer crocodile addition unlike any other! One scene has a baby in a hammock by the water, and the crocodile comes out of the water and gobbles the little tyke down as a small appetizer. The father, who plunges into the water to try and save Junior, is the main course. Mmm good. A witch and her minions practicing magic, bloody waters and more. This special edition of 'Crocodile Fury" is English language dubbed!  BA

B837 Cruel Tango (14) Another Giallo Return? A masked killer goes on a rampage in a small Italian village, and the police are baffled as the murders continue and get even worse. A blogger steps up and tries to solve the case, but when he finds a pattern, the killer is way ahead of him, and people around him begin to be killed as well. One of the most blatantly obvious bursts of color in the tradition of Bava I have seen. Which is actually pretty cool. A bloody throwback. In Italian language (with English subtitles) LBX  BA

B488 Curse, The (88) aka: Der Fluch  A father, mother and young daughter, on a trip in the mountains, lose their bearings and stay for the night. The daughter finds a dead young girl, that looks like herself, exactly. Later they find themselves deeply involved in local mythology, and a prophecy that seems to be fulfilling itself now with the mountains turning loose an old curse. Spooky fun in this Austria/Germany production with stunning locations, With English subtitles.

R707 Cursed (04) aka: 'Chô' kowai hanashi A: yami no karasu  A schoolgirl is hit by a bus because she cannot go into a gloomy convenience store.  The store is “cursed”.  What is that person doing in the cooler?  Why is “666” coming up?  This location seems to be trapping the souls of customers....  Nao, who works part time at a convenience store, is completely unaware of the malice of the ghosts and spirits surrounding her... She and a co-worker called Ryoko watch the world going mad around them, the birds going crazy, people getting enraged and going mad... and finally realize they have to do something.  LBX and with English subtitles  BA

M961 Damned in Venice (78) aka: Die Wiege des Teufels  aka: Blind Offer  aka: Nero veneziano   A blind young man who lives with his sister receives a vision warning him of the birth of the Anti-Christ scattered in with his other gruesome and infernal visions. Bad omens and dark happenings plague the two as they live and travel around their home turf, the waterways of Venice. There is a scene with a baby near the end that will give you nightmares, unless you are cold as ice that is.  Amazing Italian horror that fits in with the 70's Satan movie craze! Impressive cast includes German Playboy Playmate Rena Neihuas, who shares her assets (translation: gets naked!), a sexy strange babysitter coven, even Greek actress Olga Karlatos (who would later appear in Fulci film's, and even as Prince's mom in 'Purple Rain'!, because we all know Prince is Greek, right?)  Amazing new beautiful Widescreen and English dubbed print!  BA

R694 Dark Side, The (87) A cab driver gets mixed up with a fare he gives a ride that turns out to be a porno star (Cynthia Preston) who claims the people she works for are making 'snuff' films. She even has the proof, a film in her possession that she had a part of! Soon the 'snuff-killers' are on their trail! Also with David Hewlett.

G82 Das Weststadt-Massaker (91) Early German Splatter with a white-masked killer severing limbs with hedge trimmers, car running over a guy, throat slashing, a drunk guy killed with a broken bottle, impaling, garroting, corpse burying, weird forest locations etc. A strange ride. In German language only, but very little dialogue, each scene just setting up the next victim's demise in a stalk and slash scenario. F.L.

G782 Dead are Alive, The (72) aka: Overtime  aka: L'etrusco uccide ancora  aka: The Etruscan Kills Again  aka: El Dios de la muerte asesina otra vez   Digging up Etruscan ruins in Italy turns deadly when a photographer (Alex Cord) on the job begins to suspect things that should be dead, are alive. A brutal and bloody double slaying gets things off to a nice start. Is it the supernatural at work, or is it a very human killer? Suspects include a composer, his fire-scarred wife, a sadistic torturer of insects and a gay choreographer. The burial ground central location provides a good setting with the dirty and gritty mysterious atmosphere. This is quite a different giallo that builds to an excellent suspenseful climax. Samantha Eggar, John Marley and more star. + Bonus Trailers!   LBX BA

R820 Dead Daughters (07) aka: Myortvye docheri  In modern day Moscow, ghosts of three little girls who were killed by their nutzoid mother, randomly pick a person to watch over for three days. If during this 'probation period' the person they are watching has moral standards not considered of a worthy level, the three daughter ghosts murder them through supernatural telekinesis. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

G376 Death Will Have Your Eyes (74) aka: La moglie giovane  Obscure Italian Giallo/Noir!  Louisa (Maria Mell) comes to Rome and before you know it becomes a hooker in order to survive. She meets a doctor and a poet, and falls in love with another man. Murder ensues, and a frame-up. Helga Line plays her best friend. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

G853 Deep Sleep (13) aka: Sonno Profondo   A killer finds himself the prey of someone that has evidence of his killings. This film is a love offering to the gods of the giallo film. Period details and a first person perspective swirled with dream-like insanity. See, here we have the film from the point of view of the killer, his hands, his knives, his kills as he murders his victims. The soundtrack delivers on a 'Goblin' level. Flashes of color paint obvious Bava/Argento influences. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

B307 DeGenerazione (94) Italian made weirdness with many short tales. Vampires, S&M, Snuff movies, an evil television, a crazed shrink and more! A 19 year old Asia Argento directed the tale entitled 'Prospettive'. Finally get this film festival favorite uncut at 1 hour and 50 minutes, LBX and with English subtitles.  

B642 Delitti (87) A mysterious killer has already killed seven people using the deadly venom of a snake from Martinique, which causes instant death with the victim's face twisting into a look of deformed horror. Not considered much this giallo, but really worth a look for the bad music, full frontal from sexy Michela Miti, and now finally you know what is being said as this Italian language print now has English subtitles. Look for Linda Christian as Helen.

R561 Delitto Carnale (83) aka: Killing of the Flesh   Uncut XXX Italian language version with no subtitles. Moana Pozzi and others in this sex-filled giallo. Also available in a very sexy but cut version that features English subtitles (see Killing of the Flesh in this same section!)

G958 Demon Warrior (88) aka: A Vingança do Demônio   A group goes hunting in Texas on the land owned by the grandfather of one of them. But this land was stolen from the Indians by the people who now own it... And mighty spirits angry. There has been a curse on the family for many years. But this curse only kicks in every ten years.  Twenty years ago the grandfather died... Ten years ago an Uncle disappeared... Now.... This regional horror film supplies some interesting characters and rednecks terrorized by a muscle-bound Indian/demon . Reminded me of the 1983 film 'Scalps'.  BA

G957 Demon Wind (90) aka: Il soffio del diavolo   Cory is investigating the mysterious death of his grandparents. Together with his friends they head out to the old farm where things started so long ago. Turns out though, it's more like a gate to hell, and when the demons turn up and start to knock everybody off, things get started proper. Funny moments, gore, mullets, nudity... pretty much the works! As far as these types go, this is very entertaining, required viewing for gore hounds looking for a bit of the classic 'Evil Dead' vibe. Reportedly Lou Diamond Phillips is one of the demons in the movie, for kicks I am sure. Go 'Demon Wind'!  BA

B546 Demons of Sex and Violence (73) aka: Passion Beach  aka: Daimones tis vias kai tou sex   More madness from Greece! This time (who are we kidding, this theme is pretty familiar for the region) two men and a woman run rampant raping, and robbing, and ultimately getting their righteous comeuppance in a bloody finale. With English subtitles.

G855 Demonsoul (94) Kerry Norton is Erica (in her debut), a woman haunted by twisted dreams of vampires and satanic rituals. Apparently she was some type of a vampire priestess in a previous life. A psychiatrist helps her to unlock her mind so she can understand that a vampire demonsoul is trying to fully inhabit her current state. Low budget breasts, bondage and blood filmed in the United Kingdom. Also with Eileen Daly of 'Razor Blade Smile' and many others.  BA

B438 Depraved Nature (72) aka: Kolasmeni fysi  An Athens painter retreats to a remote village to get inspiration for his work. He gets tangled up in the village 'curse' which involves a woman named Maria, who lives alone in the woods, a bastard offspring of an unholy union. He is blamed by the villagers, for taking her innocence, and has outraged a deranged shepherd who secretly wanted Maria for himself. Is yet another Greek Tragedy unfolding before our eyes? In Greek with English subtitles. 

G872 Devil Eye (02) aka: Wo zhen xi jian dao gui  Three young women go on a trip to Thailand. Once there, they meet up with two Hong Kong boys and together they visit an old temple. A ghostly spirit makes their video camera turn on and to manifest itself and ask for help. Now entangled with the ghosts, what horrors will they face? A possession is only the beginning. LBX and with English subtitles.

G537 Devil Shadow, The (00) aka: Moh Ying - LBX and with English subtitles

G873 Devil's Woman (96) aka: Nan yang di yi xie jiang  A brutal story of revenge revolving around a doctor and a mystic, Lung, whose wife was killed by him. Lung travels to South-East Asia, learns how to cast spells, and devotes his life to taking revenge on the doctor…  Directed by Otto Chan   LBX and with English subtitles.

R858 Devil's Woman (96) aka: Nan yang di yi xie jiang  Following a disastrous rescue mission (during which a pregnant woman was shot in the back at such close range that her fetus blasted out and hit him), SDU officer Lam begins seeing sexy psychiatrist Dr. Mary Fu in order to deal with the nightmarish visions he has been experiencing. Meanwhile, in a desperate quest for fame, struggling actress May allows herself to become the murderous puppet of an evil sorcerer (Ben Ng, essentially reprising his role from the earlier film) who is able to control her through a weird spider venom potion he introduces into her system....   Hong Kong and with English subtitles

B548 Devils, The (71) aka: I diavoli  What I can tell you is this. The last nice print was 1 hour and 47 minutes. This alternate version is 1 hour and 53 minutes and about 30 seconds.  Yet another version of a film that many countries simply didn't know what to do with, and that is why so many versions are out there with multiple self-righteous censors scissoring Ken Russell's definitive masterpiece. This film still strikes a blatant chord of blasphemy to many in 2016, it is that controversial! This is quite possibly the longest version in excellent Widescreen quality we have ever seen. Perhaps Oliver Reed's finest film.  BA

B690 Dirty Pictures (72) aka: An Ideal Place to Kill  aka: Un posto ideale per uccidere  Two hippies find themselves on the run from the law and hide out in a villa owned by a woman who has no idea they are wanted when she invites them in for a three-way. She also ends up not what they expected.... The happy pop soundtrack ends up offsetting the nihilistic tone of the film beautifully once the first twist hits. Killer cast in this Umberto Lenzi directed giallo which is also known as 'Oasis of Fear'. What a cool ending too! With Ornella Muti, Irene Papas and Ray Lovelock. LBX print and with English language dubbed.  BA

B505 Dirty Seven, The (82) aka: La belva dalla calda pelle  aka: Farligt Uppdrag  Seven commandos lose their captain and must attempt to find their way clear of the dangerous desert wilderness.  Enter Shelia (Laura Gemser) who offers to help them. But her plan is to make sure no one gets out alive. These scumbags assaultd and killed a girl from her village. Now they shall pay! With their lives! Sex, violence, Laura Gemser and then husband Gabriele Tinti. Now finally in a LBX version instead of the often seen full frame version. Gemser is electric here.  BA

M926 Discreet Charm of Sin, The (10) aka: Il sottile fascino del peccato  A woman returns home and finds her mother's suicide may have been influenced by a sect where she was trapped between false-friends, occult rites and relentless death threats. There is no one who can be trusted as she dives into the mystery which will result in some horrific surprises..... Italian made thriller LBX and with English subtitles. BA

B362 Doll of Satan, The (69) aka: La Bambola Di Satana  aka: Der Satan ohne Gesicht  Elizabeth (Erna Schurer) and her man visit her families castle to attend a reading of the will. The legend's of the castle ghosts are the least of their worries. Elizabeth starts to have disturbing nightmares, and a black-gloved hooded figure kidnaps her and imprisons her in the castle's still-functional torture dungeon. Could somebody be trying to cut her out of her inheritance? Now four minutes longer than last version! (90m instead of 86m.)  Nice looking print LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

G764 Down the Ancient Stairs (75) aka: Per le antiche scale  aka: In de klauwen van de waanzin   A mental hospital, somewhere in Tuscany, in the 1930's, far away from fascism, ruled over by Dr. Bonaccorsi (Marcello Mastroianni), a passionate benevolent psychiatrist whose dream it is to isolate the germ of madness. He's also very sexually active with Francesca (the hospital manager's wife), Bianca (his devoted nurse), and Carla ((Barbara Bouchet) a nymphomaniac doctor's wife). But the new female psychiatrist won't sleep with him and doesn't agree with his theories. Not only that, he thinks he may be going mad. At least he is in the right place. Very bizarre, and very controversial when released. Also with Martha Keller and Francoise Fabian. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

G883 Down, Out and Dangerous (95) aka: Willard vs. John Boy (just kidding) Happily married Brad (Bruce Davison) meets disturbed drifter Tim (Richard Thomas) and tries to help him. Bad idea. Tim invades every aspect of Tim's life, and murder is not out of the question. A familiar plot done right. Richard Thomas portrays a pretty decent evil psycho, as he once did before in the excellent 1972 film 'You'll Like My Mother' and even 'Last Summer'.  Also with Cynthia Ettinger.

G258 Dress Off for Life (84) aka: Yi tuo qiu sheng  Hong Kong Superstar Chen Yuen known to western audiences as Jimmy Wang-Yu stars as a boxer who's career is on the skids and he goes insane, becomes impotent, and starts sexually attacking women.  Frustrated by his lack of ...hardness, he cant' even assault them correctly, so he kills them instead. Some nasty violence and a bizarre climax.... Wow. With English subtitles and a few trailers.

B459 Drugs: A River of no Return (89) aka: Droga: Viaje Sin Regreso   aka: Droga sterco di Dio  Stelvio Massi directs this Extreme Real-Life Horror about the aftermath and effects of drug use. Be warned, there are some things you cannot un-see. The autopsy horrors, baby corpse dissection and other unmentionable dead people footage is the stuff of nightmares, due to drug abuse. Just Say No! Stelvio Massi's next film was 'Arabella, the Black Angel'. With English Subtitles. BA

G449 Dungeon of Virgins (71) aka: Vierges et vampires  aka: Caged Virgins  65 minute English dubbed version of Jean Rollins 'Requiem for a Vampire'. Sexy criminal dames dressed as clowns lose the male in their posse during the high speed chase in the opening, and are lured to a castle by a vampire. Now the two young girls are trapped, and forced to submit in the pit! Wonderfully atmospheric French Horror. Also available in a longer uncut version with English subtitles under the 'Requiem..' title. This version is cut, but English language dubbed.  BA

B760 Ecstasy Inc. (81) aka: Ta' mej doktorn  aka: Heat and Lust: Diary of a Sex Therapist   A swinging couple (a Professor and his wife) with an open marriage, who run a clinic for people with sexual problems, seem to be enjoying all of the perks in pleasures of the flesh. Things turn dark when the Professor starts getting forceful in his sexual liaisons, picking up female hitchhikers (who are in abundance) raping and murdering them. Is his wife an accessory to these grisly crimes? Good and dark sex trash with some explicit soft-core sex. English language dubbed.  BA

G959 Emmanuelle and the Erotic Nights (78)  aka: Emanuelle e le porno notti nel mondo n. 2  An English language dubbed Laura Gemser hosts this Mondo-Type film that follows the usual route looking into the bizarre and unusual practices involving sexual encounters, fantasies and rituals from different locations around the globe. You'll see Gloria Guida and others... Directed by Bruno Mattei and co-written and photographed by Joe D'Amato.  BA

B388 Erotic Games of a Respectable Family (75) aka: Giochi erotici di una famiglia per bene  Donald O'Brien (Dr. Friggin' Butcher himself!) hates his wife so he kills her! Then he meets a hooker (Erika Blanc) and while seeing her, he also sees his dead wife everywhere....WTF? Well it's only one of the rarest of Italian thrillers and definitely worth a look! Four minutes longer than other versions which includes more nudity!  In Italian language and with English subtitles. LBX  BA

G480 Even the Wind is Afraid (68) aka: Hasta el viento tiene miedo   Girls who are  punished by being forced to stay at the boarding school during Spring Break are about to find out that the school is haunted! A revenge seeking former student has returned from the dead! The headmistress is wicked, something is terribly wrong here, and the ghost will chose one of the girl's to be her messenger and living avenger! Chilling soundtrack and a well thought out lesson in the dangers of over the top authoritarianism, and supernatural repercussions we only wish could really happen. Why not? This Mexican Horror has English subtitles.  BA

B413 Evil Senses (86) aka: Sensi  aka: Stripped to Die  A hit man, blackmailed by the mob after a hit, hides out in a brothel where he begins an affair with a mysterious woman (Monica Guerritore). A sex and violence double-cross giallo-type thriller with Mimsy Farmer and Gabriele Lavia (who also directed).   BA

R929 Exorcism at Midnight (66) aka: Naked Evil  Jamaican gangs have unwittingly released a demon that makes people kill themselves in bizarre ways. This was originally a British made voodoo film, cut and pasted with additional footage over here (with Lawrence Tierney). LBX  BA

R862 Eyes of the Panther, The (89) A woman (Daphne Zuniga) is possessed by a black panther. With C. Thomas Howell.  (60 minute story from the Nightmare Classics Series)

G497 Family Saga (06) aka: Familienradgeber  Olaf Ittenbach directs! It's about a family, played by Ittenbach and his actual family in weird situations. Here he and his wife are killing off children they do not want, but continue to produce. It's about as politically incorrect as it gets!  Disgusting and morally reprehensible. Which spells FUN for the Ittenbach fan (although this is not as gory as his other films). And it's a comedy! Amazingly shocking, you will be offended! ! This one is in German language only with no English subtitles.

G308 Fashion Hell (10) aka: The Horny House of Horror  aka: Fasshon heru   Beware this sex den where the women seduce men before they castrate them! Over the top horror/gore presented in a wildly photographed style. Will remind you of 'Beverly Hills Vamps' as far as the plot goes. With English subtitles and some bonus trailers. BA

G24 Fatal Games (84) aka: The Killing Touch  aka: Olympic Nightmare  Beware of the mad hoodie wearing ‘wannabe’ javelin thrower who is on a slaughter spree to murder sports jocks. Set amongst high-school athletes doing their training and routines to bad 80's music (including an 'Eye of the Tiger' like theme song), this slasher stalker reminds of 'Graduation Day' and others from the era. Plenty of gratuitous nudity too! Sally Kirkland and more star. Another gender bender shocker!  BA

M901 Five Women for the Killer (74) aka: 5 donne per l'assassino   aka: Day-Killer  Finally uncut with extra nudity! When a reporter comes home from an overseas assignment, he finds his wife dead and her baby in the hospital. He's sterile, so the kid's not his. But there is still a killer on the loose, killing sexy naked pregnant Euro-babes with sometimes graphically gory relish. Another well made giallo from Stelvio Massi (known primarily for his crime films) and quite the lurid affair. Starring Hammer veteran Francis Matthews and a bevy of beauties including Ilona (Cicciolina) Staller pre-porn. Recommended! In Italian language and with English subtitles. BA

B793 Flame in My Heart, A (87) aka: Une flamme dans mon Coeur  aka: Eine Flamme in meinem Herzen   A woman disintegrates into lust and madness with a sexual nymphomaniac compulsion. Will this lead to her ruin? Shot in a stark black and white. With English subtitles.

G295 Flower and Snake (74) aka: Hana to hebi  A guy who as a child killed a man who was having sex with his mother has a mental condition in which he can only become aroused when he sees women being whipped and abused. That's right. He is a sexual sadist. Full of delirious fetishism and perversion. With English subtitles.

G691 Folies Meurtrières (84) French splatter from the director of 'Ogroff'! A crazed killer hacks and chops up with a pickaxe and a chainsaw! Gore drenched madness with a 'Maniac' inspired finale not to be missed. All out horror and dread and clocks in around 48 minutes. In French language and with English subtitles.

B507 Forbidden Beach (85) aka: Playa prohibida  A sexy widow and her two sons vacation at a seaside beach bungalow. When a man next door starts sleeping with his mother, one of the sons, who likes his mommy a little to much, in ways unnatural, intervenes with ultimately tragic results. The wicked little tyke! This Mexican film stars Sasha Montenegro of a few notable Mexican horror and Santo films. File under 'evil child' genre. With English subtitles.

M927 Formula for a Murder (85) aka: 7, Hyden Park: la casa maledetta   A wealthy female philanthropist (Christina Nagy) wheelchair bound after a scary childhood attack, plans to make a large donation to a church. But there is a scary priest carrying a bloody doll and other weird occurrences haunting her.... Her husband (David Warbeck) married her for money.... and things get crazy when Warbeck goes bonkers. Warbeck shines in this one. A great giallo and now in a beautiful widescreen print.

M991 Frenetic (66) Katherine murders her paralyzed husband by dumping him and his wheelchair off a rocky cliff into the ocean. When she is overheard talking about it by a strange man, he proceeds to blackmail her. But wait, her doctor insists she could not have done this as her husband committed suicide 8 months ago. Psychological thrillers were huge for a good decade after 'Psycho'. A Greek made thriller with English subtitles.

G672 Further than Fear (80) aka: Beyond Terror  aka: Más allá del terror  aka: Terrorgang   Four youthful bikers turn a robbery into a bloodbath. One dies and the other three take a couple hostage.. Cursed by an old woman as she dies (they have killed her too of course), they soon find themselves in a creepy monastery, where some Ossorio looking skeletal zombies rise from the tomb. Weird masturbation from one of the gang. nudity and bloody death, and a head explosion. A superb melding of a violent crime story that segues into supernatural horror. Blind Dead fans take note. Now this Spanish horror has English subtitles!  BAR.

B780 Give Us Tomorrow (78) Familiar formula done right as vicious bank robbers take a bank manager's family hostage to ensure their robbery is a success. The daughter (played by super stunt woman Donna Evans, at least that is what she became later) turns into a nymphomaniac. She's already got a rebellious streak, and takes this opportunity to make it with the younger of the robbers. The inevitable showdown comes..... Sort of like a British  'Fight For Your Life' with the upper-class British being the victims instead of African Americans. With Sylvia Simms, Darren Nesbitt and more. LBX -   BA

B420 Glass Ceiling, The (71) aka: El techo de cristal  The film takes place in the country. Pigs, cows, dogs and horses are part of the background of the film. When Martha's (Carmen Sevilla) husband is on a business trip, Martha is left alone and her imagination takes a turn for the worst. Her neighbor Julie (Patty Shepherd) is also alone, and they hang out with a sculptor. These three become entangled in a spider's web. Of course there are others, like a nubile milkmaid (Emma Cohen) that comes around with her 'jugs' (and sometimes bottles of milk). Martha suspects Julie has killed her husband. A truly weird Spanish Giallo type that tries some different tactics to manipulate the viewer.  English subtitles. BA

R614 Golden Mass, The (75) aka: La Messe Doree  aka: La profonda luce dei sensi    In this dream-like, decadent and erotic picture, a middle-aged couple have invited a number of people to a dinner party that spirals out of control. The meal evolves into an erotic sex fantasy orgy. Extremely weird. Stefania Casini, Lucia Bose and Maurice Ronet star. With English subtitles.  Please note: A few glitches.

M992 Greenhouse, The (83) aka: El Invernadero   A plant loving stalker/creep/picture-taking 'peeping tom' type guy rescues an actress from a bad relationship and before you know it they are going out.  But she will be his destruction as she gets him killed when her past catches up with her.  But he's not dead, and now wants revenge! Or is he dead, and it is his 'beloved' greenhouse 'plants' after the perpetrators? Rare and weird Spanish film.   Now with English subtitles!

B404 Guernica Tree, The (75) aka: L'albero di Guernica   aka: L'arbre de Guernica  During the Spanish Civil War, in the town of Villa Ramiro, the local Count and his Fascist nephews, join the rebels, while other townspeople make their own decisions that will have different outcomes for all involved. Pillaging, destructive strong surreal imagery shot to shock the viewer into the spectacle that is the horrors of war. A desecration of religion, dwarfs in a bullfight and later dwarfs crucified, the horrors of humanity and man's evil indifference and extreme cruelty to man. More madness from Fernando Arrabal! LBX and with English subtitles. BA

B693 Hair of the Beast (10) aka: Die Nacht der Wölfe  The setting: 1665, the New France, in a time when Canada was colonized by France. There is a story to tell here, full of visual splendor, folklore and fantasy, adventure and ... werewolves terrorizing a village! Not enough werewolf movies being made in a period setting anymore, so this one, on the heels of the remake of 'The Wolfman' is worth a look. No cheap affair here, with high production values, costumes, swords etc. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

B709 Halloween Nightmare (15) aka: Harouin Naitomea  Saki lands a job in the publishing industry, which she always wanted, but, she is assigned in the editorial department of an occult magazine rather than a fashion magazine. One day, the magazine plans for a special article on Halloween... Saki knows that an unsolved murder case occurs on Halloween every year...   For the special article, Saki begins to investigate the unsolved case that involves a pumpkin-headed killer.  LBX and no English subtitles so in Japanese language only..  BA

B710 Halloween Nightmare 2 (15) aka: Harouin Naitomea 2  High school student Nanami lives in Tokyo, Japan. She waits for Halloween because she enjoys dressing up in costumes with her friends. One day, Nanami’s father tells her about a mysterious serial murder case (once again the pumpkin-headed killer) that takes place year on Halloween. Her father works as the chief editor at an occult magazine. At first, Nanami doesn't care about the serial murders, but frightening incidents keep taking place around her....  LBX and no English subtitles so Japanese language only.  BA

G689 Heroin (80) aka: The Tunnel  aka: Eroina   aka: Fatal Fix   More Italian made drugsploitation! Helmet Berger and Corinne Clery star in this sordid little ditty about people driven to the dark side due to their undefeatable addictions. Downbeat and miserable with junkies, violent fights, nudity and beatings. One scene has a female shooting up heroin into her crotch area. Look for Francesca Ciardi fresh off filming 'Cannibal Holocaust' as a pusher. Corrine Clery (who was in 'Moonraker' just a year prior to this) strips down to nothing, so there is a very bright spot in a very dark movie. With English subtitles.  BA

R760 Hider in the House (89) aka: En el silencio de la noche  A deranged escapee from the nuthouse (Gary Busey at his demented best!) hides in the attic of a new house and becomes obsessed with the unsuspecting family that lives there. Tremendously entertaining I must say. You'll be rooting for Busey's character. Mimi Rogers and Michael McKean also star.  BA

G256 Hike, The (11) aka: The Hike - Ausflug ins Grauen  A young soldier, Kate (Zara Phythian), returns from a tour in Afghanistan after witnessing her boyfriend's tragic death in combat. With the comfort of her friends, including Torri (Barbara Nedeljacova), she takes the chance to get away on a camping trip to a picturesque, remote area of the British countryside.  What it ends up being however is a fight for survival as they are assaulted and terrorized by some nasty blokes for whom assault and murder is the order of the day. assault and abuse (and a shocker ending) in this thriller that borrows from 'Eden Lake' and 'The Descent'. LBX and with bonus horror trailers. BA

M951 Honeymoon of Horror (64) aka: Orgy of the Golden Nudes   A honeymoon of ecstasy turns into a nightmare.... Shock upon shock brings a thrilling, chilling blood-curdling tale to the screen! At least that is what the tagline says. The new bride of a strange sculptor finds that many of her new husband's friends want her dead. Not to be confused with 1961's 'Honeymoon of Terror'. Filmed in Texas.  BA

G674 Hong Kong Butcher (85) A serial killer taxi driver stalks the women of Hong Kong! This is based on Lam Kor-wan a serial killer who was caught in 1982. He worked as a taxi driver and would pick up his female victims and strangle them with electrical wire, then he would take them home and dismember them. He would keep the sexual organs of his victims in Tupperware containers. Here we have the movie version of his nasty exploits. Sleazy and nasty fun for fans of this type. Slightly LBX and with English subtitles.

G717 Horror Story (93) aka: Krvavý román  Have you seen this wonderful homage to silent cinema? Tales told delightfully, weird and bloody, in the silent fashion, although there are outbursts of sounds from the actors, so this is not filmed silent. Color tints and surreal sets, severed fingers and decapitations, nudity and all in a sometimes fairy tale setting. Dark and comical, you'll be entranced by this Czechoslovakian made oddity. It takes you through the history of cinema, from silents, to the beginning of sound, to present day, in tales from Czech painter, poet and philosopher Josef Vachal. Don't miss this one!  English subtitles.

G737 Horror Story (97) Here is an odd one. Moved to another town, Jamin is now in the 11th grade, living with his alcoholic mother, and the beneficiary of a court-ordered protection from his abusive father. But Jamin is near his breaking point, and a few more negative experiences sets him over the edge. He goes on a murderous rampage of violence and gore. Pat Hingle plays the judge in this North Carolina production. Thing is, this print is from a guy in Italy, who purchased from a guy in Russia. There is a voiceover of Russian speaking over the English spoken dialogue. As far as I know, this is the only way to see this horror story about the repercussions of child abuse. But if you listen, you will hear most of the English spoken dialogue, because he repeats much of it after it is spoken when he does the Russian translation. Not be confused with the Czech film in this same section.

M966 Hot Blood (89) After two bank robbers take hostages, one of them anally assaults the Bank Cashier (in a long sequence). He takes so long they are surrounded by cops when he is done! That won't stop the horny bastard from trying to assault Sylvia (Sylvia Kristel, this being her next film after 'Dracula's Widow'). The other robber is Ricardo, the bank manager's son, and brother of Julio, the fiancé of Sylvia. Can Julio stop the madness? Also with Alicia Moro and Aldo Sambrell.

G78 Hot Blooded (97) aka: Red-Blooded American Girl II  aka: Sin freno  College boy Trent is returning home from the holidays and is side-tracked by a smokin' hot and sexy, homicidal nymphomaniac named Miya (Kari Wuhrer) at a truck stop. On their trail is Miya's perverted and abusive (and estranged) shot-gun toting father (Burt Young in a nasty role). Some hot sex and nude scenes with femme fatale Wuhrer as she seduces Trent to get her way. This film goes from just being unpleasant, to being disturbing, and has a truly downbeat finale. Also with David Keith.  BA

B419 Hotel Fear (77) aka: Pensione Paura  aka: La violación de la señorita Julia   A young girl and her mother run a decaying old hotel during the last days of WW2. When the mother dies, the girl finds herself at the mercy of her sex-crazed guests. She is assaultd. Then, a cloaked killer starts bumping people off. This film maintains a thick and nightmarish atmosphere that makes it seem like a gloomy fever dream at times. Beautiful yet incredibly eerie, oozing constant doom which is intensified by beyond demented characters and a magnificent score. From the director of 'Perfume of the Lady in Black'. This print is Uncut, in Italian language and with English Subtitles. LBX  BA

B508 House of Shadows (75) aka: A Mulher do Desejo  Creepy Brazilian horror about a young guy that inherits a small fortune, as long as he lives in the old man's house for a time. Upon doing so the spirit of the old man begins to possess him.... Time to call the local exorcist! Shades of Lovecraft's 'The Case of Charles Dexter Ward' or rather 'The Haunted Palace' which was based on that story in part. Excellent! With English subtitles.

R863 Human Cobras (71) aka: L'uomo più velenoso del cobra  aka: The Man More Venomous than the Cobra  A gangster is after his brother's killers. Murders begin to occur. Form New York to Africa the story travels. Twists and turns in this Erika Blanc on safari giallo thriller. Easy to follow even with no subtitles. This was formerly a butchered film that had been cut to ribbons. Here we have the restored composite version with stranglings, slashings and plenty of blood. There is also an elephant hunting sequence where a guy gets stomped by a pissed pachyderm. Not only is Erika Blanc along for the ride, you also get Janine Reynaud the voluptuous redheaded knockout who worked with Jess Franco more than a few times. Great ending, did you see that one coming? F.L. BA

B781 I Like Bats (86) aka: Lubie nietoperze   A sexy Polish woman vampire, stalks her victims at night, sometimes dressed as a hooker, hanging out in a transvestite bar. Not pleased with her vampire life, she seeks help from a psychiatrist. One bald guy repeatedly tries to get with her, and is refused. Desperate, he tries to kill her and fails. He'll get his punishment later. She is attacked by a pervert in the park, and she drains him. She goes to the crazy ward full of crazies hoping for a cure, and is subjected to hypnosis and gamma rays....... One weird Polish vampire flick. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

B403 I Will Walk Like a Crazy Horse (73) aka: J'irai comme un cheval fou  The pursuit of faith and the rejection of organized religion. After the death of his mother, a man flees society into the beauty of the wilderness, and falls under the tutelage of a hermit named Marvel. He talks Marvel into joining him in civilization. This film contains many very offensive daydream sequences, disgusting even. A rejection of the institutions of western society. This film contains incest, excrement, a child execution, really strange sex and cannibalism. Another twisted brain-mixer from director Fernando Arrabal. Widescreen and with English subtitles.

B651 Iberian Mushroom, The (82) aka: La seta ibérica  Here we have a bizarre sexy film from Spain. A businessman thinks he hit the jackpot when the nubile and sexy hitchhiker he picked up not only stays at his place for awhile, but she also calls up some of her friends who all arrive.... and proceed to screw him to death. It turns out he has much more than he can handle. With Raquel Evans. Loads of nudity and sex. In Spanish language only.

B800 Il Delitto di Via Monti Parioli (98) aka: A Crime in Monte Parioli   Opens with a tattooed man holding a belt, watching another guy giving it to a woman on a bed. When the sex ends, he wraps the belt around the guy's neck and strangles him. Or is that what we just saw? Then a shot of the Coliseum, so we know we are in Rome. This is a modernized giallo you see. With usual beautiful Italian women, a twisted web of crime and double crosses and a surprisingly identified murderer. Sort of, you may get it early on. This one is Italian language with no subtitles.

B571 Infernal Street (73) aka: Qi sha jie  aka: In der Gewalt der gelben Katzen   Evil Japanese are making Chinese villagers drug addicts by way of their nefarious opium den. A young badass kickin' doctor decides to go toe to toe with the bad guys. Red tinted scenes, music from blaxploitation films, our hero can chop-sockey ears right off his opponents, was that a musical bit from 'Rosemary's Baby'? , and more....  BA

M931 Insatiable Alicia and the Marquis (83) aka: El marqués, la menor y el travesti  The butler covertly sends his daughter Alicia into the rich dwellings he works, she is posing as a wealthy heiress, to hopefully be impregnated by the Marquis so she can marry into his fortune. Alicia falls for the stable boy. Meanwhile there are other women vying for the Marquis affections. The father secludes Alicia with women only... little does he know she also has lesbian leanings. The Marquis likes Claudia, who actually is a man as he will soon find out! This crazy sex film comes in two versions for the price of one! The edited English dub and the Uncut Spanish version.

B463 It's Nothing Mama, Just a Game (74) aka: Lola  aka: No es nada, mamá, sólo un juego  aka: Beyond Erotica   In Latin America, a young proprietor of a sugar cane plantation (David Hemmings), nearly bankrupt and carrying around a childhood trauma, is misbehaving with girls. Obsessed with Lola, he locks her in a pit and forces her to endure humiliations and tortures as he tries to force her to serve him. Haunting mood pieces, sadomasochism, domination and more. He dresses women in bunny suits and hunts them.... how's that sound for an afternoon of fun? Truly twisted entertainment. David Hemmings would be the star of Dario Argento’s ‘Deep Red’ the following year. Now LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

M909 John the Violent (73) aka: Ioannis o viaios   At midnight, on a deserted street in Greece, a beautiful woman is stabbed to death. When the murderer is caught it is made clear he is quite the sexual deviant, pursuing his erotic fantasies through violence. He tries to compensate his deficient manhood with his actions, gaining power over his victims through force. So he's caught, and the powers that be decide poor John is not really wholly responsible for his actions. It's the fault of society. Where will they send him? In Greek with English subtitles.

G912 Keeper of Darkness (15) aka: Tor dei gui mou yan  A man with the ability to see ghosts tries to help them solve their problems so they stay on their side in the netherworld. This set-up, along with his tattooed and white-haired visage, gives him a quirky and charismatic presence, sort of like 'Constantine'. Special effects galore and multiple characters and encounters. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

B369 Kill the Fatted Calf and Roast It (70) aka: Uccidete il vitello grasso e arrostitelo  A young man's infatuation with his mother transfers on to his older sister (Marilu Tolo) when his mother dies. When his older brother finds out, he plots to have his younger brother killed, as he too lusts for his sister. This sordid little tale will lead to a downbeat conclusion. An atmosphere drenched in Gothic settings and dark doings. LBX and with English subtitles. Beautiful print!  BA

M906 Killing of the Flesh (83) aka: Delitto Carnale  A number of people check into a hotel to wait for a scheduled funeral. They get drunk and have sex and behave abominably. Then the first kill. And more. The police won't let anybody leave as they are all suspects. A killing ground has been established. Debauchery on the level of 'Giallo a Venecia' and 'Play Motel'. Moana Pozzi is just one of the sexy ladies involved! More emphasis on sex than violence in this giallo. 83 minutes. In Italian language and with English subtitles.

B355 Killing Striptease (02) aka: Belle da Morire  A strip-club is run by the sleazy Bruno. Bruno gets caught with his pants down when his girlfriend catches him with another woman. Bizarre happenings at a strip-club where all the women are extremely aroused. Crime, sex, revenge and death. This from Italian director Bruno Mattei. LBX and in Italian language only.

G31 Kiss, The (88) aka: El beso  aka: Il bacio del terrore  Amy (Meredith Salenger) is shocked when his mother is killed in a freak accident. Soon  her mother's estranged sister Felice shows up (Joanna Pacula) and starts working her charms on the widowed father. Meredith's friends begin to die in strange ways.... Seems Felice is an evil voodoo slimy witch monster in her spare time, and she needs to continue the bloodline with a kiss! Bloody killings, a pulsating medical dummy, a drooling demon cat, and Pacula performing rituals naked (a real plus!). Finale includes a flame thrower and a hedge trimmer stabbing. Lots of fun!  BA

B715 Klischee (09)  A masked axe murder chops on a woman in the forest in the opening scenes, then takes pictures of her bloody corpse....  Fast forward a guy is trying to pick up a blonde... And a house full of girls...  What could go wrong??  More murders start happening...  Shot on video German horror  - LBX and German language only  

B812 Kyra: The House by the Edge of the Lake (79) aka: Sensitività  aka: Kyra - La signora del lago   Spooky horror from Italian director Enzo G. Castellari. When Lilian was a child, she was out rowing with her mother in a lake and is dropped off on shore. Then, a hand comes from the waters and drags her mother under the murkiness. Flash to the future. Lilian (Leonora Fani, who was in 'Giallo a Venezia' the same year!) returns to the area on a motorcycle. There, she is attacked by a robed man with an axe and is spied upon by a doppelganger. She revisits the site on the same row boat, now moss covered and slimy, and explores the region of archaic gothic misery looking for answers. Creepy cats, ghostly nuns, séance ritual, madness, sex and nudity, amazing old castle-like buildings and more..... With Vincent Gardenia, who may have all the answers! The locals think she is a witch! With English subtitles.

R866 La Ilamada del Sexo (77) aka: Sex Call  aka: Dulcemente morirás por amor  Argentina director Tulio Demicheli contributed many bizarre offerings to the world of cinema before his death in Spain in 1992. Here we have one of his more surreal trippy offerings in the form of a mystery that features murderous lesbians, plenty of nudity and a shock ending. This rare film is available in Spanish language only and with no subtitles so F.L.

M968 Last Desperate Hours (74) aka: Milano: il clan dei Calabresi   Paolo (Antonio Sabato) is a gang boss wanted dead by his rivals. He's a mean son of a gun too, so deservedly so. When an assassination attempt fails, he is bitten by an infected lab rat. Now he has but hours to live. Might as well track down and murder his enemies one by one! One scene with a medical saw kill is a standout, as well as a sweet strangling of a beautiful woman. Of course, he is also after the antidote serum for his hopeful cure. Sometimes when you are this bad, things can't go right. Cool Widescreen English dubbed print! BA

B393 Last Dog of War, The (79) aka: O Último Cão de Guerra   A group of parents hire a mercenary to rescue their daughters from an exiled Nazi that's running a prison camp, where he practices experiments with the girls in his seemingly unstoppable quest to create the master race. Nudity and violence in this, obscure and formerly missing link of Nazi films, this one from Brazil. In Portuguese with English subtitles.

R748 Le Fils du Diable (07) aka: The Devil’s Child  The devil has sent his son to do his dirty work and take over the planet with the help of his guardian, the keeper....  Horror from Haiti that finds a cop in a supernatural mystery that ends pretty bloody.  F.L.

B381 Link (86) aka: Link, el sanguinario  Student Jane (a 23 year old Elisabeth Shue) takes a job at an isolated facility/house on a remote Cornish coast to assist animal researcher Phillip (Terence Stamp). There they reside with chimpanzees and a butler, Link, who is a super-smart orangutan. Link becomes unstable and all hell  breaks loose. The best goddamn killer money flick ever made. Although 'Shakma' may tie it. This is the unreleased UNCUT 110 minute version (15 extra minutes!)  Some scenes in French language and with English subtitles.  We're not just monkeying around here!  BA

G25 Lipstick and Blood (84) From the director of 1964's 'The Devil Doll' (and many others) Lindsay Shonteff! A crazed porno-obsessed weirdo stalks the strip club circuit at night, and eventually takes a stripper hostage. He has another murdered victim in his trunk. On the run with the hooker/stripper, he assaults and threatens her, and delusion sets in, he thinks they are in an actual 'relationship'! Things get even more strange, and eventually he will learn he has fallen for the wrong woman!

R653 Litan (82) aka: Le voleur de visages  Nora and Jock arrive in the strange hillside village of Litan during the festival of the dead. Masked citizens and off-beat characters, coffins flowing in the stream, cemetery crosses are on the rocks and the funeral orchestra of silver masks is playing some surreal music. Mix nightmarish imagery, running, screaming, bloody murders, underground caves and you get something that resembles another twisted Jean Rollins film. This is from France after all.  LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

B532 Liz and Helen (69) aka: A doppia faccia  aka: Double Face  A millionaire (Klaus Kinski) is unwittingly led into murder by his lesbian wife. Is she alive or dead? Sure, listed before, but this 87 minute LBX print is immaculate! A Riccardo Freda directed classic with all of his atmospheric (even Gothic) touches, and co written by Lucio Fulci. Also with Alice Arno, Margaret Lee and more. BA

B402 Long Live Death! (71) aka: Viva la muerte  During the Spanish Civil War, a man is arrested for treason. Fando, the man's son, is shocked to find his mother betrayed his father, which led to his incarceration. Then she tells Fando his father has died in prison. Fando goes on a journey to seek the truth. The world is full of anguish, harsh and horrible, ferociously dangerous and violently perverse. Grotesque torture, violent anti-war statement, biting political sarcasm and blasphemous imagery. From director Fernando Arrabel, and like the films of Alejandro Jodorowsky, quite the mindfuck. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

B510 Loser Takes All, The (02) aka: O hamenos ta pairnei ola   From the director of 'Singapore Sling'! An aging no-good hippie type seduces and sleeps with women before he beds them. The cops beat him up, and later he ends up working for the local strip club. He is enlisted to do some drug deliveries, and uses some of his former conquests, along with a new 19 year old prospect, and they bumble their way through the crimes. Luckily for them, the mobsters and the cops are even more incompetent than he and his gang! Twisted and quite cold at times. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

B763 Lost Soul (77) aka: Anima Persa  aka: The Forbidden Room   Bizarre events at an old mansion, and it is becoming clear that there is something in the attic. A young man studying art in Venice goes to stay with relatives (an elderly Uncle (Vittorio Gassman) and his somewhat younger Aunt (Catherine Denevue)... He has to get nosey about the attic and soon learns that not every secret is something you need to know. Although there is no sex or gore, there is enough disturbing material that almost qualifies this as a Giallo with intimations of incest, child abuse, and the dual nature of man. Splendid little Gothic mystery. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

B464 Love and Crime (69) aka: Meiji · Taishô · Shôwa: Ryôki onna hanzai-shi  The film opens with an autopsy scene with the surgeon meditating on cases of violence involving women. This is the pretext to introduce some short stories of violence committed by women. The best known is the tale of a woman remembered for erotically asphyxiating her lover in 1936 and then cutting off his penis and carrying it around with her (you know, like a rabbit's foot). More tales involve nudity and gore with women as the main protagonists. Disturbing fun, and great little stories of dread. In Japanese language and with English subtitles. LBX

B848 Love Me Strangely (71) aka: Un beau monstre   Alain (Helmut Berger) is a real scumbag that gets his kicks by debasing whichever wife he is attached to at the time. The first, not able to take it anymore, throws herself from a high window. Nathalie (Virni Lisi), his second wife, is not only mentally tortured by Alain, but he is sharing in the fun of the game with his demented willing friend Dino. Could it be Alain has other problems... Another perfect role for Berger, excellent in this type, the cruel son-of-a-bitch role. LBX

M933 Lust for Sex (70) aka: Oso yparhei erotas  A man is washed up on the beach and a young hotel maid named Maria finds him and nurses him back to health. He has lost his memory but it looks like he is a wanted man. Two woman fall for him and intend to help his escape justice. In Greek language and with English subtitles.

G378 Lustful Vicar, The (70) aka: Kyrkoherden  aka: Den svåra prövningen  A witch's daughter takes revenge on a vicar by cursing him with the affliction of having a constant erection. The beginning of the film shows the burning of a witch, who curses the descendants of her judge and prosecutor before she burns. Pretty cool, elaborate, and grim opening for what turns out to be a comedy! So the vicar calls upon the women of the village, to try to take him down, down there. To cure his affliction. To shrink his ... well you get the picture.  This Swedish film was a hit in Sweden in 1970. Here we have it LBX and with English subtitles. BA

B897 Mad in Italy (11) A budding serial killer kidnaps a young lady from a prominent family and holds her captive. This Italian horror mixes genre's from the past with the current. This young woman in the hands of a maniac fights to stay alive. Based on an actual case in which the body was never found and the killer was never caught. 'Mad in Italy' brings to life a serial killer protected by members of the very community he terrorizes in the Italian countryside. The emptiness present in the characters echo the despair of the setting: a country in economic collapse, and people facing hardships and gloom. In Italian language and with English subtitles.  BA

R895 Man, Woman and Beast (77) aka: L'uomo, la donna e la bestia  aka: Spell   Insanity from director Alberto Cavallone, the guy who brought us 'Blue Movie' and 'Blow Job'. There are many characters in this film. A butcher that gets his sexual kicks with big chunks of meat hanging in his freezer, an abusive countryman, a girl pregnant with her father's baby, a hippie hooker, a contented priest. Set in small Italian town, here comes a drifter, a harbinger of change. There is much sexual activity, much exchange of bodily fluids, including a particularly harrowing finale, and along the way a surreal, hypnotic, visceral and existential ride. During a weird town festival, all collides into a sexual sea of disturbing art, madness and death. Could the director be dropping acid? A truly shocking gross-out finale during a sex act will leave you speechless. Excellent quality Widescreen and F.L. - This film is mostly bizarre imagery, nudity and perverted madness. 

G692 Mangled Alive (89) aka: Fatal Exposure   The great grandson of Jack the Ripper is a photographer who murders women and drinks their blood to improve his virility. When he finally meets the girl he wants to start a family with, he uses her to lure more women in, to murder and add to his collection. She is clueless. A good amount of nudity from cute women, and plenty of gory Herschel Gordon Lewis styled gore. Lots of fun for the slasher fan that missed this one. Decapitation, circular saw, electrocution, dismemberment....more.

G671 Mania (74) Horror rarity from director Renato Polselli! A deranged scientist, who has a twin brother, dies in a laboratory fire. The dead scientist had suspected his wife of cheating on him with his brother, now that he is dead his brother tries to take his place. Or is it the scientist back from the dead to torment his cheating wife? He was after-all, conducting experiments on some type of reanimation of tissue through electric waves. Or is this all in her mind, has she gone mad? Frenetic bloody insanity from Polselli with plenty of nudity, screaming dialogues and cutting violent scenes for brutal effect. Some similarities to 'Delerio Caldo', and it was partially shot at the same elaborate villa complete with basement torture chambers, secret laboratories and a labyrinth of tunnels. Death, stabbings, disfigured killers and burned faces, beatings etc. The soundtrack features 70's acid rock, gothic organ music and barking dogs. This is 78 minutes with no English subtitles. Italian language only and some glitches in the master print. BA

G833 Mardi Gras for the Devil (93) aka: Night Trap  A demonic killer has sold his soul over to the dark side, yes my friends, Satan (kind of) , for the powers of invulnerability and Immortality. Sort of like an action film disguised as a horror film, with lots of explosions, chases through back-alleys, a car chase through a deserted train-yard all mixed with some creepy stalking scenes. Robert Davi, Michael Ironside, Lesley-Anne Down, Mike Starr, John Amos and more star.  BA

G44 Maskarada (71) A young man is attracted to an older woman, her very young son is attracted to the young man, while the husband is into guns and violence and also likes to watch people have sex. His wife wants him dead, and she also wants the young man for herself. Weird sex and violence trash from Yugoslavia. Plenty of sex and loads of full nudity, male and female, plays exactly like a Eurotrash film of the same era. With English subtitles.

G946 Medico-Legal Autopsy Parts 1 and 2  (77 & 79)  As graphic as it gets 1977 and 1979 medical army autopsy documentaries both involving crime scenes with corpses and gruesome death footage and photos. The brain. The abdomen. Do not, I repeat, do not eat before viewing. Don't worry about eating after, you won't want to.  Not for the squeamish, the weak,  or the timid. Gaaa! Ugh!

M936 Medium, The (80) aka: Il medium  Obscure horror from the director of 'Amuck" Silvio Amadio! When a famous American composer moves into a mansion in the quiet Italian countryside, supernatural forces awaken, and begin to wreak havoc. Time to call a psychic, in this case Philippe Leroy (as the medium). Belongs in the haunted mansion genre. Nice cast too that includes Sherry Buchanan and Martine Brochard! In Italian language and with English subtitles.

B425 Memoirs of a French Whore (79) aka: La dérobade  aka: La dérobade - Vita e rabbia di una prostituta parigina   Marie (Miou-Miou in an award winning role) is turned into a streetwise, hardened (and hardening) hooker within a few short years by her lowlife scumbag boyfriend (played convincingly by Daniel Duval). From sadistic johns humiliating her, to cruel and abusive gangsters, she does them all, making her tougher, stronger. She teams up with fellow fellatio master Maloup (played by Maria Schneider) to go independent. Things go wrong. This is a grim and ugly picture of prostitution, but the erotic elements are still there, confusing the viewer on just how we should feel about all this women abuse, while the men pretty much get off scott free! An excellent slice of offensiveness delivered with no apologies. In French Language and with English Subtitles. LBX  BA

M973 Messalina Messalina (77) aka: Caligula: Sins of Rome  aka: Messalina - Kaiserin und Hure   Almost all of the sets and props used in 'Caligula' were used here. 'Caligula' came out in 1980, but was filmed in 1976. The co-producer of 'Caligula' Franco Rossellini decided since the sets were still up, may as well shoot a quickie! He used two gals from 'Caligula' and got another crew and actors and made this. So you get a high-production value sex comedy with nudity and soft-core sleaze. Nice quality LBX version.  BA

G282 Mind Fuck (90) A cheating man poisons his wife so he can join forces with a black wizard and his smutty girlfriend. His wife however, won't stay dead and rises from the grave, stalking her killers. She has the ability to kill by placing her hand on someone's head. This turns their brain to chaos making smoke pour from their ears and their eyeballs spin around in their heads. This is the 'Mind Fuck'!   Asian Insanity with XXX hardcore sex as well as English subtitles

M907 Misdeal (69) aka: Maldonne  aka: Evil Woman   A suspense filled cat and mouse thriller loaded with twists and turns and an ironic ending. From the writers of 'Les Diabolique' and starring Elsa Martinelli, Peter Vaneck and Robert Hossein. Some have compared this to Hitchcock's 'Vertigo'. This film is actually much better. LBX

R767 Murderlust (85) aka: Mass Murder  A serial killer, who by day is a handsome Sunday school teacher, abducts young hookers, and when he has had his way with them, he dumps their lifeless corpses in the Mojave desert. At one point he forces a woman to go down on him at gunpoint. Not particularly bloody, but still a rare addition to the 80's slasher genre. BA

G849 Murderous Vision (91) aka: Visioni senza volto  A missing person's case leads a detective onto the trail of a serial killer. This killer enjoys surgically removing the faces of his victims, and storing them within preservative solution filled jars. The detective enlists the aid of a psychic.... Laura Johnson, Robert Culp and more star.  BA

G835 Naked Model Killing, The (78) aka: Sweet Sexual Awakening aka: The Young Tycoon  aka: Gymno fotomodelo   Tina is on vacation in Greece and is obsessed with a boat owner who seems to only bed hookers. She plans to be his next conquest, but when a hooker is found dead, things get complicated when Tina disappears. Great locations but this print is only available in F.L. with no subtitles. Watch for the sequence when a blonde is gorily hung up with lots of blood.  Foot chases, lots of nudity and more. F.L.

G680 Nine Guests for a Crime (77) aka: Nove ospiti per un delitto  Nine guests from a wealthy family are stalked and killed one by one on a remote Mediterranean island, in this virtually forgotten Giallo.  From the director of 'Terror Express’ and 'Treasure of the Four Crowns'.  Arthur Kennedy as the patriarch of the family shares a dark secret with his three sons. A secret that has resurfaced to seal their fate. And Then There Were None. Or were there? Plenty of nudity, sexual betrayals and violent death. Agatha Christie meets Italian Euro-trash Giallo! John Richardson, Venantino Venantini, Rita Silva. Sofia Dionisio and more star. Worth a look! With English subtitles!  BA

B432 One Must Live Dangerously (75) aka: Il faut vivre dangereusement   aka: É Preciso Viver Perigosamente  Offbeat French made thriller about the search for a super diamond that gets mired in a series of murders. There is a scene of an orgy involving jaded aristocrats complete with masks that reminds of the latter 'Eyes Wide Shut', and a poem that goes 'Eyes Shut Wide Open' which seals the deal in Kubrick's partial inspiration. Also plenty of nudity with Annie Giradot, Sydne Rome and Mylene Demongeot! Slightly LBX  BA

G443 Orgia SSadica (84) aka: Orgía sádica  aka: Sadistic Orgies  The opening title has the two SS's written out like the SS Nazi symbol. What we have here is basically a dark horror/porn hybrid. It involves a horny Spanish writer, lots of hardcore sex, a Satanic Nazi cult that kidnaps and tortures women, fake looking skulls and candles, whipping, knife play on tender flesh, swastikas, a devilish witchy mistress and more. Truly bizarre. In Spanish language only with no subtitles. Uncut 95 minute version. BA

B656 Orgies of Dr. Orloff (67) aka: Only a Coffin  aka: El enigma del ataúd   A doctor invites his relatives to his castle, with murder in mind. But he is the one who ends up dead, and his relatives soon realize they too are on the menu of death. They must find the killer before he gets them all. This one should be a Franco film, but someone else has taken the reins, director Santos Alcocer, who directed Boris Karloff the following year in 'Cauldron of Blood'. This one also stars some familiar faces for fans of Spanish cinema. Howard Vernon and Danielle Godet. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

B553 Passengers, The (77) aka: The Intruder  aka: Les passagers  A man and his young son traveling across Europe are stalked and terrorized by an enraged psychopath in a pickup truck. One hair-raising chase scene along narrow mountainous roads (in contrast to our new CGI world) is expertly filmed, suspenseful and worth the price of admission. Based on the novel 'Shattered' by Dean Koontz. Jean Louis Trintignant, Mireille Darc and Adolfo Celi. With English subtitles.

G505 Perfect Love (95) A man explains to the police in flashback what happened to his girlfriend who is now deceased. We see their relationship from the beginning, to the explosive and brutal end. Surely a twisted and dark finale. Sex and nudity ending in darkness. LBX and with English Subtitles.

B811 Perfect Murder, The (92) aka: Det perfekte mord  Film director Pierre with his girlfriend Greta, the mysterious 'G' loving men until they disappear. Soon parallels between the movie and real life is obvious. Men are indeed vanishing. Hey Greta! Maybe you can figure out this mystery that ends in sexual ecstasy? This one from Norway. LBX and with English subtitles.

B696 Photo Scandal (79) aka: Photos scandale  aka: Paris scandale   Juliette (Bridgitte Lahaie) is an ex-prostitute whose twin passions in life are men and money. When she is not indulging in sessions of hot sex, Juliette and her lover Chris plan to blackmail young heiresses by getting them in photos of a sexual nature. Their task is abetted when Juliette's sister Diana (who works as a high-class hooker) supplies the grifter couple with a list of the daughters of wealthy businessmen who are looking for action. Possibly cut and patch according to sources some of the footage from 'Brigade Call-Girls' was also used here. In French with English subtitles.

R777 Photographer, The (74) Originally intended as a 'black comedy', this obscure and mildly exploitative serial killer thriller came and went and was forgotten.  With a sometimes genuinely chilling performance from lead Michael Callan (whose character has 'Norman Bates' level “mother issues”.)  Sort of a mix of 'Peeping Tom' and 'Psycho'. Later remade as 'Double Exposure' in 1983. Barbara Nichols stars in one of her last films before her untimely death.

G285 Pickup, The (68) aka: Pornokatzen  Two women seduce and rob mobsters in Vegas after being taken to a hotel room. The two men trail them, find them, and then torture them in another hotel room. Slickly edited and snappy sharp dialogue in this twisted little roughie. This is in English language with some Swedish subtitles.

M996 Place Among the Living, A (03) aka: Une place parmi les vivants   A mediocre pulp novelist named Ernest is approached by a stranger claiming to be a serial killer with a proposition to chronicle his crimes. He claims to be the guy behind a series of killings, some of blonde models. Ernest sees maybe an opportunity to finally write something marketable. Valerie Kaprisky plays the tough cookie publisher. LBX and with English subtitles.

B873 Playbirds, The (78) aka: The Playbird Murders  Mary Millington was the hottest sex star around, so they followed up 'Come Play with Me' with a sex killer thriller! A sadistic murderer is slaughtering the starlets that appear on the cover of porno-king Harry Dougan's Playbirds magazine, with a number to indicate the death toll carved into their heads. Mary Millington is the lure to catch the killer before more bodies start piling up. She is closer to the hands of the killer than she even realizes. One sequence has a naked woman strangled to death in a bath tub. From Tigon films. Glynn Edwards and Derren Nesbitt. Millington would kill herself the following year at age 33.  BA

B784 Porco Mondo (78) aka: Puerco mundo  More Eurotrash from director Sergio Bergonzelli! A corrupt senator (William Berger) with a campaign for immorality has issues... His problem?  He's a pervert of course.  He invites slut drug bitch Manuela (Karin Well of 'Burial Ground' and more) and two of her boyfriends to one of his orgies. They only want to frame him. But when he tries to put the moves on one of the guys (Hey whoa there buddy!) they end up killing him. His son shows up and shoots Manuela, but the Senator's daughter, her former lover, saves her life.... More outrageous developments.... and plenty of sex and nudity, of course.  Arthur Kennedy, Alida Valli and more star. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

M913 Porn Shop on 7th Avenue (79) aka: Il porno shop della settima strada  aka: Pleasure Shop on the Avenue  Two amateur armed robbers steal $5,000 from NY's red light district, only to discover it was an intended protection payment to the mob. With Mafia hit men after them they seek shelter in a sleazy sex shop....  A few hostages later and in a remote cabin, things go “Last House on the Left”....  Joe D’Amato sleaze!!  Uncut version now in an English dubbed version with no subtitles.  BA

G945 Professor Rasputine (81) Remember 'Ecstasy Inc'?  This is the same film, but very different! While the running times are close, the films are quite different.  Okay, now, add XXX as each woman he picks up, he scores in intense hardcore scenes, before he murders his beautiful victims and dumps their bodies. Both versions of this film run longer than the IMDB listing. A bizarre and different French sex film. Also with Marilyn Jess, French Sex Queen. F.L. (the soft-core print is English language dubbed).

G251 Psycho a Go-Go (65) Five robbers throw the loot in an uninvolved truck, their only path to a clean getaway. Later they engage in double cross as they track said truck to retrieve the jewels. A home invasion ensues and our gang of miscreants begin to meet their ends culminating in spectacular chase fashion. Joe Morton as Joe Corey is the gang member that goes 'psycho', and he acts like a crazy Jack Nicholson before well, even... Jack. The only other role he ever had was 'The Rapist' in the 1972 film 'Fuzz'. (Talk about typecast!) Splendid trash.

G899 Resurrecting the Street Walker (09) An ambitious young filmmaker discovers a lost and unfinished film called 'The Streetwalker' from the 1980's and thinks it is a good idea to finish the film and release it. The original director committed suicide. Upon further inspection he realizes some of the killings on the old film look a little too real.... The film is about a man who kidnaps tortures and murders women. Finishing this film will lead to a certain type of madness, and things will not end well. This is told as a shockumentary. LBX

G675 Return of the Demon (87) aka: Mo gao yi zhang  When three treasure hunters accidentally resurrect a demon, the creature sets out to collect the souls of 49 people thus ensuring it immortality. Brains seep out of corpses, bodies explode, a man turns into a werewolf/wild dog hybrid, ghosts attack and more. Can the Taoist Priest and his disciple stop the evil entity from fulfilling it's evil scheme? LBX and with English subtitles.

R922 Return of the Living Dead 3 (93) aka: Le retour des morts-vivants 3   After being killed in motorcycle accident, a young man brings his hot girlfriend (Melinda Clarke) back to life. Of course there are more zombies to contend with as well in this much-loved and gore-drenched special effects classic.  UNRATED Version Never on DVD! If you have the DVD release, it is most likely cut! Here is the Unrated Version that runs just about 97 minutes.  BA

G586 Road to Eden, The (95) aka: Der Weg nach Eden  This documentary is about what happens to us after we die, in a clinical sense. Those who handle the corpses and 'post' process them. Similar to Nacho Cerda's 'Aftermath' except this film uses real corpses instead of special effects. The law in Hungary requires that the cause of death be determined for every patient that dies, so all corpses have to be meticulously dissected, no appendage is untouched. Filmed in Budapest, this lets the mortician share his views on the state of being dead. This is some really gross-out and real stuff, so be warned. Not a film you want to watch before a meal, unless you are forcing a diet. This is the stuff of all your nightmares.  Slightly LBX and with English subtitles.

G37 Run if You Can (87) aka: Corre si puedes   A woman sees snuff via satellite T.V and alerts the police who are already on the search for a serial killer. Lots of nudity and sleaze as our killer does his thing. Effective and quirky little thriller with Martin Landau and lots of sexy victims.  BA

G941 Russian Autopsies (??) In a Russian morgue, brains are dissected, intestines removed.... and even more horrors.... Also a short video of a flesh-eating drug virus shown in extreme gory detail! Aaaag! Russian language and no subtitles.

G693 Satanic Fear (90) aka: Miedo Satánico   Horror from Argentina. A nun gives birth to the devil's child. They try to kill the baby, but fail. Meanwhile the nun has turned into a demonic monster. The baby is very dangerous! Heads crushed, stabbings, nudity and more in this over the top fear fest. No Subtitles on this one sorry. F.L.

B394 Satanik (68) Dr. Bannister (Magna Konopka) is old and withered with a nasty scarred face. Luckily a youth serum is developed by a professor she knows in Madrid, a cell regenerator. Experiments on animals, proves it works, but also with the side effect of violent behavior. When the professor won't let her test it on herself, she kills him and steals the serum. Now she's a hot dame, but also a murderous monster! Finally a stunning widescreen print with Magda Konopka's nude scene intact! In Italian language and with English subtitles. Pupi Avati was the assistant director on this. Super Sharp LBX BA  (also available in a decent English dubbed print - specify or this subtitled print will be sent)

R783 Savage Hunt (78) aka: C.I.A. Verschwörung  From Director Romano Scavolini the guy who brought us the blood bath known as 'Nightmare in a Damaged Brain' which he made after this. An American photographer unwittingly brings footage of torture by the Greek military into the U.S.A. along with America's involvement in it. He is pursued by thugs who leave a trail of bloody murders in their wake. In the opening scene a man is having a large instrument inserted into his penis as he screams in pain. Yowch! Has foreign subs but is dubbed into English!

G631 Scarred (83) aka: Underground in L. A.  When a sixteen year old turns to prostitution to support her baby she finds herself in the world of thugs, street-scum and low-life pimps. Actually captures the streets in a sleazy 'Taxi Driver'/'Midnight Cowboy' sort of way and you actually feel for the young whore. Can she maintain her hope since her dignity is shot? She even ends up  in a science fiction porno parody to make some coin. Pretty sleazy and hard hitting. If all of this was not scary enough...two of the depressingly awful songs were written and sung by Tootie from the 'Facts of Life'. God please no!!  BA

G862 Scream Again (93) aka: Sworn to Vengeance  Sergeant Stewart (Robert Conrad) is investigating a triple homicide and consults a psychic (Sharon Farrell) who has had visions of the murders. Sergeant Stewart, even when taken off the case, relentlessly pursues the ones responsible for the heinous crimes..... He has made a commitment to the dead, and is 'Sworn to Vengeance'! Also with William McNamara. .

M998 Season for Assassins (75) aka: Il tempo degli assassini  aka: Die wilde Meute  Hoods (led by Joe Dallesandro) terrorize a community. Police Commissioner (Martin Balsam) is on the case to catch the punks in the act. This film is now available in a nice Widescreen version with English subtitles. The subtitles are complete, but added lines of nothing are on there too, so the subtitles are a bit messed up. BA

B515 Season of Terror (69) aka: Gendai kôshoku-den: Teroru no kisetsu  An indolent young man sleepwalking through his hedonistic life with two girlfriends is suspected of revolutionary political activities and is shadowed by police agents. All is not what it seems, and things escalate rapidly into a tale of betrayal, violence and depravity. Just what one would expect from the director of 'Violated Angels'. This among his best. LBX and with English subtitles.

G534 Secrets of a Vice Cop's Wife (69) aka: I am a Call-Girl  aka: Champagner für Zimmer 17   The hooker-humping begins within 2 minutes as the opening credits roll! A literal stable of beauties lusciously on display here in this German soft-core sex film! Aggressive Hooker's making a buck the Hard Way! Powerful men seek out the sweetest women in this one. But it's not all fun and games, there is a killer of women on the loose! He strangles one of the girls, and suffocates another by cramming her mouth full of sand! + Bonus Trailers! LBX and with English subtitles.

M970 See Here My Love (79) aka: Écoute voir...  A female Marlow detective type (Catherine Denevue) investigates a sect (The Church of the Final Revival) that uses some type of mind-control ray to brainwash their disciples. Weird and unexpected French science fiction mystery. At one point Catherine Denevue's character makes out with a 19 year old Anne Parillaud (Innocent Blood). LBX and with English subtitles.

R872 Sex Crimes (92) A vicious serial killer prowls the night striking terror into the hearts of the hopeless hookers that work the streets of Hollywood. Biker outlaws, sordid political corruption and serial killer killings culminate in a fiery showdown in the desert.

G290 Sex for Sale (92) aka: Spider Force  And why not? Police are hunting for ruthless drug traffickers who are also pimps who victimize girls, forcing them into the sex trade. Manic madness and action scenes mixed with plenty of nudity and lesbianism adds up to quite a dark, and even creepily erotic offering here. Slightly LBX and with English subtitles.

B705 Sex of the Dead: Enormous Breast Zombie Girl  (14) A Living Dead Girl walks the streets and is captured and caged. There are flashbacks and we also see pretty similar activity that was played out in the other 'Sex of the Dead' film listed here. Extremely gross and bloody stuff here.....Lightly fogged, probably the lightest fogging I have ever seen in these types, you still see everything. Offensive and horrifying sexual fetish stuff? Maybe. F.L. and LBX

B704 Sex of the Dead: Tragedy Which Attacked the Couple (15) Blood drenched sex film with very light fogging so you can pretty much see. A buxom Japanese girl is captured and finds herself in a room of horny, dripping with blood, zombies. It is now time to have sex with the dead! After about an hour of grueling gross pleasure, her boyfriend comes to the rescue. But she is now dead, beaten and bloody. Her troubles are just beginning as her corpse is now the subject of a necrophiliac who does unspeakable perversions to an open wound in her breast....! Things get even weirder sexually when she wakes up as a horny dead girl... F.L. and no English needed here. Yikes!  Over 2 hours long and with a shock ending- as if all of this wasn’t shocking enough!!!  LBX

B382 Sexy Cat (73) This obscure and bloody Spanish giallo type is full of so many cool touches it must be seen! An artist thinks another guy has ripped off his ideas for an erotic action comic called 'Sexy Cat' so he hires a private detective. But the artist is murdered, and bodies start to pile up in a grand old fashion with various causes of death.... spear guns, iron (cat) claws, deadly snakes, suffocation, cut throats, gouged eyeballs... and sightings of a strange figure dressed in a cat suit that may be involved in the mayhem. Beautiful LBX and English dubbed print at last! An absolute must!  BA

G503 Sexy Twin Girls (93) Women are caught up in war in medieval China. When soldiers attempt to assault one younger helpless girl, a tough lady rescues her and takes her home with her. After the lady's husband returns from a battle and dies in her arms, the two women start a sexual relationship. When another man tries to score with the younger women, jealousy leads to murder. Lots of sex and nudity plus an evil witch enters the scene and causes even more trouble. With English subtitles.

B741 Shadow of a Doubt (93) aka: L'ombre du doute  A troubled twelve year old girl with a wild imagination, suddenly accuses her father of sexual abuse. Holy crap. The parents are horrified and cannot understand her motivations. A tenacious social worker is determined to get the facts and figure out the situation..... Meanwhile..... In French language and with English subtitles.

B657 Shadow of Illusion (70) aka: Ombre roventi  A cute model named Gail (Daniela Giordano) is invited to Cairo for a business deal working for a company called Isis Cosmetics. But this company is really an evil cult, and she is the mirror image of Isis, a reincarnation even, in their minds. One of the cult leaders is played by the splendid Krista Nell, the beauty who starred in many a film (the last being 'The Bloodsucker Leads the Dance' in 1975, her last). Poor Krista was felled by leukemia at only age 28 in 1975. Anyway, Gail wants to see the sights, and gets a cool cat professor (played by William Berger) to escort her around, trying to stay one step ahead of the evil cult. But evil has a tendency to get it's way........  A super surreal horror filmed in the exotic locales of Egypt. Finally a nice English dubbed print with Japanese subtitles.  BA

G194 ShadowHunter (93) aka: Cazador de sombras  An L.A. cop, burned out on the job and his life in shambles, (Scott Glenn in another great role) is sent to an Indian Reservation for a simple prisoner transport. A killer (Benjamin Bratt) who escapes. Now he is on the trail of the shape-shifter killer, and is aided by a female (Angela Alvarado) who is the lead Indian Tracker.  Robert Beltran and more star. BA

M915 She Has Your Likeness (04) aka: À Ton Image  Ridden by guilt for not being able to bare a child, a wife (Nastassia Kinski) decides to try cloning. Her new daughter is identical to her, grows rapidly, and begins to replace her mother.... Of course the cloned daughter is creepy as hell and will try to seduce the husband (Christopher Lambert). Truly bizarre. Remember there were a few 'dangers of cloning' movies there for awhile. Over here in the U.S. we had Robert De Niro in the cloning horrors movie 'Godsend' the same year. This one is from France so it is in French and has English subtitles.  BA

R910 Shock Treatment (73) aka: Traitement De Choc  aka: L'uomo che uccideva a sangue freddo   Doctors at a rejuvenation clinic on a cliff filled shoreline discover a formula that will prevent aging. But it requires harvesting  the blood and body parts of young men....Alain Delon and Annie Giradot star. Plenty of sex and lots of nudity! LBX and with English subtitles!  BA

G592 Silent Madness (84) aka: Beautiful Screamers  The girls of Delta Omega have a 'Hell Night' for real when a frenzied psychopath strikes them with violent carnage. Now, twenty years later, the mute, deranged killer has come back, escaping from an insane asylum, to repeat his grotesque, bloody brand, of 'Silent Madness'. With Belinda Montgomery, Viveca Lindfors and Sydney Lassick. Misogynistic and cruel murders in this obscure slasher, with a shock ending too!  BA

G419 Situación Límite (82) Opens with a guy stalking a woman at night, A band of robber's take refuge in a plush hotel. This is an excuse for plenty of soft core sexual situations to occur, in between the bursts of violence. The robber's round up hostages. A violent end is in store for all of the bad guys. Or.... This rare Spanish Sex/Crime film is in Spanish language only with no subtitles.

G956 Slavers (78) aka: Razza schiava  With the popularity of 'Roots; and 'Mandingo' comes 'Slavers' . This is not the cut to ribbons U.S. release but an uncut LBX 94 minute version. Here we have yet another story of lust, power and revenge in the days of the slavers. Britt Ekland, Ray Milland, Ron Ely and more star. Cameron Mitchell is a slaver whose cruelty knows no bounds. Kidnapping peaceful villagers, his band of cut-throats go on a rampage both plundering and raping until Tarzan.... er I mean Ron Ely, executes final justice. One scene has a powerful slaver played by Ray Milland, casually shooting slaves in a pond as entertainment for his guests. Fairly uncompromising and brutal. LBX BA

M916 Smile Before Death (72) aka: Il sorriso della iena   After her mother's suspicious suicide, a pretty young woman (Jenny Tamburi) shows up at her villa and finds her widowed stepfather is carrying on with her mother's sexy photographer friend (Rosalba Neri). They plan to kill her but she has a sinister plan of seduction and revenge unbeknownst to them, and may just get the upper hand in this sleazy giallo type. The ending is a genuine surprise. Finally a beautiful widescreen print!  Essential.  BA

G381 Snake and Whip (86) aka: Dan Oniroku hebi to muchi  A beautiful woman accepts a lucrative secretary job. When she is sexually harassed by her boss, she smacks him. He later captures her to make her his submissive sex slave. He will make her feel like a common animal! A twisted exercise in dominance and submission as her powerful boss gets his revenge. LBX and with English subtitles.

B383 Specter of Terror (73) aka: Deviazione  Maria Perschy, straight off the set of 'Hunchback of the Morgue' steps straight into another tale of horror, this time without Paul Naschy! A maniac living in a house where he dangles baby dolls by strings and displays naked women on the walls, stalks and strangles pretty ladies. He keeps a bathtub full of acid in his creepy basement to dissolve the bodies of his victims. One of the rarest of the Spanish Horror films. Director Jose Maria Elorrieta was also responsible for 'Feast of Satan' and 'The Curse of the Vampires'. In Spanish language and with English subtitles.  BA

G79 Stealth Hunters (91) A businessman creates a horde of zombie killers that massacres a platoon of soldiers. The only survivor teams up with a group of teenage campers to finish this battle.  BA

G244 Street Asylum (90) aka: Ryder  Playboy Playmate of 1984 Roberta Vasquez plays a hot dominatrix who wears a long trench coat  when visiting her 'bad' boys. What? The Plot? Oh, right. Cybernetic mind-control devices are being implanted into an elite anti-crime/anti-terror team. They are now ready to annihilate terrorists, muggers, pimps, thugs and scumbags. But they are also being programmed to self-destruct! Wings Hauser, Alex Cord and Brion James also star.  BA

B610 Subconscious Cruelty (00) Twisted insanity in four parts. Ovarian Eyeball: a naked woman is sliced by a sharp blade and an eyeball is removed from her belly. Human Larvae: a deranged man hates his pregnant sister so much he kills her and her newborn during the birthing process. Rebirth: a group of naked people roll around in bloody mud. Right Brain/Martyrdom: in which religious symbolism is associated with sex and bloody gore. Violently splatterific, offensive, disturbing, sacrilegious, eaten alive death, and very vile. Nice. You have been warned. This may be the most graphically disturbing film you will ever see. A complete brainfuck. English dubbed terror from Sweden. + trailer BA

G275 Succubus: The Demon (06) After the death of his wife to a horrible disease, a man begins to see visions of her after wandering into the world of the occult.... To forget the death of a loved one can be very hard. But this time, staying dead is even harder. Cold and frosty Finland made horror LBX  and with English subtitles. 

G477 Suffer, Little Children (83) The Power of the Devil in the Hands of a Child! An evil mute child arrives at a children's home and promptly terrorizes the other children with her demonic powers, recruiting children for Lucifer.. Obscure and cheap British made oddity that includes zombies, a 'Suffer, Little Children' theme song, as well as Jesus Christ himself showing up to put an end to all this nonsense! I must say, there is nothing quite like this SOV British oddity. 

B814 Surreal Estate (76) aka: Sérail   aka: Serial   A novelist looking at real estate finds a crusty old mansion in the woods. A demented woman gives him a tour of the place, with added acted out history. She runs away from him. He returns another time as he sees this as potential source material. This time he finds a different woman on the grounds, gardening. She promises to reveal all. She says the other woman does not  exist. He thinks they are trying to trick him. Are these girls phantoms that come with the house? If so, he's in, they are both quite hot. He buys. But they have plans of their own... Leslie Caron, Bulle Ogier, Marie-France Pisier, Marilyn Jones and Pierre Baudry star. LBX and some English language, and some English subtitles.  BA


R691 Survive! (76) aka: Supervivientes de los Andes  An Uruguayan rugby team crashes in the Andes Mountains. It's cold. People die. Ya' gotta' eat. So they cut up the bodies and make jerky. (And why not?) This is the Uncut Spanish language version, 26 minutes longer than the American version! Not really a horror movie, there is a little heart in this cold tale. Cooked well. Okay, I meant human survival/moral struggles and all that. F.L.  BA

R692 Survive! (76) aka: Supervivientes de los Andes  English language version of this 'plane crash survivors turn cannibal' film. Would you eat human flesh to survive? Now LBX - Shorter by over 25 minutes than the Spanish language version.  BA


B823 Tarot (73) aka: Terror in Darkness  aka: Erica... un soffio di perversa sessualità   Beautiful blonde Angela (Sue Lyon) marries a rich old blind man (Fernando Rey), after an attractive male servant convinces her it's an easy score. They start to rip him off, blind, and things are going to get even crazier. The servant is also having sex with the housekeeper (Gloria Grahame who at this stage in her career was in some real horror gems). Things are going to end terribly.... It's in the cards. English language dubbed.  -  full frame print.  BA

B882 Tears for Electra (66) aka: Dakrya gia tin Ilektra  18 year old Electra is devastated when her father's new chauffeur romances her mother, after the family money, and is the cause of her father's death. She crashes her car as her mother marries the chauffeur, intending to just end it all. During her recovery she reflects on her past, and finally decides that sweet revenge is the best and only option! So she leaves the hospital and starts to weave her deadly trap! 22 year old Greek Beauty Zoe Laskari is Electra. She also posed nude for Greek Playboy in October 1985! In Greek and with English subtitles.  BA

G124 Tender Dracula, or Confessions of a Blood Drinker (74) aka: La grande trouille   aka: The Big Scare  Two writers and their girlfriends visit the castle of an actor (Peter Cushing) who specializes in playing vampire roles. As the night progresses, they begin to wonder if the man is an actor playing a vampire, or a vampire playing an actor. Nudity, sex and blood, and the weirdest film Peter Cushing was ever a part of (and he really seems to be enjoying himself!). With a shock ending that comes out of outer space! This French made film is not the usual quality offered, but is in good enough shape to check out, and this is the rare English dubbed version. Also with Alida Valli. 1974 was a busy year for Cushing, Hammer, Amicus and more.

B398 Thirst of Passion (91) aka: aka: Жажда страсти   aka: Zazda strasti  Spooky haunted house horror from Russia! A police inspector, along with the help of a doctor, investigates the mysterious death of a troubled woman who was dealing with supernatural and demonic forces. Hypnotic, spooky and mysterious as the battle for her immortal soul begins. Dripping with atmosphere straight out of Poe or Lovecraft with candles, thunder and lightning, a sinister mansion... more. In Russian language and with English subtitles.

B815 Threshold of the Void (72) aka: Le seuil du vide  A woman goes to Paris to become a pretentious artist and rents a room at a price that is too good to be true, with one caveat. There is a locked door she cannot enter. Of course she does. Drawn into a black void of another world for spells, when in the real world she now can paint better than ever. But at what price? 'Rosemary's Baby' meets 'She'/'Dorian Gray' by way of 'Alice in Wonderland'. This slow-burn hallucinatory mind trip leads to a satisfying payoff. LBX and with English subtitles.

R695 Thriller Zone (95) A trilogy of terror tales cobbled together from various sources with no wrap-around story. First! The Last Hand - a poker player sees a dead guy at the table amongst the other players.... Next: The Final Hour - William Forsythe is appealing his murder conviction. A twist and a surprise ending here. Then the last story: Fanatical Extremes- a patchwork shortened version of the Joe Spinell/Caroline Munro film 'The Last Hour Show'!

G678 Tigress, The (69) aka: La tigresa  A woman becomes 'The Tigress' after her father is murdered by a brute who possesses a scar on his back, who also assaultd her the same night. Violent and sleazy 1969 film filmed in New York City with catfights, shootings, beatings... even a nasty decapitation of a guy who messes with a gang boss's girl. This Spanish made/American lensed production comes with English subtitles.  BA

B430 To Be Twenty (78) aka: Avere vent'anni  Two beautiful young women (Gloria Guida and Lilli Carati) flirt around and tease and things end terribly for the both of them. Extremely Sexy and Shocking both! As we know, Carati went into some other exploitation films and then to porn. She died in 2014 of brain cancer. Previously in another update we had the cut English language dub of this classic. Here is the Uncut Italian Language version with English subtitles. Each version stands on it's own, but this one is longer, better and darker. Some would say our sexy heroine's get what is coming to them, at least that seems to be what the filmmakers intended. This film is highly recommended if you missed it. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

G834 To the Limit (97) aka: Al Limite  Spanish-French thriller set in Madrid, where late night radio talk-show host Elena (Beatrice Dalle) gets a call from serial killer Javier Barea (Juanjo Puigcorbe, best-known for his comedy roles) who claims he will kill within the hour. Lawyer Maria Ramos (played by Spanish soap-opera star Lydia Bosch) is listening to the radio and immediately assembles an investigating team that includes Javier himself. Maria begins to suspect he's the killer, but she is simultaneously attracted to him. How long until she becomes the next victim? Obscure Spanish made Horror Thriller. Makes use of some rock music as part of the soundtrack using Aerosmith's 'Mama Kin' and 'Radar Love' from Golden Earring. LBX   F.L. only on this title  BA

B399 Too Beautiful To Die (88) aka: Sotto il vestito niente II  Sylvia, a sexy model, is assaultd by a powerful businessman with the help of some colleagues, and then killed. Later, people who were present for this dark deed start to turn up dead. Flamboyant colors, good 80's soundtrack, a mixture of the giallo with the music video industry mixing it up into a violent and tasty blend of sexy beautiful woman, misogyny and violent death, images and sound. Amazing new LBX print. 

G257 Toothless Vampires, The (87) aka: Wu ya jiang shi  A group of toothless vampires plot schemes to get their fill of blood.  Comedy  LBX and with English Subtitles.

M918 Touch Me Not (74) aka: The Hunted  aka: Una secretaria para matar   A sadistic knife wielding killer pursues a sexy lady (Lee Remick) in a twisted hunt, as he considers her his quarry, and therefore, his trophy when he gets her. Throw in some espionage and a surprising ending and we get a little known thriller that needs to be revisited.   BA

G679 Toxic Love (83) aka: Amore tossico   This film chronicles the alienating and repetitive world of a group of nasty heroin addicts in Rome. Many of the actors are real drug addicts, and many of them today are really dead from Aids or other drug related complications. Swallowed by the abyss of doom. One woman shoots up in her neck on camera, for real! There are also some bloody stabbings and beatings, shootings... whatever it takes. Injects some humor with it's dopey tale of dread. Sobering for a junkie I would think? Grim Hard-hitting Italian Drugsploitation.  LBX and with English subtitles.

G679 Toxic Love (83) aka: Amore tossico   This film chronicles the alienating and repetitive world of a group of nasty heroin addicts in Rome. Many of the actors are real drug addicts, and many of them today are really dead from Aids or other drug related complications. Swallowed by the abyss of doom. One woman shoots up in her neck on camera, for real! There are also some bloody stabbings and beatings, shootings... whatever it takes. Injects some humor with it's dopey tale of dread. Sobering for a junkie I would think? Grim Hard-hitting Italian Drugsploitation.  LBX and with English subtitles.

R761 Trapped (82) aka: Baker County, U.S.A.  A group of college students cross paths with a redneck in the wilderness chasing his wife's lover and wind up being hunted. The local sheriff is kin, so our little students are screwed. Sort of like 'Deliverance' meets 'Hunter's Blood'. Henry Silva is the leader of the bloodthirsty inbred hillbillies. A classic of it's type. LBX  BA

B471 Traveler's Evening (79) aka: I viaggiatori della sera  aka: Los viajeros del atardecer   A retirement village seems to be too good to be true. When the village guests begin to disappear, the remaining guests become suspicious. Orso (Ugo Tognazzi) and Nicky his wife (Ornello Vanoni) each start to screw around on each other. Orso finds out that his lover is in cahoots with a secret organization. Could they be the people behind the missing guests? Meanwhile, his wife has been selected.... LBX and with English subtitles. BA

M946 Truth According to Satan, The (71) aka: La verità secondo Satana  Gee finally the longest version known to man (or Satan!). 87 minutes long with extras that include English subtitled interviews with director Renato Polselli (who passed in 2006) and Rita Calderoni, plus deleted scenes! Truly twisted sexual madness and death giallo type from the ultimate master of Italian sleaze cinema! See reviews in other consolidation. A must! What more could anyone want? LBX and with English subtitles. BA

M900 Two Masks for Alexa (71) aka: Fieras sin jaula  aka: Two Males for Alexa  aka: Due maschi per Alexa   A young woman (Rosalba Neri) marries the wealthy father of a university friend, but then falls in love with a guy closer to her age. Distraught, her husband plots to frame the young adulteress for his murder, by sealing the lovers in a room in an isolated villa, with his fresh corpse. This alternate composite version has more nude scenes with Rosalba (which is a good thing!). LBX and in Italian language with English subtitles.  BA

G877 Unlawful Passage (94) aka: Terrore in alto mare   This one reminded me of the classic at sea suspense thriller from 1989, 'Dead Calm'. A well-off couple (Lee Horsley and Felicity Waterman)  hire a shady Texan to help them sail their boat back to New York. Their new Captain brings along a buddy, who has a whole lot of cocaine he is smuggling, this of course not known by the clueless couple. Trouble, of course, in store for all. Waterman provides some nudity. Menace at sea!

R881 Unrated: The Movie (09) A would-be wannabe film-maker wants to make a movie with some hot chicks. Then, an evil book appears, summoning a plethora of monsters and evil beings who commence to go on a murderous blood-soaked rampage. Plenty of T&A mixed in with all the violence. Timo Rose and Andreas Schnaas co-directed, and with films like 'Goblet of Gore' and 'Midnight's Calling' between them, you know what to expect. LBX - F.L.

G77 Untot: Undead Unleashed (09) More splatter gore from Germany with axes to the face, rambling walkers, intestine pulling and munching zombies, suffering wiggling victims, cranium crushing, shotguns to the head, and buckets and buckets of grue and blood. In German language only but it is mostly just carnage and survival. LBX BA

G13 Urge to Kill, The (89) A Super-Computer (called 'S.E.X.Y') gets jealous and begins to murder it's competition! Namely, the female singers that hang around 'her' creator. Death by electric toothbrush, shower scalding, sunbed exploding breast bake and more. Obscure. Small Time-Coded numbers run top of screen left.

R589 Vampire of Dusseldorf, The (65) aka: Le vampire de Düsseldorf  aka: the Secret Killer  Robert Hossein stars in this tale of a serial killer set in 1930's Germany, much like the Fritz Lang thriller 'M'. Hossein is excellent in his role as the killer of women Peter Kuerten prowling the dark streets for his unwitting victims (although some of the sleazy backstreets were filmed in Madrid). Marie France Pisier plays a cabaret singer complete with top hat and a whip. Finally LBX and with English subtitles. 

B792 Vengeance Demon (69) aka: Fukushûki  A brother and sister live as outcasts from their hamlet due to the belief that madness and disease runs in their blood. A group of villagers make a move on their property, beating and hanging the brother and gang-raping the sister. Leaving the brother for dead, and scheming to kill the sister and making both look like an accident is the plan. But the brother has survived, he is pissed off, and he has a sword! His mission. To murder them all. Of course!  LBX and in Japanese language and with English subtitles.

B566 Viaggio Sexploitation Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 (10) An egg from outer space infects the villagers of Viaggio. Agent Danger is assigned by the Agency to investigate on the case and find the antidote to the virus. PART 2: It emerges that the National Lottery has been manipulated for years by the aliens, who finally get to open a gate and disembark onto the planet they want to conquer. The fecundating alien injects his semen in the body of Dr. Moreau's assistant, thus giving birth to a new breed that carries genes capable of saving both planets. However, the biker Osso, the woman's lover, kidnaps her, causing the degeneration of the semen and the subsequent metamorphosis of the assistant into a rabid dog. Now her insatiable hunger for human and alien flesh ignites a chain of murderous furious violence! This one will leave you speechless with the OTT violence and nudity. LBX and with English subtitles.

R785 Voyage into the Beyond (80) aka: Viaje al más allá  The first in a trilogy made by a specialist in parapsychology. Spanish made paranormal horror about a scientist professor type investigating supernatural happenings that have resulted in some violent deaths. Nudity, exorcism, impalings and more. Rare and in Spanish language only with no subtitles. LBX

R807 Warning Sign (85) aka: Contact mortel  A research facility goes into lockdown because of a contamination breach. Now locked up, we have infected zombie behavior types due to the virus, and the uninfected, who are trying to stay that way. This plot used many times since! With Kathleen Quinlan, Yaphet Kotto, Sam Waterson and more. BA

B400 Washing Machine, The (93) aka: Vortice mortale  A police inspector investigates the murder of a man found dismembered and left in pieces in the washing machine of a woman and her two sisters. He finds himself drawn into a web of murder, sex games and corruption in which the plot twists and turns, all paths leading somehow to one or all of the three sexy sisters. Ruggero Deodato directs! New UNCUT LBX print in English language and no pesky subtitles. BA

G704 Who Killed the Prosecutor and Why? (72) aka: Terza ipotesi su un caso di perfetta strategia criminale   Sort of Giallo/Crime film mixed together this time. The killer is after some incriminating photos that were taken by some photographers who captured a murder, that was later made to look like an auto accident. So our black-gloved killer has a motive this time, that does not involve being pissed off at women. Still, he uses a different method for his kills every time, and their are some decent enough surprises and twists along with some harsh consequences in climax. Lou Castel, Beba Loncar, Adolfo Celi and more star. Widescreen and English language dubbed.  BA

R859 Wicked Ghost (99) aka: San chuen liu see  Four kids screwing around with a supernatural game accidentally summon a creepy and wicked female ghost with long black hair. Our horrific villain manages to possess them one by one, and in turn they cause harm to themselves, and others. Some truly scary moments! With English subtitles.

G45 Witchcraft versus Curse (91) aka: Se Jiang   Plenty of nudity in this Asian offering and lots of sex, mixed in with a sexy witch, a mongoose and cobra battle, lots of hot naked girls and more. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

B772 Woman Executioner (68) aka: La Femme Bourreau   French made horror docu-thriller about a creepy guy with mommy issues, dressed in drag, who goes about murdering women in Paris. The kills are profiled and talked about on the news, and the man-thing is sought to face justice. With some mind-blowing revelations. When the lady cops confronts him she says 'Die like a beast!' and he/it replies 'I'm not a beast. I'm not a man. I have no name, nor a place on this earth. I'm a... living wound. My mother made me who I am'. Some gore and nudity. With English subtitles!

B518 Woman of Everyone, The (69) aka: A Mulher De Todos   A young uninhibited nymphomaniac/vampiress (figuratively) lives surrounded by delinquents, exerting sexual tension, dominating them all with her womanly powers. Now with English subtitles for the first time.

M987 Women Seeking Pleasure (75) aka: Gynaikes pou zitousan ton erota  aka: Women Seeking for Love   Now the XXX version of this twisted Greek film about murderous lesbians. They kill an old man and steal money from his safe. While one distracts by stripping for the old man, the other stabs a sword through his back. They escape to an island and meet up with a guy working at a hotel, who has the hots for one of the girls. But the huge money packet... hmmmm. Lust, jealousy, greed, murder and plenty of nudity. The XXX is not a huge part of this Greek tragedy, but it is there.

B519 Wrong Way to Love, A (69) aka: Amarsi Male  The social secretary and kept mistress (Nieves Navarro here under her other name Susan Scott) of an older powerful industrialist falls in love with the college-age fiancé of the industrialist's daughter, who fancies himself some type of left wing revolutionary, even though he is marrying into this obviously capitalist family. Hypocrite. Much social turmoil and tragedy follows. With Micaela Pignatelli. Navarro was in spaghetti westerns, giallos, and even some trashy Joe D'Amato classics. LBX and English dubbed.  BA

G36 Zirneklis (91) aka: The Spider  Weird horror from Latvia in the Soviet Union! The film starts with a Freudian quote about repressed sexuality being caused by fear and neurosis. Pure and sexy Vita attends a religious school and is all pretty and virginal. A popular painter chooses her to be his model of the Virgin Mary. But this diabolical man has other intentions, none even close to 'holy'. He wants her body. He wants to corrupt her soul. In the meantime, Vita is becoming sexually aware, and her dreams of sex and passion are bizarre to say the least! Throw in lots of nudity and creepy stop-motion spiders, sprawling beautiful scenery and spider sex nightmares, and an actual spider-man-monster.... you get an experience unlike all others. Large English Subtitles.




B386 Alone Against Terror (86) aka: Sola ante el terror Jess remakes his own film 'The Sinister Eyes of Dr. Orloff' (sort of). Lina Romay plays a paralyzed woman named Melissa, confined to bed, cared for by her two sisters, both sisters familiar faces in Franco films. Their father was murdered when Melissa was a child. Melissa thinks her father is trying to contact her from the dead, to avenge his death by killing those responsible. In Spanish language and with English subtitles.

B500 Apocalipsis Sexual (82) aka: Je suis une petite cochonne Okay, technically, Jess Franco did not direct this movie. But he did loan out his wife Lina Romay! A kinky gang of sex perverts pass their time having sex with one another, and committing crimes. They kidnap a virgin and take turns abusing her. This one notorious for the sexual deviance on display here, with various objects used for penetrations. Like switchblades (ugh!). One nasty piece of Spanish sexploitation. With Ajita Wilson and Lina Romay. Directed by Carlos Aured, best known for directing Naschy in 4 of his best films. Uncut 92 minute version with English subtitles for the first time. BA

B467 Around the World in 80 Beds (77) aka: In 80 Betten um die Weltaka: Mondo Erotico An uncredited Jess Franco co-directs. Sexual acts from around the world. This includes S&M acts, a class teaching of masturbation, a man who pretends he is a baby to get his sexual kicks and getting spanked, and more normal or deviant behavior? You decide. I like the story where a woman is tied up to a wooden cross and is going to be sacrificed to Satan. Really Sharp picture and finally with English subtitles! LBX

B664 As a Spy Charges (84) aka: ¿Cuánto cobra un espía? aka: Is Cobra a Spy? Lina Romay and her nerdy husband are on their honeymoon at a Spanish resort and pick up some hitchhikers, who are really spies, that hide secret micro-film in their car. Other parties seek the film, and comic antics and silly slapstick ensue. Obviously a labor of love from the couple. a good time is had by all. LBX and with English subtitles.

B484 Between Dicks is Where the Game Is (86) aka: Entre Pitos Anda El Juego - Now this Jess Franco/Lina Romay film comes with English subtitles! It opens with Lina trying to get her man to make love to her in an amazingly sleazy XXX way. He won't get up. She leaves, vowing to have sex with the first man she sees! It ends up being two men! She is joined by another woman as well. Lots of real trashy sex talk subtitles. More. XXX of course and LBX.

B775 Big Pain in the Asses, The (76) aka: Les Emmerdeuses aka: Sexy a Go-Go This sexy espionage Franco delivers some hot chicks and weirdness like an acid-induced fever dream. Spies Pina (Lina Romay) and Tina (Pamela Stanford), both regular Franco performers, take turns disguising as the 'Golden Panther' a notorious detective / jewel thief. They work for Interpol, acquiring diamonds from the sinister Mr. Radeck. They encounter many bizarre characters (including Monica Swinn sporting a strap-on). Maybe one the most playful of Franco's, with Lina hamming it up and looking splendid indeed! Soft-core porn, horror, a jazz score, hotel rooms and beachy locations.... Sign me up! Now with English subtitles!

M959 Bloody Judge, The (69) aka: Night of the Blood Monster aka: Il trono di fuoco aka: Der Hexentöter von Blackmoor The late great Christopher Lee plays merciless evil Judge Jeffries. He condemns women as witches to further his political and sexual needs. Throw in a little 'Tower of London" (Howard Vernon does a decent homage to Karloff's 'Mord the Executioner' from that 1939 film), some 'Witchfinder General' and a little 'Mark of the Devil' and you get the picture. Torture and death, beautiful lavish locations and sets, vibrant colors in excellent widescreen, and previously edited scenes reintegrated sequentially correct and with subs if needed (although 95% of the film is English dubbed). Definitive Uncut 108 minute composite in great quality! Stunning! BA

B636 Blues on Pop Street (83) aka: Los blues de la calle Pop Here’s another from the man and his wife Lina! Jess writes, directs, produced, wrote, was the cinematographer, shows up in a small part as the piano player, does the music...... Lina stars and Second Unit directs! A seedy private investigator (played by Antonio Mayans aka: Robert Foster) takes up a missing persons case in a thug/punk infested coastal resort area. It's a sinister, retro place, a bright tropical, tacky tourist trap type on Spain's east coast, where it almost seems like a time warp with a smoker's bar postered with Bogart and Mae West posters, littered with rogue Punk-Rocker/New Wave types looking for trouble. The women look like something from a Robert Palmer video (a good thing if you ask me). A comic-strip trip of primary colors and typical Franco-styled weird camera angles. In Spanish language and with English subtitles. BA

B458 Dirty Game in Casablanca (85) aka: Juego sucio en Casablanca A gambler loses everything, including his wife. He hands 4 people an ace out of the deck. Wanting the one that draws the Ace of Hearts as the one he wants to kill him! But wait now his wife is back and things are not so gloomy. He must find out who, of the four, drew the Queen, and stop his assassination. With flashbacks and great cinematography (from Franco regular Juan Soler). Very well made! William Berger, Antonio Mayans and of course Lina Romay in a small part. In Spanish language and with Big English Subtitles. LBX

B672 Fall of the House of Usher (83) aka: El hundimiento de la Casa Usher Reconstructed version that Jess Franco originally wanted to release. Instead, Eurocine cut it up and inserted scenes from 'The Awful Dr. Orloff'. This is as close to his original vision as you are likely to ever see. Since there are so many versions of this Jess Franco film, trying to explain the differences between the versions is pointless. While this is only 67 minutes long it would seem like the cut version. But the other versions cut and paste scenes from other movies making them a mess. This is the best Gothic Creepy version available. Lina Romay and Howard Vernon star. Filmed in an actual castle, The Castle of Catalina located in Jaen Province, Adalusia Spain. Imagine actually trying to film Poe, this is pretty close to perfect. LBX and with English subtitles.

B551 Girl With the See-Through Panties (81) aka: Pickup Girls Now in an excellent LBX and English dubbed print! A woman hires a private eye to find her missing penis. She was once a man, had surgery, and now keeps her penis in a jar. Help! Two hookers come to his aid (Lina Romay and Rosa Valenty). Hopefully that wasn't too big of a reveal. Unwittingly, as he searches for the penis, he gets plenty of p.p... pretty girls instead. Of course there are all sorts of sex scenes in this perverted and sexy soft-core outing.

R887 Girls in Thong, The (87) aka: Las Chicas del Tanga Another obscure Franco this time co-directed by Lina Romay (who also has a small but essential role). Seems a large portion of the film is spent on the beach with girls in thongs, men falling over themselves to be near them etc. With Spanish film regular (she worked with Naschy and Franco!) Eva Leon and another Franco familiar starlet Analia Ivars and also ever faithful Antonio Mayans. Seems this one is about fun and free spirited nakedness, not the usual soft-core sex. F.L. BA

M929 Gobblers, The (73) aka: Les Gloutonnes aka: Maciste et les gloutonnes According to legend, a group of women escaped from Atlantis just before the destruction of the continent. Escaping to a mysterious island, they have built their own kingdom. Any men foolish enough to approach this island are quickly taken by the sexually voracious 'gobblers'! Franco main squeeze Lina Romay was just getting started. Alice Arno, Robert Woods, Howard Vernon and more star. Now with English subtitles for the first time!

G829 Helter Skelter (00) Weird voice overs from De Sade and an experimental jazz soundtrack as Franco explores De Sade with two women messing around with each other, Lina Romay playing with herself and scattered crass sexiness, ugliness and tedium, zoom shots and flabby butts, tight butts, whips and leather, repetitive loops.... Lina freaking out..... etc. So was Jess and Lina just on a bender this time out or is this some confounding masterpiece that will be considered high art in 50 years? You tell me.

B366 Hotel of Love Affairs, The (83) aka: El hotel de los ligues Once again Jess Franco remakes one of his own films, 'That Certain Taste'. Three couples are having sexual problems until a porn star (Lina Romay) shows up and teaches them a few lessons in lust and yea... lust. This time though, they do it in a soft-core way. I suppose to appeal to a wider release market. Romay, gives her all, and is quite enthusiastic! LBX with English subs

B525 I'm Burning All Over (79) aka: Je brûle de partout A young woman (Susan Hemmingway) is abducted into sexual slavery in an orgy show. In this deluxe bordello, the bunch of dirty girls moan in a perpetual state of ecstasy as some sort of horny gas is pumped into the chamber. Lots and lots of soft-core sex and also with Brigitte Lahaie and a constant assault on your eyeballs by various drop dead gorgeous types, all naked. Some pretty cool English subtitles. This is one sordid soft-core.

B914 Justine and the Whip (75/79) Prostitute Justine (Lina Romay) explains why she is involved in an S&M relationship with a hippie poet. This is one of Franco's earliest XXX productions. Mind boggling sexual madness that defies description (like many) from the master. With Joe D'Amato on film editing. English subtitles. BA

B492 Kiss Me Killer (77) aka: Sweet Pornobaby aka: Tango au clair de lune aka: La calda bestia Finally an uncut 100 minute Widescreen print of this Jess Franco classic! Deceit and double-cross is the inevitable result of a robbery. Drug smugglers, an inspector, and an undercover stripper (Lina Romay). Some of the shots are amazing with some cool locales and of course zoom in zoom out shots. Lina Romay has an erotic scene with Alice Arno, both women at the peak of erotic hotness. This is a remake of Franco's other film 'La Muerte Silba Un Blues' from 1964, with added nudity, sex, sleaze and violence, including a whipping from a belt on naked Romay. LBX and English language dubbed. BA

B915 Kiss Me Monster (69) aka: Küss mich, Monster Different edit of this film from the English dubbed version! This one runs about 5 minutes longer as well. The re-arranging of the scenes here are interesting, and for a Franco completist, essential, as we see different takes on perception, or how scenes should flow through the foggy undoubtedly tripped-out minds of the participants. Certainly then, a pretty cool version of 'Kiss Me Monster', which will make you want to see the English dubbed version again. The sexy 'Red Lips' detective duo, moonlighting on a striptease tour, find themselves facing sadists, Satanists and a secret formula for clones! Order them both! Janine Reynaud, Rosanna Yanni and more star. This print is LBX and has English subtitles. BA

B496 Lonely Road (84) aka: Camino Solitario - A private cop (Antonio Mayans) is hired by a beautiful lady (Lina Romay) to find her sister.... But there is a sinister plan afoot, and her rich husband and some other lives are at risk from a woman's treachery. This is quite the departure for Franco in one regard, as he tries to make a serious suspense thriller rather than a sex film. Lots of footage of the beautiful Spanish seaside. With English subtitles.

B465 Lucky the Inscrutable (67) aka: Lucky, el intrepid aka: Lucky M. füllt alle Särge Finally available in it's proper aspect ratio. An American Secret Agent (Ray Danton) is sent to Europe to track down a ring of counterfeiters. His investigation takes him from Rome to Albania, where he gets involved with a sexy Albanian Police Commissioner. Comic book secret agent type where the gags fly fast and furious with jokes flying constantly. A wild ride. Teresa Gimpera and Barbara Bold also star. LBX and English Dubbed. BA

G46 Phollastia (87) aka: Fellations sauvages Jess Franco's hardcore spoof of 'Dynasty' comes with all of the regular fixin's one would expect from the man. Lina Romay and others, prance around decadently and have sex at every opportunity. Moaning, groaning, bumping, humping..... must be something in the water! Still foreign language only, but this is an improved print of this one. LBX

G838 Plumber, His Wife, and Other Things to Put Inside, The (81) aka: El fontanero, su mujer y otras cosas de mete No, not directed by Jess, but starring Lina Romay! This one directed by Carlos Aured, the guy behind the nasty 'Apocalipsis Sexual' and also Naschy's 'Curse of the Devil'. A plumber, after discovering his friend is boning his wife, decides to have sexual encounters of his own with various women. He catches her in bed with his best friend and within 10 minutes is having sex with Lina, his wife's best friend, and his cheating friend's wife as well! Then on to more willing ladies.... Loads of nudity and soft-core sex. I think the most shocking thing about this is, during some pretty explicit soft-core sex scenes, it goes to commercial (this is from Spanish T.V.) and then back to the film… and nothing is cut or missed!! Really? Hilarious!! Lina also gets it on with the plumber's wife in the climax doing the scissor position and everything possible. F.L.

M942 Rhythm of Jess, The (13) aka: A ritmo de Jess Malaga: July 2012 - With a nonexistent budget, the legendary director Jess Franco faces, at 82 years of age, what will end up being his last shoot. 'Al Pereira and the Alligator Ladies'. With only four actors and three technicians.... slow uninspired productivity prevails. But then, the whirlwind that is Jess takes over the shoot! Amidst the chaos and confusion Jess takes off with his skills, and the others struggle to keep up. A final testament to the great Jess Franco. In Spanish language and with English subtitles.

G48 Snakewoman (05) This is a very loose remake of 'Vampyros Lesbos' with the vampire-like woman being replaced by the snakewoman. A reporter is investigating reports of a snakewoman, she finds a young woman who seduces her into lesbian sex and a whole lot more. Some surprisingly violent attack scenes in this amazingly erotic and well made Franco. Lina Romay has a small role. Fata Morgana and Carmen Montes star. With English subtitles.

M945 Story of Linda, The (81) aka: Naked Super Witches of the Rio Amore aka: Orgy of the Nymphomaniacs Betsy is a happy assistant at a luxurious Spanish hotel. The owner, Sheila (Raquel Evans) also runs a brothel where rich clients come from all over the world to make time with the ladies and watch sex shows. Linda (Katja Bienert) Betsy's sister, is captured and forced into prostitution. New upgraded LBX print over 2 minutes longer than new released version! Nice LBX English dub. BA

B920 They Call me Jess (14) The best of the Jess Franco 'insight to his psyche' that I have seen. Jess, walks about, talks, remembers... With Lina dead and gone you would think at this point Jess would be a rudderless ship. But no. Clearly, he talks about his career with passion, and we are treated to some cool clips and snips from some of his best. Past memories and clips of Romay in different talks. One thinks he could have gone on forever if his body hadn't bailed on him with that fatal stroke in 2013. English subtitles.

B431 Trapped Women (86) Other Franco Films cobbled together by Franco plus “new” footage! Even Jess Franco reference books seem baffled by this one! Mixed in with footage from 'Fury in the Tropics'... Lina Romay of course and many more star in this women in prison, jungle thriller. This is a different film than 'Fury in the Tropics', and Romay features prominently in both versions. Nudity, Sadism and Death. With English subtitles.

B602 Vampyros Lesbos (71) Soledad Miranda as Countess Nadine Carody, a wealthy recluse, she strips at an Istanbul club where she meets her potential victims. Ewa Stromberg plays a woman mesmerized by Nadine's powers, and falls under her sexual spell. And so her nightmare begins..... Sharp Widescreen Upgrade of this Jess Franco class with English subtitles. Miranda never saw the finished film as she was dead in a road accident In August 1970, Portugal at age 27. Destined to be a star, but doomed by an early appointment with the Reaper. BA




G750 008 Operation Exterminate (65) aka: A 008 operazione sterminio Umberto Lenzi directs this spy flick, a team effort from Italy and Egypt. The British Secret Service sends an agent (Alberto Lupo) to collaborate with a colleague in searching for a stolen anti-radar device. When he arrives he learns Agent 008 is a female (Ingrid Schoeller), a sort of female James Bond. Together from Egypt to Switzerland they track the device and begin to fall for each other. Includes a nice walk through parts of the Cairo museum with many cool artifacts, monumental statues and such on display. This is dubbed into English language although there are a few scenes where some Italian language is spoken with no subtitles. Widescreen. BA

G514 ABC Promos From Hell (various) Dozens of promos from shows of long ago. Iron Horse, The Rat Patrol, The Felony Squad, Peyton Place, The Big Valley, Shindig, Bewitched and many many more! Tiger Bay, Get Smart, The Don Rickles Show, Gunsmoke, The Smothers Brothers, Room 222, Love American Style, Kung Fu, The Six Million Dollar Man, Movie of the Week and more more more. + BONUS! Star Trek Bloopers!

R885 Acapulco Gold (76) aka: El Oro de Acapulco aka: Heroin Connection See former child evangelist Marjoe Gortner star as an ordinary Joe who gets caught up in a dangerous drug smuggling scheme in beautiful Hawaii! Framed, he seeks help from the town drunk (Robert Lansing). Definitely a drugged out doper hippie culture film with lots of madcap situations. Gortner, reliably entertaining as usual, was in 'Booby Jo and the Outlaw' (couldn't help it) and 'The Food of the Gods' the same year! Also starring in this stoned bud caper, Ed Nelson, Randi Oakes and more. BA

B540 Accident, The (63) aka: L'accident Wow, what a gloomy atmosphere established here right in the beginning! A young and beautiful teacher is transferred to a remote island's school. There, she begins a forbidden love with the principal, much to the chagrin of the principle's jealous wife who seeks revenge. A fairly dark and gloomy French made film, in black and white, LBX and with English subtitles. BA

G324 Accident: A Moment of Truth Movie, The (97) Lizzie and Janie are both underage and into the same stuff most girls are into at that age. Boys, gossip and booze. They sneak the yummy liquid at home, and smuggle it into school in water bottles. Little lushes. One pre-graduation night they get drunk as skunks, along with their friend Kate. A car crash and a death.... This film deals with the aftermath. First we get a decent dramatization of a car crash. What follows is a DWI trial. We've all been there... or have we? So grab a bottle and have a drink and watch this alcoholic nightmare. Just don't drive afterwards.

B433 Agatha and the Limitless Reading (81) aka: Agatha et les lectures illimitées A brother and sister meet at a deserted seaside hotel to deal with their passionate incestuous feelings for each other and reminisce about their happy childhood. A truly bizarre dream-like book on film with many haunting scenes and surreal atmosphere riddled with poetic and mesmerizing dialogues imagined or dreamt, spoken or thought, experienced by two totally bourgeois and pretentious individuals. LBX and with English subtitles.

G176 Alamo Bay (85) aka: La Bahia del odio A pissed off Viet Nam veteran (Ed Harris) gets more pissed off when Vietnamese men compete in the same waters he fishes for his livelihood in a Texas Bay town. He also has an affair with Amy Madigan, and later she is hanging with a Vietnamese friend and... he gets even MORE pissed off. Things end badly for everyone. Excellent. Ed Harris and Amy Madigan have been married since 1983. BA

G122 Alias Nick Beal (49) aka: La Sconfitta di Satana aka: Un pacte avec le diable A district attorney rises to political success and the governorship but loses his sense of morality once he starts associating with the shadowy and perhaps diabolical-devil-in-disguise Nick Beal (played by Ray Milland). BA

M948 Amanti (68) aka: A Place for Lovers Faye Dunaway a year after 'Bonnie and Clyde'. She plays a fashion designer in Italy who has an affair with a married man (Marcello Mastroianni). Later she finds out she has an incurable disease and is going to die. Kind of like 'Love Story' this film was first. Dunaway looks stunning, even distraught, and there are some magnificent shots atop snow covered mountains and a lift that takes people up. People hated this when it came out, and it appears on many lists as one of the worst films ever made. The soundtrack overdoes it a bit. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

G167 Ambush in Waco: In the Line of Duty (93) This movie was in production when the actual 'siege' was actually in place. That being said, they got their facts very wrong. Never let the truth get in the way of a good story... I guess. We know what happened. And this is not it. The writer even apologized to the families of the victims. A dangerous piece of government propaganda. Well worth the watch, but don't believe it, only true in some ways. Embarrassing for the lies, but essential and entertaining. Tim Daly is Koresh.

B309 American Commandos (86) aka: Jäger der Apocalypse II Viet Nam vets (a few Chris Mitchum and John Philip Law) go to Southeast Asia to eliminate drug-smuggling operations in the Golden Triangle. But upon arriving they find that some of the drug runners are former Viet Nam vets! What starts out as a simple revenge flick ramps up to something even more ambitious in the second half. Some cool battle scenes. Like when our hero's drive into battle A-Team style in a fixed up armored truck. Hidden weapons seemingly all over it, and also a compartment in the back where Chris Mitchum comes popping out with a rocket launching motorbike! BA

G379 Among Giants (98) aka: My Sweet Sheffield A manager hires Ray (Pete Postlethwaite), off the books, to paint all the power towers in a 15 mile stretch of high-tension wires outside Sheffield. He has his crew, and hires a woman as well (played by Rachel Griffiths) who he falls for, causing problems for his ex and his crew.

B481 Angels of the Streets (69) aka: Die Engel von St. Pauli Hamburg's prostitution scene in the sixties set story, with everything one could want embroiled into the plot. Namely, tough-mean talkin' violent thugs, gangs, cops, sleaze and lots of sexual nudity, mind boggling dialogue... and of course Hamburg locations and the sordid gutters of St. Pauli. Horst Frank, Herbert Fux and more star. LBX BA

G198 Anything to Survive (90) aka: Perdidos en el mar de hielo A father (Robert Conrad) and his children are caught in a storm, whilst sailing in Alaska. When they get shipwrecked, things go from bad to worse. The crew worked in icy waters and freezing rain. A hellish shoot. A true story, gritty and realistic, this is not like a corny Disney fantasy. Too bad 'Bart the Bear' was not around to eat one of them. Matt LeBlanc (pre-Friends) and Emily Perkins star.

B541 Apocalypse Mercenaries (87) aka: Mercenari dell'apocalisse Fast moving action set in WW2. A team of soldiers (which includes a former sharp-shooter priest, a murderous surgeon, a crazy pilot, a machine-gun carrying brute and more) are brought together to deal with some situations that have taken place in Yugoslavia. They need to take out a German Command Center situated deep within a lime stone cavern system. Obstacles, snappy-paced music and ripped off footage from other war films (integrated fairly well, but fun to spot) add to the entertainment of the thing. As well as multiple people getting shot to death, but that's a given! With Vassili Karis, Bruno Bilotta and Brigitte Christensen. LBX and English dubbed print! BA

R586 Arctic Flight (52) Mike Wein (Wayne Morris), is an Alaskan bush pilot operating in the Bering sea area... Lots of aerial shots, some actual Arctic locations (unusual for a Monogram film) and a polar bear is ruthlessly hunted down, shot and skinned. You'll get cold just watching this! Also with Alan Hale Jr. (The Skipper) and the feisty Lola Albright. LBX BA

G150 Armed and Innocent (94) aka: Ein Junge gegen die Killer Dramatization of a 'true' (although not sure how slanted in either direction) story about an 11 year old boy left home alone (like everyone of us were that grew up in the common sense America Pre-1995) who kills two intruders in self defense. Good job little guy. But now he is upset and the friend's of the dead want revenge. Of course the film is not sure what it wants to say. The boy is traumatized, but his dad sees him as a hero. Maybe the filmmakers would rather no one ever defended themselves and let whoever do whatever to them with the victim's just taking it and hoping for the best. That is the world we now live in. I say blast them to hell. Kate Jackson, Gerald McRaney and more star.

G132 Armored Command (61) aka: Escuadrón blindado An American Army unit is trapped in a small town during a counterattack and discovers that a spy in the town is providing the Germans with information about them. With Howard Keel. Burt Reynolds (in one of his first movies) and Tina Louise (just before she got stranded on that desert isle). Quality a bit less than good on this title. BA

R798 Around the World in 80 Ways (88) aka: La vuelta al mundo en 80 formas Oddball comedy from Australia about an old man put in a nursing home while his young wife travels the world. They decide to give him a life-abroad as well, without ever leaving the house, using inventive settings, props and imitations to create Las Vegas, Hawaii, Rome and Tokyo. One of a kind Australian insanity.

B754 Assassination (67) aka: Sólo se muere una vez John Chandler (Henry Silva) is sentenced to death, but appears later as his own brother, courtesy of the C.I.A., to be used as a double agent. Silva was used for this part because of his involvement in 'The Manchurian Candidate' which this resembles in some parts. They want to use him for an assassination, and then make him the fall guy. A cold-hearted depiction of world spy agencies. Silva, excellent as usual. Also with Evelyn Stewart (aka: Ida Galli). Comes with trailers for the film. Dubbed into English and LBX. BA

G190 Atlanta Child Murders, The (85) aka: Los niños de Atlanta A bunch of black kids are being murdered in Atlanta, Georgia in the 1980's. The killer is not a white racist, but a black guy. He is tried and convicted. This is the 3 and a half hour true story of this horrifying chapter in Atlanta's history. Morgan Freeman, James Earl Jones, Jason Robards, Rip Torn, Bill Paxton, Martin Sheen and many more star.

B482 Avenger X (67) aka: Mister X Danger Diabolik borrowed heavily from this comic-book James Bond type. Mister X, a mysterious thief and master of disguise, along with his ever lovely cohort, steal more for the thrill than the having, but are retired. This changes when a girlfriend is killed, he becomes Avenger X! The crime syndicate have pinned the crime on him, and now they will pay! Our heroes have some pretty cool gadgets and spy tools to make this one pretty cool, with a nice violent end for the main villain. LBX and English dubbed. BA

G389 Baker's Hawk (76) A young boy (Lee Montgomery, his film before this was as Oliver Reed's son in 'Burnt Offerings' and the film after he is that creepy drowned dead kid from one of the stories in the MFTV 'Dead of Night'), nurses a hawk back to health and gains courage and confidence. A subplot has a town falling apart and vigilantism brewing. Burl Ives, Allan Young, Danny Bonaduce, Clint Walker, Diane Baker and more star. Oh yea, Lee Montgomery is also the little kid in 'Ben' that we wished was killed and eaten by the rats, but all we got was a crappy song. BA

B627 Ballad of Andy Crocker, The (69) Before he was Steve Austin, Lee Majors played returned war veteran Andy Crocker. Returning from Viet Nam to find his girlfriend has married another man, his small business is in ruins, and other problems. A huge cast dumped into this modest made for T.V. flick. Joey Heatherton (blonde bombshell before she went bad), Jimmy Dean, Marvin Gaye, Agnes Moorehead, Pat Hingle, Barbara Leigh and more.

G699 Bandits in Rome (68) aka: Roma come Chicago (Banditi a Roma) Mario, a professional robber (John Cassavetes, who was in 'Rosemary's Baby' the same year) ends up in prison, while his former partner, Enrico (Nikos Kourkoulos), an ambitious upstart, starts trying to claim Mario's woman as well as going on a violent criminal rampage. Mario escapes from prison, and is on the hunt for Enrico, as the policemen also are. Exciting, action-packed and violent with some shocking scenes and Cassavetes in quite a striking performance. By film's end Mario has plenty reason to be very pissed off as he chases down his quarry. But will the police beat him to it? Some cool locations in Rome, the Coliseum and more. Also with Anita Sanders, LBX BA

G442 Battle Anthem (83) aka: The Great Battle of the Japan Sea aka: Nihonkai daikaisen: Umi yukaba Excellent special effects and ocean battles documenting this particular conflict between the Japanese and the Russians. The special effects by the same guy responsible for dozens of Japanese fantasy and monster movies, including many Godzilla films and disaster epics. With Toshiro Mifune. Amazing LBX and with English subtitles.

B730 Battle of the Eagles (79) aka: Partizanska eskadrila aka: Battle Squadron The first Yugoslavian Partisan Air Force Unit who took on the might of the Luftwaffe using outdated biplanes in 1942 occupied Yugoslavia. Balls. Great locations Croatian-Bosnian border and more. Plenty of action. English language dubbed. A welcome addition to your war movie collection.

G341 Bebo's Girl (64) aka: La ragazza di Bube Mara (Claudia Cardinale) is the belle of the town and she is tired of living between the ravages of the war (1944) but she is very strong-willed and she dreams of finding the right man to leave her one horse town.... She meets a man (Bebo) and falls in love, but things go wrong when he is sent to prison for killing a policeman in the war.... LBX and with English subtitles BA

G192 Before He Wakes (98) aka: Nuit sans sommeil An extremely evil woman (played by Jacyln Smith) is a murderous sociopath killer if anyone stands in her way. Her new 'trusting' husband is a real fool, but when he gets suspicious when he finds out his savings are gone and his debt is rising.... Based on a true story. The film-makers try to make her more sympathetic than she was in true life. In reality she was an evil cold-blooded killer. Hope Lange (in her last film), Diana Scarwid and more. The real woman is still in prison.

G139 Beyond the Call of Duty (92) aka: Raid sur le Mékong While leading a maverick band of warriors behind enemy lines, a U.S. Army Commander is forced to lead a beautiful American journalist through the treacherous Mekong River Delta aboard a high speed gun boat while being pursued by a cunning Vietnamese enemy. Jan Michael Vincent stars in this action-packed explosion filled 'Rambo/Platoon' type. Low-budget action fun from director Cirio Santiago!

R689 Black Connection, The (74) aka: Run Nigger Run Known primarily for casting a soul-singing trio called 'The Checkmates Ltd. who spice up the soundtrack with some swingin' groovin' 70's soul with their stylish keyboard driven tunes. Politically incorrect but hey, the entire 70's was politically incorrect wasn't it? That don't make it, 'not real'! Some pretty cool Blaxploitation here! Dig it Man!

G831 Black Mask VS Gambling Mastermind (02) aka: Black Mask Vs. Saint Of Gamblers When Gao, the young saint of gamblers, vows not to gamble again after his latest win, he becomes the target of assassination from rival gamblers. He teams up with Black Mask to combat the assailants when he is challenged to an ultimate gambling duel... LBX and with English subtitles. BA

B852 Blazing Flowers (78) aka: Milano... difendersi o morire A cop (George Hilton) has a hateful grudge against a local crime boss, and pairs up with an ex-con in order to catch the criminal. Nudity, hookers, drugs, flowers and splashes of violence throughout this Italian made crime film. Also with Marc Porel, Anna Maria Rizzoli and Al (Zombie) Cliver! LBX and English language dubbed. BA

R847 Blind Detective (13) aka: Man tam A cop is forced into early retirement due to retinal damage. But after witnessing a bank robbery along with a female inspector, who believes he has acute senses, they team up to solve the case. With English subtitles. BA

G786 Blind Fist of Bruce (79) aka: Mang quan gui shou aka: Wir sind die größten Knochenbrecher Bruce Li stars as a once wealthy bank manager, robbed by martial arts extortionists. Aided by a blind kung fu master he begins to train so he can defeat the leader of the bad guys, who also was a former student of his teacher... Comic relief and plenty of battles with hilarious dubbing. Another enjoyable old-school classic. BA

G708 Blood Brothers (74) aka: Hermanos de Sangre aka: I guappi aka: Lucia et les gouapes Set in the 1920's.... Nicola (Franco Nero) wants to be a lawyer. He soon finds many are reluctant to help him, because his relatives are Mafia men. His path is already spoken for as he heads down a path of violence and crime. Also with Fabio Testi, Claudia Cardinale and more. Widescreen and dubbed into English. BA

G869 Bloodfight (89) aka: Fainaru faito - Saigo no ichigeki A teacher/fighter returns to the world of martial arts when his best student is killed in the tournament. Satisfyingly violent! He Was Vicious in 'Enter the Dragon'! He was savage in 'Bloodsport'! Now... Bolo Yeung is the Ultimate Fighting Machine in 'Bloodfight'! Some of the fights are unusual. A Sumo wrestler smothers his opponent by squatting on his face! Ugh! More cool battles with oddly matched contestants. Also with Simon Yam and Yasuaki Kurata. BA

B756 Blue Note, The (91) aka: La note bleue Here we have a weird and hysterically played tribute biography of the last days of musician/composer Chopin's life directed by Andrezj Zulawski, who also directed 1981's 'Possession' with Sophie Marceau, mentioned because she is in this as well. At this point in his life the Polish pianist is living with his mistress in her country retreat. He still loves her, sort of, but his eyes keep ogling her provocative and nubile daughter (Marceau) who is like half 'Lolita', half 'Lady Macbeth', the first step in her evolution from teenage sexpot to mature actress. The movie is a mess and a tad pretentious as they entertain other elites and celebrate with their riches in the 1840's. But I suppose these people were pretty close to how they are portrayed here. LBX and with English subtitles.

B889 Bolero (81) aka: Les uns et les autres aka: Dance of Life This music filled three hour epic tracks three generations of musicians and dancers from Russia, Germany, France and the USA, from before WW2, then through the war and the Holocaust, although up to 1980! The different tragedies and outcomes from the various families is devastating at times, their mutual love for their profession carries the survivors through as best as they could hope. This 'Gone with the Wind' of WW2 films didn't attract audiences in 1981, and was quickly forgotten. Huge, lavishly expensive.... James Caan, Robert Hossein, Nicole Garcia, Geraldine Chapmen and many many more star. In French language and with English subtitles. Not to be confused with the Bo Derek film of the same title. BA

B637 Boris Godunov (86) Amazing epic opera filmed like a movie outdoors and everywhere with expensive elaborate costumes and medieval locations! That's right, classically, professionally performed is this dark tragic tale of treachery, murder, passion and misery. If you ever wanted to see an opera but were put off by the stage.... then experience a classic filmed like a movie.... An experience. In Russian and with English subtitles + LBX.

B867 Borman (66) aka: Nazi S.S. aka: Le retour des loups An American secret agent is assigned to stop a Neo-Nazi movement led by a former Hitler associate who has been in hiding for over 20 years. The mission involves some major globe-trotting, and there will be much peril and beautiful women before this Nazi plot is leveled. Paul Muller, Sandro Moretti, Kitty Swan, Liana Orfei and more star. This English dubbed version is LBX.

B757 Borsalino and Co. (74) aka: Blood on the Streets French gangsters in the South of France in the 1930's. Sequel to 'Borsalino' from 1970. Opens with the funeral of Jean-Paul Belmondo's character from the first film, leaving Alain Delon to hold the fort almost single-handed as he swears revenge and finds himself on the losing side of a gang war with a bunch of Italian fascists looking to destabilize the country through crime and drugs. Hmmm. As the mayhem unfolds the shootouts ramp up and only one group will come out on top.... Revenge is sweet and the 1930's sets and decor is quite convincing along with the Sicilian landscapes. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

G316 Brave Red Flower of the North (70) aka: Nihon jokyo-den: makka na dokyo-banaAn exciting tale of action on the distant northern island of Hokkaido around the beginning of the 20th Century starring two of the biggest names in Yakuza film history, Fuji Junko and Takakura Ken. Since the death of death of her father, Yuki who has traveled from her home in the southernmost part of Japan must fight corrupt local officials seeking to fill her late father's post. As her life is in danger a mysterious rifleman, played by Takakura Ken watches from the shadows. Can she finish the work her dear departed father started in an untamed land? This film follows 'Chivalrous Geisha - LBX and with English subtitles.

R785 Brigade of Death (85) aka: Brigade des moeurs On the surface a routine gritty crime thriller, it's integration of ultra-violence into the proceedings is unprecedented. Opens with a typical evening with street hookers, but then we are in the morgue gazing at corpses of nude trannies. This is a seriously bleak world! Our hero's adventure's on the vice squad are never routine, and marked by violent dread. Let the darkness take you. From Director Max Pecas. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

G236 Brotherhood of Justice (86) aka: Young Streetfighters High School students, influenced by the power of suggestion, go rogue, and turn into a gang of vigilantes. Thing is, their brand of justice is quite juvenile, and turns downright criminal. With a young Keifer Sutherland, Keanu Reeves, Lori Laughlin and Billy Zane (in a budding psycho in the making role). A tamer but still effective 'high-school kids run amok' film. BA

B853 Brothers Till We Die (78) aka: La banda del gobo Another Umberto Lenzi directed Italian crime film classic starring Tomas Milian in a dual role as misfit siblings! Vincenzo (aka: 'Humpo') (Milian) the hunchback, plans a robbery on an armored police van with his gang. During their escape, Vincenzo's gang try to kill him and leave him for dead. Vincenzo manages however to crawl down an entrance to the sewers, and crawls through crap none too pleased. Auto mechanic 'Pigsty' (also Milian) is looking for Vincenzo, as a brother with friendship and compassion. Vincenzo hooks up with a hooker with a heart of gold, and starts to go after his former gang members one by one. They all must Die! Milian is amazing in this one. LBX and dubbed into English. BA

G560 Buddhist Fist, The (80) aka: Fo zhang luo han quan When his childhood friend (who is now a monk) has been framed by murder by an unknown villain, aspiring barber and accomplished kung fu fighter, Shang, comes to his aid. Astoundingly choreographed fight scenes will draw you in to this above average chop-sockey. English dubbed and LBX this one. BA

M960 Burglars, The (71) aka: Le casse The late Omar Sharif stars along with Jean-Paul Belmondo and Dyan Cannon in this heist film that arrives Upgraded Widescreen and English dubbed. A small group of pro-thieves plan a daring burglary from a rich gem merchant. They are after his emerald collection.... Suspense action in this cat and mouse thriller. Uncut at 1 hour and 59 minutes. BA

R810 Cage of Evil (60) aka: Kuolleet eivät puhu A detective (Ron Foster) falls in love with the diamonds, and the girlfriend (Patricia Blair), of a thief he is pursuing. He goes rogue as he was already disgruntled, being passed over for promotion one time too many. Look for Ted Knight as Lt. Dan Ivers in a brief bit. BA

B542 Candidate For a Killing, A (69) aka: Un sudario a la medida Another super-agent variation type. This time a man (John Richardson) is hired to impersonate a millionaire, that is his look-alike, and is involved in a very dangerous business. Car chase scenes, seaside locations and Anita Ekberg and Margaret Lee in mini-skirts (alone worth the price of admission as far as I'm concerned!). Weapon smuggling, Money laundering and other criminal activities based between Gibraltar, Africa and Europe. With Fernando Rey. This print even has some nudity, odd for these types! LBX and English language dubbed. BA

G127 Canon City (48) aka: Pénitencier du Colorado Prison escape thriller that delivers the goods in the suspense and action department, with a killer cast. Intense and with great cinematography in Colorado. Scott Brady, DeForest Kelley, Jeff Corey, Whit Bissell and more star. BA

B687 Caprice Italian Style (68) aka: Capriccio all'italiana This film consists of six short stories created by different directors, but all the stories have one thing in common, a warm irony to current events, some hysterically so. The directors involved include Pier Paolo Pasolini, Mauro Bolognini and more. Toto, Laura Betti, Adriana Asti, Ira Von Furstenburg and more star! LBX with English subtitles. BA

G445 Carolina Skeletons (91) aka: Das Ende des Schweigens A black man (Louis Gosset Jr.) returns from the army to his hometown, where years ago his brother was executed for the assault and murder of two white girls. He knows his brother was innocent, and with renewed confidence, sets out to prove it. Of course, he's going to have to deal with those folks that want the truth to stay buried. Well made, dark and disturbing. With Bruce Dern, Melissa Leo, Richard Jenkins, G.D. Spradlin and many more.

G882 Cartel (90) aka: Bersaglio mobile Charter pilot Chuck Taylor (Miles O'Keeffe) unwittingly smuggles cocaine for the cartel, and along with the cartel leader Tony King (Don Stroud) is busted and thrown in the slammer. From behind bars, King has Taylor's family terrorized. Then King escapes. Taylor too escapes, bent on bloody vengeance, which he gets in spades. eliminating the cartel members one by one. Also with William Smith and Crystal Carson. An ass-kicking action film from the director of 'Action U.S.A.'. BA

R827 Catalina Caper (67) aka: Never Steal Anything Wet Swingin' rockin' teens take some time out from having fun in the sun to try to foil a group of crooks searching for a stolen scroll. Bizarre 60's time-capsule loaded with musical numbers and starring Tommy Kirk (still in the closet at the time), Little Richard, Robert Donner, Lyle Waggoner, The Cascades and more. Awkward songs, awkward dancing, awkward acting. A real piece of crap! Still, oddly compelling and highly watchable! LBX BA

R577 Caught (49) aka: Presi nella morsa Leonora (Barbara Bel Geddes) marries the rich man of her dreams (Robert Ryan as Smith Ohlrig). But she soon realizes he is mad with power! She escapes his clutches but in a moment of weak reconciliation he knocks her up! She finds out she is expecting and falls in love with a doctor (James Mason). But once again she goes to her rich hubby for financial security except this time, he has taken measures to make sure she stays put.... BA

G142 Chiefs (83) aka: Die Polizei-Chiefs von Delano Three generations of police chiefs for a southern town go about their jobs while a serial murderer operates. The police chiefs from different decades (taking place over 40 years) are played by Wayne Rogers, Brad Davis and Billy Dee Williams. Charlton Heston plays the town's founder. The killer is played by Keith Carradine. Critically acclaimed and amazing telling of the popular novel by Stuart Woods. This sucker runs 3 and a half hours. BA

G533 Coffin From Hong Kong (64) aka: Du grisbi pour Hongkong aka: Ein Sarg aus Hongkong A private detective finds the limp body of a young Chinese beauty in his office, shot with his own gun. Classic German made espionage thriller in the James Bond vein starring Heinz Drache and Elga Andersen. LBX and dubbed into English. BA

B136 Commandos (68) aka: Sullivan's Marauders Sgt. Sullivan (Lee Van Cleef) with his brigade, leads a daring infiltration into a Northern African camp oasis depot (complete with hooker). These seven men stand between Rommel's Africa forces and victory. Submachine guns and plenty of action in this spaghetti war mini-epic profiling the brotherhood of soldiers, the hell of war, and the glory of combat! Guts or Glory! Partial writing credit goes to Dario Argento on this one. Cut to ribbons in the states, here is the Uncut 1 hour and 54 minute version! Uncut LBX and with English subtitles. A masterpiece. BA

B908 Complexes (65) aka: I complessi aka: Los complejos Offbeat comedic tales with sex appeal here from different Italian directors. In the first story a man tries to win the hand of a woman named Gabriella, wife of Alvaro, with the complexity of shyness, although he does not know she is hitched! In another story a Professor, in order to avoid being found out, ends up in a raid (by the police) on a gay hangout....In another story a social man of stature faces ruin when he learns his wife once appeared nude in a 'sword and sandal' film. What a scandal! In Italian language and with English subtitles. LBX BA

G357 Condemned of Altona, The (62) aka: I sequestrati di Altona A completely off his rocker German war criminal lives in a secluded house, owned by his rich father who lets him think the war is still on, twenty years after the fact. However, no deception is permanent. Incredibly interesting as the family hides their Nazi son from the people. Even some shocking moments. This is like a war/horror/suspense film. Sophia Loren, Fredric March, Maximilian Schell, Robert Wagner and Laura Gemser's future husband Gabriele Tinti (in a small part) star. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

B455 Cookies (75) aka: Les galettes de Pont-Aven aka: Folli e liberi amplessi A frustrated artist, ignored by his wife and children, goes to stay with a foul-mouthed painter, and runs off with that guy's woman (she likes to parade around naked) for a few days of passion. The woman leaves him and he returns home to find his wife having sex with another man. He bails and sets off to start over, drinking heavily and finally meeting a sweet young woman that actually cares. From the director of 'Don't Deliver Us From Evil' comes this tale of rejection, humility and lots of sex! LBX and with English subtitles.

B909 Corleone (78) aka: Father of the Godfathers From peasant he rises, Don Vito Gargano (Giuliano Gemma) to 'capo di capi' in Palermo and eventually meets his downfall. Much of the film is told in flashback at his trial. An excellent example of the 'Italian' Mafia/ Crime film. They have enough historical action and drama to pull from without depending on American influences. Here we see a dead serious story with no comic relief. Don Vito Gargano finds his joy relies on winning, becoming #1, or just outwitting adversaries. He is also ill with tuberculosis. We see what happened in the past, the trial, and the aftermath. Nice English language dubbed LBX. BA

G702 Countdown to Doomsday (66) aka: Fünf vor 12 in Caracas aka: Inferno a Caracas A private eye is hired by a rich man to locate his kidnapped daughter (we see her abduction pre-sequence) who was a reporter, exposing a drug smuggling ring in Caracas. He teams up with a British agent and his sexy partner and together they go after the bad guys as they encounter many obstacles. Once again, interesting locations and plenty of action! Horst Frank, Christa Linder, George Ardisson, Luciana Angiolillo and more. Nice Widescreen English dubbed. BA

G907 Countdown to War (89) aka: Hitler végso döntése - A háború küszöbén On paper it was perfect I suppose. And I am not making light of the extremity of the historical events. But this depiction of the dramatic negotiations between U.K., France, Poland, Nazi-Germany and the USSR (the day Czechoslovakia fell), until Britain's declaration of war on Germany caused by Hitler's invasion of Poland, borders on the line between the absurd, and the hysterical. Ian McKellan (years before his 'Apt Pupil' Nazi perf) is Hitler, This is played straight but is more of a farce, with accidental humor that has to be seen t be believed. Based on a play, and just like one as well. How everybody kept a straight face throughout is a mystery. BA

R763 Cry in the Wild: The Taking of Peggy Ann (91) True story of a young woman's abduction by a deranged loner that led to a huge manhunt in Pennsylvania. David Morse is excellent as the bad backwoods guy. Brutal and entertaining. Also with Tom Atkins, Megan Follows, David Soul and more.

M990 Cuban Hamlet, The (14) The Story of Tomas Milian - Cool documentary/interview with actor Tomas Milian as he returns to Cuba for the first time since he left in the 1950's. Moving, candid and revealing. If you want to see what the star of so many movies is really like and are a fan this is a must! Runs under an hour and LBX with English subtitles.

G98 Damn Yankees! (67) Wishing that his favorite baseball team, The Senators, would win the pennant, Joe Hardy makes a deal with the devil. It's like a cheap high school musical with an all-star cast (well kinda'). Phil Silvers, Lee Remick, Jim Backus, Linda Lavin and more. Lee Remick was a hot little number back in the day. Quality not as good as usual.

B620 Dangerous Charter (62) When salvagers claim an adrift and deserted yacht, they find it also comes with a corpse. But when the owners come looking for the hidden cargo, the salvagers finds themselves in deep waters. BA

G148 David (88) The true story of a kid that was burned up by his disturbed father. From head to toe. When he is recovering and talking he looks like a sock puppet. Or a little alien or something. Still a disturbing true story. The real kid is still alive (now a man of course) and he looks like Freddy Krueger. Not to be mean, but when you are burnt to a crisp, you are lucky to survive, period. Good for him. As a child he hooked up with Michael Jackson, and met other celebrities that gave their time.

B910 Dead Body on Broadway (69) aka: Deadly Shots on Broadway aka: Il quartiere dei più violenti aka: Todesschüsse am Broadway An FBI agent is killed by the mob after making off with 5 million in gold bars after a botched robbery. Agent Jerry Cotton (George Nader) is called in to not only bring the gang to justice, but to also locate the missing gold. Watch for the scene where a bad guy gives a grenade to a little boy to play with! Directed by Harald Reini, straight off the set of his latest 'Winnetou'. LBX and English language dubbed. BA

G603 Dead Silence (97) aka: Silêncio de Morte Watch what happens when three escaped convicts take a group of deaf students hostage and use them as a captives (holed up in an old slaughter house) to keep the authorities at bay. Kim Coates ('Tig' from 'Sons of Anarchy) is appropriately menacing as one of the villains. James Garner is great as F.B.I. agent John Potter. High tension well played. Also with Charles Martin Smith, deaf actress Marlee Matlin (Of course! Who you gonna' call? Or... hand signal?), Lolita Davidovich and many more. LBX BA

G576 Deadly Art of Survival, The (79) A martial arts instructor struggles against drug dealers operating from a rival martial arts school called the Disco Dojo in this classic New York City Martial Arts film. Ghetto kung-fu shot on Super-8 film. Certainly ambitious stuff, with racist talk and moments of spontaneous unintentional hilarity. Our hero lifts weights, jumps rope, boxes, and makes kung fu poses in his spare time. Also a pretty cool look at New York City. Jive-Talkin' Fun!

G479 Deadly Hunt, The (71) aka: Polttava kosketus Cliff and Martha Cope (Jim Hutton and Anjanette Comer) are on camping trip when a forest fire breaks out, and they find themselves hunted by two killers (played by Peter Lawford and Anthony Franciosa). With what you would call back then, a 'twist ending'. Cool and forgotten MFTV thriller.

G652 Deadly Passion (85) Twists and turns galore in this 'Body Heat' inspired thriller with Brent Huff in one of his first films. He plays private eye Sam Black, who investigates a gorgeous, yet murderous heiress (Ingrid Boulting), who uses her body to manipulate men! You'll be guessing where this one is heading as Sam closes in on her true motivations. Also starring the son of James Coburn, James H. Coburn IV.

B706 Death Cage (88) aka: Zhan long aka: Bloodfight 2: The Deathcage A good kung fu teacher has a talented young student. They fall victim to a rival martial arts school who not only cheat to win, they cripple the good teacher. and cripple the student. Another teacher assists and they stage a come-back showdown finale with the bad guys. Excellent fight sequences with gore and blood mixed with killer stunts. The 'Death Cage' of the titles is an enormous fighting cage lined with bamboo spikes, so you know impalings are numerous... With Robin Shou in one of his first movies! LBX with English subtitles. BA

B643 Desert Battle (69) aka: La battaglia del deserto aka: Desert Assault In charge of laying down some mines in the desert heat, Captain Bradbury (George Hilton) and his men encounter Captain Heinz (Robert Hossein) and some of his men. But the teams must band together in the desert, with low rations of water they try to survive and make their way out of this burning hell. A plethora of characters (many who meet their ends), a rousing tank battle, mix in a memorable and haunting score, and you have an above average entry in Spaghetti Warfare. Killer LBX and English language dubbed. BA

B732 Desert Commandos (67) aka: Attentato ai tre grandi aka: Les Chiens Verts du Desert From director Umberto Lenzi! German Commandos are dropped behind enemy lines in the Sahara desert tasked with getting to Casablanca in an assassination attempt on allied leaders. The target is Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin. No particular order. No pressure. Great action, some awkward dialogue, and how many films have you seen where the Germans are supposed to be the good guys? Umberto Lenzi's first directed war film. LBX BA

G406 Desperate Chase, The (71) aka: Zhui ming qiang aka: Blood of the Dragon Amazing Wang Yu kung-fu action! A renegade warrior becomes entangled in a civil uprising with heavy fast-paced violence and battles involving swords, throwing stars, a nifty sword/whip weapon (wielded by a guy named Red Wolf), a bit of unintentional humor, pretty decent English dubbing and LBX. Nice. The final mind-blowing bloody battle will leave many dead. BA

G440 Destination Gobi (53) aka: Durch die gelbe Hölle In 1944, U.S. Navy Specialists run a weather station in the Gobi desert where they are constantly under threat of Japanese war planes. In the meantime they are aided by Mongolian nomads. Adventure as fiery and furious as the flaming sands of China's Gobi desert! (Tagline) Richard Widmark, Martin Milner, Earl Holliman and many more star. Also with Miss Hong Kong Judy Dan, a foxy Chinese woman who made a small dent in America in mostly typecast roles. She had come to the U.S.A. in 1952 to compete in the Miss America contest and became a star (sort of). BA

G492 Devil Thumbs a Ride, The (47) aka: Autostop al infierno Law abiding Jimmy Ferguson (Ted North) soon regrets giving a ride to killer Steve Morgan (Lawrence Tierney). Tierney delivers his mean-talking tough guy persona and dominates this sparsely populated film. 'Detour' meets 'The Hitchhiker'. BA

B670 Diamond Peddlers, The (76) aka: Il vangelo secondo Simone e Matteo Paul Smith and Antonio Cantafora return as a comical duo in a different setting. This time, they pose as a couple of priests in order to elude being arrested by African authorities, delivering a statue of the Virgin Mary from Africa to Amsterdam. Unwittingly however, they are really smuggling diamonds. Off-the-wall slapstick chases and no-holds-barred wacky fights include a lengthy riverboat chase in a canal, and an hysterical bash 'em up restaurant kitchen fight set-piece. Chemistry between the leads works in an entertainingly goofy way with a jumpy score and catchy theme song to further energize the proceedings. LBX and English Dubbed.

B737 Dictator's Guns, The (65) aka: L'arme à gaucheTough man Jacques (Lino Ventura) gets mixed up with pirate gunrunners (led by Leo Gordon as' Morrison') and his henchmen, in the Caribbean, along with a sexy heiress named Rae (Sylva Koscina), whose yacht has been stolen by the bad guys, and Mae's ex-husband is in the mix as well. Most of the film is set either on the yacht, or the island. Exciting and well photographed, one of a kind picture. Lino gets his hands dirty here. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

G319 Doctor Justice (75) aka: Ambición fallida aka: Docteur Justice After portraying Diabolik, the comic-book villain, John Phillip Law is cast as a hero from a French comic strip. This one kind of copies the James Bond film 'Goldfinger'. Putting the whole crew of a tanker to sleep so as to get all the gold off board. Gert Frobe, 'Goldfinger' himself, also stars along with Paul Naschy and Nathalie Delon. English dubbed and with foreign subtitles. BA

R687 Edge of Honor (91) aka: Pour l'honneur des scouts A group of scouts adventuring in the wilderness stumble upon a cache of stolen weapons hidden in the forest. The bad guys find out the young adults are on to their stuff, and begin to hunt them down. That is of course, until the scouts fight back with violence of their own. A fairly brutal guilty pleasure here! With the sexy Meredith Salenger. Also Scott Reeves, Corey Feldman and Don Swayze amongst many others. BA

B506 Empty Canvas, The (63) aka: La noiaA failed young artist in Rome (Horst Bucholz) who has always relied on his wealthy mother's money (played by Bette Davis) meets a beautiful young women (18 years old at the time, the magnetic Catherine Spaak, whose character has just killed a man for his money) and falls hard for her. She is a gold-digging evil girl, and will hang with him only until a better prospect comes along... Spaak makes the film. It's a bit drama sure, but very interesting and with a satisfying denouement. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

B739 Endless Night, The (63) aka: Die endlose NachtA deep fog strands a group of travelers at an airport (the famous Templhof airport in Germany). Shot in beautiful Ultravision- Cinemascope, with a jazz score. You see the individual stories of many of the passengers, all with various circumstances. You can breath the mood of 1960's Berlin. In German language and with English subtitles. LBX

G832 Escape from Angola (76) aka: Return to Africa James Mallory (Stan Brock), his wife Karen (Anne Collings) and their three teen-aged sons make their life in Angola operating a private wildlife preserve. That is until their world is shaken by a militant political group. Lots of animal footage. Some think this is a racist movie. You decide… BA

B528 Espionage in Lisbon (65) aka: Agentenfalle Lissabon aka: Da 077: intrigo a Lisbona An international gang pretends to have the means to destroy a small country in 30 seconds. Agent O77 (Brett Halsey) is on the case. He is enlisted to find the missing scientist with the know how. Cool gadgets are also employed here. Fernando Rey and Marilu Tolo also star. Followed by some pretty cool trailers, many of them rare spy films. BA

R851 Eternal Zero, The (13) aka: Eien no 0A young woman and a man explore the history of their grandfather, who died in WW2 as a Kamikaze pilot. This film dives between the past and the present, and from a Japanese POV. The Special Effects are amazing. LBX and with English subtitles.

B390 Eurocrime: The Italian Crime and Cop Films of the 1970's (12) An Amazing documentary that features snips and clips from this genre and includes numerous back and forth interviews with the biggest participants alive! John Saxon, Henry Silva, Fred Williamson, Antonio Sabato, Joe Dallesandro and more! As many saw these mainly as 'The Godfather' and 'Dirty Harry' rip-offs, there is a lot more to it than that, with the Sicilian Mafia, locations, and cultural changes pertaining to Italy. This is the best documentary on the subject I have ever seen.

B805 Execution Squad (72) aka: La polizia ringrazia A secret organization of former police officers go beyond the law with vigilante tactics, to kill accused criminals without trial. A bit like Clint Eastwood's 'Magnum Force'. Brutal and violent, with the Stelvio Cipriani score striking lethal grim chords matching the dark cold-blooded tone of the film. Filmed in Rome. With Enrico Maria Salerno, Mariangela Melato, Franco Fabrizi, Cyril Cusack, Laura Belli and more. LBX and English dubbed. BA

G763 Eye of the Spider (71) aka: L'occhio del ragno Antonio Sabato plays Paul, a criminal who has spent time in prison in Austria, after being abandoned by his friends following a heist gone wrong. He escapes with the help of Professor Kruger (Van Johnson) who wants him to carry out another robbery with Kruger's girlfriend Gloria (Lucretia Love)... Paul is to blackmail his former associates... But he is more interested in revenge than money, primarily for his former boss (Klaus Kinski). Uncut but in Italian language only with no subtitles. BA


G756 Fantomas (64) aka: Fantômas Jean Marais plays a journalist who is trying to sell copy on 'Fantomas' who he also plays. Fantomas is clever, dons a face mask to throw the police (especially Commissaire Juve played by Louis de Funes) off his trail. He also falls in with a photographer (Mylene Demongeot). There are three elaborate chase sequence in this one, all well crafted with plenty of stunt work. Cars, train, helicopter, boats... the ending is set up for the sequel. Comedy spy action adventure. Nice print and with English subtitles. BA

G757 Fantomas Strikes Back (65) aka: Fantômas se déchaîne aka: Fantomas Unleashed All three main actors return for this sequel to the very popular 'Fantomas' series, the French spoof of James Bond films. When a famous professor disappears, the Commissaire suspects Fantomas is behind the kidnapping. A flying car is just one of the surprises here. Fantomas changes his face with different masks. You will see bits that many other spy comedy films, and even action films were inspired by later on. With English subtitles. BA

G758 Fantomas vs. Scotland Yard (67) aka: Fantômas contre Scotland Yard All three main actors return for this sequel to the very popular 'Fantomas Strikes Back'. Fantomas is on a shake-down mission to rob the rich, set around a Scottish castle. There arrives our Commissaire to thwart the coin confiscation by Fantomas. But there are castle ghosts afoot, or are there? A gothic spy film spoof. The last in the series. Great for a triple feature. With English subtitles. BA


B624 Fat Spy, The (65) One of the worst movies ever made! Horrible songs, pretty girls (of course a redeeming factor), crazy plot, bad dialogue and lots of fun! A disaster in every since of the word. This makes for essential viewing. Jayne Mansfield stars (she'd be dead the next year), Brian Donlevy, and look for Linda Harrison as a treasure hunter. I am not even going to try to explain this colorful mess. BA

G312 Fellow Traveler (91) In Hollywood, during the 1950's, screenwriter Asa Kaufman (Ron Silver) reflects on his Communist associations and knows he will soon be forced to testify before 'committees' investigating 'Un-American' activities. He flees to England to get work, and then finds out that his best friend since childhood has killed himself back in America. He is pretty sure this is related to the witch-hunts. Also with Daniel J. Travanti and more.

G754 Final Heist, The (91) aka: L'étrange rançon Jan Michael Vincent stars as art thief David King who is planning to retire with his five year old daughter. But when she is kidnapped, the ransom is a Van Gogh he must steal, and he has 48 hours to do it. You would think Jan Michael Vincent, who was in a sad downfall with his career, would be terrible. But he seems youthful and energetic here. Gabrielle Lazure also stars.

G743 Fires on the Plain (59) aka: Nobi aka: Fuochi nella pianura Acclaimed by many as the greatest war film ever made. WW2 is all but over. An abandoned Japanese Army in Leyte are left to starve. A harrowing masterpiece on the sheer madness and despair of war. No flag waving patriotism or saccharine sentimentality here. This is as dark and bleak as any aftermath of war film could be, especially for 1959! Stark and brooding suffering and hopelessness. Be prepared for doom. This one delivers on the most 'horrific side of war' film made anywhere at the time. Enjoy! LBX and with English subtitles.

G529 Five Graves to Cairo (43) aka: Cinco tumbas en el Cairo An undercover British soldier goes spying behind enemy lines during WW2. After learning that the Germans have tons of supplies buried in five excavation sites in Egypt, he struggles to get word back to his team. Quite excellent actually. Franchot Tone, Anne Baxter, Akim Tamiroff, Peter Van Eyck and Erich Von Stroheim as Field Marshall Erwin Rommel. BA

R792 Five Pretty Young Ladies (77) aka: Bruce, Kung Fu Girls aka: As Cinco Rainhas do Karate Five badass chicks kick the livin' crap out of male stuntmen/kung-fu fighters all over the place making the big boss's look like incompetent fools. Kidnapping and a science fiction angle also in this one. Great sound-effects and hilarious dialogue. English dubbed.

G318 Flower in His Mouth, The (75) aka: Gente di rispetto aka: The Schoolmistress and the Devil A female school teacher (Jennifer O'Neill) is implicated in a murder in a Sicilian town, not long after her arrival. The man, now dead, insulted her on the bus on the way into town. As the mystery unfolds, we learn that this town is hiding some very sinister secrets. Not all trips to Italy lead to romantic female fantasy crap. James Mason is her landlord, and Franco Nero plays a fellow teacher. BA

B868 Football Crazy (74) aka: L'arbitro A small-time referee gets the chance of a lifetime when he is hired to referee a major-league game. Now a celebrity he has to choose between the job, or the delicious lady temptations he encounters along the way. Marisa Solinas, Joan Collins, Gabriella Pallotta and Lando Buzzanca star. English dubbed and with foreign subtitles. BA

G975 For the Love of It (80) A wacky comedy about the F.B.I. trying to regain a stolen microchip, the stability of world power hangs in the balance! Somehow Deborah Raffin and Jeff Conaway have the microchip in their possession and manage to elude pursuers on all sides, the F.B.I., the C.I.A. and an evil toymaker played by the late Don Rickles. Barbi Benton, Tom Bosley, the late William Christopher, Adam West, Pat Morita, Regis Philbin and many more are on hand for the fun or.... For the Love of It! Great shots of San Francisco and the coast all the way down to San Diego.

G159 For the Love of It (80) aka: Geheimcode Chaos An entrepreneur discovers a plan on tape the Russians have for taking over the Middle East. He wants to use it to create a new video game called 'Doom's Day', but the KGB, the CIA and the FBI are also after the tape, and have other plans. Barbi Benton, Deborah Raffin, Adam West, Don Rickles and loads of actors you all know. OTT like 'Airplane' zany madness.

R717 Forgotten, The (89) aka: Commando oublié Held captive by their own army, Viet Nam vets must escape to clear their names. First though, they must endure a series of brutal tortures.... Keith Carradine, Steve Railsback, Stacy Keach and more star. BA

G719 Formula C-12 Beirut (66) aka: Agent 505: Death Trap Beirut aka: Agent 505 - Todesfalle Beirut Frederick Stafford plays suave secret agent Richard Blake, who is on the trail of 'The Sheikh', a madman who is threatening to wipe out all of Beirut. Bikini Babes, Bullets and Gadgets, on location in a mod Beirut, at the time an 'international' city, and a popular spot for film production. Available in a shoddy print previously here now Widescreen and English dubbed.

G789 Fox and His Friends (75) aka: Faustrecht der Freiheit aka: Fist-Fight of Freedom Gay Class Conflict is in your face in this, as the middle-upper class world clashes with the working class world in this Rainer Werner Fassbinder (starring and directed by) film. Interesting because this is not about them being gay so much (get over it already) but more about a guy that falls for a dude that is more cultured and he struggles to blend in with this lifestyle with mixed results. Although I could not begin to pretend to understand the union and obstacles involved, it still makes for compelling viewing as it is more a 'survival of the fittest' type film. Rainer Werner Fassbinder overdosed on cocaine and sleeping pills in 1982 ending his life at age 37. He made 41 movies in 13 years. This film comes with English subtitles. BA

R802 Fox Style (73) A wealthy nightclub owner struggles to reconcile his country upbringing with his city environs. Blaxploitation type with Juanita (Abby) Moore, Richard Lawson and more. BA

G158 Francis Gary Powers: The True Story of the U-2 Spy Incident (76) aka: Der Fall Gary Powers Recently big chunks of this historical event were covered in the Spielberg directed Tom Hank's film 'Bridge of Spies'. Lee Majors is Powers, the C.I.A. pilot who was shot down in his spy plane over Russia, captured and imprisoned. Well made and also with Noah Beery Jr., James Gregory and more.

R664 Frankenstein and The Vampire: A Dark and Stormy Night (14) Documentary telling the celebrated gathering in 1816 Geneva, which led to the writing of Frankenstein and the first modern vampire story.... Great for fans of classic horror! + The Secret Life of Books: Frankenstein (14) It's exactly what you think it is! More scholarly info on everybody's favorite flat-headed man-monster. Although if you have ever actually read 'Frankenstein' you may come out of the reading with a new appreciation of the book, and now regard how the actual films decided to trade the source material for a more visceral account, just a double bonus for fans of fantasy horror fiction.

G703 Free Hand for a Tough Cop (76) aka: Il trucido e lo sbirro aka: La trappola scatta a Beirut Umberto Lenzi's fourth collaboration with Tomas Milian. A cop teams up with a drug dealer (Tomas Milian) and three other criminals, to rescue a young girl from a vile villain (Henry Silva) and his gang of miscreants. Random killings, quotable dialogue, a great musical score, shootouts, car chases and more. One of the lesser known Lenzi crime films. Here in a nice Widescreen English dubbed version. BA

B301 Frida, Professional Manager (00) aka: Frida Professione Manager Possibly from Renato Polselli's own copy as this movie was never released anywhere as far as we can tell! Newlyweds have a rough start, but when they finally have sex, things get going pretty well. Until he plays a joke on his new bride that turns out bad for all involved. Nudity and large English subtitles in this, Polselli's last film, unless he had another one tucked away that hasn't surfaced. BA

B797 From Corleone to Brooklyn (79) aka: Da Corleone a Brooklyn An Italian mobster tries to hightail it to Brooklyn with a cop (Maurizio Merli as Berni, the usual pissed off cop) to testify against a mob boss after his chief rival is gunned down in the small Sicilian town of Corleone. The mafia sets traps along the way in an effort to stop them. Action-filled and fast paced. The last action film directed by Umberto Lenzi. LBX and English dubbed. BA

B550 From Istanbul, Orders to Kill (65) aka: Da Istanbul ordine di uccidere A man is offered twenty grand by CIA agent to impersonate a drug smuggler/gunrunner for a crime syndicate. Betrayals and gadgets in this spy thriller and some pretty beautiful Italian locations and pretty girls as well! Lucretia Love and Nina Fuscagni are some of the women here. Now finally in a nice LBX version and dubbed into English! BA

B645 FX-18 Secret Agent (64) aka: Agent Secret FX 18 aka: Jack Clifton jagt Wostok III Cool spy film (with Ken Clark as 'Coplan'), where the men are brutes and the women like it! Also known as 'the good old days'! Here this one owes equally to some 50's film noir as it does the powerfully emerging 60's spy genre. Second billed Jany Clair is a sexy redheaded pouty beauty who graced 'Mission to Caracas' amongst others, and is slapped around and tortured a little in this one. You will absolutely love the awful song! At last a nice LBX version so throw away that old full frame print! English Dubbed! BA

R630 Gang War (58) aka: Solo contro i gangsters A Los Angeles high-school (Charles Bronson) teacher's problems begin when he happens to witness a gang-land killing and agrees to identify the killers. The repercussions will be severe. They kill his pregnant girlfriend and Charlie decides to get revenge. That's what Charlie does. Kent Taylor, Gloria Henry and more star. From the director of 'I Was a Teenage Werewolf'. LBX BA

R804 Get Crazy (83) aka: Flip Out Cool 80's rock spoof that must be seen to be believed. Malcom McDowall as an aging rocker and a huge assortment of characters and madcap situations. Would be a perfect double feature with 'Spinal Tap'! Daniel Stern, Ed Begley Jr., Lou Reed, Fabian, Robert Picardo, Mary Woronov, Paul Bartel, Dick Miller, Clint Howard and look for Linnea Quigley and Michelle Bauer as groupies + many more! This is a perfect picture of 1983! BA

G871 Getting Even (86) aka: Inferno USA aka: Hostage: Dallas An evil millionaire (Joe Don Baker) named King is out to steal the Russian made nerve gas a soldier of fortune nicknamed 'Tag' (Edward Albert) has brought back from Afghanistan to have analyzed. The flesh-melting gas is quite lethal. King, now with the gas in his grasp threatens to release the gas over downtown Dallas unless a hefty ransom is paid. Tag, with the assistance of Paige Starson (Audrey Landers) is on the case, with then high-tech computer aid as well. The computer graphics in this were considered ahead of their time. Joe Don Baker makes an excellent hammy villain, as usual. Landers is gorgeous. Edward Albert, the only son of 'Green Acres' star Eddie Albert, died in 2006 at age 55 of lung cancer. His father Eddie however lived until the ripe old age of 99. Also with Caroline Williams of 'TCM2' and more. BA

G456 Girl Boss 6: Diamond Showdown (74) aka: Sukeban: Taiman ShobuKeiko Aizawa, a vixen fired with a thirst for vengeance, sets out on her quest to destroy those responsible for the death of her older sister. Femme Fatale Girl Gang fun! LBX and with English subtitles.

G837 Girl Game, The (62) aka: Saga of the Flying Hostesses aka: Copacabana Palace An artifact from that brief period in the early 60's when Brazil was a romanticized place of beauty, song and legend. This was the place to be. The place you fantasized about visiting. There are plenty of girls, and guys serenading them, real musicians etc. So it's a frothy romantic comedy/caper film. With Sylva Koscina and Mylene Demongeot. LBX and not a super sharp picture but good quality with a few glitches.

G808 Girl Stroke Boy (73) The straight-laced parents of a young man who has shown zero interest in girls are shocked when he returns from the West Indies with a girl/boy whatever. So nobody knows the sex of his companion and everybody is baffled. Bloody Hell! Tagline: When you lose a son, you gain a ...? You figure it out! Ambiguous hilarity. Michael Hordern, Clive Francis and more star. LBX

G151 Girls of Huntington House, The (73) An unmarried teacher in a school for unwed mothers finds herself too emotionally attached to her students and their problems. Notable for the cast and a good drama. Women used to have to go through a bit of hell when they had an unplanned and unwanted pregnancy. Now they get paid cash to stay in school, get free housing and other rewards for their behavior, and bonus money when they drop more little bundles of joy. Just the way it is, right or wrong. Sissy Spacek, Pamela Sue Martin, William Windom, Shirley Jones and Mercedes McCambridge (who did the possessed 'Regan' demon voice for 'The Exorcist' the same year) star.

R914 Glitter Dome, The (84) aka: A Cidade do Crime Al (James Garner) and Marty (John Lithgow) are two homicide cops in Hollywood, and hot on the trail of the killer of a movie mogul that was making kiddie porn in his spare time. Excellent cast of characters in deep and sometimes dark and depraved situations. Margot Kidder as 'Willie' is into rough sex. This one is worth a look! Also with John Marley, Paul Koslo, Colleen Dewhurst and more. Some glitches in opening credits.

B575 Goto, Island of Love (69) aka: Goto, l'île d'amourOn the legendary island of Goto, cut off from the rest of the world and ruled by a barbaric dictator, a simpleton thief, spared from execution, climbs ranks from various menial positions, while he himself and other islanders find themselves drawn into temptations that will drastically alter the island's everyday normal if acted upon. The ultimate goal of our hero is to usurp the monarch, take control. and to take the ruler's wife for himself! Directed by Walerian Borowczyk directs. This one uncut and with color sequences. LBX and with English subtitles.

B692 Great Jailbreak, The (75) aka: Daidatsugoku A group of prisoners try to break out of Abashiri prison. Nudity, battles in the snow and a bloody shotgun finale on a train that is speeding across the snowbound countryside, then a frozen foot chase with more shotgun mayhem. A really cool and different Japanese film. With Ken Takakura. LBX and with English subtitles.

B647 Group Portrait with a Lady (77) aka: Gruppenbild mit Dame This story follows the life of a German woman Leni Gruyten (Romy Schneider) during the 1930's and the 1940's. Through her connections and interactions with people she knows, the perceptions of the Nazi's and this era is shown from regular German's reactions. Unjustly forgotten historical portrait that also stars Brad Dourif in his first significant role after winning an Oscar for 'Cuckoo's Nest' as Billy Bibbit. Big English subtitles + smaller Greek subtitles. In German language because, if this was in spoken English, it would just be silly now wouldn't it? BA

R913 Guardian, The (84) aka: Der Wächter Martin Sheen plays a white bleeding heart liberal named Charlie (basically, himself) and Louis Gosset Jr. (John) as a tough as nails security guard that takes no nonsense, and is over-committed to the max, (much to Charlie's chagrin) hired to protect the apartment building in which Sheen's character resides. Is John an evil fascist? Charlie thinks so, and he sets out to prove it. assault, home invasion violence and suspense. One of the best MFTV flicks to come out of the early 80's. BA

B742 Guest is Coming, A (47) aka: Det kom en gäst... When an owner of an old mansion is just about to sell his property, he is found murdered. A classic detective story set in a mansion. A cry in the night, a noble family with skeletons in the closet, and an assassin creeping in the shadows. Nice Swedish made whodunnit suspenser. With English subtitles.

G895 Guilty Bystander (50) An alcoholic ex-cop (Zachary Scott), now employed as house detective at a sleazy hotel in a grimy part of town, explores the dark and grungy underworld of New York City in search of his kidnapped son. Incredibly dark and downbeat fun. BA

G976 Guns and the Fury, The (81) aka: Los cañones y la furia Two turn of the century fortune hunters (Peter Graves and Cameron Mitchell) discover oil in Persia and attempt to claim it, employed by the Persian oil company who is working with a British tycoon. But a Russian Czar wants it, and the sheik of the area thinks it will harm the environment. .. The British send in troops to protect their stake and all hell breaks loose. Filmed in Egypt. Better than 'Lawrence of Arabia'! Also with Albert Salmi, Michael Ansara and more.

B569 Head Hunter, The (82) aka: Lie tou aka: Long Goodbye Chow Yun Fat plays a Vietnamese immigrant and Viet Nam veteran working as a stunt man in the film industry. His side job? Working as a hit-man for the local syndicate. He's also being stalked by his former commander in Viet Nam. Nothing fancy, this is a dark, bleak portrait of characters caught in a vicious circle of violence, poverty and misery.

B630 Head of the Family, The (67) aka: Il padre di famiglia This social comedy chronicles the lives of an idealistic couple of architects in post-war WW2, and post-monarchy Italy. From their initial meeting through marriage and then too many bratty children disrupting the relationship along with the wife's crazy busy family crowding the husband mercilessly.. The husband (Nino Manfredi) has an affair with Claudine Auger (of 'Thunderball') and eventually the wife (played by Leslie Caron) has a bit of a meltdown. BA

G94 Hell Commandos (69) aka: Comando al infierno aka: 7 eroiche carogne An American major (Guy Madison) trains a group of elite soldiers for a dangerous covert mission behind enemy lines during WW2. Unfortunately, as they are all dressed like Nazi's, all but the major are killed in their sleep by another allied platoon behind enemy lines. The major has no alternative but to continue on his mission with this new platoon. BA

B728 Hell in Normandy (68) aka: Testa di sbarco per otto implacabili aka: Tête de pont pour huit implacables This movie is set in WW2 just days before the D-Day Invasion. A special parachute unit of American Commandos is sent in to destroy a German flame thrower installation on Omaha Beach. Authentic looking and well made Spaghetti War, packing frantic thrills, perilous adventures, relentless feats, and loads of explosive action and violence. With Guy Madison, Peter Lee Lawrence and Erika Blanc. From director Alfonso Brescia. BA

G810 Hell on Wheels (67) This is the story of two brothers. One is a daredevil racecar driver pursued by all the girls (Marty Robbins), and the other a brilliant mechanic (John Ashley) that is a big part of the reason these races are being won by his brother. But one messes with another's girl, and now they are enemies. Moonshine, musical numbers with Marty Robbins and Connie Smith plus the Bluegrass Band The Stoneman Family and lots of stock footage. John Ashley split for the Philippines for 10 movies we still talk about today the next year. Good move. LBX BA

R909 Hell's Horizon (55) aka: Bombardamento alta quota Interaction among men of a bombing squad in the Korean war. Entertaining atmospheric and realistic. Killer cast includes John Ireland, Marla English, Hugh Beaumont and many more. LBX BA

B912 Highway Racer (77) aka: Poliziotto sprint Car chase fanatics take note, many interesting stunts and actions scenes here! A man who wants to become the ultimate driver of his police force, fails horribly at his intentions. Later he gets training from his chief. Now he is a speed drivin' copper intent on bringing in the arch nemesis of his boss. His quarry is a badass driver as well, and there are plenty of amazing car crash what the fuck moments here that will have you anxious with excitement. This looks like a dangerous shoot! Driving stunts coordination and action by Remy Julienne, he's been around. From 'James Bond' to 'The Da Vinci Code', 'Bobby Deerfield' and over 200 more films, the go-to guy for this stuff! Also with Lilli Carati. LBX and English dubbed! BA

B650 Hunter from the Unknown (66) aka: Agent 3S3, Massacre in the Sun aka: Agente 3S3, massacro al sole An island paradise has undergone a revolution and the charismatic General has assumed control. Those assisting him though, have an agenda far beyond a simple dictatorship of an inconsequential banana republic. George Ardisson, Kitty Swan and Evi Marandi star. Now, finally in an Uncut and Widescreen print! 1 hour and 47 minutes.

B675 Hunter Will Get You (76) aka: L'alpagueur aka: Der Greifer A freelance spy (Jean-Paul Belmondo) is investigating a serial killer who employs young boys in his robberies before killing them. Belmondo, young and in fine form, does many of his own stunts and fights, but the film also has some serious and violent scenes of crime and confrontation, and Bruno Cremer makes an excellent villain as 'The Hawk' (it should have been “Chickenhawk”!). Finally a nice LBX version and dubbed into English! BA

R794-B378 I Kiss the Hand (73) aka: Baciamo le maniaka: Family Killer aka: Mafia War Power struggles with the new mob boss (John Saxon) versus the old (Arthur Kennedy). Death, Drugs, Dames and Dollars! John Saxon shines as a hot-headed leader, ruthless in his conviction, unstoppable in his quest for power. Beautiful Agostina Belli stars as the widow of a gangster who is shot down in the prime of his gun-for-hire life. She vows revenge on the responsible parties. English language and some scenes in Italian language have English subtitles. Not to be missed Italian crime film. LBX BA

G41 If Tomorrow Comes (71) aka: The Glass Hammer A white California girl (Patty Duke) and her new Japanese-American husband must keep their recent marriage secret in wake of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Well advised. Fairly devastating and haunting. People think it is a film about prejudice and racism.... but Pearl Harbor is the backdrop of the story, and we were at war. Drastic measures were taken out of fear. Also with Mako, James Whitmore, Pat Hingle, Anne Baxter, Michael McGreevey and Frank Michael Liu in his debut.

B442 I'm for the Hippopotamus (79) aka: Vi Holder med Fkidhestene aka: Io sto con gli ippopotami Bud Spencer and Terence Hill try their luck in Africa! Slim and Tom (Hill and Spencer) don't appreciate a German tyrant (played by Joe Bugner, an ex-boxer famous for going the distance with Muhammad Ali, twice!), who is capturing and selling African wildlife to Canadian Zoo's. Fights, robbery, escaping from a jail with a bulldozer and other hilarious scenes too numerous to mention. Obviously for fans of Spencer and Hill (and African wildlife!). This LBX version is 10 minutes longer than previous versions available elsewhere. With English subtitles. BA

G825 In Search of Gregory (69) aka: Alla ricerca di Gregory aka: Buscando a Gregory Julie Christie is Catherine, in Rome with an invitation from her father to attend his fifth wedding. The invitation, a large postcard, is played on a car dash turntable. If you think that sounds weird, it is! Catherine becomes obsessed with Gregory (Michael Sarrazin) after seeing his picture at the airport. But is he Gregory. When she finally sees him and lets him nail her is this the true object of her sexual obsession? Or is Catherine just a rich flipped out flake? Christie has never looked better. Also with John Hurt. BA

G147 In the Line of Duty: Siege at Marion (92) aka: Children of Fury Bob Bryant (Dennis Franz) is an F.B.I. agent in charge of an operation to arrest Adam Swapp and his brother, suspects in the bombing of a Mormon Church. Morman fundamentalists versus their less extreme Mormon neighbors, and then versus the F.B.I. - The Waco-like stand-off on the family farm is pretty intense stuff. Paul Le Mat, Tess Harper, Ed Begley Jr. and William H. Macy are just some of the cast.

G166 Incredible Journey of Doctor Meg Laurel, The (79) A female doctor (Lindsay Wagner) returns from the city to her home in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Appalachia in the 1930's. There she must contend with the uneducated and superstitious as she tries to help them. Jane Wyman, Gloria Stuart, Gary Lockwood and many more star in this over 2 hour movie. James Woods is 'Sin Eater' a character that inspired comic book writer Peter David to create the Spiderman villain, 'Sin-Eater'. BA

R861 Indio 2: La rivolta (91) aka: Indio 2 La revuelta The jungles are being cleared and the Indians enslaved and slaughtered . A highway gouged into Amazon jungles brings an infection of greed that results in a revolution. A mean-ass marine named Sgt. Iron (Marvelous Marvin Hagler, real-life boxing champion of the 80's) rallies the natives who unite behind him. Action-packed jungle madness! BA

G173 Inmates: A Love Story (81) aka: Una storia d'amore Accountant Roy (Perry King) is sentenced to prison because he cooked up balances. They want to keep him in prison as long as possible so they can have a free accountant to fix the messed up prison books. He meets and falls in love with Jane (Kate Jackson) who is a convicted thief. Also with Paul Koslo, Craig T. Nelson and more.

B577 Iron Angel (64) A green lieutenant (you know, inexperienced, you really didn't think he was actually 'green' did you?) volunteers five men that somehow survived an ambush. Their new mission is to take out a Korean mortar position that's preventing supply convoys from reaching the front line. A rare Korean War set film! Some familiar faces like Jim Davis, Don 'Red' Barry and the seemingly immortal L.Q. Jones, who turns 89 in August 2016!

B869 Jack in the Box (74) aka: Der Springteufel From German T.V. this runs just under an hour. Future German funny man Dieter Hallervorden plays a nerdish fellow who is seemingly innocent but may just turn out to be the hitchhiker from hell escapee from a lunatic asylum, on par with Rutger Hauer's 'The Hitcher' or David Hess in 'Hitchhike'! Interesting, with a madcap finale foot chase. In German language and with English subtitles.

G353 Japanese Trailers (various) Not all of the trailers are from Japanese films. There's Fulci's Zombie, Maniac with Joe Spinell, Gore and many many more, including also some Godzilla and Japanese films. What most on this compilation have in common is Japanese subtitles. An incredible party trailer collection finally available again!

G175 Jealousy (84) Angie Dickinson stars in three separate vignettes as women that are affected by 'Jealousy'. Actually quite compelling and things get real ugly in some situations. David Carradine, Richard Mulligan, Bo Svenson, Susan Tyrell and more star.

G891 Jeans Blues- No Future (74) aka: Jinzu burusu: Asu naki furaiha Two young misfits are brought together by fate and their mutual affection for chaos and mayhem sends them over the edge into a 'Bonnie and Clyde' spiral of violence, chases and death. assault, bloody violence and sex scenes. LBX and with English subtitles.

G720 Kidnap Syndicate, The (75) aka: La città sconvolta: caccia spietata ai rapitori aka: Dirty Deal Based on actual events. Two boys, one from a rich family, one from a poor family, are kidnapped and held for ransom. The rich father of the rich son wants to negotiate. The kidnappers kill the poor father's (a mechanic played by Luc Merenda) son to show they mean business. The mechanic is majorly pissed, and sets out on his motorcycle to take revenge to the perpetrators as an avenger/vigilante man. Plenty of chases and violent action in this classic Italian crime film that hits the ground running and never lets up. In Italian language and with English subtitles. Widescreen BA

B521 Kill and Be Killed (62) aka: A hierro muereFresh out of jail, sexy but troubled Eliza (Olga Zubarry) finds work helping her mother take care of an ailing old opera star. She runs off with his scumbag nephew, and together they plot to kill the old bag, for the money of course. Well, we know how things go in these types of films. The perfect crime is a complete screw-up, and the cops play them one against the other to try to get to the truth. This Spain/Argentina production will keep you guessing. BA

B676 Kill Me Quick, I'm Cold (67) aka: Fai in fretta ad uccidermi... ho freddo! Giovanna (Monica Vitti) and Franco (Jean Sorel) are swindlers/lovers who pretend to be siblings, and go around stealing from the rich and the elegant in luxurious European hotels and yachts. Many twists follow with top fashion clothes and snappy hip cars. Comedy with convoluted plot twists among the jet-set, eye-popping beautiful stars and incredible locations. LBX and English dubbed.

G559 Killer From Above (77) aka: Dao jian ba wang quan A one man killing machine named Chen Wu-Hai is wiping people out left and right with his skills. The leaders of the martial world hold a conference trying to establish a plan to stop him. Excellent action packed king kung fu with good duels, creative use of weaponry, and great performances from all involved. Plus the always entertaining English dubbing and sound effects of course!

B916 Komissar X and the Red Tigers (71) aka: Tiger Gang aka: Kommissar X : Jagt die roten Tiger aka: FBI Operation Pakistan Join Tony Kendall and Brad Harris as they attempt to smash the 'Tiger Gang'… Listed before, but now finally a LBX and English dubbed print!

R716 Krays, The (90) True tale of twin crime-lords (one of them gay) in London's 1960's underworld, played by the Kemp brothers of the pop band Spandau Ballet. Violence and brilliant period detail make it out to be like a British almost-Scorsese type film complete with a plethora of characters and interesting situations. Billie Whitelaw also stars. BA

B567 Kung Fu Arts (78) aka: Hou fu ma aka: Kung Fu: Monkey, Horse, Tiger One of the strangest kung fu movies you will ever see! Through a series of events, a monkey (played by a real chimp!) saves the life of a princess. She now must marry the monkey, and is set adrift in the ocean with her new hairy befuddled beau, exiled to an island in the former kingdom. Meanwhile her 'human' lover, who had been framed for wrong doing, has been practicing his martial arts, and planning his return to clear his name and marry his princess, unaware of the misfortune that has befallen her. The scenes with the princess and the monkey are hysterical.

G386 Lady Rose (98) Great Japanese Femme Fatale/ action film about a dangerous female assassin who challenges the mob. Action, ultra-violence, sleaze and nudity. This one is in Japanese language only with no subtitles.

R886 Larga Noche de Julio (74) Tony wants to carry out a perfect robbery and get a lot of money during the celebration of the 24 Hours of Montjuic, a motorcycle race. To accomplish this, he counts with the complicity of Peter, a runner who wants to switch to professional level. Everything is carefully planned, but at the last moment a crime is committed and Peter is trapped in the house of the victim unable to get out as the gate has been locked....of the race scenes were filmed at the actual Montjuïc 24h. motorcycle endurance race in 1973... Simon Anreu and Marisa Paredes stars in this Spanish..... F.L. LBX BA

G121 Last Blitzkrieg, The (59) aka: Fra due trincee The fanatical son of a Nazi General leads a squad of German Commandos, disguised as American troops, behind the lines in order to sabotage the Allied Forces. With newsreels, stock footage and location filming in the Netherlands. Stars Kerwin (Sinbad) Matthews, Van Johnson, Dick York and Larry Storch. LBX BA

G787 Last Crusade, The (70) aka: Michael the Brave aka: Mihai Viteazul It's the end of the 16th century and Wallachian ruler Michael the Brave is bent on overcoming the adversity of the Ottoman and Austrian Empires to unite Wallachia, Moldavia and Transylvania into one country. The battle scenes feature an infantry of 1500 extras. Today this would likely be carried out with CGI, and everyone would think it looked more real. Subliminally video game CGI programmed, to expect it as modern blue screened digitally created mind deadening flash. But this is epic stuff here, with outstanding technically created battles, sweeping landscapes, elaborate sets and costumes, all done by physical efforts, not by hundreds of pajama boys tweaking on computers. Grabs you in the opening minutes straight into an historic battle narrative! This version runs 1 hour and 42 minutes. LBX and English language dubbed.

B799 Last Samurai, The (74) aka: Okami yo rakujitsu o kire aka: Les derniers Samourais A Ronin returns to his home town of Edo many years after his attempted suicide as a sickly child. Rescued and adopted by a master swordsman, he now is also a master. This film tells the story of the modernization of Japan in the years 1863 to 1877. Here is a time when the final nails were being pounded into the coffin of the feudal system that had nurtured and sustained the samurai. A series of important events and battles occur here in the complex plot. This runs just over 2 and a half hours. LBX and with English subtitles.

G61 Last Ten Days, The (55) aka: Der letzte Akt aka: Les Derniers Jours d’ Hitler Made only ten years after the actual events this gripping film reeks of death and doom awaiting and impending upon perpetrators of war. Jew hating, death, great dialogue and more! Two generals talking, one asks “Does God Exist?”, the other replies “If he did, we wouldn't”.... Excellent end of the Third Reich film. Conspiracy theories out there, many claim Hitler escaped to South America and lived into the 1970's because he always had body doubles at his disposal. Yea... well... we saved Hitler's brain too and it's still functioning.... + German wartime newsreels. English subtitles. BA

G246 Last Tyrant, The (74) aka: Mussolini ultimo atto aka: The Last Days of Mussolini The story of the last days of Beniti Mussolini (Rod Steiger) who is devastated by the knowledge that he has destroyed Italy. The Vatican (Henry Fonda) cannot save him, the Americans and the Germans want him first. But a determined Italian soldier (Franco Nero) tracks him down with a vengeance! An astonishing end. BA

B755 Le Berceau De Cristal (76) A Feel Bad Classic? A Morbid Masterpiece? You decide. An androgynous poet/dreamer (played by Nico (Velvet Underground singer and Eurotrash icon)) sits, writes and meditates on the aching void that is her miserable existence... Weird semi-mythical beings haunt her dreams, one being Dominique Sanda as a fleshy Earth Goddess. Anita Pallenberg as an impishly grinning, emaciated drug diva, even shooting up on camera. You know, basically just playing herself. Ugh. An icon of 'heroin chic', a despicable position made hip by rich pretentious drug addicts. None of these figures speak, beyond the poet's voice is only silence and a haunting music score, The ending is quite excellent, and if you make it to the end, you will be relieved and uplifted to see what happens. I guaranfuckingtee it! Although I cannot guarantee you will like the film. This was never released. Quality not perfect, and there is a time code on the bottom of the screen.

R822 Left Fencer (69) aka: Lady Sazen and the Drenched Swallow Sword aka: Onna sazen: Nuretsubame katate giri A one-eyed one-armed swordswoman (Michiyo Ohkusu) lives in a small town, and owns a very rare sword called 'The Drenched Swallow'. When someone wants to take her sword.... better watch out! LBX and with English subtitles.

B678 Let Sleeping Cops Lie (88) aka: Ne réveillez pas un flic qui dort Right-wing cops have begun carrying out vigilante justice on drug dealers and other crime figures who might otherwise avoid punishment for their misdeeds. They seem to be untouchable until their behavior seems to involve attacking fellow officers. Of course the other 'bad people' they seem to be after are always minorities or gays. Vague ideologies, bad behavior. Alain Delon and more star. LBX

G157 Letters, The (73) aka: I angeläget ärende Stories of three people are told, each affected and all lives changed due to the year long delay in the delivery of letters. Good performances from all in this MFTV with Pamela Franklin, John Forsythe, Ida Lupino, Barbara Stanwyck and many more.

G164 Liars’ Club, The (93) aka: El club de los mentirosos The loyalty of a tight group of friends is put to the test when there is an accidental assault/murder within the circle. Or is there? Loyalties are questioned. Would you cover for a rapist killer if he were family or best friend? With Brian Krause, Will Wheaton and Michael Cudlitz (Abraham on 'The Walking Dead') as 'Jimbo'.

B896 Little Funny Guy (73) aka: L'emigrante aka: Un trabajo tranquilo Opens in black and white with young Peppino bidding farewell as his father leaves on board a ship to America. Years later, all grown up and in color, Peppino (Adriano Celentano) takes the same route (dressed as a woman) to search for his father (and to avoid the draft!). Italian folk songs, impressive production values and more. Peppino fails miserably at all sorts of odd jobs, like shoeshine boy, waiter, paperboy.... he ends up sleeping in the park. A running gag involves Sybil Danning as a drunk socialite that has the hots for Peppino. Peppino only has eyes for Rosita (Claudia Mori). Later things get a little more serious when Peppino starts a life of crime....LBX and with English subtitles. BA

G73 Living Proof: The Hank Williams Jr. Story (83) Based on the singer's life, under his mother's thumb, competing with the ghost of one of the most famous singer's in country and western music history, and aspiring to rise above it all, despite a near death accident in 1971 that ripped his face apart. Richard (Johnboy) Thomas is Hank. Also with Clu Gulager, Christian Slater, Naomi Judd, Mickey (“All of it, boy!”) Jones and more.

R860 Lola, espejo oscuro (66) Hooker Lola (Emma Penella) knows how to get what she wants from a man by offering just what a man is looking for. She is cold and calculating, greedy and evil. Men will fall at her feet. Not all will survive. In Spanish language only with no subtitles.

B304 Loot (70) aka: Die größten Gauner weit und breit Two pals pull off a bank robbery (nocturnal and naked so as not to leave evidence) and have to hide the loot. Satire loaded ironies ensue. They hide the money in a casket (which holds the dead mother of one of them). Sexy nurse (Lee Remick using an Irish accent) puts the make on the widowed father. Break-neck pace madness. Also with Richard Attenborough. LBX

M932 Lost Souls (59) aka: Vite perdute aka: Un seul survivra A young man and three girls on vacation in Elba, are made prisoners of five escaped convicts who force them to help their escape from the island. Virni Lisi, Sandra Milo, Gabriele Tinti and more star. With English subtitles. BA

B680 Love on a Pillow (62) aka: Le repos du guerrier aka: Das Ruhekissen Roger Vadim directs Bridgitte Bardot in this, intoxicating as a beautiful heiress, who falls for a stinking revolting pseudo-existentialist who is useless to everyone, criticizes the middle-class lifestyle, while he himself is nothing but a parasite. She loves this crude man, though he treats her like dirt, they are drawn together somehow... Quite possibly a metaphor between Vadim and Bardot,, who had divorced at this point, Vadim now with living doll Annette Stroyberg which he would film 'Blood and Roses' with the same year. So much candy in the store for Vadim, he couldn't resist. Bardot in various stages of undress here at 26 years of age, in living color, is a stunner. Makes Marilyn Monroe look like a crack whore. The final speeches in the last part of the picture sum up the theme of the entire film. Uncut 102 minute version LBX and with English subtitles. The U.S. release is in black and white and only runs 62 minutes! BA

B578 Low Blow (86) aka: Deadly Weapon - Ein Mann für Gerechtigkeit aka: Savage Sunday Leo Fong plays a private investigator hired (by Troy Donahue as the girl's father) to find a young girl who has been kidnapped by a religious cult, ran by the Jonestown inspired leader Yarakunda (Cameron Mitchell!). He teams up with a Viet Nam vet, a boxing champion, and a former cop to help. Loaded with loony scenarios and bad choreography, assorted wrestlers including a bizarre iron lady with a blonde mullet, and plenty of tongue in cheek action-packed fun! Who says a movie has to be good for you to enjoy it? This one rocks, period. LBX BA

B870 Magic Mountain (82) aka: Der Zauberberg aka: La montagna incantata How to describe this almost 4 hour epic based on the novel? Hans, a recently graduated engineering student on his way to Hamburg where a job building ships awaits him, takes a brief vacation in Dalvos in the Swiss Alps, where his cousin, suffering from TB is staying at a lung clinic. He is almost immediately diagnosed with anemia and possible TB and decides to stay permanently. Here in this strange world, sickness is celebrated and the patients have varying issues. One woman for instance stays only to avoid marriage! At one point Hans has a visitor, his Uncle arrives, who hopes to bring Hans back to the real world. The Uncle is diagnosed the same immediately and sees the game, leaving the next morning before he too is bewitched by this sort of madness. Meanwhile Hans settles in to live the life of an invalid. In German language and with English subtitles.

G336 Magnificent Tony Carerra, The (68) aka: El magnífico Tony Carrera aka: Carrera - Das Geheimnis der blonden Katze Tony Carrera is a successful race car driver who was also a great safe-cracker. He gets roped into doing one more big job but finds out too late he's been double-crossed by the big Boss and his beautiful assistant. Meanwhile, his ditsy fiancé follows him to Holland where she's constantly in.... Thomas Hunter and Erika Black star. English dubbed and with foreign subtitles. BA

R669 Make Your Bets, Ladies (65) aka: Fire at Will aka: Faites vos jeux, mesdames aka: Il pugno proibito dell'agente Warner Eddie Constantine plays an American secret agent sent to rescue a scientist, and he has the okay to pay a ransom in jewels to get him. Seems the scientist has invented a special paralysis device he has embedded in a ring. More secret agent fun in this forgotten gem.

B410 Man on the Prowl (57) aka: Compulsión de matar A sexual deviant/killer (James Best, who went on to star as Sheriff Rosco Coltrane in 'Dukes of Hazard') poses as a handyman and sets his sights on his next victim (Mala Powers) who is unaware this mild-mannered man is the one leaving a trail of female victims all over the city. BA

G152 Man Who Broke 1000 Chains, The (87) aka: Der Mann, der 1000 Ketten sprengte The true story of Robert Elliot Burns (Val Kilmer), the WW1 veteran, fallen on hard times and resorting to crime, who after being sentenced to a Georgia chain-gang, planned two daring escapes. Charles Durning, Clancy Brown, Chris Mulkey, William Sanderson and more star. BA

G345 Manhunt (76) aka: Kimi yo fundo no kawa wo watare A tough police detective is falsely accused of corruption, and goes on the run so he has time to clear his name. He is assisted by the beautiful daughter of a rich man. An adventure-crime-chase film made in Japan. This one may surprise you, using natural locations and surroundings. A wild bear enters one scene, and in another our fugitive hides out in a cave. Over two and a half hours. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

R718 Manhunter (74) aka: El justiciero Pilot for the short-lived T.V. series set in the 1930's about a WW1 ex-marine-turned-bounty-hunter named Dave Barrett (Ken Howard) who goes after two Bonnie and Clyde style bank robbers who murdered his former girlfriend. Cool cast includes Luke Askew, R.G. Armstrong, Stefanie Powers, L.Q. Jones, Marie Windsor, Gary Lockwood and more. BA

B653 Manon of the Spring (52) aka: Manon des sources Manon, a girl living in the mountains, decides to block the spring supplying water to the village. Manon wants revenge, because the inhabitants of the village ignored her father when he was killing himself to find precious water for his own land. This was later remade in 1986. Very well fleshed out with amazing dialogues and a hell of a story. This sucker runs 3 hours and 45 minutes. With English subtitles. DVD-R only and no VHS.

M972 Marauders of the Sahara (65) aka: I predoni del SaharaThe children of a University Professor, accompanied by a con man/adventurer named Rock, go on expedition to the Sahara where the professor disappeared, aided by the only one who returned from their father's group. Ultimately this is about the quest for treasure, and the ruthless desert savages take hostages in their pursuit of this bounty as well. From sword and sandal director Guido Malatesta. With English subtitles. BA

G374 Marco Polo (82) The life and experiences of the 13th century explorer, who sought to connect the civilizations of China and Europe through trade. A lavish spectacle. Haunting exciting scenes, beautifully filmed, you can almost smell the thronged streets and ragged beggars, the obstinate camels and through it all one of the best scores from Ennio Morricone. The cast is plentiful with Anne Bancroft, Burt Lancaster, Leonard Nimoy, F. Murray Abraham, Gordon Mitchell, David Warner, Denholm Elliot and many others. With Ken Marshall as Marco Polo. Complete on 4 discs or 4 VHS. Counts as 3 selections on DVD-R. Counts as 4 selections VHS.

G278 Marie Chantal Vs. Dr. Kha (65) aka: Marie Chantal and the Blue Panther aka: Marie Chantal contre Dr. Kha An adventurous lady (the title character played by Marie Laforet) travels to visit her cousin and on the train is given a jewel in the shape of a tiger with ruby eyes. It seems numerous international operatives are after it, and try to get it away from her. Unaware is she, that this object contains a deadly virus that could be used as a weapon to devastate humanity. This spy-flick was done pretty seriously with very little tongue-in-cheek. Directed by Claude Chabrol. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

B862 Mark of the Hawk, The (57) aka: Das Zeichen des Falken Sidney Poitier stars with Eartha Kitt in her first big role in a film and she sings a song! Actually filmed in the heart of the Dark Continent! Christianity and Colonialism clash in this gripping racial drama about dignity and human rights. Made with a spiritual backdrop endorsing the importance of freedom and the end of oppression everywhere. This is interesting because as we know now Africa is nothing but a hellhole in 2017 of death assault and violence towards your fellow man. Yea, a few safe places somewhere. But Africa ever being a peaceful place is nothing but wishful thinking. It is nice to know that once there was hope. Preachy but still pretty cool. Poitier was in 'The Defiant Ones' the following year, which made him a star. BA

G706 Mark Shoots First (75) aka: Mark il poliziotto spara per primo Stelvio Massi directs this Italian crime film.. (Part of a trilogy that also includes: ‘Blood Sweat and Fear’ 1975 and “Mark Strikes Again” 1976 (also available)) .... Widescreen and English language dubbed. With Lee J. Cobb. BA

G149 Matter of Sex, A (84) aka: Versione donna True story of the so-called Wilmar Eight, a group of Minnesota bank workers who braved freezing conditions whilst picketing their branch in a struggle for union rights. Who's side are you on? With Jean Stapleton, Judge Reinhold and more.

B401 Men and Wolves (57) aka: Hombres y Lobos aka: Uomini e lupi A beautiful recreation of the Bygone World of the Lupari! In the wilderness, a village organizes a wolf hunt. There is a rivalry between a serious, stubborn, independent wolfer and a womanizing, more playful vagabond. The attraction here though is wolves and more wolves. While some of the scenes are set bound, many others are filmed in the great snowy outdoors with beautiful backdrop scenery and the woman are quite striking as well. Especially Silvana Mangano. In Italian language and with English subtitles. Sharp Widescreen print. BA

G42 Men of the Dragon (74) aka: Ludzie spod znaku smoka Kung Fu and Bruce Lee are big box office. Enter a MFTV martial arts film! A brother and sister, both martial arts experts, visit Hong Kong where they grew up. The woman disappears, kidnapped into white slavery. There will be a lot of ass kicking! With Jared Martin, Katie Saylor, Robert Ito and Joseph (Dr. No himself!) Wiseman.

B830 Merciless Man (76) aka: Genova a mano armata A city in Italy is suffering as violent gangsters take over the city. Enter the disgraced American cop (Tony Lo Bianco). He has some ideas on how to take on the bad guys. He is 'Merciless Man'! His client Dr. Marta Mayer (Maud Adams) has hired him to find the killers of her father. He also must deal with a cantankerous Italian cop (Adolfo Celi). Lo Bianco sailing on the success of 'The French Connection' does some of his own stunts here, and kicks some major ass. English spoken and LBX BA

B426 Merry-Go-Round (81) aka: L'engrenage Elizabeth (Danièle Gégauff) sends telegrams to her old boyfriend Ben (Joe Dallesandro) in NYC and to her younger sister Leo (Maria Schneider) in Rome, to join her in Paris where she is selling her late father's estate. When Ben and Leo arrive, a mysterious adventure begins. A baffling film, cobbled together with seemingly zero forethought, possibly, mostly, improvised? Still, cool locations, surreal situations and Maria Schneider right off the set of 'Last Tango in Paris'. And you know where that finger's been! Wash it please! In French with English Subs and LBX.

B427 Michael Kohlhaas (69) aka: El Rebelde Justiciero In Medieval Times, Michael Kolhaus (David Warner), a horse trader, is going to the local fair to sell some horses, and a noble takes his horses from him. The noble promises to return the horses. Instead, the horses are returned badly damaged, almost dead, and Michael Kohlhaus, getting no justice, takes up arms and goes on a rampage against the establishment. Quite excellent. Also with Anna Karina and Anita Pallenburg (the chick between Brian Jones and Keith Richards at the time, but no more because Jones was dead in July of 1969). Watch closely and you will see Keith Richards himself in a small role as 'Soldat', his only appearance in a film until his pirate spin of the 2000's. This movie was remade recently with Mads Mikkelsen as Kohlhaus. BA

R596 Milkman, The (50) aka: Il lattaio bussa una volta Roger Bradley (Donald O'Conner), son of a milk magnate, isn't allowed to work for his dad's company because of a lingering war trauma. It seems whenever he has stress, he quacks like a duck! He gets a job with his father's arch-rival (played by 'big-nose' Jimmy Durante) and falls for Chris (Piper Laurie at 18 years old in her second film!). Hilarious! William Conrad also stars. Look for a pre-star Jerry Lewis as a milkman! BA

B564 MMM 83 (65) aka: MMM 83 - Missione Morte Molo 83 Wise-cracking narcissistic British secret agent (Fred Beir) works with a scientist to recover documents outlining a new formula to make fuel. All the bells and whistles, incredible stunts and plenty of action. Also with the super sexy (sadly ill-fated) Pier Angeli. Finally, a nice uncut LBX version of the film, running 91 minutes, instead of the cut to pieces full frame version!

G493 Mob War (78?) A virtually unheard of violent and bloody gangster film made almost completely by unknown actors. With “special guest star” Jim Brown (who keeps this off his resume - and we couldn’t spot him) Special Effects with plenty of bloody squibs supplied by noted FX man Bob Shelley who worked on dozens of gore and mainstream films later. (Although he too has this off his work record.) Interesting, because this may not be huge budgeted, but it sure doesn't look cheap. Full on 'Cotton Club' type scenes. Gory splatter buzz saw death, stomach slitting gore with squirting blood, sex, era cars, very bloody shootings and executions and more fun for the gangster film fan. Hell, even Santa Claus gets shot to death here!

R663 Mods, Rockers and Bank Holiday Mayhem (14) British seaside beaches: 1964 This documentary charts the causes and consequences of the infamous bank holiday riots of 1964 made at the fiftieth anniversary of the events. Thing is, they were not really 'riots' at all, but a culture clash crash between the emerging youth movement and the established citizens of the day, freaked by change, moral panic. Things were damaged, but nothing on the scale of Ferguson. The media blew up the situation, surprise! + Mods and Rockers: Rebooted (15) More on the British scene early 60's with footage, interviews, clips and snips and reminisces. (DVD only- no VHS)

R897 Mr. Cinema (07) aka: Lo kong ching chuen Tracing the life of a left-wing film projectionist and his family over 60 years of Hong Kong history. The film highlights many historical happenings in Hong Kong, much like an American film will do when spanning history with one particular families reaction to events. Ambitious. With English subtitles. BA

G191 Murder Ordained (87) aka: Ein geweihter Mörder Based on events in Emporia, Kansas from 1983 to 1987. The story of a Kansas preacher with lustful eyes who decided that having his wife killed, and his secretaries husband, was the will of the Lord after a ro-so-holy-bust prayer session with his secretary (Jobeth Williams). Keith Carradine is a state trooper, who helps with the investigation. John Goodman, M. Emmet Walsh and Kathy Bates also star. An excellent retelling of a typical 'very-dirty-preacher' tale, something I personally, am much too familiar with.

B729 Mutiny (52) aka: Meuterei auf dem Piratenschiff Details the confrontation between U.S. and British ships during the war of 1812. Angela Lansbury plays a villainess of the high seas, and once she shows up, the film really takes off. She plays a real tramp, a money hungry social climber. Plenty of action, fake ship battles, and also includes a primitive early submarine! Also with Mark Stevens, Patric Knowles and more. BA

M911 Naked Fists (74) aka: A pugni nudi Two young men come out of a reform school properly reformed. But the life outside will lure one back into the underworld. The other into fighting for money. A thrown fight will result in betrayal and death. Redemption is the only way out. Boxing action crime film with Enzo Pulcrano and Femi Benussi. In Italian language and with English subtitles. BA

M938 Napoli: 5 from the Special Squad (78) aka: Napoli... i 5 della squadra speciale aka: Les 5 de la section spéciale In Naples, gangsters have seized the American ambassador. The authorities respond by assembling a special squad, led by Borri, a former commissioner who has a personal vendetta against the gangsters. All hell breaks loose. Nice locations. Richard Harrison, Lina Polito and more star.

G491 Never Love a Stranger (58) aka: Autopsia di un gangster With an off-screen narrator pompously intoning meaningless platitudes, this one plays out, amidst a fairly racist tale of Catholic schoolboys rallying against a Jewish born classmate (Steve McQueen in an early role) who is then taught how to fight by another young man (John Drew Barrymore) all set in the Prohibition era. Much later Barrymore is a violent mobster and his pursuer? You guessed it. His childhood bud McQueen who is now a special prosecutor tasked with bringing Barrymore down! Also with Lita Milan and R.G. Armstrong. BA

G761 New Godfathers, The (79) aka: I contrabbandieri di Santa Lucia The world is in turmoil. The American Mafia leaders team up to bring large quantities of cheap heroin into America. But a customs official in Italy is in charge of stopping the drugs before they leave his country. .Three stars share the screen here: Gianni Garko is the Police Captain that teams up with the customs guy (Mario Merola), and the big Don (Antonio Sabato). Picture not as sharp as usual but still pretty good. LBX and English language dubbed. This is one of those movies with a long prologue where the opening titles don't start until around the 12 minute mark. BA

G26 Night of the Cat, The (73) After her sister is murdered by some mobsters, Blonde Beth takes the news hard. She goes into fight mode, teaming up with a reporter, taking karate, and studying up on the mobsters. She also learns the head bad guy has a phobia when it comes to cats. Incredibly inept action scenes that must be seen to be believed and pricelessly bad dialogue. And the cat reference? I guess she is supposed to be 'cat-like' in her tactics and movements, making it easier to antagonize the fraidy cat guy.... So she must be the Cat of the title..... or something. Bizarre regional action from Charlotte, North Carolina! BA

G475 Night of the Quarter Moon (59) aka: The Color of Her Skin Hugo Haas directed controversial trash classic! Roderic (John Drew Barrymore) returns home to San Francisco from abroad with his new bride (played by pop-star Julie London). She is not 'racially pure' though, she's half-black, and when his family learns this, you would think WW3 was imminent. His mother (Agnes Moorehead in a 'real' witchy role) wants the marriage annulled, her black relatives are beaten up, the cops and neighbors treat them like shit and harass them, treating her like a worthless promiscuous slut, and the final degradation, she is forced to partially strip in court to prove the color of her skin. The black lawyer tries to rip her clothes off! Not to mention Julie London. the lady in question, is lily-white in real life, so they gave her black hair and a rich tan to pull off the film! Guess they couldn't find a biracial woman in San Francisco in 1959? The most racist film to come out of 1959 I can think of. Hide it from sensitive types, might start a riot today. Frank Gorshin is a racist punk. Dean Jones, Nat King Cole, Cathy Crosby and more star. LBX BA

R732 Night of the Running Man (95) aka: La notte del fuggitivo A Las Vegas cab driver finds millions in cash after his fare is murdered. Soon after, a seemingly unstoppable hit man is on his trail, who has no qualms with killing anyone that gets in his way to recover the loot. Witness's must be eliminated. Some gratuitous sex and violence. What's not to like? Scott Glenn and more star. LBX BA

R920 Night Train to Milan (62) aka: Il criminale A gritty little intriguer thriller with Jack Palance as an ex-Nazi doctor in hiding. While riding on a train, passengers remember him from the prison camp. When cornered... he's mighty dangerous! Also with Yvonne Furneaux of Hammer's 'The Mummy'. This is quite good as the genre of 'escaped Nazi's' was kicking into gear.

B901 Night Wind (99) aka: Le vent de la nuitThis may be one of the strangest buddy road movies I have ever seen, The film is a mystery, with the viewer the detective. Endless snakes of pristine Euro-motorway, baffling camera work that will make you shrug and look at your partner and say 'what the?"... Catherine Denevue is on hand here. But she is frumpy and plump, prepared to be humiliated to try to keep her young lover. This is one weird French film. You will either find it something to marvel at, or something to show your deepest contempt for. In French language and with English subtitles.

B579 Nine Deaths of the Ninja (85) aka: Il colpo segreto del ninja aka: Deadly Warrior Two anti-terrorist agents are assigned to free a busload of American schoolchildren who have been taken hostage by terrorists. Ridiculous fun with an action prologue, followed by a James Bond type intro song with sweaty aerobic outfitted dancing women in slow-motion along with our hero (Sho Kosugi) playing with his sword (!). Bondisms continue with exotic locations and tongue-in-cheek styles dashed with lots of humor, fighting midgets, the black lesbian combat killer named Honey Hump, Nazi villain and so much more. A spoof? A comedy? An action film? Rambo meets James Bond? All of this, and so much more. LBX BA

R813 No Retreat No Surrender 2: Raging Thunder (87) aka: Karate Tiger 2 In this violent sequel, Scott Wylde (Loren Avedon), must go to Cambodia to rescue his Vietnamese girlfriend from Russian and Vietnamese troops. Cynthia Rothrock kicks ass in this. Excellent action sequences. Jean-Claude Van Damme sat this one out. Also with Max Thayer. BA

B444 Normal Young Man (69) aka: Il giovane normale Starring a stunning 20 year old Janet Agren! A young man from Milan accepts a ride from a traveling couple (from America) sightseeing in Italy. The man is an older professor, interested in ancient ruins and such. His much younger wife (Agren) is pretty much hot to trot, wearing various outfits and being super sexy throughout. The young man has mini-fantasies. Finally he gets Agren in bed and she says 'Insult Me! Swear at Me!' her form of foreplay I suppose. 'Capitalist Swine!" is his reply, which really turns her on as she offers her breasts. With English subtitles. BA

R801 Off and Running (91) aka: Moon Over Miami Cyd Morse (Cyndi Lauper) is an actress, but her biggest part has just been a recurring role on 'Miami Vice'. When a man she is involved with is murdered, she finds herself on the run. She meets up with Jack Cornett (David Keith) and together they make quite a team as they search for the killer. Also with Richard Belzer and Anita Morris.

G950 One Man Against the Organization (75) aka: L'uomo che sfidò l'organizzazione Sergio Grieco directed this Italian crime film. A drug courier (Howard Ross) decides to make a run for it with the money. Karin Schubert takes off with the gang leader (who travels in drag) to take down the thief. Stephen Boyd as the Inspector on the case. Colorful English language dubbed with a pretty cool ending.

R793 Only Law I Believe In, The (76) A drug mix-up is the cause of a woman being brutally murdered. Whatever the cause, it will not stop an angry young man from seeking vengeance on the mob responsible! Flame-thrower barbecue, shootings, beatings and more. English subtitles.

B770 Only the Cool (70) aka: La peau de torpedo A network of spies engage in the deadliest game ever devised by man! This is one of the premier ambience spy films appearing at the end of the sixties with a serious, less campy tone than the usual. Dealing on both sides of the espionage fence with emotional repercussions and death seen as honor, even if suicide pills are used (and they are). Klaus Kinski, Lilli Palmer, Stephane Audran and Michael Constantin star. With English subtitles. BA

R590 Operation Dames (59) aka: Girls in Action aka: Im Todeskessel von Kusong During the Korean War, a troupe of traveling USO entertainers find themselves behind enemy lines with a squad of American soldiers. These bimbos set back women's advancements in military positions by decades. Basically if you are in danger behind enemy lines, but sexy women are around, men still can't keep it in their pants. Hilarious and entertaining drive-in fun. With Playmate Eve Meyer. BA

B681 Operation Leopard (80) aka: La légion saute sur Kolwezi aka: Commando d'assalto The mining town of Kolwezi in Katanga, Zaire, is under attack from a group of communist guerillas coming from nearby Angola. The Europeans who work for the Belgian mining company and the blacks who live in the town are taken as hostages by the invaders, who start a blood bath, shooting Europeans as well as Africans. This as we know, still to this day, is just business as usual in this part of the world. This story deals with numerous people caught up in this. The French Foreign Legion to the rescue in 'Operation Leopard'! In real life, this film was made right after the French Foreign Legion proved it's valor (once again) in a military operation in the Congo, saving hundreds of Europeans.... Garbage dump Jean Seberg was originally cast in the Mimsy Farmer role, but she offed herself before the film was completed and they had to reshoot the scenes with Farmer. Oh Saint Joan,.. indeed. With Mimsy Farmer, Bruno Cremer, Giuliano Gemma, LBX and with English subtitles. BA

R803 Out of Sight (66) aka: 007 1/2 agente per forza contro gli assassini dello yè yè Teenage/secret agent/musical comedy about a villain with a bad accent who wants to destroy rock and roll. Fake secret agent Homer (Jonathan Daly) is hired by a sexy beach bunny (Karen Jensen) to stop the bad guy. A wild rock and roll comedy, and even James Bond spoof of sorts! Freddie and the Dreamers, Dobie Gray, The Turtles, The Astronauts and more. BA

B735 Pacific Inferno (79) aka: Inferno i stillehavet Two U.S. Navy deep sea divers, captured by the Japanese, are forced to search for silver coins hidden beneath the ocean off the Filipino coast. Incredibly entertaining, politically incorrect madness. It is a fact in history that in 1942 General MacArthur ordered General Wainwright to dump 16,000,000 in silver pesos into Manila Bay to prevent their capture and use by the invading Japanese Army. Jim Brown, Richard Jaeckel, Rik Van Nutter and more star. BA

G734 Panic in Bangkok (64) aka: Shadow of Evil aka: Banco à Bangkok pour OSS 117 A lethal strain of virus has been developed by a mad scientist after his experiments with rats, a virus he intends on setting loose in Bangkok. Enter Agent OSS 117 (played by Kerwin Matthews) who is out to stop him. Excellent Widescreen photography and locations, plenty of action. BA

G937 Patti Rocks (88) aka: Patti Rocks - Sex macht Spaß Chris Mulkey and John Jenkins hit the road to visit Patti Rocks, a woman that one of the guys knocked up. Their road trip becomes a fascinating dialog on the way men perceive women and women failing to understand men. They slapped an 'X' rating on this because of the language. Language I might add that is the new normal on your typical HBO show today. A film about stripping down barriers and getting to the ugly core of things we say... I guess. Oh, they appealed the 'X' and received an 'R'. Nudity. BA

R587 Petrified Forest, The (55) Producers Showcase T.V. movie remake! Roadside diner/gas station taken hostage by gangsters remade with Humphrey Bogart playing the same character from the movie version, 20 years previous. Lauren Bacall in the Bette Davis role. Cast also includes Henry Fonda, Richard Jaeckal, Jack Warden and Jack Klugman.

G84 Phantom Raiders (88) aka: Red Phantom B-Movie badass Miles O'Keefe stars in this outrageous Filipino action masterpiece! His name is 'Python' and he has special Ninja powers. His mission is to destroy commie terrorists that are being trained in Viet Nam. He recruits his old Viet Nam pals, shows them a few Ninja tricks, and goes after the commies! Non-stop gunplay action, explosions, hot girls and more in this 'Rambo' inspired rip-off. Low on dialogue, high on action, and you would swear some of those Filipino extras get killed more than once! BA

G515 Place of the Dead, The (97) aka: Expedition in die Geisterschlucht British soldiers must ascend the highest mountain in southeast Asia just to reach the entrance to an unexplored Malaysian gully. Rations are running low and time is running out. Deciding the point of no return may split the already unstable group permanently. Insubordination and madness ensue. Waterfalls, treacherous jungles and cliffs. Based on a true story. Filmed in Malaysia. Amazing.

R668 Poison Ivy (53) aka: Gun Moll aka: La môme vert de gris Two million dollars has disappeared into thin air, Lemmy Caution (Eddie Constantine), an American agent, is sent by the F.B.I. to Casablanca after gold smugglers. With Dominique Wilms as a femme fatale type and Howard Vernon. BA

B626 Poppy is also a Flower, The (66) aka: Il papavero è anche un fiore Nonsensical spy/espionage/narcotics nonsense that tries hard to be relevant and fails miserably on all levels. Join our intrepid U.N. anti-narcotics agents as they chase heroin shipments from the Afghanistan/Iran border to their main European distributor. With loads of stars and even star cameos. Senta Berger, Yul Brynner, Angie Dickinson, E.G. Marshall, Trevor Howard, Eli Wallach, even Grace Kelly! E.G. Marshall hiding under Angie Dickinson's bed, Gilbert Roland watching Trini Lopez sing 'La Bamba', Rita Hayworth playing a drug addict... more... BA

R797 Pursuit of D.B. Cooper, The (81) aka: Flucht auf dem Highway A speculation of what happened to the infamous D.B. Cooper (played by Treat Williams) the infamous hijacker who parachuted with the loot into the mountains and was never heard from or seen again. Throw some Marshall Tucker, Waylon Jennings, banjo pickin' and Cream onto the soundtrack, the pursuing agent played by Robert Duvall, and plenty of familiar faces including R.G. Armstrong, together and this is what you get. A good old boy 'Smokey and the Bandit' type pursuit film. Sort of. BA

G189 Race Against the Harvest (87) aka: Golden Harvest A Kansas wheat farmer (Wayne Rogers) gets stormed out and figures the best way to recoup his losses and turn them into a profit is to start a custom combining crew, custom combined with John Deere 95's. Operating on a shoestring budget with a ragtag bunch, they face competition from a neighboring farmer (Earl Holliman). If you dig farming equipment and farming, mixed with high testosterone manly men, then here you go.

G785 Racquet (79) A former tennis champ (Bert Convy) scores handily with the hot chicks, and plays tennis with the rich and famous, while trying to raise the funds for his own tennis court. Yea, a movie about tennis! Can you believe it. Thing is, the film is easy to watch and hard to forget. With Tanya Roberts, Lynda Day George and Susan Tyrrell you can see why. Also with Bobby Riggs who was probably most famous for being beat by Billie Jean King after he taunted and teased her. Hah! Bjorn Borg (another famous tennis guy) also stars. With flicks like 'Shampoo' and 'Lifeguard' bringing in the bucks, this was another attempt at taking something pretty boring, and sexing it up. BA

R875 Ragan (68) aka: Devil’s Angel A former mercenary named Ragan (Ty Hardin), who now runs his own pilot for hire business, gets an offer to fly into hostile territory for a nice sum. Tough-talkin' no-nonsense Ragan also sees some sexual opportunities with some nice tale if he takes the gig, so of course it's a go! With Antonella Lualdi, Rossella Como and Giacomo Rossi Stuart.

B768 Rats, The (55) aka: Die Ratten In the early 50's, Pauline (Maria Schell) comes to Berlin. Penniless and pregnant, she meets a female laundry owner named Anna John, that yearns for a child but is unable to have one. Pauline gives Anna John her baby. Later Pauline, leaving West Germany wants to say goodbye. Anna John refuses to let her see the kid. Pauline, stressed out, kidnaps the kid. But she kidnaps the wrong kid. A terminally ill child of the neighbor woman. Meanwhile Anna John wants Pauline killed... A grueling grim and dark murky atmosphere throughout. From director Robert Siodmak. With English subtitles. BA

G321 Rebel High (87) aka: Die Chaoten-Highschool Set in a fictional high school where the punk students have pretty much taken over the place. The gags come fast and often hit, the filmmakers obviously having a good time, and not taking any of this very seriously. If you are in the mood for something silly Where the students have so much school spirit they never graduate. Where teachers come to school with bullet proof vests. Where the bathroom boasts a complete spa with some of the tiniest bikini babes around. Where the student body is just a bunch of nice kids trying to get an education... in guerilla tactics! BA

R799 Record City (78) Lighthearted comedy chronicling the exploits of the employees at a record store... 'Car Wash' in a record store, 'The Gong Show' meets 'Empire Records', the fever dream of a cocaine riddled comedy writer. The seventies in concentrated form. The cast is loaded with Hollywood veterans that had nothing else to do, that week. Frank Gorshin, Jack Carter, Ruth Buzzi, Ed Begley Jr., Ted Lange, Larry Storch, Tim Thomerson and more star. BA

B628 Reluctant Saint, The (62) aka: Ein sonderbarer Heiliger aka: El hombre que no quería ser santo 17th Century Italy, A simple clumsy village idiot/Forrest Gump of a man (Maximilian Schell) joins the Franciscan order and somehow performs a miracle and finds himself not only in full priesthood, but on the road to Sainthood as well. It's a comedy. It's a biography. It's a drama. All of these things... and more! With Ricardo Montalban, Luciana Paluzzi, Akim Tamiroff, Mark Damon and more star. Incredible. BA

G332 Rescue, The (88) Navy S.E.A.L.'s are sent to destroy a disabled submarine so it does not fall in the wrong hands. Edward Albert. Kevin Dillon and more star. BA

G446 Retreat from Kiska, The (65) aka: Taiheiyô kiseki no sakusen: Kisuka In 1943, the Aleutian island of Kiska was fortified by a small contingent of Japanese soldiers. When word arrived of an impending attack by an overwhelming force of Americans, the Japanese Navy attempted one of the most daring and unlikely evacuations in military history, with mixed results. More special effects from the 'Godzilla' team, and plenty of action. Toshiro Mifune and more star. Amazing LBX and with English subtitles. BA

G930 Return from the Sea (54) A rough and tough Navy Chief (Neville Brand, 20 years before he was chasing hookers with a reaper scythe and feeding them to his giant alligator) who drinks coffee out of a soup bowl is ragged around the edges but actually emotional and lovable. He meets a kindred soul in a barroom waitress with a heart of gold and they make plans for future bliss with a farming future. First though, he has to survive combat duty off of the Korean Coast. Also with Jan Sterling and if you watch closely you will see Stuart Whitman. Brand was a real bad-ass in WW2 and was the recipient for the Silver Star for gallantry in combat. BA

M941 Return of the Caliber 38 Gang (77) aka: Ritornano quelli della calibro 38   Antonio Sabato plays a trench-coat clad angry cop in charge of fighting the mob, and aided by a loose-cannon single dad sidekick. He's also aided by a pair of trigger-happy motorcycle plainclothes cops. In Italian language and with English subtitles.

G521 Rhubarb (51) aka: Il gatto milionario A rich man adopts a feral cat and calls him Rhubarb. The old man dies and leaves most of his money and a baseball team to said cat. Rhubarb's existence sets into motion a plot involving thwarted romance, court battles, baseball heroics and gangsters. Ray Milland, Gene Lockhart, Jan Sterling and Orangey the cat (Comedy of Terrors, Breakfast at Tiffanys and more) as 'Rhubarb' the cat! Orangey had quite the career in his 15 year life. BA

B477 Saint Jack (79) Jack Flowers (Ben Gazarra) is an American Hustler trying to make his fortune in 1970's Singapore with small time pimping. He dreams of making riches and retiring back to the U.S.A. a wealthy man. Also with lots of lovely ladies and Denholm Elliot, Joss Ackland, George Lazenby and more. LBX BA

B623 Sandy the Seal (68) aka: Sandy la foca A lighthouse keeper rescues a seal and gives it to his kids to watch and take care of. This galvanizes an effort to stop seal poachers, led by the children! Imagine a European Disney type film.....That damn seal will get you, that goofy ass soundtrack.... geez. With Marrianne Koch and Heinz Drache, both known for many many films we are all familiar with..

B611 Satin Steel (94) aka: Zhong jin shu Jade Leung delivers a deadly kick, and she teams with another female cop to track an arm's dealer in Singapore. Like an Asian female 'Lethal Weapon' type. Jade Leung is similar to the Mel Gibson part. If you dig women with skills kicking ass this is it! Makes our 'fake' American heroines look mighty weak I tell you. LBX and with easy to read English subtitles.

B580 Scorpion (86) aka: O Escorpião Stars the International Middle Weight Karate Champion who defeated Chuck Norris in real life Tony Tulleners. Also stars several seasoned Hollywood veterans like Don Murray, John Anderson, Robert Colbert, Robert Logan, and the real-life Billy Hayes, whose exploits inspired the film 'Midnight Express', as an assassin. Tulleners may be a wooden actor, but when the action begins, he can kick ass with the best of them! He plays a special agent called to help out with the terrorist problem in the United States. Usually one to hunt the terrorists, now he is assigned to protect one. But when a friend is killed as a result, he sets out as a one man killing machine, seeking revenge! BA

R598 Scream Free! (69) aka: Street Drugs aka: Free Grass Casey Kasem plays a drug kingpin who's planning a big trafficking job in Mexico with his helper (Russ Tamblyn). Another guy is recruited (Richard Beymer) to be the driver. His end is 10 large, which he plans to use to start a new life in Dayton, Ohio! Everything goes wrong in this hippie drug counter-culture type flick. Lana Wood stars and looks great! + Trailers of similar fare! Nice color print! BA

B787 Seduction, The (73) aka: La seduzione aka: Verführung einer Sizilianerin Giuseppe (Maurice Ronet) returns to his lover Caterina (Lisa Gastoni). Soon he is seduced by her horny daughter Graziella (Jenny Tamburi, what can you do?). Caterina suspects. Tamburi (playing a horny 15 year old) is very well cast as the Gloria Guida type of sex kitten Lolita and she really sizzles and scorches on screen. Gastoni is excellent, and we feel sorry for the weak Ronet character, a man that cannot keep it in his pants, especially as he also sleeps with Rosina (Barbara Marzano). Weak, and exhausted, can he be stopped?! Tamburi also provides some sensual lesbian cuddling with her hot friend Rosina. With a delicious twist ending. Uh Oh. LBX and with English subtitles. + documentary about the film!

B851 Shadow Killers (80) aka: Duel of the Brave Ones aka: Ti dou An ex-con returns home and finds his son has been recruited by a local gangster.... Here he must defeat the bad guy and reclaim his families name. This is a contemporary setting, with men peeking through a hole in a wall to watch a large breasted chick make out and ... well hello there are more naked scenes..... Lots of old school fights, gang fights and entertaining English dubbing mixed with hilarious sound effects. LBX

B568 Shaolin Deadly Kicks (82) aka: Tai ji ba jiao aka: The Flash Legs Eight thieves steal a treasure map and split it into eight pieces, vowing to regroup eight years later. But on their trail is a deadly cop with a bangin' kick style of aggression and an unstoppable desire to solve the case.

G558 Shaolin Drunken Monk (82) aka: Shao Lin zui ba quan Lao (Chia-Hui Liu) kidnaps the daughter of one of the men responsible for the death of his parent's. He teams up with a one-handed fighter who has similar beefs with the bad guys. Excellent great kung-fu and drunken fighting mixed with hilarious English dubbing and exaggerated to the max sound effects makes this an unsung gem of the genre for lovers of this type.

G23 Shattered Spirits (86) When his drinking problem takes control of his life, Lyle (Martin Sheen) tries to get his family life back from the bottle that has taken it. After he flips out drunk as a skunk a few times first! Classic 80's 'alcohol = tragedy' film reportedly used by doctors in outreach programs to this day! Melinda Dillon is the poor pathetic pushover wife, Lukas (Ears) Haas and Jill Schoelen (who faced darker problems in the next year's great 'The Stepfather') also star. Make a drinking game out of the movie! Every time Sheen acts like an ass, do a shot.

G532 She Does Not Drink, She Does Not Smoke, She Does Not Flirt, But She Talks (70) aka: Elle boit pas, elle fume pas, elle drague pas, mais... elle cause! aka: Lei non fuma, lei non beve, ma... Housemaid Germaine (Annie Giradot) loves to gossip about her employers (see title) which gets her and others, in lots of hilarious trouble! She works for three different households and when each learns of the others dirty little secrets all hell breaks loose with blackmailing to the bitter end! Colorful French made film LBX and with English subtitles. + bonus trailers. BA

R654 Sherlock Holmes (81) Standing Room Only - Want to see Frank Langella as Sherlock Holmes in a stage play? Back in the day people paid big bucks to see this show.

B788 Ship of the Dead (59) aka: Das Totenschiff Excellent German film about a fugitive sailor's time on a tramp steamer, loaded with tough talkin' rough guys. We get grubby grungy detail, a catastrophe and more. Dread inducing fun. Uncompromising and unsentimental. The mood vividly and uninhibitedly depicts the disillusionment and despair on a voyage of no return. A man is thrown overboard and left drowning, paddling and screaming as he disappears into the ocean. Cool. With Horst Buchholz and Mario Adorf and a gorgeous Elke Sommer at aged 19. With English subtitles.

B699 Sicilian, The (74) aka: Il Siculo Four gangsters are traveling from Switzerland to Sicily with a large cache of drugs. What the other three guys don't know is, their leader, known as 'The Sicilian', is supposed to kill them all and return with the drugs alone to deliver to the Mafia in Milan. Will he be able to carry out the dirty deed? In Italian language and with English subtitles.

B878 Slalom (65) At Christmas, Lucio (Vittorio Gassman), his wife and his friends, go on a holiday to Sestriere. During the trip Lucio is knocked out cold, only to awaken aboard a plane bound for Cairo with a passport in the name of a foreign national and alongside a woman who claims to be his wife. Lucio is forced to collaborate with U.S. agents in order to foil a plan to topple the Western economy through the introduction of counterfeit U.S. dollars. With Daniela Bianchi (Tatiana in 'From Russia with Love') as an agent with shifty loyalties and she even gets to fire a machine gun! Also with Beba Loncar and Adolfo Celi (who followed this as a villain in 'Thunderball' the next year). LBX and English language dubbed.

R796 Soldier Hunting (89) aka: The Hard Way aka: La via della droga From the director of 'Massacre in Dinosaur Valley' (and many others!) Michele Massimo Tarantini. Bull (Miles O'Keefe) is the leader of a 3 man squad whose mission it is to eliminate a drug lord (Henry Silva). Dropped into the jungles by parachute they then face one obstacle after another (including a Piranha attack). Silva’s drug lord character has a seemingly endless supply of goons, while O'Keefe has animals he can also use as murder weapons. Quicksand, bazookas, booby traps.... Jungle Warfare... Italian style! BA

B313 Soldier of Orange (77) aka: Soldaat van Oranje WW2 seen through the eyes of several Dutch students who become involved. Which side to chose? One is Erik Lanshof and this is his self-penned true story (Rutger Hauer). It follows them through the beginning of the war, the Nazi occupation, and the Liberation. We will see their stories, and their fates. An amazing film about WW2 and a showcase for Hauer who is excellent in this. Also with Susan Penhaligon and Edward Fox. Don't miss this film! LBX and with English subtitles. BA

G338 Something for Everyone (70) aka: Corrupción de una familia Konrad (Michael York), a handsome country boy in post-war Austria, charms his way into a butler position at the castle of a widowed countess (Angela Lansbury) that lost her fortune. He is determined to be king of this castle, and will do anything, even murder to achieve that goal. The countess has problems of her own with a chubby, lazy gay son and a homely daughter, making her prospects dismal at best. With Nazis hiding in the woodwork, sexual weaponry, murder ... something for everyone! A heavy dose of black (and wry) humor.

G237 South Bronx Heroes (85) aka: Revenge of the Innocents A young man (Mario Van Peebles) just released from prison, runs across two younger kids on the run from a child porn ring masquerading as foster parents. He, along with his sister (Megan Van Peebles, who died at age 48 in 2006) decide to help them. BA

G696 Special Cop in Action (76) aka: Italia a mano armata Action packed and very brutal Italian made crime film! Maurizio Merli reprises his incendiary role as the maverick, all fists and guns blazing, skin-tight shirt wearin' Police Commisario Betti for yet another gonzoid installment of rabidly hard-boiled Italian Crime entertainment. Foolhardy badly dressed thugs attempt to kidnap a group of schoolchildren on his watch. He of course, with a zero tolerance policy will deliver justice. He will eventually have to throw down with arch nemesis Albertelli (John Saxon). This is quite simply an excellent ultra-violent film. Widescreen and English dubbed. BA

G153 Stand By Your Man (81) Rags to Riches tale of country queen Tammy Wynette played by Annette O'Toole. Her man George Jones (played by Tim McIntire, who was done in by drugs and alcohol at age 41) is a drunk. She stands by him. Until they divorce that is. But then they remarry I think. Plays like a country song. Apparently for fans of George Jones, Tammy Wynette and Annette O'Toole (who's next movie was the 'Cat People' remake). O'Toole sings the songs.

G101 Steel Fist, The (51) In an Iron Curtain country, an idealistic student (Roddy McDowell) goes on the run from the Communist authorities. He is aided by a friendly young woman until he can make his way across the border, and away from the evil communist regime. Interesting seeing Roddy McDowell at age 23 leading a 'red scare' film of this type. Many of today's youth, clueless to history, would be trying to sneak into the communist country this film represents, rather than escape it. BA

G606 Steel Lady, The (53) aka: Das Geheimnis der eisernen Jungfrau aka: Treasure of Kalifa After they survive an air crash in the Sahara desert, four oilmen find and repair an abandoned WW2 German tank and head for a French Foreign Legion outpost. The whiskey guzzling villain of the group locates some hidden treasure in the tank. They find themselves at odds with hostile Arabs who are after the treasure. An excellent desert adventure film with a decent cast. Tab Hunter, Rod Cameron, John Dehner and more. Interesting fact: The tank of the story 'The Steel Lady' is actually an American M-24 Chafee light tank dressed up to resemble a German tank. BA

B605 Storm Troopers U.S.A. (69) With WW2 stock footage and an amusing narrator comes this modern day (1969) Nazi invasion scare film. Then we settle into our little tale about a branch of the American Nazi Party in Miami, Florida. Leading a tiny rally of the faithful, with the F.B.I. on their trail. Their plan? To take over a hotel and hold the vacationers hostage for no specific reason. Hysterical and inept politically incorrect soft-core fun!

G358 Strange Affair, The (68) aka: Skygger over Scotland Yard Rookie cop Peter Strange falls for an underage girl (Susan George in another 'Lolita' type role). Compromised by a pair of pornographers (her kin) he tries to stay one step ahead. But seeing as the film opens with him going to prison in disgrace, the story is told in flashback. Meanwhile, seasoned Detective Pierce (Jeremy Kemp) pursues a mob boss. Corrupt police, brutal gangsters and the youth movement collide. Also with Jack Watson (of 'Peeping Tom', 'Konga' and many others). Never released in America. BA

B497 Strike Commando (87) aka: Cobra Force Operating behind enemy lines, badass Sgt. Mike Ransom (Reb Brown) learns of a Russian presence in Viet Nam. He is captured and ends up in a POW camp. Of course he escapes and goes all Rambo/Commando on everybody's ass. And yet this movie is so much more than that. Reb Brown as Ransom is a knife-throwing, crack-shot shootin', dead-on with a crossbow and deadly with fists and feet tough guy. And he can still manage to console a dying boy with tales of Disneyland, and make you reach for a tissue. Amazing villains, amazing violence and above average in every way. Screw the critics. 6' 3" Reb Brown would tear Stallone into pieces. Also with Christopher Connelly. Directed by Bruno Mattei. LBX BA

R777 Struggle for Avengeance (71) aka: Tie zhang chuan chang tui Old-School Ultra-Violence action from Hong Kong... just as we like it! You won't find many from 1971 as bloody and vicious as this one. Uncut Upgrade comes LBX and with English subtitles so get kickin'!

G143 Sudden Thunder (90) aka: Skliroi batsoi apo to Miami A sexy Miami cop learns that her father, who was the sheriff of her small home town, has been murdered by an armed gang that has taken over the town. With her Miami cop buddies, she heads out to the redneck town to take names and kick ass. Low-budget violent fun!

B863 Sundown (41) aka: Inferno nel deserto It's another WW2-time thriller. This time the British are trying to stop the Germans from secretly supplying the native Africans with weapons for a rebellion. Loads of violence and political incorrectness. Gene Tierney, Bruce Cabot, Dorothy Dandridge and George Sanders star, and look for Woody Strode as a tribal policeman. This would be his first film. His last film was 'The Quick and the Dead' from director Sam Raimi. Gene Tierney was smoking hot in the 1940's. She received extensive shock treatment in the 1950's when she went nuts for some time. BA

B881 Swindle (77) aka: Squadra antitruffa Tomas Milian and David Hemmings in a great action comedy directed by Bruno Corbucci! An undercover inspector (Milian) is investigating insurance fraud with the help of an English detective (Hemmings, who is employed by 'Loyd's of London'). This investigation leads the two into the Gay underworld where there are zero 'safe spaces'! Low-brow gay-bashing dialogue as macho Milian visits a Gay club. In the second half of the film the pair follow a suspect to San Francisco.... The female (Anna Cardini) that has a romantic interest in Milian claims to be a feminist and studies film, complaining when Milian wants to watch Spaghetti westerns! Hah! BA

G784 Tales of Paris (62) aka: Les Parisiennes aka: Beds and Broads Four tales of four young women in 1960’s Paris... Catherine Denevue stars - With English subtitles. BA

R933 Tank Force (58) aka: No Time to Die aka: Keine Zeit zu sterben Daniel Thatcher (Victor Mature) is an American sergeant serving with a British Tank core in North Africa. He and most of his unit are captured by the Germans and taken to a P.O.W. camp in the Libyan desert. They escape and are pursued by angry Nazis and a nasty Arab leader. Eventually we get a 'Rat Patrol' tank action show-down. Amazing Widescreen and in color. BA

B563 Target for Killing (66) aka: Das Geheimnis der gelben Mönche aka: How to Kill a Lady A secret agent (Stewart Granger) against a brain-washing organization (led by Curd Jurgens), but the real story has Jurgens character trying to kill Karin Dor and stop her from getting a sizable inheritance. Also with Adolfo Celi, Klaus Kinski and Molly Peters. Now this film comes uncut with brief nudity. Many of these actors were also in James Bond films.

B306 Target Goldseven (66) aka: Tecnica di una spia aka: Staragent X 15 jagt goldene 7 American secret agent Alan Milner (Tony Russel) is assigned to get back a large amount of uranium that is being transported to an enemy power. Battles and intrigue is the name of the game here! Also with Erika Blanc!

B831 Ten Dark Women (61) aka: Ten Women in Black aka: Kuroi jûnin no onna A man has a wife and nine girlfriends, all ten of who are fed up with his shameless mistreatment of their emotions. Together, the women plot his demise. But some things are easier said than done, and this snake may be sneakier than all of these girls combined. This one is pretty decent, with some of the prettiest girls coaxed into giving some disturbing and even frightening performances, so scorned they plot murderous revenge, despite continuous in-fighting, justifiable mistrust, and changing motives. LBX and with English subtitles.

G850 Tender Warrior, The (71) Moon shiners are trapping and hunting animals in the Okefenokee swamp, and the sheriff is powerless to stop them. Enter a swamp boy and his pet chimp, who frees the critters. Pa and his idiot sons don't take too kindly to their bread and butter money being set loose and are soon chasing the do-gooders all over the swamps. But there is also an escaped leopard on the loose. Also with Boley the Bear, Iron Jaw the Alligator, Sweet Pea the Skunk, and Dan Haggerty! This is the lead kid's only film. The leopard gets him. Not really. BA

G74 Tennessee Waltz (89) aka: Tennessee Nights A British attorney (Julian Sands) on vacation in Tennessee is blamed for a local murder. Hiding out in a swamp shack with a hot naked 22 year old Stacey Dash seems like a good idea until redneck sheriff Ned Beatty catches up with him. Decent suspense and an all star cast that includes David Hess, Ed Lauter, Denise Crosby, Rod Steiger and Johnny Cash (as himself).

G587 Terminal Exposure (87) aka: Double Exposure Two guys taking pictures accidentally get some shots of a murder. They have an idea that will expose the killers, but now some syndicate dudes are hunting them as well. They need sexy blonde Christie (Playboy Playmate Hope Marie Carlton) to help with the exposure. Ted Lange, Howard Vernon and more star. BA

R926 That Summer! (79) aka: Sikken sommer Two girls travel to Torquay in Devon from the North of England to work as chamber maids for the summer. They meet two boys who are also there for the summer, one is who entered in the 'round the bay' swimming competition. This British made film is quite the time capsule. With a young Ray Winstone (right after 'Quadrophenia') and more.

G354 Then There Were Three (61) aka: Three Came Back U.S. Army personnel patrolling through Italy during WW2, are being killed off by an unknown German agent posing as a fellow soldier. An excellent wartime mystery if you are into this genre like I am. Frank Latimor, Alex Nicol and more star.

R575 They Might be Giants (71) aka: Der verkehrte Sherlock Holmes In a Manhattan psychiatric hospital, a man (George C. Scott) convinced that he is Sherlock Holmes, is treated by a female doctor who just happens to be named Watson (Joanne Woodward). Also with Al Lewis and Rue McClanahan, M. Emmet Walsh and F. Murray Abraham. LBX BA

R704 This Man Stands Alone (78) aka: Lawman Without a Gun aka: He Who Walks Alone During the 1960's Civil Rights Movement, Tom Hayward (Louis Gossett Jr.) works for the Movement, and goes back to his small southern town. The blacks there, abused by the law daily, convince Tom to run for sheriff against the segregationist racists. Clu Gulager, Marry Alice, Barry Brown, Philip Michael Thomas and Joe Morton star. A valuable historical snapshot of race relations at a turbulent time in America's history. Of course now... well...

R879 Thousand Plane Raid, The (69) aka: Alarmstart für Geschwader Braddock A U.S. air force colonel (Christopher George) convinces the allies during WW2 that a daylight bombing raid of Germany will bring a quick end to the war. An excellent film not unlike the later 90's film 'Memphis Belle' with lots of flying footage and action. Also with Barry (The Night Stalker) Atwater, Bo Hopkins, Ben Murphy, Gavin MacLeod, Laraine Stephens and more. Widescreen BA

G52 Three in the Attic (68) aka: Die frechen kleinen Mädchen A college stud (played by Christopher Jones) is hooking up with three girls secretly. The girls find out, lock him in the attic, and proceed to screw him to death. Talk about sweet revenge! Excellent dialogue and surprises in this underrated gem. Yvette Mimeux, Judy Pace and more star. Now in a nice LBX print. BA

R609 Thunder island (63) A Central American woman hires an American hit man to assassinate the former dictator of her island country. With a screenplay co-written by Jack Nicholson (yea, that guy!)! Gene Nelson, Fay Spain, Brian Kelly, Miriam Conlon and more. Tagline: The one bullet that could send terror screaming through the whole Caribbean! A real treat! LBX BA

R564 Thundering Jets (58) Captain Steve Morley (Rex Reason) must evaluate how the men under his command will react to pressure and stress at high altitudes in the latest jet fighters. Rex Reason was the star of such classic fare as 'The Creature Walks Among Us' and 'This Island Earth'. Also with Dick Foran and Audrey Dalton. Also with the first real role for Robert (Wild Wild West, Baa Baa Black Sheep) Conrad as Lt. Robert (Tiger Bob) Riley. He's 23 here. BA

B700 Tiger Gang (71) aka: Kommissar X: Jagt die roten Tiger aka: F.B.I. operazione Pakistan The hardest to find Komissar X film! The only way to see it in an English language dubbed version! Also known as 'F.B.I. Operation Pakistan' and 'the Red Tiger Gang'. On the trail of the Red Tiger (a ruthless heroin smuggling gang) our agents investigate murders and go after the villains in grand Komissar X style! Tony Kendall and Brad Harris are once again on hand to deliver the thugs into the hands of justice. Formerly only available in a foreign language print, this is a full frame English language dubbed version. BA

B884 Tight Lipped (70) aka: Bocche cucite Here's an obscure Euro crime film for you! Carmelo (Lou Castel) is in prison when his wife (Carla Romanelli) visits him and tells him the brothers are all passing her around for sex! Enraged, Carmelo, during a transportation to another prison, escapes! His plan to kill his older brother Rocco works out perfectly. He has a last plan and it is a grim one! In Italian language and with English subtitles. LBX BA

B470 Tom Dollar (67) An Iranian Prince is killed just before signing over the rights to a certain uranium mine to the U.S.A. and the fear is, that the Princess is next. Tom Dollar is hired to bodyguard the Princess, and she is given a doppelganger as a distraction. Obscure Euro spy with Erika Blanc, Giorgia Moll and Maurice Poli. Italian Language and with English Subtitles. LBX

B904 Tomorrow Pheasant (74) aka: Holnap lesz fácán Here we have a political and sarcastic satire about dictatorial systems and the proliferation of bureaucracy. This Hungarian film was financed and paid for by the authorities. But when they saw what came out, a film with naked babes and cat fights, a free depiction of social anomalies and controversies, ... well the authorities couldn't stand it, and had the film banned for years. Nudity and the grand naturist beaches of the youth are symbolic and appear as some sort of 'hippie' rebellion. A real product of the times. In Hungarian with English subtitles and LBX.

B583 Top Cop (90) aka: Polícia em Acção An undercover detective, whose job it is to sort out city lowlifes, turns into a one man army when his friend is killed. But will he go to far? We hope so! Violent blood-splattered fun in this rural action film lensed in Little Rock, Arkansas.

M980 Top Secret (67) aka: SegretissimoFinally, Gordon Scott's last film in a beautiful Widescreen Upgrade! He plays a C.I.A. agent who is sent to investigate a German aristocrat who crossed the Iron Curtain seeking political asylum, but really is just trying to make some money by selling Top Secrets! With sexy Soviet spy Sandra (Magda Konopa) in the mix, things will prove even more complicated for our C.I.A. agent, but certainly more interesting! Widescreen English dub. BA

R884 Touch of Zen, A (71) aka: Xia nü A lady fugitive on the run from corrupt government officials is joined in her endeavors by a loser painter and skilled Buddhist monks..... Epic and excellent kung fu classic and almost 3 hours long! This is on many kung-fu fans top ten list. Filmed in 69 and 70, you will be amazed at how much of this was borrowed from in later films. Look for Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung Kam-Bo in small uncredited roles. LBX and with English subtitles.

G596 Trailers 69 + 1 (various trailers, most from the 2000's) Mainly Horror here and some exploitation trailers in this exhausting attack of titles. I Saw the Devil, The Mortician, Nuns with Big Guns, Lesbian Vampire Killers, Big Tits Zombie, A Serbian Film, Tokyo Gore Police, The Troll Hunter and more more more adding up to 70! Thanks!

M981 Trap for the Assassin (65) aka: Roger la Honteaka: Trappola per l'assassino In the era following the Franco-Prussian war of 1870. Roger Laroque became the owner of a small factory. Forced to borrow a large sum due to fledgling business he finally manages to pay off his debt. But the day after his creditor is found murdered, and Roger is the prime suspect.... Riccardo Freda directs! With English subtitles.

G535 Two are Guilty (63) aka: Le glaive et la balance aka: Dos son culpables A boy is kidnapped and murdered on the French Riviera. The two kidnappers are pursued by the police. The boy is dead. The men are trapped by the police in a lighthouse. Three men come out, but only two are guilty. The courtroom has a task on their hands here, to try and determine which two are the bad guys. If the court will not enact justice, then the mob outside will! An excellent shock ending! With Anthony Perkins and more. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

B660 Two Lives of Mattia Pascal, The (85) aka: Le due vite di Mattia PascalA movie of eerie atmosphere about a guy named Mattia (Marcello Mastroianni), who leaves his family (wife and mother-in-law) by faking his own death. He meets another women as he starts his new life. But eventually he is pulled back into the community that buried him years ago. An epic about identity, fate, chance and anonymity. Also with Senta Berger, Laura Morante and more. This is 3 hours long on one DVD-R and no VHS. In Italian language and with English subtitles. LBX

R814 Underground Aces (81) aka: A Grande Escapada The escapades of a group of zany and wild parking attendants, with loads of stars/cameos. A really fun time-capsule slap-stick romantic comedy that they just don't make anymore. With Dirk Benedict, Melanie Griffith, T.K. Carter, Audrey Landers, Jerry Orbach, Frank Gorshin, Sid Haig and many more. BA

G391 Unscrupulous Ones, The (62) aka: The Miscreants aka: Os CafajestesTwo Copacabana crooks and two shady ladies indulge in dangerous, deceitful grifter games, sex and drugs, blackmail with nude photos and more dastardly acts. Their latest target is a rich old man. This is the first Brazilian film to freak everybody out and piss off the Catholic Church like no other. With English subtitles.

M982 Vertigo for a Killer (70) aka: Vertige pour un tueurA hit man (Marcel Bozzuffi) is given an impossible task. To kill a friend (Michel Constantin). Rather than do that, he whacks his boss and goes on the run, with his former boss's henchmen after him to kill him. Now he is the primary target. He hides out with a woman (Sylvie played by Sylvia Koscina) who takes him into her home. But he has no idea what her hidden agenda is... Cool crime thriller with lots of suspense. Slightly LBX and with English subtitles.

G352 Very British Witchcraft, A (13) An interesting and informative documentary on witchcraft in England with some excellent imagery, interviews, artifacts and location visits to historical sites. + Mechanical Marvels: Clockwork Dreams (13) Another cool documentary, this one exploring the seldom discussed world of 'automata' those intricate clockwork devices built hundreds of years ago with the intent to mimic and recreate life. One cool double-documentary deal on the same disc. DVD-R ONLY

B751 Violent Province (78) aka: Provincia violent Franco Sereni, a captain of carabiniers, is dismissed from service for being the proponent of “the law of the gun”. He is asked to hold a private investigation of several cases of blackmailing wealthy women. Soon Sereni finds out that there is much more then just.... Written and directed by Mario Bianchi. In Italian language and with English subtitles. BA

M983 Voyage of the Damned (76) aka: Le voyage des damnés Uncut 182 minute version never shown in theatres! This is the true story of 937 Jews that were put on a boat to Havana with useless documents. When they came to America, we denied them entry. They later were granted asylum in Belgium, of course proving fatal to two thirds of them because the war broke out and they died in the German concentration camps. Huge cast includes Malcom McDowell, Faye Dunaway, Lee Grant, Max Von Sydow, James Mason, Katherine Ross, Orson Welles (with Laura Gemser as his chauffeur, the man had taste!), Ben Gazzara and many many more. Look for Tom (Billy Jack) Laughlin as an Engineering Officer. BA

B625 Wake Me When the War is Over (69) Late in WW2 a bumbling American Lieutenant (Ken Berry) finds himself in enemy territory after falling out of an airplane. He is taken in by a Baroness (Eva Gabor). She takes him in and falls for him, keeping him hidden, and doesn't let him know that the war is over, hoping that will keep him with her. Dodgy comedy with a kooky cast. Werner Klemperer, Jim Backus, Hans Conried and Martin Kosleck star.

M984 Wake Up and Die (66) aka: Svegliati e uccidi The story of a petty hoodlum who pulls robbery store heists, in broad daylight, even smashing up shop windows. But a cop is on his tail, going after his weak link, (which in this case is his girl) to catch him. Cool Paris locations, car chases, action and an Ennio Morricone soundtrack, plus an edge of your seat intense climax. Finally the definitive uncut English dubbed version (running 116 minutes (!), longer than any listing of this film!). Slightly LBX. BA

G894 Walk a Tightrope (64) aka: Killer Story A woman (Patricia Owens) hires a hit man (Dan Duryea) to kill her ex-husband when she finds out her divorce from him is invalid. But the killer shoots her new husband. Whoops. Now what? She ends up being the prime suspect, and helps trap the killer, who claims it was she who hired him! Is everything as it seems? LBX BA

R632 Walk the Dark Street (56) Wyott Ordung made his career directing entertaining schlock. Here we have a pretty cool variation of 'The Most Dangerous Game'. Chuck Conners holds a man responsible for the death of his brother in the Korean war. Since they both are hunters, Conner's character suggest they hunt each other in a certain area of L.A. He gives the other guy odds of ten to one. The other guy agrees because he needs the money. Let the games begin! BA

G313 Wannsee Conference, The (84) aka: Die Wannseekonferenz A precise, real-time (the event lasted exactly 85 minutes) reenactment of the infamous Wannsee Conference, a meeting called in January 1942, to map out the implementation of the Final Solution to the Jewish Question. A blueprint for genocide. A masterly historical reconstruction. With English subtitles.

B864 War Devils, The (69) aka: I diavoli della guerra A German Captain (Venantino Venantini) and an American Captain (Guy Madison) join forces to survive n the North African desert during WW2. Some years later, they meet during combat operations in France when The American is involved in the rescue of a British Intelligence Officer (Anthony Steel) held by the German Captain. Striking photography of the African desert. A very good war film that seems like two stories in one! BA

R595 War of Children, A (72) Two families in Belfast, one Catholic, the other Protestant, find that their long standing friendship is threatened by the escalating sectarian violence that surrounds them. Time to pick sides? Critically acclaimed and hard-hitting, although many scold the film for it's inaccuracies and heavy-handed handling of the social material. Jenny Agutter stars and is 20 here. Cool.

B604 Way Out (67) A bunch of former heroin addicts play act as a bunch of heroin addicts in New York's Bronx. Robberies, trials and tribulations as they struggle to support their filthy habit. Amazingly these guys come off pretty realistic, after all, they are basically playing themselves! Excellent time capsule anti-drug movie with a come to Jesus moment that doesn't come off preachy. With today's heroin problem, this look at about 50 years back proves not much has changed with the lure of drugs, the master of puppets. From director Irvin S. Yeaworth Jr., the man who directed 'The Blob', '4-D Man' and 'Dinosaurus'!

B618 When the Girls Take Over (62) Inspired by Fidel Castro's success in Cuba, similarly bearded Robert Lowry (as El Maximo Toro) pretends to kidnap his busty blonde lover, as she is also the daughter of French 'Millionaire' Prime Minister Marvin Miller (as Henri Degiere). Mr. Lowry hopes to become dictator of 'Hondo-Rica', a sugar-producing Republic somewhere east of Cuba. Mr. Miller is assisted by comic concierge Jackie Coogan (as El Capitaine Toussaint). Discussing the plot of this practically indecipherable mishmash is pointless. This is such a mess of a movie it can only be described as a must-see clunker! BA

B499 Why? (70) aka: Qui? aka: Il cadavere dagli artigli d'acciaio Marina (Romy Schneider) battles with her boyfriend, telling him he is useless in bed and can't get it up. He throws her in his car and drives wildly around the tops of cliffs, crashing into the sea below. But she is thrown clear! The body is nowhere. She starts to have a relationship with her supposedly dead boyfriend's brother. But she can't shake the feeling that she is being watched........ Sort of a Giallo type here with excellent photography and locations. Also with Maurice Ronet and Gabriele Tinti. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

B662 Wild Policemen (76) aka: Crimebusters aka: Poliziotti violenti Excellent Italian Crime classic with Gratuitous Violence and Cruelty every ten minutes or so. Antonio Sabata is a cop who befriends an ex army officer (Henry Silva) to fight against corrupt politicians who are implicated with the mob, and evil arms dealers. Of course there are other bad guys and violent situations as Silva makes 'Dirty Harry' and 'Vic Mackey' look like choir boys when he is handing out justice. A good place to start with Italian made mobster/cops type movies. LBX and with English subtitles. Now LBX and Uncut! BA

R670 Wild Wild Winter (66) Fun and music on the ski slopes! The gals in this college ski town are hip to what the boy's want from them. The men need a hunky beach bum to defrost the man hating secretary of the Dean, who has this notion planted in the girl's pretty little heads. If she can be persuaded, the women too will be 'easy' pickings! With a hip rockin' soundtrack, Dick Miller, hot Chris Noel, Gary Clarke and more. BA

G63 Will There Really Be a Morning? (83) aka: Credere per vivere This is the story of actress Frances Farmer (played by Susan Blakely). We all know the Jessica Lange version. This tragic biography centering on the rise and fall of this now obscure 30's actress deals with the dark ages of psychiatry in a mental institution. Her parent's had her wrongfully committed. With Lee Grant, John Heard, Royal Dano and more.

G926 Withering Tree, The (72) aka: Kogarashi Monjirô Monjiro is a lone samurai who agrees to take the rap for a friend who has committed a murder. His friend has an ailing mother on the road to death, so his friend assures him after his mother passes, he will confess to the crime, setting Monjiro free. Some time later, Monjiro learns that the mother of his friend has passed on, and his friend has betrayed him. He escapes his incarceration and heads out to seek revenge! LBX and with English subtitles.

B905 Yakuza Wolf (72) aka: Ôkami yakuza: Koroshi ha ore ga yaru Ryuichi Takamori (Sonny Chiba) is after the Yakuza who killed his father and sold his sister to prostitution. He starts taking out the yakuza members one by one and agitates gangs against each other while making his way towards the syndicate… Eye-gougings, head shots, beatings, knives to the head, karate fights.... Extravagant and extreme measures of violence employed very much in the style of Leone and other spaghetti western filmmakers. In Japanese language and with English subtitles.

R823 Yakuza's Tale (69) aka: Tosei-nin Retsuden A Yakuza Boss is assassinated by a rogue hit-man who's sign is a tattoo of a dragon on his back. But he is but a pawn in a much bigger game of violence, power and death with fisticuffs and swordplay. LBX and with English subtitles.




G169 Abduction of St. Anne, The (75) aka: L'enquête de Monseigneur Logan A cynical detective and a Roman Catholic Bishop team up to investigate the reported miraculous powers of a 17 year old girl being held captive in the home of her father, an ailing syndicate kingpin. Is she really a saint? Is there such a person? Robert Wagner, Kathleen Quinlan, E.G. Marshall and more star.

G193 Attack on Terror: The FBI vs. the Ku Klux Klan (75) aka: El FBI contra el Ku Klux Klan After three Civil Rights workers are murdered by some redneck good-old-boys, the FBI comes a'callin' on the search for the killers. Later remade as 'Mississippi Burning'. People around at the time still say this is a more accurate depiction of events. Excellent cast includes Ned Beatty, Wayne Rodgers (in his first post-Mash gig), John Beck, Billy Green Bush, Geoffrey Lewis, Rip Torn, Luke Askew and many more.

B776 Blind Justice (61) aka: Unter Ausschluß der Öffentlichkeitaka: The Whole Truth German mystery/thriller, sort of like an Edgar Wallace tale. A prosecutor (Peter van Eyck) sees his case against a wife-poisoner fall apart when a surprise witness, Laura Beaumont, provides a tight alibi for the accused. The prosecutor suspects this case goes further than domestic murder, and behind Laura Beaumont there are powerful and dangerous forces who do not take kindly to meddlers...... With Marianne Koch and Eva Bartok. LBX and dubbed into English language.

B888 Bluebeard's Castle (63) aka: Herzog Blaubarts Burg Michael Powell, his career all but destroyed after the classic 1960 'Peeping Tom', had one more trick up his sleeve with this staggering film of an opera shot for German TV about the wife-killer Bluebeard. It's blend of sadistic voyeurism and Gothic visual frenzy makes it a splendid last testament for the 'before his time' Powell. Count Bluebeard is man of refined taste, whose sheer aesthetic adoration of his brides compels him to kill them, preserving them as lifeless statues. It's an hour long tour de force horror opera with amazing elaborate sets. In German language and with English subtitles.

R771 Case of the Hillside Stranglers, The (89) aka: Gli strangolatori della collina Excellent casting with Dennis Farina playing serial killer Angelo Buono and Billy Zane the younger cousin Kenneth Bianchi. Between October 1977 and February 1978 they assaultd tortured and murdered 10 victims, dumping their naked bodies on Los Angeles Hillsides. Cops on their trail, one played by Richard Crenna. Factual and excellent dark and gritty recreation of this sordid pair, well acted and very entertaining. (On a side note, Angelo Buono died in prison of a heart attack in 2002. Kenneth Bianchi still serves his life sentence in Washington State Prison...) REAL Monsters.... BA

R550 Child Bride of Short Creek (81) Polygamy horrors with Diane Lane, Helen Hunt, Christopher Atkins, Conrad Bain, Dee Wallace Stone and more. A dramatization of an historic raid on a polygamist compound and the lives of the people involved in this sect. Creepy people! This was Christopher Atkin's next movie after 'The Blue Lagoon'. Hunt and Lane stand out and both manage to gain your sympathy in their plight.

R762 Children of the Night (85) Fact based drama about a sociology graduate (Kathleen Quinlan) who tries to help teenage prostitutes. The film actually doesn't pull any punches, making this world of hell the teens find themselves in anything but 'erotic'. Pat Benatar's 'Hell is for Children' is the theme song. With Lar Park-Lincoln in her debut, and also starring Mario Van Peebles (as a pimp) and Nicholas Campbell.

G29 City Killer (84) aka: City Killer - Eine Stadt in Panik Heather Locklear is Heather, stalked by an ex-lover (played by Terence Knox) who is also a demolition/ex-marine/bomb expert, who decides to blow buildings to bits (with people still inside them!) in his insane effort to convince Heather, that she should be his woman. Meanwhile Heather has taken up with a new squeeze, the investigating cop (played by Gerald McRaney) proving, you 'can' keep a good girl down! Surprisingly good nail-biter. BA

G187 Convicted (86) aka: L'imputato è colpevole Fact based story about a Tennessee letter carrier who was falsely convicted of a assault. His legal problems continue, even after the 'real' rapist confesses. Another example of dirty cops and prosecutor's, and illiterate juries, getting their 'pound of flesh' by knowingly convicting an innocent man. Pretty scary for real, but kind of funny seeing it acted by well known actors to the level of unintentional 'camp'. John Larroquette, Carol O'Conner, Lindsay Wagner and more star.

B456 Crimson Sunset, The (77) aka: Blóðrautt sólarlag Icelandic MFTV horror from the director of 'When the Raven Flies' (and other Viking movies)! Some guys load up the station wagon and head off to strange surroundings/summer vacation to get drunk and relax/whoop it up. They arrive at an abandoned and remote coastal location, and a deserted residence where the last hold-out (a woman) died and rotted... Lots of places to get shit-faced and pass out. But something has returned, and they are not safe in their current drunken state. Some glitches on this print, but easy to follow. Bleak and Downbeat. With Big English Subtitles.

R752 Cry For Help, A: The Tracey Thurman Story (89) Tracy (Nancy McKeon) is married to an abusive man (Dale Midkiff) who continues harassing her after she gets a restraining order. Failed by the cops and the city, things escalate to the extreme. Supposedly based on a true story. A tear-jerker feel-good story for women. Let's face it, Tracey had it coming! The settlement that is. She wins doesn't she? By the way, this is pretty brutal stuff for a MFTV movie. But clearly we will never know the true 'facts of life' in the case. Heh heh.

G168 Cry in the Wilderness, A (74) aka: Daikôzui: Dasshutsu panikku shi no tani The father of a wilderness family ( stand-up guy George Kennedy) gets bitten by a skunk (!!!) and fearing rabies, chains himself inside the barn in case he goes mad. He sends his wife (Joanna Pettet) off for help but all she encounters are rude neighbors, inbred rednecks and perverted hillbillies. You know, Hollywood's idea of anyone living in a rural area that is not rich. When news of an impending flood comes..... Decent MFTV directed by Gordon Hessler and also starring Lee Montgomery, Collin Wilcox Paxton and more.

R753 Death Be Not Proud (75) Based on the book by famous author John Gunther about the life and early death of his teenage son Johnny (played devastatingly by Robbie Benson in an early role) who died from a brain tumor. Jane Alexander, Arthur Hill and Wendy Phillips star. Better have the hankies ready Spankie!

G161 Death Cruise (74) aka: El crucero de la muerte Several couples are notified that they have won an ocean cruise. But they actually have been lured upon the ship to be murdered. The killer marks off each kill by crossing off the faces of each victim with an 'X' on a group-photo where everyone is smiling. A superb mystery thriller with Kate Jackson and more.

R693 Death Stalk (75) There is a reason why this MFTV film is so good and quite the guilty pleasure! The whitewater raft trip of two couples is interrupted by the appearance of 4 escaped prisoners, who require their aid to escape. The reasons this movie kicks ass is that two of the bad guys are played by Vic Morrow and Neville Brand! Also with Carol Lynley, Anjanette Comer, Norman Fell, Vince Edwards, Robert Webber and Larry Wilcox. Swift-paced with splashes of 'Deliverance'. Remade in the 90's as 'The River Wild' (pretty close).

R626 Death Takes a Holiday (71) Death (Monte Markham) takes a human form and visits Earth to find out why humans want so desperately to cling to life. He falls in love with a woman he finds diving in the ocean and wearing a bikini (Yvette Mimieux looking incredible). Pretty cool updating of the classic tale. MFTV with a decent cast that includes Kerwin Matthews, Melvyn Douglas, Myrna Loy, Priscilla Pointer and more.

B457 Devilish Murder, A (65) aka: Salinma Another in the haunted/killer cat genre! A jealous mother kills her daughter-in-law with the maid's help. But the murdered woman's spirit takes the form of a cat to exact it's scary revenge. Obscure South Korean Horror. LBX and with English subtitles.

B644 Devil's Jewels, The (69) aka: Las Joyas del Diablo aka: Le diable aime les bijoux Museums in Europe are being robbed of their jewelry. The last in Spain, where Interpol sends a group of investigators. They find that the stolen jewels all once belonged to the 'Order of the Golden Eagle' which is an ancient Satanic Cult (obviously still in business!). There will be strange murders and strange occurrences that will all lead to the mysterious cult. In Spanish language and finally with English subtitles!

B631 Devil's Partner (61) aka: El demonio sanguinario When a rich old man sells his soul to Satan in exchange for youth, he then uses black magic and witchcraft in an attempt to win the hand of a woman, who is already taken by a rival. Notoriously spooky and bizarre little Faust take that may get under your skin on a late dark night.... Satan horror like a longer 'Twilight Zone'. Filmed in 1958 and not released until 61 or 62. Ed Nelson, Edgar Buchanan, Richard Crane, Jean Allison and more star. BA

G174 Disaster on the Coastliner (79) aka: Die Weiche steht auf Tod A vengeful employee of a computer-controlled railway arranges a head-on collision of passenger trains. Can it be stopped? Star studded (cluttered?) affair with William Shatner as a con man, and also starring Lloyd Bridges, E.G. Marshall, Yvette Mimieux, Raymond Burr and more.

R560 Easy Prey (86) Gerald McRaney plays a psychopath that abducts assaults and kills women. Tina ( a young Shawnee Smith at 16) is his latest victim, but she shows no fear so he keeps her around as he pursues other victims. Really dark sordid and creepy, a very well made thriller. Susan Hogan, Kate Lynch and more star.

G821 Eyes of Annie Jones, The (64) After a woman is murdered and her body is hidden, a woman hires psychic/teenaged orphan Annie Jones (Francesca Annis) to try and find out who the killer is. Annie sleepwalks and seems to have a connection with the supernatural world. Here's a bizarre entry from director Reginald Le Borg, the man who directed a number of films with Lon Chaney Jr., his last directed film being 'Psycho Sisters' from 1974. BA

B364 Eyewitness (70) aka: Sudden Terror A young boy (Mark Lester) his sister, (Susan George) and his grandfather (Lionel Jeffries) live on the island of Malta in a lighthouse. When the young boy sees a killing, during martial law, he finds himself a target, but since he is like the little boy who cried wolf, no one believes him, at first. Very-well made and quite suspenseful. Now in a fantastic LBX version! BA

B842 Fall of the House of Usher, The (66) A young man seeks out the house of Usher where cataleptic Madeleine Usher (Susannah York) lives with Roderick Usher (Denholm Elliot) her brother, who is on the road to madness. From the short lived British series 'Mystery and Imagination' this gloomy atmosphere drenched adaptation of the Edgar Allen Poe classic is a welcome addition to the legacy he left behind. Top notch cast and well acted. Susannah York (especially good as Madeleine) will send chills down your spine!

R775 Fatal Vision (84) A retiree spends nine years relentlessly trying to prove that his son-in-law, a former Green Beret Army doctor, murdered his wife and two children. It's an award winning courtroom shocker based on real events! Did he really do it? With Karl Malden, Eva Marie Saint, Barry Newman, Gary Cole (riveting as the would be killer), Andy Griffith, Albert Salmi and more. This is a 2 disc set and counts as 2 selections. Excellent. BA

B673 Fear (54) aka: Non credo più all'amore (La paura) Irene Wagner (Ingrid Bergman), the wife of a prominent scientist Albert Wagner, finds herself blackmailed about her affair by her lover's ex-girlfriend. The experiment her husband is working on, causing fear, drives her into a rage. Marital infidelity, about a guilty woman's descent into paranoid fear and delusion. Look for Klaus Kinski as a cabaret performer in an early unbilled bit. With English subtitles. BA

G265 Fear of the Mummy (61) aka: Kyofu no Miira A wild monster horror film that defies comparison to American mummy movies. Japanese scientists bring a mummy back to life, and it promptly kills them (that's gratitude for you). Our monster mummy actually steals the hat and coat of a victim (for disguise) and searches for an elixir which can slowly restore him to human form. There are back-story Egypt bits and almost like a film noir tone mixed with horror, spooky music, violence and blood-shed. Unfortunately this film has no English subtitles, but still an essential puzzle piece to the 'Mummy Film' genre. F.L.

G182 Five Desperate Women (71) Five young women vacation together at a resort on an isolated island, the only guests. When one of them ends up murdered they wonder if it is the boat captain, or the resort's handyman. Robert Conrad, Bradford Dillman. Stephanie Powers, Anjanette Comer and more. Sharp print!

M928 Ghost of Kasane Swamp, The (57) aka: The Depths aka: Kaidan Kasane-ga-fuchi A blind masseur visits a samurai to request the return of a loan. The samurai is not too keen about this, and slays the masseur in anger. Then he has his servant dump the corpse in the Kasane swamp. The spirit of the dead will rise and make ruin the samurai and his family as well. Haunting 'sins of the father' type just literally dripping with atmosphere. In Japanese language and with English subtitles.

R708 Ghostboat (06) aka: Le vaisseau fantôme A British submarine goes missing at the end of the war (WW2) leaving only one crew member (David Jason) surviving. While everybody believes it has sunken into the Baltic Sea, it returns crewless 40 years later, propelled by a force that can only be described as supernatural. The sole survivor assembles a team to solve the mystery, which leads them down the path of eerie horror. LBX

R634 Girl in Black Stockings, The (57) aka: Das Mädchen mit den schwarzen Strümpfen A party girl in black stockings is murdered, and everyone at a Utah motel is suspect. Soon, more bodies are popping up. Lex Barker, Anne Bancroft, Mamie Van Doren, Marie Windsor and Stuart Whitman star. BA

R554 God Bless the Child (88) Or not. Theresa (Mare Winningham) loses her job and finds herself homeless. So with her young daughter in tow she takes advantage of the homeless shelters and charities available to her. Devastatingly downbeat and depressing. I guess the moral of the story is to keep working hard every day as many are just a paycheck away from poverty and dire circumstance. Don't wanna' end up like this gal, no way! On a side note, this is the debut of Yasiin Bey also know as Mos Def, he has a small but significant role here.

G171 Gun in the House, A (81) aka: L'éternel soupçon Emily Cates (Sally Struthers in her best role) is at home alone when two stranger's break in and humiliate and degrade her. She breaks free and gets her gun and defends herself. The D.A. with his flawed views of justice wants to prosecute her. Figures. Excellent film that evenly skates the middle, not a propaganda piece for either side. I find it extremely satisfying when she shoots.

B844 Haunted Castle, The (69) aka: Hiroku kaibyô-den In the time of the samaria, a corrupt landlord tries to score a blind monk's cute sister. The blind monk refuses the deal and the lord finds an easy enough reason to murder him, and have his land forfeited and she, banished. The girl is not pleased, and feeds her blood to a cat. Not just any cat mind you. This black cat is really a murderous ghost cat that reaps vengeance in allegiance to the girl, to kill the family who wronged her. All of the silly bastards. And why not? The hauntings and dark mood delivers non-stop. The transformation of the cat into it's human form is especially nasty and vicious, and when defensive measures are taken against the horrors things kick in even stronger. Atmosphere and tone dark and eerie from start to finish. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

R548 Haunting of Helen Walker, The (95) aka: The Turn of the Screw Here's another remake of the classic film 'The Innocents' from 1961 based on the Henry James horror story 'The Turn of the Screw'. Of course you would expect maybe a color version to steer clear and be modernized from the original source material. Thankfully no. Rich gothic estate setting and lavish period costumes. Valerie Bertinelli actually does quite well in the role as the governess who has taken a job that will lead to terror. If you know anything about the tale, it really is quite disturbing with the intentions of the possessed young boy being quite inappropriate. Recommended for fans of the tale, and still a hell of a ghost story. Also with Michael Gough and Diana Rigg!

R552 Haunting Passion, The (83) aka: Fluch der Leidenschaft Dan (Gerald McRaney) was once a successful football player, Now he is retired and living in an isolated beach house with his beautiful wife (Jane Seymour). While he pursues his new job as a newscaster, his wife spends her time being haunted and assaultd by a horny ghost/demon. This entity even has a vicious jealous streak, attacking her friends etc. Also with Millie Perkins. Cool.

R765 Heart of Steel (83) aka: Die letzte Schicht When a steel factory that employs most of the town shuts down, a man (Peter Strauss) struggles to keep his family together as he falls into the grasp of alcoholism. Brutally depressing. Still to this day government regulations kill jobs, shut down factories, and destroy families. Forcing them on assistance so they can get their desperate vote. Dig the rock soundtrack! With John Goodman, Gary Cole and more.

G145 Hell Hath No Fury (91) Cool MFTV variation of the popular film (at the time) 'Fatal Attraction'. Loretta Switt plays a mistress, abandoned by her married lover. She's not going to take it! She infiltrates the family and takes the daughter hostage. What she does not consider however is her ex-lover's wife (played by Barbara Eden). It's 'Jeanne vs. Hot-Lips'! Trashy Fun! Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor Hell a Fury Like a Woman Scorned! Also with Amanda Peterson who died of a morphine overdose in 2015.

G331 Hey, I'm Alive (75) aka: Les survivants de la forêt perdue The story of a young woman (Sally Struthers) and an older man (Ed Asner), who were stranded in the Yukon wilderness for 49 days and had to learn how to survive... real quick. This is based on an incident in 1961. Sure dramatic license is taken (one's a Mormon, one's a Jew, insert joke here) and they have weird conflicting conversations, but survival flicks are always pretty cool. It's a shame they didn't get eaten by wolves or bears though.

B846 House of Terrors (65) aka: Kaidan semushi otoko aka: The Ghost of the Hunchback aka: Il pozzo di Satana More Bava worship, this time from Japan! This film also known as 'Ghost of the Hunchback' delivers the light and shade from some of the best Gothic Horrors of the 60's that we know and love. When a man dies, in agony and madness, it's over, done. His wife goes to the inherited estate, a gloomy mansion, with a hunchbacked caretaker... and haunted? Richly. Others arrive as well. The more to haunt, the merrier it seems. A suggestive statue of Satan is located in the atrium of the mansion. Doors slam, eerie drifting voices echo along the corridors.... and a rather disturbingly large proliferation of crows... always lurking about... The overgrown grounds hold dark secrets in those forgotten graves, and what's in the dark depths of 'Satan's Pit' the chilling creepy-ass basement (dungeon?). With English subtitles and LBX.

G10 House on Greenapple Road (70) A detective (Christopher George) investigates the disappearance of a promiscuous wife (Janet Leigh). Things are not as they seem however..... Excellent obscure MFTV that also stars Keenan Wynn, Lynda Day George, Julie Harris, Edward Asner, Eve Plumb and more. Quality not as good as usual. LBX (somehow)

G745 How Awful About Allan (70) A man suffering from hysterical blindness due to guilt (Anthony Perkins doing Norman Bates again somewhat) goes home to his shadowy, Victorian house to hang with his spinster sister, also guilt-ridden, both blaming themselves and each other. Their father died in the fire, she was burned. This is the tragedy. Norman... I mean .. Allan starts to have a mental breakdown. Is it due to hauntings.... An effective psychological thriller. With Joan Hackett, Julie Harris and more. Super sharp Upgrade of this MFTV classic. Not to be missed if you are a fan of the 'Psycho' films.

G39 Howling in the Woods, A (71) aka: Les hurlements de la forêt A confused housewife (Barbara Eden), has left her husband (Larry Hagman) and returned to the remote family Inn. Once rich and respected, she is now shunned by the locals, for selling out the business that employed many of them. But where is her father? Who murdered the little girl and threw her body in the lake? Why is that dog constantly (and sadly) howling in the woods? Is she in danger from a homicidal maniac? An excellent well made creepy little movie with some twists you won't see coming. The locals are mean-spirited and violent women hating thugs. Her husband (Larry Hagman!) shows up and smells a rat. Also with Tyne Daly, Vera Miles, Bill Vint and more.

B367 Hrabe Dracula (71) Very good Czechoslovakia made version of the Bram Stoker novel. The Carpathians in a nice gloomy setting, fanged and bearded Dracula, and a simple, yet effective telling, shot in black and white. With English subtitles.

G111-R755 In Broad Daylight (71) aka: Comme en plein jour A blind actor (Richard Boone) discovers his wife (Stella Stevens) is cheating on him with his best friend, and hatches a plot to murder them both. Infidelity and revenge from a Larry Cohen script. Suzanne Pleshette, Whit Bissell and John Marley also star. Now in a nice Sharp color print.

G188 In Broad Daylight (91) aka: Vendetta alla luce del giorno The brutally mean Len Rowan (Brian Dennehy), along with his family of miscreants, terrorize a small town for years, causing violence against prominent citizens. When the law fails, the people resort to vigilantism to halt this reign of terror. As they damn well should. Intense, and always good to see Dennehy in these types of roles. Also with Marcia Gay Harden, Cloris Leachman, Chris Cooper and more.

G325 In the Line of Duty: Manhunt in the Dakotas (91) aka: Midnight Murders Gordon Kahl (Rod Steiger in a cold-blooded/racist matter of fact performance) steals the show as a man who is anti-government and who feels the American farmers are getting screwed. He has a small group of followers who agree with him. When he kills in an exciting showdown, he ends up on the run. Thing is, many of the people support his actions, and he becomes a sort of rural hero. Michael Gross is the F.B.I. agent hired to track him down. Above average MFTV.

B552 In the Midst of Life (63) Amazing trilogy with three tales that blend the line between reality and the supernatural. 'Mockingbird' has a soldier, rewarded for bravery with a furlough, falls asleep and dreams of a Past, that is still in the Future, and all too soon becomes the Present. Brilliant. 'Chickamauga' is a tour de force in which the actual battle is unseen but 'felt' by a deaf mute child who subsequently plays among the dead victims and induces them to rise and follow his reverse pied Piper in a Danse Macabre. Finally, 'An Occurrence at Owlcreek Bridge’ where a man is hanged over a river, the rope breaks and he dashes for freedom... running running... home to his waiting wife and freedom... until..... This segment was nicked and used as a 'Twilight Zone' episode. Even Rod Serling saw it's magnificence. I remember seeing this in Film Study class. With English subtitles.

R735 Karen Carpenter Story, The (89) Story of the meteoric rise and sudden fall of Karen Carpenter, who went from famous singer to dead singer after her losing battle with bulimia and anorexia. With authentic music from 'The Carpenters', unlike the recent shameful 'Hendrix' biography film that didn't even use his music! A lot to like here if you ever dug 'The Carpenters' doomy little tunes. (This is not the short Barbie comedy, but we have that too!)

G75 Killer on Board (77) aka: El asesino esta a bordo The passengers on a cruise ship are seized by panic when a deadly virus begins killing off passengers and crew. Some nice and dark abuse and death in this one. Typical all-star cast rounded up for the weekly doom downer of the week. Patty Duke, Claude Akins, Frank Converse, George Hamilton, Jane Seymour (who was in 'Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger' the same year) and more....

G27 Killing in a Small Town, A (90) aka: L'empreinte de la folie The gory axe-murder of one mousey, suburban Texas housewife by another woman (Barbara Hershey) is nearly as shocking as the excuse offered by the bespectacled defendant's attorney... self defense! Decent, gut-wrenching and very dark MFTV courtroom thriller with a great cast that includes Brian Dennehy, Hal Holbrook and more. Hershey is especially good here, as usual.

R616 Killing of Randy Webster, The (81) aka: La muerte de Randy Webster A young man is shot and killed in an altercation with Houston police. His father doesn't believe the police version and starts digging around on his own. Cast includes Sean Penn (in one of his first movies), Jennifer Jason Leigh, Hal Holbrook, Dixie Carter and Chris Mulkey and Anthony Edwards in his adult debut. Interesting since this seems to be in the news frequently, but truth be told nothing has changed, it's always been happening. Human error is a constant, and on both sides.

B804 Lady in White (62) A ghost known as Vita Frun (aka: White Lady) is thought to be the one doing the recent killings at a large country manor that is located around a swampy area. Lights and Shadows, weird camera angles and eerie locations with some good scares. Is there really a ghost? Pretty cool Swedish spooky thriller that will keep you guessing. With English subtitles.

R766 Last Child, The (71) In a badly over-populated future, where each couple is only allowed one child, and where people over 65 are forbidden medical care under a very draconian set of laws, a young couple, pregnant for a second time tries to escape to Canada, rather than face law-forced abortion. Michael Cole, Van Heflin, Harry Guardino, Janet Margolin and Edward Asner star.

G330 Last Frontier, The (86) aka: La última frontera An American woman (Linda Evans) struggles to carve out a new life for herself and her family amid the harsh beauty of Australia's Great Outback. She marries an Australian cattle rancher after a quick courtship. He goes ahead to Australia, she arrives later and he dies before her and her two kids arrive. Now she has a ranch in heavy debt during a drought, with land-grabbers on the outskirts.... With Peter Billingsley (no BB gun), Jason Robards, Meredith Salenger, Tony Bonner., Jack Thompson and many more. { 2 disc set counts as two selections. It's a long movie folks. BA DVD-R ONLY }

G54 Let's Kill Uncle (66) aka: Gioco mortale A 12 year old orphan who has just inherited a fortune is trapped on an island with his uncle, a former British Intelligence Commander who plans to kill him for his inheritance. A young girl is the boy's only ally against the cocky uncle, who uses hypnotism, a pool of sharks, fire, and poisonous mushrooms as weapons. William Castle directs. BA

G329 Lies of the Heart: The Story of Laurie Kellogg (94) This is the fact based MFTV movie of Laurie Kellogg (Jennie Garth), who was accused of murdering her husband Bruce (Gregory Harrison) in 1992. She-Man Alexis Arquette, a six year old Haley Joel Osmet (I see your dead husband) in his debut and more. I see a theme here. True? False? Both. Remember the MFTV rule. Titillate audience first, the facts be damned. Although there is real stuff mixed in. This one is pretty good.

R770 Linda (73) A woman (Stella Stevens) kills her lover's wife, then sets out to frame her husband (Ed Nelson) for the murder. Her husband escapes from prison and sets out to clear his name. Which means going up against his evil wife. John Saxon as Stevens lover is a man in way over his head. Sexy and still stacked Stevens amazing as usual and born to play these parts. She was in 'The Poseidon Adventure' the previous year.

M969 Long Nights of Veronique (66) aka: But You Were Dead aka: La lunga notte di Veronique A student returns home to his isolated village for a family funeral and meets a beautiful young woman. It turns out she died during the war, and is now roaming the world as a love seeking wraith. Some touches will remind you of Bava (colors/atmosphere) and Poe (crypts/ghostly reincarnations). This Gothic Italian Horror is pretty obscure and forgotten. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

R764 Longest Night, The (72) aka: Die schrecklich lange Nacht The daughter of a wealthy family is kidnapped and imprisoned underground in a coffin, while her family and the police search. David Janssen, James Farentino, Mike Farrell, Richard Anderson and more star. This plot device has been used seemingly dozens of times on dozens of shows since. This one, a well played nail biter.

B919 Man With the Power, The (77) aka: Der Mann, der Berge versetzt A man realizes his supernatural/telekinetic powers are attributed to the fact that his father was an alien. He is assigned to guard a beautiful Indian princess (Persis Khambatta) who is on a state visit to America... Good thing he has the power! An unsold pilot. Vic Morrow and Bob Neill also star. Persis Khambatta got her big break the following year as that bald alien chick in 'Star Trek: The Motion Picture'. More notable roles followed. She had a heart attack and died at age 49 in India.

B872 Marble Faun, The (77) aka: Il Fauno di marmo The discovery of an anonymous 19th century diary in Kenyon, reveals the story of four friends, similar to a modern day 70's four, who appear doomed to relive a mystery which took place over a hundred years ago. During a visit to the catacombs, a mysterious, pale, ghostlike figure wearing a black cape appears. They refer to this being as 'The Persecutor'.... Based on a story by Nathaniel Hawthorne this epic is told in 3 parts and runs almost 3 hours. Marina Malfatti (the star of many giallos) is Miriam. Italian language and with English subtitles.

R553 Men Don't Tell (93) Peter Strauss is Ed MacAffrey married to Judith Light (as his wife Laura). Laura gets drunk repeatedly and beats the crap out of Ed. Ed don't tell. Just takes it like a ... little bitch. Is there hope or help for Ed? Or will Laura continue her unchallenged reign of domestic abuse? What will it take for Ed to grow a pair? You'll see what finally wakes Ed up!

G235 Moon of the Wolf (72) aka: Die Stunde des Wolfes After several murders, a Louisiana sheriff (David Janssen) reluctantly suspects, maybe a werewolf is on the loose. Could it be the still rich Southern Plantation owner (Bradford Dillman) and his family curse? But is that too obvious as other suspects emerge? Deadly secrets emerge from the shadows when the full moon rises! + Scream of the Wolf (74) aka: L'ululato del lupo A big game hunter comes out of retirement to hunt a killer wolf and begins to suspect this may be a wolfman creature of some sort. Clint Walker and Peter Graves star with a Richard Matheson script. { Two MFTV werewolf films on one disc. DVD-R only } BA

G125 Murder in New Hampshire: The Pamela Wojas Smart Story (91) aka: Giovani bruciati MFTV version, 'To Die For' was a few years later. Evil (Helen Hunt) woman seduces teen boys into murdering her husband, gets caught and goes to court. The real 'bitch' is still in prison. Larry Drake, Michael Learned, Chad Allen and more star.

B439 Murderous Affair, A: The Carolyn Warmus Story(92) aka: Relazione mortale A man (Chris Sarandon) enters into an adulterous affair with a sexy co-worker (Virginia Madsen). Rejuvenated, his fantasy comes to a shocking halt when he finds his wife brutally murdered, and he is the prime suspect! This “Fatal Attraction” type will keep you in suspense until the end.

B478 Night Game (89) aka: Assassino Sem Rosto Every time a baseball pitcher in the Houston Astrodome Night Game wins, a woman is stalked and murdered by a serial killer. Roy Scheider is the detective on the case. The killer uses a hook of sorts to maul his victims. It's a mystery serial killer thriller. Unintentionally hilarious late-in-the-game slasher. Filmed in Texas, Houston and Galveston. Also with Karen Young. BA

G35 Night of Terror (72) aka: Nacht des Schreckens A hired killer (Chuck Conners) hunts a wheelchair bound schoolteacher (Donna Mills) to get something she has. She doesn't know what it is, but he has already killed twice to get it! Intense thriller with Martin Balsam, Agnes Moorehead, Catherine Burns and more.

R549 No One Would Tell (96) Stacy (Candace Cameron Bure) can't believe that Bobby, the most popular jock in school (Fred Savage) has the hots for her. Thing is Bobby is a possessive violent asshole. Stacy is doomed to beatings and eventually, worse. Based on a true story (for real this time). A lesson for young girls everywhere that think they are in love. Love can kill.

R800 Nocturna (79) aka: Dracula auf Abwegen aka: Disco Drácula When Dracula (John Carradine) finds how much back taxes he owes, he opens up his castle as “Hotel Transylvania”. His granddaughter Nocturna (Nai Bonet) books a disco band.... Can she dance her vampirism away? Yvonne DeCarlo as Jugulia Vein. Lots of weird disco music, fangs, dancing, cheesy outfits, nudity and more. BA

B849 Open Door, The (66) Colonel Mortimer (Jack Hawkins) returns to his family after a long spell in India, to find his son in bed ill, tortured by the wailing voice of a child, that seems to be coming from some ruins that are near by. But is this real or is his son mad? A ghost? You Betcha'! Another gothic and creepy offering from the short lived 'Mystery and Imagination' series.

R615 Outside Chance (78) aka: Jackson County Jail After being assaultd in 'Jackson County Jail' in 1976, Dinah Hunter (Yvette Mimieux) runs into more trouble! This may be one of the oddest films to ever be made for T.V. as it takes the same character from an R -Rated exploitation flick, and throws her into the same situation! Also made by the same director (Michael Miller) and his next feature after 'Jackson County Jail'! I guess he wasn't done with Dinah's story! After her car is stolen by two hitchhikers, Dinah gets locked up by dirty cops and molested once again! She ends up in prison, escapes and goes on the run, getting mixed up with criminals that could clear her name, but seem to get her into deeper peril. Also with Severn Darden, Howard Hesseman and more. Make sure you watch 'Jackson County Jail' first!

G818 Passion of Dracula, The (79) You want weird? Video Taped at the Ed Sullivan Theater on Broadway with Christopher Bernau as Dracula. This one has a Freudian twist although stays with much of Bram Stoker's characters. Thank god it's not a musical. An ambitious stage production with vampire action, stakings, fog and howling wolves and Renfield. With Malachi Throne as Abraham Van Helsing. Christopher Bernau, best known for soap opera roles (including Dark Shadows) died of AIDS in 1989 at age 49.

B512 Phantasmagoria (63) aka: Fantasmagorie - From France a short film that mixes Dracula, Dracula's Guest and Nosferatu and even Vampyr. Panic has set in in the countryside as victims display torpor, dementia and strange somnambulism. They burn witches, sacrifice animals, erect crosses.... nothing. The area is deserted. Two centuries pass. Now the modern city has taken the place of the ancient territory. A caped vampire is afoot. Like a lost horror film, but shorter than most at only 41 minutes. A lost black and white classic, restored and with English subtitles available, here for fans of things that go bump in the night.

G749 Portrait in Terror (65) William Campbell stars as jealous, drunken artist Tony, whose girl, Vera (Anna Pavane) has just become engaged to someone else... Tony hires thief/hit-man Mauricio (Patrick Magee) to steal a valuable family heirloom painting but first bump off its rightful owner, Tony's elderly invalid uncle Hugo. Of course things go wrong from there... This is the original version of the film that was later cut and then added with new footage that had nothing to do with this version and re-titled either 'Track of the Vampire' or 'Blood Bath' (take your pick). This version tells a decidedly different tale and does indeed have the 'Portrait of Terror' title in the beginning of the film.

R556 Precious Victims (93) aka: Víctima indefensa A young couple has their baby abducted. A few years later, it happens again to their second daughter. The mother is the main suspect and a courtroom drama unfolds. Haunting dark, twisted and true this one. Broadcast print quality has a few problems here and there. With an all star cast that includes Brion James, Robby Benson, Richard Thomas, Park Overall, Nancy Cartwright and many more.

G328 Question of Guilt, A (78) Inspired by the Alice Crimen case in New York (a woman who murdered her children in 1965). Doris Winters (Tuesday Weld) is an attractive woman, but she is a dope snorting, promiscuous hot chick, and all the women around are jealous and hate her guts. That is exactly why they all condemn her, and help to prosecute her, with little or no evidence she killed her children. A cool flick, I'll let you guys sort out what really happened. Lana Wood (oh yes), Alex Rocco, M. Emmet Walsh, Viveca Lindfors and more star.

R774 assault of Richard Beck, The (85) aka: Violated aka: La violación de Richard Beck Proud tough guy cop (Richard Crenna), who thinks victims 'bring it on themselves' gets assaulted and anal assaultd by 2 men in an alley. Oh Boy. As he goes through assault trauma therapy with Meredith Baxter, he realizes that victims are victims. His demeanor changes. People look at him differently and even his father doesn't understand. He has to go through all the crap that a woman would go through. Questions like, 'Have you had homosexual relationships before this occurrence' and more. Humiliating and sobering account of assault. BA

G716 Red Alert (77) aka: Red Alert - Allarme rosso An explosion at a nuclear power plant causes a lockdown of the facility, with the crew trapped inside. Is there a radiation leak about to kill them all? With William Devane and Ralph Waite. In sturdy supporting roles: Jim Siedow (the father cook from 'Texas Chainsaw' in one of a handful of films he was in) as the madman that has caused this disaster, Adrienne (My Pillows) Barbeau and her “twins”, an excitable M. Emmet Walsh and more. BA

R555 Right to Kill (85) aka: Das Recht zu töten Two young teens (played by Christopher Collet and Justine Bateman) abused by their father (Frederic Forrest), decide to take him out. And I don't mean to dinner. Disturbing domestic violence and an interesting courtroom drama. Did they have a right to kill that mean SOB? Excellent.

R557 Rockabye (86) aka: Dirty Deal - Es geschah auf offener Strasse... Valerie Bertinelli (as a blonde!) plays a distraught mother who with the help of a tabloid reporter (Rachel Ticotin) searches for her three year old. kidnapped by a black market child-trafficking ring. Luckily Lt. Ernest Foy (Jason Alexander aka: George from 'Seinfeld) is on the case. Bertinelli opens up a can of whoop-ass with a gun in it, and things don't go too well for Ticotin's character sadly. Yes, (former) Mrs. Van Halen did well here.

G184 Runaway Barge, The (75) aka: River Bandits aka: Deep River Three bargemen on the Mississippi River find themselves mixed up in a kidnap/hijack murder plot. Bo Hopkins, Nick Nolte, Tim Matheson, Jim Davis and more star. BA

R784 Sadist (66) aka: Träfracken aka: Dr. Westers letzter Patient Rare Swedish mystery thriller. A doctor heads up a hospital around where a series of murders are happening. The mystery killer genre was all the rage in the 60's. Eerie music and coffins figure prominently into the plot. This is kind of like a copy of a Franco Orloff film but with more emphasis on creative outdoor photography. In Swedish language only with no subtitles. LBX

R878 Secret of the Black Widow, The (63) aka: Das Geheimnis der schwarzen WitweA madman is shooting venom-filled projectile rubber spider darts that pierce the skin of their victims. Dark and gloomy atmospheric fun in the Edgar Wallace tradition now in an upgraded LBX print with English subtitles. Karin Dor and Klaus Kinski star.

G17 Seven in Darkness (69) aka: Une lueur dans les ténèbres Among the passengers on this plane, are seven blind people, who are the only survivors after the plane takes a dive in an uncharted wilderness. Watch as our well known stars struggle and grope their way back to civilization. Wolves attack, a river must be crossed, and other obstacles. Who lives and who dies? The blind leading the blind? Exactly! Milton Berle, Dina Merrill, Barry Nelson, Arthur O'Connell, Lesley Anne Warren and more in this different take in the plane crash 'genre' of films.

R773 She Cried Murder (73) A model (Lynda Day George), while riding in the front car of a subway train, sees a woman get pushed in front of the train by a bald guy (Telly Savalas). She goes to report what she saw to the cops. The Inspector comes out and... you guessed it. Telly Savalas. The rest of the film is a cat and mouse as he pursues Lynda Day to permanently silence her. Pretty good obscurity.

G4 She Cried No (96) A Freshman party ends in date assault. No one believes Melissa (Candace Cameron Bure). Will she be vindicated or will everyone just think she is a dirty slut that was asking for it?

G19 She Fought Alone (95) A girl named Caitlin (sexy Tiffani Thiessen) is assaultd by the star football player (Brian Austin Green) in their small rural town. Let the shaming begin! But Caitlin don't go down so easy, and she stands up to all of her tormentors. Sadly, she kills no one. But was she really assaultd or not? Seems like an easy accusation perpetrated by evil girls to get money and ruin lives. In truth, the real story this is based on was questionable.

R551 Sin of Innocence (86) aka: Two Young People aka: El pecado de la inocencia David (Bill Bixby) marries Vicki (Dee Wallace Stone, obviously now known as Dee Wallace). Both bring a child into the new relationship. One teenage boy (Dermot Mulroney in his movie debut, in real life 23 years old at the time), and one teenage girl (Megan Follows). They fall in love and everybody freaks out. Awkward love story fun.

B317 Something Wicked This Way Comes (71) Here's something interesting! A British High School film production of the great Ray Bradbury novel. Two teenage boys visit a mysterious carnival that comes to town ruled over by Mr. Dark, who claims he can make secret desires come true, but really only lures victims into servitude. Quite simply essential for Bradbury fans.

G186 Stoning in Fulham County, A (88) aka: Gebot des Schweigens Religious beliefs clash with the law when an Amish infant is killed in a rural community. Ron Perlman is Amish, and driving a horse and buggy with his wife and kids (one an infant) one evening. A car full of drunk young men (one of them being Brad Pitt in an early role), force the buggy off the road, throwing rocks at them. When the Amish reach home, the infant is dead from the 30 second encounter. Brad Pitt: Baby Killer! What happens next is truly unbelievable. Also with Gregg Henry, Ken Olin and more.

R811 Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The (89) Anthony Andrews does the dual role in this version from 'Nightmare Classics'. Joining the cast is Laura Dern, Denholm Elliot, Lisa Langlois (Deadly Eyes, The Nest) and Rue McClanahan (sorry). This staged version makes Mr. Hyde look more like a Dorian Gray type, evil sure, but not the slightest bit of a beastly manifestation of the dark side of man. More a snotty evil guy that you would like to kick his ass.

M978 Stranger Knocks, A (59) aka: En fremmed banker på An important film historically, this 1959 film was released in the U.S. was taken to the Supreme Court as obscene. Finally these idiots were overruled and the movie was released. Thankfully for movie censorship in America, this was the beginning of the end. A stranger on the run from the law knocks at the door of a mourning widow. He claims to be lost, she lets him stay. They then drift into an addictive co-dependence. But this is no romance, the man is bad, she's unhinged, and things will not turn out okay. In Swedish and with English subtitles.

G162 Terror in the Family (96) aka: Terror in der Familie - Eine Tochter läuft Amok Fifteen year old Deena (played by future Oscar winner Hillary Swank) wants everything her way, or she erupts into a violent and uncontrollable bitch. The 13 year old son of the family likes Vodka. Mom likes her some tasty booze as well, maybe too much. Dad buries himself in his work. This dysfunctional family is about to explode.

G30 Terror on the Beach (73) aka: Terreur sur la plage A family's outing turns out badly as they are terrorized by cult-like, dune buggy driving thugs. Susan Dey, Dennis Weaver, Estelle Parsons and more star.

R633 They Only Come Out at Night (75) A middle-aged homicide detective (Jack Warden) investigates a series of murders of elderly women. This was the pilot for Jack Warden's short-lived detective show 'Jigsaw John'. Excellent.

R754 This House Possessed (81) aka: Das Haus der tausend Augen After having a nervous breakdown, a rock singer (Parker Stevenson) has to spend some time in a hospital. A private nurse is hired. and he buys a fantastic 'computerized' house in the country. Sheila the nurse (Lisa Eilbacher) finds the house familiar. And why is that strange old woman (Joan Bennett) calling Sheila, Margaret. Things get even weirder when deaths occur and soon it becomes clear that the house has an agenda of it's own. Also with Barry Corbin, Slim Pickens, Amanda Wyss (in her debut) and more.

G21 Time Travelers (76) During an outbreak of a contagious disease in 1976, two scientists are sent back in time to 1871, where a cure for this future calamity supposedly is in existence. They must retrieve the formula data before the Chicago Fire destroys the records! Decent MFTV time travel from Irwin Allen. A proposed pilot for a new show that never materialized nor aired. Richard Basehart, Sam Groom, Francine York and more star.

G154 To Catch a Killer (92) aka: Le meurtrier de l'Illinois The gruesome true story of the evil gay killer John Wayne Gacy. He lured young men and boys into his house and assaultd and murdered them, burying their rancid and stinking rotting corpses beneath his house. Brian Dennehy is Gacy, and plays him as a tough guy, when in reality he was a wimpy, pudgy little blow-hard, only tough after he had incapacitated his victims with drugs or bondage. Still very well done and worth a look. Margot Kidder and Meg Foster also star. BA

G185 U.F.O. Incident, The (75) aka: Interrupted Journey Alien abduction! In the early 1960's, a married couple (played by James Earl Jones and Estelle Parsons) undergo hypnosis, which unlocks their memories of being abducted and experimented upon by aliens. Very well made. This really happened.... the part about the hypnosis and claims. Do you believe? Do you want to? Upgrade!

G160 Victim of Beauty: The Dawn Smith Story (91) aka: Nightmare in Columbia County The true tale of the terrible crime that rocked a family and galvanized the police in South Carolina in the 1980's. A mad killer targets young girls and the plan is on to catch him, with the help of the sister of the victim, named Dawn. Shows how easy it is for a young girl to get kidnapped. Poof. The neighborhood search, the tortuous calls with the demented killer, the finding of the victim, the suffering of the family, the short courtroom trial etc. At the end we see the actual 'Dawn' who went on to be a singer for Jesus. Then a picture of the actual true life victim Shari Faye Smith. William Devane stars.

G326 Victim of Rage (94) aka: Cries Unheard: The Donna Yaklich Story Donna (Jaclyn Smith) meets a cop (Brad Johnson) and together they try to make a go of it. But he is a steroid freak/body builder type with a bad temper (bad combo). She is battered, and she gets her revenge. Is this justified? Exaggerated? Partially untrue? Probably all of the above. But this is based on fact and everybody has their own opinion of these matters so I won't share mine. All I know is, there was no real proof of abuse in the real case. Women always claim abuse when they kill their husband, whether it is true or not, it automatically gets them thousands of female supporters. It's tribal. This is pretty harrowing and suspenseful. Hillary Swank makes a brief appearance. MFTV movies are notorious for fabricating alleged 'facts'.

G6 Victim of the Haunt (96) aka: The Uninvited aka: La casa delle luci A couple (Sharon Lawrence and Beau Bridges), after suffering a still-born child death, buy a house that has vengeful ghosts. Allegedly based on true events (yea right) this haunted house flick uses many of the clichés we know and love from this type of thriller, including the old 'house was built on a cemetery' bit. Entertaining and suspenseful, with a few good scares. LBX

G12 Weekend of Terror (70) Three nuns on a weekend trip are held hostage by three escaped convicts (two of the buffoons played by Robert Conrad and Lee Majors!). Nuns, Guns and an all-star cast that includes Carol Lynley, Jane Wyatt and more.

B686 When Darkness Falls (60) Young Elisabeth comes to Vastlinge with a nice Christmas visit in mind. But when the grocer is brutally murdered with an axe, a police inspector comes to the small snowbound village to catch the killer. But a certain piece of evidence points in too many directions.... Whodunit? In Swedish language and with English subtitles. BA

R558 When She Was Bad (79) Stressed out by a move and being a stay-at-home mom, Teeny (Cheryl Ladd) takes out her frustrations on her daughter Robbie (played by 7 year old Nicole Eggert). Eventually her abuse results in a hospital visit for her daughter, and shit hits the fan. Robert Urich is the bewildered husband. Also with Eileen Brennan and Dabney Coleman.

B384 Where Has Poor Mickey Gone? (64) Things go terribly wrong for four youths who are ejected from a London nightclub for rowdiness. They continue their reign of hooliganism by busting into a Magic Shop where they tie up and terrorize the owner. But he deals in more than just illusion.... as our young punks are about to find out! Originally appeared in a 36 minute version as a companion to Polanski's 'Cul De Sac'. This is the UNCUT version running around 56 minutes. Sweet payoff in this one.

R757 Who is the Black Dahlia? (75) Dramatization of an actual homicide investigation. In 1947 Los Angeles, a police detective investigates the grisly murder of 22 year old aspiring actress Elizabeth Short, who was surgically cut perfectly in half and dumped. Cool, dark and sort of creepy. Lucie Arnaz is the unfortunate Elizabeth. Also with Ronny Cox, Efrem Zimbalist Jr., Donna Mills, Brooke Adams, Lana Wood, Sid Haig and many more.

R559 Who Will Love My Children? (83) aka: El legado de una madre Based on the true story of an Iowa wife (Ann Margaret) who is dying but has ten kids that need tended to, so she's got to adopt them out one by one like puppies. This may just be the saddest movie ever made. If you are a masochist, you'll love it! Set during the depression and boy is it ever! Loads of actors, many young, like Tracey Gold, Soleil Moon Frye and more like William Sanderson and still others of course. Goddamn get out the friggin' hankies!

G155 With Savage Intent (92) A real estate agent (Elizabeth Montgomery) is showing a house to a client with the owners present. The potential buyer is a mad killer (Howard Rollins) and he forces them all on their knees and ties them up. He shoots Montgomery and leaves her for dead. She survives, recognizes him later on, and they try him in court. Here we see how dirty lawyers try to get him off. In court I mean, as in 'Innocent'. Based on a true story. Also with Robert Foxworth, Ronny Cox and more.



R741 Aatma (06) A doctor is responsible for conducting the post mortem on a man, but shady crooks force him (with gun to his wife's head) to falsify the report. But the spirit of the deceased is not having it, as he makes his presence known to the couple. LBX and with English subtitles.

R622 Diamond Queen (40) aka: Diamond Queen: Diamond Thriller No.7 Fearless Nadia was born in Australia and went to India and became a Bollywood star for over three decades (from 1935 to her last feature in 1970!) A bad-ass chick, she even sometimes did her own stunts in various adventure films. Here we have her in 'Diamond Queen'. A real spectacle with cool locations and action sequences that would be at home in any Hollywood Serial of the era. LBX and with English subtitles.

B845 Dracula in Istanbul (53) aka: Drakula Istanbul'da Cool Turkish stab at Stoker, and the first Dracula film where he is seen climbing down walls easily as he does, being a bloodsucking legion of the undead and all. They moved the decade to the 1950's instead of the 1890's, which here in this region seems like the 1920's. Harker upon arriving at castle Dracula is almost immediately attacked by one of Dracula's vampire brides.... Bald and fanged Dracula in a spooky film drenched in atmosphere, filmed in Turkey without a cross in sight, and filmed with a believable respect for the source material. With English subtitles. BA

G286 Elephant God (62) aka: Shree Ganesh A Goddess produces a child and proclaims him to protect her and the Earth. When his God Father comes home he is not amused with his son's antics, so he severs his head from his body. Pisses off his Goddess, so God Father gets a new head with an elephant snout, and thus is born the God Ganeesh! This is the set-up. Gets crazy as out of control effects dominate this Indian fantasy film. A black and white film, with color sequences during the dance numbers and some of the effects transformation scenes... you simply won't believe what you are seeing! With English subtitles.

G590 Haveli (85) aka: The Mansion An undercover policeman attempts to solve a murder and ends up with more murders on his hands... A mysterious killer is on the loose in this India based giallo/slasher with loads of cool touches. As the body count rises, the mystery grows deeper... F.L. DVD-R only.

B762 Iron Fist: The Giants are Coming, The (73) aka: Demir Yumruk: Devler geliyor The first half looks like a crime film, with a claw-handed guy, an ambiguously gendered mastermind in a wheelchair, and a bald and scarred villain. But then some superheroes show up with some very familiar logos on their chests, plus a grenade-tossing sidekick. Grave-robbing, fisticuffs, a boat chase and more! Loads of weird henchmen in this one. One guy gets staked, and there is some more brutal violence... With English subtitles.

G267 Mahal (49) aka: Haunted Mansion A man moves into a mansion and finds a portrait of the former owner that looks just like him. He then sees the ghost of that man's former lover who had killed herself after he died. Realizing he is the reincarnation of the man in the portrait, he strikes a deal with the ghost woman to kill his gardener's daughter so the ghost woman can possess her body. The man's best friend goes to two witches to cast a spell on him to stop him.... More twists and turns, too many to mention. Here is an elaborate early Indian horror film with song numbers, creepy scenes, pagan tribal rites, and the wife is attacked by a very large bat. In Hindi language and with English subtitles. BA

G268 Maya Bazaar (58) aka: Fantasy Bazaar Wild special effects scenes dominate this Indian made fantasy film. Rival factions of ancient India clash over fortunes. One king can project an image of himself 30 feet tall and sends a flying buzz saw which removes the head of one of his enemies, plus some of the guys can change their appearances into looking like anyone they want. With English subtitles. BA

G288 Nagina (51) A man searches for his father who has been missing for 12 years which leads him to a creepy old haunted mansion with weird characters including a girl he falls in love with. With skullduggery afoot participants search for a valuable ring in the design of a snake with a priceless diamond attached. An atmospheric and unusual Hindi Language Indian film with English subtitles.

M975 Nude and Cruel (84) aka: Nudo e crudele Creepy weird practices from around the world displayed by numerous vile savages. Well, culture is culture. And the culture's displayed by some here are tough to accept. But let's be clear, much of this is 'staged'! One freaky guy gets his ding-dong cut off, and then prances on the street like a 5 dollar whore in a short skirt, later a park ranger gets eaten by an obviously fake alligator and more. Most English language dubbed, some parts added back are in Italian, sometimes with English subtitles. This is a restored LBX print.

G589 Sansani: The Sensation (81) On a cold foggy night, two men alight from a train at an isolated and remote railway station at Balipur, at the request of Mathur, the owner of a huge factory where some of the workers have been stalked and killed. The locals believe they are victim's of bloodsucking ghosts. Nice depiction of ghost town, with dim and murky lighting, a sense of isolation, grainy landscapes and disquieting darkness. No English DVD-R only.

R742 Scorpion Thunderbolt (88) aka: Território de Sangue Cut and paste fun with kung fu fighting, soft-sex, blood and gore, a murderous snake-demon monster, a baffled Richard Harrison... . need I say more? Now in a LBX English dubbed version.

G293 Shikari (63) Hindi King Kong! A circus company sets out on an expedition to get King Kong for their shows. This one is pretty cool, shot in color with dangerous looking locations, jungles, tigers, leopards, native song rituals with background pagan idols, hostile savages, a giant dinosaur monster serpent... In the last hour you will see obvious references to Ray Harryhausen's '7th Voyage of Sinbad'....Finally King Kong shows up and starts to destroy the native village..... more.. This upgrade now has English subtitles!

B537 Temptation of the Demon Woman (78) aka: Godaan Siluman Perempuan Wow, you see the monster in the opening lurid segment, a jagged toothed monstrosity in garish monster make-up! Yes, the demon woman is on the loose! And let's not leave out the brutal multiple mongoose's versus multiple King Cobras! WOW! The demon eventually must face her adversary, a laser-beam throwing shaman. Obscure horror film from Indonesia with English subtitles!

G287 Witchcraft (77) aka: Jadu Tonaa aka: Black Magic A young girl is possessed by an evil spirit and commits murders. She is possessed by a double-crossed criminal, who is possessing her and forcing her to murder his corrupt colleagues. Her conventional doctor cannot find the answer and she eventually ends up at an exorcist type guy. Yes, they even steal some of the music from 'The Exorcist', and use some of the same scenes, but very different. You have seen the Turkish Exorcist Rip-off, now see the Indian one! (Sort of) And of course, complete with song and dance numbers..... In Color and with English subtitles.

M986 Woman Enemy (67) It's a Turkish Giallo! A devilish monster-mask wearing psychopath murders women. Foggy streets, peeping in windows and more. He switches monster masks as well (with monster gloves as a added bonus!). Pretty cool considering the same movie is still being made somewhere by college students with their daddy's money. Now with English subtitles!



B357 Cantabarians, The (80) aka: Los cántabros Paul Naschy stars and directs in this obscure period piece. He plays a Roman general who is in a fierce fight with the tribal leader of the Cantabarians. That being said, you know just what to expect! Battles with gladiators, adventure, and the Roman conquests that seemed unstoppable back in their times. Slightly LBX and some glitches in the last reel. In Spanish and with English subtitles. BA

G688 Last Kamikaze, The (84) aka: El último KamikazeStory about drug smuggling and rival gangs set in Cairo, New York and Rome. Two rival gangs on the orders of a mysterious chief "number one", decide to destroy their gangs by setting their chiefs against each other in a fight to the death.... Women get manhandled, bodies get blown apart, and Naschy opens up a can of 'whup-ass'!! Great looking uncut subtitled print of this obscure Naschy film!



B434 Beautiful Antonia, First a Nun, The a Demon (72) aka: La bella Antonia, prima Monica e poi Dimonia A young virtuous medieval maiden (Edwige Fenech) decides to spite her father, who has set her up with an unwanted marriage, by joining a convent. However, her old boyfriend shows up and tries to win her back. Fenech supplies the nudity with other Italian babes, this being the promiscuous style of films from the early 70's, an unrivaled era of debauchery and excess. Wonderful. Now LBX and with English subtitles for the first time! BA

B747 Tempter, The (73) aka: The Devil is a Woman aka: Il sorriso del grande tentatore As the Mother Superior of a Convent, Sister Geraldine (Glenda Jackson) wields power in it's most vicious and devastating ways, destroying the people in her care, and ultimately, herself.... She runs an unheard of strange hybrid: part tourist hotel, part mental asylum, in Rome. She's kind of like a spiritual 'Nurse Ratchet'. Among those in her care is a nymphomaniac (Lisa Harrow) and a man who has fallen in love with his sister. A fascinating psychological exploration into guilt and shame through the psycho-sexual dark side of Catholicism. A different 'twisted' good and evil film. Slightly LBX

B565 Torn Priestess (77) aka: Onna gokumon-chô: Hikisakareta nisô aka: Nuns That Bite This weird mixture of period splatter movie and Japanese nunsploitation is about a girl named Omino, who jumps out of the fire and into the frying pan. On the run from her master she ends up in a convent full of man-hating,, murderous nuns. But not before an obligatory assault by bandits scene in the forest. Really, if you are a good looking girl, don't go pee in front of sex-starved bandits. There is only one way that can end. A truly mind-bending experience. LBX and with English subtitles.



G436 Hell's Bells (9?) Well well well. Another slice of religious propaganda that will try to convince you why the rock industry is loaded with evil Satanists who are trying to brainwash your children and make them soldiers for that mean old Devil! It's nobody's fault that we can be so easily drawn to the flames of evil, but we need to fight to save our souls from such 'godly' killing, Luciferian magick, and overcome the demons and their play for our souls. Utter nonsense, but fun to watch, a real hoot! The points they try to make, and the conclusions they draw from their theories and assumptions, looks to be aimed at brainless fools who are looking for something to blame their loser existence and bad decisions on. Lots of snips and clips of rock stars in action getting wild, and lyric exploration overlaid with metal clips and imagery, and rockers rocking out, presumably to help make their point. Completely ignoring the same looks of manic ecstasy you see on the faces of holy rollers practicing their faith in the big churches. Cathartic release through music is universal, it's the taste in music that releases these feelings that varies. Quality pretty good but not perfect. This is about 3 hours long! Hail Satan! Um, I think. You'll love it... or maybe not... in any event... DVD-R ONLY



G676 Bloody Streets 3 (90) aka: Siete en la Mira 3 aka: Calles sangrientas Gangs of sadistic bikers terrorize students at a high school where a badass principle is planning to make a stand against them! Very bloody and violent with a gang assault, people set on fire, people stabbed to death and more. The Bikers versus the Punks for territory, honor and glory! Spikes, hammers, knives.... From the same director that delivered 'The Infernal Rapist', 'La Venganza de los Punks' and may more. In Spanish language and with no subtitles.

B454 Blue Demon: Destructor of Spies (68) aka: Blue Demon destructor de espias aka: Blue Demon, Spy Smasher The future of the world rests on the shoulders of Blue Demon when power hungry (but quite mad) scientists create a mind-control machine setting their nefarious plans in motion. A deadly bomb with poisonous gas is the threat. In Color, this is influenced by the spy films and James Bond of course. Blue Demon is the Mexican equivalent to Bond in this film of counter-espionage and international intrigue. San Francisco's Chinatown and more locations. In Spanish language and with Big English subtitles. BA

B356 Body Snatcher, The (57) aka: Ladrón de cadáveresaka: Jûjin Gorira Otoko A wrestler and a detective team up to stop a mad scientist who is kidnapping athletes and replacing their brains with those of animals to make them stronger. Grave-digging, creepy atmosphere, drooling beast-man monster and more. Interestingly, this movie was actually featured in the magazine 'Famous Monsters of Filmland' issue #1 way back when it was released! Now, finally, for the first time ever, with English subtitles.

B600 Brainiac, The (62) aka: El barón del terror Now available in this Spanish language version with English subtitles! A Baron returns for his revenge after being burned at the stake 300 years ago in 1661. Now however he can transform into the 'Brainiac', a horrifying fork-tongued creature of ancient folklore. Who is draining the skulls of the local loose women and banquet partiers? Well, the 'Brainiac' of course! With Abel Salazar. The English dub is a bit campier than the actual Spanish language edition. One of the coolest and original monsters from Mexico, ever! If you want the English Dubbed version please specify. BA

B359 Crazy Nut, The (37) aka: El Superloco aka: The Super Madman A mad scientist who believes he can control the aging process using the power of the mind, experiments on his creation, a monster he has constructed with the remains of the dead. Bizarre Mexican horror/sci-fi/comedy hybrid obviously influenced by the Universal horrors of the 30's. Now with English subtitles!

B544 Crying Woman, The (60) aka: La llorona How about the original Spanish language version, and with English subtitles? Here we have it! Begins with a happy young woman who is planning her wedding, but her father figure uncle refusing his blessings to the union. She marries anyway, has a son, who grows into an adult. The son finds out there is a family curse, where the mother kills her first born. So he figures he better kill her first. This a repeating cycle due to reincarnation. Based on of course, a famous horror legend in Latin American folklore. the bad mother, which has been the subject of many horror films. English subtitles.

G496 Curse of the Doll People (61) aka: Muñecos infernales Four men are cursed by a voodoo priest for stealing a scared idol from a temple. Bad move. Creepy murderous midgets (dollmen!) with lethal weapons are dispatched to go after the men and their loved ones. These evil little buggers are mute and have unsettling creepy mask faces. Also available in an English dubbed version, which is good, but well you know dubbing can be a bit comical at times. Here, in Spanish with English subtitles, a bit more serious and yes, scary! Now the Spanish language version with English subtitles! BA

M962 Death of the Jackal (84) aka: La muerte del chacal A black-clad psycho-killer is on the loose, sometimes using a Doberman to help rip his victims up before he does them in with his cane. But hunting women, he usually goes solo with his excessively stabbing killing cane. There is a bit of nudity and an electro-soundtrack that is menacing and creepy. My favorite is the Doberman(s) though, they really tackle their role's with reckless abandon. Give the puppy a treat. And, that better be a fake prop dog you savages! Kind of like a Mexican Giallo Slasher! With English subtitles.

R779 Demons of the Desert (90) aka: Los Demonias del Desierto Finally a subtitled print of this 'satanic biker gang in the desert' classic with plenty of beatings, nudity, shootings and more. An evil bald guy leads the gang, and is constantly up to no good. But the law is closing in, and the final confrontation will be one hell of a shake-up!

B713 El Hijo de la Tiznada (01) Opens with a cockfight in a small arena set up for such a thing. One older burly Mexican tough guy, with a hooked hand, gets robbed. He goes to the house of the young punks responsible, taking with him some other rowdy hombres and kills the punks that robbed him. even ripping the guts out of the mother with his hook. Years pass, and what used to be cockfighting has turned now to men in fist-fighting duels. Shootouts, stunts, blood, revenge and retribution for the earlier situation..... In Spanish only with no subtitles.

G677 El Ninja Mexicano (91) Ninjas steal a chemical formula to make a new drug to make some huge cash on the streets... There is only one man who can stop them.... The Mexican Ninja! This of course is Mexico's answer to the 'American Ninja' films. Can he prevail and end the drug trade in Mexico? Heh heh. I think not. Still lots of fun and also with English subtitles!


B489 Empire of Dracula (67) aka: El imperio de DráculaUncut 81 minute version in black and white and with English subtitles for the first time! Opens with a guy fighting a caped big fanged Dracula, finally pulling the shades, which stuns Dracula enough so that a stake can be plunged into his black heart. Then with trick photography Dracula decays into a corpse, bones, and finally, dust. Flash-forward to the future.... We just know Dracula is up too his old tricks, and infecting young beautiful women with his vampirism. Can he be stopped? Gothic vampire fans take note. While Hammer was cranking out their 'Dracula' films, this one, heavily influenced by Hammer, was Mexico's offering, with women you only wish would cross your border! English Subtitles BA

B490 Empire of Dracula (67) Same movie as the black and white film, but this one in lurid drive-in looking COLOR and edited down to 68 minutes. Also with English subtitles! BA


G501 Horrible Human Beast, The (68) aka: La Horripilante Bestia Humana aka: Night of the Bloody Apes Now this film, already available in an English dubbed version, is here in original Spanish language with English subtitles! A typical mad scientist transplants an ape's heart into the body of a human which results in a monster (of course!). Remake of Rene Cardona's 'Doctor of Doom' except now with color, gore and nudity. What can anyone say? A masterpiece. BA

G684 Los Sanguinarios (88) Brutal Mexican bikers raping and pillaging, attacking a vacationing family, beating shooting and killing... until the family wises up and grows some cajones. Will anyone make it out of this alive? Cold and mean spirited with sweet neat and tidy violent retribution. No subs in Spanish language only.

B841 Neutron and the Black Mask (60) aka: Neutrón, el enmascarado negro Should have been called 'Black-Masked Neutron'. He wears the 'mask' of the title. What, does he carry it around? Is it a character in the film? No, and no. Maybe he just got the damn thing and is proud of it? American wrestlers have it easy. Get banged up, go home, chill, medicate etc. Neutron? Not only does he have to wear a mask (the black one, remember?), but he also has to be on hand to fight super villains at any time of the day or night, stopping crooks after secret formulas... you name it. Dr. Caronte gets his start here, with his evil midget sidekick. But is it the same midget used in the sequel? These are the types of questions that keep me up at night. English dubbed! BA

B839 Neutron vs. the Amazing Dr. Caronte (63) aka: Neutrón contra el Dr. Caronte Sequel to 'Neutron and the Black Mask', taking place only a day later! Better title. We know what's what. Dr. Caronte is back from the grave. Apparently not killed as we were led to believe in the first film. Dr. Caronte is up to his old tricks again, kidnapping heroine Nora and Neutron, those creepy-faced hulking monstrosities in boiler suits are back running around and then hiding in their pit, an evil dwarf sidekick named Nick (who moonlights as a cab driver, evil sidekick wages are down), and events culminate in a large bout of fisticuffs! Doesn't Nora recognize Nick the midget as her taxi driver who can barely see over the dash? Maybe just a lot of little people left over from 'Curse of the Doll People'. Caronte and Nick also bury one of their victims alive! Great fun. English dubbed!

B840 Neutron vs. the Maniac (64) aka: Neutrón contra el criminal sádico This time our hero is investigating a series of murders at a sanitarium. One bad guy kidnaps a girl and murders her with a big knife, and even films it! He even has a white no-face mask like the killer in Bava's 'Blood and Black Lace' out the same year! Hmmmm. Ahead of it's time a frickin' 'snuff killer' type Neutron film (at least plot-wise sort of). Musical numbers and Neutron in the ring feel almost like padding here. Bring on the killings! English dubbed!

G705 New Invisible Man, The (58) aka: El hombre que logró ser invisible A scientist has developed an invisibility serum. When a man is sentenced for a murder he did not commit, his brother, the scientist, smuggles the serum into the prison, so his brother simply vanishes, and walks out! Our invisible man then proceeds to make fools out of the police, and prove his innocence. But with this gift of invisibility comes the curse of madness (ala Claude Rains) and terrorizing the city sounds like a pretty cool idea.... Some good special effects. Dubbed into English! BA

B314 On the Edge of Terror (92) aka: Al filo del terror Walking talking creepy clown ventriloquist puppets played by dwarfs! A ventriloquist on the brink of madness has lost his audience and now is taken to abusing his puppets. They will have their revenge on man and his kind! Nice Mexi-Horror now available for the first time with English subtitles!

G683 Panic (66) A Mexican Horror Anthology with English subtitles! The first part has a night-gown clad young woman fleeing through the forest with a witch in hot pursuit brandishing a sharp knife, after being gang assaultd by 4 men. Or is this a nightmare? The second part has two guys fleeing a plague of some sort. They have just buried a young woman and are now paddling down a river in a canoe. But they quarrel and fight.....one of them dies, the other guy then buries him...but is he dead? Last, a scientist and a cat ingest some type of chemical that makes him seem dead... This one seems steeped in Poe territory. Cool and atmospheric horror. All that is missing is the Crypt keeper (or a horror host of some sort).... Cool Mexican Horror with English subtitles.

G365 Planetary Giants (66) aka: Gigantes planetarios A man and his girlfriend are sent by space rocket to 'the planet of eternal night' to stop them from making their threats on the Earth a reality with some wild death ray. He is supposed to be alone, but the girl is a stowaway, as well as two fugitives from the law have somehow made it aboard also. Hilarious moments are unintended of course. Alien guy says boastfully to hero (referring to a whistle necklace alien guy holds that is around his neck) "With this whistle, I can project my voice to the farthest reaches of the planet!" It looks like a toothbrush! Great Mexican made fun for fans of awful science fiction from that era.

R788 Santo and Blue Demon in Atlantis (70) aka: Santo contra Blue Demon en la Atlantida A Nazi scientist, using the lost city of Atlantis as his home base, has a plan to blow the world to smithereens with a nuclear bomb, with the aid of messages from space. Plenty to enjoy in this science fiction fantasy Santo offering, set in exotic and colorful locales. With English subtitles. BA

M997 Santo and the Anonymous Death Threats (75) aka: SantoAnónimo mortal Santo fights Nazis 25 years after the war... In Mexico! Will he escape the gas chamber? Probably... but not everyone will! With English subtitles! BA

R789 Santo and the Fist of Death (82) aka: El puño de la muerte aka: Santo contre le poing de la mort A princess and her evil twin sister (Grace Renat in a dual role) fight over an emerald with great supernatural powers. Santo must help the good sister to prevent the emerald from falling into the wrong hands. Martial arts, women turn into snakes, weird dances, hairy monsters, bodies cut in half, voodoo and more. This was the real Santo's last film he made and he stopped at age 64. He would die only 2 years later of a heart attack in Mexico City, leaving behind 54 Santo movies. With English subtitles.

R790 Santo and the Fury of the Karate Masters (82) aka: La furia de los karatecas Grace Renat returns as both sisters, one good, one bad, both struggling to gain control of the power. More action, monsters, exploding bodies, and a slower Santo, this one of his last adventures. Colorful action-packed fun! With English subtitles.

B514 Santo and the Vengeance of the Crying Woman (74) aka: La venganza de la llorona In 1658, a woman finds out the man she loves (and has three children with) is marrying another. She makes a deal with the devil to get her revenge! Poisoning herself, and her children, she returns as La Llorona in present day. There is only one way to stop her, and Santo and his friend put their plan into action! La Llorona is an ugly-faced witchy looking zombie/corpse, made more effective with color. With English subtitles. BA

B396 Skeleton of Mrs. Morales (60) aka: El esqueleto de la señora Morales A nice man taxidermist decides to murder his bitch wife after putting up with her insistent never-ending nagging for twenty years. Yes, this hellish marriage will end, and the audience will root for her demise! She is also a two-faced liar, making up awful stories about her husband to anyone who will listen. A dark comedy with a twist ending that will make you smile! In Spanish and with English subtitles.

G588 Tarot Sangriento (90) Tarot card reader sees something in her readings involving a sexy brunette, who reports to the cops. Meanwhile crooks suspect the brunette is snitching on them as one of her male friends is actually one of the bad guys, and she keeps him informed of her doings. Or is he a good guy? She goes undercover for the cops. So the bad guys debate how to handle her, and of course continue their criminal activities. F.L. in Spanish only and no subtitles.

M985 Whip against the Killer Mummies, The (80) aka: El Latigo Contra Las Momias Asesinas The final 'El Latigo' film. El Latigo is a modern day whip-cracking Zorro type character that battles villainy and supernatural creatures. This time, he faces a murderous satanic sect of crumbling killer mummies. Although a Mexican production, this was filmed in Guatemala. Incredibly bizarre horror with eerie music and gothic touches throughout. Finally with English subtitles! BA

B300 Whip versus Satan, The (79) aka: El Látigo contra Satanás The curse of a witch has freed Satan and now, with the help of his minions (weird beasts) he will terrorize and exterminate a small town. But El Latigo is not having it! Satan has the head of a raging bull, and the body of a man. Super weird madness that could only come from Mexico! Now, in a super colorful upgrade and with big easy to read English subtitles! BA

B372 Whip, The (78) aka: El látigo 'The Whip' defends the treasure of Indians from ruthless thugs amidst the erupting volcano and attacks from the dreaded 'Tiger- Man'. Cool Mayan locations and endless action as our whip-wielding wizard, cracks that 'snap' on his adversaries. From prolific Mexican director Alfredo B. Crevenna. Now with English subtitles for the first time!

M920 With Hatred Under the Skin (88) aka: Con el odio en la piel Intolerant sheriff Logan (Hugo Stiglitz) comes to town and starts to get rid of undesirable Mexicans. He even hires a gang to help and they go on a killing spree. After losing some of his friends and relatives, Raul starts to get his bloody revenge. Ultra-violent with bloody murders, a rock soundtrack, action-packed sequences and a great cast that includes Juan Valentin. Now this classic comes with English subtitles for the first time!

B538 Wrestling Women versus the Killer Robot (69) aka: Las luchadoras vs el robot asesino aka: La terrificante notte dei robot assassini The final entry in the Mexican 'Wrestling Women' series and the hardest one to find. In some ways similar to 'Night of the Bloody Apes' a film also directed by the same guy behind this one Rene Cardona. A mad scientist sends his robot (not your typical mexi-bot) to kidnap helpers to assist him as he attempts to create electronically controlled humans. He also has a monster-brute man he keeps in captivity, sending it out to do his ghastly bidding. With a brain transplant, we also get a remote controlled wrestling woman! For me, I dig these wrestling chicks better than the Santo guys. With English subtitles. BA

G942 Wrestling Women vs. the Murderous Robot (69) aka: Las luchadoras vs el robot asesino But wait, this is an obscure Italian language dubbed version with no subtitles and NUDITY cut from all other versions! This is an alternate version of course of this Mexican horror film, with added nude scenes of the actresses wrestling (ringless (as in, not in the ring) and topless) the robot assassin and the ape-beast of the basement in several brief scenes. Picture may not be sharp as usual, but this is essential for the Mexi-Monster collector. F.L.

B520 Year of the Plague, The (79) aka: El Año de la Peste In a Mexican town, a doctor tries to get out the word of a spreading plague. Based on 'A Journal of the Plague' by Daniel Defoe. Interesting take on what would happen if the government, of probably any nation, was faced with either alerting the population that they were all screwed as option one, or just waiting for everybody to die so it does not spread further. The plague begins after a comet blazes across the sky, spraying the city with a yellowish goopy blob mess of lethal doom. Chaos and incompetence ensues. With English subtitles.




B385 Adios Gringo (65) aka: Adiós gringoAfter being tricked into buying stolen cattle, Brett Landers (Giuliano Gemma) narrowly escapes being lynched, after he kills in self defense. Still wanted, he sets out to hunt down the real rustlers to clear his name. Along the way he finds a assault victim (Evelyn Stewart aka: Ida Galli)) staked to the ground and finds himself pitted against another powerful foe. Fantastic Spaghetti! Excellent LBX print.

B414 Alive or Preferably Dead (69) aka: Vivi o preferibilmente mortiaka: Sundance Cassidy and Butch the Kid Released here in a butchered version, this is the original 97 minute version. Kind of a homage to the buddy western type with two estranged brothers who must live together for 6 months in order to inherit a hefty sum. These polar opposites go from one out of control situation to the next, taking up bank robbery and even kidnapping in order to pass the time and survive the six months. Hold on to your butts cowpokes, this is going to be a bumpy ride. Nice English dubbed print. BA

B387 And God Said to Cain (70) aka: E Dio disse a Caino... aka: Et le vent apporta la violence Gary Hamilton (Klaus Kinski) just received a pardon after 10 years in the slammer. Thing is, he was never guilty in the first place. The bastards who are responsible for his wrongful incarceration are going to pay. Oh boy. The culprit is now a wealthy land baron. Peter Carsten plays a great bad guy, and the film has such a dark tone it almost seems like a horror movie at times. The score is scary good and adds to the atmosphere of doom. Kinski rules in this. Amazing LBX sharp picture. BA

B833 Apache (73) aka: Apachen Action-packed Euro-western loosely based on Ulzana (played by Gojko Mitic) this one followed by 'Ulzana' the next year (also in this section). This solid outing is loaded with violence and battles, well photographed locations and more. Tensions mount between the United States and Mexico in what would eventually erupt as the Mexican-American war. Ulzana sets out to avenge his tribe's massacre at the hands of an American mining engineer. What is incredibly different and even bizarre regarding these films, is that they were told from another countries point of view, other than what we are used to. This doesn't make them preachy, just kind of surreal. In German language and with English subtitles.

M924 Awkward Hands (70) aka: Manos torpes aka: When Satan Grips the Colt Peter (Peter Lee Lawrence) a naive ranch-hand, courts Dorothy (Pilar Velazquez) daughter of the ranch's owner. Pappa finds out and gives Peter a good flogging, and then throws him off the ranch for good. Dorothy goes after Peter and soon The father's henchmen drag the two lover's back to the ranch. Where Peter gets whipped a second time! To stop the whipping, Dorothy agrees to marry another local that has water rights, controlling the water flowing into the ranch's lands. Peter splits, trains as a gunfighter and returns to find Dorothy is now a whore..... Peter is determined to give her father a good whipping! LBX BA

G898 Bad Men of Missouri (41) aka: Die Rächer von Missouri Brothers return from the Civil War to their town to get revenge on the misdeeds of a crooked banker who has been buying up warrants on back taxes and taking away the farms of hard-working people that have fallen on hard times. Since the banker is using nefarious methods, they too resort to criminality, robbing trains and banks and giving the money to the farmers. Dennis Morgan, Arthur Kennedy, Jane Wyman and more star. BA

B887 Ballad of Django (71) aka: Giù la testa... hombre aka: Doppia taglia per Minnesota Stinky Django (Jack Betts as Butch Cassidy under his other name Hunt Powers) is a pissed off lone gunman battling Ironhead Donovan (Gordon Mitchell) and his henchmen with help from Macho Callaghan (Jeff Cameron). With Klaus Kinski as Reverend Cotton in an interesting bit of casting. English language dubbed LBX BA

B483 Belle Starr Story, The (68) aka: Il mio corpo per un poker Abused and dominated in her youth by men, Belle Starr (Elsa Martinelli) now out smokes, out shoots, out rides and out gambles everyone in the old west. In the opening segment she throws a card game, putting out her body as the winnings for Blackie (George Eastman). The rest of the film finds them together for the most part, until a robbery goes awry. Plenty of action and the foxy Martinelli as the main character (in leather and cowboy duds, or cute lingerie) is quite the departure from the usual oater. Directed by a woman too, go figure! Nice Sharp LBX print! BA

R932 Black Bart (48) aka: Bandits de grands chemins California stagecoach robber Black Bart (Dan Duryea) meets European dancer Lola Montez (Yvonne DeCarlo). Lily Munster is a knockout here. Photographed in color with some really nice looking western locations. BA

R627 Black Whip, The (56) aka: Die schwarze Peitsche Two brothers rescue four dance hall girls, and encounter trouble from a villain who wields a wicked whip as his choice of weapon. Hugh Marlowe, Strother Martin, Angie Dickinson and Coleen Grey star. Ridiculous fun! Coleen Grey (The Leech Woman herself) died in August 2015 at age 93. LBX BA

M925 Blood at Sundown (66) aka: 1000 dollari sul nero aka: $1,000 on the Black Twelve years ago, Sartana (Gianni Garko) framed his brother Johnny (Anthony Steffen) for murder and stole his girlfriend (Erika Blanc). Now the town's cruel boss, doted upon by his possessive mother, Sartana seems safe. But Johnny has served his sentence, and rides back into town! He's got a score to settle. Excellent Widescreen English dubbed version. BA

B502 Blood Calls to Blood (68) aka: Sangue chiama sangue In a Frontier town between the U.S.A. and Mexico, Sancho and his gang assault a monastery, kill a few monks who try to appose the invasion of the sacred building, and go away with the precious loot, including the sacred custody, a work of art in gold and diamonds. As the bad guys argue and backstab over who gets the majority of the booty, they are being hunted..... One of the guys they killed has a pissed off brother. With Stephen Forsyth. LBX and English dubbed. BA

G407 Broken Land, The (62) aka: El juez maldito A cowboy rides into a small town that is ruled with an iron fist by a corrupt sheriff. He becomes involved with a pretty town girl, and some pissed off residents that are wanting to oust the sheriff. Things go wrong however and he finds himself on the run from a posse for a murder. Kent Taylor, Jody McCrea, Dianna Darrin, and Jack Nicholson as Will Brocious. Oddly compelling and quite short at only 1 hour long. Outstanding Arizona scenery with Cinemascope color and Widescreen. Jack Nicholson's next two films were for Roger Corman, 'The Raven' and 'The Terror'. BA

B417 Bury Them Deep (68) aka: All'ultimo sangue aka: To the Last Drops of Blood A young captain is ordered by his superior to recover two shipments of stolen army payroll gold. He enlists the help of a condemned prisoner whom he has released. They soon discover that they are up against two gangs who are responsible for the robberies. Shoot-outs, Show-Downs and Hangings, Bar Brawls, Desert Death, Wenches and more. Nice LBX version dubbed into English. BA

B719 Bushwhackers, The (52) aka: La jena del Missouri An evil rancher/cattle baron, wheelchair bound (Lon Chaney! Jr.), hurting from arthritis, and his murderous daughter (Myrna Dell), are having settlers killed to prevent them from selling their land to the railroad. Cool low budget western with a cast that makes it so. Mean man Jack Elam, Grouchy man Lawrence Tierney, good man Wayne Morris....hot babe Dorothy Malone... more. BA


B666 Carambola (74) aka: Vier Fäuste schlagen wieder zu Coby (Antonio Cantafora) ex-soldier and billiards champion (some wonderfully cheesy trick shots here), investigates arms trafficking across the U.S.- Mexican border, with the help of his inseparable friend, the gigantic Clem (Paul Smith). You guessed it, an unashamed rip-off of the Bud Spencer/Terence Hill films! Clem is seemingly indestructible and has the best comic scenes, you may remember him from 'Pieces' or maybe 'Sonnyboy', 'Popeye'? Efficient and funny low brow humor. English language dubbed and LBX. BA

B667 Carambola's Philosophy: In the Right Pocket (75) aka: Carambola, filotto... tutti in buca The same team returns for a sequel in the same vein of western hijinks fun! Lem and Coby, best friends, can't seem to let 10 minutes go by without arguing about something. LBX and English dubbed.


B526 Charity and the Strange Smell of Money (73) aka: Sentivano uno strano, eccitante, pericoloso puzzo di dollari Rare spaghetti western. Charity (Robert Malcom) is in charge of delivering the railroad cargo, but some locals and a Mexican gang of banditos have other ideas..... A saloon, dancing hookers, group battles, buffoonery and more. Also with Rosalba Neri. LBX

B778 Clint the Nevada Loner (67) aka: Clint the Stranger aka: Clint el solitario Former gunfighter Clint (George Martin) returns to his wife (Marianne Koch) and son's farm with the promise of putting down his gun for good. But going along with her wishes, he loses the respect of his son, especially when he backs down in shame to the local nasty cattle baron and his henchmen. But he soon finds himself in a range war, and yes, he picks up that gun again when the bad guys start killing innocent farmers. Some violent showdowns ensue. A little like 'Shane' at one point. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

B892 Cowards Don't Pray (69) aka: El vengador del sur aka: Taste of Vengeance aka: I vigliacchi non pregano A group of vigilantes from the North, roaming the Post Civil War South, attack Brian who is a war veteran, and assault and kill his woman. They leave him for dead. Off to catch the killers with help, but Brian, suffering from amnesia and becoming frustrated with not remembering the killer's faces, starts killing at random, losing the support of his two partners. This is the LBX and Uncut 114 minute version dubbed into English with some scenes in Italian language and with English subtitles. BA

B545 Damned Pistols of Dallas (64) aka: Las malditas pistolas de Dallas aka: Die verdammten Pistolen von Dallas When a local banker is killed by stage robbers in a lawless town, it is up to our avenger Clay Stone (Fred Beir, known primarily for a guy who was in dozens of shows in the U.S. in the sixties and seventies as a guest star) to get the townsfolk fired up and grow some balls to protect themselves. Fast Draw (Angel Alvarez, a regular actor in many a spaghetti) is the lead baddie, and his wild band of miscreants are not going down without bloodshed. Also with Bardot-a-like Evi Marandi who starred in 'Planet of the Vampires' the next year. Fred Beir was downed by cancer in 1980 at age 53. LBX

B641 Dead Men Ride (71) aka: Anda muchacho, spara!aka: Ma dernière balle sera pour toi! aka: El sol bajo la tierra Roy (Fabio Testi) rides into town, appearing out of a cloud of dust, after he escapes from a work camp. He befriends some miners who are enslaved by the local boss. Roy decides to come to their aid, and he also has some score of his own to settle that we will find the nature of with flashbacks. Similar to the tried and true 'man with no name' formula. Charo Lopez plays Jessica. Excellent. In Italian language and with English subtitles and LBX. BA

B669 Death Knows No Time (69) aka: Pagó cara su muerteShootings, lots of violence and a thought-provoking sensitive story? Nasty American homesteaders... well let's just say this is a pretty complex plot loaded with frisky characters, manhunts and vengeance. This production directed by Leon Klimovsky. With William Bogart and Wayde Preston. Recommended. LBX and English dubbed. BA

B361 Death Sentence (67) aka: Sentenza di morte aka: Django - Unbarmherzig wie die Sonne In four acts, a man doles out vengeance in ironically appropriate ways to the four men who murdered his brother. Excellent and colorful widescreen western and with English subtitles. Robin Clarke, Tomas Milian (who wildly overacts here brilliantly), Adolfo Celi and many more star. + interview with the director! BA

B688 Deguello (66) aka: Degueyo aka: Für Dollars ins Jenseits Danger City is attacked by Ramon's (Dan Vadis) bandits, searching for rumored treasures (which they do not find!). So, they either kill, or take hostage, all men of the town, threatening to kill them if the women and children do not cough up the loot. And, also, they will have to face Ramon, who will attack and kill with malice! Four men, searching for Ramon, agree to help the citizen's of Danger City. Muscleman Vadis is astonishingly vile and sadistic in this and is a pleasure to watch as he deals evil, mean-spirited and bloodthirsty. With Giacomo Rossi Stuart, Aurora Bautista and more. Nice English Dubbed and LBX print!

B547 Deserter, The (71) aka: The Devil's Backbone aka: La spina dorsale del diavolo Nasty and violent fun here, with an all-star cast! Pissed over his wife's brutal death, (we see in the first few minutes of the film) a deserter disappears over southwestern wasteland. Later he is offered a full pardon if he takes a small band of specially trained soldiers to stomp out an Apache stronghold. Richard Crenna, Ian Bannen , Woody Strode, Slim Pickens, Albert Salmi, Patrick Wayne, Chuck Conners, John Huston and more. Now LBX!!

R680 Diabolical One, The (77) aka: El Diabólico aka: El Diabolico Žanr Here's a bizarro twist for a western! A desperado with a glowing pendant and matching eyes rides into a frontier town and robs the bank. He also kills everybody and kidnaps the banker's daughter who he then brands and assaults before taking her back to town and dumping her in front of the bank, dying, begging her father to avenge her! A posse gets him but he gives the pendant to the village idiot, who now possessed, continues the devil's work.... Meanwhile a young Indian girl who has been assaultd by the evil gives birth.... Cool crazy western horror hybrid not to be missed! With English subtitles!

B671 Doomed Fort (64) aka: Fuerte perdido aka: Massacre at Fort Grant Paul Driscoll (German Cobos) arrives in Arizona to take possession of the land that the government provides for homesteading and marries a beautiful singer. Three days later they leave with other settlers, escorted by a military patrol. Chief Geronimo ruins their day with an attack, and they all hole up in an abandoned fort. Weakened by the Apaches constant attacks, lack of water, and the will to fight, Driscoll needs to rally his group (a 'Braveheart' speech moment is in order here) or they will be doomed. LBX and English language dubbed.

G418 Drango (57) aka: Le pays de la haine In the months that followed the War between the States, the South lay in pitiable desolation. Within the people, a fire still smoldered. Proud, unbowed, they watched with ominous foreboding as the hated Yankees again rode down upon their land.... this time as military governors. This film reveals a lot about the Reconstruction Era in the U.S. after the Civil War. It's amazing to see this portrayed without political agenda and spins (like every single movie made in the 2000's about this dark time). The Post Civil War South shows the hardships people faced, and one honorable Yankee military governor's attempts to handle it. Contrary to what people tell you. Most of the southerners killed in the Civil War did not own slaves! The rich sent out the poor to fight. The poor died. Jeff Chandler, Joanne Dru, Julie London and more star. BA

G369 Drummer of Vengeance (71) aka: Day of Judgment aka: Il giorno del giudizio aka: Doomsday aka: Tag der Vergeltung Ty Hardin stars as a Yankee soldier who seeks revenge on the six killers who murdered his wife and child and burned his home while he was away fighting in the Civil War. He tracks down and kills each man one by one as he works his way to the leader of the gang. Before he kills, he sets a little toy drummer on the ground and winds it up. It was his son's. Gordon Mitchell, Rosalba Nero and Craig Hill are just some of the stars featured here. This LBX version is English dubbed but does have a scene or two with Italian language. Brief nudity. Longer than our last print by almost 10 minutes!! BA

R727 El Paso (49) aka: Barreiras Sangrentas Ex-Confederate officer Clay Fletcher (John Payne) jumps at the chance to reunite with his once lady-friend Susan Jeffers (Gail Russell) when his father, Judge Fletcher, sends him on an errand to El Paso. He finds big trouble and must stray from conventional ways of the law and go vigilante. Sterling Hayden, Dick Foran, Henry Hull and more star in this color filmed tale from the trail. BA

G109 Few Dollars for Django, A (66) aka: Pochi dollari per Django aka: Alambradas de violencia Sent to Montana to hunt down bank robbers, a bounty hunter (Anthony Steffan) takes the Sheriff star off a dead man who failed to reach his destination and steps into a range war between farmers and cattlemen that has turned a small town into chaos. Lack of comic relief in this one helps make it a dead serious affair. Directed by both Leon Klimovsky and Enzo G. Castellari. Also with Frank Wolff - LBX BA

R936 Frenchie (50) aka: Revolverlady Frenchie Fontaine (Shelley Winters.... dare I say it... sexy!) sells her successful business in New Orleans to come West. She is after her father's killer. She travels with the Countess (Elsa Lanchester). Boy, these dames. They land in the town of Bottleneck. Winters is one brassy lassie strutting around in her fancy outfits, all male eyes following. Shot in color. Also with Marie Windsor (catfight anyone?), Joel McCrea and more. BA

G519 Frontier Gal (45) aka: Die Herberge zum roten Pferd Jonathan Hart (Rod Cameron), fresh out of prison, returns to his hometown, and finds his former bride (Yvonne DeCarlo) and his 5 year old daughter, want nothing to do with him. But theirs is a relationship of love and hate, and maybe, just maybe.... Shot in Color! DeCarlo quite the hot dame here. BA

M999 Fuzzy the Hero (73) aka: Tequila aka: Uno, dos, tres... dispara otra vez Mixes violence with black comedy in this one, and the usual troubles with a mean and corrupt town boss. Since the boss is forcing everybody to sell, the plan is to rob the bank and get all the loot! Anthony Steffan is the lead. Decent production values and super hot Agata Lys and Maria Elena Arpon! Both Euro-horror starlets. Amazing Widescreen English dubbed version. BA

G123 Great Day in the Morning (56) aka: L'or et l'amour Obscure western directed by Jacques Tourneur. After a card game Southerner Owen Pentacost (Robert Stack) finds himself the owner of a Denver hotel. Involved with two women (one who came with the hotel, one newly arrived from the East to open a dress shop), he then has to make even more fundamental choices when, with the start of the Civil War, he becomes one of a small minority in a strongly Unionist town. Virginia Mayo, Ruth Roman, Raymond Burr and more star. Color - LBX BA

G408 Great Missouri Raid, The (51) aka: Les rebelles du Missouri The James and Younger boys would turn in their graves if they knew the number of films made about them. Here they ride the outlaw trail with a mean Union Army Major with a grudge (Ward Bond) after them. Offbeat color western with a full known cast that includes Wendell Corey, Macdonald Carey, Ellen Drew, Tom Tyler, Paul Fix and many more. In the opening scene, Union soldiers are trying to hang a guy, then they start to beat him... The boys ride in to his rescue. Remember the James boys rode for Quantrill and his border raiders.... BA

G924 Gun Fever (58) aka: Il sentiero della vendetta Here we have a backyard wind blown western with some funny characterizations (including Larry Storch as a Mexican named 'Amigo'!) and some other white people playing as Mexicans. Understandable, where were you going to find real Mexicans in Southern California? Luke (Mark Stevens) seeks revenge against the white renegade who led a Sioux raiding party on his father's stagecoach Way station. Interracial romance and terribly funny dialogues add to the fun. At least they found a few real Indians for this. Or if you insist... Native Americans... ahem... Iron Eyes Cody and Eddie Little Sky also star with Maureen Hingert and more. BA

G462 Gun Law (38) A lawman trails a bad guy named Raven into the desert but the bad guy gets the upper hand and steals the lawman's horse and water. The bad guy drinks some poison water, and the lawman assumes the identity of Raven and rides into a western town with an intent to whip it into shape. He plans to scare order and religion into the befuddled locals. George O'Brien, Ward Bond and many more star. BA

B460 Gunman of One Hundred Crosses (71) aka: Una pistola per cento croci! An Irishman is killed in the Wild West and his son sets out to find the killer, is ambushed by some highwaymen and murdered as well. Django/Saratana (sometimes interchangeable) played by Tony Kendall is on the trail of the killers. The hot redhead (the stunning Marina Malfatti, Django meets her in town) is captured and has a bullwhip catfight with the sensuous and evil Jenny (Monica Miguel). By the end of this saga Django will be justified in putting many in their graves. English Dubbed and Greek Subtitles. BA

G131 Hec Ramsey (72) The adventures of 'Hec Ramsey' (Richard Boone), a turn-of-the-20th-century detective who prefers to use his brains instead of guns. It's like 'Dragnet' out west! Feature length of this failed series with Harry Morgan, R.G. Armstrong and many more familiar faces.

B377 Hey Amigo! A Toast to Your Death (70) aka: Hey Amigo! You're Dead! aka: Ehi amigo... sei morto! Postman officer 'Doc' Williams (Wayde Preston), pursues a group of outlaws who have robbed a stagecoach in Texas. The outlaws have taken refuge in a deserted mine, but Doc is not far behind. Aldo Berti is great as a psycho sexual bandit. Rare English dubbed version. LBX BA

M930 Holy Water Joe (71) aka: Acquasanta Joe A gang of robbers armed with a union army cannon rob the bank holding Acquasanta Joe's (Ty Hardin) earnings to date. Revenge and the hunt is on to recoup was is rightfully his. LBX upgrade!

B462 If You Shoot... You Live! (75) aka: Si quieres vivir... dispara Jimmy has a bounty on his head in the State of Arizona. Three rugged bounty hunters have chased him into California. Jimmy gets help from an old fellow named Sam and falls for Sam's daughter named Moira. Meanwhile the hunters draw nearer, leaving a trail of terror in their wake. In Italian Language and with English Subtitles. Slight LBX

B395 Implacable Three (63) aka: Tres hombres buenos aka: Three Good Men A rancher leaves his wife unprotected at their hacienda and rides off to herd the cattle. Seven gunslingers descend upon the hacienda to rob the house, but the wife confronts them. She is strangled, but manages to tear a stick pin off his lapel. When he finds his wife dead, Don Cezar Guzman (Geoffrey Horne of 'Bridge on the River Kwai') sets out on the trail labeled 'Revenge!". He eventually gets two riders who have the same thing on their minds joining him. Quickly some of the bad guys are taken care of, but the killer remains elusive.... LBX and dubbed into English. BA

B466 In the West, a Man Called Invincible (73) aka: Lo chiamavano Tresette... giocava sempre col morto aka: Tricky Dicky A gunman and his sheriff sidekick are hired to deliver a million dollars in gold by traveling through gang-infested lands, while in disguise to throw everybody off. Slapstick Spaghetti Comedy with George Hilton, Chris Huerta, Ida Galli, Rosalba Neri and more. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

G447 Incident at Phantom Hill (66) aka: El asalto de Phantom Hill A convoy carrying millions in gold is ambushed. An army Captain is sent on a secret mission to get it back, with the reluctant help of one of the robbers. Break out the popcorn! Robert Fuller, Claude Akins, Jocelyn Lane, Dan Duryea, Paul Fix, Denver Pyle and more star. LBX BA

G156 Invasion of Johnson County, The (76) A free-spirited Bostonian (Bill Bixby) recently arrived in the West, teams up with a crusty Wyoming cowboy (Bo Hopkins), to stop a land Baron's attempts to drive out a small group of ranchers and take over their land. Decent cast includes M. Emmett Walsh, Luke Askew, Billy Green Bush and more.

G528 Joe Dakota (57) aka: La Venganza del Muerto A lone rider (Jock Mahoney) enters town, looking for an Indian. He is told the Indian has left. But they are keeping a secret. A Town without a Conscience begins to Fear this man without a name. Until they learn his identity, and the reason for his quest. A nice mystery with a satisfying conclusion. Jocko doing his own stunts as usual. With Lee Van Cleef, Claude Akins, Luana Patton and more. Nice Color. BA

B554 Kill Them all and Come Back Alone (68) aka: Ammazzali tutti e torna soloIt's 1864. Clyde MacKay leads a squad of hard-case cutthroats on a mission for the high command. Their mission: Infiltrate an enemy fortress and steal a million dollars in gold from the Union Army. Typical of director Enzo G. Castellari, this film is pretty light-hearted, with tons of humorous moments and wall-to-wall action, staying true to the winning formula he's perfected over his career and across genres. Chuck Conners, the Rifleman himself, is excellent in this. This is not the Wild East version, but a beautiful widescreen amazing print. Great! BA

B555 Kung Fu Brothers in the Wild West (73) aka: Kung Fu nel pazzo West Excellent Hong Kong/Italian collaboration. Chen comes to America to complete a duel with his younger brother, Chou, to decide who will succeed their grandfather as a master of kung fu. he arrives in town, just as a raping and pillaging gang arrive in town. Believe me, we will get plenty of kung-fu battles and gunfights before this one plays out! Now in a pretty decent upgrade! English Dubbed and with Dutch subtitles. BA

R730 Last Day, The (75) aka: Der letzte Ritt der Daltons A retired gunman is forced to take up his weapons again when an outlaw gang starts to rob local banks. Excellent cast! Richard Widmark, Barbara Rush, Robert Conrad, Richard Jaeckel, Tim Matheson, Tom Skeritt, Loretta Switt, Harry Morgan, Christopher Connelly and more!

G405 Law of the Ranger (37) Working undercover, Rangers Bob and Wally arrive to take up ranching. Out to stop them is Bill Nash and his men. When Bob plans to file on a ranch, Nash finds out and heads for the Registrar ahead of him. With Robert Allen, John Merton and more. BA

G738 Legacy of the Incas (65) aka: Das Vermächtnis des Inka In Peru, the land of the Incas, the Indian pin their hopes on Jaucarapora. They want him as their king who could drive back the white conquistador. A stranger appears in Lima who risks his life to rescue the president from a charging wildcat. This Jaguar is accused of the two Incas' murder. The president gives him four weeks to prove his innocence... Guy Madison, Fernando Rey, Rik Battaglia and more. Sweeping colorful landscapes and plenty of action. Amazing Widescreen English dubbed version.


B829 Legend of Frenchie King (71) aka: Frenchie King aka: Les pétroleuses Outlaw sisters in the old West inherit a ranch and try to settle down and develop relationships with neighboring family of lots of brothers... Not long ago this was listed. Finally though, here is a very nice English language LBX version. In the opening sequence German is spoken, then they speak English the rest of the film. BA

G473 Legend of Frenchie King (71) aka: Frenchie King aka: Les pétroleuses Outlaw sisters (Brigitte Bardot, Teresa Gimpera, Patty Shepard and Emma Cohen) in the old west inherit a ranch and try to settle in to a normal existence. Bardot is Frenchie, neighboring rancher and rival lady (Claudia Cardinale) gives her troubles. Michael J. Pollard is the sheriff. This oater with catfights and light-weight action entertains with a spectacular cast and interesting set designs/locations. Another plus of course, instead of a bunch of dirty sweaty gringos we get lots of tasty cheesecake. English dub but still Full Frame. . BA


B677 Lemonade Joe (64) aka: Limonádový Joe aneb Konská opera Straight shooting Lemonade Joe cleans up Stetson City in this one of a kind musical parody of early westerns. After shooting the pants off villain 'Old Pistol'. Joe's endorsement of Kolaloka (Crazy Cola) lemonade as the refresher that assures his deadly accurate aim convinces the Arizona sin-town to abstain from alcohol. But 'Trigger Whiskey' maker Duke Badman's brother (the devious gunslinger Hogofogo), comes to save his siblings saloon from Joe's allies, father and daughter temperance revivalists, the Goodmans. A very strange western from Czechoslovakia shot with different color tints throughout and with English subtitles. LBX BA

B679 Long Days of Vengeance (67) aka: I lunghi giorni della vendetta (Faccia d'angelo) After three years of hard physical labor in a hellish prison in the desert, the former sheriff Ted Barnett (Giuliano Gemma) escapes from prison and goes after the three men who framed him. The first is now a barber, and he kills him in self defense. The next he is after not only helped set him up, he has also married his wife (now his ex). There will be hell to pay! LBX and English language dubbed print!

G396 Long Rope, The (61) When a federal judge is sent to town to preside in a murder trial, he finds that the defendant, a poor Mexican, possibly wrongly accused, is about to be lynched. Will they find the real killer before he swings? The culprit comes out of left field. With Hugh Marlowe, Alan Hale Jr. and Madeleine Taylor Holmes (her last film was as the creepy old hill woman in 'Pumpkinhead') in a pivotal role. BA

M971 Man Called Gringo (65) aka: Sie nannten ihn Gringoaka: La venganza del gringo When a gang of outlaws takes over a small town, to the people of the city, all is lost. When a gunslinger arrives, he decides to help out. But the bad guys are not so easily discouraged. Silvia Solar, Gotz George, Alexandre Stewart and more star. Amazing Widescreen English dubbed version. !

M934 Man of the Cursed Valley (64) aka: L'uomo della valle maledetta aka: L'homme de la vallée maudite A young woman is attacked by three Apaches (that look like Italian hippies!) but she manages to escape and is found wandering in the wilderness by Johnny Walscott (Ty Hardin). He nurses her back to health and proposes to take her to El Paso to a mission sanctuary. Meanwhile the Indians are after her as she was quite the prize! The Apaches want her especially since they are enemies of her native American husband. LBX BA

G134 Masterson of Kansas (54) aka: Gangster, Spieler und ein Sheriff Dodge City Sheriff Bat Masterson (George Montgomery) is out to prove that a group of cattlemen have framed Amy Merrick for murder. BA

M974 Miss Dynamite (72) aka: Tutti fratelli nel west... per parte di padre aka: All the Brothers of the West Support Their Father A young adventurer (Antonio Sabato) owns one fifth of a rock that, when combined with the other pieces, shows the location of a rich gold mine. With danger at every turn, he sets out to find the other chunks of rock, and he is aided by a sexy hooker (Marisa Mell). Lionel Stander and Peter Carsten also star. Widescreen and English language dubbed. BA

M937 More Dollars for the MacGregors (70) aka: Ancora dollari per i MacGregor A bounty hunter uses his girlfriend as a lure to catch his bounties. She is killed and he teams up with another guy to hunt down the killers. Later, he must battle his helper as it was the guy's sister who died, and he holds him responsible for her death by using her as bait. There is also a subplot about a beautiful Indian witch (Malisa Longo). With Peter Lee Lawrence, George Forsyte and more. Beautiful English language widescreen print dubbed into English and no subtitles.

G634 Mystery Ranch (32) aka: La fattoria del mistero An undercover ranger investigates a deranged rancher who is holding a woman captive until she agrees to marry him. With Noble Johnson as henchman 'Mudo' and George O’brien.... BA

R635 Nevada Smith (75) A half-breed gunslinger (Cliff Potts as Nevada Smith) and a friend he has not seen in years (Lorne Greene as Jonas Cord) join together to escort a shipment of explosives across Utah. Also with Adam West. Pilot for a proposed series, a rehash of established characters from the 1966 movie.

R567 New Mexico (51) aka: Der Todesfelsen von Colorado A cavalry captain (Lew Ayres) has great difficulty keeping the peace between his tyrannical colonel and a revenge obsessed Indian Chief. Also with Raymond Burr, Andy Devine, Jeff Corey and more. BA

B557 Oklahoma John (65) aka: Ranch of the Ruthless aka: Il ranch degli spietati Oklahoma John is sent into a small town that is ruled by ruthless ranch hands. The last sheriff was murdered. Corruption abounds and to get to the truth and get the bad guys, Oklahoma John and his wily deputies weather all of the actions and twists. Incredible Widescreen English dubbed version. BA

G133 Outlaw Stallion, The (54) aka: Fliegende Hufe Color filmed adventures with a horse accused of murder that faces the threat of being put to sleep. Also with an all-to-real horse fight that may make some uncomfortable. LBX BA

B874 Professionals for a Massacre (67) aka: Payment in Blood aka: Professionisti per un massacro Caught selling stolen guns, three Confederate soldiers get a reprieve from the firing squad, provided they go into Mexico on a mission to recover stolen gold that belongs to the Confederacy. Mexican bandits are also attracted to the gold. Lots of explosions and gunfights, creative use of coffins and machine guns.... Nice Widescreen print, a bit longer than the last version with new scenes in Italian and with English subtitles. Most of the film however is English language dubbed. BA

B859 Proud and the Damned, The (72) aka: Welcome bastardi! Filmed in 1969, not released until 1972. Chuck Conners is Will Hansen. Will is leading a group of refugee Confederate soldiers through Columbia as mercenaries working for a Columbian General to spy on the small town of San Carlos. There they become the guests of the Mayor (Caesar Romero). Battle break out with elements of both treachery and surprise, predictable violence and conflict. Hysterical dialogues and costume design lighten this one up to unintentional levels of camp. BA

B535 Quintana: Dead or Alive (69) In a Mexican Province oppressed by the evil Governor Don Juan de Leyra, the rebel outlaw Quinatana (Tony Di Mitri) is the sole guardian of justice. Quintana is a 'Zorro' type, with a face mask. He has a woman named Esmeralda (Antonietta Fiorito) and a family, unusual for a spaghetti. Also with Femi Benussi. English dubbed and Widescreen BA

B871 Ranch of the Ruthless (65) aka: Oklahoma John aka: The Man from Oklahoma aka: Il ranch degli spietati Ruthless ranch hands must be dealt with by the Man from Oklahoma. The last sheriff was killed. A crooked banker seems to be the one behind the criminal mischief. Lucky Oklahoma has deputies to assist! LBX and dubbed into English. BA

R908 Raw Edge (56) aka: Die Meute lauert überall In 1842 lawless Oregon, a gunfighter (Rory Calhoun) seeks vengeance when his innocent brother is lynched and his beautiful Indian wife (Yvonne De Carlo) is claimed by the local tyrant. Also with Neville Brand, Mara Corday, Ed Fury, Rex Reason (who recently passed November 2015), William Schallert and more. Color BA

B786 Return of Clint the Nevada Loner (72) aka: Il ritorno di Clint il solitario George Martin returns as Clint. We find that in the previous film, he had escaped from prison. Now a headhunter named Scott has tracked him down (Klaus Kinski). Looks like he has a different wife (Marina Malfatti, not bad!) and kid, and the 'Shane' kind of stuff again, sort of adds texture with the Ennio Moriconne score. Clint keeps his guns away, to fool Scott, but the usual protocol of evocations restarts his mojo for some violent showdown action. Namely, bad guys wanting to take what does not belong to them, through blackmail and murder. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

B468 Return of Hallelujah (72) aka: Il West ti va stretto, amico... è arrivato Alleluja aka: The West Is Very Close, Amigo aka: Alléluia défie l'Ouest Wild and wacky oater with George Hilton as Alleluja. To steal and return an Aztec statue to the Indians in order to get them as allies ends in a duplicate statue, and a search for the best bid for the real deal. Will he deliver the goods or is this a ruse for all involved? LBX and with English subtitles. BA

G615 Return of the Gunfighter (67) aka: Il ritorno del pistolero Aging gunfighter Ben Wyatt (Robert Taylor) receives a request to go aid an old friend who is in trouble. When he arrives he finds the friend and his wife have been murdered. Although weather worn and tired of killin', he locates the surviving daughter, and teams up with a hotheaded drifter (played by Chad Everett) to kill the culprits. A fine western that demands you suspend your disbelief for some scenes, but will deliver a crackerjack finale and for some, the striking of a chord. BA

B683 Revenge for Revenge (68) aka: Vendetta per vendetta Major Bowers lords over the town with violence. Enter half-breed Shalako. He stands up to the threats of Major Bowers. Another pain for Bowers, is that his own wife (Loredana Nusciak) has secretly told Shalako about a treasure in gold, hidden where her greedy husband has no idea. Bowers catches Shalako and tortures him for information, but others then help him escape.... LBX and an English dubbed print! BA

G399 Ride the Man Down (52) aka: La batalla de los rancheros Disputes over a dead man's property escalate into a bloody range war! When the owner of a huge ranch dies in a blizzard, it's game on time for a plethora of familiar faces to engage in feisty ruinous greed-seeking shenanigans that will not end well for most. Forrest Tucker, Rod Cameron, Jack La Rue, Paul Fix, J. Carrol Naish, Chill Wills, Brian Donlevy and more. BA

G119 Road to Denver, The (55) aka: Postraub in Central City Two fugitive Confederate Texan brothers at odds with one another flee to Colorado where they take jobs with rival bosses. On opposite sides of a feud, things get interesting with the sibling rivalry. Great cast with John Payne, Lee J. Cobb, Glenn Strange and many more familiar faces. BA Color

R937 Rock Island Trail (50) aka: Mississippi-Express Loomis (Forest Tucker), president of the Rock Island Trail company, tries to expand his rails into the Midwest, but finds resistance of the steamship and stage-coach lines. Kirby (Bruce Cabot) is determined to stop Loomis at any cost! Also with Adele Mara, Jeff Corey, Lorna Gray and more. BA

B886 Seven Hours of Gunfire (64) aka: Aventuras del Oeste aka: Die letzte Kugel traf den Besten This Tortilla western features some western classic characters like Buffalo Bill Cody, Calamity Jane, Wild Bill Hickock.... This is a mighty adventure when America's destiny rode in the saddle bags of the Pony Express. This is cowboys and Indians and gold mines, kidnapping and rescues... Will they succeed in bringing peace and multiculturalism to the American Midwest? Chorizo-Sphagetti-Schnizel (mostly produced by Spain, and partially Italy and Germany). Uncut version, English dubbed with some scenes English subbed. LBX. BA

B621 Shootout at Big Sag (61) A greedy land grabber goes after a family and their land... His plans go awry when he sends his daughter out to town with nefarious plans, and she is ends up taking refuge from a storm with the family intended to be victims of her selfish father. Walter Brennan, Luana Patton, Leif Erickson and more star in this low budget black and white western.

B562 Sign of the Coyote, The (63) aka: El vengador de California aka: Il segno del coyote aka: La Griffe du Coyote The crooked Governor is sending pistolero's to harass landowners, and he has the crooked Judge on his side as well. It is up to the mysterious hombre known as 'Coyote' to stand up as the protector of the oppressed. Secretly, he is the son of one of the largest land owners. So he has a stake in this. Finally, a pretty decent print of this Spanish/Italian co-production. English language dubbed and with Greek subtitles. BA

G635 Six Black Horses (62) aka: Six chevaux dans la plaine A beautiful woman with ulterior motives hires two gunslingers to escort her through Indian territory to meet up with her husband. Recycled plot contains the obligatory Indian attacks and other obstacles. Audie Murphy. Dan Duryea, Joan O'Brien and more star. BA

G929 Smoke Lightning (33) aka: Præriens Robin Hood Smoke (George O'Brien) wins the Blake ranch in a poker game. Blake kills himself because he can't take it. Smoke writes over the ranch to Blake's daughter. But the corrupt sheriff also wants the ranch. He puts Smoke in jail accusing him of killing Blake! And then the sheriff produces a fake heir to the ranch. Yea, we'll see. BA

B880 Sons of the Great Bear (66) aka: Die Söhne der großen Bärin aka: Cheyenne il figlio del serpente The Indians were guaranteed land adjacent to the Black Hills by contract, but the white man has decided to oust them, breaking this agreement and further violating the promises they have made. The white men have introduced the Indians to drinking and gambling and also realized there is gold in them thar' hills!. This was huge when it was released and starred the popular actor Gojko Mitic. He also reportedly did most of his own stunts. Mitic, an actor also in the Winnetou films and he also played 'Chingachook', is currently in a 2016 reboot of the Winnetou films at age 76. Amazing! In German and with English subtitles. BA

G897 Stagecoach to Fury (56) aka: Ostaggi dei banditi An interesting group of passengers, all with a back-story, are held hostage at a stagecoach station by bandits who were expecting gold on the stagecoach which isn't there. As the back stories are realized via flashback and we see how reprehensible some of these characters actually are, it seems a sort of cosmic justice when some of them are murdered by the bandits. Forrest Tucker as one of the guards who is trying to hold things together. Mari Blanchard (She Devil, Twice Told Tales) as a woman that thinks men grovel at her feet and also holds a nasty secret she keeps from the others. LBX BA

G718 Stranger Gets Mean, The (75) aka: Get Mean aka: Pendez-le par les pieds Here the final 'Stranger' film and the wackiest of them all. While escorting a Spanish princess back to her homeland, a wise-cracking gunfighter battles Vikings, Moors, Barbarians, evil spirits. a raging bull, and a maniacal Shakespeare quoting hunchback. With Tony Anthony and Diana Lorys. Now Widescreen! BA

G892 Stranger on the Run (67) aka: Ein Fremder auf der Flucht A great deal of old west atmosphere in this MFTV with Henry Fonda as an alcoholic drifter pursued by a bunch of railroad goons led by Michael Parks character. This is sort of like 'The Most Dangerous Game'. The bad guys, give Fonda's character a horse and set him loose, then they begin to hunt him! Aided by another great cast that includes Sal Mineo, Dan Duryea, Anne Baxter, Michael Burns and Zalman King (!) among others.

B883 Tecumseh (72) aka: Tescumseh - Der Übermacht unterlegen Tecumseh (Gojko Mitic again!) was an Indian Chieftain who united many tribes in the early 19th century to fight back the settlers. Later in his life he joined the English army and eventually fell in battle October of 1813. This is a romanticized version of his life story with sweeping landscapes and well-spoken Indians who speak in full clear sentences. Of course as the story goes, the defeated English the Indians have taken up with betray and abandon their native American allies... and we know the rest. In German and with English subtitles. LBX

B564 Tepepa (69) aka: Blood and Guns aka: Trois pour un massacre The movie centers on a Mexican Revolutionary nicknamed Tepepa (Tomas Milian) who joins forces with an outlaw band during the Revolutionary War. The Revolution was won and the new regime was in place. People believed their cry for liberty had at last been answered. Yet, if anything, conditions became worse as ruthless Colonel Cascorro (Orson Welles!) took command. Only one man will stand up to him (with his lowly band of dissidents). Tepepa! Tepepa also wants Cascorra dead because Cascorra is the man who killed his father! They will literally destroy legions of government forces as they make their way closer to revenge and liberation. John Steiner also stars, Uncut LBX 131 minute version. One of the best! BA

B397 Tex and the Lord of the Deep (85) aka: Tex e il signore degli abissiBased on the adventures of the hero Tex from a comic strip. This Italian Spaghetti combines magic and mythology with six-guns and stagecoaches. Ranger Tex (Giuliano Gemma) and his buddy Kit Carsen (William Berger) are searching for 300 lost guns. Mexican bandits are the first suspects, but then clues are found that a mysterious Indian cult are the culprits. But since the Indians have a dangerous weapon that turns men to stone.... extreme caution must be part of the strategy. Nice LBX English dubbed. BA

B703 Trinity and Sartana are Coming (72) aka: Trinità e Sartana figli di... This 'Trinity' is a black man, called so because he is from Trinidad. The Sartana character is quite different from the typical 'avenging angel' styled Sartana we are used to. This time the two are bank robbers who are changing their evil ways and evolving into heroic situations. Crooked town bosses (have you ever seen an old western town without at least one of those?), beaten down traveling musicians, Mexican bandits, pretty girls with bottles of wine and a final heist which involves the robbing of a stagecoach. LBX and English language dubbed. BA

B865 Two Violent Men (64) aka: Texas Ranger aka: I due violenti aka: Los rurales de Texas Texas Ranger Bob Logan (George Martin) is assigned by his boss to track down Cassidy (Alan Scott) an alleged killer, who was once Bob's buddy. Instead they team up together to take down land-grabbing female Linda Ranson (Silvia Solar) who is stealing land from humble farmers with the aid of her henchmen. First off, save Mary (Suzy Andersen) and her farm, under attack by Linda's hoodlums. BA

B921 Ulzana (74) aka: Ulzana - Im Reservat des Todes Ulzana stars Gojko Mitic (again) as chief of the Mimbrero tribe that is peacefully settled in Arizona. They are excellent farmers, and are even selling their own fruit, much to the chagrin of local merchants, who easily locate a corrupt army guy to drive the Indians from their land. Another excellent western, this one filmed in Uzbekistan! In German language and with English subtitles.

G126 Vanquished, The (53) aka: La primula rossa del Sud A Southern States official (John Payne) returns home after the Civil War and finds that in the village the law is in the hands of a few corrupt people. Another post Civil War story about a man undercover that is out to make things right. Coleen Gray plays the girl he left behind. Also with Jan Sterling. BA Color

R607 Waco (66) aka: Waco una pistola infallibile Good geezer western with Howard Keel as a recently released outlaw who is hired to clean up a really bad town run by a saloon owner. Insensitive and cold dialogue only adds to the fun. John Agar tells Ben Cooper that his girlfriend will get over being assaultd 'in a few days'. Wendell Corey seems drunk and slurs his lines and more. DeForest Kelly was about to board the Starship Enterprise. Terry Moore and Jane Russell also star amidst a field of veterans. Great bad fun! R.G. Springsteen! BA

R563 Wagons Westward (40) aka: La caravana del Oeste Twin brothers are quite different. Outlaw and government lawman. Chester Morris in a complicated duel role. Anita Louise and more star. 69 minute version, not the 53 minute T.V. cut.

R738 Warpath (51) aka: Sentiero di guerra John Vickers (Edmond O'Brien) joins Custer's cavalry regiment seeking private revenge against the killers of his wife. Some of the coolest 'cowboy and Indians' battle scenes ever filmed. Forrest Tucker, Dean Jagger, Paul Fix, Polly Bergen and more star. BA

B661 White Apache (87) aka: Bianco Apache aka: Apache Kid A late in the game spaghetti directed by Bruno Mattei and Claudio Fragasso together! Outlaws kill a band of settlers and kill everyone except a woman who is about to give birth. A band of Indians rescues her, and she dies giving birth. The Indians raise the male baby, calling him 'Shining Sky'! He grows up with his Indian friend 'Black Wolf' both competing for female 'Rising Star'. Black Wolf is accidentally killed in a competition and 'Shining Sky' is banished. He finds work in a nearby town and plays mute. Town slut Isabella tries to get down with Shining Sky and when he refuses, she cries 'assault!". He's hung up by the wrists and left to die then, then rescued by the Indians, but his problems are still active.....Amazing. With Sebastian Harrison, Lola Forner, Naschy regular Charly Bravo and more! LBX and English Dubbed. BA

G195 Wild Times (80) A sharp shooting saddle tramp (Sam Elliott) with a price on his head falls for the daughter of a wealthy rancher. He vows to win the father's approval by making some big cash in Wild West Shooting Contests being held by traveling shows. He returns, finally ready, but she has wed another. The husband tries to have him killed.... Killer cast for this type includes L.Q. Jones, William Smith, Leif Erickson, Cameron Mitchell, Pat Hingle, Buck (Newly) Taylor, Harry Carey Jr., Dennis Hopper, Ben Johnson and more. 3 hours and 7 minutes. BA DVD-R only

G120 Wyoming Mail (50) aka: L'assalto al treno postale In 1869, the United States begins a railroad mail service to the West coast which proves highly tempting to train robbers. Again a killer cast with a pre-Gunsmoke James Arness, Whit Bissell, Ed Begley, Richard Egan, Richard Jaeckel and more. Color - LBX BA

B663 Zorro the Rebel (66) aka: Zorro il ribelle aka: Das Finale liefert Zorro California, a province of the Spanish colony of Mexico. Don Ramiro is not only the secretary of the tyrannical governor, he is also secretly the masked Zorro, avenger and defender of the popular rebels. Both parties resort to desperate means, while the mission priest guards morality. Huh? Nice LBX print and English dubbed.




M910 Last Chance for Life (62) aka: Ultimatum alla vita aka: Aux mains des SS Rare WW2 W.I.P. from director Renato Polselli. Don't expect sex, violence and torture however, this was made in 1962. A woman named Mara is held by the Nazi's who are trying to get information from her about her father, who has flipped sides. She shares a cell with four other women who are also suspected of being with the partisans. The Nazi's have a trump card to play which may make Mara give up the info. This was Polselli's next feature after he directed 'Vampire and the Ballerina" and could be one of the first Nazi W.I.P. films. In Italian language and with English subtitles.

G925 So Young So Bad (50) aka: Belle giovani e perverse A nice and tawdry W.I.P. film from 1950 that really tries to deliver as much outrageousness as it can muster for the time period. Hidden pets (a rabbit meets a sorry end), an inmate gets a hair cut and goes nuts, repressed sexuality, Anne Francis as the young-hot-stuff miss who abandoned her baby, Rita Moreno as a Latino spitfire, Anne Jackson as a feisty troublemaker, a cruel as hell matron (Grace Coppin) and more. A bit on the sensitive side with liberal -minded Dr. Jason (Paul Henreid) genuinely wanting to help the girls but who cares? BA

B771 Weak and the Wicked, The (54) aka: Young and Willing A frank W.I.P. film that sympathetically tracks several women in prison before and after. Glynis Johns is framed and submits meekly to prison life. Interestingly when some of the inmates are introduced we get a background flashback of the facts that put them there. Diana Dors is one of the girls. Ups and downs, sentimental and heavy-handed at times. Sorry, no nudity. One of the first movies directed by the great J. Lee Thompson. LBX BA

G170 Women in Chains (72) aka: Terror in Block C Female parole officer (Lois Nettleton) poses as an inmate in a woman's prison in order to investigate murder, abuse, and living conditions. Ida Lupino is great as the Bull-Dyke prison matron who loves to push people around. Also with Jessica Walter and Belinda Montgomery. BA

G172 Women of San Quentin (83) aka: Die Frauen von San Quentin A kind of young female prison guard (Stella Stevens) finds out that her first assignment is to San Quentin, one of the toughest prisons in the country. That is correct, women guards in a male prison! At one point Stella is on the yard alone trying to stop a riot! A must see for fans of Stella Stevens. Also with William Sanderson, Ernie Hudson, Yaphet Kotto, Debbie Allen, Amy Steel and more. BA